Plattsmouth weekly herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1882-1892, August 02, 1888, Page 8, Image 8

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    iHolw AUGUST 2,
iLATTSMOUTIl WEEk"-A xiatUi,j. iitdJ
I f
Arc ottering Pec;nl reduction
Chambray RobesandChahies.
-We have placed in
Ferries Good-Sense
We - Would - Call
-To a line
Misses, Chiidrens & Ladies
Also a
Mens Button, Bal
In good
Very Reasonable Rates.
Closing OuLt Sale I
"We desire to close out our entire stock ot
Parasols, Fans and Millinery Goods,
At once and we will pay particular atten
tion to the entire disposal ot above lines
. on the days indicated. The above goods
will be sold at half price. Do not delay,
do not be deceived by reports of
being merely lor advertising, our sk-rJ
will positively be
All goods sold tor cash
sales in different
Jflain Street,
in prices on till chifrcs
stock a line of
and Children? sizes
- Special - Attention
line of-
nice line of
and Congress Shoes
quality at
only, daily special
u u
Se es
Publishers & Proprietors.
From Wednesday's laily.
Mr. Jerry Farthing is in Omaha today,
('apt. Palmer is in Omaha today on
Mr. G. Alex was an Omaha
this morning.
Mr. Mat Gering is in Omaha today
legal business.
Mr. "V. . Mcreer returned from Oma
ha this morning.
Mr. Hiram Upton, of Weeping Water,
is in the eity today.
Mr. S. Thompson was a passenger to
Omaha this morning.
Mr. I5yron Clark is in Weeping Water
today on legal business.
Mr. H. E. Whiting went up to Omaha
this morning on business.
Judge AV. H. Newell went to Lincoln
this morning on I usiness.
Mr. II. J. McBride, of Council Bluffs,
is in the eity today on business.
Miss May Patterson, of South Bend, is
in the city, the truest of her cousin. Miss
Irene Patterson.
Miss Edna Wells, of South Bend, is in
the ciiv on a visit to her cousin. Miss
Maggie Streight.
Mess."? EcL Streight and Geo. Palmer
:.. n ... t.i'.,' ikintr in one of the
ill c lit ruiiltll LUllilj u
professional ball games.
Mr. Morris O'Rourk, jr., returned from
fllenwood and Pacific Junction last night
where he went to transact some business.
Messrs. Jerry Rowan and Will Wichcr
left this morning for Boston, their old
home, to visit their parents for a few
Mrs. Dalton, of Ashland, who lias been
visiting with her son-in-law, Mr Henry
Ilemple and wife, for the past few days,
returned home this morning.
Mr. Chas. S. Twiss and wife went to
Omaha this morning. Mrs. Twiss will
remain there for a few days under treat
ment of some doctor, one of htr eyes be
ing badly defected.
John S. Lindsay, an old time resident
of Plattsmoutii, and by the way, an ex
cellent stone and brick mason, now em
ployed at Lincoln, was around the city
shaking hands with friends today.
Hon. Sam. Barker, Alderman Jones, Gas
Inspector Johns, "Empire" Will Cham
bers, and abstract compiler II. C. Ritchie,
were all holding down seats in a passen
ger coach this morning bound for
Mr. Fred Howland and wife, who re
ceived a dispatch from Denver stating
that Mrs. Win. Fowler, an aunt of Mrs.
Ilowland's, was seriously ill, took the
wertern bound train yesterday for that
Mr. Gus Rhinache, who has been an
employe of the B. & M. here for some
time-n the machine shops, has severed
his connection there and gone to Omaha,
where he has secured a situation in the
U. P. shops.
Mrs. Michael Ilorrigan of Emcrgene,
la., who has been the guest of Mr. Thos.
Murphy and wife for he past few days,
received a dispatch today tiiat her brother-in-law,
who resided in Emergene had
died suddenly. She left this morning
for that place.
A large sail boat made its way up
the muddy Misaouri this morning and
landed near the depot. The owners of
the boat brought some farm produce to
the city. The sandbars further up the
river barred them from continuing their
John McClelland, the insane man
who was brought here from Ashland for
the purpose of examination, and who
is now locked up in jail here, is said to
be a raying maniac at times and continu
ally yells at the top of his voice when the
worst fits of insanity overcome him. lie
is a pitiful looking sight.
Some of the active seu'ior democrats
met in a room over Dovey's store last
night and formed ihenjselyes into a club,
ami t is their intention in a short time to
consolidate wit!.' fli2 Young Men's Dem
ocratic Club of this city. Owing to ulT
extreme heat of the evening as large an
attendance as was anticipated did not
put in an appearance.
