Plattsmouth weekly herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1882-1892, March 29, 1883, Image 4

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Ik. Kev. C
tlio Concord
to Stove Creek.
Fed. Rer. Lani-
rF. L. Swan to
F. W. Scott to
at 8 a. in. short
neiu at tnn
i ho, body ol their
fuoll. The services
Rev. J. T. Baird,
au church, utter
was takeu . to the
liere to St. Joscpl A
sympathizing friends
rvfecs at the house.
Irinjr tho.quesiion pro-
e rhiladf lphia Press as
it costs to treat drunk-
Omaha Republican sa
llies to know whether
fjf tlic Peace take beer or
flattsmoiuh is a little in-
tliid question, bat it arises
Put .form, our Justices are
Lit applies to another court,
leetiou is, how much docs it
'P drunk all the time?
Sutton,, "a little town about
the size of Plattsmouth, they
mized a creamery association
'com menaced 'the erection of
i Why can't, we have
5ii" a joint stock com-
in capital now lying
lcows run around on
reCvi -W day to furnish milk
of orch Iry capacity.
r "Wheeler has been, the past
L f, sending out crop circulars
lied by parties over the county,
statistics of all kinds ' of crops,
bes, the product of the last year.
mint on hand. 'arid tlmnrnsnpnls
As'J'Biei inain. etc. This is the
a series of circulars that will
ed inontblj, and the returns, as
ut, be forwarded to the depart-
Lf agriculture, at "Washington
I A. O. .II. ball Tuesday eve. was
Jbplete success in every seuse.
en sixty and seventy tickebs
I old and the dancers just com-
4b!y CiMl the hall.' The supper at
iurphy's popular restaurant was in
keeping with the rest of the pro
gramme, and the dancing and eating
ere kept up until from sheer exnans-
tion they had to stop. ; The "A. O. II.
are t be congratulated upon the suc
cess of their first entertainment.
' Bennett & Lewis have recently Qtted
up their store room in nice style, giv
ing it a coat of paint inside and out,
lid putting an attractive gold leai
1 job of lettering on the windows tl
t be equalled in the city. Tue
iwd a 3,000 pound safe,
his labors at Li'.'!'.jhi aiut
Friday inoruinsr.
. Dr. G. II. Ebuk, who accompanied
Mr. Thompson to Chicago, writes
homo that they are meeting with ilat
teriiig endorsements from all who ex
amine their tire escape.
As repoi ted from the Clerk's office
cacli day:
Robert E. Moore and wf to Hattie
Droet, ul sJa' sw4 17-11-14, w d,$3j0.
Hyers and .Sullivan to (eo. W. Stam
baugh, nej 2 3-1 0-D, w d, S-i730.
"W. Cutforlh and wf to Goo. Laverty
e2' lot aC5 and und U Pt l"ts 293 and
2Uu. Louisville, w d, 3250.
Samuel Draper and wf to II. ilor
row, 9). se'j 0-11-13, w d, $2300.
Dist Court Cass Co., Neb., t Sam'l
Eikenbary. iiw.j4' 8 w4 00-12-14, Dwcree
ilagdalena Stoll to August Stoll, pt
nw,1 sw'4 ;50-lS-i3, w d, $373.
Frank Buache to A II Gillett. e'4's
ne'i 12-1 1-12. xv d. $1000.
Ceo.O'Neil and wf to I,afe O'Neil,
undig luts in 19-12-14.
ig " 5 blk 47 Platts., W d, $850.
T M Coo ley to J. A. Mick, wjs' nw'4'
28-11 9, 81S00.
U. S. to T F Ferguson, e4' se 0 12
13. John Toman and wf to Joseph Votes
hink, lot 12-1 2-1 3-1 S, w d, '.). .
Heed & Bellows to Clutzer & Hull,
lot 6, blk G7 Weeping Water; w d
Heed & Bellows to F S Clutzer, lot
3 blk 69 Weeping Water w d $700.
I' S Barnes a: d wife to S A Uipley,
-i lot blk GO Weeping. Water v d
A W Clark and wife to T K Clark,
u xv 12-10-11 w d $1,000.
C li & Q R II Co. to Sullivan and
Ilycrs n e 25-10-9 final receipt
$077. CO.
T WhaUn to F Campbell, lots 3 and
blk 166 Fl itts.n u!i w J -?i.
S E Green-date and wf to Sallie
Greenslate, w,V ne 32-11-10, w d,
$1,600. "
Peter Peterson and wf to Peter
Thorn, lot 9 and pt lot IS blk 4,
Stadeiman's add. to Plattsmouth, w
d, $15.
Allie V. Roberts to W. N. Latham,
lot 3 blk 3, Donelan's add. to Plaits
mouth, w d, $50
Jany -O'Neil and wf to John Bow
er, ptuw nw snd pt se nwj 22-12-11,
q c d, $C0.
State of Nebraska to' Lorenzo Ahl,
u w 12-11-10 d- $324.
Iade and wife to A. E. Lake,
'-21-10 xv d $1,500.
Mason and husband to
jj l"ts 9 and 10, block
(th, w d-
cloar and cold water like the great lakes.
This consignments sent to Nebras
ka purely as an expeiinieivt and to see
if the white ti.-di will thrive in our wa
ters. They mature slowly, being about
three years in attaining their growth,
while the carp will reach a weight of
three to live pounds in a year and will
live in any sort of water, from a lake
to a mud puddle. In fact the carp is
the hog of its species, but like the ge
nius hog is very good for all that.
Superintendent Moore has also for
the Nebraska commission ten "Golden
Ideas," a very beautiful fish, pomewhut
like the -gold fish, and Ave -'tench."
