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$1.50 A YKAR.
.TO iu.. - , m
tho corn raf
Dike a Bp.-ech but b t-.t ollice.
I flattsniouth.
'i yhlch he sttf
iary, 1850-
Was esr
m comp
Bel. II.,
J. B. Mai,
Jcf that baa b- -v
i r
1 ' Sweet culer, at Bennett & Tutt
i L, The colored prize fight
wan declared
r ofT last night
;itc Jo just received the genuine Knox
; ' .4 Hats, sdnng styles. 158 Ct
Tho Crtse of Maacourt vs. Prongcrison
J tt i 'il in district court today.
lur,- , Bennett &Tutthave all kinds of gar-
Jjj; den sedsin bulk and pucktigi B. 150 12t.
I uo county board licensed terry man
Petersen to run Lis ferry for another
year. .
The promenade concert will be repeat -o
tonight and all huyo a cordial invi
tation. Ed Straight says a few loads of wood
will bo taken "on subscription' at the
) very body knew that Don't forget the promenade concert
i'l II. D. Hathaway. ' this evening at the opera house. Ad
Mrvt .lnilv new sr- mission 33 cen.
The magic dirt remover agent, Col,
Sunders, comes in selling his goods, very
Appropriately, on the day after the elec
tion. , Preparations will be made for a large
crowd at the opera house tonight. The
price of admission is only thirty five
John Leesley sold 600,000 forest trees
yesterday to a Mr. Auchera of Qordon,
Neb., and it wasn't a very good day for
trees either.
We have the finest and most handsome
line of flower pots, ever kept in tbo city.
Call and see them.
150-1 2t Benkett & Tutt.
You can buy 2,500 wooden tooth
picks at J. P, Youngs for 5 cents, also
the beetb"X of papetries for 25 cents
sewing machine oil, etc. 151 tf
Regular meeting of the ladies aid so
ciety of the M. E. church will meet
Thursday at 2 p. m. at the residence of
Mrs. Robert Patton, in South Park.
Wesley Dentler, the man from Eagle
who was adjudged insane a few days
Ago, was tiken to the assylum today by
Sheriff Tighe and deputy John Tighe.
Thomas Wiles, one of Cass county's
thriftiest farmers, brought in a load of
Logs today which he sold to Wiley Black
-for $91,25. The load weighed 2375 lb..
Vs,can beat it?
If you want a fine Silk Vest of the very
latest style, call on Joe the Popular One
Price Clothier. You can't call ftr any
thing, let it be ever so fine, but what you
will find it at Joe's. 158 Ct
C. S. Johnson ws yard master last
night on account of a lay off of Mike
Schott the "prince of the rustlers," who
was resting up from a hard days cam
Simon Mayer went to Lincoln this
morning to close the contract for the
erection of their new four story, whole
sale and recall brick block to be erected
ia that city at once.
The pink domino masquerade ball to
bs given by tho York club of this city,
mention of which was made the other
day will be on the evening of April 18th
nut the 2Sth as stated.
They s ty W. L. Brown has applied f r
a mile and a half of sidewalk already for
the second ward. It will probably be of
three inch pine and according to the
Journal, will cost $22 per thousand. . ,
The election Is over, but Fred" rder
showed the kind of man ho was, by giv
ing Mrs Spurlock one of his best stirring
plows for the new orphanage, at York,
with which Mrs Spurlock is very promi
nently identified.
The report of commissioners, Eiken
bary, Doud and Murray, in the assign
ment of dower in the estate of Shadrach
Colo deceased, gives eighty-nine acres
which iucludis the orchard aud buildings
to the widow as hers in fee.
F. W. Meyers, who works under fore
man Slick iu the plan'ng mill, will get a
ten day lay-off Iwcanse he stopped work
yesterday and worked at the polls. Mr.
Slack must be a man of rather small cali
ber to engage in that kind of retribution.
S. E. Auchers, of Gordon, Sheridan
county, Nebraska, is in the city today.
He says he counted thirty-six teams sow
ing wheat in February in full view from
Qordon, that all their small grain was
sown in Febuary and is doing well.
North Wes Nebraska will become a win
ter resort yet.
The important case of Loder vs.
Loder, involving title to property worth
over $13,000, haying been on trial nearly
three days, before his honor Judge Chap
man was finished last night at 11 o'clock.
The witnesses, about thirty in number, re
turned borne this morning.
The attendance last night at the
promenade concert, in Waterman's opera
house, was quite light, owing to the rain.
The performance was splendid, the sing
ing fine and the refreshments enjoyed
j largely by all who partook. In all it
wn an excellent entertainment And the
ladies deserve much credit.
