Plattsmouth weekly herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1882-1892, October 13, 1887, Page 3, Image 3

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    giiMaaauauwirirrrTriii" jwwa-fci
o -- J f 1 1 -i L-. V .
Mr. D. I. V il. of Ilnrs-- Cu-a,
Ky., Knys h'; was f'""' .-1 : i y yi'.ir.-.. lmtily
ulUctf.l Willi I'liihihlr, a! (. J;i;.!;t:; tin;
nilis wcr'i :iJ : ; . r-1 X 1 1 1" i n ' 1 1 1 : Jsinl
Yoiil.l i-oi.i' tiaii s almost throw l.'hi
convulsions II. tii-1 Kl'.ti.i; !':ttcrs
iilnl fot IiTlef fr:j:u lif-l Iioitlc iilnl aft i
tikin nix Lollies, was ii.i'mly !:;.!,
:unl lias .'.litn-d in ll.'sli i ia,Iil "( n jn.uai -.
S.iyn ho c 1 1 1 1 v Ifli'-v 1"' would
ll!lV: tliril, had ii not !( n for Hi:; P lii .r
nfTonlcl l,y IliHrio lii'.ta---. S.I.I at
fifty tints 11 l.otil? I.y F. (J. i i: U-i & Co.
Everybody Hun
I'loiu a: iif. I '.-v l..ii .
'I'hi-i nfli rnooii at :.' o' loc! thf i r t
jood tin: alarm of tin: s a.-on was m.iiipI
mid .M'tin s!i'f( t was iuimrdiati ly in
jjrc'it coiiihioti in. !)..( !..)-, lawy .'s.
.ii ccniil. II, C.I V'o.o is, Irtrll. -!. :!.
ox-jwiymrn, jii;'.:,'is, raiu'iolai . ; 1 1 ; 1 1 : :-,
report ( is, .. intra: an ! !.oys v.a-iv ::!! on
tin! i nn. i; . . ry I (!.! ii. -n!. .1 ! r Wa !
in;;ton uvi nii . A 1 1 m.k n ,.o; t. r v. as
on th.: riMiiiil I tin; irl ward l.ooi.
j;nd ladder v..s Hi-; tl r.-.t hiv d -troyr in
motion, anil i w is follow, d I.y tin; "Jial
v,nrd hose i n: I, iail. llic hook ami ladder
waon lidiiL ;o very far as 1 1 - - cry of
"all out" mad t ( ! lion to onll ii i;a
li :.:; v,nry, hid t i i . 1'. II. 'hit ; ln-sc com
any j.roc. 1 1 . 1 to tin: : m- of thu l.!a:-i-iiiul
rxlinyaa ;n .1 idi the i'.rc.
'flu; cat.;-:- of the aim in was the c..!h
ini,' fire of :t fra-iia sh-. d n ar tin: lri k
and tcrri co't.i wolks. Th-.; sh.'t! stood
very '..-' to williams' oil houe, I .ut the
lire was : oii.i.t ly ct in.mii. :i d I.y vwal-.-liiell, or a !:! lir.; would have Ixeii
the result, for he. tire ill aii tnp nt cold.'
hardly have airivcd in tun." to i.reent
th:; of the oil shed as th;' wind
favored th-' lire. ";it the hoys were very
jiromot in o--t "m.-C !" k'.se and under
ordinary clr u.uMane.-s tlu re a- not much
danger of a lire in I'latt -a.iou' .i v. ilh our
M-Sv'lit Jioe l;i;i:!lnes.
Dnn't Expsrlvrscnt.
Von ai'for I t wa.-te tip;. :n .
).M'iment v 5 i i i your lr.iuc-5 d.-r
-.r. ( 'o;i-ut;u;l ion always wr:n, at !iit. ,
;:i!v :i eld. Do not. i;Ti:r.t a.,y u.a!er
to inioose ui. oil vou with some cheai) inii-
tation i f !'r. Kind's New Discovery for j
ConsuniDtion, foiihs and Cold, but be I
Hire you yet t ,- tr -nuiue. l-valise i:v !
can mal;e m :: ; :a.!it le; may tell you h:- j
has soin.-thiny; just as -;...d. ur ju.-t th j
upon 4-ttu,.,4 ir. liino's X v.' Discjivcry.
Avhich is L;uai anteed to nive relief in all
Throat ailinj: and Client al'i'ectio-.-.s. Tri
al bottles fiv at IA li. IVicke C.-As
drt;; store. ' W
A scierdist deck-res that loekiiu;
cliuirs makep 'o, i th af a:.d in ar-.- lylited.
AVc have not'ed this especially whm
two younij peoylj arc ia th;; loexiie
chair. i'.v.
A iiKSKUYKi) compliment was pai l to
lion. S un'l Ch ipman th" olli r day
the Judicial convention, when !;i1
year's services on the bench -were reward
ed by a unanimous nomination to uceeed
himself for the. next four years jude
in and for the judi.-i d distiic.. The
successor to .Iulu;e Pound. I bus. Allen
"W. Field is a yi.r.i!,' man. but a hard
working, piui-takin"; 1 iwycr ro-.d one
thiit, without doubt would make a cood
Tin: ammount of rain d. ring the last
month has ocea.-lo-.ied no small ammnnnt
of grumbling, bat we rue told that it b
almost a gu ir u.t - for loin was crops
next year, Tii' ground b. corn 's tlior
Ollglily soaked, fail plo'.ving cm Ik; in
gaged in and the ground being damp
freezes thoroughly which is one of the
bes-t feitili.'-.s. t' putting the soil in
fine condition for next year's cultivation.
