Plattsmouth weekly herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1882-1892, June 14, 1888, Page 8, Image 8

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    jtHSftA-rntjKSDAY JUNE U, I8i8.
The continued cold, wet weather
leaves us with a
Clothing than we care for at this
season of the year. Ve have de
cided to push the prices down that
will move the entire stock in a very
short time, as we must Iiavemoney.
Men's 3:ivy lilne Suits (Colors v:irra.ntel) reduced to . . . . $ 9.00
Mod's All Wool Cheviot Suits reduce.! to . 10.00
lioys' Cotten Worsted Suits
Iovk' Union C:isimfr Suits
J - - - - - - -
JJooys' All Wool Suits .sf and
Sample Hats worth :J.00 and
Underwear For 25x 50 and
double the price.
And the Public shall have the benefit of the same. Call and examine
them in the
Opera House Building
-Extent! a cordial invitation to all
For the spring and summer trade. We take pride in showing a handsome line of
Dress Goods, White Goods,
Hamburg and Swiss Embroideries,
Buttson, Dress Trimming, Shawls Jerseys
Hosiery, 23.ibboxis, Etc.
Are you aware that we carry a complete line of
"We carry as large a stock as is carried in the city to winch we
It will pay you to look through our line of
Glass and Queensware,
.Sinner and CJtiam'ber Sets
We have a large and well selected stock of
Plain - and - Decorated - Vare,
Of the best French and English make?.
. C. BOVEV &
larger Stock of
$3.50 sold lor one-half.
75 cents each, eold elsewhere at
to come antl look through their
7 Qhitkuwuth yjcchhj IQcraUl
Publishers & Proprietors.
From Wednesday' Daily.
Mr. Frank Cranmer is able to be
around again after a slight attack of 6un
stroke, which lie recti Vid last Sunday.
A gentleman of our acquaintance
wast asked last evening by his wife, what
he wanted for supper. His reply was,
just a common every day supper, only
give me more supper. Jie is more easily
satisfied than some of the Smith family.
The fair given nt Fitsgerald's hall
last night was a success socially and
financially. Not so many were present,
probably, as there would hayc been, had
the evening been cooler, but as it was,
nil present seemed t thoroughly enjoy
Matilda Fletcher lectured last even
ing at Rockwood hall to rather a small
house. All present seemed to thoroughly
appreciate her speaking and became quite
enthusiastic at times. Iler subject was,
"The way of the World," in which she
made manv zood hits. If the evening
had been more agreeable, she w ould pro
bably haye been greeted by a large audi
ence. She left this morning for Dcs
Moines, via Omaha, where sh will take
a vacation for some weeks.
A surprise party was given Miss Nota
Eikenbary last night bv a number of
young people from here and the sur
rounding country. Miss Nta is a daugh
ter of Mr. Henry Eikenbary, whose farm
is about three miles southwest of the city
.V very enjoyable evening is reported, antl
the party did not break up uptil the
small hours this morning. DanciLg was
the main amusement of the evening.
About eight couples were present from
here, who had hard work lighting the
elements on their return.
The Bohemian band gave the city
goon serenade this morning. The music
was very nice and gave the people a hint
that a good time was in store for them if
they would only join the merry throng
and give up their tedious labors for
halflay. A huge number went out to the
fair grounds this atternoon to take in the
picnic and sec the ball game between the
Council Bluffs nine and the Plattsmouth
btys. Each team feels confident of
sure thing, and it is expected that a good
game will be the result. A full report
of the game will be given in tomorrow's
Mr. C. S. King, editor of the Utah
Daily Union called on us this morning.
Mr. King ad fj. J. Pet tee, formerly of
this oflice and city, are proprietors of the
Utah Daily Union and the Stinday
UtaJi Times at Ogden. He reports that
they are doing nicely. Mr. King is travel
ing with a handsome car gotten up in
Salt Lake City to advertise that city and
Utah. This car is furnished very hand
somely both inside and outside, and car
ries a sample of all the products and man
ufactured articles of Utah, and Mr. King
represents the city of Ogjep, He left
this morning for Cincinuatti.
We hear some representative citizens
talking of improving the county square
in this city. One says build a ciiy hall
and eort house to cost, say $25,000,
and thinks the amount vould be had by
priyate subscription; another says yes,
who shall we go to and what steps shall
we take fo gef; the city hall antl court
house started. The prcjjey fVners of
that part of the city are improving their
property,, new homes are going up and
they begin to tiiijik j.he ccunfy Square
should be improved. Citizens cpje to
the" front and let u have a city hajl and
court house, ail'l thereby have u wore
secure hold on the county seat.
