Plattsmouth weekly herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1882-1892, August 09, 1888, Image 1

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(A .if (gf is! n .
- i
1 .
4 ,
1 J -
I if--
royal mr.t jk j
Absolutely Pure-
This powiler never varies. A marvel of pur
ity, ftrentr'li and wholesoiiieuess. More eco
iiiiiii Ii;lI t h:m the ordinurv kinds. and cannot he
sold in competition witli the multitude of low
Sliori Wellilll UIUII1 or illuMiaia puic;i.t.
Hold only in e . I. s. Kovai. BAKIMi 1'owUER
Co.,locV all Ht. New York.
W K Jr ox
- Jamks Pattkkson.jr.
Police J uJe,
Council ien, 1st ward.
r.vuoN ulahr
A Maiidi.k
S curroKU
j J V Wkckhach
( a Salisbury
) I) M Jiin KH
" 2ud
' 3rd
Hoard Pub. Works
Y McCallkn. 1'hks
4 .1 W
I D 11
.1 W Johns n .Chaihmak
Hawks woktii
I). A. Camphei.l
TlllH. 1'OLI.OCK
1iki Ckitchkiklg
W. II. Tool
kDeouty treasurer, -
Deputy Clerk, -
Ueeorder of Deeds -
Deputy Ueeorder
Clerk of District Co jrt,
Suot. of I'ul). Schools,
County Julne.
John M. Lkyha
w.c. showaltkk
- a. Maholk
Mav.nak i SeiKK
A. VS. Toon. Ch'm.,
Louts b.u.rz.
Weepinir Water
A. H. Dl ' Ksox,
Kim wood
rA5SWU)U(TKo."'llT;rr . . F. -Meets
vfveiy Tmilay evenini; of each week. All
trar.fiMit brothers nre respectfully invited to
. F.. meets erery alternate v riuay m
each inoi'.ih ill the .Masonic n.iu.
Jlrothers are tavilcu to aueuu.
miuo t oDiia no si a. o. u. w. -Meets
Lr:tiZ""T ntfui.y in!
vi'tedM attend. K.J. .lorKan.M.isterV.riun:in ;
K s luiMmv. Foreman ; l-1 aiiK j.rowu. rr -
peer- 1. Uowei, iuile; oot;ce llou.-wort li.
Ueeorder; II. J. Johnson, Financier ; NV iHi.
Smith. Keeeiver; M. Maybnaht. 1 att M. v . .
J;iek Daueherty. Inside Huard.
yj ol menea Meets second and fourth Mud
day evening at K. of I hall. All tiansient
lirotliew requested to meet with us. L. A.
Neweo ner, Veuerable Consul ; U. h , NUes,
Worthy Adviser ; S. C. V llde. Hanker ; V . A.
lioeek, Clerk.
Jl 'mwu every alternate Friday evening at
Krwkwuiid Iiall at 8 o'clocn. All transient brulli
ers are respectfully invited to attend, l.
f w. r K. Hovd. Foreman : is.
Wilde, kec'order ; Leonard Anderson. Overseer
Meets on tlie tirt and Hi id Holidays of
each monta at their lia'L All ti;Misi-nt luotli
ers are cordially invUe.Uojiiev wit a us.
Wm. H ats. Secret ary. .
1 Meets second and fourth Tuesday of eaih
mouth at MasonV Hall. Transennt brothers
are invited to meet wuh us. p ffmi , J p
W'M. Hays, Secretary. , .
iit 'AO'S COMMA I1AHY. NO. 5. K. T.
Meets first and third Wednesday intclit of
each month at Maso 's hall. Visiiina brothers
are cordially invited to meet nil us.
WM. Hays, itcc. F. b. iutk, E. C.
1 A S S C O F N C U . N 0 . 1 02 1 . 1 1 0 Y A L M IC A X V M
J n eet- the second and fourth Mondavs of
c aeh month at Areanum HalL
P. C. Mi sen. Secretary.
J, W. Johnson
C. S. Twiss
lifii. Nicks .
