Plattsmouth weekly herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1882-1892, November 01, 1888, Page 8, Image 8

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i'LA'ITMOUXii WKKaLs ttcik,vt mUKsbA V, KoVKMBKit 1, 1S83.
iirtCrt'rmi 1 1
"an fn nil mrr n tiWti
OoAttimmisLnce of Our (Gfireat
9? c3
JJetorc Removal to the Carruth Corner November 1st. llavinrrinet with such reat suoeess in mir r?pmArgi c.,1. i , , . , .
York bW jnrt receive! . elegant ChinchL O.WaVEKTOLLAM CWJ "
Men's Suits in all Grades lrom the 3.00 Grade to
the very finest and you know we are the lea iers Fit, Make
and Low Prices.
Children' JSuits $1.00, $1.25, $1.50 and upwards.
Men's Fur Caps 75 cents and $1.00 .
Men's Underwear from 15 cents to $1.00 each and
thousands of Other (Joods sold in the same proportion.
You cannot afford to allow this Unprecedented Op
portunity to escape your Vigilance and Shrewd Purchos
Propensities. rs o
n cd
f ?3 jt
,-' -1
7r hUsnwuth ZXJcchhj IQv'dUl
Publishers & Proprietors.
Take Notice.
The republicans of Plattsmouth and
vicinity will hold a love feast at tl
nouso una cvming. .Juciee
Pound, of Lincoln. John L. Webster,
the silvcr-tounged orator of Omaha and
Hon. J. C. "Watson, our candidate fo
L ii i
iHKit representative, will entertain our
people. It will be a republican mass
meeting and the entertainment will be
able addresses without parade. Turn out
and hear the truth,
1'rom Wednesday's Daily.
Mr. Tliil Seidenstrikcr, of Omaha, is in
the city today.
Capt. L. I). Bennett is in Pacific June
tion to day on business.
Our new tea man expects his wife to
arrive from Chicago tonight.
Mr. NM. Satchell, of "Weeping Water
is in the city, today, on business.
Miss Cera King, of Schuyler, is the
guest of John Balleuger for a few days
Mr. Billy Morton, a popular temper
ance orator who is well known here, ia
in the city today.
Mrs. Edwin Rich nee Miss Belle Abbott
of Greenwood, is visiting at the home
of Mr. C. E. Wctcott.
iMrs. oil. a. bt. John, wife of our
genial express agent here, leaves tonight
for her home in the east where she will
remain during the winter.
Mrs. Martin, who resides about thn e
miles south of here, and who received a
severe thigh fracture some time ago, is
rccoverin? as rapidly as can be expected.
Dr. Schildknecht is attending.
The following were the arrivals at
the Riddle house this morning: II. M.
Meyers, Omaha; Geo. J). Holloway.
Omaha; W. B. Kcndle, Des Moines;
G. X Gates, Omaha; John W. Vinson,
JerseyviUe, 111., C. E. Praham in, Chica
go; J. II. Hamilton, St. Louis; Mrs. If.
Knotts, Council Bluffs.
. The young ladies of the Presbyterian
church will uive a social at Rockwood
hall Friday evening Nov. 2nd, the pro
ceeds of which iv jll be used for the Sun
day school library. A short programme
has been prepared which will r.ppear to
morrow. Everyone is cordially invited
to cbme and help the Sunday school
Admission 10 cents.
The city authorities should find out
why there arc not street lights kept burn
ing in the vicinity of the Third street
cut. People who are obliged to pfi.-.s
through there at a late hour complain of
a great inconvenience oi account o
darkness. It is a favoite resort f
crooks and it is becoming quite popul :r
among them.
"Joe," the one priced clothier, hd
his jar filled, with beans to-day and all is
in readiness for the public guess on the
number contained in the jar. On the
first of Janaary the beans will be counted
in Fitzgerald's hall by two disinterested
parties who will be selected for that
purpose. An admission fee of ten cents
will be charged, and the proceeds will be
divided among the poor people of 1 ho
city. It will cost you nothing to guets,
The editor of the Journal has cul
tivated the very unmanly habit of
approaching republicans who chance to
open up conversation with their demo
cratic friends on the streets, and contra
dieting their statements when his advice
is uncalled for. Last night the eye doc
tor opened up on a staunch democrat and
was stringing out facts to him so rapidly
that it made his head ewim. C. Whop
per chanced to pass that way and not
being content at minding his owu busi
ness, advised the professor's hearers
to move on and not pay any attention to
liiiu as he did not know what he was
talking about. C. W. by so saying re
lieved his democratic brethren and took
the whole responsibility upon his own
shoulders. If the Prcfessor had had a
pair of smoked glasses in his pockets he
would haye presented tliem to him, for
any covering for his sheep eyes at
time would nave proved a great relief.
