Plattsmouth weekly herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1882-1892, April 05, 1888, Image 7

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    , i ve i.i t , i
-park of humanity i. tie ir
.. :. Thin may appear exaggerated,
a. it is not. him no terrors, cor
heaven hope fr the sneak. Fornication,
adultory and dnuk arc only blight ain
iu comparison with the abominable sin
of bting a sneak. A tmeak is a umifu
!oii3 abortion on the fac of honesty,
born in the lap of inisi'iy and nursed in
the arms f fchanu. Uu is so mean that
he doceivrs his mother and tin.' attendant
physician by being born a day aftar the
expected time.
"Mau'a inhumanity to man makes
countless thousand mourn." When God
creation the earth there were but two per
sons; now there are thousands who wa t
the earth, and would not divide up with
the members of their own family.
No action is too mean for such spawn
of the earth as a sneak. If they were tin
the waves 01 an arctic expedition they
wauld have no compunction to net the
cnnibal and duvour their fellow creature.
In time of famine they would think noth
ing of eating a child that had died with
small-pox, or accept a reward from a
catarrh specialist for an operation teo
disgusting to mention.
A sneak is two mean to shad a tear
over his deari relative, for fear h was
depriving his body of some nutriment,
lie would git the body of hia wife cre
mated to save funeral expenses, save the
ashea, and in icy weather 6prinkle them
over the door-step so that his second
wife wouldn't fall down. Birds, music,
ilawers and pictures have no charm for
him, and ho would hasten his own igno
ble existence, by refusing to have a min
ister or physician attend him on the point
of death. Rclativea would finish the
program by rejoicing at his funeral and
squandering hia miserly savings in riot
ous living, the earth of his grave would
be so impregnated with the effluvia of
his carcass that the grass would not grow
above him, and when the last trumpet
aunds at the judgment day, there would
be such an inhuman record against him,
that the antrels would be compelled to
refuse him admittance to that abode
where every sinner has a chance to go
nly th3 "ancuk."
A Communication Crucified.
From Friday's Daily.
An article appeared in yesterday's
Journal entitled a "Cedar CWk Sar
casm" and perporting tu be a communi
cation from that place in which some
choice spitluts are showered upon our de-
Toted head. Sherman, its too transparent.
You wrote that article vourself. It was
manufactured in your sacrtd alcov
amonj the archive of the past. We CI-,-
fy y-u to product th;it mauueript and
the envelope wh ch is supposed to h:ive
contained it. Th a ticle about tha fun
eral, to which you have reference, appear
eu in last aionuay s 1113 him tn-re lias
not been a Herald delivorsd in Cedar
Creek siuce. Twenty-five copies of tha
weekly went there yesterday. If you had
waited until today your story would have
appeared plausible. You were a littl
"too previous." Whenever the Journal
wants to hit anybody, it is always in th
form of a communication, or "we heard
on the streets today." The "swelled heat
bubbling" of the Herald reporter is de
licious. Thanks. Wiite again.
Nicknames of States.
Virginia, Old Dominion; Masaachu
settes,' Bay State; Maine, Pinetree State
Rhode Island, Little Rhody; New Yark
Umpire State; New Hampshire, Granite
State; Vermont, Green Mountain State
Connecticut, Nutmeg State;Pennsylvauia
Keystwne State; North Carolina, Old
North State; Ohio, Buckeye State; South
Carolina, Palmetto State; Michigan, "Wol
verine State; Deleware, Blue Hen's Chick
en: Misssouri, Puke State: Indiana
lloosier State; Illinois, Sucker State
Iwa, Ilawkeye State; "Wisonsin, Badger
State; Florida, Peninsular State; and
Texas, Lone Star State.
Filled His Eyes With ?alt.
Watse, Neb., March 29. A party of
ung men and brs went to th; house
of Frank Perrin, a recently married man
living in Brena precinct in this county,
to celebrate the event with a chayari.
Perrin had prepared for them by loading
a shot gun with salt, and fired it itto the
crowd, the entire charge lodging in the
face of Hi Oman, son of a prominent
farmer. His face is terribly cut up and
the physician who w;i3 aummonrd to care
for him says that he will lose the sight of
both eyes. Perrin has been arrested and
lodged in jail.
South Sea Turbulence.
London, March 29. A fierce storm,
with high tides and tidal waves, Las eaus
td great damage in the north and south
ilandd of New Zealand. Tlu telegraph
wires are down and railroad traffic ha
been abandoned on nccouut of the des
truction of roads.