M ai.on inxos
CifAitLK! Ford
AXDKitsoN r'KV
..Senior Vice "
.Junior "
ii. M.
officer of the lay.
Sergt Major.
..ouarter Master Serirt.
Tost Cliar-lain
J,. O. Cl KTlS,
Meetinir Saturday evenui:!
1st Viet I'resMent...
2nd Vie.e President..
...F.obt. B Windham
A. !?. Todd
u in Nevillt
F. Hermann
F. K. (Jutliman
.T C. "fcirhov. F. K. White.
I . C. ra-tterson.
J A. Connr, 11. F.lxou, C
d r. J. V. Weckbach.
W. Sherman, 1". C.or-
S. Attorney i innce
WW nvAr Peter Merse's
store, norm siae
M iiu net we n Mti and sth street.
A. HAlillUA, iiwr, riuunoiu
ftn.i cVreful attenti.into'a general law j iactice
V sit i i.ivan. Attorney at Law Will
j. eiye prompt altenliou to all 1 i-finese in
trusted to !-im. Ofliee in I'nion Idock, Last
side, riattsinouth. Neb.
Send your job work to the IIf.kald
Call For Republican County Con
The republican elector of Cass county
art; hereby culled to meet in their respec
tive wards and precincts on Satur
day, August IS, for tlic pur
pose of electing delegates to meet
in convention at Weeping uter, Neb., benefit of the city. Mr. Kichey, the pre
on August 20, 1HHH, at 1 o'clock p. in., K(.t mayor, accepted his nomination on
for the purpose of electing sixteen dele- that platform, the republican council
gates to the republican state convention, K. Hncepted their noininationis upon
which meets at Lincoln, August 2:i, 1888, the same issue, and today we believe they
ami also to elect 10 delegates to the con- huve ana ar3 to the best of their ability,
gressional convention which meets at fulfilling their pledges. The sewer im
Lincoln, Sept. 20, at 8 p. m., 1888. Hie .movements are beinr pushed rapidly to
wards and precincts are entitled to the
following number of delegates:
isa't Cree
Weepiiui Water
7 Greenwood ...
9 Move Creek. ..
... H S.iuth Bend...
J Avoca.
1 lattfinoutli free... 7 i ilwtv h
1st word 7 Rock Bluffs y
!ul ' ! Mt. Pleasant 6
:trd " l:i Eixht Mile Grove.... 7
" 4lll " lli
M. D. Poi.k C'h'm,
II. S. 'Wilkinson, Sec'y.
1'rimaries will be held in the various
wards and precincts, on Aug. 18, 1888,
at the following places:
Tipton, at Eagle, 8:00; Greenwood, at
Cornish school house7:30; Stove Creek,
at Elmwood villageSO; Elmwood, at
Center school house, 7:o0; South Bend,
at South Dend, 7::i0; Weeping Water, at
Union Hall, :j p. in.: Center, at Manley.
t r;ii., t p;iwoi,v, H.,n
J I'- ? "uu'o'""i
a p. in.; Avoca, at Huchins' school house,
ii in H rnr liln fT j n T?. ir-rri t-o I I
i. ..lUw.., ... o ""'"i"
house, :j p. m.; Mt. Pleasant, at Gilmore's
school house, 4 p. m.; Eight Mile Grove,
at Ilyat's school house,7::50 p.m; Liberty,
at Folden s school house. ?, p. m.; Platts-
mouth precinct, at Taylor's school house,
p. m.; riattsinouth city. 1st ward, at
county judge's oflice, 1 to 7 p. m.; 2nd
ward, at 2nd ward school house, 1 to 7
p. m.; sru ward, at Sullivan s omce, l to
7 p. m ; 4th ward, at Kockwood Hall, 1
to 7 p. m.
. . ... ..
At the republican con state vcntion
heij Oct. 5th, '87, it was directed
republican voters at the republican prim-
, , ,n t i- ... t
aries suouiii vote upon ino quesnou ui
the submission of prohibition as aconsti-
tional amendment and the same having
been directed by the republican state
central committee, the said electors will
also vote upon said proposition to be
submitted as follows: "Shall there be a
submission of the constitutional amend
ment in this Htate prohibiting the salt
and manufacture of intoxicating liquors.'
