Plattsmouth weekly herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1882-1892, August 25, 1887, Image 1

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    :Tf.:j .
$2.00 TKli ANNUM.
,JH ft!
Is tho Orirntiil Habitation,
knowing that good health
canimt exist without a
healthy Liver. "When tho
Liver i torpid tho ISowcl
arc sluggish and constipated,
the fouil lies in the stomach
undigested, poisoning tha
blood; frequent headache
ensues; a feeling of lassi
tude, despondency nnd ner
vousness indicate how the
whole system 13 deranged.
Simmons Liver liegulator
has hern the means of restor
ing more peoplo to health
and happiness by giving
them a healthy Liver than
nny agency known on earth.
It acts with extraordinary
power and t ilieaey.
At a general family remedy for Dyspepsia,
Tr,ifl T.iver. Const ip ii ion, etc , I hardly rrer
any thim else. :md have never been disap
pointed 111 I lie ellrrt pioiiuecd ; it seeinc to te
aliuuit a perfeet curs for all diseases of the
Momsch and Uoueis.
V. J. McULKOY. Maeoa. Oa.
golTjtji;y oiaTiGKrvs.
Deputy Treasurer, -
leputy Clerk.
ClerK of Litiiet Court,
fcheriiT, -Deputy
Hurveyor. -AUornoy.
tupt. of Tut) School,
County Judi;i;.
ito.wti) ok buri:
I.onis, Ch'iu.,
A. Jl. i ODD.
A. 1J. 1)1 KSOX,
TlIO-1, 1'Ol.L.OCK
.1. M, KolUNSON
C, C Mci'liEiisox
W. '. Nhowaltkh
15. C. Ykomans
A. Madulk
Teepins Water
rjUtIO I.OImIK NO. 81. A. ). U. W. M"eets
" eTfry alreruai I'rirlay evening at K. of 1.
hall. Transit! r hmiiwr. ar? respectfully in-
Tiled toattend. I1'. K. White, Master Workman ;
It. A, 'I'r.ite, l'oremau ; 1". J. Morgan, Overseer ;
J. E. MurrU. iteeorder.
of America Meets Second and fourth Slim
d ay evhi.inir at K. of I", hall All transient
brothers are renust. -d to meet with lis. 1. A.
ieweonier, VeneiMld'' Consul : VV.C, W'lll-tt,
Worthy Adtiser ; 1', M ji0''s, lix.-15;mker ; J. E.
Morris, Cler .
6- Meet every lUiernaie Friday evening at
Uoekwood hall .t s oVlocu, All transient broth
ers are respeetfuily invited o attend. J. A.
Gutsche, M. W. ; H. (', Given, Foreman : i. C.
VllUo, Ueeorder ; M. A. Newcomer. over.-eer.
Bam. M.
C. rt. Twihs
V. A. IIatiw
Jonx W. Vl OOPS
liKJf.1. HlOIl'l.F.
li. It. LIVINGSTON,...
.Senior Vice
Junior '
: Q. M.
Oilicerof the Day.
" " uard
Ser-t Major.
Fost Mirj:ecn
ro-t t ha plain
Kenular meetiriLTS. 2nd and -1th Thursday of
each month a.t l'ost lleadiiuarters In ltock
VooU lilock.
BEKSON & SULLIVAN, Attorneys at Law.
Will give pro:n'it, attention to -.ll business
Intrusted to them. ()tiie; iu Union Block, Uast
Bide, l'lattsmouth. Neb.
J AS. S. MTIlEwS, Attorney t Law. Ofllce
over M. B. Murp'.v I'o's s'ore, eouth side of
Main betwBOT: fith and ctli streets. 21tf
TJOBEHT B, WINDHAM. Notary 1'ubllc and
Attorney at La. Ollice over Mai k of
Cass County, l'lattsinouth. Neb. Oflica tele
phone No, I ; residence. No. 6.
JOHN A. DAVIKS. A ttorney at Law. Office
with It. 15. Windham, over bank of Cass Co.
W. COOK, M. l.. FhvHleiaii and Surireon.
Offie at Fistier's Drus Store, Fltt-
yiouth. Nebraska.
1 L, SI(;(iINS. M. D., ri.ysteiau and Sur
geon. One door -.vect of Bennett's store.
Office hours from 10 to i a. m. and from 3 to 8
Md7to9p. in. Mesidenc. eoruer Ninth and
Elm streets Mrs. livings' house. Telephone
at office and house.
