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I'rovLloii. of the Jewlh Ijw a Em.
bodied in tlu Yoreli Ieah The Differ.
nc I Jet w eon "Koirfier" and "Trera."
Soiling; "Treftt" Meafc to ChrUtlans.
"Our great enemy is the cow. Against her
and her brother, the ox, the preat preventa
tive Is always to boil your milk thoroughly
and oat your meat well done."
So said President Cliauveau in his speech
attbel'irst International Tuberculoid con
gress at Paris, as rorted by cable.
In view of the discussion by medical men
on both sides of tho Atlantic as to whether
tulwrculosis is communicated from the bo
vino to tho human race, a reporter talked
with Dr. Frederick do Kola Mendc, of tho
ates Of Praver Hviiacrotrn.. n.wl f'.:..r n. in
T , - r r- i 1U1UUI
-uw-lJii, on ino Hebrew manner of slaughter
ing cattle.
Dr. Mendea said: "Tho idea that tubereu
osw can bo propagated in tho human species
J . -""BlIoii ot tn0 nesh Gf animals
nuiivriiig irom Uiseaso is an old one to tho
miary legislation of our people. The pro
visions of tho Jewish law, as embodied in
tho oreh Deaharo minute and cover the
fcuuicientiy to enablo tho slaughter
uuciuo whether tho animal he has
butchered is free from all taint.
" uiiierenc an-
Iearances in tho lungs of cattle some rnali"-
i.aut, soma Harmless and which are all
Hoc.fitwi ... 11.. .
v-...uuu ,u iub accompanying text. It is
uuty 01 me butcher who slays tho animal
to closely examine tho lungs of tho carcass
i.uiu tuoir appearance decide whether it - academy
would be Impossiblo for the carcass of an in-
lecwsu animal to pass the inspection of a con
scumtious slaughterer nud be pronounced fit
"I know nothing of any enacments of tho
J.. mcU romIls an examination
wu xiiw or animals suspected of tubercu
losis. Having no knowledge of tho statistics
wueLiier Hc-orews, who observe the
UiS ur less than Oeutiles to tuber
culosis, I can give no opinion. I should judge
, nm,Ss oeing equal, the observ
ant Jew has tho lienellt of his fldelity to tho
law m greater immunity from tubercular dis
eases. Tho questions of kosher meat were
ui;ii.-ou ac lengtn in Chicago some mouths
James I. Keeno is said to be almost m
millionaire again.
Mr. Walter Besant says the time Is not
far distant when writers will bo able to
mako ns largo fortunes as bankers.
One of Senator Palmer's pleasantest
recollections is of a trip lie took through
Bpain on foot when a boy. Ho went in
company with four other Detroit boys,
all of whom had very little money, but
an inordinate amount of grit.
J. V. Bradberry, of Athens, Ga., lias
a war relic that recalls mournful mem
ories to him. It is tho first bullet fired
from a Federal gun at his old regiment,
the Third Georgia, and it killed his
brother, who fought at hid Bide.
Andrew Lang seems to bo about the
most industrious literary man of the
present age. lie is said to spend four
hours a day in independent
work, and also writes regularly for three
London journals, receiving from these
$1-1,000 a year. With his other accom
plishments Mr. Lang is a first class hu
Scientifically Made Lasts to Accommodate
Corns Ituniooe ami Chilblains Men as
I'artlcnlar as Women About the Shape
t Their Footgear Lasts.
According to The London Court Jour
nal, Sir John Millais is engaged upon a
three-quarter length jiortrait of Miss
Vanderbilt, in whom, it is said, "he ha3
found a face which he can paint at h-ast
sympathetically." It is probable that
the picture will be finished this month,
and that it will bo exhibited at the
autumn exhibitions in London.