Several of the striking engineers
were at the depot this morning for the
purpose of giving Robt. Smith, an ex
striker, a serenade as he put in an ap
pearance n his run between here and
Lincoln which he has just secured. His
eDgine is No. 3 and he has the passenger
run. The names he was greeted with
were not consoling to his temper, but no
further harm than a little rough abuse
took place.
Cauadians contemplating matrimony
will be interested in knowing that under
a recent act they can be married in Mich
igan without being required to procure a
license or pay any fee. Detroit and Port
Huron clergynun and J. P.'s may expect
a great boom from this side of the line
when this fact becomes generally known.
The whole busiuess, including railway
fare, can be transacted by an economical
couple for a five dollar note. Pttrob-a.
Out.. Topic.
Two young tlerk9 of tins city who j
attended church at Rock Creek last Sun
day night were, from what information
we received, strongly educated to prac
tice economy at one time, but we believe
economy us tney practiced u wiui as
much required patience, would cense to
be a virtue. The young men drove to
that burg and called on a couple of their
young ludy friends, and that evening
they employed the economical scheme
we speak of in conveying their ludy
friends to church. They had one buggy
and the four occupied that buggy. Two
occupied the seat, oije was supported by
the two and the other occupant found
room to stand back of the seat when the
cover was thrown back far enough.
The serenading party which took a
circuit around the city last Monday night
serenaded. the residence of a certain min
ister in his absence. For fear they might
feel slighted at not receiving applause
from within he requested us to state that
their kindness was appreciated although
he and his wife were both absent from
home that evening. We did not learn how
many pieces were rendered ' before the
house, but it is supposed that was the
last place they sang that night for they
received poor encouragement there. A
gentleman who was serenaded by the
same party also states that one of the
gentlemen of tle party, after they had
sung several pieces, was about to put his
ear to the keyhole and listen for applause
" .u tuo sound ot a man s voice was
heard within a w clin. ot it. The
fellow replaced himself with the Cl".1
ty of a cat.
A very pleasant surprise was tender
ed Mr. Wash. Smith last evening at his
home, the eyent being a party given by
his wife, in honor of their twenty-first
wedding anniversary and his fifty-second
birthday. Mrs. Butler and Mrs. Win.
Smith, who assisted Mrs. Smith in prepar-
ins the supper, attained for themselves
great credit from the gentleman who par
took of a hearty repast. They say the
supper was first class and a3 good as any
ever given in the city. Ten gentlemen
were at the house to greet him on his ar
rival shortly after fl o'clock aul the sur
prise was said to bo complete. All
present say that a more enioyable time
could not have been had. The following
gentlemen were present: Messrs. Ed
Greusel, Dan Smith, Wm. Balance, C. M.
Butler. S. M. Cooper, J. W. Young,
Frank Carruth, Wm. Hayes, B. Spurlock
and J. H. Waterman.
The fishing party spoken of yestcr-
terday under the auspices ot the vounjr
ladies proved to be as successful in their
undertaking as at first anticipated. The
party left the city about o'clock yes
terday afternoon and drove to a'point on
the Platte river known as "The Dump,"
about four miles from the city. Ice cream,
cake and various kinds of refreshments
were provided by the young ladies, and
after a short time of rustication, the
whole party sat clown apd partook of a
hearty repast. The young gentlemen
were waited upon by the young ladies in
a manner which bespeaks for them suc
cess in any future leap year undertaking.
Though their experience has been limited,
this being the first undertaking of the
kind we have heard of, they proved them
selves efficient everts and the gentlemen
were very favorably impressed by the at
tention shown them. After all were sat
ed with the refreshments, preparations
were made for fishing. When everything
was in readiness the lines and hooks were
thrown to the water. Some became im
patient at times because the fish would
not bite to suit, and nibble away until
the bate was removed. A married lady,
and the only one in the party, succeeded
in landing the first fish and after that the
time was spent in pulling out crabs and
minnows, which success did not altogeth
er gratify their decires, As the afternoon
was very warm, not so much lime as had
been calculated was occupied in this way,
and the party succeeded in finding for
themselves considerable enjoyment in
various other amusements before the time
arrived for them to take their departure.
On the return trip singing was indulged
in freely and enjoyed by all, and about
10 o'clock the party vas aaiu at home.
Mr. Ed Fitzgerald transferred the party.
Til? following ladies and gentlemen par
ticipated: Misses Ifattie Sheffer, Lou
Richey, Maggie Streight, May Richey,
Mate Safford, Mrs. Lovering; Messrs.
John Davies, Will Streight, Al. Derrick.
G. Moore, Frank Dickson and B. X. Low
ering. From Tuesday's Daily.
Mr. Will Fenner, of Indianola, Iowa,
was in the city yesterday visiting rela
tives. He returned this morning.