Vnn Baby vi B-.rk. we pare hor Ciatorla,
VTien sho ir Cliil.i. she critMl for Casloria
V ben sho brc.vao "xliss, stio clang t Ca.-toria,
Tfhen he lutJ Children, she gave them Jastoiia,
ri.ATT.sMOUl u may b.1 iiillictid with a j
city couneil tke.t do. s atit. re.U'.'tt an;l i ep- j
... , . .... , r luoile '
resent the hv,t lat.-.-.s of tm. P po , ;
but we arc t. h : cotierat united ti.e.t we :
. it t . ..--I
-have no Il isealks or Ibtb. Is n. i ; ou
Ia 1 , . - t.- i fliiillf'M I
feitution migiu !. '.-,
Omaha's could not well oe woi v; nuui
row with tit-' citv eovtrnm.out trying to
M1 . "i:'.,.,..,, -ad io-iu'-i-r.t'.;
ftarve out the po!e. .-i.nn ...u. i...iiii-..t...
a reign of mmrchis n that would bit
Herr Mrvt to th, third h aven ot de-
15 rli V. t with thn ;-;-oidc p.tvin-'- the
JHillCC out of piivnto fiiudis ar.d curiy. iiiL
, . , . .;u
oa the t ie t it;, uid tie.d t
less continu" to i.npr-.. and at the next
election will show its appreciation of
' , . t.
that Kintl ot wo. ...
DlloCKACY in Chicago fairly w. nt
wild on see-in" a Bourbon prHiviit. it
t.-. firS on- th 't rii'i- of tla-t
bcin- the first on. tlu. ia a, vl t....t
party had ever s"en. I U-vciaiKt is c-
ilently an iinprovriin ut on their tiaitor-
ous Buchanan, tlsouch weighed in the!
cftls of repub'.'.-an statC'in uidup na '
,,,, : . r ..ti 11., p.., 1
,-ould certa-.niy ..Hi Ik1o ...1 t... Ii tl
rs of his own party as well ;;s those of
the republican.
iv.r.yjferv? a-az??:
Ono Jst i i e-'. f ijf t!ir Itili'.'v! Valun of
Ditlry Oiv.. V.'Iii'ii In Ct:'. v' r ';rn.
A 1 Ir ! I" .iy tf t!.o Wyamlolio
II, i : ii". .! y i"t :'..r: t::e Ar;er;e;ni
I'oiilWy . ' a '.: ; i 'I t . : 1 liio. row! v;i-
ri'-ii. iy tei. . i ;: ....! . ;,-A. ' '. :.
J'.ntt A in. !.' . ;i ; .!!,;..,;,!, t i : t;,:. !
v. Vai . ,' ''. (.! ;niy t. i .:' !. -h'.-il to
I ; a t';;ite s ,. . .eri.,1 ir.; i il l- for
i.' i.s ;.it jie. . I !. Jt WUi tlicti tVeI
t!.u Ii.i io; i..f ,. j - lot t .
( 1 ' . I
y 4
A WW,, i
t ." i i . i . I . .
, i e . '!,'" I
i . . i- . ! '. ei I'V.m-a-':
I . io-i;!': . i! h
I.- .: i- c..c:i;.t
:. ..ii i : ivon I.y
! 's ui, 1 ; i i . '!'!,
I -a';.:; Wh.le,
';, ( .' ;, !!, o. i
' s.;;.i
OliLl.i. I.
Wy.v.s;'.!.; ic-s
tlo'e eo.
; ; JJVe-i I..:'
for t:..-ft.i-
l! i- ;!:.
1 "
- ;,'-iiv. .i i:..
c, i !-. ; '. ; v,: '. )
i. " e. !!k- t
:: !:. :
-. ; to !!.. ..; i:;
, ,- (.: i!a; .
se! (; v.-i .; . ' y f 1 !
f..r ll.en; it. el'-
;,' . - ;
i ! . Ji i hay .'.i ::..t,
f. reit v.-o :i t:.o
a:. I l'iv!:" :i' to
t !:e Vva...i .: Ie '
!w :: ; i:;kv. (.-.
o 1
e-; - :...-!. Ii- o. :i
r ;e. A t
sja-iirc ' i: i .a
I : a y m.". e e. i -l ... iii
r.-'le i i ir ' . : .' i !.cr c
t;:;v i.';i'.!;;. . 'J',:.' i .-ns viv pri':;;::- h y
ir., 1k-;:: f.:-:-c!ed ' :.'y hy tho J.i :;!iiir:.. ,
but the's jircia. sl'.-.iv snvi'l i i si:'.
a '.(! !t-l '.r.'.-;: wheii ti:c:.; rre :.. -ti:,:
.1 for r!. ,.
'J h-; . r; !: -.1 V-e;: -. ' ; e .-. .fo.-.e-'
' iiC.'l' V..i !i
the .:.::- V. ."!.-
' ; !. if'.",
. . . -! ia
!;.. "b- . - -
o .. l:.-. I Ui- c:.t js a
l it a : : .. of hit j
' .'
, . -. f :
' ' -hi- ;:y
. .
i :.;;. :.: .
y;;yv, y; ;' ' ' -
r '.ve: .r;
;K. !.;df co'i- I
e , , ,1
' ' 1 -.
l ' ,i
ray. a (.::;- ;
. : i
C.l I
i . ve:', . -.
i -. i
.-. e '. u:...o co:.'- i
t ,':: . i
i ;:::..
ior.k; cf t!-.e lk':v j
v !:o -i'.T'uur.'i
o v. -, ;;:! 1,4 c.-.iit-i
: ia" i -c. i.i li'se 'vii! !
