Plattsmouth weekly herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1882-1892, June 12, 1890, Page 7, Image 7

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Frnm TliurnrlayB H.illv.
No. S whs oiu; li'.ur l il- tliii iiioniig,
to the cliu-rrin of M-veral uH-n-ri.
The court unci jury aits orcupicd toUy
in the trial of Jonlon I. 8t v iih vs. the
Hunk of Commerce of Louisville
In the Cn: of O. M. Stniiiht vh. Jwlin
Oyer. 8-nll verdict wim trlmi returned
last niif ht in favor of InintifT, in the
amount of $ 15.
On account of a washout lftvecn Pa
cific Junction and Council Bluff the K.
C. and ' i" No. 0, were compelled to
run on tliis side this morning.
In the case of Allied (i. Cline vs. the
C. H. A: (J railroatl on triitl yc'terday,
the jury returned a sealed verdict for
the plaintiff, in the si. in of )f t")0.
(Juite serious acci'Uut occurred in
the yards at Lincoln ye.-tenlay moinini.'.
No. 1 was pulled to Lincoln ly the lartrc
eniu. 21, with Engineer Sales at the
lever, arriving there .something near 4 a.
m. As is ukuhI, the engine on arrival
wis turned over to the hostler, whose
duty it is to handle the engine in the
yards till ready to proceed on the run
From some cause the engine was driven
into some loose cars, demolishing the
engine considerably, breaking the host
ler's leg .and inflicting a scalp wound
upon Engineer Sales.
We are inclined to think that fin apol
ogy is due Mr. Itace of the Weeping
Water Eagle, for our former statement
that he was a believer in the Darwinian
theory, ami was seeking further knowl
edge in zoology by climbing into a car
of Sells Bros, great menagerie. Mr. Race
returned this morning, and we are in
formed by the same attorney that he was
offered by the manager of the great
show, a lucrative position ns ringmaster,
but as there was no fancy costume in the
circus wordrobe that would suit or fit
him, his connection with the hippodrome
was abandoned for the present.
G. S. Barry of Weeping Water, came
in this morning.
Matthew Gcrinj. esq.,' made a flying
trip to Omaha this moining.
Hon. D. U. Wheeler of Omaha, came
down this morning on the K. C.
J. D. Ferguson, a leading democrat of
Center precinct, came in this morning.
Walter Cut forth and C. A. Manker of
Louisville came in on the Schuyler this
Byron Clements, one of Elmwood's
popular business men came down this
Mrs. O. Butts of Nebraska City, ar
rived last evening to visit her patents,
Mr. ami Mrs. Henry Miller.
Mrs. Ed. Bartow returned on No. 5
this morning after visiting relatives in
Chicago forjhree weeks.
Mrs. 15. McGlynn departed last even
ing for a two weeks' visit with relatives
at her old home at Pittson, Pa.
T. E. Williams departed this morning
for Dawson, in the ' southern part of the
state, to celebrate his father's sixty sev
enth birthday.
Ed. Barstow met with a painful ac
cident yesterday by having the end of
the first finger of the right hand severed
by the buzz planer.
We regret to learn of the serious ill
ness of Mr. J. G. Oldrjinn, an old and
respected citizens of Cass county, resid
ing seven miles south of this city.
Section Foreman McCarty received a
message this morning that his house at
Bradshaw whs totally destroyed by the
cyclone Tuesday night
B. C. Yeoman, formerly deputy sher
iff of this county, but now with the
Missouri Pacific company came in from
Lincoln this morning.
R. C. Oldham, of Bewr City came in
last evening, and went this morning to
see his father, who lies dangerously ill at
bis home in Rock Bluffs precinct.
Don't forget that Plattsmouth will
celebrate the Fourth of July in a be
coming manner, and that the proper
committees are now at work perfecting
Mrs. L. F. Banner, wife of the popular
clerk of the Perkins house, arrived from
Pekin, 111., this morning, and we are in
formed that Mr. and Mrs. Brumer will
soon begin house keeping in this city for
Mr. Rudolph Schmnse came in last
evening from Rapid City, S. D., and will
visit relatives in, this citj for a few days,
then with his father will join Mrs.
Schnasse at Kearney, whither she Iims
gone, and proceed to Salt Lake City.
