Plattsmouth weekly herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1882-1892, May 10, 1888, Page 7, Image 7

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    ELA3TSM0UTH TTEE1CLV rtia, 'i-uJJVSDAT, MAT. 10, 1888.
' i jini i iimh h tun
Proceedings of th Coard of County
Plattsmouth, Neb.,' May 1, 1888.
Hoard melf pursuant to adjournment,
present A. II. Todd, A. T$. Diksan, Luia
Foltz, commissioners, Iiird Ciitchfield
county clerk.
Minutes of April session rea l and ap
proved and the following claims were
audited and allowed:
L C Mercer, wood to poor house $ 35 00
J V (Juackeubu-di, lurnlr br'dg 10 20
Omnhii lit jmal it-tin, HUpHes 2
bills. . . 20 00
Maynard Spink sal. and ex. acc't 111 00
Unzttle-JoiLtnal Co. printing... 70
titatt; Jtmrntil Co. printing 21 00
John Morris printing nnd suppl's HO 00
S M Dayis viewing road. . . 2 75
Milton Irwin lum rfor b'd'g 4 fcO
David. VVoodard taking loy to
poor house 1 CO
J C lhkenbary taking pauper to
poor house !l 30
Fred Stadtlmann board'g jurors. D 75
lieardsley, Clark A Colum'r 22 20
J E Hall county physician 25 00
Nebraska Telephone Co rent 12 30
Johnson Hros. hardware 17 GO
D G Todd building bridge 15 00
F 8 White goods to pauper ... 10 00
Joseph Oilinoru viewing roads. . 2 fiO
II A W aterman luin'r for road. . 25 71
Board then adjourned to witDess the
contest between the road machines, west
of Plattsmouth, in afternoon and to
meet May 2d.
May 2d, 1838.
regular session full
Board nifcft
board present, w
en the iollowins cle-
cision was niuue
m regard to the Koacl
Upon a thorough test of both ma
chines the board decided that the differ
ence in the merits of, and general rcsultt
of the two machines wurc of so small
importance, that they deem it inexpedi
ent to express their preference in regard
to which make would answer thir pur
pose best, and therefore agreed t pur
chase two of each firm and pay' the same
price therefor.
The proposition wag accepted by each
company represented, and thereupon the
clerk was ordered to draw a warrant on
the rgsji fund in favor of each company
fer the nmwunt stipulated in the contract,
to pay for the machines now on hands,
and to draw warrants on the same fund
for the same amounts upon the receipt of
the- other tv machines, at Plattsmouth,
with all freight charges pre-paid by the
the said companies. Contracts ware then
drawn up and 6ignd by chairman of
board to correspond to the abve.
The following claims were then
J l Cox mdse to jail $ 11
AV II Malick, boarding prisoners. 36
C Russell, stamps tncl expense.. 7
Richie, spikes for bridge 2
Bird Crib hlield, salary and ex-
pensu acc't
Weckbach & Co mdse to jail...
Plattsmouth Gas Co., gas
Kuotts Bros' printing tax list etc
11 W Cook, salary as county phy
sician W J White rent of Rockwoed
hall fr court ". . .
Rob't Donnelly repair of pump:.
F A Bates building add to P II. .
Eli Sampson, boarding poor....
Tinifity Clark, coal
J I Younn, stationery to county
45 50
100 00
18 90
J II Hart, collecting taxes G
Kfit-i Height, boarding pauper. . 5
J X7 Barr, mdse to destitute. .... 3
R R Todd, teams toad machine. 6
C W Sherman, printing "
Board then adjourned to meet tomor
row. " May 3d, 188?.
Board met pursuant to adjournment,
full board present, when the following
order was made:
Wiiekeas, The county commissioners
have reason for believing that a large
amount of the real estate taxes appearing
delinquent on the tax lists for the years
185S to 1807 inclusive, may have been
paid and such payments not cradited on
said tux lists, owing to the irregularities
in conducting the affairs of the county
treasurer's office during said years, and
Whkleas, Said real estate has since
that time largely passed into the hands
of pers'.nis who were not aware of such
taxes standing unpaid on said real estate
at tinife of pun-lmsing ths!me, therefore
the county treasurer is hereby authorized
to receive" and receipt for unpaid taxes of
said years without interest or costs.
The annual settlement of Henry Stoll,
of road district No. 42, was approved
and allowed $35. Tin county tre.surer
was instructed to adjust tka taxes on lot
G, ia block 43, in Plattsmouth city, as pe
titioned for by J. D. SimpTon.