: '. ' if ; :'.:;;; of at ids L I
i' e p'.o ohv.'o .; in the !
v. ;A- i.i couvt rtnl i::'.o
.hijii r. A:-;.; to dry tip
::! . . 'X ee; h; owiie-c to i
r oi ti:;; l.or;.. Ti eio '
a I: ; J ! m. -
ti.e i.;:--.-! :.
i '. t '. . : '. h rA .
i -; . 'i.'.u i"
U-o.Veil 1.. :
".e . e.'l
..lib ie '
iil .- :tt0 ir.o i
.i'uta whieh !
ci'i c o.o.oi. rt'rulc
Ie. i : .
in the c-:- ..f par
ca ,' i'.a'.l ;. i ii:.-
e.I 1 -n-.- r.ot i
t e.u i . i ,
the l-'-i.i'ik ; ' '. .'el I tii.v.r t.) !
J.:..'.i i.;.' i am he -.-I', v. rare ilis-
iiila ... "e ;
til.-ui 'l TCI" (
(.-::ai:x lan a
mew i
!"!. )?d i
from 1-:: x . P.I a-
. j.- r c:",r. ci i:,:.iii"!r:;. i
J:e ..una; t : ': i ...e a ae: i !"t:o.- u; ;
puipk-.'.:-.-.:.:; a. ill- a. .; icfal pro: ess, 1
to he rite-; aa !. f .- by so tiling ii-.o
b )!; .; :: .'e th : 'a., i i )
ivv. ! i.i mineral ;
l-l:,.-; antes, wi.a y :.:;,- a 1
p!:atvs luoiv t .'.:. ' , r. a.. lie:-,
than boats. if akfo pe
i o !
v.: . a-', i i- a er . . .-.. ; e:. : a rat
cf ii.aarphi ;.i,::';o isl':cl::F( t:.h:;: to rp
riv. If l.i.iv: uiv wiinuii !' -v . he crop or
the i.i-al tk. .i the r. iti'.val b' no, lirtl
crrouud. i-5 tk c'a.;:;t; : f :rr. i applica
tion. Jf ba-ii i re v.-aa;r:i .boih i hi.ui.l bo
line i'a a i-..;"... : Ly ;k .;-. Pa th-
Vena - i ; to cl'. viae or-1 a. i-e ihai i ; ia r.
Ccaaoiuiaak i, ? ;''.; i:i e i lo spi.'d
poiv.l liuiito :i:d to iii;;k-j poor auporakv.
Tr'.'jsiiry i;(,;i;::l.!'if ::I. .Yti"J owa-;?u
One of the 1 a. t, rr; a e 1 -V .l.:a--ivash
is lb. at ckk-i kke 1 !-;:: a v.
v.-a, .h-' a., I -Ir. i - : -.. hi., -
wash.'' The la.ivr a -me a
from the faci. t :;a: i,- i-i :kj r
Vytl.f J15'-.!;1 ci -t':Uf!ls5i7 '
v.i...i... tii. -- - -j -
pevient j to ras .v.-i- o:i ".vn;:;.. br:e:: ami
stone nearly ati woa as o:l j :at, ana :s, if
ctmr::e, nrnca c-:.aj:cia .a,:- oiic-uali
bUSiieLof Ili-.ev'o" ee.-I.1,; .o . I-eef a-.iV
it covered tiarkn; the p.-vcu..-:.. i:hrai:i ii
ok? a r.-l ;aM a Tick r-f previously .o-;-
tolveil ir. v.ii-ni -."ater, tlv.-.o pounds of
Crourd iee pievioodVpciy,,; in wnier o ' CT,; -r';;1 ?-kty ray a that the Triumpl
c tkiek paste. o:ie-kai!i peamd of p:w;h;;-:l : P-"'--ce;-ry on las farouud - c::c:-cueci
s-a:k:di wkhi-n- a:iu a , auiau.f clear g!uo v::" T'"":1 V-'.:1 "r- aw I ';;;'tt"
dissolve:! iu wan lvvaur. T-bx tkeee vari- ivcr.c.-s of ns. f and f.3 lrceilui Ireu
or..- ine;re.ken;a tOL-ctkcr ami let s tk-a.s. IPe-n th.e va.-k thus pre-!
pared in a kettle or 1 oiler, and when us;l '
2t ..3 Lot a5 pr;clioaljlo v.-iiU a ;
v. .asli brush.
A tVoril About Potato f-fa).
The Pkin cf the potato is a layer of cork
ccp.s, and wiiea injured it heals by tkj ,
formation of a uew layer of cork. V'h-e:i
the tuber prow.-, i a water, or in a wet soil, ;
tiie ccrjt joycr thickens nz various plms,
producing rr-py liu!3 vrarts on the j
f:tce .f "
.,..., , - .
tiutics for a e--v"i:eraale tiaie th eay J ets
in and the stareli and lima of tao tulvr
beeorae (!. it" the (Veeav i.-j
, f p. ;wtt:rthQ
eClvc,i and heallliv parts r.r.ti the potato
is "scabby.'- The trouhlo i-, therefore,
the result cf c ace.-e-ive ra-: froru ;
vet soil or v. et w-eathcr. S;a""h; manur.j
ecb or it j-ay Ydf the soil with spore? of
molds orfu:ii. -emo insects, uy wour. :!
iS tho cn-k layer, may iaerera-3 the
t,r.,3 sr.pne fertilizers r.-ny the eea.vtli of Ceuuecticut
hjtation Report.
Kolativo Vilao of D:iirr Cows.
In tests ia
with ten 1 reeds i f c vvs
by Profe-"r Prrovn, f ihoC)a;ari. C.ou,
,.,0.... ; (.,y.cZ t0 a.een.y.n ti.e
value of i. ...iik, crc. tin, butter or t hetec ,
j made by;. rha followinj; conclusions !
