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U 0 lib J )A 1 J U KK 1 "C'lSisr"
Itellglon 1 Sanative,, Curative, Hygienic.
It May Not Cilvw Antediluvian Longevity
to the Human Ituce, lut Will Creally
I-enUion Our I.1t.
Brooklyn, Juno 10. At tho Talx-r-nacle
thi:s morning, after cxjiounding
Homo passages of Scripture in regard to
tho diet of Daniel and hi abstemious
habits, the Uev. T. Do Witt Talmage, D.
P., gave out tlx? liynin beginning:
Olory to Ood on hi'i,
I-t heaven ami earth reply.
lie announceil as tho subject of his
sermon: "Does Religion Prolong Life?"
and preached from the text found in Ph.
xci, 10: "With long life will 1 Katinfy
him." Following is tho di.soourso in
Through tho mistakes of its friend-; re
ligion ha loeii chiefly associated with
hick boils and graveyards. The wholo
Kuhject to many people is odorous with
chl orino and carbolic ucid. There are
people who cannot ironounce tho word
religion without hearing in it the clipping
chi.sel of the toinltone cutter. It is high
time that this thing were changed and
that religion, instead of being represented
as a to carry out tho dead, should
bo represented as a chariot in which the
living are to triumph.
Religion, bo far from subtracting from
one's vitality, is a glorious addition. It
is sanative, curative, hygienic. It is
good for the eyes, good for tho ears, good
lor the spleen, good for the digestion,
good for the nerves, good for tho muscle.
When David, iri another part of tho
Psalms, prays that religion may be dom
inant he does not, speak of it as a mild
sickness, or an emaciation, or an attack
of moral and spiritual cramp; bespeaks
of it as "the saving health of all na
tions;' while Cod, in tho text, promises
longevity to the pious, saying: "Willi
long life will I satisfy him."
The fact is that men and women die
too soon. It is high time that religion
joined the hand of medical science in
attempting to improve human longevity.
Adam lived nine hundred and thirty
years. "Methuselah lived nine hundred
and sixty nine jears. As late in the his
tory of tho world as Vespasian, there
were at one time in his empire forty-five
people ono hundred and thirty-five years
old. So far down as the Sixteenth cen
tury, Peter Zartan died at one hundred
and eighty-five years of age. I do not
say that religion will ever take tho race
back to antediluvian longevity, but I do
say the length of Iranian life will be
greatly improved.
It is said in Isaiah: "Tho child shall
die a hundred years old." Now, if ac
cording to Scripture tho child is to be a
hundred years old, may not the men and
women reach to three hundred and four
1undred and live hundred? The fact is
that we are mere dwarfs and skeletons
compared with some of the generations
that are to come. Take tho African race.
They have been under bondage for cen
turies. Give them a chance and they de
velop a Frederick Douglass or aToussaint
U"Ouverture. And if the white race shall
be brought from under the serfdom of
sin, what shall be the Ixxly? what shall
Jxj the soul? Religion has only just
tcHuvlied our world. Give it full power
for a few centuries and who can tell
what will le the strength of man and
tho beauty of woman, and the longevity
.of all?
jSJv design is to show that practical re
ligion ;s the friend of long life, I prove
it, first, from the fact that it makes tho
care of our health a positive Christian
duty. Whether we shall keep early or
le.fe hours, whether wo shall take food
digestible or indigestible, whether there
hhall be thorough or incomplete mastica
tion, are questions very often deferred
to the realm of whimsicality; but the
Christian man lifts this whole problem of
jjcalth into the accountable and the di-?-itu?.
He says: "God has given me
this body, and lie has called it the temple
of the Holy Ghost, and to deface its
altars or mar its walls or crumble its pil
lars is a God defying sacrilege."
.He sees God's caligraphy jn every page
anatomical and physiological. He
eavs: c?od has given me a wonderful
body for nobis purposes."
