Plattsmouth weekly herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1882-1892, February 27, 1890, Image 1

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rLATiSMOHTII, ' EliliAlsKA, 'ijll U USD A Y, FkPJUJAUY 27, lS'JO.
Vol. XXV
Sl.oO L'j: Annum.
? r
Absolutely Pure.
T i s powder inner varies. A marvel of pur-
r. si i -nl I. a.ol wlmlesniuencss. Jlurt ecmiii-nm-al
tu tu tlit ordinary kinds, and cannot lie
"l.liu . u ie t i ! j fi with the multitude of low
t-si, sh t wei-ht uiiini or phospha'e tiowdois.
so- oiiIh in runs. KoVAL liAKlMi 1'oWOKK
;., 100 WjiII 61. N. V.
For tji? in Wall Taper go to Gcnng
& Co's. JH Main sr.
E1. Kinsc-l ami Etl. Osborne o Giccn
vvood an- tal.;n in the reunion todaj. :
The worltl f.:' Ei'liw Liquid Paint
lor sale only l icrin & Co. 413 .Main et. j
Mr and Irs. G. W. Colvin returned j
today to Arapahoe, after visiting some
time at E. Day is home.
In district ciiurt, there was filed today
the report of xde in the matter of the
astute of Win. J. Agnew.
Do yon wunt fi new pair of spectnrles i
or eyeolasts ? If so, go to Gering & Co. :
.- . f
l liey junraulee a nc or no s;ue V 111 I l"Ui, ' 'lvr"'o - .
" . . . . . . t...
tOWJJ ttHlrtJ app'Ulll!T i H WHUfM IU me j
cast of AYIiiffen vs Oliver Jacobs et al.
T.J. Thomas, who was taken down
three wet ks ayy with a severe attack of
jiceute pneumonia is ugaii: able to be out.
The cek-brate.3 I. C. Specs, and Eye
glasses are sold on a positive guarantee,
gubjert to 10 days" trial. Sold only by
Gering & C ).
J. V. Carnes, E. J. Mathis and C S.
Blessing are in from Greenwood shaking
hands with old comrades and renewing
old acquaintances.
Cast week ye print, by oversight h ft
ft'roth ; he " 4 oodt n Wcddinu" in Rock
Bluff chit the names of Mr. and Mrs.
F. M. Vising, as guests.
Hotel Rih-y is the a.l mi ation of about
eighty Grand Army gu-sts who find it
.elegance n!y .tpiahd by IVoprl tor II.
JI. Van Aran mi's to s.jitality.
Sretary J. M liothwell, of tli- Y.-ung
Jlen's Ciiiisiian Ass.eition, wlio eiiteis
state associat.n work, will be succeeded
here by Secretary Green, formerly of R -d
The funeral of Levi WVikef ocearr.-d
at 2 p. m. from the M. E. church. Mr.
Walker's death occurre.l Monday. Ib
was on old citizen, widely know and
well respected.
As engineer Sid Wheel- r looked at the
pauge at 11 a. u. today it registered at
only 11 pounds; but Sid had only pleas
ant words for his tir man, ! c:;jse the
scales were wuhing tlie latt addition
to his family- boy.
The case of Mrs. M. K. WhiftVn vs.
Oliver Jacobs & Co., and IVter Eveland
was argued today before Judge Ramsey.
Peter seeks to be released as surety on a
note. J II. Ilald.nian appeared for
plaintiff and A. N. Sullivan for defend
A young farmer named Gustin, own
ing a fine team of black horses and a
new lumber wagon, met with quite a
iinanc'i -l Joss this afternoon in damage
o his wa-,.. The horses became fright
ened on "east Vine -tr-et, and runninsr
iway, soon ld the w3cs coming to
License to wed w UU? grantod to
James L. Biek. nride, aZd ii and Em
ma Akesen. aged 20, both of Cass county.
Miss Akcson is a daughter of one )f our
eldest citiz-ns and has many friends who
wish them cll. The marring- ceremony
will be ,K.-rfo:m-n by R v. Cyrus Alton Elm wood tomorrow afternoon.
Judge Rimey gave deci5on today
io the case of L'ndon vs. Tlie Oppt. -fiian
Electric Lamp Co. This was a suit to
-recover wn-s, while the company set up
a counfet claim or 120. After deduct
inc $31 -fl: r,"Ht 'vt' defendants
judgment for .;? 07. P.yrow Clark ap
pealed for PiaiutiJf, and Judge Sullivar.
for defcodaota.
The Ties of Fellowship Bring them
From Afar.
Safe in Camp, Shielded From Storm,
Time Pusses Pleasantly with
Incident Recmny.
From Tuc da 's Dull .
Tli)-e who are left of Nebraska's Sol
di- r S'ns know what a re union means,
They have now be-n scattered twuity
fiye years, but the coast ot Waliintoii is
is not too far from th' scene of the or
ganizing of the tiist company, twenty
nine years ago, to pr. vent tlnm coming
to meet their comrades. Fillow uatrio.s
only smile at distance..
Mingling among theui t-'ay in the G.
A. R. hall the reporter's eye was quick to
observe: A hundred bodies that strug
gled through the civil war.sonie maimed,
some whole and hearty, some snowy
heads, some comparatively young, many
poor, others bearing the appearance of
having plenty, no tw.' alike, but there is
one spirit of union and patriotism that
previils to warm each other's heart and
make quick friends of acquaintances al
most forgotten. Hardships, imideutsand
exploits were frci-ly told in little groups.
till the roll call sounded, and with old
time military step lines were formed and
a march made to the depot to welcome
lecruits on the fiver.
