Plattsmouth weekly herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1882-1892, April 10, 1890, Image 8

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A Fiereo Dl iz7.-,r1 Ha-iinu rt Alliance
urjr.l Hei:lerl Tliir, Way.
Sjk el a.! u ;ram to Hit- llri:Ai I).
A fi'Tf.; htotin U ruiii nt Alliinco
The mow i-s f:illinir rapidly -ind t wind
blow fi ;n! The !!izii(l U inoy
in; 'it ;i hi j.h rate of spi-id in th'n cli
rt -t t i 1:1 :;n mi; be vxu ct l Htany hour.
Tin? n-. oil r? of tli.! IIi.isaj.d will tike
warning un ! !.; pi opun l tor it.
A i'.ivage Do,
H:irry Kai'nify was but h few d:iys ajjo,
the i.hh. s -. r i;f :i highly piit-d bull !;;
en sUrtin fi.r it trio wont h? turned the
dojj oViT t iSim ArchiT forsitV keeping.
Mr. A rchcr lint the do;: tied U, at his
place, but in souk manner, during his
nbsi-nri, the do; jut loo.-e. Mk Archer
then un brt. ;.!: to tk- the bint:-, and i:i
an ntlv playful mooil tlie doj,'
t tuli' hold f If i diL.-i.. Sim tried to
niuLe it b t ;.o, uud in tloin the tierce
brute !) : one i ru ined, ;,;r, i i.ewiuii
and 1 ttxiMtin li.r itiiu in u liihttid
lii.tiire r, she w .s rilso Kev rely lulti.ii
!tboii!,(hi; hip; th : b s'e z d hold 1
HERALD rWr"'1 1 ss' Vv'"' U IS m',u'' ,ul11 'u'1'
, nl si-no-'- t. l' iinale iiloimiit sin iiT'-p
Oa II. IOETv .... .iii- i i'i
.d l ii 1; throu-jjli 'i h:dl ;u!I iloor.w lul li
whs (K).(d lieiof- the lo could pet
through Th.- !! od thirty beast fairly
r- iu'td I tried to bieak through
the !.'.. r, even b np.d il;',;lint the w indow
bill le t v, linir.ii mi entranCi lie after it
litii- if.i. t il tlovvii. Winn Mr. Archer
( nine Iimiiu: h- v. ry promptly tied the
dor u:-, .uot his n volver unci put thiet
bullets into hint before he yielded up ins
life. 1 rs. Aicliel'.s wounds me not
thi.uuht to be s, rieli s nitliosi-h qui'e
puinlul, as the ::.; u;i it voiuij.- one and
in apiiil eliilv pei t Ct lleaitll.
1 wo Accidents.
(Men f '!iu: i. I.di, a tiiteen year old boy
hailing lroi.i i'io -toni;. Minn., stole u
ride in a Imx ctr on tin- Inide run
yaturd-iy idiit ob..m 10 o'clock, m ir
livinp in tiii y:i! ds here iie undeltook to
j inp mi; of tile car while the train w ts
moving and I nob-d in a heap hiwiii the
s itclii--, Itr.-akinti the ninth rib on tin
riuht -side and bi u'win".' Iiini up euendlv.
Dr. Livin j-tmi'! ums. c.dl. d and tixeil him
up us Condi-liable as possible.
.1. V. I! liiisoii, one of CJeorire Shrevc's
htvitciiinen, abi.'it 1 o'clock this mor:iiii!'
while coupling switch engine No. 217
on to a car, tjot his thuin!) cnulit and
crushed so ba lly as to in c sit ate its nin
lut,ttion. Dr. Livingston was callei't up
on and v iy skillfully removed the thumb
ut the bist joint .
At the Churches
'ite Kpiscpal churcli was most beau
tiful!' d.coratcd witli fragrant and loVi
l v (lowers yesterd iy mid t he church wn
so cruweded th it many turned away un
able to obtain an i nti mice. The masonic
knights as i. their custom on E ister.
marched in uni'orm to tiie church and
li-tened with others to a very able ser
moil by It- v. Iur4e.
