Plattsmouth weekly herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1882-1892, June 21, 1888, Page 7, Image 7

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. v.
Proceedings of the Board of County
.ji nk xkc8ion,
Jim; 12, 1888.
I5o:inl nu t pursuant to adjournment,
Present: A. It. Tmld, i O
JJird Ctitclificl.l, A. li. Dickson, - g
Clerk. J.ouh r Kit.. ) 7"
lluanl wuh in Kes.iioit ull elay .lime 1-tli
iiixl Kith as it board of i-ipiali.ation, hear
tig complaints in regard to fissci-.sineiits,
nml adjourned to meet tomorrow, .lune
1 1th.
Jim; II, 1888.
Jioaid met pursuant to adjournment
and continued to hear complaints on as
hessniciits. 'I'lu; following complaints were heard
and ndjuded:
Complaint made by Win. Kastcrday
and Kd ward Tight; that Mil hat 1 Kennedy
refused to list all his stock to he assessor,
was set for hearing at U o'clock, at which
time the following iidjust nieiit was made
of the case- O. Burgess being duly
HWorn, upon oath says that the stock not
listed was worth only $S.()0 per head,
and the hoard ordered that the assess
ment of Mr. Kennedy's personal property
he raised if 1 (JO. 00.
Information filed ly Fred fiordcr that
the assessor of the Ht ward had failed to
asss lot eleven in block No. Ill, in city
of I'laUsmoiith, the hoard ordered that
said lot he ussessed at $-100.00 for the
years 187 nd 1888, and he put on tax
list for each of said years. Board then
adjourned to meet tomorrow.
Jink 15, 18S8.
laid met pursuant to adjournment,
when the following claims ami com
plaints were heard and changes made in
f,ot 17 in Sec. 1:5-12-1:$ wns assessed by
commV-ioners at "((. Lot 54 in Sec.
1:5 12-1:5 was assessed at $100. Lot " in
See 1 ''-1:5 was assessed at $1 (. Lots
10,11 and 12 in block -1, I'lattsmouth city,
was reduced from 1,200 to ?1,000. Lots
, - , . .
:, 4, 5. anil 0 in block 22 in youiif; and
H.' .ii ,.; ..r ii.,ttwmtli ri.
ayes add. to city of 1 latt.Mi out h it-
dueed from 400 to $:500. Lot 1 in block
.18, riattsinouth city, reiluced lioin .oo
to 400. Lot 12 in block 40. I'lattsmouth
city, reduced from to $2."0. Lots 0
and 7 111 block o., riattsinouth city, re
duced from $40.1 to $2o0. Lot !5 in block
."J."). city of I'lattsmouth, reduced from
Si 50 to $12". Lot I in blk 57, city of
riattsinouth, reduced from $200 to $125.
Lot 0 in blk 57, city of I'lattsmouth, re
dueed from $200 to $125. AV i of lot 1
in blk :$5, 1'lattMiiouth reduced froni$l.-
(.00 to $1,500. reisonal property ol .
W. Hull reduced from $08 to $7:5. lVr
sjnal propertv of Mrs ('.Johnson reduced
from $05 to $40. W k of lot (J in blk :S5
1'iaU.smoath. reduced from $:5,000 to $2,-
800. Lot 1 in blk (JO I'lattsmouth, re
dueed from $800 to $7(. Lots 7 to 12
in blk 10. I'lattsmouth, reduced from
$1,200 to $1,000. Lots 1, 2 and :5 blk 80
I'lattsmouth, reduced from $450 to $400.
Lots 1 to :5 in blk 8, "White's add., reiluc
ed from $150 to $100. Lots 1 to :5 111
blk I'lattsmouth, reduced from $1,500
jo $1, 200. Personal property of Ueards-
ley, Clark A: Co., reduced from $:!, 000 to
S2.000. Lot 21 in Sec. 18-12 14, reduced
from $50,000 to $40,000. Personal prop
city of II. & M. It. U. Co., reduced from
$ls7,500 to 120,000.
lioard then made the following change
in astessments of real estate in Cass Co
for the year 18S8:
Ordered that the land be raised 20,",; in
Oreenwood precinct. Ordered that the
laml in Stove Creek precinct be raised
10"... Ordered that the land in Elm wood
precinct be lowered 10".,'. Ordered that
h land in South Lend precinct be raised
.V '. Ordered that the land in Weeping
j .1
Water precinct be lowered 1 0",,'. Ordered
that the land in A voca precinct he raised
10".'. Ordered that the land in Liberty
precinct be lowered 10" Ordered that
x .
the land in Lock Bluffs precinct be low-
ered 10"..
The board then haying heard all com
plaints in regard to assessments, proceed
ed to make the tax lew for the year 1888.
Ordered that the following levy of
taxes he and the same are hereby made
upon the personal and real estate proper
ty in Cass county, Nebraska, and the
countv clerk is hereby ordered to place
the same upon the tax list for the year
3 888:
-Total valuation of all property in Cass
countv for 1SSS is $4,741,770.88. I h.
following tax levy wns made oa each
dollar of valuation:
On general fund, 0 mills on the dollar.