Petition of Deutley & Rgers for a
druggist's permit to sell malt, spiritous
and vinons liquors for medical purposes
in the village of Union, was read, and a
1 cense granted as petitioned for, good
for one year.
Bond of Milwaukee Bridge Manufac
turing C . for $1,000 binding said com
pany for the faithful performance of
their duties as bridge contractors for the
year 1S88, was approved and ordered put
on record.
Official bond of A. L. Gamble, road
supervisor of road district No. 19, approv
The following bills were thr-n allowed
State vs. W in Cullicott
State vs. Chai les Ellis tal
Inquest of Charles Stowe Suicide
fct iters. Wagoner & Harvey wbs
examined and laid oyer until
June session
5 t0
Bill of P. D. Bates buhdng side
walk : 5 85
J II Haldeman Defending Wm
Miles ia court 35 00
The petition for incorporating the vil
lage of Elrnwood was reconsidered and
the boundary line so changad as to run
along the south east side of tho right of
way of the Missouri Pacific Railway,
through the ne qr of the w qr of sec.
15, twp 10, range 10, being the land
owned by Cvrus alton, who objected to
having his land lying on east aid of
said railroad taken into said corporation.
The following persons were appointed
trustees of said village: John Clements.
George Hatch, S. D. Eals, N. R. Hobbs,
and AV. S. Waters.
The following cost bills and caurt ex
penses for tho April term of District
Court were audited and allowed:
State ys AVm Miles, larceny 49 33
State V8 H F Bunte, erubezzlem't 3 0b
State vs J AV Smith, assault and
battery 1G9 43
State vs Jas Dayley, larceny....
W C Showalter Clerk of district
court 42 75
Jurors for April term 1021 CO
A B Dickson Co. Commissioner 4G 85
A B Todd " " 47 50
Lewis Foltz " ' ' 45 00
R B Windham wood for C II 9 00
J E Hall was appointed county physi
cian for the vicinity of weeping water,
fir one year from May 1, at $50 per
Board adjourned to meet June" 12, 1888.
A. B. Todd, )
A. B. Dickhon, Com'rs.
Louis, )
Bird Ckitciifielp, County Clerk.
The street crossing on the corner of
Main and Third streets is in a very bad
condition and. not tit for people to cross
on. Since the late ruius tiie hole in the
corner of the roads is filled with water and
is even unfit for vehicles to cross. Such
matters should be looked into by the of
ficials and th sooner the better. This is
not the only place where the streets are
in an almost impassable condition and
.how much need of repairing. Ladies
are afraid to attempt a crossing in some
places unless some aid is near, and if
nun can possibly transact their business
on one side of the street they will never
cross. It would be to the interest of the
business men on either side to moye the
town farthers toward improvements. The
sooner operations are commenced, the
better, for all will say that it is a disgrace
to -a city with the business capacity and
with the population of Plattsmouth to
sec the city so far behind much smaller
places in this one point. In a short tin;o
if everything is left as it is at present,
th- street car line of which the city is so
proud of, will sink out of view, and the
vehicles,' alas, there will be none seen on
our streets. It was reported that while
some people were passing the corner of
Main and Third streets, that cries of help
were heard and the people looking out
to the muddy road saw a man's hat.
Some of them believed the sound to come
from under the hat. They contrived a
way to reach the hat and lifting it, saw
a man's head. Attempting to cross this
man had stepped from the crossing and
narrowly escaped a horrible death by
The fireman's ball which is to be
held at the opera house next Frida
evening will be a grand success. The
floor will be scrubbed and put in a first
class condition, so that no fault can be
found in this way and lovers of the dance
will find no trouble in making the event
one most enjoyable to themselves. As
fr the parade and races we are not at
present situated to give any ideas as to j
what arrangements will be made. Should
the weather continue rainy as it is at j
present, of course it will be impossible
for the races to take place on that day as
at first arranged and will in all proba
bility be postponed. Should the roads
dry up before that time and leave open a
possible chance to make a parade, the ar
rangements will not be "interfered with
and all will go on smooth as at first an
ticipated, i
In the May number of Woman, Julia
Ward Howe has a thoughtful paper on
"How to Extend tho Sympathies of
Women," in which she shows how true
education enlarges the natural limits f
feminine character, and urges women to
emancipate themselves from intellectual
narrowness. The first paper on Woman's
Clubs, by Olive Thorne Miller, is finely
illustrated with engravings of the prom
inet members of Sorosis and the Meridian
Club", which form the subject of this
artiel. Price $2.75 a yar. Woman
Publishing Co., N. Y.
