Plattsmouth weekly herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1882-1892, March 27, 1890, Page 3, Image 3

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tsmouth VVt
ppostte cacln
.. r's MiiUHiin'
I " ...II-
.tr'i liiizr.'
V , York Fc
I "rtfio I liter,
st ' York '
Mi I C
tf .r..mV
Pi J-.lic at b'
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est oi , HUR L3.
yi P Cat
IE I, M.Jil
'f it " ti''"- ii. ini'ii ' -
II .1 I ' .1 I'!' t :l l l I . f
rr . I . - I v '.h I .' n 1 ; fi Ii ..
i iimiim! l''tit I u h i'i
: r , : 1 . v .: il i - . ' !n' i n . -1 . I " 1 1 .
111.! it.- t I .. ; ! : ' i l i . i ci''-
l-lt-iiii.' t''i-.'.i : i'i .i: im:'.i. ,
I liu A i ti . :.!.n v iiii-.m -.
I'll rK ii iht.xi o.
KXVTY"Hk I" 'iCA'io ST. I. -fid.
High School Notes.
Fttll) AY.
Tin 9 is ;iiy titty ami u is a plciisiii'.
sight to view the ladies, with MniltB on
their fu. e!, ctnue to the fiout ami riis-j)
tli ir orders, n hich hnye been well Mint
doubly eurned.
Tomorrow morning will tind a di
tion of teacln rs ready to board the train
for til's metropolis, for yesterday we ot
our cash.
What was the matter with the janitor
Wednesday? School wa3 not dismissed
until it wa3 almost a half hour late. Tne
next time ht goes to sleep, we suggest he
leave a substitute; us teachers are tir il
of such tricks.
We intend to give a synopsis of the
several rooms, and this week will give a
report of rooms 2 and 3. Itoom 2. is
presided over by Miss .Maggie Berry, who
has made a record for herself that she
need not be ashamed, of. She has fort
pupils enrolled with an average attend
ance of thirty-five; she has a bright
school, but for some reason their pictures,
as a group, were slow sale.
Miss Gertie Iverney has charge of room
3 which, by the way, is the primary
room. She is entitled to the banner u.
the best primary teaciier in the city and
it is indeed a mo lei room, enrollment
forty-three; average httendance the past
"vnionth twenty-nine.
"Masses Ethel and Bi-ssie Hummel hav
returned from their visit and have oc
cupied their respective rooms the past
And, oh say! the principal of the high
school is gathering a collection of ink
bottles; probably he is about to establish
a curiosity shop. Why not?
Ilev. Buckner was a pleasant caller or.
Wednesday. Come again, we teacher
desire parents and citizens to visit us.
One of the greatest drawbacks to oui
schools is the non-assistance and co
operation of parents. In my txpciience
as a teacher, I never saw a place wher.
there wa9 as little encouragement given
a teacher from parents, as there is in this
city. You go out mi the t-treet ai d h ai
a party tiii.tiiijj fault with something
that has b en ilout ; ni-k him tor his au
thority, nd he will invariably saj
'"Why, .loi imy Oi 'lorn m Sut-ie e-aid hu
and s-t." tie t 'k s Hi-.- pupils wind loi
it nil-1 ll li-ty LIU 1 1 ill S iUt of one tlllll-drt-i
tie m-V-.'i ill the Scho 1 :u
his MtL- III 111- s-t IlisUllit't S vlul! tall
it t.iu -i i, it is "y in in wiio ut-yer nu-i a
I J. i. l th !-(llitt 1, has IloUe to t,o and
if iie :i .s it i- .-jur iity tound iu tli
j rini gr i.le.--. Uid p-opU- are oftm
luistttiM. n. c hihlrcii much mole so. ThtL
whv itim't you Virjit ami ascertain loi
ymiisi-. vest, bei ore saying auiht agaii;t.i
the eclioo! and its in m ag nient. Come
itt'tfii anil rnC'U-age our teach' rs ami
yuU will be su -p:is'd at tlin resu't.
Claka. Wilson.
The mandate "ktep ff the grass" has
gtm- forth again this spring, much to the
annoy tnce of the small boy, w ho wishes
to "cut across" th lawn and go in a i:ne
which will be the shortest distance b
tween two p. ints. Our lawn wil be one
of the hamlsomi st in thecity, this sprii.g.
The Ilev. Buckn r was a wi le me vise
tor at the High School Building ti is
A visitor is too ijreat a r arity in our
schools; the interest of the individual
pupil would be greater and resulting
from this, the government for the teacher
would be easier, if the parents would
visit the schools.