We are sorry to learn that it is the
intention of Mr. M. A. Ilartigan to move
hjs family fror; lUattcn;.qitlj and ."go to
Hastings. They have built themselves a
reputation which no one need be ashamed
of, and they have endeared themselves
to all with whom they have had an ac
quaintance. The citizens here, all of
them, regret to see them make such a
move, and feel sorry to think they could
not be contented in this thriving little
city of ours. But as it is their intention
to go, and all arrangements have been
made for their departure soon, we would
ask them to kindly remember their old
home, where people live who have hearts
ever open to receive them, should they
ever be discontented anywhere else and
wish to return to old Plattsmouth. Our
best wishes go with them and may suc
cess ever be within their reach.
The New Fair Cround.
The work is progressing . nicely
Pii the new one-half mile track and
the grudiiig Is bejng rapidly done. With
new grounds, new track, aud nevy build
ings for the fair of 1SSS, Plattsmouth
ought to have a grand fair. Ourcitizeus
ihoultl do everything in their power to
help any movemaut looking towards that
end. Take hold as one man, Let platts
mouth be a unit on all mntters that tend
to the prosperly of our growing city
let her boom ltt hor roar let her go
Gallagher all along the line.
From Tuesday' Daily.
Drs. Siggins and Schildknecht am
mtated Win. Lushinsky's great toe this
Messrs. George Weidnian, John Lutz
and John Bauer, three of our prominent
Dutch citizens, left this morning for St.
Louis, where they go to "take in the
great American Saengerbund.
Mrs. Coverdale has closed np the
roverdale house, fired the boarders, and
started for Missouri Valley, Iowa, to join
her husband. We are sorry to see her go,
but wish her success in her new home.
Messrs. Jessie Hoot and H. L. Keister,
two of our esteemed young lawyers, re
turned last evening from Hock Bluffs,
where they left a case pending which had
been plead by them, feeling quite confi
dent of their success on the return of the
Mayor Richey has more occasion
than ever before to be fiiendly to his pal
pony, "Sampson," Avhieh carries him
around town good-naturedly. Mr. H. is
suffering from an injury which he received
to his foot a short time ago, rendering
him unable to move with as rapid a pace
as usual.
Messrs. Georga Mann and Charley
Dabb were in Omaha yesterday making
arrangements for an infant daily. Mr.
Green, brother of Sig. Green, of this city,
is also in connection with the firm. They
expect to have a'l arrangements complet
ed antl be ready for work in a few days.
We wish the boys success in their new
Mr. Sherman, the esteemed editor of
our local contemporary, though quite
moderated and toned down in some
ways which were prominent a short time
ago, as an emblem of pure cheek, has not
yet lost all his nerye, and is still possessed
of considerable uncalled for gall which
appeared extraordinarily prominent last
night at the council chamber. Sometime
ago both papers here were asked to
tender bids for printing for the ensuing
year. The IIkkald sent in their bid,
whuh had been figured down to a reason
able close point, and committed it to the
council for consideration. Mr. Sherman,
it appeared, was dull of comprehension,
and not wishing to send in a bid, until
lie had heard the bid from the Herald
so that it would furnish him a good foot
hold and make things easy, (he could
have a sure thing by bringing in his bid
shaded enough lower to secure the work),
he wrote out a lengthy request, asking
that every article which they wished him
to bid on be more clearly shown up, as it
was, he said he would not know how to
bid. It did not require a Philadelphia
lawyer to underdstand his scheme, when
he took the trouble to be present when
the bid from this office was made puLlic
Last night he showed tlje nerye we speak
of bv coming forward at this late hour
with his burnt offering, asking it to be
accepted by the council. The council re
ferred it to the committee on printing,
but we are certain the gentlemenly coun
cillors will never consider such a move
as that, and they certainly could not
unless by showing injustice to honesty.
Such an intrusion of preseryed cheek
should not be looked ::to.
From Monday's Uuily,
Since a bandana handkerchief is the
Thurnian emblem, how would a smoke
cured ham do to represent Cleveland ?
Lincoln Journal.
O. M. Andrew, assessor of Tipton
made his return to county clerk 0'iitch-
held today who informs us that his book
was correct in every respect, which makes
it the prUe ppcinjit returns for this year.
Every column was filled according to
law and correctly footed up and proven.
A boy about ten or eleven years old
by the name pt Levi patent wag f blown
from !?? horse yesterday wlnje out riding
and received a seyerescrdp wound, lie
was taken to Dr. ;l;H"iccLfs office
and the wound sewed up. He is not so
seriously injured but what he will recov
er in a sl;ort time.
A team of horses belonging to Phil
lip Horn, a farmer residing at Four Mile
Creek, were left tied in front of Mr. Mike
Schnellbacher's residence last Saturday
evening. They took fright at something
and succeeded in breaking loose and
making their escape. They moved up
Fifth street hill at a rapid pace and
stopped themselves by running into a
house on the other side. Xo great dam
age was done, excepting a little injury
which one of the horses received.