Th" county commissioners began their
monthly session yesterday, spending
most of the day looking over the bids
for the construction of the Louisville
bridge. The contract was finally awaid
cd to C U. Dundas fc Son of Lincoln for
$0,521 the work to be completed on or
before September 1st next. Dundas being
required to give bond in the sum of
20,000 for the faithful fulfillment of
A prominent citizen from Nebraska
City gol'gloriously full yesterday, and
before retiring at one of our hotels last
night, paid bis bill in advance. This
morning he got up and wanted to pay it
oyer again having no recollection of
having paid it before, and still insists
the proprietor kept him for nothing.
He says Plattsraouth is undoubtedly the
most hospitable town in the state.
Come out one and all this even
ing to the promenade concert at Wa'er-
man's opera house and assist the Pres
byterian ladies in their commendable un
dertaking of buying a pipe organ and at
the same time listen to one of the best
musical programs eyer given in the city.
Admission 35 cents. Tickets for sale at
the door. No reserved seats.
Hotel Arrivals.
Perkiks Hotel: A. L. Becker, Union;
A. E. Parnsh. Beatrice; W. W. Eyler,
New Castle, Wyo ; J. Rickard. E. Eade,
J. W. Crocker, New Castle, Wyoming;
II. J. Hchluntz, Cedar Creek; J. II.
Nichols, Omaha; D. B. Thurston, Red
Oak: E.II. Wooley, Weeping Water.
Hotel Riley: Phil. Jacobs, Lincoln;
Alf. Northrup, Denver; F. P. Dutton.
Minneapolis; F. M. Stevenson, Nebraska
City; R. H. Harskbargcr, Abingdon, 111.;
F. L. Bronger, Ouia, La.; J. M. Arring
ton, St. Louis; E. Jackson, Havelock;
W. M. Avery and son, Greenwood; J. C.
Bixler, Co- ncil Bluffs; Henry Vass, C. A.
Tyner, J B. Iliiue, Omaha; Chas. Morse,
Council Bluff ; II. D Travis, Weeping
Water; J. W. Arthur, DesMoines; J. W.
Palmer, Chicago.
Ed. Ripple of Louisville is in the city
to day.
Gi-o. Pronger and daughter Hatcie, are
in the ci'.y today.
J. M.Roberts, deputy county Recor
der is in Omaha to-dny.
Col. Joseph Connor went to Omaha
this morning on the first train.
Mrs. F. E". White and Miss Maggie
Valk-ry are seeing Omaha today.
Mrs. Will H. MilW and Miss Cooper
were Omaha bound this morning.
Clell Morgin went to work this
morning, hi father b;icg much better.
M. W. Turner came in this morning
from a putracted stay in Sju th Dakota.
Uon. Thomas B- Stevenson one of
Nebraska City's best lawyers, is with us
T. B Wilson, one of the attorneys in
the LmlT trial, returned to hia home in
Ashland this morning.
H. M. Gault E;q., carrying a crip sus
piciously l.'ige for a prohibitionist start
ed for St Joe th's morning.
N. P. Engstrom and A. X Anderson of
Red Oak Iowa bec une citizens of Platts
mouth this morning, they will probably
find employment in tho shops.
lli;i honor Judge Cole, of Pacific June
tiou, came in this morning to rejoice over
the election of Joe. Connor for mayor and
was greatly disappointed to learn the
The chimneys on the B. & M. depot
which fall down every jer are getting
their annual overhauling.
Political Notes.
Peter Ilanrahan and some of his loud
political workers had Mr. Outsche so
badly frightened nil day that he was real
ly surprised at the result.
Ask Col. Couuor whit the boys did
with the brick iu the fourth.
Frank Ilagar and Bixter Smith the
new councilmen from the fifth will
doubtless look after that handsome resi
dence section of the city in an able man
ner. The fight in the first ward over
councilmen was uncorufort-ibly close,both
were good men, but Salisbury had the
advantage of having given the people a
most satisfactory term and they saw fit.
regardless of party lines, to re-elect bim.
The only ONE PRICE CLOTHIER in Plattsmouth, and look through his large and beautiful Stock of
Furnishing Goods, Hats, etc.
JOE will show you more and better made Clothing lor less money than you will find in Plattsmouth.
Yoxx ought to see JOES' line, more styles to select from than all his Competitors dare show you, and from the cheapest Cotton to the beat
Flannel and Silk Shirts made.
The latest Styles of Hats and Caps
Look out for change of Ad.