Many enquire for comrades whose
ni'-mory is cherished, and fivqnently as
they nuet hearty tears of til ad jy and
fulfilled expectation express the feelings
that words cannot.utter, and eloquently
answer the qu sliou: What is in u reun
ion ?
A scene of great enthusiasm occurred
on tht return from the d- pot to the hall
as the li ig3 of the regiments, faded and
hanying in shfefls to the staff, were un
furi'd for the comrades to behold, and
three great cheers went up for flags ttiat
they had followed.
The following is a list ot names of
survivors of the First and Second who
had registered up to 3 p. m.
P. R. Child, company A, first regi
ment, Arapahoe; E. S. Child, company
A, first regiment, Arapahoe; 13 -n Ileinpe!,
company A, first regitm nt, Pbittsinouth;
E. M. Lowe, company D, tirsi regiment.
O'Neill: L. Shipley, company B, sec ml
regiment, Florence; Wiles, compa
ny H, sec- nd regiment, Plattsmouth; W.
A. Snoop, comp.niy II, second legiin nt.
Logan, Kin.; G. C. L Ison. company E,
first regiment, Atchison Kan.; S A.
Davis, company H, Second regun-nt.
Pla isnwuth; F. M. Study, company F.
first regiment, Bartlctte, la.; J. P. Bur-
liek, c nip.iny E, second regiment, Eal ;
John buniner. Company II, second regi
ment, E.igie; L. Kuebier, company D,
tiist rtvim.nt, Palnno, Km.; L. 1.
Lemon, cmnp my li, i.e..!. I legim-. nt.
Rising; Geo. Ai'eineiiiy, company L, regiment, Eik Creek; A. B. I'.-dd,
Coillpauy B, second, flulls-
mouiu; J. . Joimson, coiiij uuj .v, Uioi
r-.muiiu, Pentioiouiii; ll. J. oneigiiL, . 't'Ult, i-laii
I11UU.II; 11. C. IcJ.'-lh.; CoU.Oal.j li,
seCOUll r. illl-lil, PlallelnuUii-; v'.-"'. Cufl,
c-'Uvatij 1, lennenl, Naiou, iC.u.;
Win. A. 1 ilt.ii , company G, nri .ei
meiit, 1'; r . H ons, comp oiy
H, Dist leglmeiit, Gll:uid, Id.; J. V.
r.ioiiias, eo.npauy 11, s-toua iciui-ut,
l'i.itiffiuuuiu; Ouc il n, cump iuj tJ-i
lij;!.-n Ul, Cli luita. la-? M. C J hl.sol-,
coiiipaiiV f, Ijisl r- giniui, C ailnU.., la.;
1). B. Giodia in, eoii.p .y r tiiot regi
meiit, Ciai imla, I : James li. Cunm,
company F, liiot rcinu ut, bntuey,I.. ;
VV. X- Morgan, company L, seuoudregi
ment, brd my, I i.; W. U. Iv-lly, company
F, first regiment, Bedford, la.; E. S.igc,
company II, second regiment, Plaits
mouth; Geo. Hunt, company 1), second
regiment, Weeping Water; David Camp
bell, compay C, second regim- ut, Auburn;
S, C. Pitz r, company L, -econ.l icgim nt.
Boulder, Colo.; W. M- Kent, Company C,
s-cond rtgiinent, South Auhun:; II. C.
R ndie, company A. first retim-nt, Lin
coln; R. G. Gordon, company II, second
regiment, Walui.-h; J. W. B.trr, company
A, first regiment, Memphi-; A. W.
Throekmarton, company C, tir-t rriz'
nient, Divib ; A. Uowen, company S.
Setos.d regiment. N- hntska City; J. E.
Hughes, co.iiji oiy .'. i; 1 reo'nii. nt. Ash
bm l; H. C H irrhlnirger, company j.
fiist regimen', V dodhine, la.; J Q G-j-.
company R, seoud regiment. R-ll-vii-;
W. P. ll-ig'-bii-.-n, compaii' D. second
r-tfim-n'. LiPbitte. W. T. Clarke, com
pany II. fi'-.t regim n ;is ll' !nes I i ;
F. Caldwell, vin-.p iny II, second regini"nt
LaPb.tte; J I. Prelm. CoinpHnv A. firt
r. gim nt. Vfdisra. Ia.; I) N. Smith, com
panv C. first regiment. Port Town-end.
V.'a-h.; L. B. Arnold, company C. fbst
reaime.,.1, fjiil iha; J. S. Cium. c Mil
ium V C. (.ecnti'i resjiivent. Omaha;
J. M. Wh'.ttc.l, roir.pmy I), seron-i cu
ment. Florence; F. A Hock- r. rnmpuny
C. first reL'iment. A nrlnbon. Iowh; J Mc
Coid. rnmpiinv F. fi't r'-gtmcnt. K-ho-m.
Indiana; A. G Carrea, company A,
first regiment, PlattSiaoutb.
First and Second Nebraska Burn
Bright Fires at Rockwood
Governor Thayer, General MeN':'l!,
Tom Majors. Mfijor Spearman
Address ihe Comrades.
From We Inc. lay's ' aly.
