Plattsmouth weekly herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1882-1892, April 03, 1890, Page 4, Image 4

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"This is one of the 5a Dusters. It is
closely woven and handsomely embroidered."
Don't get stuck with Dusters
which will let the dust through
and spoil your clothes.
5A Lap Dusters iool::ll,Z?i
5A Ironsides Sheet ftr..
in Stfcbla
5A Clipper Fly NetsrotYA"d
Eqol to Leather t Half th Colt.
100 other styles of Sa Ilonse Sheds and
Fly Nets, ut prices to suit everybody. For
sale ly all dealer. If you can't get them,
write us.
V I'l.sril by Wm. Arms fc sons, riulada. who
r.o th famous Horsi; liranil linker blankets
. ..-. "r-v-v- -n v . x-'
rev L S-CdA-uJ:, su'f
f .r
- . '
JO .f M J - '
The A AFRICAN Pr.oTECTivr TAir i rr I.r o i .
is inlli.-li!ng u most valualtlo pei i-s of "i ai 'i
do-iiRients. These are pwipared vitl; a .
tostate tho facts ami nrmmn-iUs ir.,- !'!oi;v
Hon, whether in the interest ; r i ii-ii-: i
laliorcrs, merehants or ii-jSV-:-ion!t r-.r.
Kaeh i-----jo of the se-rics a'if;:ls :o ;Si.5i- -f.-awxl
i: eparatfl industrics.nml re-e:;r:'. fi.
ciisnutaitle IV.ets coinjiniise,!'!-: ;U' r "-! -o-of
living. o:l other ai't'Uincn is shoniiisr ii-bc-riotitsof
Any siti-rle one will be Font on t'-- i; t '
cents in stamps except " X'.'sit-s, i n I:,.;
1ari!r." which will l.esoni fo;- ; ec:.! :.
The whole list will be seni f.-i- : eeris
any twelve for '20 cent.?, or sttiv- :ve ior .
etiits, postage paid. Oi-Uex-by uwuwi-.
No. r-..5cs.
1 Wac-s t-lvln and TariiT." Z. A. n.:;.,
liUll-S 11
2 "Tbi! Advn.iliwesof a Frutt-i-ileo Ti. i l' t
tiie Ijtuor uuil Iialn-stries s' t!:e I i.i ei
it.i;e." Klrc Pi-Lw t sa.iy, xsS.. i i.A -hwn
O. U cxnk.i 2
3 Pome rrxluctn IndistH-usabii-1- a -i-.t-
ply, a. Low 1'ilees, ot the Mauufactuiv i
C umni"Uities required Tor tlm 1'itipli- o
the United .stilus, and Ail (;;'ate i:;:.o
I'rtcluetion of theso i omitKHiii i. s Inijx i
sihle without a IVotoctive Tm i r." I ir t
Prize l-.s.-ay. lSS. C. D. Torn C2
i - hat are Ha w iiaterials ? Would rYpeTJa.v
JinteriaU be Aa'autaeous to thts I.:evir
iiiia Indusirit-s of Uijite-i sin'.rp."
r ir?t iTize Ksa . ls'.i Hojilh B. UJ.k;.i.
5 M Fa! i ae ios of i ree-ii ade." U. i' Jiii.u.h... 'Ji
6 "iboiiie iews oa tlm iarliT by r.n ui.t U'j- !-
iiess -Man." iiEO. DiiAriUi.
7 "Tho I'rnitvilve i crill': Itn kt
laosouiU." C. L. DiVAiins ;-;
fl Tho Wool Interfsr.' .7u.i.- W ji. Lavi::.:..: i.1
l protection t. i rec-ira '.e." I . ii i n n-:.l
He"ii:w. D. HiiiKruK r CO
lC-"Tee Farmer and the larld " Col. ii.hma.:
II. Ul oi.V 1:1
11 -' Fr u- tion its h i ubdc l'oiley." (..onuc S.
tw 1C
12 "Ei jiiv to the 1 retiiU'Ut's Freir-i raie Mts-
toKr." li. P. i oRTtu r
1:1 WiiKMi'tnt-ii ami tue ii.rirt " t
14 "Ihe Viuil iuoilen: hhlt Ame-Ieu.n I'i la.-i-
iij.-ia Ik! At amloued ana Anieiieua .:ir
JtMa.V.rre.ideiua? 15 Sviiiu. i.i Go;:t:;iu, xvidi Au;l!lei U
li i-ii;t-s of oi.o liiim.rej Yt.-ars."