On bridge fund, 1 mills on the dollar.
.1 fund. !i mills on the dollar. On
Ii. it M. bond fund, :$ mills on the dollar.
On insurance fund, i mill on the dollar.
The following levies were made by the
several school districts and ordered put
on tax list for the year 1SS8:
NO. Mil !.
NO. Ml M.S.
School Dist.No.l...
' '-ii...
" 4 ..
! V "i...
' " t.. .
' " " I...
S ll'l lkt..Nii.i..
0 0 C,
. . s
.. !
.. f,
.. 8
. 7
. . 5
.vs ..
ti'l ..
;l ..
. s
11 S
12... .10
. S
r. j
t:i 9
1.4 is
;.- n
. . I.
. . s
7 ..
7f. . .
7. .
7;t .
so. .
SI .
.. 4
. . 7
. la
s -2 S
!d s
St.. ..12
. it
. '.
. G
. s
. 8
. 5
. K
" 41. .
" -12...
" 4...
' 4-;...
" 47...
4 ...
sa .
!' .
!. .
tsi. .
. . '2 T
, . 20
. 13
.. s
. . . -
. . 25
. 10
Tli.- fnllowinir lew was made on the
h!1.1ii " "
" ij in, ' "
-'.'.'. ;
IS ...Id
' " I ... s ' ' "
4, .1 j .
: h'.'.V. 5 i " "
,; .. .. u ,,; ..
-ji 5 1 '
" " ' :'...'. 4,i " "
" " " j; . . 10 i " "
' j-i,! ' "
.. . ..
.. .. a, ...10 "1
a,i... 4'.'
;;;!'.; U I "
' " ' ;ti 1; ' "
.. ;:j 12 . " "
i .J j
city of Plattsmouth for the year 1$$,
and ordered on tax list for said yeur: 'iiikI 4 mill on Hie $ valuation
K. -V M 11 i: .fiiiKlitiic
n.iiiiiH. :t
HiKti linmiU.J'i
Kt-rtoii bonds i1, " "
Hydrant icntal t;
Street Ki'.-ulm 5
Inteisi ctnii i.avlnn I.oimH I "
St.OHII WJIT IlKll'N I " " '
l ire water 1
iai tiunl J
The following levy was made on the
village of Louisville: 8 mills on the dol
lar for all purposes. On the village of
(freenwood, it mills on the dollar. The
village of Avitii : mill on the
dollar for all purposes. And
the clerk was ordered to pur any utner
levies mat may come in nereaner, on uio
tux list as reported hv the several Hiliool
,. , . , 1 ... -
I ist i iris or villa"es I
Board then ordered that the county
clerk levy stillicient to pay the interest
md bonds due in each s nool district
owing mem. noai u i nen imioui ue.i s
.i if ...I.e. 1 : 1 ..I
hoard of equalization ami to in'Ct .June
. ... . I
l(Jtll 1 SS
Hoard mi t as a Hoard of ('ommusion-
ers. J' ull Hoard present. 1 lie follow-
111 lflllll-1 Mill, IIKOtK M UMM
" , r ,
irenrral fund:
II (J Kiteli.e'assessiiurthir.l Wil.l 1 0.t (0
1. 1 l-.iklmll asKfvsin
Louisville iileciiiet
i,J.:! TJ!
) M A ml i ns.
I ipl i n
A voca
JmiI ward
I ; tee li wool!
S-ilt Creek
I si w ard
A Shelilon
87 lil
.... .
l M .Jones "
I'M till I
(lei N I. a Hue "
i lio
- i
I N Unit
ii? imi i
.1 Vale.iy
i.ii; 'si
I !S Saunders "
A Hali-liury
Ceo K. Staals "
Illi ward
squill lu ml
Stovi- Creek
Ki'ht Mile (irovi
l:..ek liluirs
V eeiin)j W a'er. .
Mt. I'li-asant .
Kim woo l
' 1 1 (HI i
I'rai'k creamer
los Mullen "
.laeuli Tristeh
. in; oil
Us so
1 1 , -1 1 1 v Mill Mm '
I W Me.Miii rav "
W N Miniuld "
7tj IKI 1
C iM l li.uer
l. Ia'( lis "
n" 4ti
Ciielte- tuirnal (.', f'Milies.
'limatliy I. ilk, enal to jail
. . i '
A I. Ito. mil-e to Ii.iujk'I'
s u".
,1 i. raves, same
1 ; i I'd Ci ill lilield, salary aul expense aeC 1 l:i u:
l s, White nulse to l
Clnii !es J- (iraves. Milne 17 .'Ml
A II Maiiee. Hiinif a" I
I J ' I.' i L- .... I., i-u 1. tl f ....c .1 i w I . i..f ... . ii r-t ri"t Idl
1 I I nrieii ennui lor soiiii. r . . ;i" ' 1
.1 u I'.iKeiiiiai .siiiiiiiioiiin .in it liueoity .