The smiles on the faces of t!;e teachers,
today, tell us that pay-day has air ved
Mr. D. K. Barr has almost deserted us
this week. His mteret was divi led be
tween the school an the court-room.
Mi-ia Olive Oass will spend Sunday
with fri nd" in GIenoi.
Mr. Latham, the accoiumoditin" ticket
gent, has sold this week 195 tickets to
Omaha and there has been less travel on
tie rcrad than usual.
Col. Connor u Winner.
Col. Connor li ia-t donned his war
paint and announcis ii's lightning
rod inert eland his i h-ci ric win s stretched
from the Connor heights to the city hull.
The Colonel tills the f , tinder the
li:it, w must ri"t have t'o many
Iri-h on tin- ti I: i t, tlmt if "the Dutch
take II I) iinl" hi that way tin- gentians
will kiik; In iu , I)ild McKntcc
n iif-t m.Iii r;i his I ( i in. It v mt do,
iu tin Col., for me i litl Will dishing
( 'lill'i
.Jim (iiMic, Fit.patrick
'! L- t. . . t'.ill -.i. John Ti.
alltii-cltv -u l county oiliii
'.i- to hold
; we must
put a iM M'i n on tin- tick' t t hold Cois.
Km- l b i, lii fiio r. !; iili r, I.i nholT a, id
Co 1. 1 1 t ti ' 1 1 1 vi ii.
Til '..! ii I i i !,i;li i"!l ; in politics
and w h ii It'
I) i tli 1 t he buys
ll k - i.'n 'h tli ( i'ii t.n Aiiuut il 'j-ar-'lilnl
th- Siiris' It'll" of a away
im '. iit s l i r. I. Tli - ('-t'oiiel willcarrv
ivv-iy th i t'li'ii'ati, n in tin- tl-inoci .it ir
i il ti'ii vi nt ion niti v i will wiigi r a la.-t
years copy of the Irish World on him.
A vry pleasant party of ladies ant
!-iitli-iiicn were in iittt-ndince on tl
'Cranberry Bog" at the h.tir.e of Mr
and Mrs. S. A. Davison Pearl St. last
evening. The eiitcriainni' nt was jnittin
u, in the iiiten st of the Milhodist Snn
d y school library; over ti n dollar being
the in t result of the evenings income.
I In" programme Consi-tnl in a piano
duet', by the Misses Ethel and Bcfh
Rummel, a vocal solo by Mr- Frank Dix
on A very in eiesting original stony
written by Mr . B. Spurlock entitle!
4 the cranberry bog," w s gractfullv
read by Miss B ssie Gi igt r; and a vocal
-olo by Miss Lou Miller furnished a pro
gramme that was exceedingly well ren
dered by each participant. Guesses wer
tln n made as to the number of cranberries
in a glass jar, which proved to contain
277 berries Mns Funny Kichey madi
the nearest yuess 275, and received
handsome paper weight. Miss Lou Mill
er was tlin farthest away cuessing 1,000;
she received the booby prizt" in theshapr
of a cute pair of paper owls as an evi
dence of the wisdom of her guess.
Supper having been announced even
body M-paired to the capacious dining
rooms down stairs and partook of n
splendid rtpast. The party broke up a I
a late hi nr with good words for tin-
kind hostess Mrs. Davis and l er attentive
nsiistants; Miss Br.ioks, Miss Maggie Ber
ry, Mrs. Loverin, Miss Ell 1 Kennedy,
and Mis-. Lou Kichey.
B -nuett an I Tutt h h'j a ant new sign
according to John Leach.
The old Missouri with the assistanc"
of the Tiatt. is c uning up iig iin.
Tiie grand banquet at the Hotel Riley
comes off Thursday evening c-f next
The district court adjourned oyci
Friday evening until Monday at 10
The first movr for the west came in
this morning with a four horse train.
b.iund for Gosper county.
Tli" t"L"prap'i in -ss-ngMS w"re having
a pic nic this morning cleaning up th
bit'erii s of tiie olnc.
Jess D lison is Celebrating in a beColli
ing maiiiiir tod iy. the recent arrival ot
ten pound yirl at his hi'tisv.
A dance at G ol Wilev'.- in Biiiinj
iwii lust nilit was lirrlv ntt-mled '
tn imiiij liliioils it the town.
!l -n ry W k!ia- h is fureiiiur the - n
w t!i a tin - lot or n v.- ra-iisli-s. on'oi.-'
I lib I li ttUCi
ii -::rs. V.
I'iie Majfi-wc!-, a ?!::, ii l!i'Ui!o:r C-'
N"'4!, witli S' in-- N Yoi k Centiai
o.iii-ials aboard w. nt west t'lis 1 1 n r : ; 1 1
oj Xo. 1.