Last eveiiinii's trains added censid.-r-
ally to the attend ,nce of the reunion, j
and at 8 I), in. Rockwood hall was tilled
with comiades and ci i.ens ainl l it'i -s '
whose patriotism moved them to coeie
t.i rliu li.,. Tin. Ii ill vend lieanii
, ,, , . . , , ,
full.; l..r. wo f ...1 ..tiiIi ti nnhiiw llf.rl
. , ' , ., , ,, .. ,
in the fiont of the hall three beautiful
archways were erected be "ore the r .i
trum draped with bunting, flags and evt"
grcen and surmounted by a life portrait
of Gen. R. R. Livingston a face famiT-
ii.r to Hll tin- f-omraile4
. . r. w i ii i .i i
At 8:1. Mayor Richey called the house
to order and suggested the selection of a
chairman. Judge E. M. Lowe, of O'Neill
(comrade Co. D. 1st reg ) was unani
mously the choice. Begging the honor
to be addressed as "comrade" on this c
casion instead of "Judge," Comrade
Lowe took the chair, and announced he
await'-d tlie pleasure of tin people,
"Comrade J. Q G ss" was the first call; he
modestly thanked his comrades forihe
honor to speak a few words, and paid
his.tiibute to the loyal territory of Ne
braska, whose "people's hearts were liu1
the ln.aitsof the Anieiieaii people," when
thev, from their sparse settlements, raised
a regim -nt on th- first call, for the f ront.
Led by the Glee cli.b, the comrades made
tin- hall ling with "our country."
Major T-mi M ijors, of Peru, of the
First N braska, nspondrd to a seige of
ealls; and standing before his comrades
spoke eloquently ol th- ni -mory ot G-n ,a
H. K. Li!;,;!. 'I liming Lo i he. chair
man, and referring to his preference
to b-ing "comrade" and privilege at not
holding a "commission," with sarcastic
mirth he m ids much laughter and amuse
ment, and turning th fun to the Nebras
kn Second, at their expense, kept the
applause rolling on.
Major Pearimn. of N- braska City, by
all, responded, to di fend the gallant
Second that did service on the frontier.
In response to th.j next call, and amidst
great applaus-. Governor John M.
Thayer took the stand. II- s;dd ''Mem
bers of the First and Second Nebraska
regim-nts and ab other soldiers from
X b aska in th - war; If there ever was
tini- wiiich i h ive lor.ked forward to,
and for which I hive 'hope', it is this
iceasio.i and I experience its realization
tonight. It I) is been a longing, hardly
expected to be satisfied : and it is owing
to the p-fsist.-nt eff irts of Mr. MeMaken
and others that we have this pleasure.
I h aye looked forward to tonight with
feelings of great anticipation, since the
all. Tliougti advis-fl by ti;v physician
not to un- my voice much 1 ns:,- it here to
express my gratification of once more
looking imo the fic s of these comrades
'hrough whtse valiant service this is now
til- bill I of the free and hoin-i of tlie
lravf. Vli-n tt"e c-i was made upon
the sin dl territory of Nebraska for one
r-gimont to b- raised from Q.-s.OO'J peopb
I r i.i- mber w- 11 when the first company
repoit-d in Oni ih i" company A. raied
here in Plattsmouth, bring in com
mand of Captain Livingston then
captain, now no more. It wis my good
fortune to he appointed colon 1 of the
regiment acting under orders from lien.
Grant we reported to General Fremont at
St. Louis."
The regiment was in the battles of Ft.
Henry, Ft. Donaldson, bhiloli, biege ci j
Cornith, Siege of Memphis, Cape Gerar-
deau, Pilot Knob, and Duvall's Bluff.
The governor quoted Gen. Grant at the
battle of Ft. Donaldson as follows:
"Your First Nebra: ka lias covered us -lr
with glory this afternoon," and at P'lot
Knob: "1 have been surprised bat th
little t- rritory of Neb ask i, 800 miles up
the Missouri river has been able to rais
one r giment an I s -n.l it to th t front,"
ati'l after that Gen. Grant serin d to f -el :
a special interest in riist Kei,r:wka. !
Ev- rv citiz-n f Nebr-iski has r--asoii to
J ;
In Diond of tlie reputiti-m which the I
Nebraska sol-liers mad- during th- war.
The co:nr::dV? d.-iigh. -1 to applaud thi ir
leader, and after a "r ally" song called
out their G n- r d. John McNi-il. of St.
Louis. Mo. The G-nral was greeted!
with rounds of applause, and he w is :
pleased, too, to inert the im-n. He dis- j
p'i ivci n; ii'uht if oratory, nd npolo- I
glz.-d by stating that as he boked aroiPid '
and saw s- nnin of tin- soldiers of Ne
bra-k i he fe'd s n ry that the vocabulary
and o.-utorical dcpttrtun-ut of bis ed-ca-
tion had been neglected. Referring to
the '-holy war" of the crusaders, which
lasted more than a century, he could but
con rast it with the war in -vhich the Ne
braska men went to the front, and call it
of all wars holy, as no war had for its
accomplishment so good an object as the
salvation of the liberties of this country
and the protection of the liberty of man
kind. The General then recounted the
ba tie of Cape Gerardeau, and spoke
highly of the then Capt. Majors. He
closed his talk with an invitation to the
poorer soldier boys to come to the State
: ..F MI. . llw.n a -r. n.,r I mirln
J "
j ning to be welcome, and buy the cheap
est and best land in America, etc.
Miss Grace Mc.Maken recited the de-
clamation ' How Ruby Played the Piano,"
.land resiionded to th- Q-rcat i- in Is of
applause with another selection .
Fred Harris, now a Methodist minister
at Griswold, Iowa, was the last comrade
to speak.
The following are the names of coin-
j lades reporting for duty since 3 p.
I ,
i yesterday:
Geo. V. Hall, F, second Lincoln.
J. W. Blip, E, second Greenleaf, Kan.
G. W. Davenport, G, second Pawnee
M. Divenport, E. first Pawnee City.
John Birratt, F. s-cond DeWitt.
W. A. M Hall, F, first Firth.
H F Sapp, E. second; Nord.