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. lV.crst n returned
this morning, after several days visit to
relatives in Chicago, stopping oil and
spending a day with friends in Burling
ton. Mr. P. reports Chicago as immense.
One mass of people arriving in the city,
now that the cut rate period is near a
Bucklen's Arnica - alve
The Best Salve in the world for Cuts
Bruises, Sores. Ulcers. Salt Rheum, Fever
Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands, Chilblains,
Corns, and all Skin Eruptio s, and posi
tively cures Piles, or no pay required. It
is guaranteed to give satisfaction, or
monev refunded. Price 25 ci it per box
For 6ale by F. G. Frick.e S C.
1 V IV 11
w v r
ii ii
The President Tells of the
Cedar Keys Affair.
Mifr mi. I IItiiH Put lii tlif Day In IMt-
ii.-iou of tilt Silver Oii-t Ion ltl-
lofk'M llrrf Itill Col. C.iiiHla' Sue-Ct-tior
Oilier Cajiital NVw.
Washington, June 7. The president
i-ent to the senate i;i response to a reso
lution of yhiy . requesting inforina-
i lio'.i coucv'-iing t lie ji'legi d landing of
a.i armed f. .ve fio;ii the United
revenue critter' L.i::e, at Cedar Keys.
I'l l., and the idl";e.l ntryof the houses
of citizens by force and their alleged
pursuit of citizens of hn United State 8
in the surrounding country, u letter
;0!iiainimg what lie describes as all th j
information possessed by the executive
d.;.irf meat relating to the matter in
quired :Oont.
"It w'ill be observe I." says the presi
dent, "that the United States collector
:f customs ;it Co l.".v Keys had be.i
driven, from his otfi'-e and from tlu
town, and the administration of the
ctissoins laws of the United States
at. that p -it suspended by the
violent demonstration and threats
of one Cottrell, mayor of place.
;i si.-trd by his town marshal.
.Mitchell. If it had been necessary, as I
:lo not think it can b. in any case. for a
Uniced S.ate-; officer to aptieal to the
local authorities for
Immunity lroiu Violence
in the exercise of his duties, the situation
at Cedar Keyes did n t suggest or en
courage such an appeal, for those to
wlum the appeal would have leen ad
.liessed were themselves t iie lawless in
struments of the threatened violence. It
will always lie agreeable to me if the
local authorities, acting upon their own
sense of duty, maintain the public order
in such a way that the officers of the
United States shall have no occasion to
appeal for the intervention of the gen
eral government, but wheu this is not
done, I shall deem it my duty to use the
adequate powers vested in the executive
to make it safe and feasible to hold and
exercise the offices established by the
Federal constitution and laws. The
means used in this case were, in my
opinion, lawful and necessary, and the
officers do not seem to have intrude 1
upon any private right in exercising the
warrants placed in their hands. The
letter dated Aug. 4 last, which appears
in the correspondence submitted, ap
pealing to me to intervene for the pro
tection of the citizens of Cedar Key's
The Brutal Violence of Cottrell,
it will be noticed, was written before
lie appointment of the new collector.
Thai tiie officers of the law should not
have had the full sympathy of every
(Kd citizen in their efforts to bring
these men to merited punishment, is the
matter of surprise and regret. It is a
very grim commentary up n the condi
tion of social order at Cedar Keys, that
only a woman, who had. as she says in
"jer letter, no son or husband who could
be made the victim of his malice, had
the courage to file charges against this
man wh Was then holding a subordi
nate place in the enst :ns service."
The pap'-rs accompanying the message
included the correspondence between
the department of justice and Marshal
Weeks, and between the treasury de
partment and the custom officers and
officers of the revenue cutter -Jc Lane.
The report of E. L. isrrange, the United
States d -pnty in:irsii d wii ui sent to
Cedar Keys to seaivu for Cottrell and
uitcheil with warr lii's for their arrest,
saows that Cottrell was not found but
Miu-heli was arre-t? I and released on
oaii. -te says that ue anl Capt. Smyth
of the -U.-Lane wei'e victimized by the
oojile. who foiled tn.;i several times in
fheir efforts to cao.v Cottrell. The
attorney general, he arts been mis
informed in the m uiel- of their search
ing dwellings unlawfully. In every case,
iie savs. thev asked permission, which
was cheerf nil v granted. Tne reports of
Capt. S'r.ytb of the Methane, and J. 11.
