Plattsmouth weekly herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1882-1892, April 12, 1888, Image 3

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    '"HI. - M'U'A.-UA.
(iiiil t
. inif in I'Vaur:;.
- wore an Istlunu.s of Punania
. . r hi Scotland clothes, and coun
sfricu boots, but Ida appearence
Jitly marred by a city in Ireland
It was Ida cuhtoin to o cyery evening
to see ft young lady called u river in Si
bria. She was quite a belle, a her fath
er was a well to do mountain in Wash
ington territory, aud he liersdl' was not
without rh'iriiiM.
One evening ho asked her to get her
mountain in Oregon, and come for u walk
when she indignantly rciAied, "I do in t
wear a mountain in Oregon, but u city
on the Caspian Cap."
They wandered silently through the
green lanes, and were standing pensively
under a town in Colorado near which
some swino were disporting themselves
in a pubblc, when she suddenly exclaim
ed, ' See how the hogs a town in Wash
ington territory."
lie had supposed that their mounta;ns
in Germany were filled with love, and to
have the illusion so rudely dispelled by
an allusion to animals that had such an
unpleasant riytr-oi Germany about them
wus too much.
IIo had received her remarks with a
cape in Canada, and as she seemed uu
aware of the mistake she had made, he
auswered hr remark with a contemptu
ous cape in Canada, threw a city in Ar
kansas at the innocent cause of his dis
comfiture, and started for home.
A few days afterward ho decided to
revisit his dulcina. As he 6ttollcd along
smoking a City in Cuba, he saw
her father's island near France, and her
island near Scotland, quietly grazing:
but she was not a the window as usual,
feeding lier islands of the coast of Africa,
and a cape on the Atlantis coast took
possession of hi in.
On the sofa sat hi.s adorable with a
j'oung man who was one of the city in
France, of the season, but who looked
islands otf the coast of England, when
he saw his rival. My friend looked a
peak of the Alps, culd chills ran down
his Arctic river, for he had dis i'netly
heard the fellow say as he entered a
river in Florida. "
With au insolent air, the fellow whose
name was. river in Uritish America, told
him that he meant to port of Paris and
that he might go to city of Nova Scotia.
"Yes, do go away," said river of Sibe
ria, "you have bscome a perfect city oil
the Danube, and besides he has pro
mised me a peak of Oregon ring."
My friend d.-clared he would give the
fellow a rivir in Kentucky, that he had
won her with a cape on the Pacific coast,
that he would river in Ireland him yet,
but lie happened to remember that he
had no one to go his city in witerland,
if he used his town in Arizona, so,
though it was hard city in Franc h-.r he
turned aud left tile house without a rapt
of Greenland.
We feared that he would city in Italj
over the world, or take to a town in
Illinois, but he simply took a European
fclr.iit powder and seemingly slept off nis
cape ou the Paiiic coast, for the next
day was Thanksgiving, he did full jus
tice to the country of Europe.
Alice II. SrKUcnES,
1. Jim Riyer. 25. Fear.
2. Murray. . 38. Lyons.
3. Eyre (air). 27. Scilly.
4. Don. 28. Blanc.
b, Rhone, 2-, Rack.
0. Panama. 30. Kissimcc.
Tweed. 31. kelson.
5. ') Morocco. 32. Havre,
"ft, Cork. 33. Halifax.
10. Lena. 34. Lena.
11. Baker. 35. Pesth.
12. Hood. 3. Diamond.
13. Astrakham. 37. Licking.
14. Lone Tree or 33. Flattery.
Rodder. 30. Foyle.
15. Walla Walla. 40. Basle.
16. Hartz. 41. Bowie.
17. Oder. 42. Toulouse.
18. Gaspe. 43. Farewell.
19. Whistle. 44. Rome.
20. Little Rock. 45. Chamnaigne.
21. Havana. 4(5. Docn.
22. Jersey. 47. Disappointment
23! Shetland. 48. Turkey.