Notice to Creditors.
Cass Couuty. f 5S'
In tbe matter of the estate of Jacob F. Fox.
ijeeeased : .
Notice is hereby piven that the elan and
demaBds of all persnr.' again-t Jacob F. Fox,
deea i,late of uid county ard state, will be
receive, examined and adjusted y th
county court, at the court house In liatti
aiou'b on the 23rd 'lay of February, A. D, 19
at ! o'clock la the forenoon. Aad that six
months from and after the 2Ctli lay of August
A. I). 18si is tbe time limited for creditors of
aid decease to preent thir claims for ex
amination and all .wanee
Giten under my haiid, this 20tb day of Au
gust A. I. 16S7.
23 3t. Couutv Jadg.
Legal Notice.
Cass County. (
In the District Conrt of the Second Judicial
District of Nebraska, In snd for Cass County.
CHARLOTTE I. NOF.TON.riainiitl. Notice to
vs. Vtake de-
WILLIAM A.NOKTOX.Defendant ) positions.
The above earned Defendant will take notice,
that on Thursday the first clay of September,
1j7 theaid Plaint itl will tak the depositions
of Mis Klleu Hu ;hson oefore Hullis C.ltobet
soo. Notary at 21G Eat Water street,
Elmira, New V rk ; aVo 1 i. D. Lead better
lefore Kufu K Harte. a Justice of Peace, at
Marietta. Vashini;ioii 'o., Ohio, sundry wit
nesses, to boused as evidence on the trial of
the abov- entit ed cause, at the ofti?e of said
pflicers aforesaid, in the nlaees alxve named,
ietween the hours of 8 o'cL-ck a. in., and 6
o'clock p. m.. of -aid day. and tlietakiugof said
clepoeitions will be ailjniinied from day to day,
tetweea tbe same hours, until they are com
21-3 Attorneys tor Plaintiff.
I'nncc renlinand tins ftesanawi om-
ninnd of the Bulgaria amy.
The . .t M. hndjo at RuU, Xeb.,
ave r tho Missouri, is alm?l complefced.
Itn.ssia objects to Priac Ferdind's
occupancy f the Uularian thraao.
The sixth annual cflcaatpmeat of tha
H. of V. ie in progress at De Meine, la.
VA Gilmore kas sacd Mr. Laigtry for
$1(5,000 for Beryicen us ker foriuar mana
i nomas iean, wna recently die m
Texan, leaves $10,000. 00 t ttiroo Boston
llcports from Africa say Btaaley, th
explorer, is dead, bo they art bcliarad
to be false.
Heavy showers prevail over England
6Ufliciently o to fload tha underground
railways iu London.
On account of John T. Irnanar'e elec
tion to parliament, Gladotoae predicts
better times for Ireland.
The strike of the 300 operative' at the
Lockwood mills, of Wakcrvilla Mo., has
ended iu favor f the propriatora.
At the United Labor atate eanvenlion
held at Syracuse, IT. T. the aocialifctic
delegates were refused adaiitlac.
Timothy Keating, a labcrer ia JT. -T.
City has fallen heir ta XA,0O aad his
sihter ts 10,000 by the deatk af aa aaclc.
Jake Pettibone, who raa ec-nteacedt
be hung iu Gumming, Ga., in 1860, but
escaped, has recently been arretted in the
Indian territory.
Capt. Renard, a Frenckraaa, claim to
be the inventor of a machine that will
travel against the wind blowinr 10
metres per second.
A bTidgo under coastrnctlon an the
Ohio Valley road, near Marion, Ky., col
lapsed, killing one, fatally injaring tiro
and wounding tiro other.
The evidence pertainiag to Ik cause
of the wreck at (Jhateworth wai heard by
the coroner's jury but ihuy aastpaned
their verdict till the next day.
Tho republican state coaveatloa at
llarrisbug, Penn., adopted aa tktrir wv-
enth plank, and favoring JameaG. Blaine
for the coming presidential campaiga.
