Plattsmouth weekly herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1882-1892, June 30, 1887, Image 1

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if -J.OD I'Kit ANNITM.
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Unfailing Specific for Liver Disease.
M ml 1 UmU. month ; l..iifciio caW-l
white it 'vrr. ,1 v.lili :i 'touii fur ; ialn m tin;
1 ;ick, ciili-s, tir j.n n !---(! I i-u nil -'taken tor Itln-ii-liiailfiu:
sour i-tiiiuafli : Ins if al-t lie ;
H oiin-ti s n:iis.-;i iiliii ln:t .li, or liicliui'S-; li.ilu!.'l:i-y ami lU'i'l enirt al iiait liuv.tlx
alli'i n itcl v iivi; ;i ml I. ix ; lic.ulai Im ; lussnf
liicmxi y. uit li :i i -: t itl senval inn if having
1 :n it'll I ii li.i sum. I l:inu utili'h 4UI;;lil tn liavr
Imrii il mc ; ili'lulily : hnv siiirits ; :t tlik'k, !
Jo apjirai im ! Hi" ' kiii ami i-j es : :i dry
cnu -li : fi-viT ; r --l h-ini --i ; I lie in im- is mmii
(y a,.id lii';h ciilnii d, and. if allowed to stand,
lM"siIs a sediment .
I: i;enei ally lis.'d in I lie Sontll to arouse t!ie
Tnl'lil'l l.ivertojl In-itltliy uetnm.
It aets with etiaoidinary i-Uieuey on tin:
a n n:;ni. spwific kok
laiai'ia, ltowl 'nn ;l:ia!
! .(; -.ia. hii-U HI! iul:-ho,
t!cm 4li;i:t(ion. i;iUioii!iiN,
Iki tne.v A(!Vriin:iN, .Jiuiiu'.hm',
Mentul l-:rrsiui, .'oli.
Kndoibeii t'e ? Million:' f Hot ties,
lor t'liild rt'ii, f"T Adults, :'.!id for the A-ed.
Iiej uty lie isart r, -
HepiliV '!"!k.
( ... K of I)i-tl let Co ir ,
Mierill. -I
)epu! V Sin l ill.
.Sin v or.
isuut. oi I'n'i M-hoolf,
County J ii' I .:.
1). A. t'.wrr.K.i.i.
TlliM. 1'iil.l.iM'K
.1. M. Ilor.txsi ix
( .Mcfn kksi'.v
W. '. Sll IW A I TKIi
'. C. V I M A.NS
Al.I.I'.X lll-'.KS IX
May x a i:i Si-ixii
C KL'.ssb i.i.
i;;iAlt: '!' SL'ri'"-KVISii;S.
I.ouis 1'i'i.r., li'ui.,
A. r. I'lUMi,
A. 1$. 1)1' KsoX,
NVeepiim' Wnler
i'lat isniout li
K in wood
rVuaV)TiVniYK nd. si. a. o. v. w.-Me. ts
V"- evei-v aiiernal - Friday evening at W- or I .
leil! iraiisiei.t lirotiier-t are resjieetiituj 111
viicdtoaitend. 1". i:. S liile,.M:iter Workman ;
K. A. 1 aite, K.H't'taau ; K. J. Morgan, Over-eer ;
I l'Nl..:-rl 1: .'I'tH'li.T-
lSS CAM!" Ml,:u.', MODKUN VO()i)Mi:N
V of Ai'ieriea Meets second and fourth Mon
,1 ay eveni:;-,' at K. of 1'. hall- All transient
iirothel'S nie li inesteil to meet, with I'- A.
fio'.veoM-r. Vener.U.le Consul ; W.C. UHlelt-.
Worthy Adviser ; 1", Meres, tx Hanker ; J. li.
.Morris. Clerk .
JSL M..,.t I'Wi'v alternate 1'ri lay evening :-t
tiockwooil hall at s i-loon. Ail transient luoth -'is
are respeet fully invited 10 attend. . A.