Slitle .louriial Co, suiilil es li tm
Tlieo Miller Keeping i.auner. . . a 7.r.
s.,.iti.' .iisiiwi e.mvt ... ! . mi
- . --
l'lattsinouili Cas i o. gas coiisuiued 5 (in
NeliiiisKa Telelilione n. telt-iihoie rent 24 Kit
K K ,;ell0,(l ,,,,1 SOIViee to pauper 20 us
M p,,,!;, County Mipt , sal; ry and ex.. .
W 11 Mai irk ho nlli, ( I isoliers.
s.t si
II 1' W'h sler, lioaiiliiiK jurors
i'ln.ei-i Ins. Co, Insiiiauee on court hs
K liovey ,: Son, nulse to poor hon e ...
A Clark nulse to jail
111 a 1
( ' I
; -ji I
.) . raves nulse to paupers
1S w
Mi anipMn, hoard lin poor
1'7 .M' I
C M HaUer, intlHe to piiupers
M li Muipliy. nulse to pauper
1 4 INI I
Dmalia Kt-pul.lieaii. su, pile
iV li Knolls, printing:
o2 .Ml
11 110
: on
M A HartiKan deteiitl' prisoner iu c urt
lleury lloeek nulse to iveeoriler
1'oisel .V hpelieer lnue to paupers
it; no
'i tki
11; on
.'1 IHI
loan iiiuius hi. supp.!-- nauoniiy
W .i W'aniek nulse to tail
1'ied 1'aitci.soii
1 ;il Walton repair to jail
I c I'.ikenD.iry cerviet ot notice K Mull
A li Todd sal.irv as county loll:lllisiolle 4a 4e
l.ouis l'oliz i 0:1
V 11 ideksoii ' ' ' oi
1! U of Waterman & Co, stamp for Itecor
tier rciuseu
The following bills were allowed on
countv road fund:
Win Cayell. i(w'ji road...
2 so
1 I) Aliuriis, same
Isaac t'olaid. work 011 road..
K llel.lier. Viewing io;ul
K H Todtl came
i Tn-
lien leffner same 3 en
I0I1.1 J'li 1 1 1 t s.une
' m
K Ce
jau,t.s 1
vii:i tiiii.iA 'I 1111
lersame in i si.
"""" "
r 11 1 -ii 11 1 I
I lie Iollowir.i' bills wero nlbiweil mil
l.i-J l.f fmiil-
Oariiuni Dynn. luuiher
i'., ii.. I'.r,. iii'ni....-
3- ''
....... j ......... .. .
1 .a r.-
The following bills were allowed on
li.tii( t fund:
Resignation of Jacob Kusteiholtz as
overseer of road dislisct No. 52 was ac
cepted and E. A.
Soplier aiipointetl to
till vacancy.
Frank Young was appointed oversee!
road district No. 18.
The petition for location of a county
road beginning at the ne corner of the
se 'jr of sec :-10 13, and running thence
south anil tcrmina mg at the se corner of
sec o -1 0-1 J, and vacating part of road
Xo. 51. came up for final action by till
hoard and the petition was refused.
The petition for the location of a coun
ty road beginning 00 rods east of the sw
corntr of the se or of the sw cm- ol sec 00-
1 1-1 1, running thence .vest 00 rods anrl
j feet, thence south to Eldora avenue,
in the city of Weeping Water, came up
for final bearing by the board, and the
road was grrjitcil as recommended by
the viewer, ami declared a public rwad.
The following damages were allow ed for
the location thereof:
S. I). Fitchie, $100; G. W. Adams, $50:
James (Tigbc $:$0; L. W. Gibberson $1.
Petition for the appointment of b. P.
ilollowny for constable of I'lattsmouth
citv was granted.
Petition for changing tne voting place
for Weeping Water precinct was granted
is petitioned for and the place for hold
ing elections shall he at the school housi
in district No. S: in said precinct.
Countv Clerk ordered to advertise the
unclaimed witness fees in the hands of
clerk of district court according to law.
Cost Dili of State vs. Ducker allowed.
Board took up the petition and remon
strance in regard to the granting of n
druggists permit at Stanley, Nebr., and
set the time for hearing and consideration
of the same for July 11 th, 1SSS.
Board then adjourned to meet July 10.
County Clerk.
A. P. Tonn. A. D. Dickson, Lours
Foi.rz, Commissioners.
Tribute of Respect
To Mrs. M. . Swan, member of the
Union M. E. Sabbath School.
Whereas, An allwise Providence lias
seen tit to remove from our midst, hy
death, our much loved friend and highly
efficient Sabbath School teacher, Mrs. M.
A. Swan:"
JltxiIn-tJ. That we bow in tearful sor
row to the Provide nce that has called her
to the better world, we are never-tho-les
ihecred by the recllection of her consis
tent Christian life, her unfaltering devo
tion to the Sabbath School work.