The Catholic church for hih mass
was beautifully decorated and one of
the aba st sermons we ever heard
was delivered by Rev. Father
Kearney on the leiiiiftction and its lesson-.
The MethodLd listened to a very entcr
t:: t "iiip.-r.vie.; beru: ;a at the li mds
of Rev, liueUm r.
Tiie in- iiibers f th Christi-m church
heard Kid; r R. id deliver a very
thought ful and ip)i opii ite sermon on the
l( bill' cii in.
Rev. liiird beinv; in Xebiviski Citv no
lnomiiiu' set vice w is In Id in the Frcshy
teii n church.
Wiley H'.aek loading two car loads
of !in's for Oindia market today.
The sp! inn weather h e? evidently af
feCteil C. L Graves of the Union Ledger,
lie he.ids a local column with the signi
ficant si nt; nee, 'Johnny yet your hoe."
G 'est a r. si .lent of the first, war. I is
Ce le! i at i e j; lie a'liv.l )f the lir.-t iidili
tion to t!i.- I'e.-te l.tinily. A fine ten
poiii. ! I - - v t . !; u his bed and board
w it ii tin in S;t m ! ay.
F. Ii .- i.-iwir--. s-ate a-4i-nt for ill - in
ternal; id type uiit -r h ;s just rec- ive.i
on oi tho-e l-.t-'.-t improved maCliiat s
Wilieh I ink to b ..- a little b tier than the
Re niiuitoii -r Yot.
F uit trees, evergreens cc.t. are beinj;
f-hipp.-d in In by the car load; while
superior stock in f.r lie'ter condiiioii
couid b - purchased of John Lc cAvy or
W. .1. II r for iesi money.
Wm. Uoll closed a contract last wet k
with S... O.-boin Ur the erection t.f a
Ufat C-otlaoe on his 1'tS oil West Main
street. .Mr Iloil.-lnsnot yet inioimed
us if his iter or soni'- one else sifter wdl
keep hou-e'for him.
Jake V.db r's t -mil hitched in front
of Wm. Wt-bi i'b. wa.-scar- d at tin-motor
and t ..kaliv. ly run down Gth ritrtet
find out tin- iivciiii" to i friendly teb-yruph
p., It wh-re til y li'dted without u bre; k
except the hitcii reins.
Tlie mail distributed fit the postoffi e
is rowinn rapidly larger, fully tlonblc
the amount of mail is hiudb d now than
av s handled at this tinv one ycir n-:o.
Tiiree in- n are conijielled to pat in about
ti.-iteca hours a day to Lc.p the wurU up.
W. L. Urownc Buys hn ltst bis check
book on the day of lection with two tax
receipts and two notes with same. P.rowne
will be jlad to git it back and the finder
will yet a mil of sidewalk on its return.
Engineer McCarthy, in chnrge of the
Union Pacific construction work Mouth
and west of Oden, is at Los Angelef.
I Jo reports 2,000 men nt work on the Hue
between Xlilford ue Piochc, hdJ thinks
that trains will be running into PiocLe
by December.
Russel A. Alger commander in chief
of tiie G. A. It. and a prominent candi
date for the presidt ncy before the last
republican convention will be in Oma
ha Apiil the 15th. Mrs. John A. Logan
w ill be present also. The occasion being
a G . A. R. meeting.
The great Burlington Route which is
alwaj-s at the he-ad of the procession not
ing the fine weather and livelier times
coin s iu with the pay car today, several
lays ahead of the regular time, and
leaves their usul $00,000 contribution
to Plattsuiouth prosperity.
As mentioned in the Herald some
we: ks ago the forth coming time card
will bring the flyer west bound through
Plattsmtiutl: about three o'clock in the
mornin in stead of nine as nt present.
The flyer east will also be an hour later.
The new card will probably go into t fleet
next Sunday.
Four surveying patties are at woik
hunting tin- be.-t route for a line from
Pio: he into C dil'ornia, but no building
south of 1'ioeiie will be don c thi.s year.