That arm with thirty-two curious bones
wielded by forty -six curious muscles, and
all under the "brain's telegraphy; CIO
pounds of blood rushing through the
heart every hour, the heart in twi&ftty-
Htrychnincd, walking with thin shoes to
inako your feet look delicate, pinched at
the waist until you are nigh cut in two,
ami neither part worth anything, groan
ing about sfck headache and palpitation of
tho heart, which you think came from
your own folly.
WJiat right has any man or woman to
deface the temple of the Holy Ghost?
What is tho ear? Why, it is the whisp
ering gallery of tho human soul. What
is the eye? It is the observatory God
constructed, its telescope sweeping the
lu avens. What is the hand? An instru
ment so wonderful that when the Earl of
P.ridgcwatcr bequeathed in his will $10.
000 for treatises to lx- written on tho wis
dom, powes and goodness of God, Sir
Charles 15(11, tlie great English anatomist
ami surgeon, found his greatest illustration
in tlx' construction of the human hand,
devoting his whole nxk to that subject.
So wonderful are these Wiles that God
names his own attributes after different
parts of them. His omniscience it is-
God s eye. His omnipresence it is God's
ear. His omnipotence it is God's arm.
Tl io upholstery of tho midnight heavens
it is the work of God's fingers. His
life giving power it is the breath of the
Almighty. His dominion "the govern
ment shall be upon his shoulder. " A
lody so divinely honored and so divinely
constructed, let us be careful not to
abuse it.
When it ljecome3 a Christian duty to
take care of our health, is not tho whole
tendency toward longevity? If I toss my
watch about recklessly and drop it on the
pavement, anil wind it up anv time of
day or night I happen to think of it, and
often let it rundown, while, you are care
ful with jour watch and never abuse it.
and wind it up just at tho same hour
every night and put it in a place where
it will not suffer from tho violent changes
of atmosphere, which watch will last the
longer? Common sense answers. Now
the human body is God's watch You
see the hands of tho watch, you seo the
face of tho watch; but the beating of the
heart is the ticking of the watch. Oh,
he careful and do not let it run down!
Again, I remark that practical religion
is a friend of longevity, in the fact that
it is a protest against dissipations which
injure and destroy the health. Bad men
1 IT mi
aim women live a very snore nie. meir
sins kill them. I know hundreds of good
old men, but I do not know half a dozen
bad old men. Why? They do not get
old. .Lord lyron died at Jussolonghi at
thirty-six years of age, himself his own
Mazeppa, his unbridled passions the
horse that dashed with him into the
desert. Edgar A. Poe died at Baltimore
at thirty-eight years of age. The black
raven that alighted on the bust above his
chamber door was delirium tremens
Only this and nothing more.
Napoleon Bonaparte lived only just be
yond mid life, then died at St. Helena,
and one of his doctors said that his dis
ease was induced by excessive snuffing.
The hero of Austerlitz, the man who by
one step of his foot in the center of Eu
ropo shook tho earth, killed by a snuti-
uox: uii, now many peonie we nave
known who have not lived out half their
days because of their dissipations and in
dulgences! Now practical religion is a
protest against all dissipation of any kind.
"But," you say, "professors of religion
have fallen, professors of religion have
trot drunk, professors of religion have
misappropriated trust funds, professors
of religion have absconded." Yes, but
they threw away their religion before
they did their morality. If. a man on a
White Star line steamer bound for Liver
pool in mid-Atlantic jumps overboard
and is drowned, is tliflt anything against
the White Star line's capacity to take the
man across the ocean? And if a man
jumps over tho gunwale of his religion
and goes down never to rise, is that any
reason for jour believing that religion
has no capacity tc take the man through?
In the one case it fie haf kept to tlie
steamer his body would have been saved;
in the other case if ho had kept to his re
ligion his morals would have been saved.
Tiiere are aged people who would hav:
!een dead twenty-five years ago but for
the defenses and the equipoise of religion.
You have no more natural resistance than
hundreds of people who lie in the ceme
teries today, slain by their own vices.
