Plattsmouth weekly herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1882-1892, May 10, 1888, Image 1

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tor iif .j
$2.00 lKK-ANNUM.
jrrrrarrr-f-T-x..;;.- -i -i.t-crw fr - - a .-...
X "'
Absolutely Pure.
Tills powder never varies. A marvel of pur
ity, r relict li and wholcsomeness. More eco
nomical than tin- ordinary kinds. ;md cannot be
'Mil in com per 1 1 ioij Willi tin multitude of IOST
t.'t, short weight ilium or phosphate powders.
Sold O'iIt i" C. il 1J)VL liAKlM! l'OWDEH
Co.. Kin all St. New ork. 3;t48
ir M. lii HKV
W K 1'OX
V ii i ii r.
1'ollCC .1 il.le,
Couneilaien, 1st ward,
2nd "
3i.l "
lj'.i- "
liVKw.V I'LAltK
, S D M J"N k
" 111!. A y II ll'MAS
. ) M 15 Ml'KI'HY
f .Ml CAl.t.KN, i'JtKS
J V Johns n,(.,iiaihman
Eoard Pub. Voik"
Deputy Treasurer, -
Deputy Clerk,
iteeor.ler ol I )eeds
J 0 llt V li'('IV,i'l-
Clerk of Di.-t! ict Cojrr,
Slieriil, -Surveyor.
- -Attorney,
Hiipt. of Pub. School-',
County J
l-.OAHI) OF SUl'
A. K. Tot;,
J-oui-i l'Viir.. Ch'm.,
A. li. Di lisox,
D. A. Campbell
PlKll ClMTCU Kl E1.0
Kx A Ckttchu kli
John M. I.kvda
A. Mahule
Weeping Water
1SS .OD(!: No. 140. 1 O. O. F. -Meets
Veyerv Tuesdav eveniui; of each week. All
transient l.iothCrs are lecpoctfully invited to
-- ). 1''.. meets every alternate t riday in
eacli liionth in the Manonic Hall. Visiting
Isrot liers are invited to attend.
fTlKIO LODKK NO. 84. A. O. U. W. Meets
- evry alrernat Friday eveuinn sit K. of r.
hall. Transient brother are respectfully in
vited to at tend. F.J. Morgan, Master Workman ;
K. 8. Harrow, Foreman ; Frank lirown. Over
peer ; 1- H.nveii, (iuide; ieoige Ilousworth.
Itecortter ; II. J. Johnson. Financier; Wasli.
Smith. Keeeiver ; M. Maybright. 1'aet M. W. ;
Jack Dauyherty. Inside Guard.
of Vtnerica Meets second and fourth Mon
day evening at K. of 1. hall. All transient
brothers are requested to meet, with us. L. A.
Newco i,er. Venerable Consul ; i. K, NiIof,
Worthy Adviser ; 1, li. Smith, Ex-liauker ; W.
C. Willetts, Clerk.
1JL VTTS.MOU Til LODtiE NO. 8, A. O. U. W.
M"et everv alternate Friday evenitiK at
Kockwood hull at S o'cloe.n. All tiausietit broth
ers are respeet'iilly invited to attend. L.
I arson, M. W. ; F. Boyd, Foreman : S. C.
Wilde, lteeorder ; Leonard Anderson. Overseer.
W. .TmtNsiN.
S. T-.M-.S
a. ;.vr'.i
.Senior Vice "
Junior '
ciiieerof the iay.
.. .. " " wuard
Sergt Major.
.Quarter Master Sei-gt.
Who. Nii.ks
ill r.
SlAi.cN' Dixon
Chaim.i'.s Foi:h
ANrK.i:soN Fitv. ...
J AOOl! I .KMAX. .
C. Cl'KTIS,.
fost unapiaiu
Meeting Saturday evening
J AS. S M'TUX S. Attorney -t Oftice
over'reier Merit's store, north side Of
M in b f v-; - -. "th and 6th street..