1 . r- :r ' i'oirT' R P
17 rrnuiTii-'i fcr A.-iu-ti?aii &hlpi-hir." r
Ue I iir in : .:C u 'lax." lioiiMi i: Lar.r.i.. .
r- " Wl I: iM..ciJ Should I e I'rnlfi'Uouis.
.. v., ' V. H . AI'MIIxtas
it , lt r. i'3ri:V ? " Aiu;ivets u a Vurilu
u".lli'-'l ..... '
2 Ti.'! .' me. i- pa W iiol Industry.' LU.i.
;h'.'S. ...... .. ... &
C-.V Wh .. id tost f l-lvlrnr." J. I. V f.i-Ksi. -i
S-i ?iii!.- r.. r.irr.'.li.rf ludustrlos."
2?, "A-:u-iii u v'orkla!?ia'!.."
j;5 " IV u'.li'i.i unJ the r'urnicr." s-c::. : rS:. M.
4 t.l lioM -
Tia A-T i:cii rcjn:IT..R w-eiciy Jia-.rasl ..--Too-
I t - iU-'V..-'xj.i I tSl f'V--0! of t.- i.i-:-.i
qvi-jii. ;;.' .riuMiCi. :'., :h co. i-. 5
.Vidre 9 '"-v-v :.. POTT. C. .s. -f .'y. AtiTr.ct
Try tho Daily Herald a week; only
15 cents delivered by canier to any part
- tb city.
Jh V Jv
. TilK peraule ilo not vnrc half m liuirli
f -r tariff i c form as ti r y do tax reform,
and mi cv n mom-v ui'tik'-t.
Tin: democratic pi iinries will b- held
to it i ii It r, the most c;isual observer on the
sire; is today can s:c pbiinly that tltcie'8
fun anead.
Tin; .fonrnal'ri idea of drafting unwill
ing vi tints into the service of t)ie dmio
(ratio party as mayoralty candidates is
i cfrctdiingly original.
Mississippi' lt-mocrti! state treasur
er beats his Misi-ouii coiupntiiot in remi
1 ir New York City style, tin; defalcation
of the latter only amounted to thirty-two
'lioitsand dollars while that of th: form
er amounts t the princely mud of three
nindrcd fifty thou-etnd doll lis.
'I'm: 1Ii.k.v.u is in favor of home first,
In- world afterwards If people living
n th s vi( initv would only bear in mind
hat it is the Meady growth of the city
hat makes their property valuable, they
would Mire ycpi nd their money where
it would improve their own homes. Try
it, ood people.
, "The calendar yetr ope:3 nuspicious
'y in foreign trade. In January and
IVI.ruary, taken together, the country's
X ports exceeded its imports to the e.
ent oT $ 10,000.000. The indications are
that the margin will remain on the cred
it side of tiie account throughout the
year. This a gratifying change from
the record of a year or t.yoago, when
the balauce was against us."
The following card in the Lincoln
Call, shows how they do it up where
there is more fight on a councilman than
is usually shown in a U. S. senatorial
contest :
Lincoln, March 2(5. 18.t0.
I particip ited last night in the Third
'"ar.l caucuses held in Band's hardware
store and am consequently in favor of
Joseph liurns for councilman and shall
support the tic ket in the li' Id for hbn at
the primaries. I. M. Raymond.
Acting under the advice of th? attor
ney general, Secretary Windom is buying
up Union Pacific nd Central Pacific
bonds. To an outsider it would appear
that the government had had enough ex
perience with the Pacific roads, whi h
could be replaced mile for mile for less
than half the money they are bonded for.