One survey west of Pioche is threugh
White Pine. Eureka and Reckwith Pafo'
Another tups the Atlantic and Pacific ut
Ludlow. Oodeii Dai'y L'uion.
Fred. Ebinger attracted considerable
attention v'sti-rday jumping up and
crac king his heels togthr in a most
hilarious iiimiui r; on investiya ion we
learned that Fred was fairly besieh him
self oyer the. arrival of a nine pound
Ebinger that he says is the finest boy in
Plattsmouth. Grandpa Wt-idumn bore
his honors gracefully and helped theboya
to the ci ard. BauT w is put to great incon
venience not long 9ince in explaining
that his name w3 John II. Bluer and
that he was in no wise related to the
John Baner of scandal fame. The
World Herald of yesterday annouaces
the death of John II. B iuer at Auburn.
How is this? Our John's name is prob
ably John X. Bauer today.
Dr. W. O. Henry d-livered an address
to a crowded house at the Y. M. C. A
hail yesterday alteruoon. Every one
spoke in the high.-st terms of the address
as well as the sinking which was very
lin; the Morrill t ins singing one of their
pieces for the entertainment f the crowd.
The new seen tary assures us that he
will make it a point to have special
Mttractions at the Y. M. C. A. hall eyery
Sabbath afternoon.
Isaac Pearl man's team was hitched
back of his store today when someme in
the opera house 9 wept out some papers
that caused the horses to break their
hitch straps, and away they went at a
breakneck pace up the alley to Cth street
thence to Main and down that street un
til they reached the pils of lumber in
front of the postotRct wh -re they were
stopped by a pell nu ll rush into the um
ber which is piled some eight feet high.
One of the horses is badly and possibly
fatally injured, the wagon tongue broken
and no one hurt.
The funeral of the late Frank Bates
vas largely attended yesterday. The re
in dns wire in charge of the Plattsmouth
Fire Department six of their ac -ing
as pall bearers. Fred Kroehh r, Frank
Buttery, Wm. Smith, Ed Stiles, John
Donlan. and Johu R iiuni . The remains
were taken to the Christian church
where services va held by tin; R-y. Reid
at 4 p. m. tlu- profession v nded its way
to thecenntery led by eighty men ir line
of tiie Fire Department and forty nu-mb-e.s
of the O bi fellows; followed by the
remains and a larue number of the
triends of th ; family in carriages and
buggies. Tim funeral was one of the
l-irg-.-st Pi ittsin uth has witnessed in a
long time.
W. D. Ib; wells lias written his first
j ivenile serial. It is colled "A Boy's
Town," and desciibes the daily doings
aid dreamings of a typical Americ .n bey
torty years aoo in a little town on the
Great Miami River, in southern Oiiio.
Nothing very memorable tvi r happ. ned
th r . "as the up world counts e
vents," Mr. Il.v.vtll s iy. but it was just
the kind of a town for a boy to be a boy
in. and "every day w is full of wonder
ful o cur.enoe and t;n il iug excitem- n1''
t that boy in hii mrrativ". The first
;nstallment will appear in the number of
Harper's Yung People to Ik; published
April S'h, uud it wili be illustrated by
II. F. Farny. The narrative mr.y becon
s:dered as parti.dly autobiographical, for
Mr. Howell wm nn O'iij boy hiins' If,
a id h is doubtless drawn larg-ly upon
fie n coolcctious of his younger days for
the materials oi "A Boy's Town."
Elder lird returned to Oiiviua this
J. U.JEikenbary, of South Omaha, it
in the city today.
Col. Rockwell, the Louisville attorney
is in the city today.
Willie Carr was in the city over Sun
day with his parents.
J. F. Biumeister, a StFrancU, Kausap,
Capitalist, is in the city.
Ye ancient landlord Coverdale is stop
ping today at the Riley.
Finley Johnson and wife were la Om
aha with friends over Sunday.
M rs. Madden, of Ashland, spent Sun
day with her sister, Mrs. J. A. Connor.
