Plattsmouth weekly herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1882-1892, November 01, 1888, Page 4, Image 4

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In It rieup lep, or is It rattier deatbt
Hem auyhowr it Is, aud weot Is real;
Ni more the doubtful blessing of the breath;
Our (J oil hath Hal J Hint silenoo U the best.
Anil thou art Rilcot as tho pale round moon.
Ami in-ar tbee Is our birth', pn-at mystery.
Alas! we knew not thou tvouhlxl ffo so aoont
VVe caouot lell where ky is IohI in M-u.
Jtul only finil Life's hark to conic and go,
Uy woudroim Nature' liildt;ii foico impelled.
'1 hen melts the wuko lu 8'-a, and notiethull know
J'or ceiialn which tho com so thla vessel held;
'J'bo leHKctiiiiK whip by.'uH no more U seen.
And ca and ky are Just os they have been.
-J. W. Inch bold.
"And now, monsieur, you know, I think,
what you have to do!" Tho colonel
ceased. Capt. Handon wheeled like
manikin turned by a brutal hand. Two
seconds later ho was in tho street. His
Lrain was vacant, without thought; lie
walked with the automatic step of the
drunkard whom will alouo maintains in.ou
1 I , .1 ..!. I
JJ 13 IllUei'lblVO U'K-
Arrived at hla own house, he threw
himself upon a chair, leaned his elbows
3 upon his knees, his brow upon his hands,
and remained thus, astonished to find
himself almost calm, tearless, but still
V. I A At A - . . .
uuaum iu reneci. i rom time to time a
sharp pan traversing his heart moment
arily recalled to him that ho suffered; he
I on iiimseir pale. Ho made an effort to
rouse himself, got up. opened the window
and regarded tho heavens of a liclit.
tender bluo, tho bine of the early spring
aiiui miitf iniii uniowa a nigm or rain.
The trees of the garden had begun to
blossom, rosy clouds floated abovo the
houses, hovered a moment upon thechim
uey tops like tho wings of birds and then
resumed their way. IJeforo him, bathed
in a pallid sunlight, veiled still by a va
porous nibt. tho ouadrangular bulk of
tho quarters. Its wulls yellow aud uaked.
r'iov.ed Itself in an attitude stiff and map
tiul. For tho first timo ho seemed to see
all these things, and moro quickly than
ever, tho Impression of external objects
acting upon a galled and tortured braiu
Nevertheless, whijo jn his lungs the fresh,
Jnn-0 air of the morning circulated, and
je felt and ho saw tho beauty of Iho
world about him, by a curious doubling
it personality ho followed impassibly In
Another eojf. tho terrible and common
placo history thut had dishonored him
JIa. Capt. Handon. a-oused of forgery,
was going to bo brought before a court
martial. To-morrow, at latest, ho would
bo arrested the colonel had given him
but twenty-four hours had said: "And
now, monsieur, jxu know, I think, what
you have to do I"
Ho had but one passion the horse and
that passion had ruined him. To ride, to
run them, to mount them at races, ami to
have a stable had beeu the lixed idea of
his life; the goal of all Ids desires aud
efforts; tho single thought of his soul. A
marvelous horseman, absolutely indis
uioun table, so they said in the regiment,
the men hadsurnamed him "The Jockey,"
n. namo that was at once his ambition and
his pride. Tho maintenance of his stable,
however, bad cost him his patrimony. lie
had borrowed, and a pack of creditors
loosed at his heels tracked aud harassed
lam. At last, at bay one day, mad with
worry and lost in one of those moments
when moral sense is obliterated and con
science uses sophistries to put to sleep
its scruples, he had drawn from the casb
box of his squadron forged signatures tv
the bills in it, and falsified his accounts
in the hope of hiding the deficit.
Cnskillfnlly done, tho fault was
speedily discovered, and to-morrow he
was to bo publicly branded, and the
cavaliers of the second class, who, in tho
street, rode behind him, would then have
tho tight to refuse to salute him, tho
l ight to ecorn him. j
- "How could I have done itV he cried
aloud, clutching the window frame in
agony, all in a sweat, his eyes dry and
staring straight before him in an attitude
of blank despair. lie had a vision of tho
ordeal awaiting him the five brother
officers united there to judge, condemn
and degrade him.
"And now, monsieur, you know, I think,
what you have to do!"