I 1 1 U i !'' vN . l.awver. Fitztrerald'a
JX.' . 11 :!iii ':o.h, ehra ka. Prompt
and careful ;.t:e;.ti i to a :'e:u-i al lnw practice
X. SCI.; IVAN. M( ri'.cv at Law. Will
. give l-io: ; l ; . . : !..'a;l I'lisines? jil
ted t'i l.l. . i. e in I rii": liiucn, iii
siUe, i iitttMiu;:
Personal attention to all liitilne-s Eutrust
to my care.
Ti'Je Kxaniiued, Ah.-tarct Compiled, In
surance Written, lieal Kstate Sold.
Better Facilities" for making Farm Loans than
Arty OtUer Agcncyv
Piatt msnlii, - A'fhrasLa.
H. B. Windham. John a. Pa vies.
Notary l'ublic. rotary Public,
C.Uce ever Uaiik t f "aes Coun'.y.
Plattsmocth, - - Nebraska.
ZTXo .v is your chance to get a watch,
I. rhi"- u4 l.V yearly cash subscribers to
the "Daily IIkrai-p, and have a good
Electric Lights For Norfolk.
Norfolk, Neb., May 9. There was a
meeting of citizens last eveniig at the
opera house to consider the electric light
question. Dr. Schwenk was chairmau
and Georgo P. Moore, secretary. Articles
of incorporation were adopted. The
capital stock is to be $15,000.
His Foot Crushed.
Schuyler, Neb., May 9. George Rhea
the twelve-year-old son of Joseph Rhea,
in trying to board a maring frticht foil
1 '
i.-ii v-.i i t;. .!!.. ...
uuuvr rue vtr nee is auu nau iuh jri"uv iuui i
so badly crufshed as to render an arapu
tation necessary. The injuied member
was taken off just above the ankle.
A Newspaper Transfer.
IIeatrice, Neb., May 9. M. A. Metz-
ger, secretary and treasurer cf the fcx-
press publishing company, has just sold
his interest in that plant to Dr. F. Seiners,
of this city. The doctor is somewhat
noted as a humorous writer, and it is said
that the "Wayside" articles that have
lately been running in the Express are
from his pen
Methodist Conference.
New York, May 8. Bishop Walden
of Chattanooga presided over the delib
erations ef the Methedist Episcopal con
ference today. Dr. Buckley of New
York moved and it was carried, that in
asmuch as the lady delegates who were
elected to the conference had been ruled
out yesterday their fares to and from
their destination should be paid by the
general conference.
The question came- up as to the right
of V. A. Shannon to represent the Mon
tana conference. His seat had been con
tested by F. A. Biggins. The record as
it now stands in the minutes of the con
ference says Mr. Shannon was legally
A bombshell will be thrown into the
bishop's camp tomorrow. Ex-Lieut. Gov
Cumback, of Indiana, it was reported te-
day, would make a motion limiting the
oilice of bishop to eight years. Hitherto
the oftice has been for life.
Subtarranean Rooms Discovered
in El Paso.
El Paso, Tex., May 8. Work will be
commenced in El Paso in a short time
on a Federal building for a Post Office
and Custom House, for which an appro
priation of $150,000 has been made by
Congress. The site selected for the
building is near the center of the city,
on St. Louis and Oregon streets, and is
still occupied at present by an extensive
old adobe structure one story high, cov-
enng an entire block, into which are
crowded together several hundred Chi-
nese and where all their peculiar indus-
tries are pursued. There are plenty of sitting of Mr. Hardy, wife aid four chil
laundries in the rambling old building, dmi, were in the front part of the house
a number of groceries, joss houses, Chi-
nese physicians headquarters, while it
was generally known that opium suaok-
ing and fantan playing was being car-
ned on at a colossal rate, but tho latter
unlawful pursuit could never be traced
to the building. The last few days or-
ders have been given by the former own-
ers of the laud that the building must be
vacated so that the nrouertv .could he
turned over to the United States. This the lightning, ran quickly to the scene I said county, sell at public auction, the follow
ii 4. -i ii ti i I . , , . ing real eg; ate to-wit : Lo; number three :;;
order has created the greatest consterna-
tion among tha Chinese inhabitants, and
they are in as terrible an uproar as a bee-
hive is when a foreign animal intrudes
. . ..