Mr. S. wa3 knocked out in the first
round, and we trust that eucIi a lessen
will do him good. The democrats
would thank him if he would keep t n
his own side of the street and did not
Interfere frith them.
From Friday's Dally.
It is estimated that there were over
5,000 people in the procession at Council
Bluffs last night during the rally,' and
also that there were over 25,000 people
on the streets.
The Glenwood ladies club secured
the prize, which was a silver water set
valued at $100, for being the best dril
led and finest appearing ladies club at
Council Bluffs last night. If a subscrip
tion paper had been circulated in behalf
of the ladies club over the river the night
they afforded the republicans such a pleas
ant surprise here, there is no doubt that
five times that amount could have been
raised here without an effort. We most
heartily congratulate them on their
From Saturday's Daily.
The fifteen months old son of Mr.
George Godwin died last night- after
a very peculiar illness. The child has
been quite sick for some time and has
gradually lost flesh until its death. A
short time before the child died it is said
that the entire body became perfectly
discolored and resembled that of a color
ed child. The doctors report that it was
the first case of the kind ever known
here i before. The cause is unknown.
The funeral will leave the parents' resi
dence, 10th and Gold streets, tomorrow
afternoon at 2:30, after a short service
which will be conducted by Rev. J. T.
Baiad, of the Presbyterian church.
Prom Monday's Daily.
A proud man to day is Mr. Sam
Ileinkle. The music of a boy baby came
yesterday morning to add more joy to
his already happy home. Cigars within
Messrs. M. D. Polk and J. A. Davies
will speak tonight at the Gilmore school
house in the vicinity of Weeping Water.
They have made appointments over the
countrv for the entire week.
Quite an extensive prairie fire spread
over the country near Orcapolis, yester
day. Several hay stacks were burned
and a number of corn fields stripped.
Some of the property belonged to Messrs.
Fry, Stull and Yandeventer, of this city.
A very delightful time was had last
Saturday night at the home of Mr. J. I).
Tutt, South Tark. the event being a
pleasant surprise party given his little
daughter, Miss Virgil, by about twelve
couples of young friends and playmates.
mi -i..t i ji i.
mey amuscci tuemseives until a late
Burglars entered the house of en
gineer Jacobs, Washington avenue, last
Saturday night while he and his wife
were visiting at Lincoln. A neighbor.
John Bixton, noticing a light in the
house and knowing that the family was
absent, started cut to inform officer Fitz
patrick, but before they had returned,
the burglars had skipped. They suc
ceeded in carrying away a few valuables.
The work on west Oak street was
completed last Saturday. The hills and
hollows of the street have been graded
to a level with the street car track, and
it now presents a very attractive appear
ance as a pleasant drive. When all the
work now in progress is completed,
Plattsmouth will have as pleasant drives
as can be desired.
"Joe" the popular one price clothier
has made an offer to the public worth
special notice. lie offers a .$20 suit of
clothes to the person guessing the correct
number, or the nearest to it, of beaus
contained in a jar. No expense is con
nected with the guess, and if this ia not
a splendid good chance for some man to
secure a suit of clothes as a present, we
lose our guer-s.
Mr. Mart Cushing, who was obliged
to protect his home last Sunday afternoon
against insults from Mr. Rogan, with
whom he had a tussle, wishes the public
to know that Rogan is not in the fault
9o mu"h as was at first supposed. He
informs us that it was a job put up by
the strikers to be revenged on him, and
that they knew he was at home at the
time. Their desire was to get him
thumped, but the scheme did not work.
A German-American Anti-prohibi
tion meeting was held in Rockwood hall
last Saturday night. The B. & M. band
was engaged for the purpose of calling a
crowd, and they succeeded as the house
was crowded to its utmost capacity. Mr.