Mrs. O. II. Snyder accompanied Lt-r
sister to her home in Omaha tb'i morn
ing. Walter Housewortb was down from
Lincoln over Sunday visiting bis brother
M. Adams and wife, of Firth, were in
the city yesterday visitiagjthe family of
Rcv. J. M. Wood
Mrs. E. B. Lewis is iu the city from Dor
chester, for a two weeks yisit with relat
ives and friends.
F. II. Steimker and E. S. Ba-stow
have gone to Aurora, Illinois on business
for the B. & M. folks.
N. P. Baker was in the city Saturday
in consultation with his former family
physician. Dr. Humphrey.
J. L. Polk, closed a successful term of
school at Rock Bluffs last week and re
turned to his home at Greenwood.
W. L. Baker and family are moving
to Council Bluffs today. M. Baker has
a postal run from Council Bluffs to Bur-
Ilon. Paul Schmiuke, the Otoe county
republican war horse, is in the city today
selling our merchants some of their fine
br.iuds of flour.
W R. Horton, state telephone iuspec
tor, after several days stop off in this city
started this morning for Louisville, Mrs.
Hortou going to Lincoln.
The Implement Man.
Fred Gorder has by over fifteen years
constant application to the selling of
agricultural implements well earned the
name of the Implement man of Cass
county. We took a look through his
extensiye stock of farmers labor saving
implements today and confess we were
surprised at the business carried on. The
first floor over the office in the Gorder
Block is devoted entirely to the sale, of
carriages, buggies and spring wagons of
the celebrated make of Enoch & Scott,
the Enoch part of the firm is our pontoon
bridge man, they have the spiril spring
under the seat and are made of the finest
material to be had in the country.
The room oyer Krause's grocery store
is devoted solely to wagons which Mr.
Gorder buys in car load lots, and ri ling
cultivators. Back of these rooms we
noticed a large two etory building cov
ered and sided with corugated iron,
while inside was enough cultivators lis
ters stirring plows and other implements
piled up in endless profusion, to as we
thought supply the whole county, But
Mr. Gorder assured us that he would
receive and sell several car loads more
sttick than he now has on hand.
Railroad leterests
A corps of B. & M cngineres are in
town today taking observations at the
lower end of Maiu street. We hope it
means something.
Judging from the broken steel side
rods, of the weckeil engine at South
Om.ih'1, which were three by six inches
n thickness, the balance of the wreck
must have been pulverized.
A rumor is a float that ther is to be
a change in the Burlington attorneys at
Lincoln. It is suggested th-it T. M.
Marquette will be promoted, a distinc
tion he has earned by long and efficient
S!ri?e for the company.
Engine No. 143 which was badly de
moriliz'.'d in the Howard wreck about a
month ago at the time the conductor and
brake-man were killed, has been complete
ly overhauled and was run out for duty .
this morning.
The wrecking outfit, which has been at
work on the South Omaha wreck of Sun
day morning brought in twelve care last
night whici will furnish work for a
number of days as they are in a bad con
dition. Geo. Cutler, an oU Cass county boy,
thinks he is the luckiest fellow on the
roid, as he h.19 only been off of his en
gine about about twenty-four hours
when she was smashed in the wreck
Sunday morning.
Allen Beeson esq went to Lincoln this
morning to attend supreme court.
The Kids have a base ball club called
the noisy nine if you could here them
play in front of the Herald office you
would think they were well named.
The old fertilizer works locally known
as tho cologne factory above La Platte
that was burned a few months ago is
being rebuilt and considerably enlarged.
Sam Brian, of the Ashland mill and
electric light company was in the city
Saturday. He told a car load of flonr
to August Bach besides several other
email oiders.
A large section of the aidewa'k In front
of the Wett encamp excavation, fell in
yesterday afternoon, one of the workmen
barely escaping what might have proved
a fatal accident. -
Jarnes Ezan itot a little frisky last
night and concluded to exercise himself
on Larry Dolan, LUcEtmitb at the
shops, for which Judge Clifford ga?e
Idea two dollars and CC-.L II goes to
jail. 1 "
License was Issued yeftterday to Au
gust F. Hrecklow granting him prmis
sion to wed Augusta Robdani. Both
parties ere residents of Caaa county and
aged respectively twenty-four and
twenty one.
