Plattsmouth weekly herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1882-1892, August 25, 1887, Page 3, Image 3

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The lx.t tiino to cliurn ia Iwfore tin
milk acquircM acidity.
Charcoal, Kcalckd milk, ejgs, or wheat
Hour for the scours.
Stall fed cowh give, richer milk than
tlioso ranging in pastures.
Metallic vessels should not bo used or
1'iilter as they runt and etain it.
('ream which risen in cold air is better
tiian that which riaca in cold water.
ll the milk be deep it doe3 not get bo
much air aa when the pan in bhallow.
Milk can bo set in deep pans in cold
weather, but in hot weather the pans
must be shallow.
Normandy in noted for its fine butter.
They use glazed earthenware pota for
holding the milk, and place them in
cool running water.
Feed well, be clean, give a plenty of
hmUt, cold in summer, warm in winter,
milk (juicUly. These four rules are nec
essary for success.
In exposing milk to air care should be
taken to keep the cream surface cool, but
it. must not be freely exposed where the is much warmer.
If the air be colder than the cream it
absorbs the gases and moisture and the
j.iilk is purified, but if,the air be warmer
than the cream the milk absorbs the gases is poisoned.
.Milk feil to cal yes should be heated to a
temperature cjual to the mother's milk.
Cold milk ruins the calf. Do not ovcr
fcrd. Twenty pounds of skim milk per
liy is sullicicnt.
A New England dairyman states that
! has fed green rye to his cows for three
seasons, and the improvement in the
quality of milk, cream, and butter is
very marked, lie uses no coloring for
his butter, and finds the green rye better
than any other kind of grass.
The usual rule is to save the milk at
the end of the lit'th to the seventh day
after calving. No fixed date can be giv
en. There should be no tign of feverish
ness or inllaination about the udder, and
the peculiar milk of birth, known as col
ustrum, should have entirely passed
The first calf makes or mars tho cow;
and from the first pregnancy, when tho
mammary glands begin to develop, up to
the "coining in," is the most important
period of a co iv's life. What is gained
then may be held and added to; what is
lost can hardly be recovered.
If cows arc troubled with diarrhoea,
give a quart of raw linseed oil containing
nn ounce of laudanum, is a recommenda
tion of the Chicago Dairy Review.
Change the feed, and. add to her drink
ing water a tablespoonful of pulverized
nitre each day, also a quart of tea made
by boiling a handful of flaxseed. Wtn
itrn Resources.
To sit down by a bush of white cur
rants, and eat out of hand all you choose,
j3 -lose on perfection. The acid is just
ri"ht se' wt 011 'ie Ift':lte a,u stomach-
bu 1 you must eat lije whites, which
are by f ir i e swectcst. It is a matter of
the eye and m ot of taste t,,at choose8 red
currants. There ' are two sort9 of whites
the Grape and the Lito Dutch. The
first of these is the la. "cr' ancl 1uite tl,e
best, for general cult. :vati0u5 but the
Dutch is a trifle the richer llvored-
Of the reds the yery best of M 19 the
Versailles, a currant hard to gi rue
name. I was never able to make ' usc
it till I obtained 100 plants of E. P. Ue'
These have proved to be in growth rank
and stronger than the Cherry, and fully
as strong as the Fay, if not stronger. As
for cropping and flavor I prefer them to
to Fay. The boasted length of stem of
the Fay is equalled by Versailles. It is
every wyay a superb fruit, and I am some
times in doubt if the Fay be anything
else than the Versailles. If there be a dif
ference it is slightly in favor of Versailles.
The Cherry is, under best culture, a good
and prolific sort; but it must be well
cultivated or it is worthless. The roots,
like the stalks, are coarse and few, and
are so heaved easily by frost in winter.
I say eat whiter always. Don't be led
around by the eyes in this matter of fruits.
For jelly, also the white currant Ls best,
containing more sugar. The color of tin
jelly is only one shade less red than that
from reds; but you must scald lefore
pressing, whereas the reds should Uo
pressed before scalding. This seems un
accountable to our housekeepers, and it
is hard to get them to try. But those
who once use whites will always insist on
using whites thereafter.
There is another advantage about using
whites that birds rarely eat them, and
hens do not troub'c them. They seem to
mistake them for green fruit. But, on
the other Land, the currant worm inyar
iably go for the whites iu preference.
Evidently the leaf is to hia taste preferable.
But an honest culti vator can easily dispose
of these worm if he will, llellibore or
Imrback applied once whe the worms
arc first beginning to feed will kill them
wholly. A second crop of worms ap
jpears just before currants ripen. These
also need nn application of the same sort.