All those who favor this proposition will
vote "yes" and all those opposed will
vote '-no" on their respective tickets at
such primary elections and make a return
thereof to said Committee.
M. D. Polk,
Chairman Republican Central Committee.
li. S. Wilkinson, Sec'y.
Board of Trade-
From Wednesday's Daily.
Plattsmoctii, Aug. 7th.
The Hoard met with the following of
ficers and members present: R. B. Wind
ham, Pres.; A. 15. Todd, Vice-P.; F.
Herrmann, F. Gorder, F. Carruth, J. Pep-
perberg, J. X. Wise, J. M. Patterson, A.
X. Sullivan, Ptichey Bros., W. S. Wise,
S. Waugh, J. II. Waterman, Eigeu
berger & Troop, D.ive Campbell, M. IX
Polk, Skinner & Ritchie.
The president stated that there was a
call to the deep water convention to be
held at Denver. Col.. Aur. 28th, aUo
that the city was entitled to send three
delegates, and the county at large, one,
nnrl nn motion of thr secretary that the
president appoint five delegates and five
alternates. Motion carried.
Motion made by W. S. Wise that the
president be one of the delegates. Car
ried. D4eate3, R. Pt. Windham, S.
Waugh, F. Carruth, W. S. Wise, D
Campbell. Alternates, J. M. Patterson,
A. B.Todd, F. M. Hichey, F. Ilirrinmu,
F. Gorder.
Arnrirm be V. Carruth that a commit
. -..-i. iii
tee be appointed to see what could be
done in regard to transportation for the
delegates. D. . Campbell, committee,
Motion made by F. Carruth that a com
mitlee of three be appointed to conter
with the city officials in regard to the te;
minus of the sewer--Committee, F. Gord
er, A. N. Sullivan, S. Waugh.
Motion made by F. M. Richey that the
special case on railroads be hel l over
until further notice. Carried. ,
All persons interested in the "Wm.
-i- r.t.,., arrk .,ct0,l tr. mni.t t
oi I '-"'""''j "- .1uv.--w.
the cemetery "on Tuesday. Aug, 21, in the
r i i : . l u
o uireuuuu iu ticur u un iiuu uiafcc mmujjc-
ments to keep it in order. By order of
I director of school district No. 6.
Gray hairs prevented, dandruff re
moved, the scalp cleansed, and tlie hair
j made to grow thick by the use of Hall's
egetaute rsicuian Majr itenewer,
Our Present City Administration
The public should remember that the
present administration nre redeeming nil
the pledges they made before the last
election. The republican city convention
passed a resolution that they were in fa
vor of ull public improvements for the
completion. The bonds having been
sold and $10,000 s now in the bank here
ready to be used and the balance sub
ject to call. The paving of Main St. is to
be commenced immediately and will be
pushed to an early completion. The
water mains have been extended as f ar ae
compatible with public interest the pre
sent jear. The gas mains have been ex
tended, 25 additional lights having been
added to the HO already in use. These
are the internal improvements that the
city was mostly interested in at that time.
but tiK,re ;3 one otiier that certainly de-
miUU$ the attention of our present mayor
Hn(j city fathers and that is a new
city iiaij..
The present quarters are entirely too
smnll and cramnod and the administra-
.. , , , , ...
tiou suoui'i Keep pace wuu toe rest oi me
improvements. They certainly cannot add
i .1 - i i. a"i : -
io ine city any moi e suosiannai uuprovt-
ment than a new city hall, one that will
h)e. large enough to comprise a council
chamber, a room for the two hose and
hook nnd ladder carts that are located in
the business center, and if possible, a
station house or jail and headquarters
for the police.
Councilman Murphy at the last meet-
jug offered a resolution tending to that
end and it is a matter that ought to be
pushed along with the other improve-
infnt9. There are sever"1, goofi locations
I that can be had and we urire the council
to look into the matter.