24. Canary.
Bob Ingersoll in his argument in 'he
Dell telephone case closed his masterly
plea in behalf of his clients with th? fal
lowing terse words : "I do not believe
jny man can patent the idea of sending
speech by electricity. He cm patent de
vices by which that can be done, but he
cannot get a patent on the lightning.
A man can patent a water wheel, but ho
cannot patent the water, or say to tlie
water you cannot turn any other wheel
but mine. " A man may patent a win 1
niill, but not the wind, nnd any nun who
can make a better mill may use the same
wind, because we do not get our entire
stock of wind from the patent ofliee or
from i'rie attorneys on the other side.
V.yul is the free gift of pc-l't'c'sm, and
?fikiug at the 'lawyers of the Tk-Il paopla.
without wind where would your case be?''
. .. n il oif thia lhchlh ( .
1 unit and measles.
Miss Sthulhoff seems to !
quite a serious time of it . l it
been compelled to miss stvu'...
past week by illifc-s.'
Yesterday the teachers were a;:
happy by trie advent of pay '
are not working wholly for pi
till were never loath to see i:
The rcnomination of" M
member of the school board
al satisfaction among the
his gentlemanly and stg.,...
conduct in school matters iie has w,. .
highest esteem mid best wishes of all l.
teat hers, and they sincerely hope he will
be re-elected.
We notice in Wednesday's Journal
that it says Plattsmoiitli was not repre
sented at the state teacher's association at
Kreemont. We are sorry to note that the
JonrmiVx Local is not a observing as he
used to be; if f:e were he would surely
have known that Mr. Driimmond was in
Fremont Wednesday and Mr. Chatburn
Clah.v Wilson.
The Coroner's Inquest.
At an inquisition, holden at Platts
inouth in Cass county commenced on the
1 3th day of March and adjourned from
time to time to March 30, A. I).. 1888,
before me Henry Roeck coroner of said
Cass county upon the body of Wesley
B iker 1 vin dead, bv the iiirors whose
. - j - . j --
Ames are hereto subscribed, the said
" ii ii i imi
jurors upon ineir oam, uo say: mat
after examining all the witnesses brought
before us, and after Laving had a chemi
cal aud microscopical examination, made
of the stomach and kidneys of said Baker
by an experienced specialist, we do find
that said Baker came to his (b ath from
some cause unknown to us." Ned Baker,
Dr. E. W. Cook," M. Anderson, Mrs. An
nie Anderson, Dr. T. P. Livingston, II.
P. Whistler, Julia Billstein, John C.
Boone, and Mrs. Ellen Baker, were cxain
ned as witnesses. The jurors were II.
C. Ritchie, J. C. Coffman, John McKeev
er. Win. Callacott, J. W. Johnson, and
O. M. 81 i t Mit.
"Al! is Cj3?n tnr! Goorning."
"Everything loyely, everything nice, it
seems to iir; like Paradise." That's the
idea that brother Ritchie intends to con
vey in the following letter that he has
sent U3 from Seattle, Washington Ter
ritory: Mis. Euitok: -I got to Seattle Thurs
day nilit and am much pleased with the
place. It is hirg-r than I thought it was;
has somewhere about twenty-five thous
and people, it is on the Souud.
I asked my cousin if he thought there
was any chance for you, he said he
t ought it would lie a good place, as
there was only one such a store, I have
forgotten what street it is on
Boats are booming and going all the
I hive not been around much yet as it
was late when I jrot 'lore. It is booming
here, lots of buildings going up: there is
-aw mills, planning mills, sash, door and
blind mills; it is n busines place. It is
warm lv-re, grass is growing very nice,
all i green. Plenty of timber, cedars,
balsams, pines; mostly cendars 40 to GO
feet and higher, 2 to 4 feet through.
I have not got any land yet but am go
ing to look in a few days. I can't think
of any more this time. Yours truly.
James C. Ritcihe.