Busbies is still rushing on the Bur-
lintou. Eiiiii!' N". 40 made tliret
round trijw to Luc-ihi Wednesday in
tA'enty tour hours.
E E Hilton received a te'egram this
ru rnin announcing tin; serious illness
f his 11 other at htr li 'im: in Defiance
Ohio. He will leave lor that point on
this attei noon tiain.
A big hearted farmer in South Caro
lina has sent the postmaster a circular
adyeitisimr his corn hi h yields as Idh
as 250 I'Usli'.'Ls to the acre As he only
asks $20 a bushel tor the .-etd our
fa ineis will doubties pli.t viry largt ly
of the new variety.
J. M Patterson, John Unruh and Win.
Hayes were the only members of the
school board pres- nt 1 1st night, conse
quently for want i f a (pioruiu the board j
adiourned. The te-;c!
were Colli
pelled to discount tht ir Oiders at the
banks to get their cimi-y. S.nna of them
say the trouble is v.'.lii th-; 1 oar I that
had neglected to .ii 'ir,; iate the Leces
sary funds.
Euckte.Vs Arnica -"aivo-The
Best Salve in tin; world for Cuts
Bruises, Sores. Ulcers. Salt Rheum, Fever
Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands, Chilblains,
Corns, and all Skin Eruptio s, and posi-
tively cures Piles, or no pay required. It
J . 1 . r .
is guaranteed to give satisfaction, or
money refunded. Pi ice 25 c i ts per box.
Fct ale by T. G. Fricke & Co.
11 5-iwlL
L'r. (CEN'L) JOHN A. L0GA1T,
The I-Mitor, w II contrihut! In atMitioi to 01itor inaii.r, s'ii'tolit-ii. rcininiwiencct-, ner-ouai re
cuili eilnin of public men eud women, etc.
Will cc .Mtribu't jwin9, which will be handsomely
iJh'.tralfl (Seel) cenibtT number, i
!.! coutrlbutchho-t torlt aa.l sketcacs.
Will coiitrilnilf stt ric". ( A tiripht. frrth utory frf-m
lier pn ' Lillle Tuui Moouey" iu lA;ceiub.-r
miiiiiM-r. )
Will e-.iiuuet a l-iepartrm-nt ou Home Topics.
WW entertain the readers wllh charming dialect
SecrftHry of King's Dauijh'ers, will talk of that
S ciety.
Uesi Jes many other well known writers.
Only I ifty CentM a Year.
'lu; Home 31:gaziink will
pay all
Mrs. Will II. Cushing is seeing rela
tivi s in Omaha today.
Harry Booth, of Manslield, Ohio, is in
thecity visiting friends.
Miss Beita Hyers returned to In r Itay
inond school tliis morning.
Master King Wise went to Omaha this
morning, to visit his father.
Miss M iry Mattouth and Mis9 Anna
B.iuineister went to Omaha today.
Peter Ezeland, one of the solid farmers
from western Cass, is in the city today.
Mrs Jno. Leach and daughter Stella,
were passengers for Omaha this morning.
Mine Host Viinaranam of the the
Hotel Riley is an Omaha pilgrim today.
W. D. Jones was called to Cedar Creek
today to care for a valuable horse of
Chris. Gauers.
I. S. P. Weeks, chief engineer of the
B. & M., is in the city today looking
over the shops.
R. B. Windham accompanied by his
Fa her, Mother and brother came in this
morning from the east.
Miss Ethel Dovey and Grandpa Daw
son went up to Lincoln today to sec
friends in the capital city.
Gen. Geo. S Smith, of Omaha, was in
the city last night in consultation with
Mr. John Bauer, of Louisville.
O. M. Totrence, Joe McKinnon and
E. L. Parish, jurors, returned home this
morning to remain over unduv.
Mrs. R. R Liyingston, jr., went to
Hemmingsford this morning; she will
also visi New Castle during her absence.
Mrs. Campbell, mother of D A. Camp
bell, r. turned to her Omaha home this
tnorn':ng, after a pleasant visit with
relatives and friends here.
County Commissioner Todd is making
ne of his periodical visits to Denver.
I 'he boys wonder if he is going purely for
nis health.
Horace Ilelfrich spent Sunday in Au
urn He says Lis lather will llli-Ve his
i-iiiiily to PI tttsmoutii tb last of thi
iiionth. -Aubuiu Post.
Fltl !AV.
' fdier Scott 1- bin ding a nic
n at
C i.!-i;e 11 if .Ue.H ..-!! s Ii Slil' iu'e.