Jlcsolrt-iL That w e extend to the ileai
ones of the family our heat t felt sympa-
tides in their sad bereavement
Hcsolcnl, That a copv of these resoln
tions he placed upon the pages of the re-
cords of the L men M. E. Sabbath bcliriol;
also a copy oe a. 1.. .T.'m, .a.,..
1 1 . . i 1 : 1
,y ami 10 cacu o u,c x , 1 sm ua,, ,
1 x 1 til.. Til -it li.
W. A. Peix. Sup't. '
Thurston cf Omaha, Madj? Temporary
Ceneral Fremont Presented to the
Convention by the Nebraska
A Lively Day in Chicago
Oik At;o. June 18. 1888. Special to
. .. , x, , . ....,
1 in-; I Ik r. i.D. No developments yet as
J 1
who the candidate will be; under cur-
rent in favor of Blaine does not lessen
Thurston selected hy national committee
j,,,:,.,,,,,,, ti. ..ft...- ,
luiiimwi ill v i nan iikiii, iiiiii
P"l" ' lly IIIIM l" 1UC gll-.lll-ni iwitui-
tion in point of niunhers in th ; history
,,f the country and still the in-comiii";
. ... j ...h, .1bjpj
. ,
CiiK'Aoo, June ID. Soecial to I in
' 1
IIkRAMK J fllC liall IS almost fllll to tile.
entrance. General Fremont mected with
. heers.
. ... . .
12::$1 ( onvention called to order bv
Chirman Jones, t'hirman Jones' speech
emphatically favors protection and says
that the platform and candidates of con-
vention should he the embodiment of
,. . ,
this special
i mm
!-:) ieiu;oi ary eiiaiiin i iiui.muh
nI L'l'te( with applause. Kansas dele
o-ates announces that the Kansas delega-
tion is not responsible lor tlic election ot
I .in i i .. r rr .
liiuiSLon a I in propose aiirn, oi .Mis
souri, llissess. Thurston bey ins speech
1-00 Tlinrstoii's snei eli iilinetliated
Willi applause. 1 1 is reierence ine
leader of '84 was greeted with wild ai-
x ,vi, viiau iii.ii
, .
that Lhline denie
supporting him II
Chairman Thurston's statement
nied us the privilege of
in the convention, jrrett-
ej w i t li cries of 'NV' and from
the galleries,
ran 1 iTr 1 .a
1 illusion says: tiare 1101
n. ....... if .w.i;ti.i..i .1 K..,1 f,i
-UI111141' J'Vlfc.I.t l.t IlltV. lllJWil null" A. w
I IMi:tKa rYnri';ii will (lvt:it tuiil fn-
tinued applause.
1:14. Thurston mentioned candidates
in turn and spoke of the republican par
ty as the party of protection. Applause
Wild applause greeted lnm wuen lie
mentioned the Chinese question. Mr,
Thurston on foreign policy: ' This ad
ministration was such as to please every
coward." He referred to democratic
stradd'e of the tariff question and civil
seryice reform amid laughter and ap
1:22. Thurstain says the great issue
yj L 1111.; v ci in 1 1 1 ii.w v.,..,. -
great army will raise to trample out for
I .. 1.. r r 1
i every pernicious ctoctrine 01 nee trail.'.
1 ,.!..... ll ...... ...I f..,.
A ' Miiuc nun iiu:i.!?t. ui 11 ii
' 1
anotner flosses 10 m ike tne wanderings
ot the republican pai tv tour years 111-
1 ...
sce!lt 01 ioIiy
I Senator Iloie, of Michigan, presented
to the temporary chairman gavel mad,
of the wood of the oak under which the
republican party was organized in Jack
son, Michigan.
1:45. On motion Ilallowell, of Kan
sas, resolutions of sympathy with Sheri
dan wcr c atloptcd.
1:50. Request of Grand Army foi
two hundred tickets was provoked tin
iiscussion of the soldier ruestiun by
Taft of South Carolina, Butterworth of
Ohio and Lewis ot Kentucky'. Ii
unanimous consent the reejuest was re
ferred to nation committee.
2:00. Pioll being called for appoint
ment of members of the various com
mitlees. Call of the states dispensed
with, the names being sent to the chair
man. Nebraska now presenting Gener
al Fremont to the convention much en
thusiasm. 2:04 Fremont prcelicted victory undei
banner protection to American industries
2:10 Fred Douglas was called or.
mil addressed the convention briefly.
merely expressing thanks for vrelconn
ind expressing hope the convention will
make such a record as to put it out of tin
power of the democrats and mugwumps
to say "see the difference between tin
democratic and republican parties in re
respect to his ritpe."
2:40 Committees being announced the
Virginia contest was taken up and Wise
took the platform and made strong pro
tests against Mahone being put on cre
dentials committees to pass his own cre
dentials. 2:58. Mr. Hoar, of Massachusetts,
saiel that Mahone and Cadeognes under
parlimentary tules cannot vote on the
crown cases. Applause. General Ma
I hone took the platform, to make plea for
his delegation.