J. V. Weckbach was appointed chairman
of the meeting, and in a few well chosen
words introduced the Hon. W. S. Shoe
maker, of Omaha, as the first speaker. In
his speech he strongly denounced the ac
tions ot the republican party in the
adoption of the submission plank, stating
that such an act was not necessary. He
advanced the argument that the people
Lwere sovereigns and had the power to
pass any kind of a prohibitory liquor
law, and hence on necessity for submit
ting the question that prohibition in the
constitution would not be safe acting,
tnd a law to enforce it would have to be
passed. lie evidently took the platform
with the intention of making a . - . light
democratic speech, as he gav vent to
his democratic sentiments very : : q . nt
ly. Prof, E. C,- f Onmlia' then
followed with his speech ir; ' ;.,ian.
The points made by him were similar to
those of his friend. The crowd was as
large as has attended any meeting during
the campaign.
TheOpenlngof the New Iron Blidge
Uniting Council Bluffs and
Omaha Enthusiastically
Motive Power From Electricity.
About a year ago contracts were let
and operations began for the erection of
a bridge over the Missouri river between
Omaha, Nebraska, and Couucil Bluffs,
Iowa, to accommodate the growing pass
enger and commercial traflic between
tliose two cities; the budge to be built
for motor cars propelled by electricity,
with wagon and foot ways to either side
of the bridge.
During the fall and winter months deep
casions were sunk and piers erected, and
as the spring and summer months of this
year advanced, the piers of iron and solid
masonry, which rested on solid rock be
neath, were made to bear up the trcssel-
work for an iron bridge, the bud of en
thusiasm started by the announcement
of the bridg cproject burst into a flame of
excitement. Real estate rect ived the
first impetus, and building and general
business improvement followed.
Yesterday was the day set apart for the
opening of the bridge to the public
characterized as a wedding day of cities
(united for good or bad, prosperity or
depression of business). It was a day of
jubilee for all the rival spirit of years
past was suddenly changed to a feelin
of brotherly loye and "good in common"
The street in Couucil Bluffs leading to
the bridge was paved completely so one
can travel from the bridge into Iowa
four miles and a half over cedar block
and stone payement without materially
changing his direction. In Omaha the
bridge opens on Douglas street. The
tlouble track for the electric motor cars
extends from Omaha to the M. E. church
on upper Broadway in Council Bluffs, a
distance of about four miles. The elec
tricity is generated at the electric house
about one mile cast of the bridge and is
I, lulls Welcomes Omaha." Suspended
from the trusses of the center span of the
bridge was an immenrse ring, covered
with bunting and flags, bearing the in
scription, "Truly Wed." Under this
riog the carriages of Governors Larrabee
and Thayer were driven beside each other.
Mr. Thomas Baldwin, as master of cere
monies, now stepped forward and
requested the revcrened Bishop Newman
to pronounce an invocation, which he
did, invocing God's blessing npon the
two cities so auspiciously brought
together. John T. Stewart was intro
duced, and made a short address.
At this junction the scene on the bridge
was a grand and magnificent sight. Here
stood the governors of two great states,
surrounded by their staff officers. These
officers, in their rich and magnificent
uniforms, mixed with the civilians, made
a most impressive and gorgeous picture
one that will not soon be forgotten by
those who were fortunate enough to be
Governor Thayer made an address on
behalf of the people of Nebraska, but the
screeching of steam whistles, cheers of
the people and sharp crack of firearms,
made it impossible to hear much of what
was said.
Governor Larrabee, made a response
on behalf of the people of Iowa. At the
There is no doubt about the designs of
the democratic leaders of the McShane
clique; while they make war on Gov.
Thayer, they do not expect to defeat him
but they do hope to capture t lie legisla
ture of this state. This is fi ir detign
and money is being freely placed to ac
complish that object. This would insure
the return of John A. McShane to the
United States senate from Nebraska and
with a like gain in another quarter the
senate of the United States would become
democratic and the solid srath bi again
restored to its ancient inheritance of the
full and complete control of this govern
ment. Then should Mr. ILiriisoii be
elected he would be poweiless to act.