W . D. J-'i'iS sol. I l, s Ii::- Sp::irs
1 .S- 0 to C C .1.. ;vav.
c.ii 1:
: i'ls.
'. E W s's two ii.-v hoii-'-P
mil hill. 11 ar "tie r.-siit- i;C'.- o! i5
iti!s are -:in ut com: I ua.
. . . 1
Cliol y P tersun if putting up a in '
mall st'Te room on fourth strc t, oppo
site Waterman S illnioer othco.
II nry Kiikham's m-w brick r. siileiu e
in the luUith ward begins to loom up
haiiilsonit l from a Main street view of
Contractor John R ibbins .is getting
his wiik well under way at the four
coitiges he is erecting for Timothy Clark
ou Sixth street.
Major MeCourt, the ''Shukespeiian
Gtoct r,'" is still selling stacks of fine
goods that are raised in all countries
from the Nile to the Calamus.
G. S. Wright, O M and C. Ti, Anr'rus.
Frank D bn y and James Sears with
j their families, were of the party that re
I moved from Eagle to Holt County,
Married, March 18th, 1800, at the res-
! 1.1 c t TI ... I 1 ... f
i uee 01 -ii. uaviu jriiuiau. iu jiurray,
J Mr. Wm. II. Lopp .nq Miss Ida Inguer-
son, both of Xehav, ka, Cass Co, Iseb.
Messrs. Miller Frye haye So or Dt',
000 brick for sale. The boys will go to
work ou the. yards as soon as the weather
will permit and attempt to keep the de
mand supplied as near as possible.
R.port comes from Cuicago today
that the Hammond Packing company of
South Olll ill Rll.l Hitiuiminri T-,l
. ,. . . ,
been sold to an English corporation for
0 .tuu lVi
$'500,000, ull of the stoci bviog taktn
in ioudou
1 -c
mi wniTE HOC3E.
All the Importnnt SOC1 KTY
EVENTS of WiuihliiKton :
White House Rfceptmns,
Riute Dlnneni, elc , will lie pre
sented In this department
Only fifty Centt a vear.
be seit one year F ; I f ;
j.'rronriigcs to date ami
Important Facts.
Every six months s I it s .rc stai ti d. ;
the bo:iks of the A-soci.ition are now o(:
for subscript ion io stuck in the thii '
series. Shares are $200.00 each. Mem
bership fees, 25 cmts per share. Month
ly dues, $1.00 per share The shares an
absolutely nun forfeitable and non-asse-s-able;
can be withdrawn any time, and all
dues paid in will be refunded together,
after tin- lirst six months, with accru d
intenst, which will Wo much higher than
that given by savings banks and like in
stitutions, rvo agents are emp'oyed to
si-h stock, and new members are not taxed
a large lee with whic h to pay commis-
s ons, a nominal fee of twenty-five cents
per share being the only charge made
The Livingston offers greater induce
ments, better security, safer and richer re
turns than any other Association of 6im
ilar character. It is controlled entirely
by the stockholders, and not by a clique.
of officer unnually elected by themseiyes
to tlu-ir own advantage. Only two otii
i.-crs the treasurer and the secretary arc-
paid salaries. ' The treasurer merely a
nominal one, and the secretary receives
bu' a very mod rate remuneration for his
service Compare the expense of the
Livingston with those of similar insitu-
tions; the e.xp- nses in the first year b?-ing
ne- i ssai ily the heaviest. The business of
the Association is conducted bv the board
of directors elected by the stockholders,
who in turn elect the officers, when an
applicstion for shares iu the Livingston
is made, the applicant does not have to
sign a proxy vesting his elective rights
in one or two men, officers of the Associa
tion. The Liyingston offers superior ad
vantages to borrowers. For instance, if
a member desires a loan he can bid for
the money at the regular monthly nvet
ing. New memoers const quently hav
ing the same opportunities to secure a
lot. n us the older members, and do no:
have to wait months, p.-rhaps yars until
their turn comes around. Each im nib. i
is etititn d to a loan of $200.00 on eacl
tnd every share he or she wns. Tin
iigunu-nt made us of by associatioi--.vurlviiig
upon a different Inn than tl"
Li, to the i ff ct hat the borrowi
vith tin- pin. ri st s cui ity to'er will I
i highest bidder lor a loan, dms n
. I '. go d, as th.- C .Patera! -ff nd Ir. t
uitl-be lain Wi i is Xaii.ilii d HI d ; n.-fc
i ii '.'it by th building c iniiiilt . ;;n
. t i.' r.iv, d I'V Id- It), tin bi i!i is f
!--'! Thi.s ass-n-i ai n i- st i i. t iy i,o.','m
i its op l' t'l'i::-'. the'-, fi.rt" till- il.v- s:
' an Imii'iw.r d iie b.-nt-rb -.
i':i' in in'ieis d siring to s.rure. a hu:i
i- iiiilos through the As-eci ilion, b-
ijing niontldv, a sum, only a tiifl" i;.