The reply of Senator Yoorhecs to Sen
ator In galls reminds us of the Indiana
democrat who invited the republicans of
his township to meet him in debate, agree
ing to discuss, with them, the politi
cal issues of th' d:y. Several republicans
responded and at the opening one of them
asserted that the rebellion had been crush
ed and the war had not been a failure.
The democrat arose and, in answer, said
"That is a d d lie, now state your
next proposition." The only reply made
to Senator Installs was "Malicious lies"
state your text proposition. Express.
From delegates who attended the re
publican jounty convention, at Weeping
W.ter, Saturday, we learned that It was
one of the best ever held in Cass county
nnd while there was at one time a ripple
in the proceedings, the rapids were soon
passed and smooth water found to the
en I of the trip, every ono leing satisfied
with the results, and the delegates going
home resolved to give a more hearty and
earnest support to tho grand old party
than ever before,
Editok JIeu vi d Phase ssy there will
be a basket picnic on May 23d at the
grove adjbiniug the old fair grounds,
under the auspices of the three lodges,
A. O. U. W, of this city. All members
of the order together with their friends
are cordially invited to attend. A good
time is expected. Games, such as base
ball, foot ball, croquet, etc. Street cars
will run on fast time to he grflucas.
- -Anv one sending us thirty subscrib
ers to the Weekly Herald, we will give
them an Elgin silver wafch.
F: Herrmann &Co
Remarkable Acoldent on tho Phila
delphia &. Reading
A Station of Seventeen
Destroyed and Several
People Killed.
Mt. Cakmei., Pa., May 7. Between 10
and 11 o'clock last night a terrible acci
dent occured on the Philadelphia & Read
ing railroad, between this place and Lo
cust Gap. A freight train consisting of
seventy-fire cars, bound for "Williams-
port, became disconnected by the break
ing of a coupling, and the engine and
three cars ran half a mile beforo the crew
discovered the divided train. The first
section awaited the arrival ef the second
at the foot of a heavy grade, and the two
braksmeu losing control of the second
section, it dashed into the first, causing
an explosion in the third car, which was
loaded with Dupont powder. At the
scene of the accident the railroad runs
along a steep hill, at the bottom f which
stood a row of houses occupied by the.
Philadelphia & Reading coal and iron
company's employes. On the hillside
stood the little cottage occupied by John
Quinn and family of four children, two
boys and two girls. The force of the ex
plosion wrecked the buildings, seventeen
in all, and stoves set fire to tho ruins.
Quinn and his two little girls burned to
death. The two boys escaped with burns.
Siman Kirwiek's family consisted of
Mary and "Willie Cayanaugh, adopted
children, aged respectively 8 and 14
years, Alice Kerwick, aged 5, and his
wife and new born babe. Kerwick carri
ed his wife from the burning building,
but the children were burned to death.
Thirty persons were injured, the most
neriously bein Mrs. Miles Dougherty, leg
broken, and bruised and cut.
Her mother, Mrs. Matheas, cut, bruised
and internally injured.
Mary, daughter of Mrs. Miles, neck
cut and bruised.
Andrew McElwee, right eye destroyed
and neck cut.
Jqhn Bclan, lft Hand amputated
cut about tha limbs.
Mrs. Patrick McManus, injured
Mrs. Simon Kerwick, suffering :
th5 shock; her condition is serious.
Several of the injured were sent toi
Minor's hospital. In all twelv cars
destroyed and fourteen house? with
furniture. All the windows in the
past Gap churches and schools were 1
a and doors blown ott. In MBunt
mrl lare store windows were brt.
Ttie folal loss ia estim'atdd at fTUOG
There will
be a change in
Dry Goods, Notions, Ladies Furnishings
to as low a figure as possible, we fcliall give the people of this city and vicinity tho
GraDdefct Opportunity to buy good goods cheap, they ever had. Everything in our
stock will be marked down to Bed Rock Prices and sold for CASH ONLY. It is
Impossible for us to enumerate all of the bargains throughout our establishment,
but anything you want in our line, we shall be pleased to show you and quote prices.
Black suidi, worth UOcsale price 75
82 in. Mack gro. grain,$1.00 "
1 ('O
Ladies brand " 44
Black figured Auiure
Black Guinet & (Vs.,
t el tt
44 Gold medal Faille
Colored surahs worth . .
44 water silk 44
" velveteens "
1 00
1 5
Silk Velvets
Striped Moire velvets
Fancv striped
Silk Plushes
Our Up Stairs
Cut prices on muslin underwear.