The many friends of the Rev, Father
Madden, one of the most scholarly men
that ever resided in Plattsmouth, will be
sorry to learn of hi demise at Fondulac
Wisconsin, last month. We are sorry
that we are unable to give a full account
of hid last illness.
Wc are in receipt of a communication
from a prominent miller of Greenfield la.
who has heard of our wants and is seek
ing to supply them. The matter has
been turned over to the board of trade
and it is to be hopM h V- r-c
substantial encouragement from ine
At a meeting of the congregation of
St. Lukes church last evening, the follow
ing wardens and vestrymen were elected,
senior warden, W. J. White; Junior ward
en, Wm. Ballance; treasurer, C. M. Wead;
secretary, Clayton Barbour; vestrymen,
T P Livingston, J. W. Barwick, L. A.
Moore, Henry Helps and Henry Ilerold.
District court is again in progress to
day. the judge haying returned last night
from St Louis. Quite a large number
of attorneys are here from surrounding
counties, among them being Judge Greg
ory, of Omaha and E. P. Holmes of Lin
coln A case in settlement of the estate
of J.C. Rakes, deceased, is being tried to
the judge today,
There was more than the usual erowd
to Omaha today; consequently Omaha
merchants are happy while our Platts
mouth people still sell goods at lower
prices and even wait for their pay. $60
000 goea out of Omaha each pay day for
the B. & M. folks, but after each trip of
the pay car the money begins to return
to tho metropolis.)
The recent grand jury failed to find a
bill in their outside investigations but
they must have been on the track of
something, judging from their examina
tion of the following witnesses: C. W.
Sherman, A. C. McMakeu, L. E. Skinner,
J. Dunn, Dr. Shipman, C. H. Parmele, S.
At wood and W. H. Newell. We apolo
gize to part of the above crowd for nam
ing them with the others.
Gus. Churchill, a tramp aged about
thirteen, who was stealing "a ride on a
freight, jumped from the car door of a
moving train yesterday morning and
struck against the switch standard in the
yards with such force as to break a rib,
Saturday night. Journal.
Will Brother Sherman rise and explain
how a man jumping from a train Sunday
morning would receive so hard a fall as
to break his ribs the night before?
The eastern capitalists and money loan
ers say that if the Farmers' 'Alliance of
these western states don't stop their ob
jections and kicks against the monopolies
of the east, interest on money will go up
still higher and eventually no loans will
be made on real estate, as the alleged
hard times have a tendancy to depreciate
realty in the west, and these capitalists
are becoming alarmed lest a mortgage on
a Nebraska, Kansas, Dakota or Iowa
farm will not be of face yalue. Now
this is only a boo-hoo, concocted by
eastern cappers, attempting to scare the
people of our progressive rtates.
Never will the day come when realty in j
either of the stites named will depreci- j
ate. They are corporated on too fair a
portion of God's productive footstooljfor
that. The Echo says, go ahead with
this cincture and choke the bloated mon
opolist until tley are black in the face.
If our people of the west could and but
would, stop their borrowing eastern mon
ey the day would not be far in advance
when the capitalists of the east would
only be too glad to scatter their money
in the west, and as a consequence would
establish factories and industries oat here
to get rid of their ill gains of filthy lu re.
Three cheers for the farmers' alliance.
Elmwood Echo.
Lew Pennington was in the city last
Hon. F- E. White is in the capitol city
D. A. Campbell went to Weeping
Water today.
Mayor Gibson of, Weeping Water, '
in the city today.
Emll Oppermao made a business trip
to Auburn today.
J4?. Patterson jr., made a buslseaa trip
to Omaha this morning.
Mr. and Mrsr 8. D. Mayer o er Liccolo
paeseogerp tW nioremg.