3:20. Mr. Stephenson, of Minnesota,
moveel that no committeemen be allow
ed from contesteil states. On motion of
Hoar of Massachusetts, motion was laid
on the table.
C:2'l Davis, of Illinois, offered resolu
tions for a call of H12 states for presenta
tion of credentials carried. Roll now ba
ns called. It has boen decided that
. . . ...
- ontesting elelegates are to present t.ieir
I credentials to the committee without
- Convention adiourned until 12.
tomrr)W Coimnittee wUl mett af
I ter adjournment
Written'fiin 11i.i:ai.i.
The nohh'st achleveaieut of man In this li'e.
Is to hui Id up a In me r hi- ehil Ji i-:i it ml ife
When once ilt'priveil of n pliiei- 10 e.i 1 ho i e.
He heroines hut a hea! .o'er this niaiK-t t 10. tin.
'Jake Iroin us hornet, Mid ynu lake elvih ttior.
And Mnk into darkness our giej.t and proud
nation .
In view of Ihes: fai ls, though klein tin y may
('an w take to icir iieiil t and In!. I in t-Pcm
A K cat leu, that thiouii avalec 01
si r te.
Will l.lihil.sllilll Iv k'lep hetweell lil lilt and his
And take boiii t!ic ii their allowance ol
I. ea.l.
At the command of the man who is phirfd at
the Lraif.'
We ill admit. es all lie st ayice.
That a s 1 i.i j; or : mat :on v. as the I!, ol I.. K. ,
llul iu IVh'y lai-l, il "s th. y o'er 111:1
And winked an njt slice upon many a man,
I'or I here i'' d en. iiuei - ho s tnci nuicd
not t lie st 1 ike.
Out the hands ol the machine eie all reived
They wi'ic earning j;tMil ua. s, their faiaoie
had 1 1 u . 1 1 r- ,
And the idea of plenty made homo In iht and
Could tin: wife he more .i.lle and love hus
haild lll'iie,
Coiiltl rhe i'i't-t I'lni more warmly when they
meet at t he il or.
Could her laec l"i k 11110 pleasant, or he
wee er ln-r smile.
If lie earned the saaie nioip-y at four cent- a
Orjranied lahor may he t heoret ica ly rihl,
And for 1 lie lahoi iuu men's interest as lor exis
tence tin y Huh!.
Out as a mailer tf prailiee it can never
And on to succors the lhoriu men lead.
Kor Mieee-s in this lile means to individually
t-l rive.
And lint collect ill hoiiies. tlicl.y to
The 1'.. 1 f J.. I". . t In or li a strong oiiiai.i atinn.
Represei.t s a small )ai 1 of cur hi and aid proud
nil ion.
And th.. 1. uii tin may .-I rive to d liht hy
us all
I'ar sin. 1 1 of t he mail; they ine il ahly fall
When t hey 1 ry to j;:iia favor hy heco 1 invr the
And lilt 1 heiiiM Ives cj) hy pulliiif; doua their
f iieccsMirs.
Throuuh 1 he laws of our laud and the oll'icer
we ell et.
Capital 111 ui-neial we riitist certainly protect.
)n r 11 at ion demands i t and I he IS. ol I.. K.
If like oilier eil '. ns could readily see
Thai tlwir power i- snu.ll aim men easy to t'ei.
Kor kill a rt uiinif nt i;f presidents and we Mill
ha ve tine, yet.
15. Or I.. .I.
They Cucked the Tiger.
And now comes a rumor which, if true,
bids fair 1 o bodiroiiie people 110 good.
As is well known, the brotherhood of
firemen and engineers have, since the stike
0:1 the 15. oc M. riceived pay, monthly,
from their respective orders. The cash
has been distributed by men from heael
fpiarttTS selected for the purpose. It is
rumored that the pay for last month is
still being awaited by the men here for
this reason, bonio days ago, it is said,
tin- paymaster started for Omaha wilh
about &4.000 with which to liquidate the
claim of the societ y. Hut, as reported.
the mi 11 are still wa'-ting. "It is allcget
that the paymaster instead of paying oft
as be should, blew the wlmle amount in
on faro at Cuuncl 1 11 u ITs. A striking en
gineer was s-een yesterday morning and in
reply to a tpustion as to whether they
had received their allowance for last
month, said "he had not" So it would
seem that something is in the vi: tl. Th
nioniy was due long ago and if l.ot paid
by this time there is surely something
wrong. Iiee.
"That Dam nod C.-een Flag Again-"
Mot nt Vi.nxox. N. Y. EiUlor Iiixh
World:-- A gnat deal of surprise ha-
been expressed bv funic persons at Mayoi
Hewitt's action in refusing to allow the
Irish fla 1 to be raised over the citv hall
on St. Patrick's Daw To me it sceince
consistent and what should have been
ex ( cted.