;utse!ie, M. W. ; rt. C, ;reeii, i:oremau : S. C.
WiUte. lO'Corder ; S. A. Neweouier. Overseer.
S AM. ?!. ("II VI M AN
C S. T iss
'. A. i'.Al'KS
John W. Wooiis
Aloi st Takis. ii..
1;kn.i. Mkmi-i.i:
.Unix Coi:::ii: vx,...
is. T. in u'a v....
M. II. Li I m;s 1 1 x,.
...Senior Vice.
...Junior " "
Uliieerof the Pay.
" ;uard
fcernt Major.
Tost Suri;eini
Ai.l-HA W r
To-t i lu.tihiiii
ie'll,ai tiH'ri o u, vioi n.iii -T-.i - -
p-Ach" month at Host Headquarters m liocK
wooii liljek.
, , ; :...) .in.l 1 i t!iiri ' or
BFKSON SIM.L1V AN, Attorneys at Haw.
Will i;ive prompt .ittention to ail easiness
intrust .'d'to them. t;ucj in L;uiou Block, Kast
side, l'lalt-uoutii. Neb.
vs. S. Miili:-VR. Attcruey at Haw. OiVioe
W 'over M. .i. Murphy Co's store, eouilil'.it; of
I im bet.vo i Mh and tit i streets. Zltl
1OBFi:r !'.. WIN 1)11 AM. Notary 1'uhlie and
i- Atloi-uey at Law. O.Ti.'o over r.a k of
Cas County, i'lattsmouth. Neb. Olace tele
jiiiom; N J. 7 ; residence. No. 0.
fOHN A. IAVIFS. Attoru-y at Law. (Mlice
with H. 1'- W;nUh:i!ii. over Hank of Cass Co.
PlAl'llMi'l TM, L-LlUTlVl N Kl'.KASKA.
V. 11 A KT Hi AN, Lawer, KitZLteral Is
i-i ituninMth N'eh. Hroitilst ana
Lireful r.tleiitiou to a general lw praclice.
V. CO' HC, M. P., lhyician aud Suruenn.
0!li."- :.t fisher's Dru Store, i'latts
mouth, Nv'oraska.
7i x. suit; INS, M. I., l'hyieian a-d Sur
.r.'.,.n. Cue door west of Helmet. 's s:ore.
Oll'ic" hours from 10 to 12-a. m. ai'd from :t to 5
and 7 I''!' P- '" i-eskience. comer Ninth and
Kim stie' ts Mrs. Leviiigs' house. Telephone
at office an,! house.
A IVIU'I) Sini'MAN. M. IV. Hhysieian and
(J. Siiieoa. Otlioe in I'liion Mock. H-'sienee
'corner Lji-ust ami Fourteenth streets. Oiiiee
hours )a. m. to 11 a. in.. muI from a to 4 p. in.
Telephc -.'sNo. 11 aud 12.
Sheriff's Sale.
T.v virtue of an execution i-sued by V. C.
ShnV ;:lier. Cierk of the District Court, w ithin
and forCa- county. ;. ehraska, and to me di
rected. 1 will on the il:iv of duly A. I.
IssT. at 1 o'clock 1". M-. of said day as the
tiouth ilmrol tin? Court i!ou-e in cad county,
s- It at puDiic a'lcliou, the following real estate
ti-wil :
Vest h.ilf (' i' of the SnUi west- ijuartor (U
of S-ctioa n- Town-hip ten il'J) lJatnre lea
10 F..u-t of tli' h i iu Casi county, Ne
braska, ilV rivile ;e and appurtenances
tiiereuuto b. j or in any wis'. aprertain
jni; sliereto. - . , ,
l he same bene levied upon ana taken as
the propertv of William ("1. irk Defendant ; t
batify a judgment of abl court recovered by
Jinny & lVeidc ' l iintitf, agaiustsaid Defetid-
lrVatt-nioutl, Neb., this .Innn 20th A. D. lSsT.
