Plattsmouth weekly herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1882-1892, June 05, 1890, Page 2, Image 2

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THE NEW MISSISSIPPI PLAN The Hank of Middle Tenn-ssce. at
Mississippi is going to hftve a consti- ' Lebanon, has failed for $i'0.000. with
jQfoUmnouth $Vcchln Jjcrnhl
ruhhshed every Thursday, and daily every
evening except unday.
ltejjlstered at the riattsmouth, Net). p"st
otllce for transuiision through the U. S. mails
at second class rates.
OfTlce corner Vine and Fifth streets.
Telephone 38.
Oue copy, one year, in ?1 .r0
One copy, one year, not in advance 200
One copy, six nionthf. in advance 75
One c py, three month, in advance -to
One copy one yar in advance ?' CO
One copy per week, by carrier 15
One copy, per month r0
THUK-jD.Y.Y, JUNE 5, 1S00.
The census enumerator started out to
day, and it won't do to fool with him.
The Hekald was the only paper of
th?j state press to correctly predict the
Governor's final course in revoking the
call for an extra session.
It is pretty dt finite! settled that
First Assistant Postmaster Clarkson will
resign as soon as lie returns to Washing
ton, and then assume the editorship of
the Chicago Times.
tutional convention, the main purpose
of which will ho to hit upon some plan
under which it will he possible for the
white minority of the people of that
state to legally control its affairs, even
though the I duck majority should all go
to Mie polls, as they will some of these
days. With this purpose of the conven
tion every intelligent und patriotic per
son with any knowledge of the real con
dition of affairs in Mississippi will sym
pathize. Macon (a.) Telegraph.
The above is a frank statement from
onf of tin: leading democratic papers of-
the youth, and ought to bring a blush of
shame to the cheek of northern upolo
gists who have so loudly asserted that
there was a free ballot in the south.
nscts of sfti-VXiO.
1'awnee City Kepublicau
A tew days ago a farmer who dabbles
to some extent in politics met me' in Te
cumseh and in the course of a brief con
versatiou informed mo that unless eon
gress tlid somthing for the relief of the
farmer within the next six months the
whole country would go to the demni
tion bow-wows. "The tariif, together
with the trusts, syndicates and monopo
lies and the present terrible agricultural
depression," said he, "are grinding the
farmer into the very earth, and unless
congress comes to the front for his relief,
and that soon, we are most surelv" gone
to thunder!"
About four hours afterward I saw him
sitting on the bottom of his wagon
whooping and singing, drunk as a lord,
while his little boy drove the team home
ward. This man is big and
works hard early and late, lives on the
plainest of fare, wears the cheapest cloth
ing, keeps his farming implements under
the shelter of a big tree, only gets drunk
when he goes to town and yet he is over
head and ears in debt. He is looking to
congress tor relief. The whisky trusts,
beer syndicates and ginsling monopolies
are the evils that are grinding him
down. So.
The call by tiie governor for an extra
session has awakened all the political
owls from their long sleep and they
have already begun to gather at the cap
ital to give their advi.-e and lay their
plans for political or financial gain.
The internal revenue returns show
that from $1,000,000 to 1,. 100,000 more
per month is now being collected than
was collected under the Cleveland ad
ministration. This simply demonstrates
that the distillers find it a great deal
harder to evade taxes th in they did
when thy had the democratic gaugers
to convive with.
Yesterday and today there was a p
tition in circulation asking the Governor
to revoke the call for an extra session of
the legislature, and it was" signed by ev
eryone it was presented to without hesi
tation. Nearly every one, as he sighed
it, made some remark that showed that
there is very general opposition to the
extra session.
General Capuivi proposes that all
native Germans ineligible for army ser
vice and all German citizens living in
other lands shall lie taxed for the gov
eminent support. He will have a happy
time collecting his tax in Uncle Sams
dominion, but he would be likely to an
noy a good many who may journey to
Germany either on business or for pleas
ure. Ex
The Fanner's Ailiauce says it will
elect enough congressmen next fall to
hold the balance of power in the house
for the next two years. This is a big
promise, but its fulliilmeut is not outside
the bounds of possibility. All the
country asks of the alliance, however, is
that it will defeat enough democrats in
the southern states to give the republi
can thirty or forty majority in the next
house. Globe Democrat.