Dakota would be kept out of the union
and four years from now the political
status of the country would be precisely
as it is today. Mr. Harrison as president
and the republicans in possession of con
gress the rights of Dakota would be
recognized, two new republican states
would be added to the union and democ
racy with its free trade; its ballot box
stuffing; its southern system of Mexican
ization, would be relegated to the back
ground never to figure again in American
affairs until it was reorganized on a plat
form in harmony with our free institu-
finna n 1 1 ..I 1 1 .. j r
,.,,., , -. . i . , . I sitiiivii iiiv iniuuiituu puny OI
conclusion Of his speech the nmso wna on . . .. . 1
mof i. ,...,' ,, Nebraska see all this? Cannot the
mat iunm-r uuuiesses were dis
pensed with.
At tins juncture Mrs. Rohrer and Mrs.
Broateh each broke a bottle of wine upon
the bridge, and Bishop Newman pro
nounced the words that firmly bound the
two cities together.
The procession then returned to Coun
cil Bluffs paraded and Omaha returned
home. Driving to Bayliss park in Coun
cil Bluffs, the ceremonial party alighted
from their carriages and the bridge com
pany leading Governors Thayer and Lar
rabee, who walked arm-in-arm, proceeded
to the park stand w here speeches were
made by Mayor Rhorer, of Council
Here is a picture of what free trade
has accomplished, painted by an English
"The latest published statistics of pau
perism show that the workhouse popula
tion of England and Wales is 184,475,
Lincoln Shepherd, son of Mr. W. II. a larger number than any recorded in the
Shepherd, who lives about two miles same period within the limits of the re
south -.vest of this city, died Sunday I turns. And this totally irrespective of
morning with an attack of typhoid I those receiving outdoor relief. One per
fever. The young man has been attend- son in every 153 throughout the king
ing college at Shenandoah, and was dom within the walls of the workhouses.
taken sick there. The funeral will leave I while in the metropolis itself the number
his father's residence at 10 o'clock to- has reached the appalling average of one
morrow for Pleasant Ridge cemetery, in every seyenty-two J Add to these the
He was only 21 years of age. His sister, number of those receiving outdoor relief,
Miss Nettie, is now lying beyonel all and the countless other recipients of
hope it is said, with the same disease. public and private "charity," and it will
Mr. John R. yallerv, oldest son of ue seen that the "two or three millions
Uncle Jake Vallery, who is very popular reduced to pinching poverty" is no figure
in this vicinity, having resided here all or riietonc, but a hoinble truth. The
r -r i .
his life, died very suddenly this morning fevr nch growing unjustly still richer,
at his home about six miles west of the increasing poor becoming still poorer
city. He has not felt as well as usual that js where we are after forty years of
for the past three or four days but no frec trade."
one was alarmed oyer his condition as It only took sixteen years of free trade
his ailing was only trivial. Shortly be-1 ,n tle United States to put the people in
fore 0 o'clock this morninsr Dr. T. P. nearly as lamentable condition as that
Livineston was sent for. but upon his described above, In 1857 President
arrival there he found him beyond all Buchanan, in a message to Congress,
hone. The cause of his death is at- declared that the people in the midst of
tributed to cholera morbus. Until a few unsurpassed agricultural plenty were
hoars previous to Li deoth, his health starving. Do we want to try the exper-
jnnnrpntlv rns ns rord na pvf.i iment OVCr ajrain ?
Bluffs. Mavor Broritr!i
transmitted to a large copper wire which C. R. GWi of Cljic0j aml Ct)Ionel c
is ou.-pumieu over uie iracKs ana lrom S. Chase of Omaha
which the power for running the cars is The last exercise of the day was the
supplied. The cars were run by this competitive miilitary drill, held in
" J ? miKj line mmaiil nst nirrlit Tl... nr.l :....
made yesterday, but they merely served awarded as follows- rw,,' , v ,n..n.
puamug ln,Tul HUles) Shenandoah. Inr ... i- r,.,
ue run nanv (J enn-nnrl OnI r-
rr .rn I n r I w aurl ciof,lmot;n11 a i 1 1 ' I J
., speeu u, villisca, 3rd prize; Companv II
Of ten mi p.q ntr hmir n ifli n .-.r, . I . 1
. , ' " v"1 cvc'- wreenneid, 4th prize. The Omaha
iui.uu8 utue regularity sought :tor. Guards were awarded the trophy over
The bridge is a toll bridge, owned and Company A, of Council Bluffs winning
operated by capitalists in Omaha and it by five points.