The lady arrested ia London last iraek
on suspicion of having dyaamita in her
posession is going to sue for daaaagea if
the matter is not peaceably aettled-
Gov. Richardson, of 8. C, is about to
sign a resolution awarding a prize from
the state to the rebel Gen. K". O. Evans,
for his gallantry at Leaebarg, Va. j
A boy mischievously opsaed a bridsro 1
on the West Divisioa car liae, Chicago. 1
The driver of an approacinr ear naticed
it just in time to Rave tho oar. Tha boy
escaped. ,
At Dodge City, Kans.. the Caanen Ball
train on the U. P. ran iato tke rar of a
freight train, demolishing the caboose
and three cars and fatally iaiaring the
freight conductor.
Another wreck occured at tko Tkree
Bridges (X. J.) station. A. freight train
collided with an ore trsia. Both, trains
were badyl wrecked aad tke angiaeer and
fireman of tho freight ware injarod.
Chief Colorow is thought to be settling
with his followers in the aaouataiaB where
game, etc. are plentiful aad where it will
be difficult to get at them, aad then he
will continue depredations until hia fol
lowers are exterminated.
A dispatch from St. Louis saya an at
tempt was made to wreck the eveaiug
cut-going passenger traia on the Ohio &
Mississippi road by driviag coupling pins
in the fri gs. The pins were noticed and
removed in time to save the traim from
being thrown over a higa embankment.
The Rev. Dr. B. K. Pierce, editor of
Zion's Herald, Boston, has resigned to
take effect Jan. 1. lie will bo sueoeeded
by the Rev. Dr. D. A. Goodell of New
Haven. Dr. Goodsell has for eoaao year
been the literary editor of the Christian
Advocate of New York.
An express train on tke Cincinnati &
St. Louis railroad going 45 miles an hear,
jumped the track in passiag over a Y"
as it entered "Washington, D. C, and
crashed into some adjoiaing buildings;
killing the engineer and fireman aad se
riously injuring about twenty passengers.
A portion of the train scd beddings was
smashed into an unrecognizable aaasa.
Jacob Sharp, is said to ba in a danger
ous condition.
Macoupin county, BL held an old tat
tlers' re-union.
It is stated that the cholera kaa baen
overcome in Naples.
"White and Hamilton counties, HI., held
an old soldiers' reuniom.
State troops arc on their way to the
scene of the Ute outbreak.
McLean county, 111., held a grand old
settlers re-union at Ellsworth.
The reunion of the soldiers of the
northwest terminated at Sioux City, Ia.
"Warren Quattlebauai was crushed, by
the falling of a derrick at Dallas, Tax.
Seven fourth class post masters were
appointed to Missouri, and five to Kan
sas. Henry, Leo, Vaa Buren and
counties, Iowa, held sn eld.
union at Salem,
Tho Americans in Mexico CSty TUoel
; ebrate Mexico's Indepandeaeo VJ, fcep-
; tembor f.
The coroner's jury in the Ckafcworth
disaster lay tho blame entirely a the Mo
tion boss.
It is reported that Chief Corolow is an
neal in r to all the neighborim? tribev tor
The Iowa dairymen eomplaia that tho
Chicago grocers acll oleomaxajaxiM with
out license.
Tho American florists aro ia ooaveation
at Chicago. Their next nieeeina will t
at New York.
The U. 8. Revenue, cntter Ba, which
went in search of Arctic whale, fa sup
posed to be lost.
The French consuls In Bulcorfa have
been notified to not even ho!4 basiaoss
relations with Bulgaria.
At the ex-confederate soldiers aeaaion at
Dallas, Tex., five speeches wre mad by
ex-confederato officers of that state.
Tho engineers of the souther, f ortion
of the Mexican Central, aro oa a strike
but passenger trains still run regilarly.
A 30-foot grindstone in Bttchcr &
GibVs' Plow-works, at Cantoa, Okio,
burst, killing Henry Pahsea, an employe.
Advice from Khaeh, in Afgkanistan,
report tho explosion of iftaen tans of
dynamite, by which two natir were
The United Ireland urges ladlrda
to publicly confess home rule ia iaevita
ble aud hasten the sottlemenfe of ttie qaes-
Three of eleven roustabout from
Cincinnati were drowned whila crossing
the Ohio in a skiff. The boat waa swamp
ed by a steamer.
An elevator in N. Y. City loaded with
shop girls, and women, fell from the 3rd
floor, killing an old lady and wouading
several others.
Two live-stock trains on the Gl. &Q.
collided near Chicago, killing a large
amount of Btock and severely injuring
one engineer.
The report of manager of tke river and
harbor improvements. Amen SUckney,
shows $34,863 of last years' appropriation
act expended.