The phrase of the colonel returned to
Lira suddenly in its implacable signiu
cance, followed by that other one that
his brain conveyed to him like an echo:
"He meuns you to kill yourselfl"
He remained a moment bewildered,
btupefied. Then a sob shook his breast,
tears rolled from his eyes, and like a
child who, feeble and without support,
has need to sustain and solace itself by
affection, he was seized with an infinite
gratitude, an Instinctive thankfulness to
the colonel who had been kind (o him
his colonel, who had accorded him tw enty
four hours of grace, who had opened to
him a door of salvation in permitting him
to evade a public dishonor.
He must kill himself that liberty alone
remained to him. Kill himself I Finish
it, and immediately! Death! No moro
hubbub, no more uneasiness or disquiet
ude! Indifference to the future! For
getfulness of everything and of himseltl
So bo it! ne had had enough of this
needy, tormented existence!
Meanwhile he had not stirred from his
window, unable to tear his regard from
the spectacle of life that surrounded him.
In the distance from the gates of the
quarters a platoon of riders were going
out for their regular maneuvers. Men
and horses were like pigmies small, but
distinct. Mechanically he counted them.
Four, eight, twelve, sixteen, eighteen.
Soon tho platoon was lost from sight in
one of the cross streets, and when the
last of the cavaliers had disappeared
around the turning, a great emptiness
filled the breast of Randon. It seemed
to him that henceforth he was alone in
the world, abandoned by every ono. Ho
drew himself back, 6lowly reclosed the
sash and re-entered his chamber.
Against the wall on tho riht a panoply
of arms fastidiously arranged caught his
eye. He reflected, quickly passing in re
view the divers mean3 of suicido that
were at his door, successively rejecting
them all the revolver, commonplace;
the stroke of tho poinard, theatrical;
poison, the method of a nervous duchess;
drowning, fit only for a betrayed and
Suddenly he shivered he had found it!
Ho descended to the court and called his
"Saddle Xinichel" said he. And he
watted,, promenading from side to bide,
threshing the air with his riding wlup,
whittling through his teeth. When they
brought him his mount, a little mare,
true bred, slender, yet sinewy, he was
calm again, and settling himself slowly in
liis stirrups, departed.
Erect upon his saddle, martially camped.
Lis legs falling nat'urally along the flanks
of his mare, the reins supple but perfectly
carried, and trimly attired in a blue cav
alry coat, closely buttoned to his form,
4,'apt. lianden advanced at a slow step.
IleJ was pale, a littlo nervous, jcrhaps. j
imr. I. a wixhed to be impassible and stiff j
Limself resolutely in order to give,
regarded the'
bluish smoke of the
charetle mounting
lightly in little eddies in the t rauspariit
clearness of tho atmosphere, or lifted his
head to examine the windows of the house
to surprise a pair of eyes that niiitnn
plated him. a hand that drew usido a cur
tain, and he was happy at tho little effect
produced by his passagu
Impelled by force of habit, ho had taken
tho road to tho quarters llo crceived it
presently and smiled contemptuously,
nevertheless continued his route He do
sired to see for the last time the beingc.
and things familiar to him He saluted
with the tips of his fingers the sentry who
presented arms, gave an amicable good
day to the sous officer on guard, a man of
his own squadron, made the tour of the
barracks without dismounting, threw a
glance into the stables, directed tho officer
of the day to remit some punishments
that ho had inflicted the evening before,
passed to the gate, leaped it and turned
and swept the building with a gaze of
Only then did his heart sink, and, fear
ing the trouble that Invaded him, he put
his mare to the trot, seeking to fly his
weakness. He had resumed the way to
the forest; before long he was in the
woods. Rays of sunliciit filtered through
out tho leaves, designing the shadows of
the treu and branches upon the brownish
earth. Drops of the night's rain atill
pearled upon tho grasses.
Capt Itandon brought his horse to a
walk. "There is plenty of time." ho
thought, and allowod himself to go dream
ing idly, soothed by the freshness of the
morning breezo.
In tho meantime he had passed Into a
wide, sandy alley "tho training alloy."
as ho remembered, of the barracks; ho
had traveled two kilometers at a jump
lie dropped the rein3 upon Ninlche's necK.
and tho head and shoulders of the tiiaru
balanced to tho right and balanced to tho
left with the regularity of a pendulum
Handon was absolutely content content
with the pride of a resolution well and
Cnnly taken llo was happy even to Hud
himself calm and proud of his bravery.