Dr. William Everett, son of tho fa
mous orator, is possessed of a phenom
enal memory. lie is nmsffr nf Adit.
at Quincy. Mass.. and never
uses a text look in the class room. Vir
gil's "Eneid" and Horace's "Odes and
Kpodes" he knows by heart. On account
f hid remarkable voice, which combines
in a startling manner the qualities of
bass and falsetto, he is irreverently re
ferred to as "Piggy" Everett among the
chief rabbi Joseph
Chief Rabbi Jacob Joseph, at his residence
said: "I have been too busy with mymani-
iuiu uuues 10 examine tho slaughter houses
01 our peopio yet. 1 Lave examined some of
- iuo Knives to see that they have no iaged
...uuu.cmuttrp as possible so as to
uvoiu unnecessary suffering by tho cattle.
1UU," UUOK loron lAiali, section So, de
scribes the lungs of cattle the lobes and the
rose looe.
If the lobes are radically malformed we
call tho animal 'trefa,' or unclean, and there-
tore uneatable, if the external or surface
tissue of the lungs has holes in it it is a dis
ease, but may bo cured, but if the underly
ing skin has holes also it is 'trefa.' Some
tunes the holes are very small in both integu
ments. We place the lungs in water and
inflate them through the windpipe. If there
are air bubbles that shows perforation. The
lobes of tho lung must not bo adherent to
the body of the animal or each other; that
shows that there are boles and pus has gen
erated, thereby causing this sticking to
gether. This is 'trefa.' If the outer skin is
hard and loathery it is 'trefa. If the luus
cannot be easily inflated and fall together,
that shows inflammation and consequent fill
ing up of the bronchial tubes. This disease
is curable."
"After death how can you tell whether the
sickness was curable f asked the reporter.
"Wo put the lungs into water in all doiibt-
iui cases lor twenty-four hours. Wo then j an oil well driller.
mtju, mm ij. mey come up as In nor
mal condition the animal was curable and
therofore eatable. If there aro watery pus-
tuies uu tne ouiwara skin it is curable, but
in the case of confluent pustules it is 'trefa'
and not 'kosher.' If there are black stains
on tho outer skin of the lung it is 'trefa,' but
if white stains, 'kosher;' if j-ellow stains
trefa;' if blue, 'kosher.' '
'Now as to milk. While the cow is alive
It cannot be discerned whother the milk is
unhealthy except the animal has the foot
and mouth disease. The milk of such cow is
forbidden; also the butter and cheese made
from her milk. Dropsy as a result of dis
ease Is chronic in cattle and in man. If the
flesh of such cattle be consumed the infec
tion is naturally absorbed."
"What becomes of the animals that are
slaughtered and are not kosher ?'
"As long as the board of health permits
the sale of tho cattlo wo can sell it to Chris
tians and others. If Christians want to buv
'kosher' meat of us we aro bound to sell it to
Capt. Ericsson is still halo
and is at present occupied in his well ap
pointed workshop, in Beach street, New
York, in working out what he intends to
bo tho crowning achievement of his life
his solar engine a machine intended
to capture tho heat of the sun's rays and
apply its force to tho onor.itinn nf mo.
chinery for manufactures and locomo
tion. He has practically eolved this
problem, but has not as vet devplnnod it
to hi.s full satisfaction. He pursues his
experiments today with as much zeal and
industry as ever.
The present congress boast3 two TirpeV-
inriJges Clifton Ii. and William Cabell
Preston. When people sneak of A1V
Breckinridge, however, thev usually al
lude to W. C. P., who is a handsome,
gray haired, gray wliiskered man. whose
greatest delight in life is in his 1 2
old daughter. They are insenar.ihlo
panions, and when Mr. Breckimidtre e-oea
out to make calls on New Year's day he
takes his little daughter with him, not
withstanding the mother's mild remon
strances. This innovation on New Year's
day's customs is highly relished at the
houses where Mr. Breckinridge calls.
John McCune. the lare-est Kl'nflA nil
producer in the world, whose estate is
worth $10,000,000, is about 4o venrs nf
age, of medium size and dark complexion.