The doctors made their case as kind and
pleasant as they could, and it was called
congestion of the brain, or something
else, but the snakes and the blue flies that
seemed to crawl over the pillow in the
sight of the delirious patient showed what
was the matter witlf him. Yon, the
aged Christian man, walkert along by
that unhappy one until you came to tjic
golden pillar of a Christian life. You
much. What lien will dare to put hL?
paw on that Daniel? Is there not rest in
this? Is there not eternal" vacation in
"Oh," you say, "hero is a man who
asked God for a blessing in a certain en
terprise, and he lost five thousand! dol
lars in it. Explain that.'" I will. Yon
der is a factoiy, and one wheel is going
north and the other wheel is going south,
and one wheel plays laterally and tho
other plays vertically. I go to the manu
facturer and I say: "Oh, manufacturer,
j our machinery is a contradiction. Why
do vou not make all the
w heels go one
"Well," he says, "I made them to
go in opposite directions on pui jo.-e, and
they produce the right result. You go
down stairs and examine the carpets wo
are turning out in this establishment and
you will seo." I go down on tlie other floor
and I see the carjuts, and I am obliged
to confess that though the wheels in that
factory go in opposite directions, they
turnout a beautiful result; and while I
am standing there hxiking at the exquis
ite fabric an old Scripture passage comes
into my mind: "All things work to
gether for good to them who love God."
Is there not rest in that? Is there not
tonic in that? Is there not longevity in
Supiose a man is all the time worried
aljout his reputation? One man says lie
lies, another savs he is stupid, another
says he is dishonest and half a dozen
printing establishments attack him, and
ho is in a great state of excitement and
worry and fume, and cannot sleep; but re
ligion comes to him and says: "Man. God
is on j our side; he will take care of your
reputation; ii uou do lor you, who can
bo against you?" How much should
that man worry about his repu
union.' noc niucii. it that broker
who some years ago in Wll street,
after he had lost money, sat down and
wrote a farewell letter to 1 lis wife lxfere
he blew his brains out if instead of tak
ing out of Ids jiockct a pistol he had taken
i. - 71 1 -v- rr , , , ,
out a wen reau 4ew lestauieni tin 're
would have been one less suicide. O
nervous and feverish people of the world
trj- this almighty sedative. You will
live twenty-five years longer under its
soothing power. It is not chloral that
you want, or morphine that you want; it
is the "..ospel of Jesus Christ. "With
long life will I satisfy him."
Again, practical religion is a friend of
longevity in the fact that it removes all
corroding care about a future existence
Every man wants to know what is to be
come of him. If you get on board a rail
tram j-ou want to know at what depot it
is going to stop; if you get on board a
ship you want to know into what harbor
it is going to run, and if you should tell
me you have no interest in what is to be
your future destinj-, I would in as polite
a way as I Know how tell vou I did not
believe you. Before I had this matter
settled with reference to mj- future exist
.i .... - i- -i . . ,
ci ice, me question almost worrieit nie
into ruined health. The anxieties men
have upon this subject, put together
ii i . , .
noma uiiiKO a iariyraoni. Tins is a
state of awful unhealthiness. Thero are
people who fret themselves to death for
fear of dying.
T i i . i 1 j 1 i
i want to taiie tne strain oit your nervi
and the depression oil' j our soul, and I
make two or three experiments, Expcri
ment first: When vou tro out of this
world it does not make any difference
whether you have been good or bad, or
. t . i. , I- i i .
wneuier jou oeiieveii truth or error, you
Religion is warmth, that u health. Ask
all the doctors and they will tell j ou thut
a quiet conscience and pleasant anticipa
tions aro hygienic. I offer you perfect
teace now and hereafter.
What do jou want in the future world?
Tell me and you shall have it. Orchards?
There aro the trees with twelve maimer
of . fruits, yielding fruit every month.