Eastor Bells
Yet.terclay afternoon wa were passing a
place of worship and we overheard- a
pretty young lady trying to teach souW
boys and girls to sing something t
sounded like: "Riug, ring, ring, merry,
merry, bcils, O, ring sweet E tster bells,
we'll sing the loud hosanna, and wave
pro '.idly our banner, while the bells of
Easter merry, merry ring, while the bells
of Easter ring."
The boys did'ut appear to be siuging
as well as the teacher wished and she was
showing fulsome flattery to encourage
them to do better, but like everything
else it became tedious aud wearisome.
The lady wound up her eulogy of the
boys' abiliti s by saying "Xow, boys. I
know you can do better if you only try.
I am cure you can beat the girls, although
vou ar fond of the girls, and the giris
are fond of " "Oh rats! Givcus a
a rest!" was the cruel, cutting ejaculation
of a three-year-old toddler.
A Unique Composition.
The fol'owing unique composition was
published in a Philadelphia paper
over a hundred years ago. It may be
read three different ways. First, let the
whole be read in the order in which it is
written; second, read the line do.wn wards
on the left of each comma in every line;
third, in like manner on the right of ev
ery comma. In the first reading the
Revolutionary cause is condemned, and,
by tha ethers, rnroin-ftired and lauded :
Hj;!; : w ! I've lru:is:'?t somit. the din of
wni a a'aem ;
O'er a-. a .-' ij.i ;vimi.- tWU call i: ail to
11 :.
Their 1 ain i- at liantl, w : J with the Congress
T..e ite.s i r:ii:i.i!i.ent, ia t!iem I much de
iiirht I hate the ir curseil intoi. wlinforthe Congress
The T lie of the il iv. thy rn mv il:i:ly tnst ;
They son will sneak away, who Independence
1 toas ;
Who :o-j-!t-si.U rce held, ihey have my hind Ilea t. . ;- :
MAy 'he for s'aves 1-e sold, who act a Whii;-
j:ih ;. rt : - - .
O". : i.n s?i -1.1. Vort'a and Bat, may dally bles-
-ss s e.r "
I Y.:if n r.m: tlWruie. on f'o' jTvess ?y irm.rt ;
To N'.riii :iii 15. iu-l !u: Ua, uiay honor tiil bs
tl lie.
I with a block ol cord, to General Washington.
'hvo liui. been tliu .. . -ed and
four havel J rather than serve un
der the p yagent. It is rumored
that more ui-jto follow, uniong the num
ber, ihe employes holding the highest
positions next to the agent. In regard
to the agent, his term of oilicc depends
upon the report of the inspector, and his
removal must be authorized by the pres
ident himself. General Armstrong re
mained here three days aud has now gone
to Pine Ridge-agency.
A Youthful Assailant Shot.
Sax Antonio, Tex., March 30. Yes
terday evening Lubbock and Clarence
Cla.ik, sons of prominent stockmen, and
neither over 19 years, quarreled and
fought in the western suburbs. Lubbock
was b idly worsted. To day accompanied
by his father, he met young Clark. The
oltler man declared that the fight must
be resumed, as his son had not had a fail
show. Young Clark was willing, and the
mill was resumed. John Lubbock again
went under, and was being rapidlv
pounded, when his father took a hind,
whereupon young Clark knocked the obi
man down. 'As he rose the elder Lub
bock pulled a pistol ami fired several
shots at his youthful assailant, one bulb t
going through his thigh, making & seri
ous wound. Lubbock was arrjsted and
placed under $2000 bond.
A Mexican Herder H5 Years Old.
El Paso, Tex., April 2. Roman Baca,
one of the wealthiest citizens of New
Mexico, who has held many of the high
est ofiices in that territory, lives at San
Mitco, in Bernalillo county. He is prin
cipally engaged in raising sheep, ami he
sells many thousands of his wool clips in
El Paso. He states that an instance of
remarkable longevity thoroughly nfii n
ticated is found on his estate at San Ma
teo, lie has on the place a sheep herder
who followed that ccSpation under Ro
man Baca'a father. He is hearty and ro
bust, and does a day's wo: k as well as
any herder on the place. Documents ex
isting on thti estate show that this her
der is at least 115 years old. It is thought
that instances of extreme longevity are
more numerous among the lower class of
Mexicans than anv other race.