Why purchases of shady securities
should be made, we must coufess, we
can't understand. The money would be
better lying idle in the treasury.
Theke has been so far no outbreak in
the Indian school at Genoa against the
rotten government of the United States
and the state of Nebraska, notwithstand
ing General Van Wyck's inflammatory
oration to the little Indians the ofher
la-. The red man is getting so civilized
that he will soon cease to be of any ac
count in this great country. A few
short years ago the result of such a burst
of eloquence beforo an aboriginal audi
ence would have been war paint, whoops
and s nips within forty-eight hours.
State Journal.
To build a city requires the united
effort of many men, To support a city
requires the judicious and unanimous
support of all people in and about that
city. What is the secret of Chicago's
magic growth? It is not bickering and
inharinony of the res ident citizens and
business men, but united effort and con
tinuous harmony in all public enter
prises. It is the fruits of labor which
bring happiness to the laborer and wealth
to the employer. Encourage home en
terprises which give employment to la
borers and whose object is to build
up your citj- and country.
Pkopi.f. w ho talk of the bitterness of
the political personalities of the present
time ought to have heard the late Rob
ert C. Scheiick and C L Vallandigham,
who died twenty years ago, discuss each
other in public. They were opposing
candidates for congress ?u the Dayton
district in the sixties. They were both
perfect masters of vituperatio.i, and in
their speiches they dealt in nothing else
Sehcuck used to tell how the name of
Yaliandigham, the traitor, would go
down to posterity with a load of infamy
attached to it; how children then unborn
would bet'iught to despise it and to groan
at its mere mention. Next day Vallan
digham would tell what the children
wonld think and say of Schenck, "the
petty tyrant of Baltimore, who, lacking
the ci u rage to face the foe Iu the field,
made warvipon innocent women and chil-
dreti, and lilhd the military prisons with
tln-m. allap i:!iHn was
ine more
scholarly man of t!ie tw., and the more
skillful in the use of words. -"But what
Schenck lacked in polish ho made up in
vigor. The crowds were al ways large,
and violently partisan. Tliere w-re no
half-way people in-the audiences of those
days. The meeting', however, were gen
erally conducted without any aft-mpta
at violence. It Schnck wa speaking
vtj rv man in the audience was a repisl-
if Yaliandigham was on the stand
G'.obe Democrat.
I'hllad lp!la I res.
Tliere are some elorj'ient tiiiur- wJi'n h
cannot ln repeated too otten Hnd wli'n h
men are too apt to forget. This fashion
in w hich this reat land h is p lid its
l-bts, wltilt otherhhiVe increased theirs,
in ono of them. Here are the figures
for i jst & Quarter of n enturv, a mere !
span in 'he life of national debts
Pi ineii'al.
.ii 755 !W5.j75
Marc!i4. WJ $2M5a'
1S77 -'.(i.7si Hi
lrSl 1 H71I ! l 7
iss-" l 4,,mi :t.Mi
' HH! Slv") 1 (i.lKi'l
1HM 7 o
111 -5ii.S 74".
7'; 7i".n ;7
47 0l:i.:c.:i
41 til .11 null
Mil, (mi It 4)
deduction $l .W4.7 '1 -'' di." i".l
While we have Jone this, Eur pe, with
aWout five tinus our population, nboiit
f"itr times our wealth, and twice our
natural renources, lias added to its na
tional debt in the last twenty years
200,000.000, or over tlniee our tot .l
original debt, and the inter, st charge to
day is thirty fold our own. In
when our figures begun, Europe
$1 .1,000.000,000. It ow.-s today ov. r
$2:1,000,000,000. it pays $1.0S8.000 00 t a
year interest and is loaded besi.b s wi;h
$s,87,000 000 for military, war, and n .v:d
expenditures, including pensions, where
our own are $130,000,000.