For the early crop I take a sprinkling
pail, fill it with water, atir in two spoon
fuls of hellibore ana one tablespoonful
of kerosene, and give them a thorough
sprinkle. The work must not le delayed
until the worms have half stripped the
leaves ior me. mo iru.i schius "
l . .1 .1 1 . 1 .
fruit-one of tho healthiest. I can eat
it freelv with imuuuitv. which is more
than I can do with raspberries or straw-
berries. 1 Have friend also wno are
l..,t I n r l.rd of nv one in tolerable
health who could not indulge freely in
currants. It is, indeed, a noble fruit.and
best of all, it hangs on the bushes for
uw iioi lew limit iwo iuuuiua u iuc
. . ,, ,, . .
bushes are well grown. Hut you must
irive the bushes more than a hole in the
nod where it must fight with docks and
C. F. Clark9on writing in the State
Register, of Iowa, says: I ho old fash
ioned way of building burns is s expen
sive as to deprive the largo majority ef
farmers of the comforts and economy of
such conveniences. And yet it is next to
impossible for a farmer to prosper with-
out such shelter for food and stock. In
early days the writer built a barn in
Grundy county. 60x100 feet, the West
then in tho state. It had a nine feet alone
basement, on which was built a frame
structure with heavy sills and heavy
nosts. in the old stvle. It cost near
if 5,000. A barn, or a hay and stock shed,
with equally as much room and conven
ience can now be built for $1,000. Se
lect a location on a knoll, where the
water will drain off in all directions.
Then build u central place for storing
nay. it can ue ouxyu leet. net goou
v A 1 nn OA a. 1
sound oaK posts deep in me ground, ex-
tending twenty feet above ground. On
thfo build a truss roof marie of rafters
A I .11 - 1 A. l ..A.
iwo oy six, wen oruceu l rncn post,
This will save the expense and annoyance
in nuing ine mow, iti interior auppwns. i
With the improved horse fork this can
l,P filled either thronh a larrre window
. ., ' , , :
, '
Tim Kiiei'css of nmnv furnieja is as much
i.... .I...- .i.i..
uue to ineir ciireiuuifba in mtvinu uum
and cuds, and making the most of what
is often considered of little value, as from
regular crops. These byproducts, having
less competition, are often the most prof
liable. It pays to be on the look out for
such chances, having, of course, da re
gard to soil, location and general adapt
ability of tho farmer for attending to lit
tle matters. This is, after all, the secret
of success in nearly every kind of busi
ness as well as farming. Doing things
by wholesale seems very fiue, but in most
cases it is counter acted by innumerable
losses in the smaller details.
Many farmers are hoping for generous
rains from now on the rest of the sum
mer so that they may plant turnips, and
sow rye and beets and such things as will
make a little green and nutricious food
for their stock durins the winter. The
corn in tho immediate vicinity of Hast
ings will be practical! v no corn at ell.
It will all, or nearly all, be cut up for I
fodder. Many farmers are now at work
cutting their corn, as it is drying up very
rapidly and they want to get it while
there is a little sap still in it. There is
no rubbing of the thing out, the farmers
living near Hastings will hare very hard I
scratching for the next year. Many of
them have no corn at all and will have to
buy enough to keep their horses and other
stoek over, or sell evervthinff ther have.
Fortunately the area of poor crops is not j
verv lar?e and the nrices for crrain will
not be verv hiffh. so that thosa who havo
J 0 I
to hnv will not find it so verv exoensive
as thhey should if te failure of
had been more general. -If astings Ga-
on nn? 'klj cured by Shilo's Cure. "We
niarantP 1 U' SolJ b Smith & Black
Bros., Plat. WtttbNeb.
yTiy the Crop Failed.
Washington Star.
"Walter " said . gentleman in the din
ing car, "haye you gooseberry pie?"
"No, sah; hain't cat J1" anJ dU yeah
W1nr in fVlor9"
"Well, vou see. sah, tW scarce dis
seasum. Las' winter was cole and
stormy dat it was mighty tujjh on de
-VILL TOU SUFFER with Dyspep-
sriaand Liver Complaint? SMlohsi-
U vlizer is guaranteed to cure yuu. oia
b y Smith & Black Bros.
Peace RestorOd.
Wife I saw you looking M your old
sweetheart Miss Crimson, today.
Husband Well, she sat right in front
of us.
Wife But you needn't have been quite
so interested.
Husband Why, my dear girls, I was
thinking how mucli that mola on her
neck looked like a ripe tomato.