Preparing for the Long Hours.
Xothing affords one greater pleasure
than to sit down with one of our old
vets., who has fought, bled and died for
his country, and hear fro.n him the im
itation of a battle in full force, but m
order to get the benefit of these stories
you must have the faculty of drawing
heavily on your imagination. Since con
siderable interest was manifested last
night by an audience who had quietly
assembled in a cosy little room for ihe
purpose of imparting to each other thril
ling experiences and listening to the hair
breadth adventures of the said vet, it was
imagined by one of the party who was pos
sessedjof considerable more forethought
than any of the other members of the fra
ternity, that, to form themselves into a
social society, with an efficient story-tel
ter as chairman, would be a scheme well
worthy the consideration of the gentle
men present. The thought of the cold
winter nights, which are only a short dis
tance in the future, and how edifying it
might be for all who participate to listen
to stories which roll from the lips of
those who have fought for us in the
troubled days of yore, which inspire each
loyal citizen who hears them. Xo objec
tions were raised las-t night when the auO-
ence was compelled to exercise their imag
inations, and it was agreed unanimously
among the said hearers that if any part
of a story should "sound to us," it would
be allowed to pass humorously by, as was
done last night. It was moved by May-
or chey fnd ponded by O. P. Smith
that a society be formed before the arri
val of said winter nights.and that a social
society, consisting of committees on "The
tariff fiucstion, tho late war, the demo
cratic and republican parties, the pros
perity of this great nation, the prohibi
tion party, when I was a boy," and a
hundred other different subjects, be
formed. The motion was carried. Tl;e
following gentlemen ere appointed as a
" " . . .
committee on war stories, with Mr.
C. Ritchie as chairman: Messrs. O. P.
mitii A H Tnild Miirnr Ttichev rx-
- M,lvor' Simpson, L. E. Skinner nod M. Ii-
We are to have a paved street or the
work commenced as S"on as the sewer
work is advanced far enough to allow it.
A mathematician has figured out how
long we will be obliged to wait for the
paving if we are to be patient until the
sewer work allows it at ;ts present pro
gress. IJe savs it will lie just GGd days.
Ayer's Sarsaparilla Is designed for
those who need a medicine to purify
their blood. No other preparation so
well meets this want. It increases the
appetite and rejuvenates the whole sys
ten Its record, for forty years, is one
cf constant tnwmpU over disease,
From Friday's Dally.
Mr. Geo. Hoeck, father of Mr. W. A
Hoeck, shoe dealer of this city, who lives
near Murray, met with a very serious and
probably fatal accident yesterday after
noon about 4 o'cloc k. He was in the net
of tearing down an old windmill which
was located near his house, and when
near the top of it, the whole thing gaye
away, letting him fall a distance of thir
ty feet, on a shed which was attached to
it, and from there he rolled off and fell
to the ground. The windmill is an old
one and its support had rotted away so
that when it gave away and let him down
the whole thing followed. If it had not
been for the bhed which protected him
from the fall of the windmill, he would
haye been killed instantly without a
doubt, and he was very fortunate, al
though badly injured, not being killed
by such a fall. Two of his ribs were
broken and !s' ivi iv.d cthci wiji.iii
which caused -him to remain unconscious
until this morning. At present his phy
sician entertains slight hopes for his re
Mit. Morton explained t his demo
cratic audience at Weeping Water just
how this nation lias been running on a
false industrial system for the past one
hundred &nd more years and how the
"robber tax" has been making serfs of
the American people. The only thing
the democratic war boss fails to show,
in his free trade harrangues, is how this
nation has made the most wonderful pro
gress in its material development, in
every direction, under the protective
system. How its citizens have the best
markets in the world, home markets at
that, how those markets pay the best
prices for labor and produce, of any na
tion on the face of tha earth; and how
the workingmen of this country have
inestimable advantages over the work
ing men, the semi pauper classes, of Eng
land, to whose level Mr. Morton would,
if his theory of trade wa3 to be adopted
in this country, reduce them. The great
physical fact which this country under a
system of protection presents, giyes the
lie to these defamers of our country's
good name and reputation and furnishes
a complete answer to their falsehoods.