Mrs. Cbas. Parmele and Hre. Sam.
Atwood ore la Qmaba Uiv.
8tar Listers, Millburn Wagonns and Buggies. Moline Steel Harrows t
Little Jeker Cultivator. . Piano Steel Harvester and Binders
. The Dandy Riding Cultivators, and
k flue line of double and single harness.
ua!3 L STOCK. ;
Our Goods are all new
We have something new in
will pay you to see ii.
Sixth Street, near Hotel ftiley.
Queensware, Glassware, Flour, Feed and Provisions, in fact eycrj thing usually
kept in a first cIhm otoro.
Especially desires that his Friends as well as strangers
And inspect his nice stock of Teas and Coilees. Every
thing from a fine cigar to a ton of coal.
Cor.'of Chicago Avenue, 1'earl and 7th Streets.
But a fine Display of
h:.a.ts -A-Hsr 3D BoisrisrETs
In the Latent and Movt Approved stvlei, April 3. 4 and 6. We can k!v price and pood h to
Suit ail. Call aud examine our work and get fitiCK on K..-ti Kit GOOiM.
patterns at keasoxable pkices
Pete. Minor and C. 31. Butler were
Omaha passengers this morning.
Henry Waterman, rigged up in his
Sunday best, went west this morning.
A. B Todd and Wm. Neville are
comparing Omaha with St. Louia today.
Walter Holiday, a B. & M. engineer
from McCook. was in the city latt night.
P. G. Raynard is in Omaha today and
will attend the executive meeting of the
Y. M. C. A. tonight.
. Stradlery returned t Greenwood
this morning after a visit with bi
daughter, Mrs. D. K. Btrr.
Constable Swanback, familiarly known
as the "coroner" is in from Greenwood
today on professional business.
Hotel Arrivals.
Hotel Rilet: The Postage Stamp
Company are reentered with 18 person?.
OM Browning, M. Norton, Chicago; D
Breen, A A TuesdalL Boston; II D
TraTie, AT Show, I P Travis, Weeping
Water; W O Keefer, Waboo; R J Mc
Bride, Council Bluffs; C L Blazsr, W II
Brawn, John W Foster, J A Walker,
Omaha; E P Holmes, Eli Pluumor. Lin
Peheiks Hotel: D B Thurston.
Red Odk: L A Vinton, Omaha; J V Hall
Sterling, Colo; A. L. Becker, Union; J
Marty, Wabash; E H Wooly. J II Halde
man. Weeping Water; L L Phelps, Louis
Wertz, Lincoln; F W Meyers. Ed Os
born, Boston.
Notloo of Application for License.
Notlc" It hereby given that the undersigned
has filed bis application with the Pity erk of
the city of plat tsruoutb. Nebraska, for a li
cense to sell spirituous malt and vJnoui liquor
for tre term of one year ending April 33th, 1S91
at bis place ot business E 4 of lot ll.bluck 30 In
said city, in accordance Kith the law and cni.'
naaces of said city,
dift Nickol & Fn H5.
Notice of Application for license.
Kotlce Is hereby given that t rie undersigned
has filed his application !Ui !U; city clerk of
the city of Plattsmouth, N-i -i:ioa, for all
cense to iell spirituous snilt :vv.I rluous Uqu'M-h
tor the tf rm of one yca-r ciilL; April 30 ;U, 1501
at bis place cf b:i?;ne' lot K. block 30. lu
sa d city, in a?coi4ai!t e witli the law -id ordi
nances 1c force uf&U City.
diet Jodn Mcsim.
Notice of Application for License.
Notice h be ei t eo that the undersigned
b&sSlad bis &j f "-t,.o3 vjtb toe tUy clerK of
tbe'ttyot 1 isit?uiouiU, Nebraska, for all
cenie u ael bi-ul'.jou k.alt acd vIlous liquors
tuj the terci cf one year eodlog April 83tb, l&n
at bis place r bulues 00 the wst half ot lot
A. bkcSfi in said city, in accordance with Lh
law mi -rdinaiices lo fro is taii ety,
8 J. KutrfCtf.
with the latest
and best improve-
a Huring for a farm wagou, it
Notice of Application for License.
