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VOL. XX vr. NO. 12.
8 1.50 A YEA
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Krm Tin sl:i "t Ii.illv.
There win t ruin fill I of ubout two and
one-hulf ififh.-s lust night, an excess of
all the rninfitll during thj six months
last pitst.
Tin; I'ulit-M of th. M. 10. church will
give mi ire oreitm socisl lit tin heme of
Mrs. Wash Smith Thursday evening
June .r. Everybody invited to attend.
Judge Ita:ney issued a marriage li
cenne today to Friinrin M. Havener, aged
24, and Miss Ida May Keterson of the
sume ape, rill of this city.
The S'-lls Hros. cirenrt I 1 1 enr ciime in
tlii s morning, mid Witt Holmeg, the
liveryman, Hiiilied them with tlir e
vehicles to drive to VHrious poir.'s to 1 x 1 1
the bIiow,
John II. Hurt, assessor of Srove Creek
precinct, is returning his books to Coun
ty Clerk CriN hnVld todoy. Mr. II
Mrs. Hinkley, of Aslilimd, after u visit
with h family of Mr. Wm. Herold, de
p irt' l this morning on the K. C. to yisit
mends in Kansas City and Weston, Mo.
Mr. Coverdale, formeily of this city,
but now of Omaha, came down this
Sheriff Tighe returned from Weeping
Mr. ('. J. Witte. SaMmth School Mis- Water this morning, where he lias been
reports last night's rain, as being very
heavy in the western part of the mu'y.
In th! c i! of tin; Nebraska and Iowa
Insurance Company vs. Ilinard (iilmore
tried to a jury yesterday afternoon. A
verdict for the plaintiff was returned in
the sum of 1H.1().
House to le let on Wintersteen Hill.
No. !0m2 1st street within three minutes
walk of the shops and depot. House
newly done up. Key next door. En
quire of Dawson & IVarce. Hi ley Hotel
Block. tf
Diptheria is reported lv Or. Srhild-
kneclit. to le going through the Mew-
comer family. Little Ethel was buried
- Sunday, and now Mrs. Newcomer and
her two children an: afflicted with the
same dread disease.
W. J. H"sser, proprietor of the picnic
gardens seven mi It -a south of this city,
boarded the west bound train. No. 3,
yesterday evening for McCook, upon
business connected with his extensive
vegetable gardens and green houses.
The- little village of Loveland, la.,
which is located in the Hoyer valley,
about twenty-live miles north of Council
Bluffs, was swept by a water spout Sun
day niiiht and drowned Mrs. Savior and
on. Another family passed the night
y in a tree.
W The r-i'ti 'ast nigh: proved to much
for thtstorm sewers, and ov"! iltwed the
cellar r-u lr EgenUerger'a saloon to the
depth about three. fe( t. '. Jenm.'d
no otW- r cellars vmi ft.-c-t !eing
flooded, but the b ienient of Mr. Ki.i
zer's r 'ideiiee on Cideago nvenue f.lled
to a diyth of about fie tec.
This mornin g the casn of Harrington
agaiust S.i.d: was I ikeii up in the dis
trier, eoict md tried ! a j iry and at this
writing the jury d liberating, wfiiie
the -N-e "f Alfred ll. fJiine v. the
Chicago, liiirl'injton fc Qi.v.ney raiiroml
compHi-.y is being Iritdli. another jury,
tnakii the third jury t!iu second
day of tin term.
Monary lor the I resi-y ttnaii cMircli. ar
rived in the city this morning on n visit to
his father, and made u pleasant call at
lies- h"a 1 : i irrers.
Hev. Estabrook, formerly p itor of tle
M. E. church of this city, but now o
I'i-ing City, this state, stopped off of No,
2 yesterday evening and spent the time
in the city till the arrival of No. , then
c mtinued his journey eastward.
While Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Eikenbary
were visiting in che city yes'erday and
their children were at school their house
in South Omaha was ente.ed and robbed
but the thieves only secured a revolver,
or at least that is all thev have missed.
Vk. Uh'"N A I..
Hon. U. V: Wiudiiam went to Oler
wood this niofiiin; r-n legal business.
Geo D. MatC sof, of South Ben' ,
c a in a io, ii tins ia'irii:ig U attend li.
trict court.
Mi Nellie. McKir.ley, of Olathe, Ka?.,
niece of i. l Gas.-,, is vir-iiiug the latter
in ttiis it y.
II-:. J. B. Strode, of LiiiColn, arrived
on N'. - yesierd.iy evoidiig to attend
dis rict i-ouit.