,wr drawn fi'om results obtaiiied: Tbe
.7. :.; 1 j f-.r r.l.f r I a -4 p. prc1nccrf cr-iin
or of !.i:i:er, wi. h the A 1 ; Llro ?,'..'.! ' !.?:.
V. hoo t'.o A.ji..'.iro iA the bc.-t it the l::.l'
! i t ! 1 . .!! cr c'a i:;i; i.i to lo li-.aiie, r.o i
t'.o jivv-n r: ;!.!.- lioxt lor tl.e tl ec-.j
i . i '. ; r, j;u'l lim t.horLhoru t; ch- e
it .
'l i e f ,rt th.-.t tV. Cf '.v require.! fovl v-t
Ii.-ariy in j report ion to i.jr live wi-i.hL
V.otiM ei 0 M-rve jiiioihcr l iat for tie.;
Je !,.;. oi:d 1:!; Ayr-hii-e, tho li-Jicst,
v.'-i hi., jet t!.- most pro-ha t i ve, tie.; 01. y
in i .' t 1 1" i.::!!: ainl aiooiiut of cl.i-c: o
!;..". !; tij.Tfl'rom, tie; lie. r ill UluObUl ol
cre.on it:id value of bulier.
In tin) Yincratl.
A notcl vir.eyar.'.i: t ts bis vine's GxS
f. jjh.l a:; th- y ; ;r..-.v thin; t Ivi-;, lise.s
ci:i 1 f, : t'ii.a :s xelu.- ivvly, ciei ;:Aes
!: !y !.; ii cull ur.'. l-'-r :::!:' i lie
;-.' . c:e ::n;t t i r . 1 1 u. r ca rly i;; A v -;u -,t , let ;
it li..- t:.r c w-i '.; J eforn trimn.:r.; anl
tii'-n sa.v.s int. stakes liy'i i;:ches, ciulil
fe'.!, 1. n wiil-h 1:,; iii n dr in ? house one
e ;r. 'I he ' t-ain.-i are di; ied ia co:d tar
...lore nutlimr.
V.'hfii to ft! t I'n-tdor C...rn.
.i.i 0;:! ; .y :: 1 '.' ie ; 'e;- f. .r Kf.n
:. , ; .; 1 . .:y: f..r s- .' o- , ' i.-s
: . ! o -:;t i..o !' r c ;!! I' o .- ;.u.
V. !.'. I !: nr.:
.1 1,
-. ;:. .7., ii:.;!-?
I,. I '.. ''. .'. .- ( .
! . .'..;.!..: ; ' .,!;. i;.
i 1 . :; l ( ; : i :: ''! i'-; .e
: to ;, ; : ;ir:- ;.s
! i -. liee re -iili!;;;. 1 of 1 i -
.1 11 Co: . 1 r.:t :v:.d aiuo
; ... e:.. ;: d..:.lh tt ia. fct.-;.
I ..e.'l
Tr.oe.'w, eu l iViuIcri,
j'he 1" .i'-iwl:: ih eri;.; h v;! ' illas
t ! .' .1 e, of l.-li .ci'.i J e- lave tr.11!:: s i:;i
; '::! i ; : : : ; ; y .:i 'ii.e J ri.irie 1 'ar::: v.
'j .. ie: ie' i :. ;.- ::.,! i : iu l-'i;;. I, ).i:L
1. o;..-l.i i.; I..V c.j.-.ii ;;s t iic troi.'U id
- V.-S, 1;
it:. 1 Fl
'T.'.k." !i'e t.o;
i jo ; v.'i;;-.i :xl live or
i 'I
fix .. (V; p; i:: -ie:i ii rn.der the ferce,
p". .j-. c; .: : i wo ;h;-i i e.e" '. ; tile si. ie
(.' le v; v; r !. C.,t a I,;-; id. or
two i;o:.r.:s f ; !o .! ; .V, et :--". by (.'. o-,
nhotd. ; '.;:.: iii-.-h: . v. h: 1 .".nd two in(:l.iS t :;iii (he iu i-e' I tie: tioii;;k. Ft r
! a !:.'.r: tn.ii-'
t iou iiii be two inches
: toko:. ; ; v., i
-.-i: l.;a-d, 1o,:rh
e : ; I.y two thick
ie.- ti. . - ) v iiod, ;md
i. i', f. about ( !'-
.';.'. I oil both ti t'-e
r. i at t :.d near
V. cod. lv. .:.!'
U'e ! 1 ' ' ' :' Wi : . .
two P , :.,.; Pi C:
i ' . ; - . i : . ii
........ .
c. . ' i
:... i-iie-; tiie ii;:.ik.l p::rts j'.-o-;
re ; t c.'o inch ia-! tln.ti;rh cat li
i..- .e uk -:-.-s i.oia v.: : irrou::
1'eec ive i.e io::-. -i '.. : .-; I'.-cmi'.-ii'il, and
wiA'i a -1 i ei r (he 1 .art! lotjwins
ou. V. k; u th'.-. b";r. .1 lu '.uw., Xl:o
Imv.w part of ii is Ja t'.c trough., k; li e
irJ-.kilo r::-l uy. : y; -of t!:e widt: board
1 i .' a : of ia: i; hoi'.', blore a f::uidav
la ie i ' en! y indies l'yo:n o-it; cad of a lie.r-
rev. i.-crd or - l livo feet long. Taeleu
th:s i - the wid j heard by pri ti:-: a h'-
;': ti:o two ia.l.s i,a. nt d. f-o tli.i
l.:-."i . :.r lever can t"r;i to oa-.j side ov
u.-i . :- i.o.i. a-.i i ; . t.i. v. i:t;i la.urnci
swi;: i ': tree:'.': i. iur; the upr;. r end
cf t .e lev-.r to ore.; si ie a. lit',!:; and then.
pull it fro? i 1 Pc- j' :aa?, "which swinas
teevioe l,aa- l 'awar.'. Turn leel. v. r
ire:. ;:. r;ai nv. ies u. i::a wn.e uaav.i.
iiia.i tr.o lower ;2.t c:t-.c..;c.i o:i tiio i:ppey
:::-P f dee of the ir:;a-;h. 'i'iaj prevents
tie- p"i lroisx g; tiiiu; iutt tho troLiepi. uiv
til ike Iced is ready for tac-nu
y- j
-iToUi::: i-'ou Tf.oi:c:?.