Council Bluffs. The hour of opening
as test trips as there is some
up to do before the cars can
was 1 o'clock yesterday afternoon. The
plan of celebration was for the trades
display of Council Bluffs, and fire com
panies, ciyic societies, etc., of other
western Iowa cities, headed by Gov.
Larrabee and the bridge owners, to start
at 12:30 o'clock for the bridge, there
meet the Omaha procession of the same
class, return to the Bluffs, parade and
have speaking, then go to Omaha, where gne t( central Illinois to visit at their
the dav wnnld lw finichorl wi, 1 Old Dome,
j .u. hjaa i. K UCU Lljr
lyu piucessions met me suop, mill, and S. M. Davis has bought Lewis Cole's
ractory whistles of Omaha and Council rm, consisting of a quarter section of
Bluffs were started at full blast, and
kept at it for about five minutes. This
Eight Mile Crove.
Oct. 30, 1888.
We are having elegant corn husking
J. R. Vailery will finish up husking
his corn this week.
Rev. E. Howes will occupy the pulpit
t iue ji. iu. cnurcn nunauy mornin.
publican party of Cass county see this?
and honestly unite on our legislative
ticket? If the policy of supporting
McShane democrats by leading republi
cans in Cass county because of disappoint
ments in controlling nominations, is to
prevail, it would be well to abandon the
party organization at once. If a man
stands back, sulks over the nominations,
saying, "Oh yes I will support the ticket
but I don't like the nominees" he is in
point of fact throwing his weight and
influenca against the ticket and his party.
This is poor polities, it is not square
dealing, for if a nomination is fit
to be supported at all, it is fit to
be supported honestly nnd
bravely; especially by the leaders of a
party which are continually asking and
receiving favors as party im-n. Milton ,
I), Polk, I-M win Jearv, Nichols 8atel.fl
John C. Watson, Allen Befs-n, Amini
B, Todd and Herman Schmidt are the
nominees of the republicans of Cass
county fairly nominated and they are all
good men. Equal in every respect and
iu many the superior of those nominated
by the democracy of the county. So we
urge upon all republicans and especially
upon those recognized as the leading
men of the party, who have receiyed
substantial benefits at its hands, to come
up like men and support this ticket. No
other course can be adopted with success
and no other course will satisfy the rant
and file of the party, who are in earnest
flnrl lint-met in i. .
JU ,.,JV.w ouppurt oi uie men
and principles of their party. If our
ticket is defeated it will be
Mr. E. McCombes and mother have it win be done by
menus uiqmruonaoie in tins year of our
national contest, for Cass countv is a
republican county and entitled to repub
lican representation.
land. The consideration is S."5 4ftf
Mr. and Mrs. Frank White are
Aaron Batterton will give the vouth
resilience on
,i.L present mere is a man couuueti jOEj The One Prie .Clothier, who has
in the jail bore who refuses to give his come to our city lately, is a real wide-
. . . i i : i i ,
name. A tew (lavs izo lie was arrested "niUlc "umuc&s man una is u great uene
for trvinff to disnose of a valuable over- .fit to our .to.wn: IIe 1,a3 fille1 a i!lr
4 I !i"finfl Jin! lnvifPQ n rnrv mnn anI wnn
coatior. owner cou.a ue iouna inthet.0iintvtocomeinana gUPSS the
lor tne coat, so lie lias been Held on a mumber of beans in the jar. The one
charge of vagrancy, since ajhe is suppos- coming the closest to the number, he will
ed to be a genuine crook, until all give them a $20 suit of clothes,
authorities in the state have been
informed. lie answers the tic- I
scription of a jail breaker of Seward
who is wanted there. To satisfy himself,
Sheriff Smiley of Seward, came to the
city today, but he found him to be the i
wrong man. lie also answers the de
scription of a man wanted at Omaha for i
i stealing an vercoot,
Are you bilious and dyspeptic ?
Does your uyer sluggish seem ?
Is your slumber often brokeii
By a hideous, nightmare dream ?
Friend, be wise : The Pleasant Pellets
Made by Dr. Pierce procure.