Wife Have a little more sugar in
jour tea, hubby ?- - Omaha Herald.
SIIILOH'S COUGH and consump
tion Cure is sold Ir v ua on gaurantee. It
urea Consumption. For sale by
Svm'H & Black Bbos.
DrunknnMOrlh Liquor HabitPotti
lively Curd by AdmlnUttring
Dr. Haine' Goldn
It can lw) given in a cup of coffee or
tea without the knowledge of the person
takiuir it: is absolutely harmless and wil
I '
effect tt permanent and speedy cure.
whether the patient is a moderate drink
r or an ulcoholic wreck. Thousands of
drunkards have been made temperate
men who hftYe taken GoU Spocitic in
the,r cofTee without their knwledge,an(
to-day believe they quit drinking f thei
own free will. IT NEVER FAILS. The
8yBtetn once impregnated with the Spcci
-. i ... m
tic it becomes an utter impossibility fo
the "quor appetite to exist. For ful
I particulars, address GOLDEN SPECIFIC
CO., 185 Hac St., Cincinnati. 0. 83-1 y
She Couldn't Comply with the De
A collier and his wife, who were con
stantly haying high old times, were nj
before the local stipendiary the other
d?. wife charged by her husband
r violently assaulting mm ana biting
off piece of his noao. The collier admit-
ted tuat tie waa a bit "gone, "and all the
worst ot ttio sbindy. Hia worship, in
stigmatizing the case as one of exception
a,1J brutal character, said he regretted
that he WB" not able to imprison either
I j,i;.i a.. .) .,.
l,i0 "up- uc"-l"l"1. Wl"
he was sorry thftt he coultl do wa3 to
bind the wife over to keep the peace for
six months. Upon thro fair one hearing
this, she remarked in bewilderment:
"Eh, maister, but I cauna'. I guv it
to th.' cat!" Liverpool Mercury.
English Spavin Liniment removes all
U&Tiif Soft or Calloused Lumpa and
jjlemishe9 from horge3t Bloo(1 Spavin,
Ciurb, Sljlinta. Swcenev. Stifles. Snrains.
a i ' - r t 7
Sore and Swollen Throat, Cougbs, etc.
g 5Q , uge of one l,0ttlc. War
ranted b FlickB & Co clruggii.ts Platt3.
mouth. iM-lyr
A WOful History
Two friends are walking along the
street. Ono of them, pointing to a house,
"There's a
beautiful place, but it's
euough to make a man sad to look at it."
"Why so?"
"On account of its history, for, despite
it's calm and serene surroundings, it was
bu51t uPn thfl .8rOUU3' tL'Ura' wftilinS9
and blood of widows, orphans, old men
and struggling women."
"You don't say. Was it built by a
railroad monopolist?"
"Oh no; by a dentist." Arkansaw
WVn Babr ni Hex, w gr. W CaatorU,
VThmo ah vh Child, tried far Gaatarfct
Wbua sh boxma Mlu, aba slang to CkatorU,
Wkra ah had Children, the cava than Caatoila,
A Small Boy's Conclusion.
Boston Courier
A small boy not far from Boston was
the other day guilty of some outrageous
mischief, which ho performed alone, in
a close room, but which was quickly
brought to his door. When his mother
remonstrated with the youth he met her
reproof by the bold assertion:
"You didn't soe me do it".
"No," she replied, solemnly, "but God
"Well," the urchin retorted, with an
air of contemputous superiority, "I guess J
God ain't going around giving away all
he sees in this house."
1 3 3 3 1 . f ii A V.
A toruerea conuiuon 01 tue stomacu,
or malaria in the system will produce sick
head ache- yu caft remove th5a trouble
by taking Dr. J. H. McLean's Little Liver
and Kidney Pellets.
25 cents per vial.
Blddy, the Irrepressible.
Omaha World.
StPeter Come in, good and faithful
Newly Arrived Spirit Sarvant is it ye
say? It's lady help I waz, sir."
"Oh! Well, never mind; come in."
"That's heaven, is it?"
"This is heaven."
"How many nights an' afternoons out
will I have?"
CATARRH CURED, health and
8wect breath secured, by Shiloh's Calurh
Remedy, Price 50 cents. Nasal Injec-
Wr free. Sld by Smith. & Black Bros.
The unhealthy fashion of low-neck
ed and short-sleeyed dresses for babies
has come about again. In a changeable
climate like ours,, this mode of . dressing
should not be adopted, however pretty
dimpled shoulders and arms may look.
