Plattsmouth weekly herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1882-1892, May 24, 1888, Image 1

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$2 00 TKU ANNUM.
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H HvKfo - ffl it! T itl
If 1lifr S It
a T'l
V-A If J I
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Absolutely Pure-
This pic. ,lcr M'vi-r varies. A vel of pur
Uv, fl ivii'-Mi iiml vv holesoniciiess. Mine '
)i i 1 1 1 1 ii 1 1 i.i m l ne oi ilinarv kiiiiis.and cannot l
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i"t, short we'mht st in in or phosphate powileH.
Sold O'ilV fu V. I S. lnVAI. lJAKJMi l'OWDKK
'.. I. iii I'll M i'-.v York. SJHH
I'llllCC .Illdge,
K.M. tin ii kv
V K 1'iix
- JAMKS I'AT 1'KHSO N , .1 K.
liYUO.N Cl-AltK
- A M.vnoi.K
,, . . . i J V Wkckha:h
Coum-iliae n, 1st ward, -j A SAi.isiiimv
l M .Ion ks
i M i; Mi'itriiv
t CoN I'lllNNOB.
I 1' McCai.lkn. 1'iiKH
ij v .Johns in.Chaikm as
I'.oiiid rub.Works- Kitun liosiDKit
J;;uty Crea-rarer, -
1 pti ! y "It-rU .
I'leoilei ol I i-t'ds
) .'i:i! v It murder
rt-'i-! ot Uistiiet Co art,
Supt. of'i'ub. S'i'lioolr1.
County Jii'io.
1). A. CAMI'I'.KI.I.
TlllH. I'lll.l.OI K
FT HI) ClllH'11 MIM.O
Kxa I'm ii'iu-1 Ki,l)
V. 11. Tool.
Al.I.KN liKKS-'N
C. iiUSSKLl.
Aitl) OF Dl'l'EllVlSOUS.
V. Ti.m. - I'hiitinouth
l..,ris 1'- 1. 1 .. ( 'h'm., V.. 'op i ik -iter
A. it. Pi k.-on. - - " h..::iw.iod
( A l.UlXi No. Hi!. 1 O. . 1-. -Me
I ,.v-rv Y'.i'-ilay -vim!1ik of e:icli i iv.
ti .I.-, .-'lit V;r. tli. i-; rivoclluHy niMU'd
-SJL MTMlin II KNCAMl'MKNT .. 3. I . O.
i O nn-i." tvriy iiitf-nvito 1 ndiiv in
t :, !i in .mill i.i 1 lie Mas. .1110 llall. unui'.
I'.i.. i l.t'is ai t' ,vi!cdlo HlH-nd.
rTmiD I-DDiiK N'. S. A . O . I ; . W .Meets
.-V.M -- -i-i. a l'iht;iv ev.-inii.u' at K. of I .
'i .!' 'ri-ii si-.'iil lifiit U.-is ;irf res ifi-l r u 1 1 y m-
vitod to:illiMul. K..I. Mo;:in. Master Woinman ;
J-' S 1'. ntow. l-di I'Mian ; t runk livvn. ivi-r-
r'-rr- I- ll.lfi, llili.le; ll.ulsuoiil).
fcor.i-M- ; 11. .1. .I..hns.ui. Ki :i;i iit-i.T ; N uli . i. i:.-,....Vf r ; M. Ma!.rli;ht. M. W.i
.hu h i;iimh-it. GuaiO.
of i icric i ? :eftsecoia and fourtU Mon
davwui.i lit K. of V. hall. All transient
brothers are i (i'.u-iea to meet with u. -. A.
Nowcn i,er, eae able Consul:".. . '.
N ortl'.y V.lvi.-er ; 1, 13. Snntli, lix-Hanker ; V.
G. Willetts, Clerk.
xiLvrrsfouiii loix;k so. . a. o. y. v.
i Meel? every alteroate Friday evenin- at
Kockwood hall at o'clocn. All transient broili
eis are respectfully invited to attend. J, s.
I.iiron. M. W. ; F. Uoy.i. Foreinau : S. C.
Wilde, i.' . nder ; Leonard Anderson. Uve.rsc er.
T. W. .T:-.!l NS'lN
S. Twiss
!. A. 15 vtw
;. Nlt.i-
H.isitv S r't Ki.iil r . . .
