Plattsmouth weekly herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1882-1892, September 29, 1887, Page 2, Image 2

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&f(c fthiUsmouth UJeehin IjcrxUl
Publishers & Proprietors.
la published every 'I'll u rsil;iv moriiliiK. Office,
i orner of Vine and filth street.
WKKKLY, by mall,
One copy oun year no
Oiio copy o:ie year (In advance) 1 50
On! copy 1 x mom " 75
lCtwlHteruil at thi I'oit Officn, PlattHmouth, at
second class m:ttlT.
Call for the Mooting at Lincoln in
The Kcbulilif an electors of the state Jot Ne
braska are requested to send delegates from
the m vi'irtl counties, to meet in convention at
the opt-ra house. In the city'of Lincoln, Wed-
m-aday, October 5, 1H7, at m o'clock p. m., for
the pin pone of placing in nomination candi
date!) tor one associate justice of the supreme
court, and for two members of the board of
lcKenU of the ulalc university, and to transact
Bueh other business as may be (resented to the
con volition,
The Heveral counties are entitled to repre
sentation as follows, being based upon the
vote cact for Hon. John M. Thayer, governer.
lu lHMi, (jiving one delegate to each new
county, one uclegate-at-law to each county.
and one for each 150 voles anil the major frac
tion thereof :
Adams l.'t .letl'erson :)
.letl'erson .... ,
Johnson ,
Kevii Paha...
K mix
M il'hcreon ...
Nuckolls ... .
Uichardnon.. ,
Kcd Willow...
Sioux ,
Sauinlei s
Seward ,
Washington .
Antelope 8
Arthur 1
Itooue 7
J'.rown a
Buffalo 11
JUitler w
Hurt k
Chase 3
Cas . .. is
- Cedar ;?
Cheyenne f
cheiry h
Clay 11
Colfax , ;
('inning 7
Custer Ui
Dakota 4
Jiawes " i;
Imxoii t
Jodj;e lo :w
I law sou 5
Jiuiidv .'!
Filinore In
Kuril am 7
Franklin n
Frontier r
ia'-re so
Cosper :i 1
Cre-'ley :t
iarlield l
JIall it
II aria ii 7
II ay en :
Hitchcock fi
Holt. i
Howard 0
I'liorgauized Ter'y 1
It Is recommended that, no proxies be admit
ted to the conventii n except such as are held
by persons residing in the counties from which
proxies are given.
Wai.tkr M., Secretary.
(iEORi'.E W. Bi'htov. Chairman.
The result of the election of delegates
to the county convention last Saturday
is very satisfactory to the republicans of
this city and county. The fact that they
are not just tne delegates that our
democ ratic friends, and their sympathisers
desired, is nothing against them. They
will nominate the winning ticket next
The railroads have had a squabble
over the G. A. lis. The C. Ii. & Q.
thought they had a sure thing in trans
porting the department commander and
liis staff from lcs Moines to St. Louis,
but the Wabash "scooped" them and
carried off the honors and the profits.
Mr. Cleveland also had a little brush
witn them, and now it is said, that since
so many thousands of them have joined
in the gathering, the democrats are get
ting alarmed us they feel in the depths
of their hearts that the T masses of these
brave and loyal men are'sureto vote and
work for the republican ticket.
Accidknts on the C. II. & Q. system
of railroads, are becoming so frequent as
to be a cause for alarm to the traveling
public; and espec ially to the engineers
and firemen, who are the most exposed.
The trouble with that S3'stcm, seems to
be that they are trying to do too much
business for the amount of their track.
They should be compelled by law to put
down a double track on all their lines in
Iowa and Nebraska; this would not only
save many valuable lives, but, give a
sense of security to all who travel, and
would distribute some of their enormous
profits among the laboring classes; and
in the end, would benefit the road. For
every accident injures them, both in the
loss of money and in their reputation.