Coinuiissioner Foltz eanie in on No. 6
last evening to alien. t i'je regular month-
Kly session of the board.
' Miss Lillie Thompson, cousin of Hon.
K. B. Windham, departed on No. 4 this
morning for her home, Mt. Pleasant, la.
II. D. Travis, the Weeping Water law
yer, departed on No. 3 l st evening for
Colorado Springs on professional business.
Mr. C. J. George of Denver, brother-
in-law of Dr. Siggins, left on No. 5 this
morning for his home, after a short visit
with the doctor.
Mrs. Dr. SchilJknecht and her mother
were passengers this morning on the K.
C. this morning to visit relatives at De
Witt, -Vo.
Kev. John Quist, pastor of the Swede
ish church of this city, deparated on No.
4 tin-' morning ior uuniugton to re;
main two weeks.
Hon. J. C. Gilmor? went to Ashland
this morning. Mr. G- still has a very
soT'i hand fjom the kick by a horse re
ceived a few days since.
M:ss Mary Steincr, of Clark's Mills,
Wis , a niece of F. R. Guthman, arrived
in tlii city this, morning and will spend
the :-'.'mer ith the Guthman family.
From We'lnecUay'-i Iiily.
The Journal office fell a victim to
high water, which necessitated the use
of a pump today.
Reports Ironi Rock Bluffs say that the
bridges in that vicinity are badly
washed out from Monday night's rain
Mrs. Dunn, wife of Marshal Dunn, was
a passenger on No. 5 to Omaha thi
morning to visit several days with rela
tives in the metropolis.
Go to Philip Kraus for your groceries,
(ueensware, and glassware, also for fresh
vegetables and fruits. All orders
promptly rilled and delivered to any part
of the city. tf
Little Merrill Brooks died at the home
of his parents at the corner of Fifth and
Pearl streets this morning of diphtheria
aud was buried at Oak Hill cemetery
this afternoon.
After he morning business in the
district court the trial of the case of
Alfred O. Cline vs. the Chicago, Bur
lington & Quincy railroad was resumed
ami is in progress this afternoon.
The storm Monday night wrought sad
havoc, with the institute for the feeble
minded at Gleenwood. The buildings
were badly injured, two of the inmates
killed outright and many more injured,
some of whom probably fatally.
.Sim Snvd!, the well known evangelist,
has been secured for June 20th, at which
Uiiio h s will Bpeuk.,in Plattsmouth. on
the amendment, which will come before
t'l '. pt op'e M xt fall. A cordial invito
tion i-u xtenued t all to come and hear
him, and ep- cially the v ters throughout
l he county.
Mr. Conrad Sehlat r, living near Louis
ville, who h is been iu attendance at
court in this city, left on No. 5 this morn
ing for Br.tdsli iff, the scene of last night's
is.tstt r. Mr. Sehlater has a daughter,
.Mr-;. Tighe. whose husband is a brother
of Sheriff Tighe, living there and as he
could hear nothing direct, feared they
:u iy have tdleii victims of the cyclone.
anl co'ibl not suffer the suspense for
i idinL.s busier, ho he went directly to
A. accident is reported to have oc
curred n;-ar Ashland yesterday mornin.
N . 1, e.-t lound, leaves here at 2:30 a,
ii. and i ilue at Ashland at 4:08 a. m.
' Yisterdav morning, on account of high
water itoui the previous night's rain, the
section hands were out just this side of
Ashland, viewing the track for wash
outs, and failing to observe the train,
though on her own time, was run into
and one of the men received an injury
in the way of a broken limb.
Harry Race, he who propels the quill
for that grwat moulder of public opinion,
the Weeping Water Eagle, is at the
county seat doing the juror act this term
of the district court. The last seen of
the doughty editor last evening, he was
using most desperate efforts to "catch
on" to the highly embellished bill car of
the Sells Bros, show as it pulled out of
the yards here. We asked one of the
leading lawyers of the editor's town for j
and explanation of the editor's strange
freaks, and all was clear when the at
torney said, "why, don't you know that
Harry is a firm believer in the Darwinian
theory, and that he thinks that is a car
load of monkeys?'?
The Town of Dradshaw Swept
Away Last Night.
serving legal paper.
Mrs. Geo. Turner, of Omaha, returned
to her home last evening af'er a visit
with her cousin. Mrs. J. E. Leeslev. of
this city.
Messrs. Joseph Chapman and W. N
Sarver, representative business men of
Elmwood, came in this morning to at
tend court.