;' i !.'V Pi XV
V ii mi'.-;
hson Kitv
,-. , : ; :t K.r. a . .
i... ':;:' 17..
. t :n r .: . urd'iv i-v
..Senior Yice
.Junior "
tj, M.
Ot'.'.cerof the i ; y
... ;mrd
.: Se"i;t Major.
..aarter Masir Sei it.
t'o a C !!''. J! ti
s-;ir;'iftL capo'.
AT 1!)i;M-'.V.'
.'iTiiK s. titiin e t Lav. Ofiie
r r.Hi-r Mei'.-.'s store. n"fh side of 1
'h and tith streets.
U VKi'LJAN. l-'i ; z-jei a'.l's
l'l -i i-uii u;li. N.-bia ka. I'roiiipt
d e .iefnl attent 1 r. to si j-e:ten.l law practice
V StiLL!
.IVAN. Attorney p.t. La. YU1 r.ri'il-t tteiiiioc t a 1 f-ti-sties :u-
tnistea t Li'ii. :tiee in L mon luoeK, l.iisi
side. ri.iUinouth. ISeb.
r ;ronal attention to all Cusine
to lay tare.
T!;"' Kxan'.'med. Aiistaret-' Compiled, In
se.raaCtj Writleu, Keal Et:itj Sold.
r.f lti-r Faei'.ities for taakinsj Farm Lean than ;
Jkny Other Ae?icv
K.H. Wis nu am. Jolts A. Ivir..
Noiary rub'.ic. Notary I'uldie.
V.'iXS!Ai: & H.-VYSKS,
AVUoraSyS - a.t -
c Pice over i'.ai.k . I 'a?s Conn' y.
PL vrv-.v-M-'TH, - - Xi'".-: Asic a.
: 7.
Now is vmir chance if you wish a
'..oil watch M.nd lis thirty subset ibers to
The 1Ii:kvi.d.
C. Whcppor Slightly D.sflgured but
Still in the Ring.
F .111 Weilne-il;' U. i'y.
C. AV'lioj) per Sh rman, tditor of tlie
Jonrnol, wis led off of tm tlcpot plat
form this morning ly a special tletecti ve.
This disgrace to our nation was witnessed
ty our special artist, niid tha following
is thu way tlie Pinkorton men appeared:
A Boy Drowned.
Fkkmont, Xeb., May On Saturday
a four-year-old son of a fanner named
Hciidricksou. living on Spoonc-r fc Ly
man's farm near Hooper, fell into the
Elkhorn river and was drowned. A con
stant search for tlie body of the little fel
low has not, at this time, resulted in its
State Sunday Seliool Association.
York, Xeb., May 2:5. The "Nebraska
Sun .'lay-school association meets here at
2 p. 111. today and continues until Thurs
day evening. A la-ge attendance is at
this early hour assured. The order of
exercises this afternoon is, a prayer and
naise meeting led by Kev. G. W Martin,
I'll. I)., of Xo;th Platte; addresses of
welcome by lion. A. L). Wycoff, mayor
of York; re.-ponse by President C. C.
White, of Valparaiso; report from county
associations and schools. This evening
there wi'l be a praise meeting, led by
lie v. J. II. Pivssoii, Seward, and an ad
dress on the subject of "More Iloom" by
llev. Willard Scott, of Omaha. Ralph
Wells, of Xew York, will address the
association npou "How to use the Bible."
The programme for "Wednesday and
Thursday is excellent, and great interest
is being manifested in it.
The Methodists Succeed In Elect
ing Two Bishops.
Nuw York, May 22.--At the session
of the General Methodist conference to
day the report on the election of a second
missionary bishop to India came up. Be
fore ac tual voting began much time was
taken up in settling the question as to
whether ballots containing less than the
required number of n mes should ba
counted or thrown out. After much dis
cussion it wss decided to count them,
and voting began in earnest.
On the third ballot this evening Rl-v.