Xce.-s ut that which he Wo', Id othilW s
nave to pay for rt nt. In light yei'i's
probably l-ss lie will Lave paid fur hi
Home. Nou borrowers will rind tin Liv
ings on asaie investment which will p.i
theui a handsome profit; do -b!e tin- mon
ey invested in less tlian eiglit yeats. In
vestors will see the absolute security Ol
the Association by comparing theamoum
loaned ou first mortgage with the e pprais
id value of the real estate secu itig same
These values are very Conservative. Cop
ies of the constitution and by laws will be j
sent upon application to the s cr tary
Will II. Mille-, Plattsmouth.Neb.
Advice of a Prominent Land Broker
Rheumatic Syrup Co., Jackson, )Jich:
Gents: In February, 1$, I coin
menceil using Ilibbard's Rheumatic Syrup
aud Strengthening Plsstera for inrlatn
matoiy rheumatism, having been troubled
three years with this terrible disease. My
joipts were swolen so that I could hardly
walk and I attended to my business with
difficulty. I used three bottles and ap
plied the plasters to my limbs and back,
and I can say that I am now cured. I
have not been troubled with rheumatism
since discontinuing its use. My father
law, Mr. J. D. Skinner, of Manson. has
so be'a benefitted iy-this medicine. V,
earnestly r3fnrrimehd"it to our friends.
Take mjr aclvice," give it a trial.
C. R. NrcHoLsox,
Manson, Iowa
Ask roar drctfeist for it.
S wctt cider, &t JJcuiett & Tutt. 1C012
It Cotttnitts
Illustrated Articlcs
on Travcl.
Biographical Sketches,
llesiiles a large number
of Hitt-retuiK ticpaninents
carel'ully prejaruJ, us
Health Hintt,
The Dining Room,
Fashion Fancies,
The Mother' Page,
Recipe (tried and tested)
Latest Modes.
Scries of Articles on
Making it the bebt Majr'zinr? In tho world for the
Only I'ifly Cents Vear.
to ;tll nl)cs il ( is to llie
oe year, in advance, tor
G order's InipCcoicat Depot
The Oldest Implement
All the Standard Goods are
i r" r -r.
Nuchas John f.ieere Sz
Tlte JN'cw Dejiartiire cultivator, the hot tliat'd tnadf. "
Always in etock Received in cir loai
and Ketchum. Utickoye
Of Buggies, Carriages and Road Carls
Headquarters for the best barb
tact every thing in any of
il! consult tl eir vvti intt-iests
loutli, oi 1- red II ,.rder. r
i .: . i. i i
g in no l n)'i in-- r li
1 vv to ! U " "i.-. j- O i t ,
I 1 1 : -
! uy tra
. J.lrf -
... .-j.
S f
ff- k r. k tr r-ri
3 Jk ?s,
5 ---?
Larriges i0P Fi8asur6 ciiid SiiorlBrives
Cor. Lii aad Tiio
Fo Go
Will keep constantly oa hand a
Drugs and
I R fi 1 1
1 on I n
Subscription Pricc. 60 Ct. a YtA. Publish Mon
For Tnii IIiimi: Ma';a:-im:.
i.i 1 i'i. 1: To.n .woo5ii:v.
11V JOSIAH AI.M-.M'S Vil li,
V '"I'jrlSlil Mtl--ir i
have been on a visit to Al.ina Ann Moone
she tint wus Alina Ann Smith, and ar
live on my own side.
'l'lie above tir- nuti'ilt'te In T)if"iilt'r number
Only Fitly Cent: n Vear.
Wsit.Sj i.
ciJlier jjapec.
:i IfM.vid Vi i
and i:kt AIL
House in Cass County.
D ivid nra.lloy & CoV.
lots such as ehuttler, ifolino
JJIiidcio and Mouerb.
wire, "THE GLIDDE.N"
the abuve lines of goods.
tfO) i ir to
" fui r af i
at fri
i ;i: r
i r- -
O :.Ii-
.;',. me
' ligilt.
, y
ti )'; I
It: I il
u r.Vs ;
i- ti i
4 t jj itor.
i -
- Slattsraout2i
s$& Co
. M. RoUEUiS.)
full and complete etock of pure
n nn On ! nl.
VIUUIUIIGd, I ailllo,
i ' -u