14-5 J. C. KlKEM'.AKY.
Sheriff of Oais County. Neb.
Fifteen miners are imprisoned by fire
at Virginia City, Xev. in different levels
of the Gould fc Curry and Best & Bel
cher mines. But little hope is entertain
ed of saving them, though the engines
are busy pumping air into the levels where
they are cod lined.
M tritUKKKUS KSCAl'i;.
Sitiii-;lo 1.1, Mo., .lime L'O.C. l. Car
ter, 'i'om M. Killon ttiul three oilier pris
oners, killeil tin: (leiiity sheriff ami escap
ed from jail ut Mt. Vernon yesterday.
Curler was to lie lianed next Friday for
Hie murder of lioocrt Crockett. :ind Killon
was awaiting trial for coiuplicily in the
same crime. Carter and Killon were .sa
loon keeper and druist respectively,
and ('rocket t had reported them for vio
lation of the liijiior laws.
Si KVK Pl.KK, 'I'll H .N I .Vi AHA llorKVVAI.KKlt
Kll.l.KI UY A F.U.I,.
Niij.iiit Falls, June .V2. Steve IVcr,
Hi" local cclelirity, who out-did lilondin
in daring feats around Niagara and rc
cetitly crossed on a fi vo-cip;hth inch cahle
is dead, lver since he did tin; daring
act he has Keen drinking very heavily.
This evening ahout 7::'0 Peer vvent out
tinoliservcd, with John (Jillcspie and a
stranger, and later was seen ia the same
company near his rope. As ho did not
show up ly !S::(l, and no trace of him
could lie discovered elsewhere, it was
conc luded he must have got on his rope
and fallen from it, or tumbled over the
hank", and ropes and lanterns were pro
cured and Peer's hrotlu-r, with another
man, were lowered down, and near the
bottom of the incline found his lifeless
body badly cut around the head. The
body was raised to the top of the preci
pice by means of the ropes. The gener
al bclcif is that he attempted to walk
out on the cable and lost his footing and
fell into the abyss below.
THi: A. O. H.
lMiiladelphia, June G. Members of
Division Xo. 7, Ancient Order of Hibern
ians, yesterday attended the funeral of
Jeremiah Twohig at St. Mary's Catholic
church", this city. Twohig was a liquor
dealer, a member in good standing in St.
Mary's church and was also connected
with Division No. 7. Father McDcrmott
sent notice of his objections to the widow
of the deceased to allowing members of
the order to attend. However, a goodly
representation from Division Xo, 7 was
in front of the church when Father Me
Dermott entered to solemnize mass for
the dead, and he sent word to the under
taker to request the men to leave. But
the Hibernians remained in their seats.
Father McDcrmott, having removed his
vestments, advanced without the chancel
rail and stated-that members of the so
ciety must withdraw, and that mass for
the dead would not be said until this
was done. The Hibernians then left the
church. "I did not intend to be drawn
into a tacit recognition, much less ap
proval, of the order," said Father Mc
Dcrmott this evening. "My acquaintance
with them is very thorough. I was spir
itual adviser, while stationed in Fottsville
.'i 1S7.- and 170, to sixteen of their
number who were sentenced to be hanged
for murder. I have papers in my posses
sion which, should I give them to the
press, would take the roof off the order.
I have written confessions from many
members of the order who saw death on
the gallows staring them in the face.
They are all alike in purpose whether
they call themselves Hibernians, M?41ie
Maguires, Whiteboys, Buckshots, or
what not."
Baton, X. M., June 2'J. Special Tele
gram to the Bee. There is trouble among
the settlers on the Maxwell land grant in
the northern part of the territory and the
bitter feeling toward its claimants is
growing stronger daily. Threats are
heard on every hand and several rows
have occurred. The following is a
copy of the call which has been issued
for a meeting at this place August 1. It
needs no comment:
Shoulder arms, forward march. Set
tiers, the so-called Maxwell grant is pub
lic domain. It was thrown open to set
tlement and entry as public land in 1874
by tite final authoritative judgment of
the secretary of the interior. This final
judgment, settlers, has never been fe vers
ed. For several years it has been treated
with contempt by speculators and corrupt
officials, but it lias never been rcyersed.