W. B. Shryock was appointed today
to fill a vacancy on the condemnation
committee caused by George Amick not
County Superintendent Noble is in hie
office today endeavoring to straighten
up the books that have hitherto been
loosely kept in that office.
Mrs. P. G. Reynard, Miss Maggie
Streight and Mr. Robt. Brown represent
this city at the state Sunday School con
vemion at Hastings today.
In the case of Voss against Pepper
berg, tried and taken under advisement
by Judge Ramsey, last Wednesday, judg
ment was rendered yesterday in favor of
Mr. Pepperberg.
Mr. Jos. Holly, brother of the popular
clerk at Elson's clothing store, returns
this morning to his home at Racine Wis.
Mr. Holly arrived seyeral days ago to
attend the wedding of his brother and
Miss Nejdley.
Beatrice Chautauqua Assembly.
The Beatrice Chautauqua Assembly
for 1890, promises to be one of the most
notable gatherings of the year. Among
the speakers already announced, tre T.
DeWitt Ta!madge, Geo. W. Bain, Fran
ces Willard, Jahu D. Miller, Samuel
Dickey, Col. J. P. Sanford, Chas. O.
Brown, Helen M. Gougar, Dr. Creigbton
and Thomas M. Taylor. Efforts are be
ing made to secure T. V. Powderly and
others. The Young Men's Christian As
sociation of the state will be addressed
by H. F. Williams, of Chicago, editor of
their national organ, the Young Men's
Era, and by Mr. Nash, the state secretary.
The state W. C. T. U. will have its head
quarters and school of methods on the
grounds. The Knight Templars of the
state will encamp on the grounds in
go-geoiiH regalia und with - magnificent
music. The Farm; r's Alliance of N-b
nd neighboring statia wi 1 gather by
thousands to hear the eloquent Hany
rracy, president of tie Southern Far
inert) Alliance, ana John 11. Power?,
president of the Nebraska state Alliance,
Ootn oi wiiom will speaK on tne same
day, emphasizing the common interests,
the common needs and the common de
mands of American farmers, north and
The best of musical instruction will be
provided in charge of the eminent teach
er, composer and instructor, S. W.
straub, ot Chicago, whose books are
used in so many of our churches and
Seven Persons killed and Fifty-four
Injured Buildings Carried
Half a Mile Away.
The village of Bradshaw, the first sta
tion west of York ou the B. & M. was
visited last night by a terrible cyclone,
and owing to wires being down a full
account can not be had at this writing;
but the following we clip from the
State Journal:
Meagre reports of the terrible work of
a cyclone which visited the western part
of York county reached the city shortly
after midnight this morning. Its great
est fury seems to have been spent at the
little yillage jf Bradshaw, lying v a few
miles east of the western boundary of
York county and some ten miles from
the county seat.
Up to a few minutes before its arrival
10:25 p. m., there was nothing to indicate
other than a high wind. The inhabitants
of the hamlet, unconscious of danger,
were preparing for their night's rest.
The work of demolition was terrible
in its swiftness. IN ot a house or barn is
left standing. Trees are stripped of
their leaves and branches and a scene of
utter desolation exists.
Seven persons are known to have been
killed outright and the list of injured
will reach anywhere from twenty to forty.
It will be daylight before the full list of
casualties can be learned.
The B. & M. depot, with a number of
freight cars, were lifted from their moor
ings and carried a distance of half or
three quarters of a mile.
A special train, carrying a number of
citizens and all the physicians of York,
left immediately for the scene of the dis
aster. Telegraph wires are prostrated
and communication is well nigh imposf-i
York, Neb.. June 3. "Special.! It is
reported hire that the town of Bradshaw
nine,nilea west of here, was destroyed
by a cyclone-it 10 o'clock tonight. F:ve
pel soi s were kided outright. No p;ir
ticulars ure obtainable i;s the wires are
Superintendent Bignell, accompanied
by Drs. Everett, Wjnuett, Paine and
Mitchell and a Journal representati ve,
left with the wrecking train for the scene
of the disaster about 3 o'clock this
Tkkamah, Neb., June 3. S.nci d.
The seyerest storm ever kuowu in this
vicinity struck here last night. All the
creeks in the country overflowed and did
much damage. Tekamah creek flooded
this city from two to four feet deep. A
I :i i. A i. ji . i ,
uaiu wiiu two uorses noaien nown me
Full upper or lower set of teeth for $S. Gun ran teed
to he the snine as those for which other
dentists charge $15.
Satisfaction Guaranteed or Money Hefunded.