W Powell, C, first; Syracuse.
J Glilh spie, first Lieut Reg Cr Liu
W Queen, F, second; Lincoln.
J El wards, M, second; Pawnee City.
J Iler. F. second; Crete.
.1 Biihs. F. first; Pawnee City.
J N Peirm in, major, second; Neb. City
Jos hipley. E, first; Point.
L Neals, ). fi -st; Winnebago Agency.
T N. Cahvill; G. first; Lyons.
J Dwy.-r. G. first; Omaha.
J All n, C. second; Pender.
(V E Swihart, C. fiiM; K-nnard.
S Divis II, s-cond; Herman.
C Eis- ley, A, second; Norfolk.
E Donovan, A, first; Plattsmouth.
R C Mill-r, F. first; Norwich.
J Campbell, F. first; West vi lie.
Tom Majors, major, first; Peru.
F Prouty, C, first; Peru.
Mrs Prouty, C, first; Peru.
F B Reed. I. first; Peru.
Mis R-cd, I, first; Peru.
M J Combs. C, second; Peru.
J Mynes, C. second; Peru.
O P Walls, C, second; Meridan.
D Movers, C, first; Ruck P.,rt, Mo.
II P K Hogg, F, first; Tronto, Kan.
N Brown, A, first; Hamburg, la.
A N Yo-it, A, second; Norfolk.
T Tippin, F. first; Choerty, Kan.
J Drs?y, A, second; North Bend.
L II Laughlin, I, first Crab Orchard.
D Gall. G, second; R-serve. Kan.
C Widdeubacher, B, first, Soldiers
Horn -, Kan.
J Mitch-11. A, first; Plattsmouth.
J McNeil, G.-u; St. Louis, Mo.
J ii BeardsUy, K. first; Yyeeping Wa
ter. J M Birch iff. G, first; Elmwood.
C N H listens, B. first; Nebraska City.
J .1 Tina r. 13, first; Fall City.
R iiirch. L s cond; Firth.
F Link, B. first; Almi, Kan.
T 6 I.' i lis, H. second, rlattsmoutii.
II W Soge, II, second; Plattsmouth.
S Rector. K, first; Weeping Water.
W L Welif, A, first; South Bend.
J Hess, A, fir-t; Wabash.
J A Shurk-y, A, first; Weeping Water.
G W Emery, C, tiist; Ashland.
E ll Kinney, 11, second; W W.
U U RteUelt, li, second; i uiierton.
B II orison, H, first; Gillmoie.
M Harrison, G, first; Omaha.
W M Gillespie, C, first; Lincoln.
A Mali m ister. B, first; Omah;t.
J Holm, E, hist; P.pi'iiou.
J F B hm, E, fiist; Omdia.
II J Richards, C. first; Lincoln
F. G Kendall, A, first; Union.
Gov. John M Thayer, Col., first; Lin
cob;. M Cain, A. first: Neb. City.
E Sampson. L, secoud; plattsmouth.
W C i ilt int, V. Union.
T O E'.lis, A. fust; Pl.-ittsitiouth.
C J Cutl r, ll. seeond; Mo I d I'l.
R Kinn inioii. A, fi st, PI iltsilioiitll.
li sides the tdiove given names tln reare
as many m re r'-gist-red w h- enlist-d in
-;h'T sa;ea ;d wilo are iteic by i'lVita
. . . ,
("he ,rreat camp hre will be held toniglit
t tJii, ;i ,,U5l. Among th- . xp-ct-
1 spe-k rs are G v. 1 hyer. Lr -n
NcNi-al, Pod' Vmdervoort -T II-
T. b. t.;i ii ks..n. John GilK-spie, H C
! Russc-11, L. C. Riehar-ls.
After mil call of the Fust Mid S-cond
regiments this aft-moon a line was
form -d on M it n street, and led by the
i:ny- dri.iv. ctii. ...Hicm-d to tlie r si
fh-nce of Mrs. ll l. Livingston, 221 N.
Sixth stre- t, wher- military resp-cts w-re
paid in honor of Col. R R. Livingston
,uecvtt3td, of the Firs: Ncbroka.
res '
: I's '". 'z.- 1-ir th- tin. I-; -
. :! li t. ami i:..y, -ii'-;I.., ,,,
. t -f'-'i-r ill.. r :.;- -.,.e one v- v . ii .
I.e.'-, I i - . i .i l!;e n. e t:f l..e :
' .o).- .-..-i li - V. II all'l 1 !-!-:
'.. V.'.,:' l.aelule.i I'-inil Ul'.. ! .( I .,
I. l-l ill r (lillTl K.e.n. I'.-e V.'lieri . I-re s.
'nil- t .''. .t' i f t.'e u . . : , r... i: t! :
Notice of calo of Bonds
Sea'eil bills will lie iec. ivel l y I1 e coiuily
clerk of Cass county. N--)r;isi'i a Irs i HI'
lip ti!i noon on M.ucli 4tli. is'.i'i fur the nu
lia-e .f ten lioiuls -1 SI (M o.(Hi i iieli clot- i!
Mar- h 1ft, 1S!KI ainl m mini cii 1 1 in one to ten
tlie llo-t ne line Maiell 1st. JVC, ai il l;.st i tie
uue M rcli 1 I . i;hi:i, h-aiiia: inier. st ;0 r pel
cent a-r ;i ni. inn iiyidile n mi a iiniii. II y . P- nes
liayiib hI iNeln: i-ka liM-al ;.- e ew V..r.