At the end of the alley ho traversed a
wide clearing, and a hundred meters fur
ther stopped Dchind a tall hedgo near
by, a stone's throw from the highway,
not more, tho line of tho railway ran; tho
desceut that led to it was perpendicular
and covered with pobblcs aud jagged
points of stone. Palo as a corpse. Tiin
don observed it. a strango emotion hold
ing him. his legs woakening beneath him.
Ho made a half turn, throw his animal
upon her haunches and advanced again,
tut at a walk. There was plenty of timo!
Ninicho was afraid of a tree that had
fallen across her route, and plunged vio
lently. A littlo more and Uaudon had
been dismounted. It was a painful sur
prise to him.
"Chut!" ho cried, "what Is the matter
witn meY Can I rido no more?" And,
afraid of being afraid, ho stiffened hini
sulf anew and began to pot and soothe her
less to culm his animal, perhaps, than
to reassure himself.
"Gently, Mamie, gently; no precipita
tion. Easy, my girl. easv. Thou shalt
have thy gallop by and by."
Airain ho stooped and made a half tr-jm.
again hesitated; for tho dosiro to wheel,'
the desiro to fly and turn no moro had
come upon him strongly; but only for an
instant. 1 lien quickly unwilling to
allow himself a moment to reflect, a mo
ment to regret he roso in his stirrups,
bout his body forward, and the raca
Iho wind cut his face, tears wet his
eyelashes, but still he went with dizzying
rapidity, the trunks of tho trees passing
him like specters. Nothincr was clear or
distinct nothing but a vatruo. coiifnsvl
impression that it was his life thus flying
uuui uim hi iragmems.
lut still lie went, and now it was the
noise of a horse that he believed he heard
pursuing him. He turned in the saddle-
nothing the noiso was nothing but the
noise of the pebbles that Niniche's flying
feet cast behind her. Bat this idea that
a horse pursued him pleased his fancy,
set it going, and immediately he imagined
himself upon tho "track" and making the
last grand round. Ho hurried the pace of
his mount.
The circuit of the cloaring had twice
been passed; the gait was frightful, but
the hedge was before him; behind the
hedge he divined it without seeing it
1 ' 1 . 1 I
oreatu tue air ne 6 wallowed came from I
his pantinj luners in shrill whlstlincsl
In tho twinklinjr of an eve he Lad a
vision, a dim realization of that which
was to bo his death a fall into space, a
complete failure of respiration, a crushing
blow upon the head!
The idea of stopping his mare crossed
his taind. He bore till minx inn. lata!
Already he waa upon the edgel He closed
his eyes; he abandoned himself, but in
stinctively loosening the reins and lock
ing his legs according to his habit when
leaping obstacles.
lie bad a half consciousness of the mo
ment when Niniche arose in the air. He
experienced a sense of relief; it wa3 fin
Ho forced himself neither to hear, to
see nor to breathe, but he bent his 6pine
as one who awaits a volley of blows from
a cudgel! He fell, he bounded, he rolled!
How long it was, that bounding and roll
ing; and then that dull noise of a shock
apon hard ground that he heard!
"I am swooning." he thought. "I am"
a cruel pain in his head recalled him. "He
had broken it. Had he" But immedi
ately there was a second shock that shook
him from head to foot a sensation of
rending and tearing throughout his body.
He remembered that he had fallen upon
the railroad undoubtedly a train had
passed, a train that had cut him in two.
All his ideas were clouded a mist be
fore his eyes but he was peaceful and
comfortable, very comfortable he
to remain thus always always he knew
no morel
Meanwhile he had come to himself again.
About him was a whispering of voices, as
about a coiBn.
"It is the interment I am dead now!"
he thought, and the conclusion gave him
a pleasure.
Suddenly he felt himself lifted a
frightful pulling rent his vitals atro
cious agonies harassed him. tore and
racked him.
Ho strove to cry out "My ."the
words strangled in his throat I
for tne secoud timo he knew no more
ho v. as dead. From the French.
"If this is your final answer. Miss
Jrobinson." the young man said, with ill
concealed chagrin, as he picked up his
hat and turned to go, "I can do nothing
but submit. Yet, has it ever occuired to
you that when a lady passes the ago of 87
she is not likely to "find herself as much
sought after by desirable
she once was?"