With short sleeves coral clasps are again
used, also tiny bracelets for little girls,
or narrow ribbons tied about the neck
and wrists. The sensible mother puts all
this folly behind her," and covers her
child's neck and arms with at least one
thickness of muslin, adding a light knit
sacque on cool days. Mrs. A. S. Whit
aker, in Women's Interests.
The danger of a malarial atmosphere
may be averted if you will occasionally
take a dose of Dr. J. II. McLean's Chills
and Fever Cure. 20-m3.
If tho stomach performs its function
actively mid regularly tho food of which
it is rec.pticid, is transformed into Miod
of a nourishing quality, which fr.rnjhra
vigor and warmth to the whole body, the
remedy best known to give tone to the
stomach is Dr. J. II. McLean's Strengthen
ing Conliiil and Blood runner. 20 ma
He Was Surprised-
He If 1 was to ask you to marry me
would you say that you would always be
a sister
Hlie No, George.
He Well, I do ask you to ninny me.
She -No, (leorge, but I won't be a sis
ter to you either.
He Thank you, thank you. The change
is most grateful. Omaha Herald.
E OF 8
For eblUjr, Ityapiala,
H fiuknr, l.unirunr. I n rmv.
erlshed nJ .tluuulah ( Irnilu-
lion ax in 1 10 nil, loin or Aft-
rrua jitrarifracai or Ilia
Ur, tcrronnnm, 1'uIitltA
lion ofltanHnirl, Cold Feet,
timnlmcii, Ffmnlr Wmk
lies, nnil In ntrt all dlurlr
nrl ! 11 k rrom a Law feitiito of
the Ilool, and n llliordrrnO
Condition or the lMiteatlvo
iLn utTtjct on tho human system It
Ry oxcltine tbo Btomacb to perfect
dlKll" of luod. 11 eurlchua aii(
BtrenKtbenil tho blixxl, Klvlni? tone
and vitfor to tho wholu byhU iu, the
Blow of houlth, clnittlc tttepH, and
liiiOTaut spirits, k'lvlnu nniplo evi
donee of H11 bimeltclul tuructn.
If contttlpatod uie IloBHclrnth'f
Oulutlne-Couted lllooj und I. Iyer
1MII. 'limy cost no inoro than other
iHXlltlvo iIIIh. itnd Hru irraiitl
Wen &Jbgjr&
tipurlor. Ak your UruifUlnt for HeHsnlrolh's Swd
lull Wlnoof Iron ( Prlca l por Mottle; f ix buttloa, 5i.
HUU CTUMBHimill 3 WUHMl Hnil I.IVtT t iA!. UVW
box: B o boxcu, ID. or soud direct to
L1WRESCE UESSELE0T1L !07 Chitaco Aio.,ClilcaRO,
rao-attnllo of Patent Cbosi and Checkerboard, ad.
Vortlalru: the ealebratd Hmvln ill('lc Homed lea
ud a aLWAK Of 1,U. It you tall to
iut It ou this aniall board call on your druggist for
Ul Huud 0 cuula fur poitaxa to ua.
u UHOKe. iiunuaomoiT i.iLnncrru.n
From Mason Lena, tbe Conrerted Uambler,
FOIIT WATXi. Ind.. .inrll 6. 1SP4. I haro dvsn th
Bynvlta Coush Blocks a thorough trial. They cured;
my little girl (3 yours' old) of Croup. My wife aud
raothor-lu-law were troubled with coughs of lona
stmiuintf. One package of tbe Blocks baa curutl
mum Bo tnoy cua taut a only women do."
IJMA. O.. Jan. 25. 19KT. The Smrlta Worm Block
acted like a charm In expelling worms from my lit
tle child. Tbo child is now well and hearty, lntea4
of puny and sickly as before.
Tbo Great Dlarrkisa aad DysenUry Cbecsxr.
Dblphos. O.. July 7th. 8R. Our six-months old
bild bad a serere attack of Bummer Complaint.
physicians eouid oo coming, in despair we inea
tfynvlta Blackberry Blocks recommended by
friend and a few
8.4. effected a oomulete cure.
Accept our nearueit indorsement oi your Biaca
Accept our I
berry Blocks.
r toui
Ma, ai Miia. J. au2iUA
The PynTita Block Remedies are
The neatest thins; out, by far.
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iiandy, iteuaoie, Harmless and mra.
Ko box: no teaspoon or sticky bottle. Put bp to
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Wagon, Buggy, Machine and Plow re
pairing, and getter al jobbing
ii. now prepared to do all kinds of repairing
of farm and other machinery, as there
Is a good lathe In my shop.