Mrs. Elizabeth Mason, of Four Mile
Creek, died last night after a lingering
illness. he ha3 been unable to mqve
about for some time, having been con
fined to her home for a long time with
the terrible disease, dropsy. The has
suffered intense agony for time until
death came as a welcome relief. Her
home is at Reading, Penn., and she was
81 years, 9 months and 5 days old at her
death. She leaves four sons, all well-to-do
farmers, who mourn her loss. She
will be buried tomorrow in the Oak Hill
cemetery near this city.
-A team of go to-sleap horses took
a scare last Saturday eyening with a
buggy attached to them and did some
damage. No one as yet is certain aa to
what was the cause of the scare, but if
we give our opinion we would say it was
the procession with the large display of
the bandana let loose on the street. If
the crowd had any money left after mak
ing such an extensiye purchase, the owner
of that team would ask them to pay
damages, but his knowledge as to the ex
tent of their pile, at present, is too good
to ask such a thing of them.
Our reporter seeing Judgo Sullivan
mount a car step last night, asked him
if he had marte up his mind to h ave the
city and where he was going. In reply
he just stated that he was going seuth on
a little business trip. Wonder if he
didn't go to Washington to renew the
patent on his ballot box We learned
the patent run about last election time.
Mr. John Loga . of Omaha, was in
the city over Sundt.y visiting his daugh
ter, Mrs. Chas. Whitney, and her husband
He was the first man ever mariied in that
place having resided there over thirty
years. A short time ago the city offered
a fine property to the first couple who
had been married in Omaha, l ie applied
for the property antl has good chances of
securing it.
Miss Minnie Gilmore, the accomplish
ed daughter of Mr. P. Gilmore, the great
band-master, arrived in the city yesterday
afternoon and will remain until Thursday,
when she will join her father at Omaha.
She paid Plattsmouth quite a compliment
by stating that she always enjoyed a visit
to this place, and also saying that we
have a very pleasant little city. Miss
Gilmore has acquired quite a wide repu
tation as an authoress and poetess, having
written several popular books and being
correspondent for seyeral prominent east
ern papers. She is visiting her aunt,
Mrs. A. M. O'Rourke, sister of Mr. Gil
more. A tool chest and tools belonging to
a Mr. Pcnurie, of Omaha, who is em
ployed as carpenter on Mr. Ballou's new
house in the western extremity of the
city limits, was stolen from the building
sometime between Saturday evening and
this morning. lie would not extend to
the man his congratulations should he
find out his whereabouts, for he has taken
away his only means of work which he
valued at $70. Such a man as that thief
never stole the tools with the intention
of working them himself, because, such
a man with such a profession does not
need to work. He can either sponge on
the county by sleeping behind bars or
sell his stolen goods and make his escape.
A fake whose name is unknown, and
whose character any farther than the exhi
bition he made of it here, we care less to
know, came to our quiet little city last
week and for a few days worked it in
fine style. His nerye and cheek were as
prominent as the sun at mid-day, judg
ing from the scheme we heard he worked
on some of the ladies here. Ife came in
contact with some people who think they
can buy silver dollars for seyen'y-five
cents, and being so unsuspicious made
extensive purchases from his line of
goods. He had a case full of lamp wicks
which he was no doubt the sole proprietor
and inventor of, and induced a large
number of them to purchase by stating
that by the use of them they could econ
omise in the vise of coal oil or gasoline.
He claimed &ne gallon could be made to
last six mouths, and something like the
system of measuring gas, at the end of
six months, you would have just the
same amount to pay for using a light the
whole time or oulya quarter of the time.
It would surely last six months. We
don't know how lie managed to make
dupes of so many people, but by the num
ber of soi.e heads, there v. ere more than a
few victims who dropped onto the new
scheme as a paying investment. When
he sold them he threw in a small slice of
advice telling iiCtn not o, use them for
tvenfcy-foiir hours, stating tlat they could
not be used successfully before soaking
them in oil fCr i w i-hgt5l oi t;me ;or
they would not give as brilliant a light
unless treated in that way. Some of
them are soaking yet for lack of brillian
cy and are likely to soak. He said he
was only allowed to sell 1500 in each
place. Tie probably wished to infer by
that that he was not allowed to remain in
one town longer than the twenty-four
hours which were used in soaking them.
One lady, for fear such an opportunity
would never present itself again, made
quite an extensive purchase stating that
while he was right there and she had a
good chance that she was going to buy
him out. So she did, and after a thor
ough investigation of her investment,
found them to be common, eyery day,
rapidly exhaustible, red colored, fake
hemmed, poor investment lamp wicks.