The Augusta, Ga., Chronicle is a dem
ocratic paper in good standing, and here
is what the Chronicle has to say on the
tariff question: "It will be a disastrous
day for the whole country, and the
south especially, when the home market,
which is the most profitable in tie
world, is thrown open to foreign compe
tition. The happiness r.f the people of
til i lasses, the conservation. tf ail iu-tere-ts
and the future welfare of our
com. try demand that our economic It has been decided by the directors
polii-y shall not be iack-ly Ji.-.turbed to ()f the b'ioiix City com palace, to hold
Indianola, Iowa, Herald.
Editor Herald:
This question asked by the Homestead
of May 1, is easily answered.
1st, Farming is a business in common
with every department of business, and
it is a fact clearly demonstrated, that its
profits depend on its judicious manage
ment, just as every other business entt r
prise. Mr. Homestead says: The agri
culturist is the sick man and there are
plenty of doctors ready to prescribe.
Well this is a good illustration of the
case; now a sensible doctor first desires
to determine the ailment and then apply
the remedy.
Well, then, what is the real difficulty?
This is the trouble. We load to heavy.
How is that? We farmers are in trouble
and we can't pull through and its no
new trouble either. Many of us have
been thus afflicted a long time right
among the doctors. I guess we will pre
scribe for Warren county and if the
remedy is successful, it can be passed
around. 1st. don't make debts that you
can't pay, unless for something to eat or
wear, don't buy so many road carts for
the gentry. Couldn4t you wait until you
are a little better fixed before you buy so
many buggies, reapers and binders?
Didn't you know you were buying on
time and paying ten per cent interest?
Don't you know ws have continued in
this blind way of doing business until
we have had to mortgage the farm. Did
you ever think of it? We are encourag
ing a swarm of swindlers that are con
tinually on the road; they come to us as
philantpropist, some have patent rights,
that will make us rich in a few days;
others represent Life Insurance, others
are giving wonderful bargins in clothing
then conies the implement man; next the
buggy man; and they are usually good
talkers, are anxious to sell, will give all
the time we want by paying 810. Thus
we are loading ourselves with many
things that are not profitable and that we
would not buy if we had the cash to pay.
rhe fact is this western country has
bten overreaching complaints, finding
fault, crying, monopoly, denouncing;
trusts will not rescue the burdened ones. 1
We must seek relief first at home; adjust
our business within the compass of our
means; d n't buy everything we see be
cause it is cheap, and can be purchased
on time; don't let the road agent man
age our finances. Let us learn that over
production means low prices. Now I
hold that over eight-tenths of the farm
ers can be their own doctors and that the
sun has been shining all the time, but we
have put ourselyes in the shadow. Let
us deal more at home and improve our
own premises. One of the Doctors.
Liberty Center, Im.
Drm no u storm the other night at
Cedar Kipids, thousands of birds,
which were migrating to the north,
gathered around the electric lights and
dropped in the street. Some yery rare
specimens were picked up.
There is n mistake about the lack of
enterprise and suddenness among our
down eastern trethren We have b -en
undcra ing them. Down in the north
east corner of Maim: lived a cuple who
had courted btcm'ily for thirty years.
They finally arrived at an understanding
and aroused a clergyman out of bed at
midnight to pirform the ceremony.
Lincoln Journal.
known. Upon a correct report of thin
cordition all tariff acd revenue legisla
tion must be based during the next ten
yearn. Upon the returns of the forth
coming census the commercial standing
of this country will be rated by foreign
nations, and upon them capital will rely
for guidance when contenipbiting future
investments. The questions propounded
by tin; census agents should be answered
universally, but by none more cheerfully
than bv our manufacturers. Inter Ocean.
Unc le Sam is sloop on a bind trade,
and has made some first-class dickers in
his time. The table below shows the
leading transactions. Some of these
purchases at the time were regarded ns
high, but it will be obsvrvtd that tin
average price was about A cents per acre.
The Louisiana purchase was indefinate in
amount,-for it covered all that Fi ance
claimed, and reached northwest waru in
Tract purchased
Kit rida
Meiean cession...