City. 'terl l y L- uiv lie pri ciiii't for m
put pni-e o1 building h waen ln i(Me iiero-sllie
I I a 1 1 e live1. H nils lefii'ar In e ei y i ei-p ei
and f 11 history fuion-hetl to sue es-fu hiil.P r.
H-ar reelvts the ni; I to -j.oi a- y rail
bios. lilHIl .'i tlfll I-I I-
4l 2 I ..tin y clerk.
Notice to Bridge Bu'lders.
t ill' w ill be leeeivi il lo the eoiuity lerk "1
Cass fotni'y, hi t Io- c erk's i dice ;ii Phots
in nlh. -fl . up till i,i mi on Maiell 5. 1 i I i
1 hi i ui IriinL-ol a ile v. ;u on 1-iiil e jer sf i n
I'laite I i i-r ai l.oi.j viH-.N-b. v hiili oi na -way
ten fett.wi li wo lu ll ruts fit y f-ei i,
leu- th each To lie eiistrnct eil ol 1 1 i - e - h 1 1
oak pil-s i weiii v-six fi ei ! ji Hps i f w hi'e
iik lOx ill a"l I wi'l v . f. et I'D ji put . n vn Ii oi e
i en (ll :ft phiK ilin t two ii eln s pin- -p-ii
lvei.t-iwo 1-ef xijih iii,e linesif jciis--.!l
l.iu-w.-ll t lieil 1 i -edi -r it en l uili3-4in:
I). .Us. l-'.'o- ' In I e ,'12 w inle -;k Willi -il
Mibsl:-ilial hai il-1 : iis. well b In ii to j is s.
A'Si'iincif pin- for ice Il eal. MXi e :e t.
i'I'IV n six f--i t :d Ve :(.!! I ei t lee lneal-
ins t- be lli.12 o;.k A fWa l.r.K s 1-. be
3 1' i-ai . we I licpeil i pilin- I., ii th .
In iilye est lll-t ll I n be 2 tliKI l'eei l!-: lit fesel V s
Ihe i"i:hi in r jec: ai:. m l! hi. Is an-i pi n
iiinlspi i j ea im.s uie i.ei-i-'l to he liii-i-h-'
Willi ci.cli bul. I'll 1 4 "ul nt i ki i.
-.9 4 ( l.'t k f Hoard nf . i on in issi oners
qsidcs: notic:.
I IIP e-uii c-in i-sf .tier- i-i .-.- ......(j
Nerra ka. w-ll lec-i.e hois up ti I noon ...
Til- iiy M tell 1, 18'jfl. f-i the biiihli f i il
briljj s'hhtinax h- hu It hi said ( fiss e limy
tor l i.e eiisoin- ye ir.
ll pi es to h - . f whi:e or bir r oa ' 10x10 in -eheK
and c ips to ante .1 it t b- 3x12 uie e
w.i 'te pin- H loo i to lie 2x1 .'. li le i.r hu .
ak. I'o rteeii loo- ro:mwa, eiei plan tw
i i dies t h ieU t h- al; . and I - be pi i -eil rh w n
f-lif feet when leipli id. A II hi aei s t he 3il
oak. lo be ri wi h li-r e (pia rer i. eh In.h-t-i
each i i!e Hand rails t- he 4x4 tune and
hol e i to ou'-hle jnit wi Ii on- to e'aeh
pest. an. I 1'Li'l 'n be 2x0 a nl on- 2x1 Mali plank
ndie'vli All otil-ine j isi to lie, b.-'o.-ii to e o
willi holt tlllee .plar er ilc-Ii I y '-'2 Hi lieslm.g
Cans o be put on .ith on- iiieli drift pins 22
inches l.imr
A so hidi. for r-'iiud pilinj; wiP be coniil-red
Th- board rei-eive Ihe right tn reject ,on o;
all bids. h vis K-i.t.
("h'n 15. ai- (.f Co. t mo
attest : IilKD Cm iCH-li-LU, Co. del k.
Administrator's Salr.
In the (lis r.ct emit of Cass county Vf-I r,il;.
In the inatter of theestaieof Win. (imli
inan. deceased : Notice is hereby iiiv- ' lliat
by virtu - and in pui'siia c- of a:i r ol
l:cere aiie m i-ald matter by the distric
court of Cass county on Ihe 2d day of . v tu
be r, A. It. lssll tliP urnler.-ieed Hijdielh
(rin hm n will on the 2-'nd ' ' of Maiell. A. 1)
ls90. at 1 o'clock p in., at the srupli d rol the
court house i.t i lattsiiionth. Cass county Nhi
raska. ofl -r f-ir ale at public auction tnef-I-lowi;i-'
desr ribed lands si;uated in Cass county
ei.r tska. to-w it :
I.'itt. liumbei s 42 ai d 43 of sect ion 20 in town
acres, lot iiuiiUx-niiii the southwest fmirih ot
thesoHthwestf)iinterofsecti-n20i.. t .v-.slnp
12. range 14 east., co.. pris-im i and e.'-lfnia.'-res
and lo.imtiib.r 41 in the rmrthv.a-ni .,.i oter j
section 29 ill township 1'; ran ire 1-. e;i-'. com -
prLiiia iv stores. Mibjeet to all Ileus aiu incui..-
branees thereon.
1 KKMS of Sai.K : Two-thirds rash and the
bahl ee on o-e and two years' time in eoual
payment bearing interest al s p r c,-i t s--
ship 12, liinye 14 eas', coin iili- iuir p.' and 20-10!
cured by ft isr mortgage on lands sol-' or 1 11. 1
of eipial value, or ad I -r cash.
Dated the itli (lav "f Kelu narv. . I). t-n.
K 1. 1 Ii A b E 1 1 1 J IT ! "I M A N .