An Indian Territory Petition.
G.viNESvrr.i.e, Tex., March 31. Judge
J. T. "Walker left here last night for
Washington to present to the Judiciary
Committee of the senate screial huge pe
titions signed by citizens and officials of
the Chickasaw and Choctaw Rations of
the Indian Territory, praying that the
house bill making a new judicial district
of several counties in Tex; as ami a part of
the Indian Territory be changed so a3 to
include this county, and so that the courts
may be held hre. The governors of the
Chiekasaws and Choctaws will also go to
Washington to press the petition further.
According to the present draft of the bill
this county is left oy,t of the ne;y district
Important information.
The following is the statement for first
quarter Register of Deeds :
NuRh?r of real estate mor gage filet! ISO
N'U'nberof deetl-i. rHeiise. mechanic liens
ind nii-cellaiieous instruments 481
Total number instrui'er'tsHil d CO"
Uecein's .... " S6S6 45
Kaid W. II. Pool, renter's salrySST.". 00
" J. M. Lnvria. d-iutv 175 00
" L. E. Skihner, Cle k 34 to
$554 CO
Balance.... $102 45
It will be seen that above the running
expenses of the ofiice $102.45 stands to
the credit.
When the blood is impure or impover
ished, boils, pimples, headaches, neural
gia, rheumatism, and various other di
seases are developed. Take Ayer's Sar
saparilla. It purifies, invigoraties, and vi
talizes the blood, and restores vigorous
Is Consumption Incurable?
Read the following: Mr. C. H. Morris.
Xevrark, Ark., says: "Was down with
Abcess cf I TiPfTS; find friejida and phys
i tin ii -i pronounce I me an Incurable Con
sumptive. Began taking Dr. King's
New Discovery for Consumption, am
now on my third bottle, and able to
oversee the work on my farm. Ii is the
finest medicine ever made."
Jesse Middle wait, D-catur, Ohio, says:
"Had it not been for Dr. King's New
Discovery for Consumption I would haye
died of Lung Troubles. Was givn up
J.y doctor. Am now in best of health."
Try it. Sample bottles free at F. G.
Fricko & Co's Drug Store. 5
.11 only be absent ten .. '.
ad four to go, four to return
a quiet," said the "little soul," with
'ourtesy. "You seem to take me for
know 3-our reason for wishing to
meander olf into foreign lands; you want to
go on a carouse to have a good time! Don t
tell me you don't. I'm ashamed of you.
Drink your tea and lot mo nlono." .
Whereupon the "little soul'' plunged still
deeper into her favorite work.
The ubove conversation occurred one fino
Sunday at Moscow ltctvver n Vnssiii Iwano
viteh PoiK)ir, a middle class "notable" and
merchant, and hi.s wife, Avdotia Iwanowno.
The worthy couple were sitting after mass
at a table, on which stood a gigantic "samo
var" pulling out jets of vapor. Tor tho ten
years preceding tho same conversation,
slightly varied, lint! o-r-v-e.! .- :
Sunday had come round, that being tho only
day of tho week that the Popon"s were able to
ec-o much of each other ou account of the en
croachments of business cares, on tho other
days the husband going to his office promptly
at 7 in the morning, aud not returning until
Avdotia Iwanowna waj a dark little wo
man, strongly resembling a withered olive,
with sharp features and abrupt in her move
ments. Iler shrill voice made her servants
tremble and cut her husband's long speeches
very short. Tho latter was a large, tall man,
with fat cheeks, a heavy beard and C3'es that
were constantly winking. IIo was ns timid
as ho was big, and obeyed his wife as im
plicitly as one of tho enormous 1 arges that
are sometimes seen on the river is responsive
t the slightest motion of the little snorting
tug that is towing it along. Apparently
tiiey were the matrimonial complements of
each other, for they hail lived in this way
twenty years, during which period not a
single cloud had arisen above the family
For tho past ten years, however, an idea
had gradually invaded the circumscribed
brain of Vassili Iwanoviteh, and had at lat
taken complete po.-e.ssioii of that organ.