Gadsden purchase.
A rej'out comes from Mexico that a
scheme of commercial reciprocity between
that, country and the United Statis is in
process of formulation through diplomat
ic agencies. It is certainly time1 that
something was being done in tlatimpor
tant relation. As the case now stands,
European nations have practical control
of the Mexican trade simply because we
do not improve opportunities that arc
eaisly within our reach.
The newspapers that were three
months ago talking glibly about "the
mortgaged farmers" and "cm burners"
and pitying them for the paltry price
they received for corn and wheat and
barley, scarcely know how to act or
what to say about the prices of all these
grains bouncing up just when "the rob
ber tariff" whs preparing to oppress them
still more. They now begin to be wor
ried about the poor brewer who cannot dent Sterling laid the matter before the
run to Canada to buy his barley cheaper eu at a special meeting called at the
than he can buy at home. The free- athemeum. The assembly room was
trader is a sympathizing patriot. well hllerl and all the otticers ana super
intendents occupied seats on the rostrum.
The recent speech of Congressman Mr sju-rljuu- said that after considering
McKinley, of Ohio before Congress on the many plans of profit-sharing they
the pending tariff bill, has just been lad concluded to improve on other sys
Tiv.ct purchased
! lorida
.Mexican cession. . .
Gadsden purchase
. llonaparic
f r .Lraiie
1 1. self
(Juautit v
square miles
.. 1,171 !3l
. . 376.13
5 15.73
Dale of
S 18. 750.000
5,1 00.000
. 2,776.040 JGO.'JOO 000
The Illinois steel company at Joliet
have submitted to its 3inployes a propo
sition for profit sharing. Viee-Prcsi-
lssueii in pampuiet lorm. i ue speccn
includes valuable statistical tables, and
is an admirable presentation of the prin
ciples of protection, as embodied in th-
new Tariff Bill.
Send a two cent stamp for a copy to
the American Protective Tariff League,
L'3 West 2:3rd St., New York C'itv.
i hey fastened a Confederate flag to
the hands of the Washington statue at
Richmond on the occasion of the dedica
tion of Lee's monument. Jt was an im
posing sight to see the effigy of tiie fath
er or Ins country carrying the tiaitonous
rag that the union men of "H5 trailed in
the mud of the last ditch. Washington
made to carry a. secession flag is the bit
terest insult that the imagination of the
ex-rebels could devise to the memorv of
i, . , i .. , . ,. ,-, . j Superintendent Pettigrew made
the man who led the fight tor liberty and 1 "
the equality of all men before the law in
177f. Lincoln Journal.
terns, which so far were not unqualified
successes, by paying a quarterly prem
ium for faithful, competent, zealous and
Coutiuous service. Lmpioyes would, on
application, receive 1 per cent for the
rirkt year, 14 per cent for the first year
and a half, and so ou up, I per cent in
crease- for every six months till it reached
five years and 5 per cent, when it would
remain permanent. I his per cent is on
the amount of wages received, the ob
ject being to -jet better work, mere of it,
and less waste ly trained employes m
continuous service. Mr. Sterling said
the benefits of sucli a system were mut
ual. Theory in Scotland was "stand
shoulder to shoulder," and if capital and
labor stood shoulder to shoulder th
world would soon see wonderful things
encouraging remarks and the men show
ed their approval by loud and frequent
applause. The Iinplem.-nt Dealer.
Congress in a n Pout, of Illinois. h bis
recent rent sp-eeh in the houe of
The senate has passed by a large ma
jority a bill placing all intoxicating
liquors inoiiginal packages or in any
other way umU r police regulations and
rules, and any titi.u having it in his
possession is ul.ject to the laws of the
state, this closes one more loop hole.
There were a f .-w Dj. uoerats who
lought it but nearly all the K-publican
members voted for it. This ought to
stop tin; Miird p.i-cy prohilx from right
ing the li p trty, as the Repub
lican party is doing more for Prohibition
than the third party Can possibly do
theniM 1 v s.
W. F. CrabiM & son.
Successors to
Waqon and
Wagons, HiiKies, M;ielniies t.tiiiekly ltepaircd ;
riou h Sliai peued anil lieiit-ial
Jubhiii,; l'Hie.