For Ti :. S arraay the wide board as
bra", .re. c:c-ert that ii: sko-p,- p0 tv.-. it
fhr."c i'lck.os n.vrrowcr than the tr. ua-i.
a-al rl'e-vdd be hiagvl to Die pi a:t down
c'ose. 1o t':r t"0'l -!a (In f':. a,l . f i.
'.. T-eiar-1! f i - -n o m J "i ; a -r., . - -.o-
th''," Ian; .-T a roicked' bl)ard,'' nrj
sl-a'.vn. Scv io' "It-', ; rrc tnpv:i i-.n
of,is t,r tho feuce. to hohl the f,
,ler rai while the Lo-s are mSi .
lct ta.w:i it keeps them oui. "
Iotots; I"'ar;nev9 ;n.-;i-.t to KnoT.
he sacivi iirv of tko ?cv .Tor.- ev ITcrti-
ail tliaease.
A heaaPaa- rctan market rrariitaer
rr.r.ics tk-j Clipper. ?.rcT.ea:rs Advancav.
Amcriee i Wom:-.r -uul (.kamp-imi of ilt--
l.r.v.l r. ; the f-mr bec-u ar.-l soiu-st, vr.riuties
of wrinkled r.e"s. (' 'a.eotU tw. 1
of peas. Cf -n.ootli peas
! linns :.P:ud G. ike best early serr.
The Sreaih'.rn Idanter, of rtichmond.
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prapes. Ti.e I kaeid i ;iriaci-"is convinc ed
tluu a yellow va.-p U lac i:c-::t that iivj--
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ma! a peacu.
The b'udciir.s issued by tbo JT.-if-racim-
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io ... i:ei-' tt ta;OL.u id a.l . oo.i V Si, e-
fitieutly iiuerestt d to raahe '.viiitca r.ppli- I
caiion for the rutue ta Profev- C. A. j
Gocisr.iat:, circctor, Arul-.t-rs-t. JiacS.
At the rcceut mertirjref the Nr.ficnnl !
As?eci;u:cu t'j. j.eitc-jevs ul .irajti ; ure r-ia ;
Horticulture, at, Ills., Dr.!
Tov.risei'.d, of the Ohio tudveriity, vas
elected president cud Trofessor Ltizenl
secretary for tLa easains year.
riorida clairu3 to Lnvo exf ersive phes- !
riir.te beds, equttlicj these of South j
ban. !
Quito a revolutioa is promised in the ;
Texas c;;ttl3 trade, cwiue to tue :
tc-ttlin- up cf tl.e Iatlian territory end the :
country west of it clOE&J-J U tho cattle i
11. 1 1 i. 1 1 in. I. HMMtllHI HHIMI1MIIIM1I
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Dp. liniii.'-.' GoM'.il
j.-;r! fi ft .
It ca'i be ''iven in .1 cuj of coffo? or
lea v. i 1 ho lit tile know h ( ! e of t ho pel son
lakiirj; it; i' i.bsolutely l.arMhfS ami will
i il'ei t r icnnaiieiit n:.d sj.cedj cure,
wliether iho J.atiel.'t i u :iod'iata driiil.-
r or an alcoholie wreck. Thousands; oi
. ' i iinlv is have been made ten'pi rate
iik u who have' t d.e:i (io'.d. n Sji'-cilic in
t In ir ( o!T. e w ithout their kuov, h doc, and
to-day believe, they ouit drink in of tin. ir
own free will. IT-N'KVbdt FAILS. The
syst. in !(; ii.ij .rejrnaicd with the Speci
fic it becomes nn utter impossibility for
the liouor api'ctite to i-t. Kor full
particulars, Mi.'.res:- (.JOI.DLN SiTXTITC
VAJ., l? lbiee sc., Cin ii.nati, (). C-j 1 y
let til .f Clod of i.lli" I Mil on. You thill'.
it i a li:.'.'. '.'e:-..;. "hit il !o..y M.11 I;.;.,
e-.t 1 : 1 i . . Ch' iiiio j . i : t ' n : ; . . 1 1 . 1 . ir (..::-lui-ption.
Cat .uili i i f 1 o-ie-.'-i i
i 00; . mi ( 1 e,i -1. in. ion :- d'alh ;t ; If
Th" b. ea'.i.iii .'. -o. : :. In , n.u -t ! K ; j .
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and i'f. 1,-ivr nr.t'ir. Otia j v. :.;. tli'-i--is
tloiib!'. ah; o.l.
Ail the di ; .-.-s of til-.- pails, !,. ad.
lice', throat, iaom hial Ii be-: u;i:l lunes
cm be .! li d
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f'i'!y ;.nd ci it i": ly ( ne d
I io-.' hee's I : :ti li Svillp.
If you .inii'i know this a!:'e:;dy, thou
-ami- and liioll-elei-- c f p' opi 'i'.-.n tell
on. Tii.-y have. I..- n el;r( d by it, ran!
l-liow law is. t ii'-i i V( -. " llotii
niiy ?" li e-. Ash any .! a o --t, I
- -
Kay: Ii -ai Spavki bo. a! :ia.,ov a i i
hud. S o!, or (';,,..... .! Paa ;o ::.