Ho wanted to see Paris, The narratives of
his friends regarding tho wonders of that as
tonishing city, which they had visited .either
ou business or pleasure, haunted him with
the jK-rthiacity of an oft recurring dream,
mi l hail finally aroused in him an insatiable
curiosity that he was unable, even if ho
w ished, to aiia3".
IIo had bought a "O aide to Paris," which
lie road secretly at Lis warehouse, and be
came so absorbed and absent minded during
its perusal that he made tho most ttUsuid
mistakes. Not 0:3- did ho givo his clerks
wrong directions when under the o
of his Gallic mania, but ono day, when acus
to::ior had asked him for tho address of a
merchant in St. Petersburg, he actual- re
plied, "Place do la Concorde."
Avdotia Iwanowna, like a good wife, did
e'.l she could to tlisjK.1 what she called her
husband's "madness.'1 Sho kept her "neu
vaincs;" burned candles before the
working Virgin of Tvers Ka3'a; cons:ti';cJ
three celebrated fortune tellers c f Lhe city;
made; a pilgrimage to the convent of Troitjca,
not far from Moscow; ;raed, threatened to
do many terrible things, but did nothing.
With tho dogged determination of weak
natures, Vassili Iwanoviteh maintained a
fctoieal silence when, assailed by his wife's re
proaches; but ns soon as tho violence of tho
fclurm waj Sj ent ho would a few timid
observations oa treer general subject.
This journey, ho.would urge, might bo tho
means of oixjning up relations with Franco
for his business. The great exhibition that
v,T.3 about to take place would givo him ia
formation l'iruing a mindier of matters
concerning v. i.ieh Iw was profoundly igno
rant; might, in fact, teach him much as to
many industries, et-
Weary cf dis-euesion, Advotia Iwanowna
had ended by turning a, deaf ear to all her
lnisbiiid's lvfemnces to tho unwelcome sub
ioctra jtjlicy that caused the confiding
Vassili, compelled to make a confidant of
some one, to pour out tho fullness of his
heart into the bosom of his old servant,
Tho day following that on which the above
conversation occurred, that is to say, on
Monday, an unpredentod event took place in
t'no PopoiT- household. Contrar3 to tho cu't'
tom'of vears, Vassili Iwanoviteh eauio rustl
ing home at noon, Jliiohed with excitement,
out of breath, his face covered with perspira
tion, and holding an open letter in his hand.
"Here, read this; it has just come!" he
shouted, as he caught sight of his better half.
Tfie poor woman gazed at hiin in amazement
and alarm. She believed her- husband hot
become suddenly insane.
Th& lei'r boio a forc-Jgn stamp, and was
couched in tho following terms:
"Sir The numerous orders that wo are
constantly receiving from Russia for our new
sewing machine, 'The Lightning,' havo
caused us to decido ta ppen n agency at
Moscow. Our, sales Li your empire foot up
from 5,000 to 0,000 machines annually.