Cut prices on ladies and childrcns aprons
Cut prices on childrcns white and color-
ed dresses.
Cut prices on long and short cloaks.
Cut prices on infants slipn and robes.
Cut prices on flannel and inu&lin skills.
Cut prices on ladies silk, lisle and gauze
Prices in
Prices in Buttons
Prices in Corsets
Cut Prices in Embroideries and Flouncmgs.
Cut Prices in Table Linen and towels.
Cut Prices in Jerseys and Spring Jackets.
i Fro" rdy;V r" ii i - former
Mr. Kobt. Unllance, who was former
ly forman of the round house at "the
shops," leaves tomorrow (Saturday) to
Uke charge of the li. & M. shops at IIolj-
Judge Sullivan, of this cUy, has
' been selected and has consented to act as
orator of the day at the 4th of July cele
bration to take place at Rock Bluffs this
Mr. Elliott, an extensive sver con
tractor of Omaha, has secured a large
contract of sewerage, work in that city,
and knowing the ability of Mr. Charles
Harris, of this ity, has requested him to
take charge of the work
Mr. "W. II. Pickens has taken a con
tract for Mr. John Simpson to build him
a house in South Park. He will com
mence operations the first of next week.
South Park is rapidly coming to the
front as a residence locality.
One of the prettiest sights we have
seen for some time ws last evening at the
dining room of Mrs. J. R. Cox, where that
lady was entertaining twenty-five of her
lady friends at a "Pink Tea." The table
was decorated with jink roses, pink rib
bon, e.nd with the pretty glass and silver
ware, the effect by gs light was very
Miss Mauda McCoy, a young lady
who is well know in this city as an ex
pert dancer, attended tiis "May Pole
Party" given in the city of Lincoln on
Tuesday evening last, at the Masonic
Temple, and was envied much by the
young ladies of tint city fur having car
ried off the prize, being the best lady
waltzer present at the party that evening.
We congratulate her on her succe.-s a& tha
prize waa well wen, her competitors all
being classed ameng the beat waltzers in
that place. The priza given was a beau
tiful wreath valued at $10.
From Saturday's Dally. -The
annual confiriatoG services of
the Episcopal church were held last
evening at their church, in this city by
P,i;1;nn WorttnnTton m Tin r?
?nr. we; 3
nee, j
. D. ,
our firm on or about June 1st, and in order tonduce
our mammoth stock of
Satinc sabel 10 in. wide 1.25 sale price 1.00
Silk warp henrictto
in. wide
Ail wool henru-tte ii,
14 " loss 40,
44 cashmere 40,
4 0,
41 41 serge 40,
72 1
li 41 brocades stripes
and checks- 40 in,. 1.00 " " S2 J
All wool buntings in stripe and check
effects 40 in- wide, sale price :7jc.
Colored serges worth 90c
44 (55c
44 cashmeres " 75c
j Cut prices on gents balbi iggan and gauze
j underwear.
i Cut prices on childrcns angola and gauze
unuei wear.
Cut Prices on Infants Knit Sacques.
Cut Prices on Booties Bands, etc.
Cut Prices on Infants Fmbroidered
and Parnsolri.
ami Trimmings.
and Bustles.
f, els
Wosplng Water Republican Con.
The republican county convention was
held at "Weeping Water on Saturday,
May 0th. Nearly nil the delegates elected
from Plattsmouth were present and good
points were made. "When the meeting
was called to order, Dr. Butler was ap
pointed temporary chairman and John
A. Davies temporary secretary.
It was then moved that a committee
on permanent organization be appointed:
W. II. Newell, M. Spink, "Win. Dulles.
Mr. Sullivan moved that the chair ap
point a committee of five to name the
delegates to the state convention, and an
amendment was made that "die conven
tion appoint the delegates. An amend
ment to the amendment was made that
Capt. Palmtr elect the delegates. Con
siderable discussion followed here as to
how this matter should bo settled and
Capt. Palm- r asked that the amendment
to the amendment be withdrawn. II. C.
Ritchie moved that the whwle matter ba
left upon the table, and the ruction was
Sixteen members were ballotted for to
attend the state convention aud the fal
lowing were el cted: J. Y. Johnson,
A. B. Todd, J. II. Becker. 13. It. Todd,
G. X. LaRuc, James Johns n. J. 31.
B ardskv, Waiter Cuttorth. X. R. Tubbs,
O. Teii,I. X. Woodford, John Phil pot,
iVci. Morrow, T. X. Babbitt, John
Bt-nnl and E l. Jewry.