For sale or exchange. A number of
fine pieces of residence property.
to Windham and Davies. d-wow.
r, A. V., cui.
unsolicited tfV
friends and noi..;
men you know iu.
or and straightforw..
would scorn to be a p.
tion. W hat has been
be dono for you," and i
cid 1, to longer suOV;
recovery lie at your v
McCooK, Neb., Jan.,
. . . ! I ft I ' . . 1 L.
ncr s oaio iiciucmrs it
f necessity or "c.Zc -
Several of my relatiyfa parti
ken "Warner's Safe Cure fr
troubles, and found it bt-neucial.
JIcCook. Neb., Teh. 1 133. In 1832.
I lived at Bcllwood, Neb., engaged as a
contractor ana builder, uuinig all tne
summer ot that year I was troubled with
Kidney Complaint. I got so bad that I
had to'work and put myself under
a physician's care, who pronounced my
ailment to bo Blight's Disease of the
Kidneys. . I kept tailing iu health all the
tine and could only leave my bed or
room on very pleasant days. I suffered
tenii le pains and was constantly grow
ing weaker. I thought something must
be done and that quickly. I tried an
other physician, who was a Professor in
a Medical College at Omaha. I had to
go on the cars about ten miles to his
office in David City. One day I went
to see him and he was not at home. I
went to the hotel to wait for a train
home, but was in such pain that I could
not keep still. I was so far gono that I
k pt passinf blood every tew minutes,
together with small pieces which looked
like liver. I went to the drug store to
get something to ease the pain and saw
there a bottle of "Warner's Safe Cure"
on the counter. I bought it and began
to take it. Tiie first twelve hours after
taking it, there was but little change.
First t noticed that I began lsleep bet
ter and the discharge begirrr to grow
thinner and lighter and gradually re
sumed the natural color. After taking
less than three bottles of "Warner's Safe
Cure" and remaining quiet for a few
weeks, I was well and able to resume
work at my trade. 1 did not take any
medicine but "Warner's Safe Cure." I
am now 53 years old and have never had
auy return of my former complaint. I
tell all who suffer with lame back or
kiduey complaint to try "Warner's Safe
Cure." I am sure that if I had not missed
the doctor on that day at David City
and found "Warner s Safe Cure" I would
not have lived thirty days longer.
Clarke, Neb., Dc, 9. 1887. I have
used a number of bottles of "Warner's
Safe Cure" and it has given satisfaction.
I would advise every one that is troubled
with their kidneys to use it.
CiiEsTEi:, Is'eu., Jan. ii, lc?cf. iu tlie
sumnn-r of 1SS1, I took cold, which led
to catarrh of the bladder. I was confined
to my bed for weeks. I had a good d"C
tor, but only partially recovered from the
attack. I was so bad that my bladder
gathered and broke and I passed a tea
cupful of pus through a catheter. After
that time, whenever I would take cold, I
would experience the same old trouble.
Two years ago I began to take " Warnei's
Safe Cure," and after taking four bottles
I got t ell and I am today as well as ever.
I am 53 years old. My wife has been
troubled for several year with kidney
complaint, and at times was so bad that
she almost lost her mind. She com
menced to use "Warner's Safe Cure"
"Warper's Safe Nervine" and "Warner's
Safe Pills " and now she is fce'ing as
well as she ever did. We feel very
Gibbon, Neb., Nov. 29, 18a7- I take
"Warner's Safe Cure" as a Tonic and
Liver Regulator. My wife takes "War
ner's Safe Cure" for Liver complaint, and
it stems to do her more good than any
thing she has yet taken.
(Beaty enioatty. Hardware and Furniture)
Liberty, Neb.. Ney. 29, 1S87. My
wife has taken "Warner's Safe Cure" and
finds its effect extremely beneficial.
1 rr -
Bridge Notica-
The County Commissioner of Cass
county, Nebraska, will receive bids up to
noon of April 4, 13SS, for the building
of pile bridges that may be built in Cass
County fer said year. All piles to be of
white or burr onk, 3x3 or 10x10, when
required; caj.s the same, joists 3x12 pine.
Flooring to be of white or burr oak.
All sway-braces to be bolted with one
inch bolt through each pile. Hand rails
all to be bolted with inch bolts. All
bridges less than 20 feet in length, Sx8
piling and Sx8 crips. All spans 20 feet
and over, 11 joists to span; un-Jer 20 feet
9 joists to span.
Bidders to furnish plans und specifica
tions with bids. Board reserves right to
reject any and all bids.'
Attest: Bird Ciutchfield.
County Clerk.