The old Reliable Wagon Maker
has taken charge ot the wagon anop
Ha Is well known as a
Slew Wi&coati and EtagjElAM nsde t
Send one dollar In currency, with bizu f sboa
usually worn, iind try a p;ur of our U&nettc
Iusoles for rlieinnallriiri, cokl feet :iinl bn3 cir
culation. Tlify Hie the tno-t powerful mada in
tlii world. Tlio wearer If els tiie wamiili, life
and rvitallz:itlon iu tlire mlii'ites after put
ting them on. Sent by return mail uioti rccotiit
Of price Send your :idUrfSS for tho "New le
parture in Medical Treatment without Mrdi
ciue." with thousauils of ti'ttiiiumial. Write
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Our Matjnetic Kidney lleltj for pentlemen
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out medicine : Tain iu the back, head or limbs,
nervous debility, lumbago, geueral debility,
rheumatism, paralysis, neuralgia, sciatica, dis
eases of the kidnevs, torpid liver, seminal emis
sions, impotency. heart di.sea). dyspepsia, in
digestion, heriila or rupture, piles, etc. Con
sultation free. Price of lSelt, with Magnetic
Insoles, Sin. Sent hy exoresR C. . 1. or by re
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Notii. The above described Delt wi'h In-
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for Infants
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112 So. Oxford Li., liiwidfu, N. Y,
ir, Down With High Prices 1
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Platform Scai8f $11 to $20
Forges and BlacFsmitlis' Tools.
Farmen' l'oi-ifo, BUO.
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arm inoucy. Am I1h. Vl-iid. Ac.
Onlv It . .1 r. t t 1. . t . .
&uf noIhlriK lint tUt Ijmt of KllKlUa
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f 3-Tor'7 13)830.
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'jSPenm Pox and lranH lleRin wltU
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- - vr-4, rcc.i .m:iik. Col'V I'icknch. Mon.
t V llniW'iTH. I'llHIlfH W r liiK'TH ami
nil Jlnrdwuru ietHlllcs.
Ku. l,W( l,;ln 1,KX lhs., $3).
r-Jf riiosi sum t uis.
.''i-S-v b'Tiutlfiil Machine, per-
Kfi 1 fiH;:?ii. ""!' i.-iimcr i.iiuciii. r.iack
iiSJ tmj lit W .limit I- until lire, cnnlulli-
iiiA7Il 1 fli:1 '! ol latent (ill-
'rl)Ai'&Ti'i i'i..M-a ,i.h. v.Mr-
KlXlNtil I ! ! I'd fltcl.. Kji c PI0I11.V.
fii'li.J loi' 'ii-.Mil:n-Si.
.ri .
1 v
the cosf-y
ijii EARTH!
ran thkmi
Jit the rrcat S't.Tyinis Fair, lcvi.hO'.i ded bj FOllTCXTJ
203), by SlrJtlchar.l 2nd. liVELVN DUO, by Lord
V.ilton. GROVB JlU by Tho Grovo Srd.
DEWEBUUY 2nd KJ77. by Uollcy, half brother to
Archibald. Herd numbers 2Tj head. Send for price
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Colons', Aadcraou Co., Konmu.
ITal attained a Ktandard of excellence which
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It contains every improvement that lnventivo
ireuius, bkill tuid money can prwluco.
t V (TPT..
These excellent Organs are celebrated for vol
ume, quality of ton. quick re.-j)cn:, ariety of com
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Inetraction Eoalc3 and Piano Stocl3.
CJatalogues and Trioo L':i, on explication, rax.
WorRmg Classes, m
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send one. dollar to pay fer the trouble of writ
ing, full i 1 1 i:il: and outfit free. Address
iEOiio artsiy-. a, Cu I'oitland, Manic.
i TrnT
?W5t fWVii :"r
..- ---rriMiiriTr-
pnd Children.
I Caatorlm trr DuIIb. rVmirfrrwiflnrv
I tV?,ir Ktomncu, IMarrhn-a, fcj-uotntion.
Kill Worms, givca niocp. auii viuOtefl JU
I WlUiou lajurloua modicaUon.
Turn CictTAua Cumtamt, 1S3 IVltoo 6troo Y.
lUI3 superiority of Corcllno over koJ
or whalebone naa now ren acnx
cnstnited by over Elx yoara ooipci
Mnco. It la more durablo. mom
plinbl.i. more comfortablo, und liiVEHl
Tho lmmonao Brilo of tlicno Corsct3 la
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The 5th St. Merchant Tailor
Keeps a Full Line of
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Call and get terms. Fourth street
Iu liear of Opera House.
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