Does he not belong to the same put'
and express the same sentiments as the
Colonel of the rel el regiment at Aniiitaii
who, on seeing the Irish IJrigade advanc
ing to charge his works (the sunken road
the third time mad? use of the now fam
ous expression, "Hoys, lure conies that
damned Green 11 tr nirain I" It was gall
mil wormwood to them; it is the !-a:ue
to our ('ig)nohle Mayor. Yours for the
old flag. " "Axtiktam."
This is the same old flag, interwoven
with the red, white and blue, which will
charge the same old Democratic enemy
again in November: and no matter who
our lead-.-r is whether he be P.laine,
Gresham, Sheimnn or Allison the same
'Damned Green Fing" may worry the
Democratic party and win the day.
The New Daily
f roin Monday's Daily.
The Eccniay Neics which was to
have put in an appearance in our midst
today did not show up. However, the
proprietors, Messrs. Ureen, Mann aud
Dabb, are getting everything in readiness
for operation. The paper will he a four
column, four page daily, and will be
furnished at the rate ef about ten cents
per week. Plattsraouth w ill surely report
itself in goml style now with i's three
dailies at her back. We would like to
see the hoys prosper in their new adven
ture, and heartily welcome the paper
among us. Plattsmouth does not afford
iis newspapers the support it should, but
when three ink fienels light on her all at
once, it may arouse the people to a sense
of their duty.
Since the above notice was w ritten we
have been sorry to learn that the proprie
tors have abandoned the idea of issuing
the proposed Etruiny News, and it has
died before its birth. The boys were
dissatific-d with thesuppnrt rc-.-eived and
have come to the conclusion that Platts
mouth is not as good a newspaper quar
ter as they would desire a location iu.
Ye are sorry to learn of this, but we hope
the boys may find a more suitable loca
tion for the employment of their talents.
Ye did not lcurn whether it was their
- intention to sta.t a daily in some other
i city or not
A Post Mortom Dovelops the Nature
of Frederick's Maladay-
1'iiiii.iN', June The emperor and
empress, accompanied by Dowager Em
press Augusta, the grand tluke and grand
tuchci-y of I5id. ii, and other royalties
11 A l . . . . ' - . .
visileil .l.iper gallery mis inoiiiiiig.
whih- they were a si'inbled around the
iir of the dead monarch. Chaplain
Keeglcf offered a UU'f prayer. The post
mortem examination was ennlmed to the
xamination of the neck, larynx and
lungs. In the larynx, which was found
to have been destroyed by Mippurat ion,
w as a largo cavity. Dr. state s
in his report that the disease was beyond
loubt cancer of the larynx. lie adds
that the diatrnosis was rendered very dif
ficult, as th ' disease attacked the car
tilage of the larynx at the outset aud
afterwards developed chiefly in the lower
part of the caitil ige. The Ntlhnnil
ZuituiKj says that the autopsy proved
that the larynx was completely tie.s! ruye 1
by the cancer, and that putrid bronchitis
existed. I here was also intl unat ion ot
tin; tiiu-r ramiliicatious of the bronchial
tubes, into which t he pel! resit lit particles
had entered. The whole larynx, as in a
st ite of suppuration and presented a soft.
... 1... , ... (..r
the art i I a o 1 110 us structure remaining.
The choking sensation from which the
emperor suffered during his hu , days,
which was attributed to the pcrferation
of the Miiil separating the trachea and
.esophagus, appears to haye hern really
lne to collap.-e of the larynx, owing to
the destruction if the cartilage. Tin
direct cause of do.dh is given as paraly
sis of the lgngs.
An impmal decree summons the U i( h-
stag to meet the 2")lh.
All the churches were crowded today.
The service in the cathedral was attended
by Dr. Yon (!os--ler, inini.--ter of t t-clesias-tical
affairs, and many other high ofli'-iaK
The service opened with the signing of
t!ie ollh psalm. The Litany was read by
Chaplain Schroedcr, who also preached
the. ssrmon.
Tomorrow the church bells will toll
from 0 a in. until the funeral procession
enters the Friederit lfs kirche, and again
after the tiring of an artillery salute.
General Yon Hlumenthal will be imperial
standard bearer, ami will be supported
by Generals Mischkc and Winter'icid.
The Collin will be removed from the
catafahpic by twelve officers of tin: body
guard, and borne to the funeral car, pre
ceded by the court chamberlain.
. .
Just in time to contract with Mr. Pat
terson's manly frank.iess on the tari fi'
ipc-lion comes Governor Hill's speech, in
which he said, if the St. Louis, platform
was for free trade, he would not stand
on it. The Governor has ncyer made any
reputation as an honest man in his
public career, and it is natural that he
resorts to a deception iu his first speech
of the campaign.