Will somebody who has studied the
subject please explain why women who
are addicted to poetry generally write of
the most melancholly affairs? A cood
many of them appear to. Uo depressed be
cause they cannot die without further de
lay and have flowers sprluklcd on their
graves, ihey don t give any good reas
ons for this peculiar yearning, but they
go on as though their highest ambition
is to perish on general principles. Others
bring the sad, salt tears to our eyes by
telling how some young lover went away
to sea and. never came home again, and
how Mabel sits by her window, looking
out on the night, and listening for his
footsteps which will come to her cars
nevermore. Then there are little girls
dying while the roses bloom outside,
parents dying, flowers dying, and a gen
eral carnival of death in every direction.
The Journal is wiliin;; and eager to en
courage all poets, regardless of age or sex,
but it would suggest that their rhymes be
stuffed with less tears, death and desola
tion. "The sad old earth must borrow
its mirth, it has tears enough of its own."
Lincoln Journal.
The Candidates-
In a grocery store the reporter uotic
ed the following authentications which
appear on an advertising card hung on th
wall, which presents to the eye the pic
tures of the various candidates for tho
presidency nnd vice presidency:
Grover I'm a fisherman.
Thurman I use snuff.
Fisk, (prohibition) Six long weeks in
the long month of August and all I want
is water.
Brooks (vice pre.) That is the hand I
Harrison American industries protect
ed by me. John Bull don't go.
Morton Plenty of good cheap feed
and homes for honest labor.
Kliiea By Lightning
Fremont Neb.. August S. During a
thunder storm on Sunday night a seven
teen-year-old daughter of a Bohemian
named Mannek, livinig in the northwes
part of tins county was killed by light
mug. llie gul was iu nea wneii me
house was struck. A younger sifter who
occupied the bed with her was not hurt.
Ayer's Hair Vigor is cleanly, agrcea
ble. beneficial, and safe. It is the most
elegant and the most ei oncnucid of toilit
preparations. By its use ladies can pro
duce nn abundant growth of hair, caus
ing it to become natural in color, hut re,
and texture.
Stanley the great explorer is needed
now by the democratic party. An expe
dition will have to be orgtnir.?d to dis
cover that letter of acceptance which
Grover Cleveland has evidently lost.
No mind reader will do.
Will make tin e:i.oii
Mondays and Tuesdays at Homo,
one mile cast of Kight Mile (Jrove.
Wednesday to Saturday in Plattsmoutn
At Louis Kliroell's stable at the foot of Main Street.
s i ii i i Vt
Is a Dark-JJay I'acer, 15A hands hiih, weihiny 1 ,200 oii!is. His
close, compact torm and noted reputation for endurance and f-eedy
proinv have justly earned for him the reputation, and encomium from
the Editor of the "Sjuitjtle Turf" that he is one of the l'ei-t Sires
ot the ;!!,'('. Jlis record is 2:'2i, and has paced trial miles in 2:10.
His colts, Little 15ahy, 2:27A, and J. Y. Jluey, 2:l'p with more to
follow in the charmed circle this summer, is certainly a on-at rhowin,
!!!' '" 1 ' " n,i':- M'i'ilv : orand oiitiorl unit v to tn-t
valuable hoic ;u iow prices. His
if not paid till after foaling, r s20
price of a ood ordinary horse, while
lines receive troin slOO.OO to $.J00.(JO
this kind, if not wanted for sporting
work on a iann, on ncVoiint of their
dralt horses, and can ro to town
and time is money. Owners ot line mares have a rare chance now for
one ot the cheapest horses in the United States. ' Embrace the oppor-
Ton.rx Clero.rQ.ons.