Gen. Miles is concentrating troops at
the San Carlos Agency, N. M., for fear of
trouble at tho time of the exeoatioa of
the fourteen renegades.
Secretary and Mrs. Lamar left Waakington
this morning for tho White Hotntaiaa,
in New Hampshire, whera tkej expect
to remain for several weeks.
While James Drake, aged 83, ff as d-
justing a belt ia a planing mill, s4 JSanea-
nlle, Ohio, ho was thrown apa saw
and mstuatly killed.
Jackson "Wakeley. a 17-year-old boy
residing in Walnut Townshio. TS.:. aoci-
i -
dently shot and killed himself tai morn
ing while handling a revolver.
Charlie McEroy, aged 10, wailo prac
ticing shooting with a revoiT near
Haywood, 111., with a playmate, wac ao
eidently shot and instaatly killed.
Two little boys aged 6 aad 8 were
plavinir with a small revolver ft Vent-
phis, Tenn., when the elder boy shot and
instantly killed his little playmate.
The Moscow Gazette urges tke Cbt to
act with vigor in regard to tke Balgarlaa
question, and hold Turkey jspsible
for the violation of the Bedim treaty.
An attempt is beino: made to have
the U. 8. land offce at WaKeeney. Kan.,
moved to some other point ia ilk district, j
The Flat Head council, of Arlec, Mont.,
have rejecteda prayer from sixty families
ef half-bred Crces, who have be in re
bellion with Kiel, for homes among '
Secretary Fairchild today appoiafced
John II. Kcatley, of Iowa, to bo hief of
tho Miscellaneous Division of tke Beeoad
Comptroller's office, vice Oscar J. Haryey,
Applications were receiyod at the
Treasury Department to-day for tke pre
payment of interest on bonds acaeanting
to $2,828,300, making the total to da to
The English socialist, Headingly, who
recently made a speech in Brassels which
got the authorities after him, says ho did
not urge a political social revolatios but
an economic revolution.
The Comptroller of the Curreayskaa de
clared a first dividend of 75 per cent in
fayor of the creditors of the Trst Ration
al Bank of Livingston, M. T., on claims
proved, amounting to $28,350.
The President made the followiag ap
pointments to-day: John Madigan, to
be Collector of CustomB for tho District
of Dunkirk, N. Y.; Wm. P. Boyd, of
Missouri, to be a United States consilar
The Comptroller of the Carrcacy to
day authorized the First Natieaal Bank:
of Rnssell Springs, Kan., and the First
National Bank of "Wakeeney," Kail., to
begin business with a capital oi $50,000
each. '
President Ziman Blanco, of Vcaezue
la, complains that the British are en
croaching upon the Yeneauela territory
at the mouth of and along tho Orinoca.
He has raised an army of several thous
and to drive the British out aad desire
the United States to arbitrate the natter.
An M. E. church minister, south, is un
der arrest in "Williams county, Tenn., for
eelliag whisky without a liceoae aad a
colored preacher of Ilernufaga crStrtct
near Nashville, of the sajne tate is nnder
arrest for strsliag a eow to obtain money
to aold a revival.
The cholera in north Iadia i abating,
Emperor Williafc, of Germany, is quite
A conaterfeiter has boon arrcoted at
Helena, Ark.
The eclipse at Berlia was obscured by
heavy clouds.
The Baak of London, of Londoa, On
tario, lias suspended.
There is a band of horse thieves in
Clinton Coanty, Mo.
Tho Arizona train robbwrs aro being
followed very closely.
George Brinske, Cleveland substitute
in the late war, is dead.
Silver has been discoveredtat Lebanon,
Mo., at a depth of 875 tmtU
The bone of a mastodon have been
unearthed at Stocktoa, ill.
Chas. Sweeney waa drowned while
eeiaing ia Crab Wr Hirer, Ky.
"Walter Hopkins, a general clothier of
Peoria, I1L, has made an aeeigiirncait.
A rock salt vcr wta struck at King
man, Kaa., at tko depth f 77 foot.
The Aaaaneaa Bar Association closed
their aauual meeting at Saratoga, R. Y.
iL M.TouBgaad wif, vt Tort Scot,
Kaa,, evUbrated tUeiir gold wedding.
All the bodiea of the victims of tho
ChttiTorh disaster kave b id.utifled.