His face is smooth shaven, except that
he wears a heavy black
history i3 a remarkable one. He was
born in Ireland and landed at Castta Oar.
den loss than twenty-five years ago with
scarcely a dollar in his pocket. He
drifted into tho oil country and Kv.itnn
By lucky accident h
ooiainea large interests in the Bingham
lands at Bradford when the field was in
its infancy. He left Bradford worthJ$2,
000,000. Since that time his operations
as an oil producer have been invariably
successful, and his wealth, as stated
aoove, is not less than $10,000,000. A
large part of his fortune is invested in
government bonds, and he also owns an
immense cattle ranch in Colorado. He
is one of the most modest and unassum
ing of men, of polished manners, and
speaks as smoothly as though a native
American. His home is at Washing
ton, Pa. 6
thejn. The Jaw says so. If the Christian
asks for 'kosher' meat and is given diseased
meat tne Hebrew commits a sin."
"Do you think that Hebrews suffer more
Ironi tuberculosis than Christians?''
"Universal statistics show that the He
brews suffer less from lung disease than "any
uLner race. uey certajniy sutler less from
lung disease than any other race from sick
ness caused by eating diseased meat The
general health of the Hebrews is excellent.
Our law does not designate any disease which
comes from cattle that man can be inocu
lated with.
"As a rule Hebrews soak meat In water for
half an hour after purchasing it, and then
salt it for an hour. This is considered a san
itary measure. Shell fish oysters, crabs,
lobsters are not eaten by the orthodox
ur. Ji. u. JJadirrlan, a native of Asia
.minor, but now practicing in New York
Eaid to a reporter:
Tho subject of tuberculosis is one of great
interest to me, as it must be to every medical
man. After receiving my education In the
University iledical college in this city twenty
years ago, I returned to my home and prac-
ncea in iisia Minor three years, and in Con
stantinople twelve years. I may say that I
had a very large practice, but being a Chris
tian X had some trouble with the Greeks, so
lour years ago jl packed up my belongings
and brought my family to New York.
"Now, during all those years in the East I
rarely came across a case of tuberculosis, and
I have formed a very strong opinion on the
cause of the absence of the disease in that
part of the world. Tho Parisian congress
found that by cooking meat well and boiling
milk there was less danger of catching the
disease. And this conforms with the result
of my experience in Asia Minor and Con
stantinople. There the natives eat generally
mutton and drink goat's and sheep's milk.
They scarcely touch beef or cow's milk, but if
they do they cook the meat well and always
ferment the milk. Here the mistake seems
to be that people imagine that there is more
nourishment in rare meat and milk from the
cow, but this is a fallacy, and I am glad that
the Parisian congress reported it as such."
New York Herald.
A Biffger Telescope Still.
Infinite space is something the human
mind cannot comprehend. It is unthink
able, but the marvelous discoveries by
4-1 T'l-A-l . . .....
telescope neip a little to expand
the mental vision. Now that the great
telescope has been thoroughly tested it
is time to plan one still larger. Wlule
the Clarks are in the prime of life
tho work should bo accomplished. The
government of the United States ought
to undertake the expense of the great ex
periment. The next glass should be at
least four feet in diameter, and five, if
Class disks of that size can be seen ml .
Tho next generation may not be able to
construct such a glass. We are confi
dent that the Clarks can do it. But
there are such things as lost arts, and the
art of making exceptionally great tele
scope lenses can be lost. Rochester Democrat.
"Don't you want a last madeP rather
solicitously inquired a fashiouable shoe
maker tho other day of a well to do cus
tomer. "A lost! what torP was the surprised re
joinder. "In order to get a erfoct fit for your foot,"
answered the shoemaker.
And after a brief conversation the cus
tomer had his measure taken for a last, and
his bunions, corns and chilblains will receive
due anatomical consideration.
"About 00 per cent, of my customers have
their own lasts," said the shoemaker subse
quently, "au.l they are all perfectly satisfied
with the ease and iwfect lit of their shoes.
There are some men on my books whom I
haven't seen for Gve years. They simply
send me a written order for a jair of shoes
or boots, and as I have their lasts there is no
fxtra measuring to be done. The shoes are
made, and the only reply I get is a check for
the bill when it is presented."