We sympathize with them in their sad
bereavement, and the only chance for
satisfaction is gone by, so be contented
and keep your eyes open for tuch a
wick-ed man should one ever put in his
appearance again. Do not look for the
same one as he surely left Plattsmouth
without buying a return ticket.
From Friday's Daily.
We are sorry to learn that the wife
of Rev. Hampton has not yet realized
any marked change for the better, and is
today very low,
-The wedding of Mr. Jesse L. Root
and Miss Evelyn Wise will take place
thin evening at nine o'clock at the resi
dence of the bride's father, Mr. J. N.
Wise, postmaster. They are both popu
lar young people here, and we join in
with their numerous friends in wishing
for them a blight and prosperous future.
Mr. Henry Waterman, and family,
who left heie a few days ago tu route
to New York, missed their train cast from
Chicago which occasioned an inconven
ient delay. But not being able to remedy
their misfortune, made the be.-t of it, and,
alter registering at the Palmer Hons.-,
took advantage of their opportunity of
viewing the great metropolis of the wi st,
which attempt, we learned, they were
successful in. They also visited Niagara
Falls, spending a day there.
A very pleasant surprise party was
afforded Mrs. J. C. Eikenbary by her
husband and a large number of her
friends. After Mr. Eikenbary had invit
ed some of their friends to be present at
his house that evening and made all the
necessary arrangements for a lively time,
he invited his wife to take a drive in the
country, which she did, and after remain
ing away all day, returned to find their
friends gathered at the house to welcome
them. Yesterday was her :i!)th birthday,
and the event will ever be remembered
by that lady as a most enjoyable one for
" Jim Chambers," a prominent mem
ber of the canine fraternity, and a noted
"scrapper" of his order, caused some
excitement and amusement yesterday
through a dislike he had cultivated for
one of his brothers, and without giving
any warning to his antagonist, jumped
onto him and did not let up until his
blood-thirsty desire was gratified. "Jim"
h is added another one to his list of vic
torious "scraps," giving a very sorehead
to his opponent. Before he completed
his job, however, Will, his guardian, put
in an appearance and furnished hii'i with
hoot ammunition,
We must have trampled on the tocu
of the Journal again judging by tho
lulling of hair we received at their hands
in last evening's issue because we clipped
a few lines from the official paper as a re
port of the last meeting of the city school
board. They wish to receive credit for
it, and from all appearances worked
themselves up to such a state of excite
ment that sleep for them last night
would certainly have been out of the
question. But if they will tke a lt-Lt
for a while nd let up crying, wc will
credit them with the report which we
published. They seem to forget the
council proceedings they clipped from
The IIkkai.d a short time ago to the ex
tent of about a column and we never
even gave them away, and only credited
it to their unconscionable gall, never say
ing a word,
A rather painful accident iiappcueu
yesterday afternoon, the victim being
Miss Lena Weckbach, daughter of Mr.
Henry Weckbach, a prominent grocer of
this city. She and Miss Julia Bilstein
had started out late in the afternoon on
horseback and had been riding around
the streets for some time apparently tak
ing in all that was to be seen and enjoy
ing themselyes immensely. As they wero
moving up Third street in the yknUy o;
the B. it M. shops v, Uh rapida.,
the stirrup attached to Miss Weckbach a
saddle broke, throwing her violently
the ground on "her left shoulder. She
was immediately carried to her home and
Dr. . R. Livingston, sr., soon arrived
and after he had examined her injury,'
announced that she had broken her col
lar bene. The injury, though very pain
ful, U not seiious, and with the exertion
of a little patience, she will come around
all right and feel thankful she escaped
so narrowly, sudden death. B.i.e exhib
ited great bravery in standing the opera
tion of setting the broken shoulder so
From Thursday's Il;iily.
Mr. J. G. Richey's boy, who has
been seriously ill for the last few days
with a celd which had settled on hu
lung3, is resting somewhat easier today
and they have some hopes for his recov
ery at present.
Rev. W. B. Alexander, realizing this
morning that the day would gradually
grow more sultry, hired a vehicle and
took his family out to spend a day in
the country toenjoy the refreshing breezes
of some pleasant groye in the vicinity of
the city.
The democratic convention nomin
ated Judge Thurman today for vice-president,
and the democratic ticket reads
'Cleyeland and Thurman." We suppose
the democrats will have a big blw-out
tonight, so we advise our readers to not
get scared if they hear a queer noise in
the streets.
This morning we learned of the
death of Mrs. Chas. Swan, who died at
9 o'clock last night. She has not been
feeling well for some time, but was still
able to be around until a few minutes
before her death. Her complaint, it Is
claimed, was heart disease, and she died
very suddenly. She was a resident of
Liberty precinct, about twelve miles
south of here. She will be buried to
morrow at 10 a. m. in the Three Grove
cemetery. The members of the family
are intimate friends of Mr. Eikenbary.
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