A riot occurred at Keamare, coanty
Kerry, Ireland, whiefc wa eudd by the
The epecckes at tho ci-confederate re
union at Dailaa, Ttxft, ar fair and un-
An explesioa ia a mine at Slack
Hawk, Oolo., kitled two aca and in
jured a third.
The Bullish jzoverament has proclaim
ed the Irish Jauoaal League as a danger
ous institution.
Reports from Afghaaista ktafee tho
Ameer broke- the strength af theGUiLmo's
ia a battle oa the Situ of July.
Matt. H. Johnson and wife, while iafc
temptiug to cross Pike Creek, near Mia
neapolis, Kaa., were drowaod-
Preparatioa are being taadc for a ex
confederato re-unioa at Bentoaville, Ark.,
in honor of tho battle ef Pea Ridge.
Michael Sauk aad Terdioand Linde
man, two anere bU4ozer of tha Chicago
treuaarr, wera 6afled to tho Penn.
The anaaal raeaesag ml flue editorial as
sociativa kaa bvea poetooaed. It waa
to have beem kold at Davrt fcVpt. f.
Thre Mexican boyc ara under arrest at
El Paso, Texae, for plaeiag abstractions
on the Texas i 2"aeia track Ofcar that
Rumor of explorer tcanley's death
still come fYoni Africa, but they are
doabted by tho who understand the
"William Carson, Kit. Carson's bob, who
was shot wkilo trjing to arrest a despera
do in & M., is aot dead and may re
cover. During the eh am battle at the re-vaion
at Enfield, U1-. the canaon of the fort
were prematurely discharged, iajaring
seven veterans.
The inspector appointed by tke czar
of Russia, reports tke troops and fortifi
cations along gonth and southeast Raia
in excellent conditio.
An Ohio compoay ia about to build a
system of drainage for Mexico City Val
ley. Th water will be led away tUrougn
a tunnel ia the moaafeaice.
A young lad ogvd 14 went to Detroit,
Mich-on pretense 'of going to college,
and set up kls siga aa a real estate dealer.
but he weat over the want eclamna of
the paper and oCered to supply the
wants if tke waster would pay a small
sum in advance The money exacted,
the wantor kept oa wanting.
The latest report frara Gleawood
Spring and Meeker go te shew that
Chief Colorow doo not desire war, and
if Sheriff Kendall bad exercised half as
much judgment a he did cranea and
courage, taere would have Ixoa no
trouble. But tko India are combining
into one body, and if pressed muck kard
er, will be forced, to Ight. Colorow's
force is estimated at 350. while tke wkites
have 250 troops oa the way to Meeker,
while the skeriC and his men and a com
pany of SO infantrymen under Capt
Gorslino are at Meeker.
A ship, the City of Montreal, oa her
way from New York to Liverpool, took
flre and. barned the fifth aitrht of her
irmrnpT. beias? 40 miles from land New
f oundland. The rew and all passengers
were safely transferred to the boats and
were rescued by a German barque, Tri
bant, ia a few hours, except the passen
gers of boat No. 8, containing 11, which
either sunk or anad for lane aad was
lost from th other boats. Tbe steamer
York Chtv canto mn ahortlv after the
barque Tribant, aad ia the taoraiag tho
nassenirers were transferred to her, on
which vesaei they w takea. to London.
SUXDAX, -Emperor
William is reported better.
"Jako Sharp's condition is still very
ttontiriwul oH 6t7i pa&e.
For a short time
s. J
India, Mmem, Piques
Fancy N&lmsmka
Swiss and Hamburg Embroideries and FloiiDcing.
"Wiiit cund Colorfl, of tho
Xi4tost ISosins.
you arc lnvltcl to call.
We Announce Without Further Notice a
i ita,uyy i iwm
ComraenciDg TO-DAY, JULY
p,m . y mm mm m
beptember let.
without reserve, it will be to tho
ot Cass Count j to
Unparalleled Bargains
Having in view the interests
multitude to share the benefits of
consideration sell to other dealers
tinder this clearance sale.
We go to New York soon to make our Fall Purchases,
and we kindly request all of our friend indebted to us to
call as early as possible and adjunt their account.
Yours Kespect fully,
White Fnnt Dry d-softs House.
Main, Street, - Plattsmouth, Nob.
- this i
only wo will oflVr
12th, and continuing until
individual interests of all citizen
take advantage of the
ot our customers, and to enable th
this great ale, we will under no
wholesale lota of goods embraced