This is the lesson of liberty; thec are
the fruits of freedom, f nd the Gr- at K -public,
without Jr-bt, without an army,
without a navy, goes on in the great r-..-e
of prosperity and industrial siiprem icy,
distancing these heavily loaded C"in
petitors. Since General Grunt whs president of
! the United St.-ites it ins h p::ened but
once that all three brauches of the n i
tional government, whose assent is re
quired to a law, were in the hands of
the same prty. The democratic party
has not had control of all three since the
first congress under Mr. Buchanan, for
although it had a nominal majority in
the second congress, yet it was divided
so hopelessly on national policy that the
Douglas democrats helpel the republi
cans to elect their speaker rather than
put one of the president's friends into
the office. Now, after years of responsi
bility tne republicans have the presid.-n-
cy, the senate and the house; and their i
minritiMi in thf two latter, if not lar'e. I
are sufficient to control 'he Course of leg-
iblation, especially since the speaker
effected the reduction of the rules to
common sense. As a consequence the
responsibility of the republicans is great
er than in any recent congress, and the
country will be quite justified in holding
them responsible for any failur- to pass
those measures they have declared u ed
ful for the welfare of the country.
The first should be a revision of the
tariff bill, the proper adjustment of
which will require more wisdom on the
part of the national congnss than nr.y
measure placed before that bony "';
the war. The next measure demanding
the immediate attention and of almost as
much importance 19 the silver bill. t-. :
ator Stewart's silver bill should speedily
be enacted into a law. 'he result of
which would b.i ivost salutory especially
in the west. And finally of great and
nearly equal importance to the last is 'he
ballot reform or election bill that will
give the south as well as the north an
opportunity to exprese an untra minded
opinion at the ballot box and have it
registered as ful' and freely in Missis
sippi as in Nebraska. The passage of
these three great measures together with
safe economical legislation on smaller
matters will in-nre republican supremacy
and an honest administration of the gov
eminent for many years. The republi
can party has always been equal to any
emergency that faced it, and we believe
it is the same patriotic organization to
day with nought in view saye th wel
fare and the prosperity of the whol
country. "A trust has no right to live. It is a
conspiracy Hgainst the welfare of the peo
ple, and its continued existence is a re
proach tothe public spirit and common
sense of the public. Laws for the extir
pation of trusts coming witlrn constitu
tional requirements and limitat'ons.and,
at the same time rigid and comprehen
sive enough to accomplish the purpose
in view, can be fram-d. The framing of
them, however, is a task calling for
great discrimination and delicacy." Ex.
"Ii is worth noticing that 2.1.000 tons
of American steel rails have just ben
sold in Mexico for the construction of a
n-w railroad in that country. The Presi dent
of the road says the cost was "ks
than it would have been on the same
quantity of European rails of the same
grade. ' In this connection, the foil w
j -ng extract from a recent number of the
I t ,,nA.. rriln nml Tnn m R,.-.-i.iv nun.
be commended to our free-trade organs
and orators:"
Protection, which, it was thought,
would only impede the progress of Un
American ioru industry, has proved
to be the Very 'rock of its salvation.'
And much as we may regret the result
for our own fink-, the Americtin people,
it must be admitted, have shown a much
keener appreciation of what was essen
tial to their progrww than our own doc
trinaires would be wi'ling to admit.
Bennett & Tutt havt- all kinds of gar
den seeds in bulk and packagea. 150 i2t.
Ad' i-a iiiln' i:u his iio allien uil'i a c"inetriy j
ll ne i s"'s a t;iM,i"w, ''lit a'lu- s e? a e cil .
Anil 1 1 ie in i lir.tvv .t oer ev ei y!jni y 1 1 K "
Mii'i ul.
lie ji irni 4 sin ay !'!! lie meet-' Mi' flits to
snake 'eai ll:iii!i
' ti e Ijit'ere-t of l.ittt r 'li (
ti mink :
H feIN y ni that Sii tiif.iMe Is ua cver;.'iv'riii
cur p.