Fred Gorder, of this city, has never
made a blooming success of running for
office. Fred Gurder, jr however, was yes
terday elected a member of the council st
Weeping Water, a position seldom filled
i ,n
that city by a democrat. Uncle
i Fred had better get some pointers from
the boy.
Mayor Richey is re-elected without
having made a single pledge to any in
dividual. This fact ia a further guaran
tee of good government, if one were
M. B. Murphy has been one of the most
active, energetic men in the city cootf
cil, and we are sadly mistaken if he will
not be greatly missed, not only by his
ward but by the entire city.
Lafe O'Neill and J. L. Minor are a
pair tbats hard to down, but the com
bination in the fifth commanded by
such men as Harry Coolidgo, L. A. New
comer and others, vaa put up for a win
ner, and winners they were.
W. L. Browne, in the second, will
make a good councilman. Browne is
public spirited and if he doesn't talk an
arm off the other members, he will have
a place up close to the head of the pro
cession. -
The two Billys, Mostin and Miller drew
a good crowd in the third yesterday.
Field Marshal Kroehler wears crape
today and refuses to be comforted. He
admits there was some mistake about his
carrying the second ward in bis rest
Col. Peter E. Ruffner ia out to-day
with his assessor blanks and his Tain at
tempts to smile at one of - Connors old
jokes was yery sad.
Promenade Concert.
Prof. Butler will play a piano solo this
evening, Waldemar Beck a violin solo,
W. A. Derrick will sing a bass solo, and
R. J. Wherry a tenor solo. Don't fail to
hear them. The Peak Bisters will also
appear in their entertaining specialties.
Horses Wanted.
Messrs Horstrick and . Uarsbbarger, of
Pennsylvania, are hero buying horses for
the New York market. They want gd
horses and will py what they are worth.
Farmers who want price or any further
particulars may inquire of W. D. Jones,
at the Bonner Btables.
The Bonds Unanimous.
Only eight votes were registered yes
terday against the bond proposition
which means so much for Plattsmouth.
Practically this is a unanimous decision.
Mr. J. F Masters, Cashier of Emmitt
& Co's Bank at Waveriy, Ohio, says: "I
consider Chamberlain's Cough Remedy
the rx-st I haye eyer used. After using
several other kinds, without benefit. I
tried it and it quickly cured me, after
years of suffering with an obstinate cough
and throat trouble." 50 cent bottles for
sale by F. G. Frieke fc Co.
All varieties of fruit always on hand at
150-tf Phillip Kkacs.
There will be a regular meeting of the
Y. W. C. T. U., in the Y. M. C. A. hall,
Thursday at 4:30 p. m. All members are
urged to be present as business of import
ance will come before the anion. New
members will be gladly received .
Mat Richey, Ouvk Gass,
Secretary. President.
Buck. en's Arnica alv-
The Best 8alve in the world for Cuts
Bruises. 8ores. Ulcers. Salt Rheum, Fever
Sores. Tetter, Chapped Hands. Chilblains,
Corns, and all Skin Eruptions, and posi
tively cures Piles, or no pay required. It
is guaranteed to give satisfaction, or
money refunded. Price 25 cents per box.
For sale by T. G. Fricke & Co.
sifzexhstg- is herb
At leust you -will think so if you go to
Tlie Progressive Element Remains
Charge or Public Affair.
The election yeBterday was not so
much a republican victory, as it was a
victory fur clean government, by tbo peo
ple regardless of party affiliations.
It is certainly very gratifying to the
friends of Mayor Richey to bare his past
administration so handsomely endorsed
by the people.
The vote in the first ward was as fol
lows: Richey 120, Connor 96, Donnelly
94, Morgan 125, Holmes 69, Fox 147,
Stiles 94, Archer 98, Clifford independ
ent 24, Salisbury 110, McVey 105; school
board, Ballance 112, Davis 117, Leonard
99, Burgess 105; for bonds 211, against
bonds 1.
Second ward: Richey 152, Connor 148,
Fox 194. Holmes 107, Donnelly 140,
Morgan 161, Stiles 130, Archer 171; for
councilman, Browne 164, Osbornl37; for
school board, Ballance 136, Davis 144,
Leonard 152, Burgess 142; for bonds 286,
against bonds 1.
Third ward: Richey 163. Connor 126,
Donnelly 103, Morgan 180, Holmes 122,
Fox 167, Stiles 132, Archer 140, Clifford
!4; for couBcilman, Murphy 133, Larsen
157, Ballance 224, Davis 234. Leonard
110, Burgess 121.