Commissioner Williamson, after the sec
retary had pronounced the judgment of
the land department final could not re
verse that judgment. The supreme court
did not dare to say in its printed decis
ions, although the matter was brought to
its attention, that Commissioner W illiam
son could arbitrarily reverse the final de
cision of the secretary of the interior. The
nine supreme court corruptionists dodged
that point in the interest of the public
land thieves. In pretending to arbitrari
ly reverse the final and vested judgment
of the secretary of the interior, Commis
sioner Williamson committed an infa
moins crime in the interest of these high
toned public land thieves.
''lea -l T. B. C'ATKON.
Settlers, you are now asked to submit
to this outrageous crime. Don't you do
it. Only contemptible cowards would
tamely submit to be knocked olf from
public laud by an ollicial gang of public
land thieves. Settlers, you are not cow
ards. You obeyed our summons once;
obey it again. Come to Baton in force
by the first d.iy of next August and if we
cannot in mass meeting assembled with
out a rumpus get the attention of the na
tion to the ci ime committed by William
son in arbitrarily surveying public land
in Maxwell grant, then by all means, let
us have a rumpus.
Signed. Com.mittkk of tiiu Sktti.eks.
tiii: i:gi.i: will I'Kotect hawail
Xew York, June 2S. Special to the
.'-. The Washington correspondent of
the lh nilil says that it is understood that
when the troubles in Hawaii inyolve for
eign interests, our government will insist
that Only American authority shall be re
cognized in the Hawaiian country. In
what form this will be established has
not been considered, but no foreign gov
ernment, will be permitted under plea of
setting up a protectorate to establish it
self in that country.
Chicago, June 28. Special to the
;;- .:. United States Senator W. B. Alli
son, of Iowa, has been in the city for
several days, and the report is that he is
looking after his fences in Illinois, with
a view of the presidential nomination.
While the senator was at home to every
politician who called, he was invariably
engaged when a reporter desired an audi
ence, and evaded an interview with the
ease and courtesy which distinguishes
the astute politician. Congressman D.B.
Henderson of Iowa, however, who ac
companied the senator, was more easy of
access, and did the talking for both.
Henderson said there was no doubt about
Senator Allison being a candidate for the
presidential nomination, and he would
be unanimously supported by the state
of Iowa. He believed Allison was a
strong man before the people and he
thought his chances as good as any man
thus far mentioned on cither side of the
house. He did not want to pose as a
prophet, but he would not be at all sur
prised if the senator was selected as the
standard bearer in 185?$.
It is rumored that King Milan of Servia
will abdicate.
It is said the liabilities of the broken
Fidelity bank of Cincinnsti will re;:ch
Some districts in Asia Minor are threat
ened with famine because of crop failures.
Great distress prevails.
Forty thousand children assembled in
Hyde Park in honor of the Queen's jubi
lee. They were visited by the Price of
Wales and mauy other visiting royalties.
The sheriff of Rowan Co. Kentucky
with a posse of 200 men surrounded the
town of Moorehead and after a hard fight
broke up the famous Tollivcr gaug of
desperadoes by killing four of them and
capturing others.
King Olto of Bavaria is officially de
clared insane.
It is said the czar of Russia is arrang
ing to meet the emperors of Germany and
Several parties supposed to be impli
cated in the recent Texas train robberies,
have been arrested.
Dom Pedro, emperor of Brazil, has
been given permission by his parliament
to leave for Europe on the 30th iust.