"Having consulted the American consul in
your cit3', he has mentioned you as being
one of tho most honorable representatives f
iloscovitc commerce, ri:d therefore the best
adapted te fill the position of agent for cur
Incomparable invention,
"We thereforo ask j-ou to accept the agency
and a commission of 10 per cent, on all sales,
which would result in an annual profit to j-ou
of not less than from 200,000 to 300,000
"That there should be no misunderstand
ing, n personal interview i dciinble. Our
7Jr. 8rark will bo at the Hotel ' du Louvra
tmtil June 'Si, alter wbLjli date he will return
f'o ::ew York. y I
'.' Wo have the honor to remain your r :ed U j
ent servant.-,, William Spauk e C vu :
VP. S. If we dcj nor. hear from you prior !
iotheSoth wy haU conclude arrangements
with another Moscow house that is awaiting J
our answer." ,
Avdotia Iwanowna read the letter severed
times attentively, while her husband wpt eL: 1
tho expression of her fan? with invenso ans- ;
iety. To hi profound us'toiiishment, after a .
oioi t silence' Avdotia Iwanowna remarked ia
her calmest tones:
"You must go, anil should leave at ones,
for today is tho 13th, and" j
"Four days to goaua" interrupted Vas- !
fiili Iwanovitc-h, as though he were repealing .
iorho lesson learned by note.
VMake haste ami pack 3 eta' trunk!,
don't waste time ia talking , nonsens?," siiid
his wife biercilj. ,
Ho did not to hear the conclusion of i
(.niter, had
Y" LriMst.
y. i;o and
of air,
l to run to
mi' brandy
eiu-s ago,"
- : :. : ei. "If you
1 -ik- on. f;Ii, but
., . . 1... . i C-ivi,:U braitdy. 1 am told
i i lij'eio f l rtlll bta Water ftlltl ii- h.
"Oh, are yJu sure you've yt your flannel
waistcoats? Don't fail to come back lis soon
aspohsibK It.hnll exH-et you on tho IJoth.
Until then I shall keep praying for you to
tho Holy Virgin." Hero sho paused to wipe
away a tear.
"And 1h? sure not to spend more money
than you have taken with you. Don't forget
mo over yonder among those pagans.
"Ami you too, Anissiine," sii" continued,
turning to tho old servant, "mind you don't
leave 3-0111 master for an instant, and should
3-011 bo attacked l3" brigand 1, remember it i-i
j-our duty to sacrifice j'our life to save his.
Do 3 0a understand in".'"'
"J)o calm, Avdotia Iwanowna," replied
the old man. "Heaven is merciful ; we shall
return safe and sound."
Vassili Iwanoviteh, affected 113- tho many
proofs of his wife's atlect ion, stammered "out
n few i ----t '::. ' I"'
tct s, to I1.0 t' m -i i..- uu.u'
Our two Muscovites made tho journey to
Paris without accident, arriving there at 11
p. m. on tho "'Id. From Herliu I'opolF lind
tclegraphetl William Spark that he would
seo him the next day.
At tho Gare du Nord an interpreter got
them a carriage, that in due course deposited
them in tho immense court 3'nrd of the Hotel
du Louvre, which, largo as it seemed, was
filled with vociferating travelers and their
In tho midst of tho tumult Fopofi' and
Anissime 03' expressive gestures succeeded in
explaining to tho hot-1 people that thtw were
in want of rooms. After some trouble the3"
were usheretl into an elevator am! carried to
the sixth story with u rapidity that caused
poor Anissime to cry out in fright. Ho be
lieved that he was being carried off hj' the
spirit of evil.
Vassili Iwanoviteh, scarcely less perturbed
than his humble companion, was not at. id:
sorry to get out of tho il ing machine. Tin 3
then went along the corridor, as thev had
been directed there happening to bo no ser
vant disengaged at tho moment to show tint
way aud pushing open a door that closed
again of its own accord, they found them
selves in utter darkness. As Vassili Iwano
viteh stumbled ugainst a bed, and not being
acquainted with the customs of H i.-. hotels,
he undressed himself 113- the sense of fin-ling,
and, nearly dead with fatigue from his long
jonri-.ej', tumbled in and was soon asleep.
How much timo had elapsed since that mo
ment? M3ster3' of Hysterics! Vassili Iwano
viieh first opened 0110 eye, then tho other, I
said, with a yawn:
"Art thou asleep, AnissiuKj?"
";-To, Vassili Iwanoviteh,'' replied tho faith
ful valet.