Pinkerton. collector at Cedar Keys,
agree with the reiorts that have been
Paddock's Heef ISill.
Washington, June 7. Mr. Paddock,
from the committee on agriculture and
forestry, reported to the senate a substi
tute for the bill reported recently from
Mr. Vest's select committee on the trans
portation of beef and beef products. The
bill provides for the inspection of cattle
a. the lilac? where they are slaughtered
and for the inspection of canned beef
and other beef products at the place
where they are put up: the inspection to
be made by Federal officers appointed by
the secretary of agriculture. Mr. Pad
dock says the substitute reported by him
has been accepted by Mr. Vest.
Col. Canada.)' Successor.
Washington, June T. A Republican
senatorial caucus has been summoned
for Tuesday evening at 7 o'clock, when
the question of a successor to Sergeant-at-Arnis
Caaadav will be discussed and
settled. C.'l. Canaday's resignation
takes effect on the 1 proximo. The
tight for the position at pre ;ent seems to
le confined to but two candidates Ex
Representative Valentine of Nebraska,
and Assistant Sergeant-at-Arms, Charles
B. Read of Maine.
Washington, June 7. The senate in
executi re session has confirmed the fol
lowing nominations: William A. Ruble
of Wisconsin, consul at Prague; G. P.
Pomeroti. collector of customs at Provi
dence. II. I.: Capt. Clarence F. Dutton,
! ordnance department, to be major;
Lieut. Omar Bundy, Third infantry, to
be first lieutenant.
A Kansas Post master Arrested.
Washington, June 7. The postoffice
department has been informed of the
arrested near East Fairfield, Vt. , of Sid
ney A. Wanseer, late postmaster at
lloxie, Kan., who is charged with the
embezzlement of postoffice funds.
Washington, June 7. The treasury
department .purchased $81,700 4 per
1 cent, lionds at $1.22 flat, and $8,000 ii
per cent, bonds at .$1.03.
i ju n ruimiu
The Cl:niiilu I'o-t lr:ind In I Word Wlcld
1 er Ilaiiii-t d ly Wcirld'ul'alr People
' Chicago, June 7. The banquet ten
! tiered b) the citizens of Chicago to
' Chauncey M. Depew in Mie grand ban-
quet hall of the Auditorium, was the
I finest ever given in tiii.s city. The
doubts about his indisposition prevent
I ing the distinguished guest being pres
ent v.vre set at. le.-t siio.'.ly at . er :ace.
had lx en said, by Mr. l)eiew entering
the hall and taking his seat. One hun
dred and twenty-rive prominent gentle
men discussed an elaborate menu of
twelve courses on tables ornamented
with tastefully arranged flowers, while
an orchestra rendered melodious selec
tions. Chairman Lyman J, Gage
ojiened the intellectual menu by a hat
py address of welcome, to which Mr.
Depew responded in his most felicitious
vein, pledging himself tiersonally and
officially' as commissioner from New
York that his state would do all in its
power to contribute to Chicago's efforts
m making the world's fair a success.
Edward (i. Mason acted as toast
master, and the following toasts were
resjMinded to in their order: "We, the
People, "Justice J. M. Harlan; 'Colum
bus," Franklin MacNeagh; "Site,"
Franklin II. Head: "America,'' Emil (Jr.
llirsch; "Posterity," James S. Norton.
The Kxerrisrs of the Iay Followed ly a
Grand Itall.
Annapolis, Md.,June 7. The gradua
tion day exercises took place at the
naval academy. The cadets were
marched to the front of the chapel,
where they stacked arms. They then
marched into the chatiel, where Hon.
William A. Northcott of Illinois, of
the board of visitors, addressed them.
The cadets then came out of the chapel
and resumed their arms and were
marched to the band stand, where the
diplomas were delivered to the gradu
ates by Admiral Kimberly, in the ab
sence "of Secretary Tracy. After the de
livery of the diplomas three cheers were
given for Admiral Kimberly and three
cheers for those left behind. The usual
large attendance was present to witness
the exercises and each graduate was
heartily applauded as he received his
diploma. The June ball of the naval
cadets was held in the armory. It sur
passed all former efforts. The ball room
was handsomely decorated. Around
the walls bayonets, cutlasses, swords,
and muskets were artistically arranged.