Au' iievei st'l)s to rea-oii that 1'
- t'tiie ik'j Il imI'J
Dist r ict C.ou rt ProcT'diaga.
Tlieo. Oion it ill, vs. C'ily of I'iatt-i
ei'iutli; d
which to ;
d. i vs I i.- r
A . i: S.,
!;n!ie ;ir,.i
. i I".
1 1
il j
'T !
; t;;
t ' ". i
I i
1 1
ev 1 1 l.(
f o ' i . i . .
. - . : ! i i t :. i i : :
'!"!. .'ii . i C.i
!'l Ve i ' i a :n .-.
.-. .11: i : '4 :! i"r: ,l
u i- "i ( ')''
F.t ; ia!.i 1..I-:
. ;i-t .-i.!'- ol rex
: I I
I 'l
ti'. n t!ir.o!-r t.'i ;!':!' ti.-' i.. :!..-..
back of J.'hn K .l!iis mid Dtittot:-, ei-..
ing M !! St t.ei a httle w-sfctlhe 111
epivitt, i-iim'!g "'it on the 11 it innr ihe
l isiib life o! V l.' lii.n. ill t!;e S : onil
wild, tli re" in a sii-aiiiht li'h- m
theo'i'l -U Vi-y in the Siiilif
i'!:is is 1 i i'-; 1 d i ti) is i !
i ! v to
i i! r i: n I i
route, it Would 1-1 H e I h-- lit
lir. .lei!. I v el-.s! l.i 1) . S.l'i i ill's Ii.
a jjnini ti at would come as ).:. r ,-uiln
svervb.uly us any tiial c.-til.t I'c n siiie
W. J H r.
The !1km.d lots just turned out th.
haixlsoinest, ciitabgn- of any we have
seen this year, for Nebraska's leading
rlmist, W .1 I lesser.
Mr. H'sser his a very large collection
of tine plants or alnio.-tendless v.irieties.
ids collection of (tabus b. ing the finest in
the country wi st of Chicago. Nebrask..
people will find it greatly to tin ir interes
to buy h.nn grown plants, that will la
jure to retch them in ha? condition
Twenty Veils expe iellCe in this business
has en ibled Mr. II ss-r to grow nothing
but thn best stock, which he sells at low
est prices.
The Hotel Riley.
Omaha r.e.
Tonight thf? hotel Il'lev of Platts
np'Uih, owned and built by J. F. liih-y.
of this city, will be foi 'iially open-d. A
magnificent banqu'-t is to signaliz.; the
event round which smile if the most dis
tinguisln d personagt s in the state will
assemble. The hot 1 is a bijou. It is
richly furnished and decorated and sup
plied with every modern iinpr-'vemei.t
(..(y. fi ,y the larg-st hostleries in the
Mr. and Mrs. G Knapp and Mrs.
Root. Knapp, of Shenandoah, are visit
ing their daughters, Mrs H. N. Dovey
and Mis. K-llv F-x
and Mis. K-llv K"X.
, , e . .,
The outlo.ik for busy times imorg the
carpent.-is w.-i n-ver as good s id '!.-
time. Plenty of work -it Tiving j ticis 's
what makes ry I
III the eoii.ity v.
!'( ore tie supi in
Vance C ilils (11 t ii'.
ne : y ; j-.-.. j e-r-.-tis.
at Cn: 'i sf Vest- rd-iV
colli", II. o! i. 11; to ml -!!
( ki t wis -oj-ri'cii 10
d'iit'-d on part id' ;.pp--!i
ii .
will d :
Cai' 1 v."--s :
fo:- -,. !-
- lii'V.e, : '!!!
Mis-: ,, i 1
Ili I'.se 11 ill-:
eoil : 1 r - V ,:-) j
-.s g--t a ii--o-!ig t: ;s u-t
- i ! in j- in Su 1 - 1-1 r ! : -t
! i) !' ! - V ' . as a IV
. e t I I 1. :. Til u- ! VI .-.