That which troubles the democratic
mind just now as they try to look into
the future is the laboymrty. They know
that that portion of the laboring classes
that belong to the democratic partv will
naturally leave them and joiu the labor
party. For whosoever takes the pains to
watch the tide of public sentiment can
not but see that it is the laboring people
in the democratic party that are dissatis
fied and are looking for new quarters
almost any place to get away from the
party they have helped so long but which
has so badly deceived them. But the
republicans have nothing to fear from
the new party for the reason that while
there are many more laboring men in the
republican than there are in the
democratic party, yet almost every re
publican laboring roan is well pleased
with the company he is in and with the
principals of his party, hence, he is con
tented and happy where he is. Of course
it would be better if the dissatisfied
cmocrals would como oyer nt once to
their real friends, the republicans, rather
than to come only half way, but then
considering the training they have had
they do well to come half way and then
the result will be the 6!inie, the triumph
ant success of the republicunTparty.
The financial condition of the country
has greatly changed in the last few days.
September is generally a hard irVmth
on those who deal extensively on the
credit system and the millionarcs, bankers
and great money sharks of the cast are
always ready to take advantage of every
ci-cums-tancc to make money dear and
labor and produce low. Somehow they
thought they had Secretary Fairch'dd
with them and by taking advantage of
the common clamor for the reduction of
1 he large surplus in the treasury thought
they could make money very dear and
and perhaps bring on a panic, but Presi
dent Cleveland knowing that the dem
ocrats had had plenty oftiincto regulate
the tariff and to reduce the surplus in
the treasury and had not moved a step
or lifted a finger in a pract'cal way to do
it saw that the people knew that if
money was allowed to continue to
increase in the treasury and a panic hap
pen he and the democ ratic cong ress would
have all the blame to bear. Hence he
wisely took advantage of Mr. Fairchi'd's
absence and ordered the purchase of
enough bonds to avert the crisis. Some
now laud him for having done this. AVe
are glad he did it but cannot see why
special credit should vbe given h:m for
doing what he was compelled to do to
pa ye his party from ruin, that is f they
..111 1 . r ... ...
couui no savcu. t course it will go
to ruin any way, but the business of the
country is now safe. The people will
generally prosper. The republican party
wi'l soon come into power and w"!l reg
ulate the tari if so as to help the nir.sses
but will not giye the democrats free
whiskey and tobacco which is what
most of them mean when they clamor
against the present tarT.
he. conv'ction and sentence to impris
onment of V;iiam O'l; ;cn under the
Jaw ca'.led the coercion act h;is mpde a
hero of h"m. He was charged w'fh hav
ig used seditious Lu .ntage :i a public
add -ess, but he claned that he on'y ad
vised the poor people of MSfchellstown
to manage to postpone settlemc wth
the": landlord until s.ich time as the law
would p occt them.
i. secirs that there snot m cr. stence
any coricct report of h's speech, and
'-lift he was eonv'cted on the tesr'uony
of w uesscs hard y compe ent to jud"e
u! -e reai cna-acter or v s s.teec'i. It ?s
ce"tp;:i !iat from an J W.i stand, oint he
:s a 'rue 2)ariot, a friend to the jvoole, a
1.1.1 1 .1 11 1 .1
.. uu uuiwi, as eu as eloquent
ta.Ker, and not an enemy to law. He is
:n no serse an anarchist or disorderly
person, aud yet there is but little doubt
but that he ovci stepped the bounds of
p.opnety and :i some sense lola'ed the
law, in li s appeal to the people to do
that which he no doubt thought wes to
their best interest.
Yet the court that found l'm gilly
is not to lie condemned as it no doubt
decided according to the law and testi
mony. Hut his conv"ct;on and imprson
ment will no doubt result ;n the opposite
of what Irs prosecutors i iiended. In
stead of d'sn-ranir n:Kl li u m M i at." no-
" -J.,
h?jr. it w"l make him a hero amomg the
Irish patriots, create a sympathy for
lrm in all countries where f ec speech is
i.wusiu;ti:i.i a uuou, auu w 1 1 result :n
giving increased force to the popi'la
m;ui iiii-ui nun, ueiniinas reuet lor poor,
". A. X 1 A. "1 I I " M
suffer ng Ireland.