The wool clip of America amounts to
about three hundred million pounds per
annum. Its annual value is eijual to
about ninety million dollars. It stands!
sixth in value on the list of American
agricultural products. The number of
sheep is over fifty million, worth about
one hundred million dollars; and, while
the democratic administration is denying
that it is for free trade it puts wool on
the free list. The wool growers of the
country as well as our manufacturers, who
have studied the effect of protection up
on this great industry claim the Mills
bill will ruin prices, and destroy the mar
ket for the American production. A
dark lantern committee dared not admit
the wool growers of this country before
the committee on ways and means to
make their showing and piesent their
reasons for opposing a further reduction
of the duties on wool ar.d woolen goods.
They could not and they knew the coun
try would not justify the action of that
committee with the plain facts placed
before it; hence, the dark lantern business 1
and hence the appeal the wool growers
take to the ballot box Xovember next.
There they will be heard as they were hi
Oregon. 1 hey were denied a heanncr be
fore the committee at Washington. They
will be denied a hearing in the "solid
south;" but thank God a free north will
hear them in Xovember and so will the
"reat fraud Grover Cleveland.
Fkom the Tribune's exposure of his
administration President Cleveland
sought relief in Smith Weed's counsels
and a fishing expedition. That was a
cruel shot to fire into the reform admin
istration on the very day its sham head
sent his civil service message to congress.
We asked the Jocnial some several
days or weeks ago to pleas'i give us the
difference in the hours of labor in Great
Britain and Amerca; if we recollect cor
rectly, the editor of the Journal was
claiming that the short hours of labor in
England accounted, very largely, for the
difference in wages in the two countries.
The Hkrald bus waited sometime for
this bit of information)
The moon shines out. with here and there a star.
But furious cloud rank3 storm both stars and
The mad sea drums upon the harbor bar.
Will the tide slacken soon?
O, sea, that took'st my youngest, wilt thou
And the sea answered through, the black night
"I took thy youngest. Shall I spare to-night I"
The thundering breakers sweep and slash the
To westward, lo! one line of cream white foam;
I raise to darkling heaven my helpless hands;
I watch within the home.
O, sea, that took'st my eldest, wilt thou save?"
And the sea answered as from out a grave,
"I slew thine eldest son for my delight."
"The giant waves plunge oVr the shingly beach;
The tawny maned great lions of the sea
With pitiless roar howl down all human speech.
Is God far off from me?
O, sea, that slewest my sons, mine husband
spare :"
Tho seas wild laughter shook and rent the air;
Lo! on the beach a drown 'd face deadly white.
George Barlow in Belgravia.
The Use of Saccharine.
The use of saccharine as a substitute for
sugar is not considered safe from a medical
point cf view. Dr. Worms, in a communi
cation to the French academy of medicine,
states that of several patients who made use
of saccharine by Lis advice, all but one were
compelled to give it up on account of the oc
currence of dyspeptic syrnptoms, nausea,
loss of appetite, etc. It is usually not until
after the substance has been taken from ten
to fifteen days that it manifests its evil influ
ence. It then appears to accumulate In tho
system. Scientific American,
service ot 1 o.OO, with '2.00 added
to insure colt to stand, is only the
horses of Siiakki: J Joy's blood
m other localities. Horses of
purposes, can do more jeneral
extra nerve power, than unwealdy
or to meetiiifr in one-hall the time.
Legal Notice.
To Joseph S. Kohn : You nre licrchy notified
Unit on the sill day of Novemln-r ls:-t; the; lid
low inj; dcfcrilM'd l;mlt. vll : ''he MS r of the
N Wir and tho N li ii-of t lu-;sV i- of ect ion inno
9lo nship Iwc'ic I IL' N raliK: twelve 1 12) eaxt
in Cass eouiity, Nel,ia-ia. la.rl to .l.s. Kohu
lor the year is., w.i sold to l, C. J'.Iooiuer at
public tax hale l-u tlietaxis of t tint year by
th treasurer of Cass couniy, .lnaka. una
tiie lime for redemption froin said sale will ex
pire on I lie 81 Ii day ol November I MM ; mid
liirlliei lliat the ceitificate ol urehaso ban
been assigned to the uiniei ciucd and that if
said l-.uiu is not redeemed from nai-l tale I
shall demand a deed lor tho name from tho
tieasurer of said county.