The band stand was a perfect miniature
fort. Eight brass cannons peeped from
the green sodding.
, Friday's CJanies.
Attendance Plavers: Xew York,
l.,'S: Cleveland, i0; Chicago, 1,100.
Total 3.:5-,s. National New York. 30:2;
Cleveland, 500; Cincinnati, 90. Total
At Sioux City Sioux City, lt: St. Paul, 4.
national league.
At New York Xew Yolk. 3; Boston. 10.
At Cleveland -Cleveland, 4: Cliicatco, 1U.
At Cincinnati -Pittsburg, "; Cincinnati, 9.
At Xew York Xew York- V-': P.rooklyn. 3.
At Cleveland Cleveland. H: Buffalo, 4.
At Chicago Ctiic:.i;o, ti: Pittsburg, 5.
At Brooklyn Brooklyn. 5; Rochester, 5.
Confederate Memorial Hay.
Baltimore, June 7. Yesterday was
Confederate memorial day. With no
ilisplay but quietly, reverently, the sur
viving ex-Confederates of Maryland
covered the graves of their fallen com
rades with fragrant flowers, emblematic
of memories still fondly cherished.
There are about 1,200 active members
of the Confederate societies and the
membership was well represented at
London park and the other cemeteries.
At night the exercises closed by a lec
ture at the Cyclorama building on the
battle of Gettysburg, delivered by Mr.
George Savage
The Postofflee Still Iluns.
St. Louis, Mo., June 7. The color
question is causing trouble in the post
office in this city. Miss Vorngesher, of
the money-order division was, granted
leave of absence and her place was filled
from the civil list, Mr. Hollins Scott, a
negro, being appointed. This so offended
Mr. Sheppard Knapp, a clerk in that
iivision, that he resigned his position,
saying that he would not work with a
negro. Scott was only put on tempor
arily, and had worked but a few hours
when Mr. Knapp tendered his resigna
tion. The government still conducts
business at the old stund.
Death of Chicago's First Preacher.
Joliet, Ills., June 7. The Rev. Solo
mon Knapp, aged .87, died. Fifty years
ago he spent his first Sunday in this
state in the then promising village of
Chicago, and in the absence of the pastor
preached in the first and only Baptist
church. He occupied pulpits in the
early 40"s in Rockford, Metamora, Sen
eca, and Morris. Ills., and Cedar Rap
ids, la. He left considerable property.
Iowa Masonie Grand Lodge.
Ottumwa. Ia., June 7. The Masonic
Grand Lodge of Iowa adjourned to meet
next year at Cedar Rapids. The follow
ing officers were elected: Grand Master
James G. Gamble of Knoxville: Senior
Grand Warden R. J. Phelphs of Atlan
tic, Junior Grand Warden M. L. Tem
ple of Osceola, Grand Treasurer W. D.
Irvine of Silver City, Grand Secretary
T. S. Parvin of Cedar Rapids.
Candidate Stone Gives Way.
Pittsburg; June 7. William A. Stone,
whose nomination for congress from
Col. Bayne's district created wid pread
dissatisfaction among the Republicans
of the district, sent a letter to the Re
publican county executive committee
asking that new primaries be held and
that a new nomination be made.
The Credit Mobilier.
Philadelphia, June 7. Judge Thay
er,in the matter of the application of the
Credit Mobilier for dissolution of its
charter, made a decree that the require
ments of the law having been recog
nized, dissolution should be allowed.
The company was chartered under
Pennsylvania law in 1S50.
IVitH an If.
Chicago, June 7. George M. Pull
man has offered to take $3,000,000
irorl(3'8 fair bonds if he will be allowed
to furnish a site near the city of Pull
man for the fair.
en;i;i)PD irini1
iV OlJiilil mi dUiU
Ten Persons Injured in a Louis
ville and Nashville Wreck.
Five Men Inntaiitly KIMed In a Smiodiup
ear Sii-inulU-ld, 111. Heavy lire
I.okm-m In au Indian Town A Steamer
Ii" o tlitt Water' Fdge.
Louisvii.i.F., June 7. The Louisville
and Nashville, east bound limited, which
left here at 12:1 p. m. for Cincinnati,
was wrecked just east of English, Ky.,
fifty miles from here. The rear sleeper
jumped ihe track and ran down a thirty
foot embankment, wrecking the car.