Tiie hanging of the seven anarchists
on the 11 th of November next w'fl mark
an 7mpo;t;ant era "l the Ifstory of
?n or- country. It cannot be expected
but that the immediate friends and asso
ciates of the condemned men wiV de
nounce the law and the state that makes
it as well as the court that jndges it and
the officers who execute it. But that
there w'U be auy great upiisvig of public
scut iueni in ineir iavor we are not pre
pared to bel:eve. Of cour.e they will
have the sympathy of all those who Ih'jk
T x. i l r
with them. Of that la-ge class of athc
"ts and infidels who w"sh to do away
w' h the divine order "In the sweat of
thy face shalt thou eat bread," and who,
to accomplish that "uiposribie tlfng.
st;nd ready to trpnsrrs the command
"1 Iioh sha't not ki'" pro- ided that the
k;l':ng sbVl all be on the side of those
i hey would destroy. But they show the:r
?:n ousisiency and the?- cowp-d:ce, when
n 7 er hav -ig taught rebe"":on ag.- ?st law
and pter having appealed to the worst
pas-;ops of the'r ignorant fo'lowei s and
p o' ied Miem to e:d "n the de Suction of
hum? n ee they rrM ag; "-t the sta'ethat
re'.a':atrs and punches by tal "ng ' n eye
for ?n eye, a tooth for a tooMi jnd !:fe
for !rfe," but the s'e n crforr-emeut of
ihelaww:1 no doubt teach tliem the
foo'lmee of the'r attemps to over-turn
it and the'- whole?ome fr;- of it will
keep them qu'et. and the condemned cul-
p s s be executed the same as o. her
nals. Xoth'ng less !ipi their exe
cution w:1! sat;fy the great masses of the
law abiding people of or.- courat-y, and
of foreign countries. Not thatthe blond
of these men is wanted, nor auy resent-
incnt or a feeling of a desire for revenge
exists in their hearts or minds, but Im
causo in their execution they feel asecur
ity in their right to life and property
which wou'.d surely be jeopardized if
these criminals were allowed to go un
Onk of the most pleasant candidates
for uominai.ion for a county office at the
hands of the coming republican conven
tion is that of J. C. Eikenbary for sheriff
Mr. Eikenbary has held this office for
two terms and hav'ng been thoroughly
tried, has been proven a most satisfactory
official. The precedent of a third term
for sheriff having already been establish
ed in this county, the Hi-.kali thinks no
reasonable unprejudiced man could urge
any valid objection to Mr. Eikenbary be
aommg his own successor. Living at
the county seat and being familiar with
every department of his work, which in
some instances is difficult to pel form
prooerly, and a failure to perform prop
erly entails a great deal of delay and ex
pense to anxious litigants, makes it
more essential that the sheriff's office
should be filled by pnr.ies qualified for
the position.
They Must be Exterminated.
i nerc is no more occasion tor pu-i'ic
sensation over the hang'ng of the seven
murderers. The American people should
not a''ow the little gang of awclr'st
to create any excitement over the hang
ingofthe seven Chicago murderers.
Tiiey are murderers: they been
: : ied for the;r crime; they have been
tried fairly and convicted, and it is on'.y
."ght that tiiey should be executed
They demand justice aud spurn mercy
tiiey cry for blood.
Wny, then, shouid they object to fu
nisli some of it themselves?
That is justice to them. TVs justice,
too, is forced upon them by the obstre
perous and ?"nsuU:ug lebcllion of nuarch
ists c :m'nals ;n the various large ciMes
who are abusing the libe: y of tii:s
country. work of'nation must be
"n tno seven Uh'casro anarcu sts
ond n.u cle'ers.
C.AT. j.v hussi-iLt. one of the best co' nty
judges ever elected in Cass county is a
cancUda'e for reele ion aDd w'l doubt
less be renominated by Mie republican
county convention a.xlthus again become
his ov. a successor. Judge russell . ;s je-
cu;,ar.v we., n.teu tor the pos-biou nc oc
cupies, having for years been Hie jus;:ce
of the peace ai "Weep ng AVater imuiedi
ately ;rcv"ous to his election as county
judge. The Judge can no only boast of
a most sue. essful Tour ye:,-s of work on
the probate bench, bat it c;n be truth fu.l-
ly sa.:a of lf:m that
i all of his decisions
which haye generally been correct no sus
picion of b!as or undue influence has been
cha-ged aga:rst h"m, a record indeed a
man m:g it well feel proud of in this day
of the ca.ele s we.' " ":ig of the judicial er
in ae.
The judge hav'og arrived at that age
(be'ng a little past s'.xty) when a matu:e
judgement :rjened by exper ience that no
younger man coif d have, fits h"ui especi
al'y for t ie ofiice of county judge.