"Hast thou been awako long;"
"I know not, Vassili Iwanoviteh.'
"Since it is still night, let us t ry to get mire
sleep, Anhisi me. ''
Silence reigned again. Popoff, who had
been following his own advice, wa5awakei-d
1'3' the falling of a piece of fiirnitare.
"Is it thou, A uis:oi-e:" lie cried.
"It is I, Va -ili Iwanoviteh," replied the
servant. "I have been feeling 1113 way
around the room, and have found a window.
1 l(X)!:ed out, but it is still ns black on 3'our
hat outside,"'
"Well, let us sleep again then; it seems to
mo that the nights are of an extraordinaiy
length in this latitude."
Another relapse into the arms of the sleepy
god when Vassili Iwanoviteh was suddenij'
brought to his senses b- a very decided and
not very agreeable feeling of cramps in his
"Anis'mo," Le exclaimed, "knowest thou
thai. 1 am terribly hungry? Ljok again
through the window aad see v. hether there
are 3"ct 3113- signs of the dawn."
"I, too, am hungry, Vassili Iwanoviteh,
hut it stili night, flo-.-.- vtr, one thing sur
prises me greatly. OuU.;tIe the window there
is a most overpowering smell of cheese."
"Ciieoso V.'e must have been lodged over
a creamery, then, Anist-'me. 1 wish we could
get down to it, but there is 110 dwmco of its
being open at this hour,1'
"I am afraid not, axili Iwanoviteh."
"Meantime te j paingna.ving at tho vitals of
the traveler had increased in iutciisit-.
AVhew! AVliat a Sasin. Tho Spartan boy
himself never -ari'ere-d agony equal to this.
Anisshne! Anissime!1' shouted the unfor
tunate Fop:iir, unable longer to disregard
his physical tortures. "I believe I have tho
cholera. Thou must find tho door."
Tho two travelers began to call for help,
pounded or: tho walls, and demeaned them
selves more like lunatics escaped from La
3afitetiere than like ordinary lodgers in a
first class hotel.
At last steps could be heard in the corridor.
A loIt was drawn on the outside, aud curious
faces peered into the room. i!y the light of
tLe "bougies"' that form so large an item in
the cost of continental traveling, tho Rus
sians di-ieovered that they were occupying a
room used for the storage of wornout trump
ery, with a closet at the back, in which a
large piece of cheese had been stored and for
gotten. The services of an interpreter having Ijf-ea
obtained, it wa3 explained that search had
been made in vain throughout the capacious
hotel to learn the whereabouts of the travel
ers, it having been discovered that they were
not in the room that had been assigned
them. An American guest had been anxiotis
to see Mr. Poixjlf, but ho had left an ;-!
"Left?"' shove l TV-pod. "Why, what day
of tho month is it theaf"
.The --.".th" '
"You don't mean to tell rao that wc- have
been two days ia this wretched holer" cried
Vassili Iwiutovlteli, no.v .-pe-ito beside him-
&-!?-. -
'-Sucti seems to bo the ceee." returned the
Interpreter. "And here is a letter that the
American left for you.1
2Iore tlead than clivo from , aitonrhment
and dismay, oux Jlieeviio succeed . -d. after
a few moments, in bo far collecting his senses
r? to.v.'n.pivhitl Uie unpleasant signilieacee
of t'.o following note:
"DiiAit .Sir I waited for yoa vt-'H tho
Z'th. After endeavoring in vain to gain
tidings of .vou at the hytti, where you .'.- cm
to Uvl- crrircd, 1 i.ave given the agency to
t'us buuse of i-i.rogo'r, of your cit. i sail t
morrow for Iew York."
Yr:"'":i Iwr.hovitch, a3 ho Lv.rries b-:cl: to
his waiting s--j)0"ae as last as the train will
cai rv Lim. au l with no heart to indulge in
tlej 1 i'-asares he had so often enjoyed ia im-egiiiuii---ij,
ij now a iiria believer ia tho truth
of the aphorism:
"It is cidy the unexpected that happens."