-'lv Jl l.Aur.iii (,'. K lli HA I.I,,
I'.y 1). C. illooiucr, ilcr agent and attorney
Sheriffs Sale.
I' v virtu of lliiee executions Issued by W.
(;. ilioualler, clerk ol the dii-trict court within
and forC'ai-s county, Nebraska, and to mo di
rected, I will on the 1st day of September, A.
H , isss. at II o'clock a. io , of said day at tho
soul Ii door of t be court house in H.iid county,
sell at public auction, the following real estate
to-wit :
The west half of the south-west iuarter
ot the northwest quarter of sec
tion nine, township twelve (12), range thir
teen (l.i), east of the (6) sixth principal merid
ian in (.'ns county, ehraxka.
Tlie same beinu ievled upon and taken as the
property of Thomas J. Thomaa, defendant ; to
sa' isfv u Judgment, of said court lecovered by
the Citizens Hank of 1'laltsmouth, plaintilt,
Ufraiiift said defendant.
Ciattsmouth, ieb,, this i8!h day of July, A.
2'iw Sherill ('ass County, Neb.
Legal Notice.
In the District (Joint of Cass couu'y. Nebras
ka. Michael Archer vs. Sarah I. Archer.
To Sarah I). Archer, non-resident ifelendaut :
You ara hereby notified that on the 'Mix day
of duly, A. I). IssH, puintilf Hied bis petition in
the lustriet Court of Casa county, Nebraska,
whrein you are defendant. The object auU
prayer of said petition being to obtain a divorce
from you because of your willful abandonment
of 1'laiutilT without JiJKt cause, and continuous
ly remaining away for more than two years
prior to the commencement of this suit.
You are required to answwr said petition on
or before September loth, A. l. 188, or your
default will be entered therein and judgment
obtained according to lar.
llated July 28th. A. I. IMS.
2(1-4 Mil IIAP.L AHCllKK.
By his Att'y, Bykon Clark.
Sheriffs Sale.
By virtue of an order of Kile issued by W, C.
Sliowalter, cler'it of the dut rict court within
and or C;;ss county, Nebraska, and to me di
rected, 1 will on the 11th (lay of September, A.
I. lss, at l o'clock p. in., ot said day at thOv
fouth door of the court Iioukm in l'latt Hiuoutll
City, in saiil eountv. ?o l at puhlic auction, the
following real ei-'.fcte, to-wit: Five acres of
ground 't'Mi ibe west half of the
west i!;r. oi i ne noriiieaet quar
terot section one 1 ) in township twelve I2J
range thirteen east in Ca's county. Wehras
ka : Paid live, acre of land hfln the Same
whereon the l.'iiild injr, yards, fencec. Ac, ot
said defendants Uut'oiir & Co.'s slaughter
house, paekmir house. &e., are located.
The sum- lici::g levied upon and taken as the
property of Dufour & Company, or Diifour tic
Finn; John S. Duke. William H..l'iekeii9. Jos
eph V. Weclvhach, the t'lattsitiuulh Laud Im
provement Co., li. A. Waterman & Son, and
.Johnson liron.. defendants ; to satisfy a judg
ment of ;iu court recovered hy Kichey Bros.,
plaiiiiin. against said defendant.
l'latt'inouth, Nelj., August 3rd. A. I. m.
21s5 Sheriif, Cass County, Neb.
Personal attention to all Buainee Knlrust
to my care.
Titles Examined. Ahstarct? Compiled, lu
rance Written, Keal Fstate Sold.
Better Facilities for making Farm Loan than
Any Other Agency.
It. B. Wimiham, John A. Davikh,
Notary Public. Notary Public,
-"ttorncys - at - ZD aw.
Cfiice over Bank f Caf-s County.
Plattsmoctii, - - Nekkapka
For Sale-
A thorough bred, Polled Angus bull
calf, enquire of Judge W. II.Newcl or C.
tf. Wm. Git.mqur.
Any one paying up their subscjiption
and 23 cts. can have the OinaltH '"Weekly
2?e till January 1st, 183C.
rx n o