"What does a last of this chan-acter costr
"Well, from $5 to 15, according to the
lecuiiarity of the foot and the necessity for
"Oi k upon it. it is a sui-prising fact,
but the feet of no two men are alike, and
therefore no stock last will answer in mak
nig a perfect htting boot or shoo. Every last
nan lo uo aicereu m some particular for each
customer. Some men have calloused joints;
some are suffering with bunions; some have
corns and others have trifling deformities,
w men must; be regarded if the shoo is to lit
snd give comfort to the wearer."
avo men particular about the shape of
their shoes as a class?"
v en, i should say so. There is scarcely
a customer of mine but is as anxious to cet a
i i i . ...
s" looking snoe as a lady is. Uf course,
mey insist that tho shoe must fit and be easy,
out mey are just as anxious that it shall be
irim and neat. Many of them want little
leforniities hidden by a general change
in iue suape or the shoe, and then,
igain, some will wear an extra amount of
leather to cure a slight limping in their gait,
swing to the fact that one leg is a trifle
ihorter than the other. Altogether I think
men are as particular in this regard as the
"Then, again, there are a number of
actually deformed feet for which shoes have
to be made, and in these cases we have to
take a perfect plaster cast of the foot, and
form the mold, construct a last upon which
to construct a good fitting shoe, which will
aliow of ease and comfort in walking. Some
men have feet that turn up on the outside,
and, of course, the soles of their shoes have
to be so put on as to allow for the wear on
that jwirticular place.
"We have some very queer specimens,"
said tho shoemaker, and he produced a col
lection of lasts that looked as though they
might do service in a dime museum. Some
were of club footed men; some of men whose
feet turned inward; some with phenomenally
high insteps and some with no insteps at all.
A rather pain suggesting assortment had
little lumps and bumps upon them which told
the story of corns and bumps all too plaint
ively. The collection was a decidedly unique
an e.
xou've no idea how particular a gentle
man with a pet and carefully trained bunion
is to have a good looking shoe, and at the
same time to have it so that there will be no
pinching or pain when it is worn. Other
men have gracefully formed feet, entirely
clear of the slightest blemish, and these ara
peculiarly anxious to have a shoe made that
will do full justice to the beauty and sym
metry of their pedal extremity. It must not
be too long or too broad, the instep mnst be
gracefully arched, and the hollow in the ball
of the foot most carefully arranged. Now,
this can only be accomplished by having a
special last made, and it is to the credit of
these gentlemen to say that they never object
to the cost of such a luxury."
"Of what material are these lasts generally
"Mostly of maple or persimmon wood.
When properly seasoned, these woods do not
warp or crack, and are easily worked into
the required shape. Sometimes we make the
first lasts of cork, which is easily cut Into
form, and after that we make them of the
wood," Chicago Herald.
Mr. H. II. Frohlichstein, of Mobile,
Ala., writes: I take great pleasure in re
commendiDg Dr. King's New Discovery
for Consumption, having used it for a
a severe attack of Bronchitis and Catarrh.
It gave me instant relief and entirely cur- takin" it
ed me and I have not lx;en afflicted since. cffect
i uiso icfr io state mat i nau tried other
remedies with no good result. Have also
used Electric Bitters and Dr. King's New
Drunkenneasor the LiquorHsbitPosU
tlvely Cured by Administering
Dr. Haines Golden
It can be giren in a cup of coffee or
tea without the knowledge of the person
is absolutely harmless and will
a permanent and six-i-dv -nr
- i j - -1
whether the patient is a moderate drink
er or an alcoholic M-reek. Thousands o
Life Pills both of which I can recommend.
Dr. King's New Discovery for Consunip
tion. Coughs and Colds, is sold on posi
tive guarantee. Trial bottles free at F.
G. Fricke & Co'a drug store. 1
One of the saws in a North Carolina mill
was knocked galley west by a lot of grape
thot imbedded In a log that had evidently
grown upon some field of battle.