From tiie Freacli.
I '.AID III, - $f0,CC3
: ital, 100, COO.
it A NIC CAKitL-lil. Jt.S. A. CO?." NOP,
I'resttleiit. VW e-I'rehlJcnt.
w. it. cvsni:;o. cai-iiier.
rank (.'aiiiill , J. A. Com. or, 1-'. K. ; tit I. n- mi,
J. V. Join nen. 11 cm y I'ik-K , Jehii O'l.tvte,
W. 1. M lii;:ia, Wie.. Wttt 1 cj.inp, W.
II. Cihllf.
I'ransaete a U-ner:il J'ai.'.liij,' riciin All
Who tiave any liar. U inj; L-i siue:,s 1 e li ai. act
art. luvlleil to u'. No n.attir le-w
laio or niitll tl.e I ip i.tat ; ii.n, il
V.ll reeeiv e on: V,;: i-; ul ;i 1 ( eht
ant! we 1-1 (iial-ie al tvu s t "ir
te-.n- t - t almeiit.
Iuey Certire-;-.ttH t-f lie ee!M I tcirli.p liilt-r-.-!
Buys and sells I"tu i; 11 ).vt-':.:i:.:-, Com ty
and t 'll v r.eeiii :iie.-.
John kitzofkai.ij, h. Waoui,
rrestdent. ' ' 0 i i 1
Fin st Nat ;.:.,.. 1.
Or Pl.ATlS.MdL' J II. NS-. J: iA:--li A,
OHersthe very be-.' Iru-t'iti -s r. rtf:e . if t. i t
transaction of le;;it iniuta
Jilliiv i. . 1 j.i 1, t
Stocks, lituids. ;t.l(i, do' 1 i t aril I nci
Securities ltt)iiih t and Ho'ti, PeposllM reeeiv
ed and interest allowed on I ieie t-i't 111 -cates,
Druf tf 1! ra wn, vailalde in miy
part of the raited Slate ml all
the principiil tov. tis of
Oollt-vtimti tritiih oe jr.rhitl:; rtir.itttd
Uighes! market prlcei paiil fer Couuty War
t tate ai.d Couuty !iundi.
Jehu Fllzirerald
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1.1 Ai. i'Al'i '.-:i:.ti:-i. Ca-.hier. I
IK'.: II lt? T (' V;-I1 i'RK'E;
'Cl.i ;- Cof;?;.'-- 7 City V, :TS ,Ht
..?.?" -i'c.rM i .. s k
in-i t.iet::i't: r-o;:4::.-;) fer.
"l-lit.!:',,'l wVf J
-'. If. I'y.i p h!,-, J. ?!. ."rdteison.
"K il ( ; ei .-i : , . !t n tt).
I. I',. Vi'iie !i: :o. Morrisey,
Jv.K.e:; Pat ! crxm. Jr.
i?goiiborgr Troop.
SiiPf-t and r auli
Glass and Quesnsware,
Hiejheit JIatkt't j-iicc paid for Country
Op -ra Ifoie Grocsry Eiore. .--
a rji)
Wajon, BMtjgy, Zlachiv.i v.r.'l Flora 1
pairing, and (cncral Jelling
pv now prepared to Co f.'d 1 iv.Ci of rerfre
ol farm and other rr-a'-iiii.try, ss tnere
Is a eood lathe in my ekt-p.
PETEli 21AU2N,
The old Reliable Waon Maker
fcastakrn cliarso ol tae w;.,;r.n sr.ep
Ha I3 well kno'sii a a
:.o. : vor.KHA,
All work first-cla; vrciat P'ifth Street
North Robert Shcrv.ood's Store.
v nnrcci rn
l. UllLOULLil,
I'he 5th St. Herchant Tailor
Keeps a Full Line ol
Foreign & DGir-eslic Goods.
Consult Your lutercs: by civirg Kim it'll