-! ad- ii' from h a - a. J':. .a o a . il
:;: ' ' !.! ri ( .a.,rj;... . tc.
v- I a -e of I .' i i . '.':;!
iao - ; I ;', ' ! 'e Co. di u -: . i ho !
k i.
.nuipc:'-, iai: ii, .a-:i,
r.j-,-, tj
'an supplv every demm-d of th'.' trade
Call and get terms. luith street
in Jvvar if Ojn ia J louse.
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Wagon, Buggy, KacMne and Fl.-tr.
pairing, and general jelling
as now prepared to cto k'.uds or rop v.T -offarm
andother re.acliiuoiy, i.j t).. ro
Is a good lathe iu ray si; or.
PETE Ii R A Cake?.
Tli3 old Reliable Waon
has taken cnaipro ol ttit- --at.:-. -a----He
is well known a
C. I W ):;-.?; - ' .
V n ; -. k " ' ' t-- -
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I f yon ai t- aaartr.l ; li r!i"::M-.i:a.i.r"i:i-;l-i.-:
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. of li.,- ;it-r. !ii..:,"ys,' la-:..!: - ia' .'1--il-:
!''!. sw.ail.'a i,r '.-..:!:: a;i!.b -:, or -v.a. Mia: j"im- , .-. r.
V la'.i'ii: ilia! i'.'.t aaii it pait of M:..-'oi.' loo'
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.aa'-ae-! ie t.iri-f lo t!i' .p;it of Tjif i;' io.Ma
I'.r !au: 1.:.'-;-, w ;.:,-iK-yn of :!ic siiiac, tallin-i
of l lit vvoiiih. li-;:".'. l -!ir.a .lo 'iolaa; nait jo:i
:p.l a'aa-rai i'.. ol'tli. '"ii.!i. i'n.-aaairnl licnior
r'n,!' i.r tlii'iilii jr. j a i : ; 1 1 , sa;:;-r.'.-si-(! ;::.d ir
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A.'iit J ;io-.."ii.
l'rifi' i'f Si; ;.)iirffr i! '...:,co Font l!at
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;r:fe. ii 'lot fi.ti;..! mU i-f.i'-a-.ry (.vf-i .a:';
i I a on I lis 1 ! iei I iiay ii:i ii- I -. rial :'('. e.!:i! i.K.a -cy
Vfl'iiiip.,I. I ii oi .leriiaa', sen lai'ii-urcol wi.io1
ivi'l si.e i'f sii'-c-.
Tin y a;v -.v-irn ovor t)v uiuU'r?!ot!i!iiir. Tlic
.ni-! ! licir ).":;.; fi-rtjcf,:
Sena f-t:s':l;i for Jin; ".'nv f-n;! r t "V-e in Mnj.
aau 'i'riaii : r M.-iiii-in-." li tlm:;
- iai!s of ii'ion'.i-.iai -.. fi.'u-.l lor caiawis.
v'rioi us fail :.:ii:'i-ai;1;s if-a:iis v..-r.r
fltPb'-' i il-U- it il-f'l-t.
lltj .ll.Ul.U. 1 i .t t. ni." .11 f i V,?
41-ly f! I Iti-jrli-trn i-i.. ill.
K SOf- t ' iat'.-. r!lt ti" : on
H i'l S i l':i I --a I; . v.-. ! w,
' ii li (--, vi;! sea t v.i-i fl--- H-.ii.p-
i-ij S S fi !i ' ? t !.::.- of (Jariit vaaiu nral
l-i o o 1 ii. !! : o van. t i;--:T
w I 1 .11 yo;i ia l.-V.-in-..
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:.;:!:. i:e- ai-e in tla--
llJi.t v ; V
! ' ' " i-:t i::j t.a-i-
s.-v - j-.J! ..-
M V.'.fl.t.a.' ! i'W.
vi-y r .-a:; va.a,.r. w-t. ,v.a
-' - V- :-:t : '-tti-ir-M ';nt ;.t....i(.i -
o,, "a'-sT i-:r
t o.. v a-e -ia. Mniata a.;!y
t rtl ,
1 r,W W (fa WW T F h !T T ? G H
'ib'iiliaji, ui'.i JilC'j. .Ve .iwihiv,'ik
.v.- ; io i'-rai-!: a'! chi
!'.-.!!. t vii,.:.. of 1 '
-.vith i-ii.'i.yia.i.-tia..'.
or tor ii.t-ii
, :i ;;::,!::. li 01. -s nt-.v. ti.-i.l aa:I jinif
.!.; .' - a-s it:' cit'.'T cx .':,s',! y f.l'i: frn.'i;
I ..-eat- -...') i-viiiae;. roal a mpi'i tioa-
: -';:.i i.v o".'.i"ii: ai! liirir tian- Ui thf ln;?i-:--'.
1: i . v a;ai i'r's i"i;'n M-ea'.- us n-m-h
" i'. o : li -i- - tha-i .,',rv si tl.j ,, U
i ; . . o ..... ; ,;,. U., i,";. v: i;aiv- t...
!. -'" .;: :- r.r-- w-ii s-trr-.i v.-.- u .t
1 01 .- iPi.:-;r I I-:: v t i ! rr e.aae cf rrit-
1 ; - I'll a :t ieli ! I' 4 :i n -I i: 11 ' : 1 .... A . r..-
j '. ZjUkh: bti:303 &. Co., I'oix'.aiiJ, Maine.
1 ' C. r.'.ej.-a. .w-rrr..