None of the ( ther cars left the track.
Following is a list of the wounded: Mrs.
John Johnson Meniphi.--. Tenn., probably
fa'ally, cut. and bruises o:i the head and
ho ly. Mrs. Ii. C. Hodges ( wife of Col.
h U. S. A.) J H'ersonville, Ind.,
H( :i .uy injured; may die. Col. II. C.
!I '.;.'. , C. S. A., quartermaster in
cl::'.!g.' Jeflersonville depot, bruised and
leg sprained. John Johnson. Memphis,
Tenn.. head cut. Ma.i. Sli' kney, U. S.
engi:u er corps, slightly cut an head. L.
C. Fppersoii. superii.tendeiit Louisville
and 1 c.shville short line division, slight
ly ci.t and t-prainod arm. C. P. Brent.
Ciiu ii.uati. contacting agent Louisville
and Nashville railway, slight cuts and
brri.-es. George Uigjjers. braktman,
idigluly bruised. Joseph Blackwell.
Si,:iek. Ya.. porter of Wagner car,
cheek injured.
Five Men Instantly Killed.
Rnf KFcHii, Ills., June 7. The North
western passenger train was derailed
near lore by a broken wheel. A .gang
of section men working lteside tbe train
we-e caught in the wreck, and four of
them August Johnson, Emil Ander
son. John Gustafson and John Drehner
were instantly killed, as was also En
gineer Blaisdeil. The fireman, two sec
tion men. and several of the passengers
were slightly injured.
Firemen Itadly Itiirned.
Philadelphia, June 7. While the
firemen were engaged in extinguishing
i fire in a small frame building the
Sanies reached the storage basin.
1'wtlve barrels of gasoline exploded and
eleven iiremen were caught in a shower
.f burning oil and badly burned. Some
of them will probably die from their in
juries. 1 turned to the Water Line.
Vic toria. B. C. June 7. The pioneer
steamer Wilson G. Hunt, which ran on
the Hudson river in 149. and later plied
:m the Sacramento river and in British
Columbia waters, was burned to the
water's edge.
Water a Persuader.
Keokuk, la.. June 7. Dick Shehi and
Mary Wallan were arrested at Fairi eld
nd brought to this city and lodged in
the county jail. They were charged
with stealing a horse from David Lup
ton, who lives in the outskirts of this
places. Shehi declared he knew noth
ing ;dont it. although the stolen prop
erty was in their possession. The girl
resisted all efforts to get her to wash
herself. Finally the jailer turned the
hose on her. In order to eseaie further
treatment of this ki- d she confessed the
animal found in the possession of her
self and her paramour was stolen by
tlnm. It was stat eil furthermore that
during the past four months they had
stolen fonr horses. Siie was dumb as
an oyster to all further questions.
Itohbed on a Train.
Kansas City. Mo., June 7. F. H. Mc
Kinney, a real estate agent of Chicago.,
drew :j 1.700 from a bank Tuesday night
and started for Kansas City. He took a
lower berth in a Pullman car on the
Santa Fe road. He was awakened at 2
o'clock in the morning by finding him
self thrown to the floor of the coach.
He looked for his money and 1,(500 of
it was gone. There is no clue to the
A One-I-esged IJnrijlar.
St. Louis, Mo. , June 7. A one-legged
burglar is working DeKalb street. The
residence of Herman Geimer was en
tered. Mr. Geimer, who is 70 years
old, was awakened and grappled with
the thief, who. after a struggle, made
his escape, leaving behind him his
An Indian Exeeuted.
Portland, Ore., June 7. Pellio, the
Indian who was convicted of murdering
a half-breed woman on the Umatilla
reservation, was hanged here. He broke
down on the scaffold, and begged that
some of his friends in the crowd would
shoot him. as he was afraid to hang.
shot Itad by It is Son-in-I:i v.
Pouuhkeei-sje, N. Y., June 7.
Washington Olivet an old man. living
in the mountains near Unionviile. was
shot dead by his son-in-law, Arthur
Pendegrass, during a family quarrel
caused by Mrs. Pendegrass leaving her
husband and living with her father.
An Indiana Lawmaker Convicted.
Indianapolis, June 7. Lee F. Wil
son of Shelby ville, a member of the state
legislature and a prominent politician of
Shelby cor..:ty. was convicted in the
federal cor -t if irregularity in obtain
ing pension . The court withheld sent
ence. On the Warpath.