Fourth ward: 252 vote9 c&st Connor's
majority 3, Morgan's 32, Fox's 4. Stiles
4. Gutsche 29; for bond 231, against
bonds 6; school board, Ballance 147,
Davis 117. Burgess 133, Leonard 95,
Fifth ward: Richey 48, Connor 63,
Dounelly 45, Morgan 56, Holmes 3-4. Fox
58, Stiles 44, Archer 59 Clifford 7 Ballance
47, Davis 46, Burgess 61, Leonard 62; for
two councilmen, Hagar 54, Smith 101,
Minor 45, Hixon independent 18.
Recapitulation: Richeys majority for
mayor.47; Morgan's majority for treasurer,
167; Fox's majority for cltrk, 348; Ar
cher's plurality for police judge, 64; Salis
bury' majority for councilman in firs t
ward, 5; Brown'es in second ward, 27;
Larson in third, 24; Gutacbe's in Fourth,
29; on school board Btllance's majority
ovar Leonard, 249; Daris majority over
Burgess, 191.
Health Better Than wealth.
The above Hdvice appeals to all per
sons, especially to those who to all out
ward appearances seem hale and hearty,
but on whom the impression is daily
made that their health is not what it
should be.
Many ailments that may be relieved
for a fchort period, only to appear again
are as certain iu time to undermine the
health, as a break in the levee of the Mis
sissippi riyer, which b hardly seen at first,
daily enlarges with the pressure of the
wattera, and at length lets in a raging
To guard against or to remove disease
is the one and most important thing to
remember in health or sickness.
To know whom to aduise with should
be our foremost duty, many do .but the
public at large should demand and re
ceive good medical advice for the pres
ervation ef health.
The Arakoff Medical Co., with its
worldwide reputation in seeking to fol
low out the principles and aims of the
lerainent Russian physician. Dr. Arakoff,
of Moscow, and his celebrated Russian
Hospital treatment, has secured the ser
vices of an efficient and experienced
medical corps, who will upon application
give advice by letter free of charge to
persons suffering from any form of dis
ease. Write and describe your complaint
and its symptoms, also give yonr full
name and address on a stamped envelope,
and by return mail receive advice for
treatment free of expense. Address all
communications to
The Arakoff Mejmcax. Co,
Boston. Mass.
Children wbo are troubled with
worms may be quickly relieved by giv
ing them Dr. J. H. McLean's ; Liquid
Vermifuge. It. kills oa txpeia worms.
1 1
It STd my Child's Llf.
" Wtwn my child was born,
doctor ordered one of tha
otlcr Food. She te that un
til Ma neitrly died. I had tbr
io.-tor. who said the trouble
-as Iudiirestion, aud onli-r.l
t!;'- fool cJianprd to Lactitod
Fr-rd. It aavod my child's life,
or-1 I -e you many thxnks
lor it. I rtvard your Food at-Invslu-ihle.
and miiwrior to all
oth.r artiflciij foid forbabu s.
Mur. A. J. llEJfPiEir.,
In lud atia I'luc.'
PopfWMfle many Imiorta!t Advantage
over ail other furvd I ooih.
Perfectly NourUhea & Baby with
or without the addition of milk.
Three B'xes. 23c. 0 3c. 61.00.
A n i l'
tl -:,- i-i
Orphans Home at York.
For the Hews.
York, Neb., March 4, 1800.
Several years ago when Dr. Armstrong,
of Park Hill, Platte county, waaplowiiiK
his fields le was strangely impressed that
hia farm should be devoted to an orphan
age. He then and there decided to do
nate the valuable property for that
worthy object." His daughter, Miss Lena
Armstrong, now in India was then study
ing medicine in Philadelphia. Upon her
return, during the vacation she brought
several orphan boys with her. The doc
tor welcomed thorn to his home nnd has
since, with a faithful guardians regard,
cared for his new wards. Being advanc
ed in years, be realized that soon some
one else must bear the responsibility.
Advising with Mrs. Isabel 8purlock,of
Plattsmouth, and Mrs. Angie Newman,
of Lincoln, he offered bit property to
the Women's Home Missionary society of
the M. E. church. The following year
Mrs. M. E. Roberts again offered the
property urging acceptance. Last No
vember, Mrs. Warner, of York, and Rev.
M. Hiltner, pastor of the church there
accompanied by Dr. Armstrong, attended
the annual meeting in Indianapolis, and j
there urged that the national Orphanage
be located at York, pledging $10,000 in
cluding Dr. Armstrongs farm.
Mrs. Clark. Cincinnati, treasurer of the
society, and Mrs. Aitkin, secretary, hav
ing already visited Nebraska aud being
much pleased with the climate and en
terprise of the people, urged its location.