iuiu 1 1. I
, ... , . , , I
The cause of this scare hsa inr.t leaked
' I
oi t. 1 he whole of the region has bean
undermined by secret tunnels and exca-
ated rooms, in which not only opium-
smoking and gambling has been carried
on but other dark deeds perpetrated,
without the white population of the cit
ies and even the owners of the real estate
having suspicions of what was going on.
It is said that the Chinese have been in
the habit of keeping the bodies of those
of their countrymen who died in these
subterauean chambers, and boiled the
skeletons clean of flesh, and then send
ing them carfully packed in trunks to
San Francisco, as occasion offered, for
transhipment to China for the perma
nent burial.
When in a few days" from now the
buildings are torn down al the ground
excavated for foundation of the massive
structure that is to stand there, develop
ments will be - made that will astonish
this community. Last year a Chinese
laundry standing near the track at the
Southern Pacific Railroad Depot burned
down at night, and wh.en the Rest mora,
ing persons repaired to the spot they saw
uiKierneatn. wnat tiact neen me noor or
the dwelling a yast excavation, in which,
the charred remains of the mass of gam
bling paraphernalia were visiblp. The
oivne-r of the lot from whom the Chinese
rented the building had not been aware
of the secret chamber which Iris tenants
had constructed.
Sod Houses Caving In.
Grant, Neb.. May 9. A rery large
Humtwr of od bouses in this cuty have
fallen in as a result of the recent contin
ued rains. It is reported that a family
in the southeastern part of the county
pri lmriad in a house which caved in
Sunday but were gotten out before per
The Emperor.
Berlin, May 8. A bulletin this morn-
I . i 1 .1- t ..K
m 8 ine P"or . i-cp wn
ed ut m it The secretion of uus in
more cpiu. The emperwr feels languid.
The emperor's feyer conliuues lovr,
showing that no fresh absctss are form
ing. Dr. Mackeazi induces him to take
cessary feod, but his weakness is be
coming serious. He had refrtshinz naps
t, - Th:8 evenin!? he emnha-
8jZ8d the remark tUt Le fcU trMg hy
clinching his fist vigorusly and stretch-
iag and withdrawing his arm.
Skipped With Church Funds.
Cclhertson, Neb., May 9. Gustay
Nagle who came to this place from Kan
sas a shert time ago and worked himself
into the good graces of the congregation
of the GermBn Congregational church,
skipped far parts unknown Suuday night
with $200 of the church funds. He had
preached to the congregation just bafore
ha skipped.
Robert B. Likes, a promiucnt citizen of
Hayes county and a banker at Hayes Cen
ter, is being prominently mentioned as a
cautlidate for delejrate-at-large from this
state to the Chicago convention. Mr.
Likes will have considerable backing.
from this section, and will make a good
showing in the convention.
He'd Meal the Coins Off a Corpse.
Newpolt. Neb., May 8. Jos. Peters,
a farmer, living three miles from New
port, undertook a little job on last Wed
nesday night which would have done
honor to Robin Hood in his palmiest
day. It was no less an undertaking than
to steal the roof aff a sod shanty while
the inhabitants were wrapped in swett
repose. Jus plan failed to inateralizc,
however, as the watchful tiller of the
soil awoke and succeeded in cap
turing the would-be robber. - He was
taken before Judge Weaver this after
noon and will have fifteen long, quiet
days in the county jail to sadly reflect
on what might have been. Perhaps has
figured in several pieces of bold thievery
in this vicinity.
Demolished by Lightning.