Democratic Cheek.
1 he democrats are still talk'ng about
";ifn,-r-.nrr IT T.. C... t t
lunMiiiu int.- tuuji. ljy iciuillllllg
the tariff, we suppose they mean the
brnging of it to the basis of revenue
cm' y, of eliminating all considerations of
fa voi .ng or help'ng American interests,
of constructing a tariff upon the model
of the British revenue system. A demo
crat by the name of Samuel J. Randall
will not consent to any such programme,
for he is a protectionist. That settles the
matter. They stpnd in quaking terror
before Randall. They will soon be kiss
ing Randall's hand and begg'ng him to
kick them all he pleases.
If the revenue reformers are reformers,
what should the? care for the mcrcinay
incident of office or for politics con
ditioned upon th subversion of their
reform? The whole truth of the matter
is that they are not reformors at all.
They care more for office than for an idea
more for temporary party success than
they do for pretended principle. They
have systematica and continuously
stalt tied their a"Ieed convections of
high political duty by cowardly ber-
ga n ngs with Randal', or by ahieet
capsulations to him, and they re do'n"
the same tb'ng at the present moment
The Journal's Burden.
It is noticeable that the chief obstacle
to the business of the country is found to
oe tue accumulation of the surnlus "nthe
treasury, resulting f-oui excessive tarff
taxes a relic of the rule of the republi
can party. If the tariff taxes were re
duced to a revenue basis the cost; of livr
ing to every citizen would be reduced 25
per cent, and there would be 110 panic
threatened. Thus the evil that a uertv
does lives after it soes out of power.-
We wish to call special attention to the
following clause in the above attempted
reflection on the republican party "result
ing from excessive tariff taxes a, rebc of
the rule of the republican party." Now a
relic means something old something
that has come down from a fori oer per-
lod. Now it is history through nil the
ages that many things that were good at
one time, were bad at another. Tin
stage coach, was a great thing once; but
a pulIiiKin or palace car is now generally
preferred. The tallow candle was highly
prized once, but now, gas or electricity
is preferred.
The democrats once thought slavery a
good and a divine Miing, but now, even
they, admit freedom is letter for all.
inow tins "relic oi the rule ot the re
publican party" was a good and a neces
sary thing in its time. It was needed to
secure the money to pay the expenses of
savring the country. But now it is old,
and no more useful in its ancient form.
Every intelligent republican, knows it
ought to be in some respects, materially
modified and changed. And as soon as
they get in power again, they will re
model it, shape it up in a comely fashion
and mnkc a thing of beauty and use for
the changed condition of the country's
But, alas! the Journal may sigh over
th's "relic" until it breaks its heart, but
as long as its antiquated party remains
in power, this "relic," the ghost of seces
sion, will arise uplike an ugly nightmare,
to oppress and torment it. We S3 mpa-
thie with the Journal, for we and the
whole country, feel the need of a proper
remodeling of this "relic." But we are
glad that it is his party, and not ours
that nurses and keeps this once useful.
but now oppressive "relic".
A Failing Fight.
The democratic party in Iowa, in the
matter of temperance policy, is bail ling
aga;nst the tide th's year. The school-
house on the It " 1 -s on top :s on top of
the hiU yet. There is no reac tion of pub
)'C sent:nient. The hope of the demo
cratic party in Iowa h:s been for a reac
tion, i-roiii vearto year it has set its
sails and guided its rudder ith a view
of catching the full force of the hoped
for ebb tide of temperance sentiment.
The ebb tide h;is never come.
From the year following the amend
ment election, wb'ch was the first pifched
battle in the open field, there has been
a steady concentration and augmentation
of forces ;n support of the po'.icy nnd
experiment of prohibition in this st'tc.
Each succeed' ig election has demon
strated that t;ie social aud moral forces
whuh make for fennerance have conic
together in greater satisfaction with re-
sif's of the attempt to summarily b: iish
the saloon by .aw. And if a'.' the out
ward signs of tho political situation in
Iowa are not fallacious this popular dis
position and determination are more
positive, more powerful and more dis
Onetly preclom ueit to-clay than they
were last year, or the year before that,
or at euy previous time since the tem
perance conflict assumed acue form.