Bvnox Clark. a-1u i'-i-st r;-t 1: v .
Attor ,ev for Estate. ,7 j
Administrator's Sale.
In the (li.-tnct court of assco 11 v. ebia-l; a
In t he 111 nt ler of I he c-t ate t ' illia 1 ut ii
nian. d.-t-eas-d : Notice is hereby -ic- that
by yi: tue ai d in piir-uaiice ot an or h-r of i
ceiise made in said m tier hv the di-tiiet ci.iii;
of ass county ' ii the 2n-li liav of .la v. l.
lssQ t he uiitl. isi-neil hiiz.heth (Iiithman will
on ihe 22nd day ol JWarch.A. 1 l'.i '.a 1 n'cl- ci
n in. itl Ihe south (! or ol th- eouit lime - al
I'lilltsiiinut h, 1 ft e.oin'y. Xi-I-risU. 1. -r I .:
;i. at public auction the foil-., in- de crii.e
lands, s-iioud in Jit-'4 county, N'b'aska. lo : lie-iunhi it tie final te-- seclion e..i. r
on ihe s-iitli sine of secuon 33 in to n-hip l.j
north f lanue 12 enst of tn- P. M , 1 h-nr ;
1 11 011 in l v.est ali.u- ihe south line of -;.,d s.-.--
t ion. 40 eh a' us I o the..; ih-.-st c.inei- t sai.l
secilon.; .0 s to ihe south
v. tst co.iiei 11 t-e southwest ijuaii.r if the
s utthwest 4iarier of s .id seed 11. I h- 1 c- n-i
20 chains to til lion ea t corner of the soul h
wesi fpaailer of the southwer'. (pro ier ot s;-iil
see' 00. thetic- noitli 20 caains ti the north
west c rner f the northeast rpi.i f-r .t tin
southwest (p arter of sai l -ecti.,. t :, noe e;ist
VOclliinst IH- li"!'l !i-'u-M."i -. of t he 1 nr. ii -
0 is' ru-otPr oi ; .he :,-n:rhv, est i(i rier of si, in
StCliou fhei'cif'i -nil and V.-100 rh ihi l
t e n.irth i'. e.-I cornel ol lot 2 II vi',1 s. (- '.in 3
til lice ii'-rl 'I 01 d-'-r.-'-s ea -t J i'iilt !, eham-
1 her. c-nori li 2 -';i- - -. ":: o-t .hains. there,
nor li Zt df-s; ia.' I 1 h 101-. 1 ii 11 e crdi 40
!i-i'o- I'll! 3 iiinl 4' ix.1 ell till -. ' Ii i r e s-.nti
a.1) an 1 !! l '1) c!i .i is. th-;i-- .irl! :''. w, sr ::
an I '-Hki -ii in-, t ii-n-e 11 a t h im d.-i ees ..1
" ch - lis tli-iie- u h 71 v.e-i 2 and Ji lo
ci! ins. ; I:eiic s. .i-.f 2n evst.". ch li.-is
s u'h 7s decrees liont'"-'-' ".'.' t -;el r.i 'no
ch illis. Ihtii. ,. i. .r-i -c t.esT 2 Ii .
.-.i vaiaiii :.' i.i-ie -- on lit ie'l'es we-t 1 ;t ,.
3 10 1 eh 'tis. ! ie:-ti' :t 1:2 ! an 5s p.f cil'illi
I- 1 li- snip a liae -I -it ,1 -I et 1 11 Xt 1 n- nee we si
9 a-. 1 1 4-5 b 0 e ia-: - i ti e p a-e of be.-nniii,
0111 pi I 1 11-: ry, ami i-'exl Ci-s -uhii-cf 10 a :
li-lis nd i-i uiiil r oi- es tter 0:1 tms -1
sal . 'Wo ll.'r.fs c;i-.ii iii.d In in, hi lice 011 on--and
t '.. --. . I. '.io n , l 11 payii.eiitii he i in
iu e . a' "1 ii .'cent se died by Ms.- inlrt---e
-11 lands .s l.i or id . j,i;tl value or all for
C s 1 .
L'i.t. d ail of Frhni-irv IS'-")
KulZ YLSETIl ..C 1".iI aX.
At! in- V I !' Kst;ii-r 47-4
) : sure r.ixl call on G-ring & Co. for
prices on Puints, Oil. Varni-hes, e etc.
Wall Paper. Wall rajx r! r.t the lowest
j li ving profit at Curing Si Co"s. 41S Main
flu 8
t lialil' i-t th'
Alirnr ! - :'-i!v
: r in 1s-7. wa
' .!'. d. .!.:. ip.ii. N. V.
ii i i Ou r 1'mmI
1 !i.i i I Is- in imiiie-
-.i.-l :
! I I
r ' . ..' . l!..e ' i lie I .KM I
!' :. r !. -i' 'I -. ll keejn
I !
'.:. I i . i . . , .ne., M on.
i... u.-.-r ..1 ..j-, . r.y I... rn e;ir.
.. i.ui i;ii.U?n, V t .
Ordinance -o I2Q.