Mr. J. E. Leyda and wife, of Weeping
Water, were in the city oyer Sunday, on
a visit to his brother, J. M. Leyda.
If you wish premium lists of the
State Fair, apply to R. ' B. Windham,
member of the State Board of Agriculture.
We acknowledge the receipt of a
ticket to the Omaha Fair and Exposition
to be held at Omaha Sept. 3rd to 8th in
clusive, Dr. Schildknecht removed a nepdl.3
from the heel of Max Chapman, son of
Judge Chapman, this morning. The
needle was driven into his heel full
length which caused him intense agony.
Miss Etta Schildknecht, of Green
wood, daughter of Dr. Schildknecht, re
turned home yesterday with her mother
who went to Greenwood to accompany
her. She is suffering from very poor
health at present and is here under treat
ment of her father.
Messrs. E. D, lOiusel, rahicr of the
Holdrege Commercial State Bank, and
G. Norbery, two prominent citiens of
Holdrege and also prominent politicians,
honored us by a pleasant call today. Mr.
Einsel will be a candidate for the nomi
nation of the office of state treasurer.
Work has been commenced to remove
the telephone posts out to a sull'u ient dis
tance to allow the building of a twenty
foot side walk, the building of which is
soon to be commenced. About the time
the paving, sewer and sidewalk building
is about half done, the city will remind
one of Pompeii.
Dr. Livingston, sr., who examined
John McClelland, of Ashland, finding
him to be hopelessly insane, imparts the
information that he entertains faint hopes
of his surviving any great length of time
and he may not live longer than 3 weeks.
The man when asked his age yesterday,
claimed to be about five hundred years
Mack Jones who wns examined by
the commissioners here a few days ago
and sent to the Lincoln insane asylum,
died in Lincoln yesterday. W. I). Jones
received the ihwj of his death and start
ed immediately for that place, and
brought the corpse back this morning.
The funeral will take place this afternoon
from the residence of Douglas Jones at 4
o'clock. The deceased had been sick for
some time, the insanity being caused by
softening of the Li-air.. He is a cousin of
Mr. W. D Jones.
A prominent gentleman of this city
and an e&tensive grain dealer, whenever
the reporter asks for any news, he invari
ably insists that "it's a warm day." and
if he cannot be present on the streets him
self to impart the information, he leaves
the word with a friend to deliver. If
we considered it neccessary to publish
such news, to make'people believe it, it
would afford us great pleasure, but now
we promise him to inform the people
through the paper of the first cold day
that comes if he will help us out. It's a
cold day when it isn't warm.
Almost every clay of late some for
eign lady has arrived at our depot and
been unable, without considerable
trouble, to ascertain the whereabouts
of their friends. This morning a Danish
lady by the name of Maryanuu Stienholtz
and four Ht-le phildren arrived. From
what was understood she inquired for
her husband. Some men who heard her
speak the name say that there is a man
working in the shops by that name. She
looked very much fatigued and imparted
the information in a way that she had
been on the road six weeks.
Last nighj. the drum in the ears of
the music loying people was struck rath
er forcibly by the sounds of melody which
wafted on the cool and soothing mid
night air, as their possessors were build
ing air castles in the laud of nod. The
first thoughts that presented themselves
upon awakening weie. '-Wiiac are those
sounds I hears What nieaneth this?
Wonder if they mean that for me? Had
I better go to the window and give them
a clap of the hand? What do they ex
pect me to do if they are thinking of me?
I have nothing in the house to give them.''
By that time the mechanics of the staff
have completed their invigorating efforts.
The ladies and gentlemen we have refer
ence to were on the streets last night un
til a late hour, serenading their friends
and favoring all within a hundred yards
of their different locations, with music
which they were capable ol rendeiing. In
behalf of their friends we thank them for
their efforts and request them to call on
us on their neit annual tour.
A prominent citizen of this place and
an acurate mathematician met with what
some people would term a misfortune ow
ingjto a miscalculation. The gentleman we
have reference to got his rig in readiness
and drove to the campmeeting which
was held at Eight Mile Grove last Sun
day. On their return the nag exhibited
signs of a thirsty disposition and the
gentleman took advantage of the first op
portunity to water his horse. He drove
up to a farm house by which there was a
well and pulled up a bucket of water.
The lady of the house informed him that
they were not in the habit of using that
water for watering their horses, and re
queited him, if he wished to water his
horse on their premises to take the buck
et of water he had drawn, go to a pump
about a hundred yards distant where they
generally watered there horses, and prime
the pump with the water he had drawn.