Dr. J. II. Vincent, of Rock river confer
ence, an 1 Iter. W. J. Fitzgerald, of the
Xew Jersey conference, were elected bish
ops. A 1 j. urniiK nt was taken before the
result of i'.i' foiath ballot could be
A Collision at Humboldt
llfMHoi.iir, Neb., May 22. A collision
occurred at 12:30 today between engine
X.. '.7 and freight Xo. TS and the Lin
coln p-id-eng -T Xo. 71. The freight had
ordi-rs to side track here for :he passenger
and cut loos? the engine from the train
ibout one-half mile from the depot, in
tending to run iu and open the switch.
Train Xo. 71 was standing on the main
track and the engineer seeing that the
j engineer had lost control ot the incoming
1 engine, reversed and had the train under
I pretty good headway before the collision
j took place and by his prompt action
saved his engine and nothing is damaged
but the pilot broken off. Men are now
i cng-uf-1 in clearing the track. Engine
. r-V-StiVMCSl
badly damaged. Fortunately
is injured although the jiassengers
Vvre bartly shaken up and seareel. The
1 wrecked engine was running about eight
, "
j s -1l l!r t:me of the accident.
J The cause of the coliuron was that the
link block pin had worked out and
caught in the link saddle-, making it im
possible to reverse the engine.
Court House Robded.
Wilhkk, Neb., May 23. The court
house at this place whs burglarized last
night. The county juelges'a office, the
sheriffs office, the county clerk's office
and the county treasurer's office all were
forc;d open and more or less plunder
taken, but little cash is believed to haye
been stolen. The sheriffs office was en
tered through a window anel the safe
openeel and about $0 or $7 in cash ab
sTactetl therefrom. No other loss, save
that of a pair of excellent revolvers be
longing to the sheriff. From the sheriff's
oflice the prowlers entered the clerk's
ofiicc by a partition which was not lock
ed, where they opened all drawers and
handled papers rather carelessly anil final
ly selected a tine cigar-holder, a present
from an old county friend of tlie clerk's,
and left in disgust.
The judge's office was entered through
a window from tlio noitli. The vault
was openeel anel papers promiscuously
scattered, but nothing is missing so far
as Judge Rhine has examined. The
vault was evidently on the day lock and
easily openeel.
The treasurer's oflice tloor was forced
op-n and the vault door drilled, cousiel
erable powder burned, the knobs and
handles broken off, but it is believed
that no entrance was effected. If this
vault was openeel the safe inside was
probably robbed of about $700 cash, all
it contained and tlie vault door closeel
and battereel up to mislead or bafllle the
officers. Tho thief carried away the
treasurer's revolver, but nothing further
is missing. A part of the tools used by
the butglars were taken from a Bohem
ian's blacksmith shop in Bohemian-town
and consisted of a pick, a hammer, an
adz, chisel and a few iron bars, all of
which were left in the court house but
the drill with which the drilling was
done in the treasurer's office has not been
No definite clue has been settled upon
as to the party or parties perpetrating
this crime but it is believed that the par
ties followed the deputy sheriff Pat Mul
lory from Crete yesterday, where he had
solel a farm at sheriff's sale and carried
back to Wilber with him the proceeds of
the sale, $2,G2. but which ho had fortun
ately placed in a bank on his arrival in
They Went Through ie Town.
"Wauoo, Xeb., May 2:. Last night
Wahoo was visited by a set of sneak
thieves and burglars. They first entered
the house of N. II. Bell and took his
gold watch, pocket -bood, $9.70 in cash
and two pair of pantaloons, then crossed
the street to the house of R. Sefranek
and left the pantaloons taken at Bell's,
and took a half case of beer. From there
they went to the house of Emile Fisher,
anel abstracted his pants anel loose
change, then to the house of Dr. llawes,
where they were discovereel and lied.
No clew to the idenelity or whereabouts
of the scoundrels ha3 been discovered.
A Soldier Fatally Shot.
Valentine, Neb., May 2:5. A fatal
accident occured at Fort Niobrara today.
Private Iloolahan, of Company A, Eighth
infantry was shot through the arm and
body while on target duty. He had ar
ranged the target and was in the act ot
backing out from it when he received
the shot which will undoubtedly cost
him his life.
The agent for the American Bible so
ciety was in town Saturday. He sole!
quite a number of books. Surely such
men are welcome here.
Notwithstanding th int leniency of the
weather the Ice cream sociable was a
great success.
The school entertainment was very
good and wns largely attended. Two of
the teachers left town Saturday.