Last week Mrs. Clark came on from
Cincinnati and located the orphanage at
York. She bought a farm containing
160 acres, all fenced. There is on this
land a young orchard, house nnarly new,
containing twelye rooms, seven closets,
bath room, store room, etc. Alio a barn
arranged for thirty cows and the horses
in use, a milk room with cold water vats
and refrigerators, house for the poultry,
corn cribs, windmill with one large tank
near the house another by the barn. The
property is valued at $12,000 and is nil
paid for by citizens of York except $3
500, the value of Dr. Armstrong's farm.
The citizens of York also gave oOO more
and this with the 600 generously donated
by Mrs. C'ark, will enable the society to
open the orphanage very soon. Boys as
well as girls will be admitted. All re
to be taught to work and study education
al branches. It will be an industrial
school and christtned '"The Mother's
Jewel's Home," becauo it is expected
that little ones under sis years will build
and maintain the institution, the erection
of which, will br- c-jinmecced during the
present season. It is proposed to put in
the fuundulious for $10,000 building the
comic; summer and complete the struct
are n xt y-;ar.
The ladies of the home rnisoiouary so
ciety are vt i y anxious to make it a grand
success. llra they expect to train these
homeless and neglected children and
mk-e cf them useful and self supporting
t V. 1 J .
d-14t)-tfm w-iat
It Baa No Equal.
"W aro nhintr In our cnr.
aory (cotitalnlufr forty Infant)
your Lcrtated Food, and Cud
!t far aurrior to all other food
which hits Imv-.u used duriutr
tho ii-t tn yara that I hare
ben TltitiiiK ihyx-iun. TUn
8ii.tei cf Charity, who ham
cljaivc f ' institution. ay
tt haa no equal.
XV. K. Di: Conner. JL !.,
I Kt. -Jr Tot: jxii.oir An lun.
rt!Wn..-u. ohm.;
&. CO., Burlington. Vt.
men and women, and above this to pre
pare them for the eternal life.
We hope everyone whom Ood hna
blessed with the good things of this life,
will be willing and glnd to do something
for the home; $100 will build a rorm,t30
will furniah it, Quite a number haye de
cided to build a room aa a memorial of
some dear child who has gone to the
heavenly home. Over the door will be a
silver tablet bearing the name ol t he
"loved and lot."
This ia the urst orphanage the. society
eyer owned the ladled of York deserve
great credit for the earnest, faithful work
they have done.
All the people of the city havo (titled
Dr. Armstrong and wife will Iks found
at the home still caring for the orphans.
Many aie the prayers that have been said
fvr the eptabl.shmcnt and success of the
benevolent work. May the noble women
who offered them have a home where,
there are no homeless ones but all Christ's
little ones are gathered into the Father's
All groceries froh and new at Kraus'.
The firm of Ileisel & Wise isdiesolvcd
by mutual consent. All accounts duo
the firm are payable to W. 8. Wise.
dtf Geo. Heisel,
W. S. Wise.
PUttsmouth, Neb.. February 10, 1890.
a Boston, Nov. 11th, 1889.
Arakoff Medical Co.
Gentlemen: Enclosed find $2 for two
bottles of Dr. ArakofFs dyspspsia remedy
which you will please send to Mrs. It
Chambers. St. Marc Hotel, 5th Ave.
New York City. I send this knowing
the wond-rlnl effects of the remedy, as it
has by taking two bottles entirely cured
me of dyspepsii from which I was a
great puffrer for over thn e years,
thank G;d to be free of the ailment
wish you success. Yonrs respectfully,
9. L. Coffe,
2-22 eod d w 7th St., 9. Boston.
If you are a sufferer from dyspepsia
and Ho nor, wish to throw away your
mom y tryiBg worthless medicines, send
for a bottle of Dr. ArtikofTs Dyspepsia
remlv ns used in the Russian Hospitals
for the past live years. Sent to any part
of the country on receipt of price, $1.00
per bottle.
Send express and P. O. address to
Tue Abakoff Mf.dical Co.,
Bonton Mass.
Alabastine, the beet wall finish,
sale at F. G. Fricke & Co. dtf
Merit Wins-
We desire to say to our citizens, that
for years we have been selling Dr. King's
New Discovery for Consumption, Dr.
King's New Life Pills, Bucklen's Arnica
Salve and Electric Bitters, and have nev
er handled remedies that sell as well, or
that have given such universal Rittisf ac
tion. We do not hesitate to guarantee
them every tim, and we stand ready to
refund the purchase pric, if satisfactory
result do not follow their use. Thesa
remedies have won their great popularity
ourelv on their merits. F. G. Fricke &
Co., Druggista. I
I i i
r 1 1