L'oung men as
"It occurred to me with sudden and
painful distinctness when you offered
yourseu just now, she replied.
now. she reDued. (iood
nijlit, Mr. Peduncle." Chicago Tribune
hltuself countenance;
What Am I To Do?
TK al m '
me eyiuptuins 01 Diiiousnss are un
happily but too well known. They differ i
in uuierent individuals to some extent.
A bilious man is seldom a break fast eater.
Too frequently, alas, he lias an excellent
appetite for liquids but none for 6olitls
ot a morning. His tongue will hardly
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wnite anu furred, it is roimh, at all
llie digestive system is wholly out of
order and diarrhea or constipation may
e a symptom or the two may alternate.
There are often hemorrhoids or even loss
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'J F. O. Ekicck & C.r
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Cass County Eigle.
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queation. As Flwttsuioutu is the m4
convenient point to all the county on ac
count of the transportation which can be
afforded, the county seat should certainly
remain here the proper place. Every
man and voter who lm nnv i'ntorrt in
I Ik!. !. II " . . r .
na 13 luc prominent city ox cue coun
ty, this is where the
county seat should
j allow their children to cough and atrain
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they are down with luner fever or con
sumption, when they can be so easily re
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The county seat agitators in the
south end of the county are working
things, as it were. The Weeping Water
croakers, we learn, will not stop at any
boundary now but what they can secure
the county seat within their limits. We
cannot say that we wish thera success,
but might possibly, if they had shown
up an honorable face. Farmers eur
sounding that deserted burg, who were
never known to have more than one or
two farm hands in their employ, are now
keeping from five to twelve on their
farms, with apparently no work for them
to while away their time until election
day. Such is the cose, it is reported, in
that entire surrounding country. We do
not suppose the farmers are putting up
for the waste time of th-ir employes, bt)t
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Runaway Aootdent.
Akmnotox, Neb., Oct. 23. This after
noon about 5 o'clock, as Barney Jungblut
a farmer who resides about four miles
north of this place, was starting homn
with a four horse load of lumber, Lis
horses became frightened at th: curs ai.u
ran away, scattering the 1uiuIk-i- promis
cuously; tdso throwing Mr. Junblul ti.
the ground, breaking his right arm m.
two places below the elbow, and I), uisii .
him about the head. The team which is
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by running into a wire fence.
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r ncKe K u. t
Bad Wreck on tho Alton.
UI.OOMINGTON, 111., Oct. 2. A bad
accident occurred on the Jacksonville
division of the Chicago & Alton ro id,
--I"! T . 1 . .
ueai oau jose, trns niorning. A freight
train collided with an east bound train
composed of empty coaches while run
u.uS ni m uin rate or s;eec.!. tjotn en
gine crews jumped to save their lives.
fireman JJaum. fit the freight train. wn
caught and crushed to a pulp. Engi
neer Foote, of the same enpino, was pin
ned under the wrock and badly hurt.
r j "
1 lie engineer and fireman on the other
mim eru aenousiy injured, due will re
cover. Both locomotives and seventeen
cars were destroyed.
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insrof your medicine had on my health. I was
troubled with nervousness l.rouht on by over
work. Your Nerve Tonic almost immediately
owijpeu mat peculiar tremor that I presume,
is evidence of nervousness. 1 am now well.
My head troubled me, could not sleep, bead
hot, dreams of accidents, etc. One siioonlul
or your medicine removed the cause of mv
creams; have not had them since; took seven
or eight bottles of your medicine. Keep some
in my bouse; aHvaj s take some occasionally;
would not be without it; have recommended
It to my friends. If 1 am not mistaken your
medicine will prove a jrreat blessing to this
over-worked nation. Yours trulv,
. , ., H. C. H.
A similar experience was ma.lo hv Mr. John
Beat ty. Corner Carroll Avenue and Lincoln
btreet, Chicago.
Tniiiiei ior.sunci.-rs or nervous ai.sea"
win De ent free to any a.j.Jress.ancl poor patienii
can also obtain this iueJicmo iree ot cliurge froia
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byDth,r8' and 18 "OW ,raliured'u",ep "isUlreciiOD
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M W. Madison ror. Clinton St., CHICAGO, ILL.
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Shingles, Lath. S';:sli
Can supply
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get terms.
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Fouitli street
Call and
In Rear of (
rn House.