Amitlu r iltanocrat unintentionally ut
ters a great truth, in declaring that the
St. Louis platform is no more for free
trade than the republican platform of
100 was for abolition. Not any more
and every democrat who supported
Douglas or I'reckeuriilge in lSiJO declared
the republican an abolition party, and
its platform an obolition platform. They
quoted with zest the. profound remark of
Mr. Lincoln, that the republican party
meant to place slavery "where the public
mind would rest in the certainty of its
ultimate extinction." That i exactly
what the democrats mean to do with the
protective policy. Thev rot propose
to abolish it, by no means. They only ;
intend to cripple and destroy it, part by
part, so that "the public mind shall rest
in the certainty of its ultimate extinc
tion." Moreover, the public mind will
have the best if reasons fur expecting
the ultimate and the speedy extinction
of the protective system i f the democratic
party get complete control of the gov
ernment, The dir.linetion is proper and the ebm
ocrats are welcome lo it. They ele not
intend free tradj this year. What they
want is to proceed toward free trade as
fast and a.i far as they can. "Freer"
now, as Governor Hill pui.-: it: free trade
as the ulti;r.iie end, Mr. "Watterson con
fesses. The two democrats fit each other
well. To make a dishonest party, they
are needed men to tell falsehoods where
false hoods pay, and other m .-n to tell
the truth where the truth pays lxst.N.
Y. Tribune.
The following few we'd selected
words, from the Lincoln Journal, can be
appropriately dedicated to a member of
the Council Bluffs ball team who so
prominently held down third hae ilur
ing the game here on Wednesday la.-.t
His talents were forcibly noticeable, and
we re willing to give a man blessed with
such a gift of expression as much ef a
send-off ( which he deserve?.; as possible:
" A man who cemiLincs a large mouth an inor.l
be di eiultd."
nate supply of lungs is to
We have mad; arrangements where
by we furnish in our Weekly Herald
every oth-r week an Instrumental piee
of mu-ic arid every thrr week a Song.
Subscribe for the Weekly and get the
Koine Oil'l C'liarnrlrra A limit llio Ilotrl.
Vlctorlit Market l'rl- of lutHllo.
Itcrf, Mutton mill m't ulilt Tli lnf
Hrr ot Mtl't Air.
Karly every monifnx there wrn curious
sceiifff aroiiml I'urk liltt. In Janinlea tli
negroes have to Homo extent llm unpleasant
Italat, connnon to llio rolereil InliatiitttiitJi of
all tlio West 1 mlia Islands, of Ktjui'lin Im
movalil') hy tlio quart. -r hour Kt;irlri at nny
tliin that iiltracn their ut tent ion. When
nlniie they ttaml erect nml fcili'iit in Ktttllei
till they nceiii ahout to laku rotit. When they
have company they nremoru likely to jahU-r
us fast its their tongues ran movt. When tlio
object of tlu'ir cariosity h:i'rii4 to lo
n bt ranker viio it not use.1 to thl
woit t'f iiiliniratioii. In U pretty bint
to Ik) oinl..irra.s ;eil, iiihI Very liko to
Ij.h'oiik: iinli;;ii.iiit. Hut it is only tonomo ex-ti-nr,
us I have, that the ncrix-"! in Janui
lea do this, ami when it i (tono at all it it
nearly aiuayi tlonu by thoso who walk in
loii ili.stanee.s from the country to Fell their
proiltico. Thoso who livtt in Kingston uro
useil lo seeing .l ran;;' rs ninl pay no ittleiition
to them. Ill Jamaica eyes I'ark lotion in n
marvel of ever I hiny sty lish ami elegant,
uml the ilai l;ii:s eoinin in from tho liilla to
sill their liananas ami nkees anl "
e's, Imiss," eau rarely pass tho i'ii patefl
without Kto.iiu;; tn piizo at thrt Wiimlerful
sights within.
1 1, was 110 uiieoinmon t h in' In sei: four Ol"
livo eoloiisl lailies 1111 I i'iit leiueil, with
loit'leil trays balaneeil on their heiels, klaiul
ine; in front ol the Park loil;;u ateM nt bliru
fairly tlrinkin;; in the ( li ieulal iiii.-iiifleeiieo.
'I'lu: preat si-ht coiisisLo.l principally of tho
fount a in in I he mi ih I le of t he yard ami a few
strangers silting mulct' t ho archway leadine;
lotho hotel ulliee; but this was enough to In
terest t!io sablo triuiips, who I. ml already
t rudged over miles of dusty ro.nU to lriti;j
tlieii oods to m.'ii'kel., and hfill had a
loii walk befori them. It is only fair
to tho colored :opl.j of Jamaica lo
-.iy that they do less fif this sort
of thin than their brethren oil any otiier
Kii'lish island in tho West Indici, In
MoiitxTrut, for instance, they rortl tx
.s' an;;i w hito man as n colossal fi.r;regutotl
circus come to town, and folli w him wherever
he K'"'s- In Nassau, though they uro used to
seeing strangers, t'r.ey surround a new arri vfcl
iu droves, and muko ' H'orts to secure
sipe:ieo or even "a be; eoj '. r, bos." In
r..ii'l..idoes, where the improvement of tho
ncurn race under Lritili rule is seen to t,ho
best advantage, they hi t aft'-r a newly ur-.
rive.l n;;er lil;i a crew of Malay
till he is driven to take rel'il,';e in tho n.tftrest
shelter. Hut in Jamaica t hey aro qui'ft, in
oll'ensive, and eaerally well Uhaved tind
polite. Of c'iui si those who matro inf requent
t.rijis from t heir eouuf ry homes to the: capital
feel bound 1,0 sisj the sights when they uro in
town. 1 thought fit first that these lads und
hi.i'S with tr:iy:son t!: ir heads who stoppeil
to st.:re in thf (.'.'no v ere waiting for achaneo
i sell I heir wares, but they had no such idea.