Water scenery? There is the river of
life from under the throne of God. clear
as crystal, and the sea of glass mingled
with lire. Do you want music? There
is the oratorio of the Creation led on by
Adam, and the oratorio of the Red Sea
led on by Moses, and the oratorio of the
Messiah led on by St. Paul, while the
archangel with swinging baton controls
the 111,000 who make up the orchestra.
Do j ou want reunion? There aro your
dead children waiting to kiss you, wait
ing to embrace you, wailing to twist
garlands in your hair. You have been
accustomed to ojM'n the door on thi.; fide
the sepidi hcr. I open the door on the
other side the scpulcher. You have been
accustomed to walk in the wet grass on
the top of the grave. I show you the
under side of the grave; the bottom has
fallen out and the long ropes with which
the pall liearers let down j our dead let
them clear through into heaven.
Glory be to God for this robust, healthy
religion. It will have a tendency to
make you live long iu this world, and in
the world to come vou will have eternal
life. "With long life will I satisfy him."
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Ai l '. ;.l;ii!'.vi, lly .KTi.l, ; 1 t i-
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. i rt hi -rr-n n -rt 'if
It ut'.xk .icut t!n: uii;-i.!Hii:s I urvirn 'if
tir' I'lixi'l p::' ilyiir; i;ml i f.r'.i hi.i.' it,
nn.I o -t ri'n:! I !"' !! -;t. J
l.-i liiti'.i.r l.m.'i or ii.ij.ovtr-
i.'lH-'l III. ml.
Ai titirt'iil'll'-l-if Mir. IvnntV'lifr.Vi-N
. : j ps h b i-j h i
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( 1.5 till! .'.Mi.lii'
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tr.-m ! :"i.i..i v in. !i i i iv I
r -' i .i ; -i f .l - !.i I..-..I . I .r.'i.i i. u-. tin: l.i:i:l .V).
Trici. $1 00. E..1J 7 )zn,-tm.
K i$ TAT E: IS A R G-Al N $
Choice Lots in
h Park.
Berlin is to have a new cathedral.
.Silver has turned up i:i South Africa
to a degree to produce a new mining
There are laws against using profane
language by telephone in all states except
( 'onneeticut.
Tiie receii if s of
21 lots in Thompson's addition; -1I lots in Towiim-ikV
t.o; un o oiock Mil; lot 1 Mock (i; let i blot k !.V lot 11
Jots in loung ami Hays' addition; lets in Taliin i's add
cmien; unproved property of ull i!cm liptir.ns and in nil
ii i in.-, a new ami ucsiraole riMduae in South c;m I.
addition; Let 10 b'otk
blot k 111; lot H block ;l ;
lilii.n; lets in Duke, s lid-
par's of I he t ii v mi t tisy
Cull lif Imliuli! fill liifilillilv liov.
nunts. Before purchasing dseuheie, cull mid see if we cannot suit vou hater.
Xjs A M X !B
tho London Zoological"
Gardens have deeroa-ed SlO, 000 in the
pat year and tlie managers blame Buf
falo Bill's show for the loss.
Kansas has a genuine ihilsnthronist.
e plalantli
Ilarvev c.
o acres of unproved giour.d lmith of the city limits; 5 ai res of ground ndjoi-
ing South Park; L acris of ground ml joining South 1'm k; 1 .1 acres of "round ad
joining South Bark; 0 lines mar South I 'ark: so i see. M. 'J'. ,o j iS c.M (
puce .fi.i?ut, ii som seen; nw st-c. S, 'J'. 12. It. 10, Cuss Co., .rice iOOH;
ic niipiuvcii stocK laini in .Mcinclt Co., ;ti)., ICO acres and
on rtasona
will go straight to glory. "Impossible, ''
you saj-; "my common sense as well as
my religion teaches that the bad and the
good .cannot live together forever. You
dve me no comfort in that experiment.