W A.O-02ST
15 LA
Wagon, Buggy, Jfc.-Aine end Plou re
pairing, and general jobbing
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n Maker
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B.&. Til. Time Tabic.
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No. 1. 5 :lo a. m.
;! N:
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1. in.
1 a. !u.
N", 3. 6 :-R p, 111.
No. 5 6 :47 a. in. N
11. i 1'
Xo 7.--T ii. in. . 1
No. ! :!7 p. lit.
No. 11 ;27 a. in.
AU trains run d iiiv M --.w
Noh 7 and 8 u liU-'n r-i:: 1 1 1 .
daily excrj't Sund:iv.
No. 30 U a. -tub to I I;.' f ni. - :
13 ! 111.
4- H. Ill
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No. 19 la ii titub tioiu l uciif
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Lyinoer fard.
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Juii'.iioi) at lla.Uj.
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,'l:"n T C'lf'Jn t do ni. i)f;:i) merely to
lt!i. m for a tunc, and then l::ivt; Mn-oi ro
a i-k 'oi 1 .mi: an A K.VJiCAl CL'X!J.
li.uO u;uie the i:aca.':j of
f 1.1
'a life-lonjr study. I WARRANT my remedy to
CI'kk tho worl caoort. i;c.H!c others luive
faill 1 norcMion for not bow receiving
Scuil for a ireatiso anfl a 1'ltKK l!i i l.H
Of mv 1NI-AI.I.IKLK KEMbiiV. li.0 !-JpiCS
nd Iot Ofllce. It cfM3 you ntlua a
trial, and it will cure you. Address
H.C. ROOT.M.C, IS3 Pearl St., Kevv YCRK
Almostas Palatgbjo FelUk.
So tl!s?:7ii:n d Sn it c F-.f taken,
J!ge-l, und assiiiWlr-H u by mint
.eimitivc stomach, wttn ll.s ri:tl: oil be tulcni ted ; find by tliO com
bination of the oil iiic l-y
pbitca Is tuach iiMirn inca.coia.
Kenurfcable S ii ilcsli prodnter.
Tcrscns gala ra;ld!y Iiile (ab ii.
SCOTT'S EMULSION is neknovloJHGclTjy
Phyr.iciaus to be the Finest and Best prepa.
ration in tho world for tho relief
f and euro of
The great remedy or ConsumpCan, and
Wastinij in Children. Sold by all Lragglsls.
r-w t t. r.
1 m
y v ;v '
ki m i'. : ? t v ." v
Clcc nscs Iho Kasa! Twa rjo!
Irys laUartHi-iUtioii. Jr'siim
I'.ostores the Sense; of Tasr.o,
ttxtcl Hejtrir.
Wm.'tfusi.ic. Vvl'-;-i-.'j:-. n. ii - i-
E2.:i.JU,lLl:()-:JI:'!::;,-.-V nrw.ri.Si V,
: Al-
CURtS Wh'tRE ALL ELSE tfiH. &i
juest contra bj rup. loattH trood. Ueo
in tune. S.-.H n-,lnv.i.
' ' - '
3ve Piso'a Cure l(
mmntion saved M
-A. II. Doweli,, 4
inquirer. I;den- M
I believe
for Coiisumi
my life.
Editor En
ton, N. C, April 23, 1SS7.
The best Cousrh Jledi-
cme is J'iso'.s Cure for
v.usumptiox. Children
take it without objection.
liy all druggists. 25c.
Beet Cough Syrup. Tastiis pood." Ppb Hi
in Him. H.lll,vdrii.Mr.ut VUl
-7. " - xuiLi cn nun
MMfh year, it is Kr- o.C
wmatioii for all whr,
ciiase t!. e luxuries or tho
1110. vvr
can cioihe you and furnish you with
all the necessary and unnecessary
appliances to ride, walk, dance. sla0J
eat, fish, hunt, work, go to ehu-c-'
or stay at home, and in various ii;fc.s
styles and quantities. Just figure en
what is required to do al! those thicr-i
COKFORTUBLY. and you onn make :t "ni
estimate of the vaiuft of the EUV11!!1''
GUIDE, which will be sent Von
receipt of IO cents to nay po.t itc-
111-114 Miohiea.n Avenue f::- i-.; .-, 1..
QC 'm cot, watch
i 0 OOld lor IOU r.,7-1
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without d'-inv.
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