A. B. Todd, )
A. B. Dickson,
. Loris Foltz,
Lucas county,.-. . ( -
Frank J. Cheney makes oath that he is
the senior partner of the firm of F. J.
Cheney & Co., doing business in the city
Toledo, County and state aforesaid, and
that said firm will pay the num of ONE
HUNDRED DOLLARS for each and
every case of Catarrh that cannot be
cured by the use of Hai.i.'s Catarkii
Sworn to before me and subscribed in
my presence, this Cth day of December,
A. D. '80. A. W. GLEASON,
(Seal) Notary Public.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally
and acts directly upon the blood and
mucus surfaces of the system. Send for
testimonials, frte. F. J. Cheney & Co.,
Toledo, Ohio.
t3TSold by Druggists, 75 cents.
Who is Your Best Friend?
Your stomach of course. Why? Be
cause if it is out of order you are one of
the most miserable creatures living. Give
it a fair chance and see if it is not the best
friend you have in the end. Don't smoke
in the morning. Don.t drink in the
morning. If you must smoke and drink
wait until your stomach is through with
breakfast. You can drink more and
smoke more in the evening and it will tell
on you less. If your food ferments and
does not digest right- if you are troubl
ed with Heartburn, Dizzniess of the head,
coming up of the food after eating, bil
iousness, indigestion, or any other trouble
of the stomach, you had best use Green's
August Flower, as no person can use it
without immediate relief.
Eggs, Eggs, Esg3!
Lota of eggs and no sick, drooping
chickens where Will J. Warrick's Im
proved Poultry Powder is used. Just the
thing to make hens lay and keep them in
good health. Try one pound, it will
only cost you 20 cents, and if you are
not satisfied he will refund th money.
Also Ground Bone and Oyster Shell, 4Ibs.
for 25c at Will J. Warwick's.
jfi -3m d&w-th.
To Whom It May Concrn,
Notice Is hereby civon that t!ie iniiers;n.1
will make application to tlie eliy diineil of
PiHftsniimi li at it C.iHf lejrulir mretins iv
Attril tSS to wit : fm the t y of sn'ii
.onth for a "license or irmit " el! malt. Mi'r
i;ou and v nous liquor fr the y ar t-ndine
Vay 1st for ineihoinal. mechanical, chei-i-ic-.
;init s;icrameiitHl MirO' ses at my place of
business on east of h t II l.ioek W city
ri-it'siiio; tli. Cass ('oui'tv. state Vetra:l. a.
2in3 Win. .1. W'ARir.CK.
Itch, Prairie Mange. .nd Scratches of
every kind cured in 30 minutaa by Wool
ford's Sanitary Lotion. A sure cure and
perfectly harmless. Warranted by F G.
Fricke & Co. druggist, Plattsmourti
Bullish Sp-vm Liniment removes all
Hard, Soft or Calloused lumps and
Blemishes from horses, Blood Spavin,
Curbs. Splints, Sweeney, Stifles. Sprains.
Pink Eye, Cruris and, etc. Save $50
by use of one bottle. Every bottle war
ranted by F. G. Frtcke & Co.,
Druggists, Plattsmouth, Neb.
Bucklen's Arnica salvo.
The best salve in the world for cuts,
bruises, sore?, ulcers, salt, rheum, fever
8ors, tetter, chopped hands, chilblains,
coins, and all skin eruptions, and postive-
ly cures piles, or no pay required. It is
g larauteed to give perfect satisfaction,
or money refunded. Price 25 cents per
box. For sale by F. G. Fricke & Co.
Rewarded are thai whe
r:td this and then act ;
they will find honanble
employment that win
not take them from th:r
h"ms and familiea. The
profits are lar-e and sura
for every Industnou perou. many have mad
and are now making several hundred dollars
per month. It is easy foranyoneto make $5
and upwards per day. who is willing to work
Either sex, younjr or oi l : capital not needed :
we start yen. Everything new. No special
ability required, you, reader, can do it as well
as any one. Write to u at once for full par
ticulars which we mall true. Address Stirson
& Co., Portland. Main.
has revolutionised
ihe world during the
list nan ciitury.
ot least amo"i; the
nd-rs of inv-utiT
rosreeslsa method
and syrtvin of work
that can be performed al! JVr th country
without separating the woikers from their
homes. Pav liberal ; any oe can do the ork
either sex. youni? or old ; n peial ability re
quired. Capital not needed : yon are started
free. Cut this out anrt return to us and we will
send vou free, something of great importune
and value to you. thac will etart you in busines
w hich will bring you ia more money right
awav tbajo anything else In the wr-rtd. Grand
oiuilt free. Addres True 3t Co.. Augusta, Me.