This is not so because the e has been
absolute unanimity in the republican
party on the subject of temperance leg
islation. Men have been departing from
the republican party by reason of d's-
content in tlfs regard since 13S2
"shouldering the'r axes," as Theodore
Guclich put it, "and going out in the
woods." Oilier men not so numerous
by any means as heretofore may yet go
out from the party on this account. But
wherever a republican has shouldered lfs
ax and rone out, a democrat has
shouldered his ax and come in. And
the material part of the matter is that
while the republican party has hitherto
suffered its greatest losses in this regard,
and while it has been able hitherto to
more than recoup such losses, a point
has now been reached where republican
losses will dinf nish and its gains f .om
the democracv will increase. This is the
evident situation this year.
The reactionary attitude of the demo
cratic party with reference to temper
ance adjustments evokes no symna.hetic
popular response. The people of Iowa
have their faces turned the other way-
Underlying aH extraneous liounda-ies of
party, and more powerful than any bond
of party, the great and constantly grow
ing majority of Iowa, in the fountains of
their conscience and their judgment.
have no affinity for the saloon and arc-
in i reconcilable conllict w in the ele
ments which are sfriv?ng to bring back
lie saloon. They have no compromise
to hold with the saloon.
The effort of the democratic party to
rehabilitate the saloon on the basis of
lejjitiuiacv. to olf iterate the brand of
outlaw :y which the people have put
upon it, is therefore a hopeless one thi
year; it is a foredoomed faUure. Pub
lic sent'nient not only in Iowa, but also
a-ound Iowa, is al! the other way, and
in lMKota. JNeoraSia and .Missouri .it is
now heating its brand'ng irons red hot
to burn its condemnation upon the fore
head of the saloon in those states. In
stead of the salonn being brought back
in triumph into Iowa as a legal institu
tion, it is infinitely more likely that it
will be scourged l'ke a criminal it is, out
of neighboring states in the west.
Sicnix City Journal.
A Lincoln youn"; lady named Cojle
drfx $80 in silver up ?n her father s Pic k
yard ane dav this week. The coin had
ihe appearance of beinn hniied Fome
:;me and there i? no clue to who put
the money there and prohably none is
The Coroner's jury at Doncastcr, Eng.,
in the R. R. accident in which over 'J(
were killed, lay the blame on the engin
eer and fireman.
AJuror Robbed.
The pantaloon explorer got around to
the Goose Hotel Wednesday and found
li's way to tho room of R. S. Wilkinson,
of Weeping Water, who is on the regular
panel. At noon of the same day when
Mr. Wilkinson returned to his room he
found his pants taken from the hook and
his pen-knife on tho stand and several
thiugsout of their proper places, and up
on examining lus pants found the
pocket empty. From the pockets of
the jeans had I iccn taken $1."0 in cash
Hanging behind the door in his vest was
Mr. W.'s watch but it had not been d
Judicial Topics.
(kkom Monday's pat. v. )
The past two weeks of distiict court
in this county have been attended w'lh
the trials and conviction of more hard
ened criminals than Cass county has
known for the past ten years. Contrary
to the usual practice the criminal docket
was taken ui) first, and the entire time
and energies of the court devoted to
"cleaning out the jail," as Judge Chap
man termed it. Contrary to expectation
and the usual c ourse of criminal affairs
every one of the many accused claimed
counsel and made defense, except the
e.-ping water hardware burglars, who,
at the close of the second week's work.
plead guilty. Duringthetwo weeks there
were ten protracted jury trials; in every
case the regular panel was exhausted and
more tune taken up than otherwise
would have been the case to get a iurv
The defense was abb- and persistent and
tasked Mr. Allen Becson to the utmost as
a prosecutor; but, we are informed that
ho sustained himself ably, sending eight
men 10 me penitentiary, besides convict
ing a numberof in nor o (fences.
Mr. J. ir Srode and M. A. Hai ti"an
and E. H. Tvooley, who were counsel for
the culprits in most cases proyed them
selves able criminal lawyers, and on the
whole it was an interesting ond cxcititi"
term of court.
rn,: . i n.. -i -, 1 , . ,
1 inn wee me civil ciocKct is 10 he
taken up with Judge Applcgatc, of
Tecuniseh, 1st district, on the bench,
inere oeing a nuinher ot civil cases to
try which Judge Chapman cannot hear,
owing to his connection with them prior
to his taking his seat upon the bench.