E. L. Harper and B. F. Hopkins cf
the broken Fidelity Bank of Cincinnati
have gone to jail for want cf bondsmen
Frank Hugh O'Donuell a former mem
ber of parliament and ex-vice-president
of the home rule confederation, has
brought suit against the London 2'ii.izs
for libel,
Dick Klock of Nebraska City is held
iu the sum of $7,000 bail on the charge of
having released Quinu Bohannan from
The Agricultural and Mechanical col
lege of Auburn, Ala., Teas destroyed by
fire. The loss of cabinets of rare speci
mens, of aparatus etc., is placed at over
$100,000, and the buildings destroyed
were also valued at over $100,000.
Gov. Hill if New York has approved
the bill pa-sed by the legislature which
extends local option throughout lhe state
to the extent of permiting communities
which have prohibited retail liquor sel
ling to also prohibit its sale tit wholesale.
During the big Wall street llury the
stock board was full of wild rumors.
Among others it was said Ives, who has
figured so prominently of lato in large
deals, had failed, another rumor said he
had absconded, both reports were denied.
There was a heavy break in Wall street
in stocks and bonds yeste rday. Stocks
and securities fell from .1 to 0 per cent,
but rallied before the close of the day.
The break in prices begun on a rumor
that the great capitalists; Gould, Sage
and Field hail fallen out, which rumor
wtis followed by one of Gould's death.
Both reports proved untrue. Xo failures
were reported and it is said that this fr.ct
is due to Messrs Gould, Yanderbilt and
Field who are credited with relieving
weak parties of their holdings.
Gov. Hill of Xew York has vetoed the
bill imposing a tax on bucket shops.
Gen. James Speed who was attorney
general under President Lincoln died at
Louisville. He was 70 years old.
Blaine visited the American exhibition
in London. After the performance he
held an informal reception and was loud
ly cheered.
The Dover Sentinel states the estimates
of the Delaware peach crop have dwindl
ed away from 8.000,000 baskets to not
more than 1, ",00,000.
Secretary Fairchild has ordered the
payment of July interest checks and cou
pons upon presentation. This is done to
release money from the treasury that it
may aid in relieving the money market.
Cablegrams from London still claim
Pai nell is very ill, that . his unknown
malady is very dangerous. He himself,
however, still persists he will soon be
better and able to lead his party in the
Queen Victoria has written a letter ex
pressing her appreciation and thanks for
the loyalty shown herself and family by
the British people on the occasion of the
jubilee, and says it will encourage her, in
her often difficult and arduous task, dur
ing the remainder of her life.
All efforts to relieve the miners entomb
ed in the Gould & Curry mines at Virgin
ia City have so far proved unavailing.
Five men are known to have lost their
lives and six are thought to be still liviug.
The fire is extinguished and they are tun
neling through from the Consolidated
Virginia mine to try and reach the place
where the miners arc imprisoned.
It is denied that King Milan, of Servia,
intends to abdicate.
France and Russia have each notified
Turkey and the powers that they will not
accept the situation that would result
from the ratification of the convention
between England and Turkey regarding
Egypt. The alarmists talk of the possi
bility of war.
A dispatch from Xew Orleans says that
Jeff Davis in a letter to a local paper de
nies the authenticity of the letter sent out
early in the week from Danville, 111. He
claims it is a bare-faced forgery and de
nies the views attributed to him on the
subject of the rebel flags.
President Cleveland is reported to have
said in conversation with a friend that he
had about given up the idea of being
present at St. Louis during the encamp
ment of the G. A. R. He understands
the weather is very hot there during Sep
tember, and he thinks of deferring his
visit until October.
The band of hostile Apaches that have
been raiding in Arizona have been so
hard pressed they have returned to the
reservation, thus ending the present dis
turbances. The Harvard-Columbia boat race was
won by Harvard. Time: Harvard, 20:
20; Columbia, 20:29. Both crews beat
the best previous four mile record ever
The town of Marsh Geld, "Wis., was al
most swept out of existence by fire San
day afternoon. Two thousand people
are homeless and tli3 financial loss is not
less than $1,000,000.
It is stated the Rev. Dr. McGlynn in
tends to become a Knight of Labor and
work hereafter in the interest of that or
ganization, part of the time at least, with
i Continued on th page,
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