Tii z chair named the following com-uiittr-Q
to s-lert delegates to the congres
sional convention ii. C. Ritchie, J. W.
Cox, J. M. BeaixLIey, X. R. Tubbs, Ed
win Jeary.
The committee made the following re
port: R. B. Windham, V,. W. Barnum,
Andrew Christeusm, C. D. Claim, C. A.
Wooiilev, C Jf. Baird, L. C. Sikhoif, M.
; Spink, J. E. Ley da, Geo." Young, II. C.
Ritchie, W. II. Pool, P. Eveland, Sam'l
Barker, M. B. Murphy, 3. L. Furlong,
District convention will neet J.i Ash
land, Thursday May lOVh.
Tin- following resolution was offered
by 1-t. O. l'.,!U-j nd earth u:
Wiieueas. Captain II. E. Palmer has
always barn 1"
i and is nua.u-'
1 is ni,::l;-:.,l
t'i a t a ddc-g ite to
tue X
Cor. v cut ion. There fere
i ,i6 J' . . . .
j;zvic::i, i line apr. r ainier is inu
ch . :ca of lids convention, and that the
delegates to the state convention are
hereby instructed to cat their full vote
i for Curt an II. E. Paliaer us deb-gate to
' tiie National Convention and to use their
t he. i ei..!-. :i vor for hk success.
i .A number of ddegatts then made
' speeches before convention adjourned.
' 'Tiir power t :r: ad on serpents."
. mct;tiHi.-d br Si. Luke, has certainly
. ijccu given to S-'ostnr Inga is in a very
, efTeoMve deurec. . 'ihst is to say, h
. knows how to in tke the Copperheads
squirm ia a mot vigon ua and signiS-
cant rate. Globe Dem.
Jissolutscn Sale.
n ft
3 0 93 83 ay
-The hoiii'j which is being erected by
O. II. Uallou near the jiour fai n: is Hear
ing C' lmpb-tiuu and presents a very hand
some appearance. Mr, llsdlou is adding
all the modern improvements and when
finished he will be possessor of one of
the finest residences in this part of the
state. He will put in a gas machiin, and
on the lot he will erect, a windmill fifty
feet high, plant three hundred bu-hcls of
potatoes, ten acres of watermelon and
Other seeds and has set out over two hun
dred shade trees. The men are fini.-hw'.g
up the work on the inside of the house
and expect to have it ready for occupa
tion about the first of next mouth.
Tnr.r.E were thirteen national banks
incorporated during the nn nth of April.
This is an increase over any previous
month since the year began. Xo better
fevidence is posible regarding tlr.i popu
larity of the national banking system
and the n'cc-sity for its perpetuation.
Nevertheless, bank circuf rtion is being
contracted at the rate of ?,0.(0,W() n
year, ai;d from present indications nearly
the whole of this dement of tho currency
will be swept away within lei- than a
dozen years.
Xow is your chance if rou wi-h a
good watch scud us thirty subscribed to
the Herald.
The Old Doctors
Drew blood, modern doctors cleanse it ;
hence the increased demand for Altera
tives. " It is now weJl known that iiK-f
diseases are due, not to over-abundance,
but to impurity, of the Blood ; and it
is equally well attested that iiO Mood
medicine is so efficacious as Aycr's
" One of 1117 children had a larg-? so
break out on the leg. We applied
fciinple remedies, for a while, thiukiirj
tho sore would shortly heal. But it gre-.v
worse. We sought medieal advice, aud
were told that an alterative inedicin
was necessary. Ayer's Sarsapariili
above all others, we used it witfi mar
velous results. The sore healed and
health and strength rapidly r.-tm ued."
J. J. Armstrong, Weimar, Texas.
"I find Ajst's Sarsaparilla to be an
admirable remedy for the cure of Mo.-t
diseases. I prescribe ir. and it dx-s tha .
work every time." E. L. Pstter, M. ,,
Manhattan, Kansas.
" We have sold Ayer's SarsaparilU
here for over thirty years aud always
recommend it when ask-d to name tho
test biood-puriiier." V. T. McLean,
- Druggist, Augusta, Ohio.
"Ayer's medicines continue to be the
standard remedies in spite ot all com
petition." T. W. Richmond, Uear
Lake, Mich.
Ayer's Sar
oriJcU lllti,
. J. C. Ayer & Co., Lowell, Mass.
Fries il; U bottles, $5. Worth :5 a Ictila..
Disso lution Sale.