Spoken candidates for Judge: Pound's
shoes: The following clij ping from the
iNeoraska City 1 mus evidences the sen
timents of Otoe county, as gleaned by
mat paper s reporter, and we arc told
speiks the sentiment of Otoe county so
far as Judge Chapman is concerned
"The Times has interviewed the attor
neys of this city as to their
choice for the district judghip.
They are unanimoasly in favor of
Hon. Samuel M. Chapman for one of the
judges. They say he is an able lawyer
and an upright, honest judge and has
shown by his conduct during his short
term on the bench that he is well fitted
for the office. The lawyers concede the,
fact that the other judge will come from
Lancaster county and are divided as to
the one to be chosen. Allen Field will,
in all probability, be the man.
Also, the Hkuam) is informed thai
Judge Found will to-day hand to Gov
ernor Thayer his resignation as judge of
this district, which will verv materially
enliven the judicial question in Lancas"
ter count v.
The court is occupied to day Judge
Chapman presiding with a jury trying
the question of the title to College square
a block of ground supposed to be dedi
cated to educational purposes in the vill
age of Weeping Water This case has
been tried once and remanded back by
the Supreme Caurt of the state for errors
occuring in the former trial.
Judge Applcgatc is exoected on this
evening's train and will take up the trial
of civil cases to-morrow morning.
I he IlKK.u.n is informed that for dis
patch of business and promptness with
their cases the Cass county br stand at
tlie liead of tiie list, in the dish ict. and
also, that for ability and learnin"- the
Cass county lawyers rank with any local
Par in the state. r he bar is composed
of the following attorneys now in prac
Alien Beeson. G. W. Covcll A. N,
Sullivan. Jesse B. Strode. M. A. Hartiiran
Milton I). Polk, Baisil Rnniev. Byron
Claik, S. P. Vannatfa. R. B Windham.
Jno. A. Davi-s, and Will S. Wise and
E. H. Woolev. J. H. Halderman. II, I).
Travis and John Clark of Weepinir
Absolutely Pure.
This powder i.ver varies. A ir.aivel of
it V. trenirh nnd wtiolcsoiiicness. .Mure . r-o-
noinical than the ordinary kinds .and cannot he
Mi.'dln con.pefitiou with the inultiuide of low
teft. short weight alum or plwisphate tiowdeis.
So:d only in c n.s. Khvai, Bakino. I-owher
If Tr OYAL FStl'oS ? j O
Pi Will
Co.,10CWall St. Sew York. j-jha
Scrofulous, Inherited and Con
tagious Humors Cured
Iry Cuticura.
riMHIOl'fSlI thfl medium of one of your bookn
received tluoiih Mr. l'rank X. Wray.
DniKfi'st, Alla, l'a., I hecaine a qualnleil
with your CiTicnu JCk.m kim hk, ami Ijikc thl
opuoitiinltv to leM ify pi you that I helruwe lias
permanently cured mo of one ol the worst canei
of hlood poisoning. In connection with eryHipo
las, that 1 havo ever seen, and thin alter hav lug
lieeu pronounced inc tirahlc hy Home of the host,
physieiaiiH In imr country. I take treat pleas
ure 111 forward in;.' to ymi this test iiimnial, 1111
Holleiled ai it. i ly you. In order that olliurs
h n tli 11 11 k from similar 111:1 lad lis may be ciiciuir
aed to i-'ivrt your Cum 1 iia 1;k.mkiiisuiiI;i!.
V. H. VIMTl.lNii:K. l.eechliuiK fa.
Keferciicc : Kjiauk T, Wkay, Ii iijrtilnt,
Apulia l'a.
.laineH K. I.'iili.inlsoii, Custom House, Kew
Orleans, on until sayn : "In I HTo Scrofulous I I
eers hroke out 011 my hody until I w.ia a niii-s
of corrupt ion. I'.veryt liii'K Known to I he med I-t-;il
fai-u'ly was ried in vuili. 1 ln-caii e a mero
wrcek. At timei ! n lil not lift my limlx to
my head . could not. I urn 111 lied; was in eon
slant pain, and linked upon life as a curse. No
relief or cure in ten years. In Isko 1 heard of
the Chip itha Kkmi'I'Iks, used Uictn.aud was
perfectly cured."