Experiment tho second; When you leave
tins wori'i joti win go into an lnternidi
ate state where you can get con verted
and prepared for heaven, "impossible,"
yousav; "as tho tree falleth so it must
lie, and I cannot poshione to an intenne-
uiate state reiormation wlucli ought to
have been effected in this state. "' Ex
periment hird: There is no future
world; when a man dies that is tlie last
of him. Do not worry about what j ou
are to do in another state of being: vt.u
will not do anything. "Impossible, " you
say; "there is something that tells me
four hours' beating 100,000 times, dining j went to the right; lie went to tho left
tho twenty-four hours overcoming re
sistances amounting to '24,000,000
pounds of weight, during the came time
the lungs taking in lifty-seven hogsheads
of air, and all this mechanism not more
rrjltfhty than delicate and easily disturbed
and demolished.
The Christian man says to himself : "If
I hurt my nerves, if I hurt my brain, if
I hurt any of my physical faculties I in
sult God and call tor dire retribution."
Why did God tell the Leviiea pot to oiler
to iiini in sacrifice animals imperiec?" and
diseased? Ho meant to tell us in all tiie
nges that we are to offer to God our very
test physical condition, and a man who,
through irregular or gluttonous eating,
ruins hia health, is not olTering to Go4
such a sacrifice. Why did Paul write for
his cloak at Troas? Why should such a
great man as Taul be anxious about a
thing so insignificant as an overcoat? It
vas because he knew that with pneu
monia and rheumatism he would jioj, f o
worth half as much to God and the
church as with respiration easy and foot
An intelligent Christian man would
consider it an absurdity to kneel down at
night and pray and ask God's protection, J yo
while at the same time he kept the win- ha
tlowfi of liis bedroom tight fchut agauist
fresh eir. He would just as soon think
of going out on tho bridge between New
York and Brooklyn, leaping off and then
praying to God to keep him from getting
hurt. Just as long you defer this
whole subject of physical lis?alth to tlie
realm of whimsicality, or to th6 pastry
cook, or to the butcher, or to the baker,
or to the apothecary, or to the clothier,
you are not acting like a Christian. Take
care of all your physical forces nervous,
muscular, bone, brain, cellular tissue
for all you must be brought to judgment.
Smoking your nervous system into iid
fcts, burning out tho coating of your
toinach vitl wine logwooded and
That i, all the difference between vou
Oh, if this religion is a protest against all
forms of dissipation, ilien jt is an illustri
ous friend of longevitj-. "Wit'u Jong
life will I satisfy him."
Again, lcjigion is a friend of longevity
in the fact that it takes the worry out of
our temporalities. It is not work that
kills, it is worry. When a man be
comes a genuine- Christian iie makes over
to God not onljr his affections but his
family, his businw?, his refutation, )us
bodj Lis mind, his soul everything.
Industrious ho will bf. but never worry
ing, because God is managing his affairs.
How can he worry about business when
in answer to his" prajrs God tells hini
when to buy and when to sell; in4 ?f he
gain that is best, and if he lose that is
Suppose you had a supernatural neigh
bor who came in and Eaid; "Sir, I want
j ou to call on me in every exigency ;
am your fast friend; I could fall back on
$20,000,000; I can foresee a panic ten
yeas; j hold the controlling stock in
thirty of tits best monetary institutions
of New York; i.-nyer jou are in
trouble call on me and I wiii ieh you;
you can have my money and vou can
wo my influence; hero is my hand in
pledgo xor it." How much would jou
worry aliout business' Why. you would
say; "I'll do the best I can, and then
I'll depend on niy friend's generositj for
the rest."
Now more than that ii promised to
every Christian business man, Gc1 says
to him: "I own New York and London
and St. Petersburg and Pekin, and Aus
tralia and California are mine; lean for
see a panki :v million years; I have all the
resources of the un'jrrst, and I am j'our
fast friend: when jou get jn business
trouble or any other trouble, call ot me
ami l wiii help; here n my naurl in
pledge of pniniiotei:t deliverance." I low
wuch should .that nian worry? Noi
that deatii is not the appendix, but the
preface; there is something that tells mo
that on this side of the grave I only get
started, and that J shall go on forever;
my power to think suj-s 'forever,' mj'
aiieciions say 'torever,' my capacitv to
enjoy or suiter, 'torever.