Waco, Texas, May 7. During a severe
thunder storm this morning the lightning
struck the residence of Mr. C. E. Hardy,
on Clay and Tenth streets, and utterly
demolished one wing. The family, con-
t tha tiaie and ascaped death, although
they received a severe shock. The bolt
came down and struck the reef ol the
wing on tho east side and tore that part
of the building completely away from the
front and crushed the beams and plarks
jn small pieces. Fire was started from
the bolt but was quickly extinguished by
the rain, which was falliusr in torrents.
Tha rilk
.... ....g, -..v. "
expecting to find the whole family cUad,
but soon revived them by proper restor-
Cuba's Condition.
tit ir o ti.. i ...... x
v.T it .Biay o. x iin laictv vuuaii
. . . ..
advices indicate the condition or toe is-
land to be most deplorable. A procla
mation of Captain General Marin declar
ing a state of siege created great excite
ment, and planters and farmers are flee
ing to Havana, Matanzas and other cities
te save their lives. Guardia, civil and
other troops are committing outrages on
peaceful citizen', ' some of whom are
killed by the troops, who explaine by
saying that they are arrested on suspi
cion and shot while trying to make their
escape, others are maliciously mcarcer
rated for alleged connection with bandits
The Havana authorities are actually ran
sacking private residences. There are
many innocent people who suffer in con
sequence. Passengers from this ciy are
uliioefpil to ricrid examinations on arri-
. lu anJ many are arrait-d on
suspicion of being connected with the
ineurgent raoyement. Leopold Zarran-
gota, an American citizen who went oyer
Tueadav. has not been able te eet re-
th authoritie3 ciajmiCg they Lad
f bJ -s a 1Jatrit. The
u tltjaouncill3 tho ffoVern,
meQt: La Lucha in the last edition rc-
ceiyea hero has an equariai qsseecniMg
the Cuban representatives to the Spanish
cortea to take some action, and adds,
'We demand with energy for the last
time that justice shall be done an Ameri
can population that with resignation aad
patience has stood the sufferings of veara
of tyranny,"
The Women are Enterprising.
Long Pink, Neb., May 9. The Wom
en's Christian Temparahce Union of Ne
braska, represented by Mrs. C. M.
WodvarJ, vice -presideut-ut-lare, i ar
ranging very tin-roughly for tliu pre
sentation of its work at the coining
Chautauqua. A most eligahle location
on the grounds was selected for state
headquarters yesterday.
"A Scab's Science."
IJavenna, Nkb., May y. The special
from this place of Hay 1, written uiul -r
the above caption and published in tic
Bee of May 2. needs eontrudictini;, as
the main statements in the special are til -solutely
fal-e, The cause of the wink
was not the fault of the etiginuor, but a
defective side track. The car did not
leave track right at the switch, but seve-
ral rails len
th from it. The other car
which was claimed to b d t; 'r d i.1
only the front trucks misplaced, and was
loaded with -merchandise intteud of
hogs. Again, the car that was wrecked
was in the middle of a long train, pi liv
ing conclusive! v that it was not run off
of '"an open switch."
The Row With Morocco.
Washington, May 7. A statement
regard to the Tangier nfTuir hns been
sued by the department of state whicl
says it is not true that there has bsen tun
reftisual by the sultan of Morocco to at
bitrate. Ha proposed to Mr. Lewis ie.iii
weeks ago to send a special ugGiit to Tan
gier to discuss with him the matter of
difference, all quastions upon which tliej-
could not aj;ree to be referred to some
third person with the approval of th-
ststo department. Lewis airrced to this
and after some discussion as to the details
a complete understanding wa.s reached.
The presence of the Quinnebaug at Tan
gier was casual, and had nothing to do
with the discusion between Lewis and
the authorities. The vessel was on a reg
ular cruise.
A Kansas Water Spout.