Hworn to he lore 11. S, Com. J. I. Cha w ton i
We have heen fellini; yoiirCcili'miA K KM K
niKrt for years, an. I have tliejlri-t Complaint yet
to receive from a jxircliaM'r. One ot the uoit
cn.scs of Scrofula I ever saw was cured hy I lie,
use of live In 1 1 les of Cl"l li'l.'K A li I-.koi.v K.KT
Cirrioi'i: A. and Cirrx i ica Soap. The. Soap
takes the "cake" here as a medicinal soap.
TAYI.OK & TAYI.OK. J .'insists.
Wankfuit, Man.
Ht ltOl'l I.OI K, l!VII'ieiTt:i.
And C011I anions Humors, with bons of Hair,
and Ki upl ions of Hie skin, are positively cured
hy lii-'ni'itA and Cm hiha SoAl-exiernallv,
and Cl'Tlrii i:a internallv, "lieu
all other mcilifliies fail. M-nd for Pamphlet.
iMtn;uihTH 1 ni: tiip.jt.
We Jiave ohtamed nat isfaclory h-miUh from
the use of the Cut ieiira h't-medies in our own
family, aad recommend t hem heyond any oth
er remedies for dini-acs of the skin and hlood.
'I iic demand lor them urows as their lueiks be
come known,
MACMILLAN ,tCO., Iru;,'l.sp, l.aliohe,
'i'Ti:i-itA m:n cimkm
are sold everywhere. Price: Ci ri nitA, 1I;o
CPeal kin (Jure, Ml cts. ; Cu-i iciilti Moat. 1:11
lixMuihile J:eaut ilier, 'JO i ts. : Ci;tici;i:a Ri- -.01,-vicnt,
the New Plood 1'iirilicr, j-i on. Tori 1 i
Pit I'll AM Cll K.M II' A I. Co.. Ho, I oil
Pf M ll',:s- lunkheads'. Skin lilemishes. m:. I
x liu. I!ah" lliimors. use C111111,' i:a Soa r.
Ciiolsing; Catarrli.
Have you awakened from adislinheil sleep
with all the horrible NeiiH.-ii ions of an hh--;iwmU
clutching your throat and proNHiu the pre
breath from your lightened chest,-.' Have yen
noticed the languor and debility that succeed
the i-Miii t to clear ymir throat and head or Huh
catarrhal matter? What a de.reHsin iii(uenci
it exerts upon the mind, cloud lit; 1 lie me mm v
and lillhm the head wilh pains and siraifn
noises! How ilillicult. it in to I id t be iia.sii' p;-'"-sajii-s,
throat and lunj:.-. of this poiHonous 1011
ciiHal. can testily who are aliliited with ealu ri h
How ilillieull, to piotect. tiie system a"ainst 1,4
further rot: rcss tewaiiiK t liu Iiiiiks, liver and
kidneys, ail pli j sicians will admit. It is a terri
ble disease, and cries out 1'or relief and cure.
The remaikahle curative powers, when p!
other remedies u.terly fail, of Sankord'h
1 adicai. t ri'K are. rHesfed hy thousands
who rmefully recommend it. to fellow-nu ier
erp. jN'o stalenierit, is made reidii); It that
cannot he subst. tiat-d by the mcst repecta
bleand n-liahleivl'ereiiceH.
Kach packet, contains one hot He of the Tf A ni-
CAI.CL'ltK. One box Of C ATA If It II A I. SOLVENT
and an Impuovkd Imiai.kii. with tieatino
and directions, and Is sold hy all d ruKj,'ist., lar
5; J. Of).
I'OiiKH H.'tlJO & OltHM'CALt'O., IJoSVOIf.
'HW . ...... ...j ip, nips, aim sices, 1 u .
Kral ,lM" ,,L,!"1- l)aiiiM, weHkneHaiid
vlnllauiatloil. I llcuin:. ie tw.iiI. ,i,ri.