Pure water is being reached by artesian
borings 300 feet beneath the salt wnter of
New York bay, 100 feet from shore. A dock
company is sinking a twelve inch welL
Three hundred years ago tho council of
Treat denounced the "iletestablo practice of
drunknrds have been made ti
men who have taken Golden Specific in
their coffee without their knowledge.nnd
to-day -believe they quit drinking of tin ir
own free will. IT NEVEH FAILS. The.
system once impregnated with the Speci
fic it becomes au utter impossibility for
the liquor anoetite tu exist. Vnr full
particulars, address GOLDEN SPECIFIC
CO., 185 Race St.. Cincinnati, (). 'Sli-ly
For Sale.
We have 150 native feedini? steers for
sale for cash, or on time, with approved
security. Seyboldt &, Holmes.
Enquire of C. M. Holmes, Checkered barn,
Plattsmouth, Neb.
What? Cured among others the
following. They write :
84J OntraJ Ave., f'inclnnatl O.,
January 4ih, ImS.
Athloi'horoa Piila havn rurml me of livT
com i 'fin nt tuiil tlyxix-imla. 1 mo ten i f
thi rillNtoa f rlrnii who 1m trnilltl Willi
iiiilir-Mtluu aaid hu lia ltiiinvcl won
derfully. t IL lloWh.KAM f.
16 Rosettn SL. New Haven, i l , (
Ftsbruary Intli. Ixhn.
Athloihmn 1111a workI woiuIith in my
mw ut dy'iNila, Emma L. CljkiiK.
Ath-lo-pho-ros Tills arc niiuiII und
pleasant to take, yet wonderfully
elleetive. Invaluable fur. kidney
and liver complaints, dyspepsia, in
digestion, constipation, headache,
etc. They'll take away that tint!
feeling giving new life and strength.
7-Send 6 cents for the N-Aiitiftil colored pic
ture, " Moorish Aluldeu."
THE A THL0PH0R0S CO. 112 Wall St. N. Y.
Most says that there are .lOO.CvJf
:i ! Vjrp, State-.
A Millionaire in a Minute.
Instances are on record where toilers in
gold mines and diamond fields, who, by
one turn of the spade, a single movement
of the hand, have been transformed from
penniless laborers to millionaires. But
they were not so lucky as is the consump
tive who finds a means of restoration to
health, who learns that the dread disease
fro m which he suffers is not incurable.
Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery
win cure consumption (.winch is lung
scrofula), and nothing else will. For all
diseases of the blood, such ns blotches,
pimples, eruptions, scrofulous sores and
swellings, it is unequalled.
any this
la Case of a Fire.
Capt. Shaw, the well known chief of the
London Fire brigade, in a magazine article
on the protection of dwelling houses from
fh e, says: "There is a great deal of faulty con
struction in houses in consequence of archi
tects being seldom employed. Cracked walla
are almost sure to give way in case of fire.
Party walls should be carried at least three
feet above the highest part of the roofs. All
roofs should bo provided with windows or
openings by which the inmates of a house
could escape in the event of the stairs becom
ing impassable,
An Explanation.
What is this "nervous trouble" with
which so many Beem now to be afflicted? If
you win remember a few years ngo the
word .Malaria was comparatively
known, today it is as common as
word in the English language, yet
word covers only the mianiug of another
word used by our forefathers in times
past. So it is used with nervous diseases,
as they and Malaria are intended to cover
what our grandfathers called Biliousness,
and all are caused by troubles that arise
froai a diseased condition of the Liver
which in performing its functions finding
it cannot dispose of the bile through the
ordinary channel is compelled to pass it
off through the system causing nervous
troubles, Malaria, Bilious Fever, etc.