The only perfect and reliable vuy of iwn acting tee h a about pain
Gold, Silver
or d itigrV.
and Hone Fillings
at i-duced R;l
DR. WITHERS Union 15 o;k Dentist
Mrs. Dart's Triplets.
v Ts- it
1 -v
rrMen (.levoljum s I'nze f:r th three lest b.iNies :.t tu A.:rr:i 'm:iity Fnir. in 1R7, wu
r-y.-.-t? l fijuct-i. Muliic, Ma, uu.l lt;i, :hil.l:en ot Mrs. A IC. Ieirt. lIiiMbiiiyh. N. V.
,Mit; wr.i.: i.ust .mew the little ones Ucuiue very siek, uml us I rouM p t n other 1'1
that v.,m.u ojrree them, I coimuenee.i the use of JjietHtol Vi. Jr Iu Ijk 1 them in isic
oia;L!v. i;u-! they vcr? s-ti us well r.H ever, mii1 I eoii.sMer it vi-rv hireiy ill;'.- 10 (! e 1
t:eii t:ioy ujm now mi ucil." l.uetnleil FimmI in the leit J-Vm I lor hAttle-ieit ) ::.:'. )l !,
tiici.,!, nml U better than meilieine w hen they are sick. Three iA H. e , TJi-., l mi.
At driKiits. Cabinet jihoto. of thewj triplets sent tree to the luothtr of uiiy hub) l,rii tl.N ' ir.
lire V'FI.L?. RICHARDSON & CO.. Burl. n -ten . 'r.
schools. There will be able instruction
in all the departments: education, in- creek. The li-kamUi mil Is suff-r.fl
spirations anJ enthusiasm on every band. J damages to the amount of out $SO0.
Beatrice claims tne nnest parks in
Nebraska, and we presume none who at
tended the Assambly last year will dis
pute the claim. This year there will be
the added attraction of boating which is
The full damage to city and citizens will
reach f 2,500. No mail from the north
arrived today.
The storm last niht at Bradshaw was
secured by the completion of the great more severe than at first reported. the
dam. The beautiful excursion steam- last report says that fifty-four were
boat, Queen of the Blue, now rapidly wounded and seven were killed. The
approaching completion, will be the governor has sent the militia from York
most elegant boat in the state. On her to the scene to do guard duty. The gov-
two decks she will carry over a hundred ernment has sent fifty tents to the home-
passengers, less people. The citizens of York have
Everyone who contemplates attending sent a large supply of clothing and food.
a Chautauqua Assembly this year, should I The B. & M. have gone to the scene with
before deciding where to go, get a copy
of the Beatrice program, which may be
had by addressing the secretary. S. S,
Green, Beatrice Neb. Rates will be
reduced on all railroads.
ilr. G. II. Holton made a flying trip to
Omaha this morning.
II.;n. J. C. Gilmore, returned this
morijiug on the schuyler.
Attorney D. O. Dwyer, was among the
Omaha passengers today.
County Attorney Gering went to South
Omaha today on legal business.
William Ludwig and wife returned
home this morning from Hock Bluffs
village where they have been visiting
among old friends for several days.
List of Letters
Remaining unclaimed, in the postoffice
at Flattsmouth. Neb., June 4. 1S90.
for the week ending May 2$, 1890:
Beenis, Mis Caroline Oetziis;er, E O
Hujdies, B F Hart Benj
Hall M Anderson Jones, Mike
Lampeon, lell l.eeper, D 11
Lmuison. C A Mclntire. James
Patriek, Mrs E L I'.itrick . Wra or Ben
Ray.GeorneS Speeht. H
Simpson, Geo Wise. Emmons
Woodson. Miss Frankie Warden, Mrs S J
Wilsou, Miss Carrie Youn, Edgar
Persons calling for the above letters
will please say "advertised."
Henry J. Streight, P. M.
Bucklen's Arnica Salve-
The Best Salve in the world for Cuts
Bruises, Sores, Ulcers. Salt Rheum, Fever
Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands, Chilblains,
Corns, and all Skin Eruptions, and posi
tively cures Piles, or no pay required. It
is guaranteed to give satisfaction, or
money refunded. Price 25 cents per box
For sale by F. G. Fricke & Co.
telegraph instruments and as soon as
possible will have connections again.
Oregon Letter.