Mr. Cocety who has been foreman of
the ""Wes'ern LTnion Pottery" for the
past year left town Monday for Red Oak
Iowa. Mr. Lillie takes his place.
Mr. C. Clifford's infant child died of
measles last Wednesday and was buried
on Thursday.
The meat market owned bv II. Boe-
dekcr closed last Saturday. Mr. Charley
Schlafli takes the old stand again.
W. W. Valentine, the efficient sign
painter, is in town doing some work.
Mr. William Smith, night operator of
the M. P., and Miss Mollis Johnson were
married last Monday by G. C. Cleghorn.
District No. 32 has an enumeration of
216 children of school age, and of that
No. 175 have been enrolled during the
school year. "Wher is the district which
can better that? Smike.
$10,000 private funds te loan on farms
at straight eight per cent.
0w4 W.S.Wise.
Scientific of Clime.
Criminal biology is a new development
of se iene-e, but one? of nnn. iit v.ihi-.
, The- Now York Academy of Anthropology
I Bends out tlio following qintions: 1.
j What categories tif criminals ni:iy we
di.-ainguj-,h? Ariel what are the fuiulu
! mental characteristics, physical and
l psychical, which they display? 2. Is
there a general bio-pa tholeigieal constitu
tion which predisposes its subject to the
commission ef crime? How tloes it orig
inate, and what form does it asi-unu?
15. What is the proper classification of
human actions, bused on tho affections
which give vi.M to them? What cll'ect
does the eilucation of tho moral nature
have upon thi passions, and indirectly
tijioii crime? 4. Does the number f
suicides stand i.i inverse ratio to the
niltiiber of homicide:-? .". Epilepsy and
moral insanity in prisons mid insane
asylums, tj. Malingering among the in
Kiiic. 7. The utility of a museum of
criminal anthropology. 8. The influence
of atmospheric and economic condition
on crime in America. These questions
are followed by others under tho tiiU- of
criminal socio'ory. --Wo (- : -highly
value iue- method of sli!''y of
crime w hich In-gins with the study of tlie
cr i 111 i nal b i 1 nsel f . ' ' ( J leil ie-1 ) 'l 110c ra t.
II10 Collapsible Clerk.
A little miss from Dewboni avenue en
tered a North Clark street stationery t-tore
wearing an expression that plainly to!,i that
she. knew just what she wanted. In t rut h, sho
had Leon re-jwatiii tho name- ef the artielo
she had been sent for from the time !,o bad
left her home, and thought she had it pat.
"Give me," sui 1 tho little miss, "a dime's
wortb of stub toed pens."
And tho clerk rolled up his eyes and flop
ped over quite extinct. Chicago HeraM
Slakins Good Impression.
"Bobb-," eautioned his mother, -'tho
bishop is to eliiW with us today, and you must
be very quiet lit tho table. 1 v.niit bun to
think that you are a good little ly."
Very much impressed, bobby p. to his
dinner ia sileneo until Lis piato needed re
plenishing. "l'a," he said d-?voutly, "will you p.ivo n;e
some inoru string bej.ns, for of kucIj, is tLo
kingdom of heaven." Tho f";oeh.
A Hard Oao in Division.
"I see," observed Mrs. .Sii;i--s-, "that tlie
Bultan of Zanzibar kit twenty -teveii wid
ows. "
"Yes," replied Snags, heartlessly, "he
ripened a heavy crop of wtexls very sud
"That wasn't what I was thinking of.
What 1 can't understand is how nil these
widows will get their thirds." Pittsburg
Sho Knew Ilim Wei!.
"Have you a very stylish young girl you
could recommend rue C t-aid a gentleman In
an employment bureau.
"Kxeuso me, sir," replied the affable man
ager, "but do you livo in the corner house.'"
"Yes, but why do you askf"
"Because your wife was here only a mo
mrnt ao to see if we bad a to-.v headed girl
with a wart em her noses." Judge,
An exchange tells of the finding of the
nude body of a man who gave t wo gasps and
then died. This is a case, w here a pair ot
pants could not serve as raiment.
Aueut the Wales silver wedding, it is ob
served that the princess' eight bridesmaids of
twenty -five yeai-s ago are all living, all mar
ried and none divorced.
The people of Portland, Ore,, have recently
subscribed a sum to import a choice selection
of European singing birds to enliven th:r
gardens and groves.