: : . : ' - . - -4
, r 1 -s - - 0 . -' .
for ilnfantc? pnd ChiEdrcn.
ti.w it-va i-r.-i uriwrfli am win itir wnnii nnTTf
'Cii.iciiairrr.-f IJiiStpfr'tl tochiMrm that J
ir. Cv.:;ir.:t ..a it i5 m.peri-r t. ;.:.y j.;-,ci !Ut,u
av.ri i;.c.-' Ii. A. A-;:u, II. D., !
111 Oiii-rJ ti., Lr.ttUjn, N. Y.
Down With High Prices 1
Cold Direct to Consumers.
The "LIHIo D.tctllvo, $3.00
l. 1. rotta! j iven roBtuiro In CE1"X
V. c't'as fiu::i ' oz. to 2011.Sk.
PA1IILY SCALES, 210 lfcs.f S3.'
- .-..VI II! UVUWOl ll IU V
1-arrm-i-..' ForiV.
I'orm; and or '1'ooU, ipa,1;.
loirm- ri c:::i ilo . 1.1 1 ,!,.., s'tvliik' tlial
V-. 7 ili. I iiiUIH.l . All . I I - A.. .
flfLi ' VCO?v' S-GALCS.
J., .:'!.v i.m:uii".icli!ri-i-' In Ami-rtcn
rrr T -':'i'1' '."''.:' ': ia, i.'i... i..-t i. f tusUoa
-12 r--r i s'''-'1 ! 'o.uia .,f a.l Scales:
;"",!',;. A'O' 2-Ton (S I 2.
i t'v- , ' Vfl 3-Tcn 7 t 3, S3.
ILjt'" S I. 4-TCn 14) EGO-
" Iv i " - r'"1'n r x li-i -h i:..tim wild
P.'r J'..:'"-::- .!'-.:' o. 1, : .. i-!. !!.. Alo
o . -W -.'. Wi ii. .vi-,v s. o.,r:i Sh.-ll--yr-.'-':-
I. - "-' H'.-i! Mi:!.-. ' !v I'- M:i.
-- !)
' I. -. Wri:!ei;rs ui..l
. at -j ; ,ii i-e.lLici.
er-e. i. v.-.-ii ur. iaj !!.-!., evj.
. p rij-.:2 &':. to sip.
l.. A li. i.o' V; V:;r!,l!i,., jur
.'' 'V i" a-'.. 'I. ai ir.a.....i
... v I '-I i .' .o it.; : ;.;.o t j i;. 1 ;:!.
j-!.:;, 'loiei;
I ' ' i o:' : i-i-1
il Im-
i.-. .. 1 i : f ,: i; aia.i y.
:.".r C i' o il: i cm.
1 -.I"
X: A.e -'V . a,. '-').! V
l a. ,.. , (t,
l- Vi1" CtSJi-i.i:at.r;:,i,- i
& $ r? .c n
KJ n vl ti
Kv i a-; ;-. aa--a--. .re-:-
.- .... ,.
f? :-. :-iy v e:e -JtiLiJ
';;;:: -v ; ; ; ; ' :-.ei h! :m a
: I. .!.---., ...ilJif.-s' ki4'B f
-aVaye::: .-' VJi-'iii-ii! f.-A.i
did! .: - r.-.. i:.ii:: wi:; i V
Fac-t-.i,l? f Pntnr.i riic -a! an Ctieokorboard. tiX
Vcrtisitiv f.n c-.-!.-:.rat";1 t'iiviat UJock Uoim.'dl.'S
Bna ii K!;tV.IHI p r.t.oOO. Jf y.iu fail f
tin.! U .n tlii" SiL.aH I. ti. ,! r .ill on your driiKuixt f"
juu-i-iz... j i:!T!'e-..::!i-.'y I .a r.oi'n. ,U(X1 liOilTO, t
oreuuu t cv'i.iii ior i.t.- uic t j u-.
Trr an Mason I-on;,-, tho Onvcrtea (iambic
Four Way sr.. Inr!.. AjirP. 5. ivi. I ham (riven th
Fynviui r.u.'uli jil..'. k :t t.inr-.:ii ij trial. 'i'hi'V ciire.I
ny li.t.c fi,"! uJ en-,' oiai i.r t'n.iip. Mf wife an.l
tii'.th-r-i)i-l a v.tTi. trnublc l wan oou alls of L.til;
taii.iin'. on- pui-l-.nca .f th lilocks hits curci
tliciii tbey can tiilii "ui ecl soim;n do."
JUso.V LU21C2.
JiTM.. O...T:in. 'S, 1 '.'hi. Svnvita Worm Eloclsa
0Ct"d liko ;i rlmri-.i i.i i;jcn.J ar.if worms from my IiU
tic Tiie clniii is now well uad buarty, lootea'l
or puny miii tickiy a bc-fore.
Jon:, O. Itij;iinstjo; -!
bL-.'e;.i;i.).:i E.'o.wiCi
Tho Great Iiarrliaai Pjsentcrj- CliOrJicr.
T)i:li'T".'S, O., .T r.; 7:h, TI. Our si.x-montlis o
child t.a.I a st'ferf Rttrcl: of Summer Complaint.
J'liysif in roiiM fl.i iio'litr.ef. in despair wo trieit
ynvii;. i!:tc-k ..crry iiaii-k rei.oniinon'loit by
frienu and 11 l'. w liosi-.s offurtod a complete euro.
Accept or.r lijji-tfilt. irrlorwi'iio-nt of your I!htck
berry likicka. Ha. a.d iiiuj. J. -y-i .-
Tl.e Pynvita l; Roinclips aro
The neat --t tttijiii out, . Jar.
Plii.-nt, t'he.'ij), C'on veni.. -r;t. Sur
liriiniy, Reliable, iiarmies und ihira.