You who are suffering can well appreci
ate a cure. We recommend Green's Au
gust Flower. Its cures are marvelous.
la the Head by the proprietors of
Symptoms of Catarrh. Headache,
obstruction of nose, iliscbares falling into
throat, sometimes profuse, watery, and acrid,
at others, thick, tenacious, mucous, purulent,
bloody and putrid : eyes weak, rinmnw in i-iiro.
deafness, difficulty of clearinK throat, expecto
ration of offensive mutter; breath olI, nsive:
ameli anil taste impnired, and ifencrnl debility.
Onlya few of these symptoms likely to lie pres
ent at once. Thousands of cases result In con
sumption, and end in tlio pruve.
By its mild. sootluiiK-. and liealintr properties.
Dr. Saye'B Remedy cures the worst canes, floe.
The Original
Liveh Pills.
Purelu Vegeta
ble t llarmlcit.
Unequaled as a 1M ver 1111. SrnnlleRt.eheHw
est, easiest to take. Ono Pellet a Ioe.
Cure Sick Ileadaelie, llilioiiH Headache,
Dizzliieaa, Coimti pation, liidigoMlioii,
liilloua Attack, and all derariKcinents of
the stomach and bowels. 5 cts. by drug-gist.
CUBfcS WHtHf 11 tl.St fAIIS
Best Coinjh Byrup. TanU:s pood. Use
in inn. .-Mini nytiriiiri'istH.
Taken up by the undersigned, one bay
horse two years old, black mane and tail
and also uncommonly marked black lerrs
The best material for staini The owner can have the borcn ,v .n;
-'vusu. . v. iuiu t.uv nui bl swue, since tae i uu paying an expense
latter yields to an amount of heat which does w5w. "t. n ArrniTi,
nun.! viuuuu injiuauun. tvnenever
I believe Piso's Curo
for Consumption saved
my life. A. II. Dowkll,
Editor Enquirer. Kdnn.
ton, N. C, April 23, 1887.
a house has both wooden and stone stairs the State of Ohio. f!itv of T7d,l
Inmiitflfl cViniil.l in "- : J rt. I y 1
- -.. . w u u u . .ft vi V, lUVlUUiOiy
make for the wooden stairs, as affordine the
only hope of escape." Chicago Herald.
Electric Bitters.
This remedy is becoming so well known
and so popular as to need no succia
mention. All who have used Electric
Bitters sing the same senjr of nraise. A
purer medicine does not exist and it is
guaranteed to do all that is claimed.
Electric Bitters will cure all diseases of
the Liver and Kidneys, will remove
Pimples, Boils, Salt Rheum and other
affections caused by impure blood. Will
drive Malaria from the system and pre
vent ns well as cure all Malarial fevers.
For cure of Headache, Constipation and
Indigestion try Electric Bitters. Entire
satisfaction guaranteed, or money refund
ed. Price 50 cts. and $1.00 per bottle at
F. G. Frickic & Co.'s drug store. 5
It is a condition and not a
which confronts us. Surplus
Lucas county, ss. (
Frank J. Cheney makes oath that he is
the senior partner of the firm of F. J.
Cheney & Co., doing business in the city
Toledo, County and state aforesaid, and
that said firm will pay the sum of ONE
HUNDRED DOLLARS for each and
eyery case ot Catarrh that cannot be
cured by the use of Hall's Catarrh
Sworn to before me and subscribed in
my presence, this 6th day of December,
A. D. '80. A. W. GLEASON,
(Seal) Notary Public.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally
and acts directly upon the blood and
mucus surfaces of the system. Send for
testimonials, free. F. J. Cheney & Co.,
Toledo, Ohio.
ESold by Druggists, 75 cents.
Tho best Cough Medi
cine is Piso's Cuke for
Consumption. Children
take it without objection.
By all druggists. 23c.
BeStCouKh jsyrup. Tastes pooil. Use
in time. HolilbydmgtfiwtH.
r. oftjr n n n f i j
A,!?SER'iS C.'MCER TONIC without delay.
A rare iiieiliciual couipuuu.1 iWcui b whuimllelW iilt
. " ' . . ''"'""ll Lilt' l.-fl ," , . V I - r- f
to cure.
Revival Among the Japanese.