1 lie o I I 1 i i . I V lie
1 1 1 1 Mil' . 1 : y is We! 1
i'iie .
ot li
.d in
.v eii.i;
' 1 1 1 '( i o
h :.!
- ' . V I i I
, 1
1 I .
ni ' !. t 0:1 M d ii r '. : in in. :: 1
fiiloW'ii a bal tend, i got a - III 1.:!; i;i !o
face, and one of the Yauda '-oys t.'i."
hip..-n.-d to be lo .kdu. on leCiivii tw
or three blows that he woiit f.o'g t for .
day or tw o.
A v.-ry pleasant tini w-s had I a si
evening at a Ideo iiye soei d ut ill'- iionii
of Mr. and Mrs. K-lly Fx. Th.- kin,
priz- lor g nticiiien was w.n by G o. E.
Diiv.-v; Mrs. J on s C'n-' bore i.Vny ih
honors for th ! idle-. The got- booby
priz .' fell to Mr. Guy Yan ! I v.mi t, wl iie
that for I h- 1 i-ii s was eairiL-d by ?.ir
Maggle Dovey.
It was clearly undeisti l in the s-c
ond ward, last ni-jht. tl-a! the only way
neighbor Sherman secured a place on tl.
delegation, was by permission of Col
Fr.-d Kioehler. who issued a proclamt
ion tit that tlT-ct. and tol l Sherman tha
if he behaved hims 1 f and acted rigid
with th- bovs h ni'ght go on Hgain.
Th-Colon. 1 s-euis to bave a corner on
the second and carries it with him.
Father Lynch went to Omaha this
Bird Irish returned to Madison Neb.
this morning.
Saml. Eccb-s returned to his Bidiic
horn- this morning.
Mis. Frank Bradley returned to her
home at Alii inc- tltis morning.
Mrs M. D Polk and son Oakley are
vUitino; rtlatiyes iu Greenwood today.
I U-ife tli" wcfiinK pf-.ii !.!.- t.tal's
W (. K f r and John II I'fun ai'r in
t'l- metropolis on bil'-in. t- .'
(ieo. I). Mat Imiii old .laoii Slni'ht,
K-i., of Suuth V- nd, are in tin isv to-,
day. j
.'. A. S.ill.r, kii old IVmisyl vania
Central liiilfoail man. em in tin-city J ;-t
n-t'.ht. I
J. W. Orr, it, vrtr.u prohibitionist, j
was a pa.-stner fo- St insb. rry, Mis-oit i j
tais morning. j
tlii-. no i h i ii m, af' -r a bi ii v i
-it wit!
.: 1
i u ' l i
M:.-. 1)
I 1'.
M':-- '
(itV i ' :;
i ill
ii ;
. c t v
. : I'
..(.- 111.
I.l.ld I..
'i:.v a
I! I
.or a so
I 'ill .
.O.t i I
j lie :-s C I i.iii
! i:iili, in :;
II '
l ... i .i
I.s !'. li- l.i 1 Ii e n V :
, V. lor!: i Il ::l lily :
s v i! Ii tin: pi i s.-
ol II.: .V
--- I I" "'
, , r.i:ir j
. ii .. :-..-
l I f tl
a .'.l .'c: 3, n.t .it
;tli i'.
i iiijii
ii od.
I'.i uuil ag-iin.-t or to lYu.ov
i l in.- one ail. I imp. rt..iil
' fin ii Ik r in lie.iili; or m km .
l'o know whom to rmiiise v. iili .-i'nuld
;ie our foremost duty, in my do 'it tin
(iti!;lic at large sip iuld demand and le
reive good me. lieal advice tor lie. p: is -ervation
of ln-ad h.