Horseshoeing A Specialty
We t ;.l Till'
sli.'.l rn 1 It
We heiteek the warrior's silent tonili.
While o'er their Ki'avtv; tlie rose l.o i -.
einee more w e eover t In ir iiu-ii.e -, w 1. 1. ,i,,n . is.
III reiueiahr ie e of past disn :;i !e.:i..-..
Ile-.t .tirioi: lest fioiu toily, ;;nl pain-.
'Neath the silent, i-now ami oiT-iit raii.f.
The ea oion halls and eliisli ol ;.rins,
Attd Lttfje sihn:l 1 that. j;ave ala in.
Hath eeas.-i to call the loyal lraes.
That sleep t!i in their silent n'aves.
May they peaceful. y rest on ete, nitles shore.
Where the din of anus hath ee ised to r-,ar,
Me 01 1 comrades sleep, lu that peaceful rest
K,.... .1... ... ..... .1 II I.-... M . t 11
ni.ij iiiv .s; iiii uhcii 111 (uie iinme Oi Hie Oiesr,
Thou was i at lent ami hrave : neith eu:. shine
and rhoweis.
V; revere thy lahor by s! rew iik the How ers.
.1 C. I'.OO.VK,
Co. K. 13th U. S. I
IIol Si shoe, Ml I.
av;iy, so 1 !u-o- js
J 01 -s si ; ,.;! 11
.1: 'I -'V .1 I it
. : if e lis
iH-vt-r any ;:.mi:-r ol your
.lid hurti'ij: iiiM-ir. (
tins Slim' ar.d you will
'.i'. llei-t Mime made,
Drs. CcTTS I l)E
403 Farnam Street, Omi'ha,
..." JhZ
Urii.nii.u,,,,,., ' .J.'"1
Mr. Gladstonk, of England, has
made more able speeches, and spoken
The experience of a railroad man isth.i
oftener in the past three weeks, than any est, when given as freely as the follow-
other man in Europe; and the editor ol
the London Truth coryes forward and
affirms that England is returning to
Gladstone. lie says: "If there were a
general election we should sweep the
country. And for that very reason there
is not likely to he an election for some
time. 1 o my thinking there is some
thing unuturablv base in a government
ing, on a certain subject: Office General
Agent, Atchison, Topeka, Santa FeRail
road Co., 212 Clark St., Chicago, 111.,
Jan. 10th, 18!0. "I have used a great
deal of St. Jacobs Oil and find it the best
remedy for rheumatism out of the many
I have used. It has entirely cured me
Wm. B. Breekmas,
The rights of mankind can never be
fully secured until money is recognized
as a public institution created for the
general welfare. It is the public institu
tion which, above all others, affects the
it I happiness of every man, woman and
child in our country, and submit it to
the control of those who deal in it, of
MANUFACTURERS, FARM- those who make its contraction and ex-
ERS AND CENSUS. pansion a source of revenue to themselves
Hut a few days elapse until the work is in violation of every principle of just -
of census enumeration begins, and the I ice. Capitalists claim that thev control
clinging onto office when they know
that they are loathed by the majority of
the nation for whom they affect to speak.
If it were not that the septennial act fix
es a limit to their greed for salary, and
to their defiance of the nation, a revolu
tion would not only be justifiable
would be a duty. "
far more complex and not us impert-
ant work of collecting statistics relative
to the health, wealth, poverty, disease.
ciiiue, eaucation, ignorance-, lnaoienec,
and industry of the people. It is quite
as important that we should know what
we are as that we should knovv how
many ot us tnere are.