Twei or t';!",:' 01 11 -ii caino iu every
11101 -1 1 i ; 1 - - lo m'H ei's and fresh fruit, but they
we re all. ' )m- morning 11 ejrl e.-amn in with n
dozen line alligator .ear.s, w hich 1 bought for
a few pennies; but I h-nn l soon afterward
that 1 had ea tund the hole ! supply for tho
day, mid I had to surretider them.
One of the earliest arrivals every mGl"iiil; tho mail u !:o :-:ol 1 phot ora phi This
Litl'- 1 eive him, "Tho ni ;a v. hu .sold fihot
eraph," partly out of courtesy and partly
tiicau-e 1 do not know 1! j: to call him.
!!e.vas hardly 11 m;' n, alt houh ho had tho
outward a);ieaiance of one, for ho had no
more intelligence than one of the goldfish ill
the foiinl ain, ami hodid not sell photographs,
for nobody ever bought any; tho picture ho
offered wore hardly wort hy the name of pho
tographs, bi'iu tho ivnrst si u u 1' s the sun
wn , ever made nccouritriblo for.
l.rU lodL'ei i pei haps a tri!!; over n mila
from the end of the str' t car line, anl tho
market is one -hort bloc!; from tho terrMiiw,
This i.s tho Victoria market, the principal
one in Kington. Thero is imr.t.hev, called
the Jubile:: market, i:i aiiOtl.t r part of tho
city. The Vic toria market I consider tho
(!:: t iri tho West linlics. In the early morn-
1 in . it is crowded w itli buyers, sejliera au'l
floods, and by early morning I mean from (J
to Ii o'clock. It ii a wonder of a market for
any West Indian city, built entirely of iron,
:;u0 feet long, and 200 feet wide. The end'
and sides arc fiien, there boin.j no sidu walls,
as none aro m-ede-d, but tho wbolo place is
surrounded by a tall iron railing mounted on
a i riek walL Everything about it is as
dcim and sv, o t as possible, ainl even v.h.ju
the tish and m'j;;t stalls aro full 0110 smells
notlung bat tho sweet odors thst float over
from the flower places. It cost about 11!0,
CW0, and is well worth the money.
"The beef, it is ail raised on the islaml, and,
is originally very good becif lx-1'oro it c;o-a
into the hands of tho butchers. lilit they
kill it and seli it tho same morning, appar
ently cutting tho w hole aniiiiul into Uices or
chunks, without reu'iid to choice parts or
poor parts. 1 kuow tho beef is pood when
properly handled, because whenever I dined
in a private house tho roasts were excellent,
having 110 doubt been kept for some time o
ies, but in the hotel, where it was ustd witbia
a few hours of its coming from market, il
was utterly unfit to put on too tuble. The
mutton, too, ood when properly Iced ;
but the best Southdown lamb, if Uilled at
iaylight, woeM not be fit to use for break
fast t'iat morning. This is tho pruetic
throughout th West Indies to kill an aci
aial at 5 and eat him at 10, and it accounts
very largely for the wretched mtiat com
monly servexl in that part of tho worl.l.
Cioat meat ia not to Ijo laughed at, provided
it oomcs oat ol a tender kil. I ate my first
plate of roast kid in Bermuda, and like it
quite as well as turkey. Straw l-erries aro
scarce, and egr plants are not as cheap as
they look at two cents each, for they are
very small. The native way of keeping
bouse- 13 to send a servant to market in tlo
morning to buy provisions for the day, and,
for one day only, and these will perhaps in
clude a pound of onions, two eeiit-i' worth of
small ve;;etab;es. a pineapple, and every
thing on the same moderate h;-ala Therein
reason for this, for scarcely anything w'lt
keep without ie-e, and Ice is dear even w Leu
cheap, in a hot climate it mcltaso.
These early morning hours for sight sc-eir.;
and noticing the habits of the tople were
far tetter than the evening. 1 have always
ma-Td it a rule to lo under a roof if possible
after dark m tropical countries. ftr;.l to this I
attribute in great r.;;rt my esx'.'i from
single day's iilnesi i:i all my ywirs of re-i-dence
and visiting in the Wt-xt Indies. But
there are many nights m the worst climates.
even, when one c;ii ie out wiin periers
safety. You le-arr. in time to tell by the feci
of the air whether it is safe or not. William
Drj'MUie's Kingston Letter in New Yoiic
1 Unci.
San Francisco policemen say they have
never seen a drunken China man