KCiat ic. Slldllcil t.r..1
Viiains and si rains relit veil in one,
in 1
to pain and hiflaiuat'on. the utieu-n1i-l;iiii
l-hmlcr. vr, cents ; r. for si
tiriimHis or J'on ki: Iiju a.n ii Cii kjii-
oyu ai. new. elegant and mfall bla
ra Ant
at all
CAI. Co., Jhiston
K.B. WfNDIfAM. riaintiir
L.O, MfLLKK, Defendant, j
11(1 ' 11
si- 1 c':.!-,,!,r,"" tl1? ":1V of Ser.tember
lssi. h. h. Wiiulham. the plaintiff, herein tiled
his pet.111011 in the Ooui.:y Court of Cass Co
iNeh.. against von. 1 lie ,A,i.... 1 .....1 .1
You wi'l
-n1'!!;,1,' i"n l" '":Ti,v, r tli sum of Heven Mid
iO-100 dollars. (.7.7(i) monev ad vanceii for -i
liol cv of insui
fendant s request May 4th. ixyf,. and InPrest
k?uU?.U' s.!,-',r .Ja"!- V"" 'f"rlher tieti
lieil that Plaint iff has kiici! out. an atrachment.
and in aid of which ha bad ,r..ii.,.J . .... '.V.
Issued Th; re is now due the sum of 7.7 and
interest. 011 lle required to answer -aid i,o-
til ion on or before the
:th day of Uctober,
U. '.. WIN" 1)1 1 A M 1
2-4t. JOHN A'. DAVfE.S, f
4tt'ys for P!h.
Sheriff's Sale-
I!v Virtue of an KveciiMon l..n,i 1.., .v
Showa'ter. Clerk of lh nuiiii ...... .. ...;.'i..''
voiiiiiy. eiuavk.-i. and lo 11 e di
rected. I will on t lie 1st iUv ef October A l
18S7. at II o'clock a. 111.. of said lay at Hie foutli
iloorid t he Court. House (,, Count v Sell -.t
Public Auction, tlie fol'o'.vMi-' Iteal' V-ta'.c-
-.1 r e 1 . . . , . , -..liit n M II 111
j ui- r.a-i, nan ( r.'i) l tlie 0
ir. r.. 1 I OI sccl 1011 elevi 11 lit 1 in lown--:
Hp I'll
1 in; rant;o i ieyen ill) 1 ast oj rhi I, y,
in C",.-
ouiiiy, enrn-Ka. wiiji tin; privile
perrenance- thereiuito ln-i,
es ana a i-
The same beusi; levied upon taken as the
property of .lohn M.f imter. defendant, lo ai
isfy a judgment of said Court bv
liarles lleiiiiin..s' Adminiator i f the Mj h
of Mary Spin. res deceased M.1.11I ir. a-aiiist
said deiciiilant "
I'latt-montii. Neb., A uir. :;n. A. 1). is-y.
oi -1 ,. J ' I'-fKI'.MlAMV.
21--t, S in irc..i: v..i.
fihst phize i&Rzmz herd
and cataltjuo
J. s: iuwrs,
Colony, AdJiikob Co., K.-tiu.ui
or urirt
Pick out (he piece of Heal Estate you
want and then call for price and fenes
upon Windham A; Daves
Over Jiauk;
of Cass Co.
A farm containing !10 a ren of
win improved, hihIht aud water. :, 1
-11 : 1 . .
stack farm in Cass emintv. Pr t,.rm.
apply to Mtf Uf.k.on r& Suu.ivas.
Notice of Desolution of Co-Partner
Notice is lirreliv I'ivnn ti n. . ... .
ship here.., ore ;,u .. ...... ':;vrrr
four and .1 W. r.n. i,,V.,ss eon ,v Nk kV
in the- live stock i. .. - l.T1. .ska
dlsolved l.y ,,ltH, cons'-nV ' Tlie b n-lnil
will icreafPrl.o condueted by A ! her t I Mil our
,''-'" FSRTUNE 050 :X ?t.;.
At the front Pt.Iml Fair. 1'". I.endod bv I,l-Tf-n
l.7Mrl;i.hf,r12:i.l. S 1 1; I: VI'I.VV a ( v- -i
U"vvuilh x" 0 o'T-.-d1 1!.-m! 1V.C7. by pf,l!cy, hulf br.jfcr t.
Archital.i. Herd numtoscr.i,,,,,. t , : -r t''
, vj lor uril'PT
lid I2wi