Secrecy, of course, should be, and no
doubt will be maintained by the agents
of the census bureau as to the indebted
ness, health, or moral condition of the
persons making returns; it, will not be
put in print or privately told, that A is in
debt to a certain amount, that I is con
sumptive, scrofulous, epileptic, or feeble
minded, or that C is a divorced person;
these things will be sworu secrets of the
census agents. Iiut that there are so
many thousands of traders, farmers, or
manufacturers, doing busine.-s on bor
rowed capital, that their indebtedness
amounts to so many millions of dollars.
money, furnish money to the state, under
stand the true principles of finance, are
conservative, safe advisers; that the
farmers, the mechanics, the producers,
do not comprehend these matters; and
that therefore the capitalists should shape
the monetary policy of the government
More than this, we have been told that
the financial corporations can act to
gether "with such power that no act of
congress can overcome or resist their de
cision." This may be true; it may be
that law would be powerless, congress
impotent, and the people helpless; but
if it be true, I have mistaken the signs
of the times and the character of the
American people. If it be true, I still
assert that money affects not merely the
rights of the possessor, but of every one;
that the rights of the honest citizens
striving to supply his family with bread,
the rights of the bumble indebtor striv
ing to cancel a debt, are &s sacred as tlie
A strii-tly first clang maeliine. fully warrant
ed. Made nan the very best, material by
skilled workmen, and with the best, tools Unit
have ever been devi-od lor the War
ranted to do all that can be reaso .alily ex
pected of the very ber ivpcwrilei' extant.
eapaoleof wumm--; 1 .": words er imiiiiie or
more according to the ability ol the operator.
IMiiCE 8100.
If there is no aent in your town 1 ddies-i tl e
in-:ijulactur s.
THE l'AKI;!! M IAi CO.
Agents wanted i'arish N, Y.
F. 15. SEELEMIIiE, Agent.
Plattsmouth. Neb.
Specialists 111 Chronic. Nervous. Skin and
Iilood Diseases.
(Jonsijltati -n at olllce or by mail free. Medi
cines sent liy mail or express, securely packed.
iieeirom observation. (iuarxnice 10 cure
'juickly, safely and peniuniently,
niKh! emissions, pliyi-i-vii m-cay arif-inu from
indiscretion, excess or indulgence. Diodueiui;
sleeplessness, despondence, n innies on the
face, aversion to society, easily discouraned.
hick of eoiui lenc". dull, until for study or busi
ness, ami finds life a burden, salelv. iielma-
ncntly and privately ei:red.
Bioo; siiil Skin Bisc-sei. S'fl,
Hole 111 Us i'.-ki;I!s, c.iMolelciv i-r i ! t;:i t oil with
out the aid of iih-i eury. -m'ioI 11I.1. rvsi pelas.
fever stores, blotches, ulcers, pains in the head
au l ho: es. sypiiilelic sole throat, iiuuith and
toiiL'iie. catarrh. etc.. i.eriiianentl v cured where
oiners nave laiied.
Madder com-
luaoit". HmIIiIiiI 1 it-
tieuit., too Ii'eii-ieiit. burniii; or bjoody urie,
nine liisIi colored or with milky sediment on J
lainum;. weak naes , iron- l i ne. 1. eet. evs tit es.
pro'ppliy i.iol sab !y cur d. charges reasonable.
CI treiilT 1 p (oiarauteei! pci'iimm-nt cilia;
Oio.iulU ' removal complete wil bout cut
1:11,', cans! i:; or dilatation, u:es ellected at
home ! eaten!, without a 11101. cut's pain or
fK am f m , ( , earm , u .10111 a inoi.eiH s paill or
i8,iei and baiey! TrYoungad Middle Aged Men
xm. "
Consult personally or by mail, the greatest
In the United States. Our friend
Now at Lincoln. Neb., the higlnst au
thority in optics and for the equalization
of all inequalities of the
after all the:-e have faiie 1. For the nf
ad jusiino of
0 liases
which will j;i ve 1 ,-iit-i and be of aa eve
ir.'r heiieti! ' v .u Ofuee Xi'i nth
ineoin. Neb.
r lat
tice t.
Agents Wanted.
that the waes paid by th"i,i average so j rights of the proudest plutocrat who piles
nnu h per week to eacii
workm-in; that
o-'.ve p'.li'e IO meoiie 01 a . i j u 1111 is ,i
least of doubtful expediency." It is a
notable fact that in thosu parts of the
south wh;c!i are nuking m'3t rui!d in
dustrial progress, the protection seuti
mtut is strong.
the corn palace exposition this year from
September 25th to October 1 1 tli inclusive.