N "ilia N M i; call v.u a sp,..i., r h-ellnii In
Ihe eily f . ,s., imlll m he ouipiiM- of
( li blinji I ll - !ej;:il volets id srt i, ,-i t y I o Voto
tl a pl-o i:i I. to is-u- and rivelhr;
bo- (Is of s:. I.I (! lo Ihe ( iniha .Sini'lielli
l.ailway eiuiiMiiy to I i t li nin u n I of forty
t h'lisa ml di liars t a id In the e -1 1 net lou ol
s. ml e. in n.-.iiy's r oh nad ;iiul I lh.- puiehaso
ol - ylll i t ,V iiml di p .1 );iiii;nds. l.rliM'l'li
a po' ii t -n I h 1 1 n if of I It- is -.hi i i 'art di I y in
l.lheily pi ciiii-l ' ass eouii I y . . br.isl.a.iio'i t ll
Villi Its i.iui h I o lie i'l t ! e i i vor.
licit ttuhiiiiiil lit Hit: Maijitr iiml Cinuuil of Un:
i nl I'liittximuith :
l.i Don 1 ;i pe a 1 eleel I -. 1 1 he ; ml Is
10 leh. railed to h I i Id 111 Uie ell v .,! i la its ly id (' s-, nl ii;,. Male of
x - bi'.isLii. in t :.e io si day i f pnl, Is'.kj
il iln . t.: : i sic ili i in each
lil .i sail eil y .,r ih- ,1 en hi
ine lej;a. t-is if p.i il e I v i Vol. upnii Ihe
lOlhoMnK l i-.ll .11, li;:lln 1 :
' li a I iht- e . I ol hots, i in a ill I iie cnitnl y
f. iiss . no ri.ite enr rkaby Is iii.ivm itinl
u 1 1 e d i.-sue lis o. lids I i t' e am .inn u. . ny
111 lis.iini dull.. .-. iiiu int- re-l emip n p.i -!
le to in i'-- I w.;i, .y y ... . ,tf ;er d..l e ii in I re-iii-eniiilde
ill i lie piiiisll if I s..- e.l lil'.een
ea.s.iltei li.i ..ale an : di.iwi . j t les ut
11 Io i xc-e d sx leenl p.-i i i. liin. p. y ,i b o
.on .iil . in eies iiml ( riiii-ipa I it p.iy.inli;
. he ins al ii- ii y of i he si .u e nl Nebi .is a in
lie e ty ol i w V. i k I.. I It .al-nf ewVnlk,
li i sii.i-i ih eny oi l .iisin u ll in time unly
I ii-s I t.,e si;lie nl ii,:a-ka h-vy iiml
il oo ll Us , n.per llieeis eaise o he p-vie I
oi u..lly uji . l e ,. nl - j i- ,, n . f ihe sa d
. iiyi lil il in. in h. u siiili -i . ii,. I ix in ay he
me C-Bl .Ol-l i I'. 11 ei J .ill l- 111. sane; lii-c.illl S
II 111 ai.diln.ii in ;.il i.tlei .axes, i-aiil
i-Miils I . t; i-vi -.1 ID l.i.f ) ii ill i Sun lieru
i;,,i v.i.y c. n.p. ii). 1 1 - i nl s,.io limhii
soli In-Ill .' Mil ,1.1 U , S!l til 11,1 ul- IjCiOIr;
.in;;;, i n.n i h, i-nnlj. i i i . l-:j i Ijiii.u . t- ... -
ei . eii'.::p an i ii.vo ill i.p.-i.ui n Ms line of
v . . ..r:., " -. ..'. 1 k.
o,- Ol ll
ilnd .1 U
11 ....... . . V
- .. an- niM- .. . s . 1 . ., .- t - ,7 j
'0,. p. o.j 1 . 1 ,ne-rr 1 I. etiiet 111 I as- c uii.y,
A bi iM.ii. 10 o i li y i 1 I 1 1. 1 sin. u, n 1 ni .1111411 rani
oil ly 10 ine 1 i.t le r ior and r-h.i 1 p-i'ma-lieut
J locale Us pa s li, r ll O f 1 itill nepiits
.iiid I1ecess.1i y jilwii 1 1 ! s up.,11 its 111.011 I ut! Ill to iilu east .f .i.rtiden 1 a . e a tuiown
Upon t e 1. colded ;in.i it (Ionize i lal nt raid
eiiy I 1 oVi-li il 1 111 1 iii 1' thai sad Inn is shall
iin.y be 1 ss 1 1 lo a aiiioaii: 1 rpiai lo the
aei ual ens. o. lh- ! v.ay 1, (-.. 11:1 s nl
i.-.i olv ol l ils.s and me t-Xliens Iheiei f ami
shah be .iehve.etl I o til i-ald Dnaii.i S.iillh
111 i.itnwaj e. 01 any or to sue.i p.-r-nu or 1 er
siuis as ii in y d. signal ."
.-k:. 2. ." in 1 bo os hall be i-.sii-d in denoiil
11. 1 1 Inns ol si .(1.1: 1 w .1 11 cull p. 111 1 hereto all acii
e 1 P. 1 all vi .-, pay lueiils thai may b. eoinn
due lln icon.
.--.('. 3 1 lie fniiii of lln- th-k-ts wa!cii shall
In- 10 -ilnpin sod ipiestioii .11 s .1,1 election
hal ; be ;,s fol ow s :
" i-or I he issue of b.;nd -. to pui eha-e ri-iil of
way iti:il uepi t :uu ids ana to aid in Ihe enn
M 11 tin., ol the Dm. iha .s.,utiii-rii ladwity
and 1 I i lid I 1. pal , a " ainl
"AUitiio-1 ihe Us ll- if h 1 1 iis tn p il chase I f-lit
- f w..y mid oep t gri. mills it:nl to i.iu in the
c 10-ii'iici ion ol I he 1 ia;ihii .sunt iiciii railway
and ii-ainst additional tax.''