' en, jou ueieat me m my tnree ex
periments. 1 have only one more to
make-, and if you defeat me in that I am
exhausted; A mighty One on a knoll
back of Jerusalem ouo day, fne skies
filled with forked lightnings and the
earth filled with volcanic disturb:uices,
turned his pale and agonized face toward
the heavens and said: "I take the sins
and sorrows of the ages into my own
heart. I am 1113 expiation. Witness
earth and heaven and hell, I am the ex
piation." And the hammer struck him,
and the spears punctured him, and
heaven thundered: "The wages of sin
is death!" "The soul that eiimetb, it
d;all die!" "I will by i:o means clear
the guilty!" Then there was silence
for half an hour, and the lightnings were
drawn back into the seaboard of the sky,
and the earth seemed to quiver, and till
the colors of the sky began to shift them
selves into a rainbow woven out of the
falling tears of Jesus, and tiiere was red
as of the biGodsh.-dding, and there was
blue as of the bruising, and there was
green as of the heavenly foliage, and
there was orange as of the daj- dawn.
And along the line of the blue I saw the
words: "I was bruised for their iniqui
ties." And along the lino of ths red J
saw the words: "The blood of Jesus
Christ clcanseth from all sin." And
along the line of tho green I saw the
words: "Tlie leaves of the tree of life
for the healing of the nations." And
along the line of tlu orange I saw the
words: "Tlie day spring from on high
hath visited us.'
.And then I saw the storm was over
and the rainbow rose higher and higher,
until it 'fceemed retreating to another
heaven, and planting one column pf jts
colors on one side tho eternal Hill and
planting the other column of its colors on
the other side tho eternal hill, it ipse up
ward and upward, "and behold there was
a rainbow about the throne."
Accept that sacrifice and quit worry
ing. Take tho tonic, tho inspiration, the
longofify of this truth. Religion is sun
shine, that is health. Religion is fresh
air and pure water, they are healthy.
ftiepneii lucnanison. ol Ilarvev count v
has planted three miles of peach trees in
the public highway for the benefit of
The Turkish government will not allow
the writings of Haute. Byron. Voltaire
and I'alev to enter its domains, for these
authois speak disrespectfully of Moham
medanism. Europe has a new coin. It is the coin
of tiie present German emperor and bears
his profile. The die was actually pre
pared iii the lifetime of the last emperor.
A Paris journal asserts that an Eng
lish ex-Jiangman has lieen hired by an
American manager for a lecture tour in
the United States, aim is to receive 10,
000 over his expenses.
Experiments at Capo Town in signal
ing with electric light reflected from the
clouds were a complete success. Ex
periments were also made with a vessel
at sea, with the result of llashin'r asivn.-d
fifty miles away.
Bismarck received 101 plovers' eggs
on Ins recent birthday. Plovers' etrs
are a favorite delicacy with the chancel
lor, and evei-y year on his birthday a
large number are sent to him from the
Georgia, according to The Athens (Ga. )
Banner Watchman, furnished tliri-e
regiments of soldiers to the Federal arinv
during the civil war. The soldiers came
from the mountain counties of the state.
The uncertainty concerning: titles is
thought to be a cause of dullness in New
York real estate. Many of the old family
properties were settled in a careless man
ner, and in some instances heirs have re
appeared, causing perplexity and confusion.
The inhabitants of Rodriguez, an island
of the Indian ccean beloiiL- in to r.'r.:it
Britain, were recently threatened with
starvation, owing to their isolated posi
tion and the failure of croe.s. A relief
expedition from the Mauritius, 400 miles
away, fuiallj- reached them with 1,:)00
ba!S of rice.