Se Wonders exist In thou--aud3
of form, but are s- r
lapsed by the marvels of in
vention. Those who are in
need of profitable work that
can be none wnne living ai
home should at on?e send
their addresi to Hal'.etf .iVo .
Portland. Maine, and receive free full informs
t oil how either, eex, rf all iises. can earn from
;v5 to "i ncr d:iv ad Howards wherever thev
You are started free : catdtal not needed
S me have made over M in one day at this
work. Ail eucc-eu.
Lot in South Park until the first of
Auril at J15J.00 a piece. . Payments to
suit purchaser. Windham & Da vies.
1 r.iii
U I If lJB.
i'ct to riinke M-t .1 '
e uj.l not know that .a&
. mkli;ir tuoie than duuti'c till
. Our l oge descriptive circulars ex
,r offer fully, an'i tlie we wUli to eu"
... r-r-roiie nu' ot employment who will eii1
us three oi.e cent stamps for postajre. Semi at
once anrt feciire the agency In tnne for the
boom, aitd n to work i tlie t rms named in
our extraordinary offer Adtire-. at once,
National. Novki 'i v Co..
f 18 3m-diw 614 SniitUflelU Bt , I'itlsburg, Pa.
Dr. K. O. West.' Nerve and Drain Treatment
atuarantee specific for Hysteria Dizziness.
Convulsions. Kits. Nervous Aenraljiia, Head
ache. NerveoiiH Prostration caused by ttie ne
of alcohol or tobacco. Wakefulness, Mental l)e
preixion, Snfteniuf; of t he Hraiii refulting in In
sanity iiud lending t misery, decay and death,
i-reinat uro old Age. Harreuncss, Iosb of Pow
er in eitiier sex. Involuntary Losies and Sper
iiiHt"iTlia canned by over-exertion of the
brain, self abuse orover-tndnltfencs Kttch box
contains one mouth's treatment, $100 a box
or six boxes for 5.00, sent by mail prepaid or
receipt of price
To cure any case. With each order received
by us for nix boxes, accompan:ed with $5 CO,
we will send the purchaser our written guaran
tee to return the money if the treatment does
not effect a cure. (luaruntecM issued only by
Will J. Warrick sole agent, Plattsmouth. Neb.
$500 Reward.
We will pay the above reward for any
case of liver complaint, dyspepsia, tsick
headache, indigestion, constipation or
costiveness we cannot cure with
West's Vegetable Li yer Pills, when the
directions are strictly complied with.
They are purely vegetable, and never
fail to give satisfaction. Large boxes
containing 30 sugar coated pills, 25c.
For sale by all druggists. Beware of
counterfeits and imitations. The genu
ine manufactured only by John O. Well
& Co., 8G2 W. Madison St. Chicago, Its
Sold byW. .J Warrick.
Until the Skin was RawBody Cov
rad with Scales Like Spots of
Morter. Cured by tha Cuticura
I a:n troins to tell you r the extraordinary
chiinse'you t'niiiu Ksmicmm performed
on me About the Isr of April lt 1 nutk-ed
vine red pimp: liko onm'ng out all over my
oody. but tii;'i;ht iiotliintf of it unt'i s me
timel tt r tn, wiien it began to look lkesois
ot mortar spetted on, and which camo .h ii
layers, accs'iiipnuied witn itcic. I wi.n!i
s-'ratch every ni.uhf until I wm law, tVien me
next night the s-ale. b-.-iiift fiirm;l ine:niiil-w-rc
scratched .-tr again. In vain d.d : con
sub. .11 the docters in the coin. try, without aid.
After givioz up all hope- of recovery. J h j
oene.i fo "e su advert'si is.'f nt in t e n.vs--tu'.isr
,ilul y iirCu;i- ura Kruieciivs, Hcd r...r
chiiS'fd thciii'from my oiug;;ist. ntd i biaii e;
:i:iuo-t immediate relief. I bet;an to no ice
that the sna y erupt iona gradually dropped oK
a 4l a:ipi'esred mi bv one, ;xn 1 li ne bt eu
fully cured. I has the dise:ie thirteen monthr
before ! bean taking the 'uticura Remedies.
A'td iu f ur or five weeks w:is -utireiy cured.
My disonse va3 eczema an-1 pj.iriafi. 1 re-;-oiiiineMd
te C-!ticura Heiuedieg to nU in my
viclnitv. au l f kuow of a great many who live
taken tlietn ami thank in for the knowledge
oftliem, especially met hers wlio lave babes
with icaly eruptions on their lieaiU ami bod es.