Kn box; no tenspoor, or f tirky bottlo. Iat HT 1
pan ;it .ii(kyi s. it. iliatij Cents. War
raritea to cure or m..nev n inrei.-'i. Ask youxtiruy
gist. If juj fail to put thi iu ionU prico to
THE SYMYITA CO., Dolphos, Ohio,
ZZrClUSChZUjillOIiD VimE uitj ouch UltDEO,
-VJ la'
i J
y - .-. ,'
.' a i, rj'C. J-'. Z.;
' j". - J x-. .--i' !( ' 7 f.-.
: V -' i. J-.- - ii i vi
m "i r " r
t -r i- -.' u
3.;.e.aro -.1-,
t .- i-i ...c ' -j..o -. !....- ii iiv-t:!
H t lo-i of ti.e ;i;.irtij, 1.. ot'.l j,.
'tr o.""e : : o. , i . t' 1. 1 i l..
.e.- ti iiu'Li i-i'.'i-i-. -" '' -arm. I".i!
t Wm of i -e ij et rt, ol'l i'et, 1
A o 'n ': n .- ., ! ".-rr..: I? i"t-rilfc" '
cJJti.T-"ie o " ' oioc i, ;;".a fi JUIvorci ft'n
' ' ' j1 v.; ;i, : ifiu oi" the xiiCfcliVO
- ' J it. c-iU"-: in t'-c hon-.n sysiea ia
ai-" Hr V t. U C U S .
k r ! r. .x.-'ti'.--n.-.mnch to pcrfs?t
1 j . .1 -'' -a i. i:i n.'.'it 5 a;:-J
5vf C- -I c-i.-.- i : a-i v-.a-r t 0 ev.n-- le t;.teic. t:. o
sii-r't-C r. a .T..t :a-a- i. t;c ftc-ps. an I
-e.-r "Le ' 'a-y:i: c :a .. ;aTipr firra.iii tv
" v at , ce ei a s ' '. :.t:i- :al ofle.-ts.
r-r. -.."-.e r-t ii i a..i r Jie: oimth'9
vt : f;.-!..i ti-. -!.'.::: : I'.;.k-,i iUii
Ci-.t- - l '. , ,.., ......... ,-. . .. n . I .- i"
Z-- lCL !:-.'a; ' i:YiV are crustily j
Fupr-r,. r. -a'i'r-.. : -if r i-a.-.''a'..i!e. s.".- .
:. I , "i - e . i - r ;:..; 1.,. 1
r.iii !a -,o: .- a.- ..I it- .! ...ear I'uli tiic per '
l-o-c: f. vi? :'. i . - r t- a.-J - a' et t. t
r: .-:'..:.: . y , :.-:.r ' ' 1
- '4 ' z , ,.''. " - f T.-- '' . (
Cattri cirrn fVH. forsj'pnft.-t,
H"'ir Nro-ni"!i, 1 i.-trrn-i-a, J riu t .) .
LjlL i.T.V; !i- L':VcJ ,ilct'i, uui ,t'01'
'VritL.auD tnjurloua moOIcatloa. - .ea Co, X Pulton StwTT, Y
s-.rrtority of Corallno crCCr bCi.J
or -v7liilobono has now toon demjf
B onctrutcd by over six years expeni
ionce. 16 li moro durablo, morg
pueblo, moro comfo. ' id iVCir
Tho in-monao Ealo c ; CorOCia I?
now over-7000 dally.
Efiwaro of worthies: aOU3 IXSMjJ
witb. various klnda ot
Nono aro tronutno v "'Dr. Wan
tier's Coralino"i3i ua ttu.li1
ttio Gtecl cover. i
r03 BALE BY ALL L2Z. '
lEtaU Street,
rxf rm.rrn ran
I t
Q Gil ui C - .:;'' ' j. L a..ii '. tvllClT
;:. ,t ea1: ; of
i c i lc;n i r-cTTCst:c Gccds.
(.'oiisiat Yo :r J i.i i j i si. ! e, (,iii Kan C1
fj W3 sV- ' "' -. whim r-Ji
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r li"- 'i - l-.'.v nr pj-
hJ r-a; ji-.T3f ? ja B i'. hi-!. Skiji !'!Uo'.j
i-'I SUIae I'-:'-..? gVn:. ;in -f
..I ,J .1 ..-.!. ipa. rf.-0 . Kfj.)
' '.'. pri-. o.nei.nlV. A....I.5
BrgERisa;: fv,a. ro..i7 !;..-i,i v.i.;!: jiu. fu-.ui, S
' v. a i.-.ii r.ttt. - r
H 1 A
naq r.Mn'nnd a r'.".n-lar l cf csccllccco yhlch
udmits ';f no pia rior.
Itoont- irn i-v ry i.nj.-rorcmf nt thatlaventl'ao
Ti'ic?? f:-c?. at ":.a:.-. r.r; ti-...;.rito'i for vol.
raae. ' '. r ;;..-, variety of coto
j cor..-:r ae.e.-e.. : . a-:a a ;:ai:.( rt attractive. onuy
I iae:a:l :: : ' a ..: for Lciiuca. etliOCujL
CuUlC-i&, t.tic;iVe, tts.
i.a.rAei.ra:--T-:r r.r.prTA.TJ03.
e;::;t xatiszujlx,
C01T2rjrr.D, itA2L3 TXTT3
rJ Piano Steels.
CatiJor-ncs cead Trloo Us L, Cn trrplloatloa, ITBU
G.oCx'jG HjtiiXz. C..3A"! C3
Vt ipv''V..'t f; r.yr
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S&i?A 2&-r-'&Z li.rJlu'.Stn
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. ' ; ; : I "WAS-
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KSCa-TIi. V' -. 'l THAH3