Milwaukee, Wis., June 7. A special
to The Evening Wisconsion, from Sho
wano. Wis., says 1.500 Indians, armed
with Winchester refles, on the Menomi
nee reservation, have driven the Indian
agent off. Trouble is feared.
Misappropriated Trost Funds.
Hempstead, L. I., Jane 7, It is an
nounced that J. R. Huntington, a prom
inent citizen of East Williston, has mis
appropriated trust fund to the extent
of $21,000. He ia a lawyer and justice
of the peace.
A Conference on Plans for the
Freedmen's Advancement.
i:.uL;:nt mkx aidtiii: movemkxt
Alitliaiua'a liri'f uliHk Tleket Col. Itnuey
to Op. time CoiireNiiiaii Cimnoii Tur
ney It iionil nal ed Nelirai.ka Kepuhll
eant A Maine Nomination.
Lake Moiionk, N. Y., June .".
The Lake Mohonk negro conferem e con
vened here to discuss plans fo.- the ad
vancement of tiie negro race throughout
'1 e corutrv. Ex-President Hayes opened
the c l fel etu e with au able address on
ihe ob.i ct and aim of the r nference
and the progress madebythe negro dn.
iag ihe past twenty-five years. Th"
topic for the morning session was 'In
dustrial Education What It Is and
What It Ought To Be."
Gen. Armstrong oeiied the discis
sion and was followed by ltev. Dr. Al
len, secretary of the Presbyterian board
of mi .-io:i.s. Rev. A. F. liaird. secre
tary of the American Missionary asso
c.'.l ; Jddge To.irge.-, e.t-lVcii dent
Gaines. (,f Eastman college, and Pro
fessor Hutchinson, of Diddle university,
also spoke. John C. Covert, editor of
The Cleveland Leader, then read a pa
per on the negro problem.
Congressman Sinit h Keiioiiiln:iteil.
Ml rp:iYsiK i:o. Ills , June "). The He
publican congressional convention of
this, the Twentieth district, met in the
new opera house. A little after 2 o'clock
L. T. Linell of Cobden. chairman of the
Republican central committee, called
the house to order, and the Philhar
monic society of Murphyslioro the
Star Spangled Banner." Dr. Childs of
Coulterville, Randolph county, was
made premanent chairman. Dr. Childs
made a short speech, referring, with in
dignation, to the recent display of rebel
flags at Richmond, Ya.,
Every vote of the lii delegates was
cast for Geo. W. Smith of Murphysboro,
after which with loud applause, he was
nominated by acclamation. A special
committee escorted him to the stage,
where he expressed his thanks for the
honor paid him, after which the conven
tion adjourned.
.Vlaliaiiiii's Greenback Ticket.
Bin MINT! ham. Ala., June a. The
Greenback state convention has nomi
nated the following state ticket: For
governor. J. M. Files of Walker county:
for secretary of state, Patrick Tucker of
Etowah: for auditor. W. G. W. Smith
of Morgan: for superintendent of educa
tion. Dr. J. T. Masterson of Lawrence
After the news of the nomination of
Jones for governor by the Democrats in
session at Montgomery reached here. the
convention wired Kolb, the farmers"
candidate before the Democratic con
vention, asking if he would accept the
nomination of the Greenbackers. He
promptly replied, "No." Files was then
nominated. The Greenbackers are try
ing to consolidate the workingmcn and
the farmer vote.
Tarsney Kenoiitinuted for ContresH.
Holpe.v, Mo., June 5. Delegates of
the Democratic party for the Fifth con
gressional district, met in convention in
this- city. Hon. F. C. Farr, late clerk of
the court of apeals of Kansas City,
placed Mr. Tarsney before the conven
tion in a twenty-minute speech. Mr.
Farr lauded the congressman for his
service for the district and Kansas City,
and said his "heart wanned to the man
for his daring to stand up in the face of
a brutal majority and oppose the cursed
pension legislation that the Republicans
were attempting to inflict ixn the
country." The delegates, in seconding
the nomination, paid Mr. Tarsney many
compliments for his opjiositiou to ien
sion bills. Tarsney was finally nomi
nated bv acclamation.
The Anti-Original 1'aekatfe Itill.