I cannot expres in words tlie thank- to you foi
what the Cuticura Keme'iies have been to m.
My body was covered wi h ca'e. and I was
an aw' ui ipect:iBl to behold. Xuw my kln is
as nice and clear as a babv's
GKO. CUTEY. Herrill. Wis.
Sept. 21, UVt.
Feb. T. 1883. Not a trace whatsoever of the
di ease from which I suffered has shown itself
eince my cure. GEO. CoTKY.
We cannot do justice to the esteem in which
Cuticura, ihe great skin cure, and Cuticura
Soap, an exqaisfe nkin beautifier. prepared
from it, end Cuticura Insolvent, the new blood
puriflr. are held by ihe tlioueauds upoa thous
ands whose lives hnv." been made happy by
the cure of aironiziMg, humiliating;, itchirg,
caly and pimply dieaseii of the skin, scalp,
and blooi with loss of hxir.
80'tl everywhere. Price, Cu icura, 50c ;Sap
5c ; Kesolvent. $1. Prepared by the rotter
Uruij and Chemical Co., Boton. Mas.
lysend lor now 10 cure Kin uiseates."
Hi page, 50 illustrations, and 100 testimonials.
PLES. black-heads, red, rough.chnpped
aua oily skin preveu eu ny u uncuit
C at arriial 25 angars.
To be freed from the danger of suffie&tion
while lying down ; to breathe freely. Bleep
soundly and uudi-turb d : to rise refreshed,
head e'ear, brain active and free from pain or
ache ; to knew that no visonoui, putrid matter
defiles the breath and re's away the delicate
machinery of smell, taste and hearing; to feel
that the system dees not, through its velrs
and arteries, suck up the poison that is sure to
undermine and die troy. Is indeed a blesiug be
yond all other human enjoyment. To purch v,e
immunity from such a fate nhould be the obj ct
of all afflicted. But these who have tried m ny
remedies and physicians detpair of re iel cr
Sanford's Radical Cure meets every phai'e ef
Catarrh, from a simple head cold to the moit
loathsome and destructive stages. It is lecal
and constitutional. Inftatt in relieving, per
manent in caring, eat-, economical and nere:-
SAXFfRD s radical' TSE consists of one
bottle of the Radical Ct bk, one boxCaTA -n-
iial S'lvk.vt and one urnoriD Ikhalkk ,
all wrapned in one package, with treatise and
directions. Bud sold by ail druggist fort 1.00.
1'oitkb Lircu i Cbioiicai. Co., Bostox,
No Rheumatiz About Fne
L V The Cotieira Anti-Pain
JMimter relieves Rheumatle.Sci
n irz fttic. Sudden. Sharp ard Nervous
I SlPM JkPsin. Strain and Weaknenee
' H febe Crst an only ain-ktliine
ir tilater. New. or-ein.l. Intnin-
ttnq. Infallible, safe. .A nsarTelous nattdide to
Pulm InflAnintirn and Weakness. Utterlv a
like and vatlv sn erior to all cthsr plaileri.
At all drugilsU, S3 cents ; Bve for si. 60 ;orpos-
t:ire I re. "I
f-orrRR nRCO AND
Button Mas.
I "ifls 22,1 r
nmm 1 - Brass
i Oil ALL
Parlors, flcdrooiiis, Dining-rooms.
Kitchens, Hallways, Ofliccs,
Where a magnificent stock of Goods and Fair
J Vices abound.
Jonathan Hatt.
Sugar Cured Meals, Hams. Bacon, Lard, &c, &o
ot our own mate. The lcBt brands of OYSTERS, in cai: and bulk, at
Law, Real
Wind h am & Da vies,
Ovcc Baai o Cass County.
Improved and unimproved Real Esti.te in all parts of the City, for pale. Citj prop
erty to exrhange for lands, and loans to exchange for City property.
Insuraftbe written iu the old t ha-nix, yEtna nnd Hartford Insurance comj anief.
Entire satisfaction given in all business transactions. Remember the place, at the
Corner of Main and Fifth Sts.,
Will keep constantly on hand
Drugs and Medicines, Paints, Oils
"Wall Paper and
t l
ixpoaxzaa op
Pure-bred French Draft (Perchcron or Norman)
Vix&e sMrgjn yntooant- Cii s4 rw ur borws or fvai for cufcivgu
Bear pom Sets,
J. YvT. AiAETfcTS.
istate and Insurance
J. M. ROBEinS )
a full and complete stock of pae
a Full