It is needless to say the gentleman was
afforded a little displeasure on account
of this, but nevertheless he lugged his
burden of bucket and. water to said
pump and gracefully, but not willingly
turned the water into it and pumped the
same amount again for his horse. If he
had gone through the motions and left
the water on the out-ide it might have
suited him much better. He has not yet
recovered from tin burden of disat i.-fae-tion
of having complied with the whims
of an ob.Minatu woman.
From Monday's I .n)y.
Messrs. Thos. Reynolds and ('has. Cole
man spent Sunday id Rock (Yek.
A neice of Mr. Erie Mes.-ler anid in
the city tlii.-. morning from Gitle, Sucih n.
Mrs. L. ('. Cummins and little daugh
ters have gone to Pacific . I unci it. n on a
shoi t visit.
Mr. Frank Davis of 1! aver City, is in
the city on a viit to his fatner in law,
Dr. Schildknecht.
Mr. Frank Knotty, brother of the pro
prietors of this office, arrived yolciday
ami will he employed at the office in the
Mr. Frank Halm and wife, of St. Louis,
a newly married couple, are stopping; at
the Riddle "house ami visiting friends in
the t ity.
Rev. Cyrus Altui, of Elmwood, form
erly pastor of the Christian church hi re,
was in the city over Sunday and officiat
ed at that church.
Mr. W. J. Wariick lias fitted up a
window in the front of his drug store,
which presents to the passer by a very
charming appearance. In a largo box,
filled with rich soil, are. planted a fine lot
of fresh ferns,and in the center is located
a large bowl, which contains about a hal f
doz.en red fi.-h. The scene is a very pleas
ing one and locks very natural.
John McClelland, a farmer who lives
about four .miles south of Ashland, was
brought to the city this morning and ex
amined by Dr. Livingston, sr., before
Messrs. Becson and Showalter, who were
appointed commissioners by the district
court. He was taken charge of by De
puty Sheriff Miller and two of his former
neighbors who brought him to the city
this morning. His friends stated that he
has been insane for more than a year,
and of late has become so crazy that ho
has become unmanageable. At times he
would have spells in which he wished to
handle everything he would .see, roughly,
and occasionally for a short time only ho
would become rational. He has been
sick for some time, but as he recovers
and his strength increases the more de
ranged he becomes. He is a married
man and has a fami'y of about three
children. As the asylum is full at pres
ent it will not be known Ui.tW w.uvi i..
received from there whether lie can i-o
accepted or not,
The prohibition law of Iowa must
have been declared ofT for a month judg
ing by the beer which is transferred to
Pacific Junction tdinost daily. Saturday
night another lot of kegs were seen
at the depot labeled for tjie ,.bo.e pia,.,-,
and it is supposed f lie boys of that burg
had a genuine "blow out.' It is shipped
to the web-feet and it'disnppears in some
mysterious way, but when the citizens of
the sister state make known their inten
tion of crossing the river and carry beer
with them, all the precautious "people of
that laud will haye arrangements j.iado
to take possession of the'r "fire wutti"
and put them behind bars. A few days
ago a party of Plattsmoutii people had
made up their minds to spend a day on
the Iowa side and it hud been reported
that they were to take a supnly o l.cev
with them. The lawans were informed
in some way of their intention and all
preparations were made to catch the vis
itors. For some reason the trip wns post
poned to an indefinite date.
The republican rally, which took
place at Cedar Creak last Saturday iii-Ju"
was reported by those attending from here
to have been a grand success in every
way. Sayles" hall was crowded to its ut
most capacity, not even standing room
could not be found. There was an atten
dance of about :300 people, and the meet
ing was enthused by die pic-ene c
about one hundred ladies. The mem
bers of the little burg deserve the strong
est praise for such an exhibition of the in
terest taken in the welfare of the country.
Politicians . from the surrounding
country for a considerable distance put in
an appearance and a more enthusi astir;
meeting in a plape its sie has no
been known. Before the meeting at the
hall a parade of about fifty people, head
ed by the Cedar Creek brass band,
marched up the street, those in the pro
cession carrying lanterns and transparen
cies. The hall was nicely decorated and
and streamers of Harrison and Horro.i
were hung upon the walls. The speaker
from here Mr. John A. Davies and
Judge Sullivan received loud rounds of
applause during their speaking. Mr.
John Ramsey of that place, acted ns
chairman and the first speaker lie called
was Mr. Davies, who spoke in an able
manner on the tariff question and the
inconsistencies of democracy. Mr. Sulli
van, who also spoke on tus tarirf,
handled it in an able manner apparently
pleasing the audience by every utterance,
The meeting did not break up until after
11 o'clock.
Any one paying up their subscription
and 23 cts. can have the Omaha Weekly
Bee till January 1st, 1889,
f !
i -!