Experiments are being made on Prussian
railroads with axle boxes littej with liear
ings of vegetable parchment in place ot
In chronic diseases, medicines should
be restoring, anel not debilitating, in their
action. The wonderful strength' utr.g
and curative effects, realized from the use
of Ayer's Sarsapailla, sustain tho reputa
tion of this remedy as the most popular
blood purifier.
The 5th St. Merchant Taller
Keeps a Full Line of
Foreign & Domestic Goods.
Consult Your Interest by Giving L:r a Cal
P3!; ttsiiioutb,
Wholesale --uid Ketail Dealer tc
Shingles, Lath, Sash,
Can supply every demand of tiie tra l?
Call and get terms. Fourth street
Iu Hear of Opcia House.
jro v j
We earnestly rctjuest aH'ofour fi'unds
indebted to us to call -;t once and utile
accounts due. We hav e f-u-lnir.i d heavy
loss by tlie- destnution of our Brai.ih
House :d Fail moid, N'c b., by fire and now
that we need money to im t our obliga
tions, we hope th' .re will not be one
among our friends who would refuse to
call promptly at this pai ti nlar time and
adjust account.
Trusting this will receive .your kind
consideration and prompt nt'tcLtion, we
renuiin, Vours '1'ruly,
"Will make lln; soa.-on
Mondays and Tuesdays at 22crja.G,
one m'.lc (if Kihr Alilf (irove.
Wednasday fco Satiarday in latlsmouth.
At Ldui-s Ivlirot'irs Ptrtl.'ie at tlie foot of Main St root.
S 1 1 :V li i-c 1', n O
Is a Dark-Iia v T'aecr. lf?. liands lii'li, weioln'iio 1 .200 pounds. His
close, compact loiin ai.d urdc-d leputution for endurances and fcpeedj
proo;inv Lave jiL-tly earned lor iim the reputation, and encomium irom
tlus Editor of tlie Sj') u oftlm Thi-jT that lie is one of the L'eot Siren
ot the age. His record is 2:Ji, jaul ha; jmced trial inile.s in 2:1C.
His colts, Eiitle JJahy, 2:T-A, :md J. V,r. llu 2:2! J. with more to
follow in the charmed circle this .summer, is ertainly a threat Lowing,
and atfords the public in thia vicinity a grand opportunity to get
valuable horses at low prices. His .servie-e ot !". 00, wilh ?5. 00 added
if net j"aiel till after loalino-, or siK to in.-ure colt t taml, is only the
price of a r(od onlinarr hore. M hiie liore of Siiakki: Uoy blood
line-s receive trout $100. On t SiJOO-Oi.1 itl other localities. Horses of
this kind, if iifit wanteil ibr sjrirtiijo- purposes, e-an do more creaeral
work on a larm, on account of their extra nerve power, than umvcstldy
d-;ttt lioi'ses, and can t town or to meeting in ope half tlie time,
and time is money. Owners of fine mares have a rare chancej now for
one ol tlie cheapest horses in the United States. Embrace the opportunity.
Tl-e f-nlv lentist-in the West oor.trolir. thii
.Ne'v Sjsieni f Kxtriii-tiatrail I'iiiiiiir l. eih
wiih'.'i-.t l'ain. ur una-ilic-lie ii en
tirely fi-ee f:vm
C!f LOIJ01-OIi3IOIiETHi:ii
Harmless - To - All.
To'ii extracted frtificial te;h Inserted
n-xt d; y if d-sir i'.i. The pi esei v;ii Ii u nf tlie
natural teeth a sptcialsy.
The vry finest. r-fTi"e in fidm! I'-'oeV, ever
'J he CitizeLf" l'-;-l:k.
If you want a lc-o 1 silver watch,
send us "50 subscribers to the Wklkly
c k -
Dr. C. A- Marshall.
I'ref ervalii'ii f i.atu;tl tet'.i a rpeeialty.
I'ttth tsti cell 'I nt jutiit hy v.-- of JjiuyttiTtg
f ;.i.
All work warranted. Prices reasonable,
We will give a silver wateh, that i
warrauted by the jewelry men of this
city, to any ore who brings us 15 yearlj
caih subset ibers to tho Daily Heiul&,
f i