And they'll bring you back the sunshine
Of good health, you may be sure.
sent a thrill of patriotism, of pew kind
through the hearts of every soul in hear
ing distance. One thing in the proces
sion worthy of mention was the mock
I wedding, by little children. A pyramid tatncl ,)eurJ a dance at his
nf .i,i!fi.n n... kio -nu or oyemoer.
v. m4 u il iuw ill 1 illJ " r;u UIl it WULMUl.
They were dressed in red white and blu
and kept things lively with their shouts
of laughter and merry songs. At the top
of the pyramid was a platform on which
was the mock marriage performance. A
little girl was attired as a bride, with her
brides-made, and a little boy acted as
groom, haying also a groomsman;
in the
h"l fll"r't:,..Ir:.h county for fear Cas
.. i., lt-, uj.- j;iL(.r mini or
school in the MeNmlin district.
There seems to be considerable uneasi
ness anions: leading renublimna ,.r r
ss county Mill
return a democratic delegation to the
next legii-lature.
There certainly is enough to do for
our republican neighbors up there tr.
purify the hybird politics or tlsat m.,',,..
II. W. Vallery has returned from Val- which is never republican unless it be
paraiso wnere lie uas been hunting up r uougias county men and measures
i iic- came mat ne lost lrom Ins iiercl
Oil m r- r. V
ouiuiiii. ..uuuSi,uuuiii lor U011frln ,,,,
Wl,. Omnl. IP... -0v."M"i.
William Jamerson.
drove down here on S
one or our most influential men to can- of that, countv tr r,.L-o -,
man tliia and Ka ,1 ,.1 I f i . . J nliei S
f il l -r .1.. i I . . J " i:
"uuii-i iw iue iciiiuvsi oi uie couuiv i i i
up 'wi wuums counry men and measures
this Cass county is republican from princip'o
and Douglas county for- Douglas P,mnV
. . , When Omaha republicans gt through
of Weeping Water booming John A. McShane and train In"
sunday to employ with him, it will be time for the lead.
115 couDty is republican and v.c hhrdl
another young lad stood before them at- se1 to Weeping Water. He got no help do our best to "ive a "ood acrom.fVf :V
, . . , . W istr-vpr Th wtt en,! nf r,f. .-"uu aecOUllt Ot it
tired as a priest prepared to perform a
marriage ceremouy. The procession was
about four miles lonjr.
The bridge ceremonies were the most
impressive proceedings of the tlay. The
leading carriage of the Bluffs procession.
drawn by four white horses, was occupied
whatever. The west end of the countv
is quietly but earnestly working for a
removal, and they are pure it will be
gain the victory this time.
Doubting Thomases'
carried and that Weeping Water will remarked an eminent divine, "must cxit
lauuiu me wo creciuious." The habit
Observer. or" cautiousness is not. as a General thin
inborn, but is the rrsult of a natural
erOUS and POnfiditlfr T.nt-: .a-.
Mr. Beesox is our present county victimized by the cuunm ntl,l
by Gov. and Mrs. Larrabee, of Iowa, and attorney and the nominee of our party. So the many disappointments, and often
Mayor and Mrs. Rohrer, of Counc il Bluffs.
The leading carriage of the Omaha pro
cession, drawn also by four white horses,
carried Governon and Mrs. Thr.yer, of
Nebraska, and Mayor and Mrs. Broateh,
of Omaha.
Swung from the eastern end of the
bridge was the motto, " Omaha Welcomes
Council Bluffs;" from the west end of
the bridge hung the motto, " Council
TT 11 1 . inti.fw.Mn ,.rf A.. " f
xie is an aoie lawyer, an nonest man and '"Jul,uu:i cjiccio, arising irom the rf
a fearless prosecutor. Do the people of Vftrlou,s vaunted remedies, have induced
- ciiuik guamionnitut ot tl.c tse of
. """"j. "" miy, e can attention to the umcdies
lence tor jviatnew Uering We submit P01 f-.K- V. Fierce.of Buffalo, which
the question and apprehend that it is
only necessary to call the attention of re
publican and democratic voters alike to
the proposition.
Look out for democratic lies.
physicians are employing in their prac
tice with the mot beneficial results. Hi3
t:Golden Medical Discovery." fnr ,1
of the lungs and kidnevs, heart affections'
fever and ague, dropsy, and all diseases
of the blood, has never failed when nut
to the test. F