A convention of parrots wiii soon be
held in Turin, and a great many learned
old fellows are expected to be present.
Prizes will be given to the best singer,
the brightest conversationalist and the
finest orator. A great many queer stories
have been told about parrots, but the
coming show will give the world a chance
to know preciselj what they have to saj-.
The New Jersey court of chancery has
rendered a decision which deprives lienrv
George, the land agitator, of a bequest of
property aggregating in value about 10,-
'J'-JO. it had been bequeathed bv William
tchings, an eccentric admirerof Henry
George, who recently died in Camden
county. Its object was to aid George in
the dissemination of his peculiar land
An interesting report of the death of a
native was recently niado bv a coroner's
jury in India. The native had had the
misfortune to meet a tiger, and the re
port says: "Panda died of the tiger eat
in?: him. There was no other cause nf
death. Nothing was left of Pandu save
seme fingers, which probably belonged
either to the right or left hand. "
London royaltv is about to organize a
charitable fete in imitation of that car
ried to success by the Princess Metternich
in Vienna. The three little Princesses of
Wales are to appear as Yum Yum. Pitti
Sing and Peep Bo in "The Mikado" trio.
A Scotch ballet will be danced by titled
ladies, and it will wind up with a panto
mime in which all the plaj-ers will take
a valua-
ilt! kniiH,
Consult your best interest by instiling in the 1
panics, about which there is no question as to ihe
To it x a Do Poi.iciks The pres. nt je:i;- bids fair to
tioes arid wind storms. J Ins is fore-shadowed 1
ready had the n.ost destructive one so far this
non, IU., where a large number of buildings wen
emption from tornadoes hist year rindets their
:unix, Hartford or A
iigli standing and fail-
be a oi.-a.-t runs
v the number of st'
year having oecurrttl at .Ml. Vt
tna cr ni-tlealinir.
ne 1 1 1 m t orna
liis c have (d-
lesf royt-tl or daiuai il. The ex-
II In t ill r o. en r ii-.. i,,,.,.. ,1.1.. ... -t
Call at our oflice and get a ToVnado Policy. Unimproved lands for sale or exehanVe".
Wi ndham & Davies.
13 e rj q o
i 11
Will call your attention
they are headquarters for all
and Vegetatled.
Vie are receiving Freeh
to the
f ac
t that
Frui ts
e t r v b e r r i c c ever
Oranges, Lemons and Bananas constantly on
Just received, a
We have Pure K'apl
e t y
c u c s r
cf Cerr.ed Ecuj c
i ctake.
a n a r: o rr
it .
arriages for Plerasure and Short Drives
Cor. bth. and Vir: o
Legal Notice
Johnson Ilros., f'laintirf. vs. T. S. t'eiliett, J'e
feridpnt, in Attachniei.t.
T. S. Corhett will take iintipf that on tlie 2i Ii
day of April, in, ". Kns-el . .luil.' of (;-.
county. Xt-brarka. issunii an Onft-r of Att:i-ii-tnenl
for the sum of 6.k-. in an ac im .i-ie;
before him. w ert-in .li.-liiison jsios i- 1 J . t i 1 1 : ; : 1"
anrt T. S. orbptt it. fcmlant : 1 iiat pro.f it v el
the I)ef.-inlar,t ron.-islii;; nf licil ami leilij'iiii'.
dishes, mux. ihini; ir-m. anil oilier ljou-.eiii.i l
i oodpi. ha been aita.chf-,1 maler i-aiil enl r
Said cause was co tiuuf.l to t -e '.'i-iii ih.y of
Jiinu, 16SS, 10 o'c'ot-k a. in.
10 3 Johnson- Iii oh., riaintift.
tire yeai!ini
Taken i.v in
I let'. tt-c jin- .-r i.-f r
12, tup. I'l. C,.iK f;.,.;:if y.
fan have t li e saini i.y
payint; :'or thij aii , ai.U
Estray Hotice.