Turner, Ore., May 22. To the Edi
tor of The Herald: I told you in my
last letter that I would tell you some
thing about the city of Salem the capi
tal city of Oregon lying in the north of
the Willamette valley. It is on the
Willamette about fifty miles up the river
from Portland. This river is navigable
for steam boats, they say, 150 miles up
from the mouth, and passes up the falls
that are seventy feet from the top to the
bottom. The boats are raised and
lowered by means of locks and it i3 truly
wonderful. These falls are at Oregon
City. I suppose it is one of the greatest
water powers in the world. Salem is a
city of over 10,000 inhabitants, and be
sides being the state capital, is the seat
of justice of Marion county. It is al'o a
manufacturing and commercial town of
considerable importance and a social
center. The streets are 100 feet wide
and the blocks 350 feet square. The
streets are lined with maple, elm and
other ornamental shade trees and the
city presents a beautiful appearance.
Residences are surrounded with spacious
lawns, tastefully ornamented with trees
and flowers, some of them such as I never
saw before.
Pleasing styles of architecture are em
ployed in the buildings and whatever
would add to the enjoyment of home
life is observed in finishing the surround
ings of the homes of Salem.
The state institutions are located here,
including the state house, upon which
there has been expanded a half million
dollars. The insane ii.tyluii) a tine
brick buldinu the relorn. srh'iol. the
i-tate penitentiary, deaf and ltiiib asy
lum, the United btates In Irm tiHiuing
sehool, the Willamette university, hav
ing un attendauee of oer U0O student.1
It is said t be; the oldest and leading
prot-stant institute n the Pii.-ifie coai-.t.
About Willaiii. tte, I will try to till
as well ms I Car, but iiti.-t. say 'hat I Cmii
uot givsucll nil aeeo'jnt ot it as miiik
have don. I think it is a fine vlly if
Vi'U may Call it n Valley. It ri-ufin-s
from the Cascade langf t, the ranf m,
the Pacific ooat. It cumin- nres at. the
foot ot these ranges ind in the vail-
there in some very fin-j luiwl uhieh pro
duces very well. I ut in the middle oi
the valley there are some larg't hill,
covered with fir and yellow pillf tiln-
r. Some places the timber is so thick
you could baldly find it pass through it
ml toe land Would lnt b-i worth what ir
would cost to clear it, ami sonic plac ir
is very a ony. I wen ci on one of ti:e..-e
hills and could 8-! the uio.-t cf trio v.l
ley oulds'e the S.iutra'iy liver an i
the illanictte. they caiii-3 togtiiier
above Sab in. The ".vnttr i very ciei.r
and nice, but the land is not as i;oud
it is on tne o.i miiuin. 1 liey can r us
more and In Uer fruit thr.n in the cum
and for wheat it beats us far. O ils ii-
yery fine and all suns of vcgetabl
they can b at us in, but they cannot raii
any corn on the Pacific coast. It is good
for cattle and sheep. The sheep get
very fat on the grass. I'saw thirty -seven
goats in one field. They are the kind
that have long wool and they shear them
like sheep and sell the wool for a bi"
I ascended a large hill and with the
aid of a glass could see from one side of
the valley to the other, and it was a.
grand sight.
I would say to any one that is well
fixed and settled in life to stay where
you are, if this valley is the best place
there is on the Pacific coast, lou may
hear from me again.
R. Matteer.
(Successor to Whiting & Whiclier)
Groceries and Provisions
Mi idle n.iom, ; era llou-e Klock.
Choice, Fresh Goods
in their liny, both as to
Cassea Frail Drloa Ms
Aii'l French Fruits in Their
always in Srock.
rail ami be Satisfied
yallery's &eat (Viarkei
105 S GlIi sr.. Union Jilork-, formerly
410 Mam trect.
A. S;!'-ndM M irket, where Everything
Ki-pr is First JJIhsv. Wu um to
pltMw, , M.j it the Patrou.
uge of tne Publu
Children's Day Entertainment.
The entertainment, consisting of solos,
recitations, quartettes, duets, etc., the
programme of which was given in lf.-t
Friday's Herald, will be given at the
Christian church on Thursday evening
of this week. Many new features have
been added to the programme and a
good audience will be appreciated by the
children, who have given their untimely
attention to the exercises.
Bird Critchfield,
l-x sfcA.SU'.
Jlv fair and htne.-t dealing I expect to
mei it a chaie of the trade.
131-1 ui. J. Ii. VA LEERY. Prop
217, 2i:, 225 and 22:J Main St.,
Plattsmouth, - Nebraska.
E. iT, EONS, Proprietor.
The Perkins has been thoroughly
renoyated from top to bottom and i
now one of the best hotels in the ttate .
Hoarders will be taken bv the week at
4.50 and up.
Y. A. Humphrey, 31. Ii.,
hysician and Surgeon,
Calls in City orCoua try Promptly Answered