sk,:. 1. .sh a Id iwu-ihirJs or more of the
voles cast iit Said leeii ui haVrt urilK-u or
pr.nti I hereon, o pii'.iy written or printed
Hi- icon. "Ki r b mis t mil ' hi.-e ri.dit
-I way and aid in lh- eunsi 1 uei p.n d ih - ( ma
iiii Muitlieiii railway and fur additional
lax," then tin-' piopii- tion shah b- adnpied
an 1 1 in m.iy i r ami coa m il ol saj p y smiU l
. ml hm iz-ii to issue mihi ii.inii - - mii-r ami by
die nam of "(:nha mh,! In-rn idl'.ay
leimls ami sioiii annually I.yalnx for Hit
111 '' '.s' ilU'1 l'"";' - :i" iy ,,H'
, ' K 1 " "'.1 election .-. ill be , . Id ;it 1 he p,-
nt' l!;!"',! '." P-e--s 1:1 the eny of
' 11 ' """ Kt April. A. I
''. h.iuie.y :
tr1 'J ',1' 1:1 V''1''
'. l'l ' d lit ' a-s ( oiial y lion -,-. ( x
. n U u t: U a. (im.;u it 1.1. n-y !:i,n. iiiu,l,i.f
j'1 ,,, , ... , ,, . ...
., o.itli w..rd at ' f.i e of !. A. Waterman &;
Iohii::: nauieil idilii) phn.-es ii Ihe cnv of
t f ll w;ifd at r"i;:li waii sc. rml house.
Aim! e -,! '..1 sitia palls shall open i.l :i o'clock
a. in, of ti day ainl close al 7 o'ei.jc: p ni
Mm ... 0. There shall be hr. e jud- aT.d two
cieiKs,.ei ctun appoiht-d by 1 he in ivui' ami
cm eil for eaeh warn and t'c judjj.-
clerks i f !!-(!. 1011 s i 11 peil. 1,11 tin- dutv at
lieu leeu .11 Which (hrvoly e i.po.i jiidyj..' aiel
elel Us of 1 , -ci ! -11 at eecli'ms ,,t ci!y otllci-M
a. d ti.e lelui ns tie rrof shall ben,le by said
j'l'lm'" an eleiks lo the inayi.i mid t atve uiii li
ot s o l city wi-liin -me day itfu-r -aidVl clion
11. 1 s.,i I may r "'. i .vnim-il of sa.,d city shall
c tnvass tin- ..le anil dci.-lai - t he 1 i sii-lt of Saul
ele- t v.n .ti the levt retftiliir sessh.u f sati
C-'llneii iif'ei I he Vllil cl-fc!.'.ni or as soon tliele
.1 ler ;-s praet leal e.
KC 7.'-e :.t rtai.l eleciii.i, sh .11 .e -ieii
hv pimi.s'' !; ill's call ill Tin. i'i aI'o.MiiI'Iii
' U '".( v I.I ,ial Ihe I'la' ! -m lh tVtek
ly .loei .i. l o. ce a week f. r f or essiie
tteel-.s' 1 ".in e; tion pi or to i-aid d.ivof elecriru
s-uu me city 1- i K "had c.tu-e t 1 n- posted in.
a eo --it c-i us ;i-;
at e 1-11 1 ' I eal-l p ll 1 1 ll
piac -s :t eei ti!-d o .py .,f this cap a;.d -i oposi
io i i unui! ihe inn -said p .!s M,rtu l.e open.
SK- . S I Lis ..i iiinane.- shall hi- in fmce am:
t ike n-ci from a tliu.eri s passage, appr.v
l an nub h- ii
' a--:ej, i,u approved thU 17:h dry ol Keiviu
arv. a 1 1 isi,
Atust; F. M. l K HF.v. Mavor.
V. . K. K.-x. city lerk.
lh.-i Or- e- a w ill t -kc n-di'v- that o-, .Tanuary
.". h !L" the Piati-mouth i mm it;,u 1 pruvp-
nieat -.lupany bewail an a ti :.. in the distnet
i' -nit "f i ass county. N-'i.-.a. t. attain . Jon.
lie ..I jeet and l' tin! ll Il-il is t o rpliet t hf
nlein plott.;'. l-i the nor' i w-st rj f,-tit
i r'l;-.. t utit-r s-ciinn 11 t'iW'ia.i.;ii If.
a-riira j! - l:ie st. an lhat un !es y. tt iua,ki"
oisw r P. sai I et ti-n on or li -..i.'- April H.
l. the alieitiitii-ux I lere (vohtallied will bit
" .ken is nil ; and j i-.'a.'-.t leiidrred accoid-
IKK rLAT ! Vl';iiH Lt.MI & I.MI'f OVK M i; N L'
I o
allouA Browne. Atlornevs.
A d ti inistrator's ei49
f will sell at pul-lie net inn :;l t:i Schiicht-iiii-r
place P- it ck P. nils uv(-iuct en Wedtie
lay. Much io;h. lsvi l o'thicK ;i. tn the
f .PoMii.g pro ei-.y: About 1.0n li!s!i.-ls of
i--ni. II li. ;'. i.i 1.. r es. 1 t-.o bois.e w a-on, 1
-ei ii.:ai.i- harn-ss. I cu'.tiv:: -r, 1 lister ami
:iiiiand niiineroiH miter art rli-i. ' erms of
sale : All sums of -o and iiud.-r cash. over
sio sj -lionths t'n.e will bn -iveu at pi p-r cent
uue-est will, aiipruved n' Five per
en l ml fv.r c.i-h.
OF.'), r. Id.OYO.
VrtiiiiuUtratur of tlioe' of Uenjaiiiln .Maey
(! eea-ed.
at W. I). JONE-?, Auctioiu-er.
Glass cti s of all kinds and colors &
Gering &CoV 413 Main street.