ST h-:f-r. roan with whit f.-n-o
Hho'.f .May loth, ix oM Uij
ii- -e .(r "i see. I'.i, raid
-!:i n-ka. I hp oh nT
proving propi-ity and
oilier f x;ein-f neees-
liF.O. S. MAl.KHTV.
? 1
Notice to Creditors.
1 a s r e- vol i ionized
t he v. l ii! ilui'il ; I ht!
l-i-r h'-i'f c -l tury.
ot P-a-t ani'e 1 h';
IHl- i s of ii, v 11 1 1 VI)
ri ui i-- ii a un-tiiod
ana .v-t-iu of wf i k
t 1 1 over the coutitry
i v.uikcis from thnr
v one can ilo the v. uric
I : n p'( iai ability r"-
Sftistard riasters for Tmants.
The Ladies' Protection and Relief so
ciety has jut issued its report for 1887.
Tho lady president was seen the other
da-, and said that at present there are
200 toys and girls in the institution,
while 3G2 children have been cared for
during the past year. Considerable diffi
culty has been experienced of late with
the young boys who play truant from the
institution, climbing fences and going
bathing at North Beach, or running
around the neighborhood. Various
remedies have been tried, among them
the dressing of the boys in girls' clothes,
but the latest device has proved effective.
Half a dozen youngsters played truant
not long ago, and on returning received a
warm welcome. Tlie matron quietly
ordered the bftys to take off their jackets,
and then the applied a mustard plaster to
each of the boys' backs, and now they
stop at home. San Francisco Chronicle.
State of Nebraska, Cass e u;n v. ei. In
matter of the estate cf John lciehaiU.soii.
iv'oiiee is her by given that the claims ; tel
demands of all ptrviin i.a.rist J. hn liicharil
son. deceased, late of said County and Siite,
will he received, examined and aojui' l l.y l h.
County Court, at the court houe in 1'i'a".
mouth, on the 7fh day of December. A D lss.
at 8 o'clock in the fou-noon. And that ix
months from and after i he dav of June.
A. D. 188, is the rime limited fur creditors of
said deceased to present their claims f .r ex
amination and allowance.
I. iven under my band this 5th dav of June,
A.D., C. Krssr.i ...
12-3 ' Cpun'ty Ju-Ji;e.
State of Nebraska. Cas County. Xa the
County Court of Cass CouiiTy. Nehra-ka.
oii"ce if hereby given that u th i 'j jr.l day
f June. at the hour o! Hi o'clock in ihe
forenoon, nt the office of tiie County Judge of
said coon' y, tiie fujlowing tna'ter v-1 1 1 be heard
and consiriifd i
'Ihe verified petition of Wm. T. Col. f. r the
appoiuiment i-f leniseif as Guai dial) f Si; -an ah
Drak-. of Hancock County, state t f i hi.t, al
leged to be mentally ir.compe nt t. l av tie;
ch rge sind inaiiagemeu. ol lie iM- fi" y.
JULie 4. l.vbd. C i. L"nSh
12-3 County Judge,
that can b peift.rmed
witnm.t M'nara'n z tl
h' inr. 1' li' t-ii'l ; ;.
ei -her sex.' r o!
'iu;iel ( ati tal l ot r?' lied : v.:i are startel
iiff. In s at letnii) In us ai d we
en. you free, fomejliii- of t'rac liii,'i.i tanc
p.l value to on. t ha w ill ! ai t on iii huinen
uleeiiuiil 1 riiiL' yi ii ia tun e 1110:13 rinht
away than hi yllih. !sc !n tl.e v. rlii. ti. ai.d
outfit flee. Address 'I rue .V Co.., .M.
Dr. C. A Marshall!
1 V -
v v
f natural teeth a ipfcialtv-
Cctth tftraelcd without pain l,y of Lavyhhso
All work warranted. Prices reasonable,
FiTZGEaAun's Block. Puttiimol'ih, seu
' 1 i
. 1
; !
i .1
5 ,
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