Des Moines, la., June o. Senator
Wilson has written a letter to President
Aylesworth, of Drake university, this
city, in which he says in part: "The anti
original package bill as it passed the
senate will cover the case fully, and I
have reason to believe that it will pass
the house at an early day. I think it
will le well for our Iowa temperance
people and those wdio believe in pro
moting the moral conditions of society
to give ej.rly and emphatic expression to
the Iowa members of the house of rep
rentatives. not that I have any doubt as
to the position that our members will
occupy in regard to the bill, but all such
things help to give tone to a movement
of this character."'
Cannon's Opponent.
Tuscola, Ills., June o. The Demo
crats of the Fifteenth district have been
debating for several weeks past as to
who should make the race against Hon.
Joseph G. Cannon. They decided that
their strongest man is Col. S. T. Busey
of Urbana, an extensive farmer.
The Oregon Flection.
Portland, Ore., June 5. Incomplete
returns from all the counties in the state
give Hermann (Republican) for con
gress 8.077 majority. Pennover (Demo
crat), for governor, 3,405 majority. It is
thought these majorities will be in
creased bv the official count.
Nebraska Republican State Convention.
Lincoln, June 5. The Republican
state central committee met here and
decided to h ld the state convention in
this citv on Julv 23.
A Candidate for Congress.
Augusta, Me., June 5. At the Third
district Democratic convention Charles
Baker oi" Belfast was nominated for
Wisconsin W. C. T. V.
Racine, Wis., June 3. The seven
teenth annual state convention of the W.
C. T. C. of Wisconsin met at the First
M. E. church. 150 delegates from var
ious parts of the state being present.
Mrs. Morse, the president delivered her
annual address.
Laid to Best.
Omaha, June 5. Bishop O'Connor's
remains were laid to rest with impress
ing ceremonies.
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The moitdellcnte and most Inntlng odori mad.
Our trade-mark patented on erer label.
"Di'llraie a a cohw-b
Lll-tliiK an llio bill-.''
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0 Cbrlrc HUm New Orleans. Law
For Horses, Cattle, Sheou, DoS, Hogs,
500 Vaac Ilok Tri-nl mrnf of AnlmuU
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en-; A ( KcvrrHil'onst'Hl I nun, I n II n it: inn t Inn
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I.I.-.-fcru!live IinenMi-, Mnne,
J.K.Ji'HN-n l JHk-fhlioii, I'arulyttl.
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Graduate in Medicine. Over 23 year' Practice,
12 y-ara in Chicago.
Authorized by the ritnte to Trout,
Chronic, Nervous nnd -1ciul Oi-
eiite," Seminiil Wenknims (Niour
'hkxcai, Seryou letMlrtjr,
PoiHoned Hlood,lTlernuiid Sweltimth
il every kiii'i. ni uiiui;
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Inw t'li,iiManilH of CJIM'H
cured. Kxperience in imi.ortnit. All me! lemon i;ro
piiBrenteed to be pure Hiid ethimriouH, bein con-pound-d
in my perfectly nppointed luhorutory, und
lire fumiHhed reedy for ue. o runniiiK to djTi
htores to Imvo uncertHin pre-cni'tionitulled. o
mer. ury or InjurioiiH cheruiculs used. fo detention
irom biiH iiess. tutient-i ut a distance trente.1 by
Ictter end ezpn-M, m dicin sent everywhere In-
from k-izo or l,reikt-e. Siete our ciine end Bend
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or by letter.
A 64 paoannif Fr Both Sexes. wi. i
iru-trnted O W IVBeeled in i.lain euvelope
for Cc. in ampB. Kvery mule from, the una 01
15 to 15 should reud this book.
for EEEUMATISM. 8 SO lor any
case tiiis treatment fails to cure or
n tlw-fnt.t HiMTdvtTTiiliinnalH
of medicine. One dona KVfH relief;?
h fev doses removes f?ver end pain i
l . ..;,,a P.iir,rirnrilntM illDlQ 71
dnvs. bend statement of case With Btuuip lor
cuiars. Cull, or uddrefiS
712 Eighth Ave., NEW YORK.
Departure, Utp Al:iii?ii t
QertUftu mud Ku'th. n --mi.'
by Caudiilua, broiiier iu
of HteinwaT. Soprano or Att.
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