Notice U hereby given that the undesigned
nas filed bU application with the city clerk of
the city of Plattsmouth. Nebraska, for a license
to sell spirituous malt an' vinom liquor, for
the term of one year ending A;.rll 3oth U91 a
hiu place of ba-lnosn .0:1 th wvnt half of 1-n .
block 'a. la said city lu aocodrauce with ttbe
law and oraiuaucts in ft.ic lu nal.l city.
dl Wm. WiK.
Notice ot Application for Lioenae
Notice Is hereby glvea'tiiat tho ;un leriined
hafiled his application with thecityclerk r
the city of I lattsranuth. Nebraska, for all
cense to sell spirl'U'us mail and viuous liquor
for the term of one v:u- ecdiujf April 3(mh ls&i
t his place of biielne on lot H. block 3J lu
said cWy In accordance with the iaw and ordi
nances In force iu said eity.
Speck & Lau.
Notice of Application for License
Notiea I hereby given that the undeMignr d
baa filed application with the city ck-ik ot
theclfjror I'laits'nouth, Nebraska, for a li
cense t. fctll ii'iritiiu'is malt und vinriis llq-joi
for the term of one year ending April 3oth. 18: 1
at hi plac-; of business ou the ea-t half lot
C. block 21 In said Jty. in accordance with tno
law and ordinances of sail city.
Notice of Application for Licens
TO VUIOM, IT M V C;N;:ku.N :
Notice Is hereby giv.Ti !.r.t the under ,lcned
has tiled b! uppllcaf ! .vi h th city cUrik of
ibe city of I-iatt-ia )u:b. NVbrask.a, for a 11
C nso to xc-ll spii iu ci malt and vir.ous Uqnon
for the U;in of fi:.- j f'r finding April Mtb. lfci
at bis place f b;. ..uesa ou lot 12. block 27 lu
said city, n a-- ydauce with the la and or
dinances Il L-e la -IJ city.
M S. Kvax.
Notice cf Application for License
No ;: t-n n. reby given that tfce underMSt.ed
has fii-d UU Application wlta the city clerk of
the rr.s -t riattotnout', Nebraska, for a li
cense t 9;ilrituou malt acd vinous liquor
for th t?fia of one year ending April. 3Jth. 1831
at hU plu.v of business ou the the west half of
lot 12. Mo-js in said city in aceordn&ce jn
the 1.. hu- o.aiDaaces In force in ald city.
Jontpu J. Mo Vet.
Corporation Notice.
Stockholders of the Platt-stnonth Gas and
Electric liht company, of Platfniauta Ne
braska, take notice that a special tnc-ctiuz of
all the stockholders of the Plattsmouth Oa?
and Electric Light Compaay, of PlatUmouth
Xebraska.has been duly called for the 8th day
of May. A. D. l9o. at ten o'clock a. m. of said
day at the oS:e of the President of said com
pany, comer of Perl and Seventh streets in
the city of PlatUmouth. i.'ssa county, Nebraska
to amend the articles ot incorporation of aid
compacy. at which tiro's and place all of eald
tockholdenare required to attend, the pro
posed ammendmentt are on file In the ofSce of
the president of said company. It is proposed
to Increase the capital Mock and. make other
amendments. l&i-wlt-dlt
C. P. Jof Bs. Sec. J. Q. Bichkv. Pres.
1 section. Ralarr 75 to sl. to 1011 mm..
recent surceuiiiui cw xorlt company moo
J orated t ) nuaply p-y Ooods.Clotialug. 8hes
ewelry etc , to coniumers as com. alto
lady of tact, c alary t. to enroll member
recent suceueful cw Yorlt company moor-
(W.ouO now enrelld. tluQJXi) paid In). Meter.
ac eschanzsd. Kmpue ro-opraUve Asso
(crsdJt my n&rn Voct Wa. 6V3 N.