Wichita, Kan., May 7. At an early
hour this morning it is reported that a
rain cloud burst over Maize, a town fif
teen miles west of here, completely
deluging a stretch of country a mile lng
by a quarter of a mile wide. An eye
witness says: ' I lie noue was greater
than that of Niagara. It looked as
though the bottom had fallen out of an
immense lank. I could not sea more
thxn a foot into the deluge. The sky to
the east of tha clouds from whieh fell
the water was clear, otherwise darkness
would have reigned. The cloud burst
over a level stretch of country, and the
water flowed in torrents in all directions.
It is reported that a child was drowned,
but I do not believe there was nny other
Postponement of Chattel Mortgage
Th chattel mnrtsase sale of prouertv de
scribed in a certain mortgage given by S. I..
heretofore advertised m take plactt at iren -wood.
Meb.. M-iy 4th. JSSs has been no.tnoued
Anderson ro tne nanK of i:ass countr and
to take -place at Wreenwood, Neb., between and 4 p. in., Jane (th.
lss. Windham t D.AVIKS.
83 Atty's for HuiK of (Jas County.
Sheriffs Sale.
Rv virtue of an execution issued bv W. f
Sl.owalter, Cleik of tiia Distiiet court ia and
for Cass Counly. Nebraska, ur.d to me direc'.ed.
I will on the Kith day ol June. A. D. 1SS3. at 1
o'clock p. in of said day. pt the couth d-or of
t if Ninrt miup n tiai'lvnf 'hillcnuimli ir,
the court House in ttio city or 1 latt?mout li,
and lot nuinoer lour (4i m u our rinber tuirtv
nine (.19). in Young A Mays' addition to the
Citv of Fluttsraoiuh. Cass Couutv. Nebraska
as 1 lie same are aesenned u tne record plMt ot
kid addition to aid city, tostetli-r with all the
appurtenances thereunto belonging, or ia any
vie appertaining. The same being levi d tip-
on and taken as t lie property ot Annie K. ller-
old, Christian G. Ileroid and Isa ic Weil c i'o..
Defendants: to satisfy judgment of said
Couit recovered by W. S. 1'eck Lrothe.s & Co.,
Plaintiffs, aaiat -aid I'eieiidants.
l'lattsniouth. Neb, May 7th, A. D. 1SSS.
. ,1 . J. l IKKNHABY.
Sheriff Cass l ouutv ob.
By David Miller, Deputy. -5
Legal Notice.
In Di?tri t Court of Cass County. Nebraska ;
l.'ixi.nnn. Freni v. Marv Ann l rcucv. both
daughters of Catherine Kreney, dec-aned, who
was formerly Catharine Tallou, a sisterof John
Tailor, deceased; Michael lreuey. 1'atrick
Fretiey. John l reuey, a fl James Heney. all
gen- of Catharine rrerey. deceased, who was
farmerly Catharine 'I ahon, a sister of John
Titliou. deceased ; Mary la!i(;n ,4vi;te lallon and
Kllen Tallon. all 'liiiniiteia of N ielidTallon.