Rev. Dr. Harris, of San Francisco, who
has just returned from a visit to the
Japani?sie Methodist mission in Honolulu,
informs The Chronicle that an active re
vival is in progress there anions- thn
Japanese, and says the converts do not
consider themselves at all 6afe till they
are baptized. The moment this is done
they are all right. Ono of them, instead
of eating his communion bread, asked
tliat it might be 6ent to his relatives in
Japan for their spiritual good. New
Y'ork World.
The cost of public education In Prussia
15 .cents per. head. ; v -u..
Annexing "Xo Man's ljnd."
Kansas is anxious to annex the srrir of
land called "No Man's Land," adjoining
me state, not, tne newspapers say, "for
boom purposes," bwt for protection.
Every thief and murderer who commits a
crime m western and southern Kansas
makes a break for No Man's Land, where
he is as safe as the manslayer of old in
the city of refuge. Chicago Herald.
Henry Ward Beecher's Farm.
The beautiful farm of the late Henry
Ward Beecher at Peekskill is going to
waste, none of his heirs havincr the means
wherewith to carry on fancy farming the
way Mr. Beecher used to do. This farm
cost the great preacher about $300,000,
and his executors would like to 6ell it for
$S9,000. Cincinnati Commercial Garotte.
Mytery of Circus Lemonade.
After squeezing a lemon until it was as
dry as a tariff speech the old soldier lemon
ade vender on Randolph street deposited its
remains in a big glass bowl or tureen. A
close fitting cover is kept on the bowl, and is
only lifted a moment as each piece of ex
tinct lemon is dropped into the big dish.
Nearly a peck of overworked lemon rinds
were piled up in the bowL
"Why are you so careful about those
lemon peels!" queried a curious patron of the
"Want to keep 'em moist and clean. What
furf Oh, ies' 'cause I want to. "
The old soldier looked guilty. He stam
mered a bit in giving his wholly unsatisfao-
tory explanation.
"D'ye sell 'em?"
"Yes sometimes. You see, the candy
butchers of the circuses and the picnic fakirs
uses 'em. They slice up these rinds and put
'em in a tub of water to make it look like
real lemonade. A little citric acid put into
the tub gives the water a sourish taste, and
it ain't many people as knows the difference.
They ain't very preticuler, noway, and the
lemon rinds floating in the water makes 'em
believe it's all right. I keep 'emin this cov
ered bowl to keep moist until I get home
wnen 1 put 'em in a damp place. If the rind
got real dry once it wouldn't look nat'ral
and wouldn't cut up nice." Chicago News.
"When Wo Study Great Anthnri.
What we all want is better order In our
daily thoughts, a clearer vision, a firmer
courage. True culture of course implies
progress in these directions, but much that
passes for culture does little or nothing either
lor the mind or for the character. Much de
pends on the end wo keep in view. If w9
study great authors for the sake of showine-
as it were, an elaborately furnished drawing
room in our minds, we shall get about tho
same amount of benefit as people commonly
get from elaborate drawing room furniture;
but if we study them so as to gain a wider
outlook on the world through understanding
their thought and duly estimating the condi
tions under which they wrote if, moreover,
we prove ourselves from time to time to see
whether we are really gaining in mental
power tne Denent to us may be very great.
Popular Science Monthly.
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swiftly gliding by.
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i A' SON
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One Har
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Miss Eegonia I love music; do you play
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Smith (who acted as college waiter last
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An Explanation Desirable.
He was doing very nicely in tho parlor.
- came turougu the open
window from the porch:
I hat young man makes me very tired,
"Don't be alarmed, Mr. Sampson," said 1
gin, 3 ne nastily started up, "it
Polly, our parrot."
"I understand it's the parrot," he replied
"but I would like to know who taught her to
i or Bun.
"Harrison rides a preat big horse.
And ieveland rules a mule.
Harrison will be the president.
And Cleveland will be the t -I."
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o me nave made over .."o
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i I n n r
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1 1 I IMI
t hev
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Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria.
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