Tiie Arakoff Medical Co , With its
Wol Id i ide reputation in seekuie to fol
low out the principles nnd a: lis of tie-i-
minent Russian pb sieian. Dr. Arakoff,
of Moscow, and his etl'biafcd Ibls.dall
Hospital t reatiiK-nl . has s cured He- ser
vices of an -Mien nt and i xperp-p.eed
nedical corps, who will upon application
eive advice by letter frii; of charge to
oersons suffering from ai v form of dis
ase. Write and describe your complaint
and its sy i litoins, also give y. iir full
name and address on n stamped envelop',
and bv return mail receive advice for
treatment fie.- of expense. Address :il!
communications to
Thr Akakokk Micihcai. Co,
Bo-ton. Mass.
A Lady's Berf3C: Compsnion
Oar new book by Dr. John II. Dye, one,
of New York's most skill I ul physician-,
.-.ii i-.vs that pain is ii-t necessary in cldl-l-i.irtu,
but results iioin cau.-es easily un
derstood and oe!Coiie. Iteha'ly pro
ves that any Woman may In cone- a ui-ith-er
without suiT-aing any p . in w l.ati yer.
it .also tells how to ov.-reomc and piev nt
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S lid i-viir -and P. O a,l d r. ss to
Tm-: Ah.'-k- kf Mi:i-:ci. Co .
P.. .-ton Mass.
To Nervous Seb I. tat d Men.
If jutl will S-ud US Vour addres--, V-e
wiil mail you our iUn-'i U d phmnphlt
-xpt .ining all ab -at Dr. D -'- Celebrate.'. I
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1. Pan phi. -t f e-. II Mm tl.i.-j
lTlh-t' d. w.- will s- nd ou a Belt a
VppliaiiCes on a trial.
Yoi.taic Bklt Co..
Mat-ha';. Midi.
Mr J. F Masters, Cashier of Enimi-t j
& Go's Bank at Wav -rly. Ohio, says: "I '.
consider Chamberlain's f'ough Remedy j
tin b. st I li aye ever us-d. A f t -r Using; oilier kinds, without In in lit. I
tri-il it and it quickly cured me, aitr:
yars of suff ring with "ii oit-tiit. te c ugh'
and throat'ih-." .( c-nt ttottles for :
sale bv F. G. Fiicke it Co. i
foi: ss fif c.-vssi
We will sell iiiiiritiii c;i:per--this
week at 3d, 3.. 4o, 5." sm.l
ri3 cents er v:mi, othr g !:: nt
riio sa.rie low rates. Fluor u;'
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J. V. WtCKKACU 6c ZoS.
F. Crabii! X ron.
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"1 find I la a-' lr ine;l i-i ail a- i e . resented."
John Ma. k ay. I'laM-moiti h, eli.
PICK l: S-.o-S cil -2r, ::i:d oO. p r
Package. - lb :u.s JSPJ .'iO. Ihe L r
irest ;iie I'.'e ("iiciipest .
KOI! SAI.i; 11Y
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Ask for ei'i-ii!;'r eon aini' it '1 et ii.ioeials and
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"HokoIo ," I I e.ii i-i oil :u ji e.
.Hit 1 1 A AS. V. .-. . Il 'ilaaapoi s, I ml.
Drs. ears & be ts,
403 rarrani Street, Omnha, Kob.
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! To Youngand Middle Aged Men
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j a fiiei.v;:y I- tii-i i-i eai: inay -:e Veil iniiiie
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! Ilie. Ad'be-s oi ;.i! n
0 fOne packasp f Ptj KfTFF'F Dm
i.'Trtiis jtl inaie orie jhII.-ii of tli lst
IJ.t'eis kn-.'-vn. -hn ii wtii ( I lil. Indto'ilion.
I'.-i.Tii :n the Stomach. Fever an ! A U. and
a L -liviu the Ividees and illadder; ti.e lx.t I
i hi!"", n. cxt ie ns w ith or witii'.a stiints.
Cli'il'i far rS. rl-.n'.-t Irn.-.. I nil iirt.-
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..--j -uhei- f. r tM eta. IT. is. tliii: t:Jt-n iuR
i -.. ui.-C. Ao.:nsi,
CC0. G. STEKETEE, Grand Rapids. Mich.
1 iiJi5LS-
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