uaeeassd, v,li" was a bruiser of John Tallon,
deeoa-ed, and all of theiti heir-; sit law of J.. In,
Tallon. deeea.vd : and J h . Tallon. a tniuor,
who is a son of NIHio'as Tallon, decea- rd, who
was a brother of Jo''H 'J al'ou, deceaxed, and
liir at Ww of John TkII-n. deceysed. by Ben
jamin H. Barrows an-i JlichaH i'Doiudioe, his
next f rieuds, and M-chacl C''lonolio as tru tee
for 11 thB liens at i -w ot jonu iann, deceas
ed, riaintiffs. vs. Mary Anna oy'.e, Deiendant,
iursu:ince of an oder of the d:stri't cotirt of
Cues county, Nebraska, (.c&nriniiig tiie report
NoMee is nereuy given niai o vu uie ai.i i.-i
nf the nuiiersoeJ leleiees in the sifereea d
leiees in ttie siiereea u
P.1I9 t the real estate
, mad-- on the Sth day of
ca.ise. and directing a P.1I9 ot the real estate
hereinafter described, mad-- on the Sth day of
Mav. A. D. IS?, by s-aid district e urt of Caes
county, Nebraska, me
Johnson. James M 1
Fj.rinele. r-fereej in parti
i iii 1mv of June. A. D I" at two (2) o'clock
n m- at tlie Itout door of the eld rouit liousu
lii the in the city of l lat'smoutli, in Cass
couutv and state Ll Nebraska, will after for
siile at public auction 'or cafU in hand, the
following described lots situaleU in me city of
l'lattsniouth in the cytJ'H V ol Cas nd stale of
Nebraska, ' to-wn : Lots numbered veji,
fight, and nine ir. a. and 9)iublac:-c numbe.reu
five (5) and also lots numbered nine (9) in i,iock
numbered twenty-, ine uS) ia s-.iu city of
MatUmouth, 0 is cokiuty.NeTnfkaas known ,
designated deii::i"i cdou the recorded
plat of el'y ot Pl.Tt-rn uith in :iil eoutv
and stite. Dated Plattrmouth, Nebraska,
Joseph W. Johvpox.
.'AMK.hM PTlK!iSON. H. Pawielk.
g.4 itieferees in Partition.
We earnestly request all of our friends
indebted to us to call it once and settle
accounts due. We have fiif-tained heavy
loss by the destruction ofr our Brunch
House at Fairmont, Neb., by fire and now
that we need money to meet our obliga
tions, we hope tin re will not be, one
among our friends who would refuse to
call promptly at this particular time and
adjust accounts.
Trusting this will receive your kind
consideration and prompt attention, we
remain, Yours Truly.
Will make the season
Mondays and Tuesdays at SConiQ,
one mile east of Eixrht Mile drove.
Wednesday to Saturday in Plattsmoutli
At Louis Ivhroell's stallw at the loot of Main St reft.
S tl ifl'iK rx B O Y
Is a Dark-Bav Pacer, 15?, hands hirh, weighing 1,200 T'Ourids. ' His
close, compact torm and noted reputation for endurance and tpeedy
proginy li'ave justly earned for him the reputation, and encomium trout
the Editor of the "Spirit of the Turf" that he is one of the Best Sires
ot the age. Ilia record is S:2G, and has paced trial miles in 2:1C.
His eolts, Little Baby, 2:27-, and J. W. Jluey, 2:21, with more to
follow in the charmed circle this summer, is certainly a great showing,
and affords the public in this vicinity a grand onportuniiy to get
valuable horses at low prices. His service ot$lo.6, with $2.09 added
if not paid till after loaling, or $20 to insur colt to stand, is only the
price of a good ordinary horse, while horses of Siiakkji Boy's blood
lines receive trom $100.00 to S300.00 in other localities. Horses of
this kind, if not wanted for sporting purposes, can do more general
work on a farni, on account of their extra nerve power, than unwealdy
draft horses, and can go to town or to meeting in one half the time,
and time if money. Owners ot fine mares have a rare chance now for
one of the cheapest horses in the United States. Embrace the opportunity.
WUolAsaie nd Ketail Dealer in
Shingles, Lath, Sash,
Caa uppiy every demand of the trade
Call and get terms. Fourth street
Iu Rear of Oiu ra House.
"Painless SDonlists'
The only Renti in the West prnitrolin? thle
Ai-wsjtteiii .f ExtractiiiKiid riiiine Tt eth
with.. m I'ain. cur anae-ihetic is en
tirely free from
Harmless . Tq - All.
Tee'h extracted and srtijleial teeth inserted:
next day jf deMred . The pwervat ion of the
natural teeth asiciaI:T.
Tha very finest. (ifn"ein Cnion I lock, over
7he CitieL' B:-i.U.
If you wan u good silver watcbv
send us 30 sub.scribers to the Weeklt
t .
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