The old site and a quarter block to the
cast, have been selected and it is said
that the building will surpass all previous
p money in his coffers. Preserve in
there are so many thou.s'inos or coihuuh-- ' violate tiie faith of the Government to
tiye--. idiots, epileptics, deal', blind, lame ; the public creditor, has been the cry of
or otherwise constutiunally unsound the millionaire; preserve inviolate the
people; so many illiitim ates. so many faith of the uovernnu-nt to the private
uneducated and so many habitually idle! debtor, is the cry of the million. And
persons are things absolutely neoessiry
to be known.
Specially is it desirable that the exact whisperings of greed to the distant re
n'nancial condition of the county be ' verberation of distress and indignation.
not justice alone, but wisdom, demands
the ear of power be turned from the near
Will make the season will make the
season at the farm of the und-ersigned.
eight miles southwest of Plattsmouth.
near Eight Mile Grove.. His merits were
partly seen at the fair last fall. There
is only one horse in the state that has
won more in the thirty list, and hisser
vices are 100, while Shaker Boy's ser
vices are still the insignificant sum of
$15, if paid ulien mare is known to be
in foal, or j'17 if paid when c-dt is foal
ed, or 20 to iususe.
11 b. UV (
One of ha; 1 Hoy's o. a'ltiful sons,
is also at rani..- place and - rvic same.
Joii.N (.'LKM.t')NS,
V TP ''rrpP awlu. eln-cts of early viae.
' U lu tiiiliJ which 1'1'iiL's oi'-anic weukiii-sw
(lestroyii.L' hot h luiii.I and hod v. wit h all lis
leaded ills, permanently cured.
PPO T)i PC' Addiof tl'ope who have im
1J llUi llli I IlJ nailed themsel ves Iiv im nrio.
er induleneies ami soMt.-o v habits, which ruin
both mind ami body, untirihi),' them for busi
ness, study or uiarriai-'e.
Married, ,r those "ntei iir on that happy
life, aware of physical debility, quickly as
Is based upon facts. First Pract cal experi
ence. Second Kvery case is especially stud-'
ied, thus srartin-; aright. Third Medicines
arenreyared in our laboratory exact! v to suit
each case, thm eftectinir cures without injury.
A friendly letter or call may save you future
suflenngand shame, and add golden years to
life. Address or call on
Lotteria k la Benefice acia Patiiica
A syndicate of capitalists have secured thp
concession for nper-.tiiiK thi-
and will exiei.d :ts btis.i,.-s t ' 1. . ;i r 1 : n 1 r flu.
United St at ft- un'l I!ri i- !i r-.h'iubia.
IJelow will he f,..ii. ;t lis
tin: nr.zes which
wm i ir '.wn on
May 27, 1830 )
and continue monthly tln-ivHit.-:
t Al'l I A Li 7 A C t t r r ri
p'!fiioCi tickets. ;.t 1" .00 ; Halves r..isi ; Tenths
t I.'mi ; American Cmre '
l jst ur ihi.k.n :
1 prize of . i m m is
I priz- sf . . - - .'rti eiHi is
1 iri.e of r,,) js . . ..
a prizes of bi.'iiil in
2 prizes of 5.0011 ie
5 prize of l uiii aie
10 priz-s of I.wni ar- ,
20 prizes of (hi m r
2i U jirizee of 2m -ire
300 prizes of I'm af
V prizes of list are
1 V) pri.eti ' f stvtKre
l.VI prizes of p(i ;tre
trio prices of 'At Hre
'jy.i prizes ol .Vi are
1 Jl now
rt into
. A22..VXJ
- 1
. "O.IUI
Go to John St hiappag-iSc z Co., for
Central America bananas, California
orange.-, Virginia peanut.-, New York and
home made candies. 20'2tf
' "Int rates .- 6 tickets !r s.'s. (si
Special rates arranged with a"ents.
city in I tilted State ; and I'.nti-h America.
The payment of pi:e. is u-i:,raite-.d by a
special iipo-;t of hve li'iidred thoii-iind uol-lai-s
li'MW' with Ih s tate tso eri.uivr.t aud
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Apartado 43 ;u-rutuae, Mexico.
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Companies or Banks
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