They started with a can of gold fish
but they have been ruislaid in some
way and yesterday could r.ot be found.
Since starting on the trip two little
lonesome salmon, about a week old
have been discovered lost babies and
strangers to the half million littla or
phans who accomdany them.
All in all, the cargo as well a3 the
car is' curious and interesting. The
superintendent says ttiat the tish are
in the finest shape of any they ever
delivered to any state, and the los3 on
the journey will not exceed one per
cent, while often on such trips the
mortality runs up into tens ol thous-auds.
Workmen's Benevolent and Belief Sc
clety. The Herald is glad to endorse an
organization which has recently been
formed in this city, and which is en
titled as above. The organization is
cpmposod of those working at manual
labor or skilled labor, and has for its
object mutual aid; not a secret socie
ty, or a society for the purpose of agi
tation in labor circles or unions, but
rather an organization to aid each
other In sickness, extend aid to the
family of any member in the event of
the members death, and for self-improvement
among themselves. The
organization now numbers fii'ty mem
bers, who are in earnest in their work,
and who all are a guarantee of the sta
bility and good faith of the organiza
tion. They meet each week and hav.j
their organizition complete, an 1 have
adopted their Constitution and By
Laws, which .'.hey propose having
printed for their tse.
Th8 officers of Cje society are :
Master AVoiJ-mnn- W B Short.
Chief ClerkT Vvilliams.
Ass'tClerkl mith.
Paymaster I ITuttbury.
Time Keei I Ramsey-
Gate Keen IVayman
The Swe
tained theiil
iilly su3
blame, and Ii
Vl hKDUNK. j
LKYDA MOS1.K V. At t lie rexltli'iice of tlio
bl iile's f;tllier. Ijy Kill. Cyrim Alton, on
201 Ii. Mr. Jamks K. I.kdaih Mm
L. -Momli-.v. All u( C'ass cuuuty.
Ma it ik
Hold up, stop a little; fanners don't buy
a stalk cutter until you call and see oue
made at the Cuss County Iron Works;
til so call mid see the new sulky plow at
tachnieut made by us.
50ml Wayman & Kihjiy.
The only first class barber shop and
bath rooms in the city at Joe Fords,
iiuder Carruth block. d&wtf
Landretli's and Others Garden Seed.
A tine Hue of bulk seeds comprising
all kiuds of garden seeds, the lurgest
line eyer before kept wc have in the mar
ket this spring. Before buying vegeta
ble seeds of any kiud, call and sec us.
w2t&d 2t a w U. V. Mathews. -.
"Art is nature passed through the
Alembaic of man." Emerson.
Geo. Graybill, teacher ot a thor
ough and practical system of physi
cal and vocal culture, and expr' ssion
by voice and action.
Children's classes, advanced class
es, Spakespeare or Milton classes,
private classes, public and parlor
readings at reasonable rates. Ollicn
at the Perkins house.
Full eoiirnp in Telegraph", Railroad and
Express Hook Keeping. 1-or terms, ailtlrep.t,
C. F. SbBKlNti,
Avoca, Cuss County, Neb.
Inclose stamp to Insure answer. l-xi
Just received a large lot of new
goods in the boot ami shoe line at
lttibt' Sherwood's, iu the Rock wood
block. 51wtf
A Square Meal
Can be had at the City Hotel for only
23 cents and lodging at same reasonable
lates. Farmers aud Commercial, Men
will please bear this in mind. d&wtf
m urn '
For Sale. '
A deairahle Iiouse and lot wlth'n three
blocks of buinefc9. Very cheap. En
quire of Sullivan Aj Wooley. a22-lw
- Save your teeth by using Dr. Clut
ter's Glycerine Tooth Tablet3. Beauti
fy 1 Cleanse! Preserve 1 tf
Wall Paper.
New stock of wall paper at Roberts'i
Pharmacy. olwltno
Joy, Joy to the World.
If you meet a man who looks as If
he had lost all his friends, had hJis
house burned down aud ousiness ate-
stroyed, just make up your mind
he. .either has dyspej
jvfi of order. T!
I for such a wJ
' " l'ai Clio kuow in
id to me, will p!;i'
March jLIi, and
sold my goods I w
accounts at once.
Cedar Creek, Ne
At Sehlegel's ei
be found the very
inc and chewing t
Fortunes for Farm
Thousands of do
uy using proper ju
care of the Ik
faniilv. If vou al
low complexion,
and depressed s
debilitated, d. i
but go at olice ntnt
ofthoxe woudertul
which never fail to
the trifiinic sum cf
uue. Sold at ltobei
Manufacturing ,r
Sherwod's, in Ki1..,
Manufactui '. tl
and neat, at Merges
John Blake keeus
a full line of fine
Whiskies. Au
A. Salisbury, Iet'
"We challenge any (
of Nebraska to produ
for purity and quality
as is used in the mat
t lor de l'ennei ben' ani
Tha Doctor's Labt
I recently had a ver
of consumption. I lri
most scieutllic manne
to no-effect; patient .
worse. Rather than .
a last resort, I decided
rav wishes, to use a i
cured one of my fr
Greatly to my surpri
began to gain, anl in
tunc than I d it red
this r-iarkable rcme.
New Discovery for C
now use it altogether
Leading M. D. Evan
Trial bottles free at R
V. Large size $1.00.
' For Sal
Fortv acres of lam
from Plattsmouth, sa
in whole or in lots to
Inauire of Wheelk
Bucklen's Am
The best salve In tl
bruises, sores., ulcers,
sores, tetter, Jhapped
corns and a skin r
Pilules. 1
ood shape to tn
siug busir