Plattsmouth weekly herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1882-1892, March 22, 1883, Image 4

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. .r&iTor airs ucGT
Will ndvanco money on all
on lower Main street,
Opposite The Old Duke Building.
Plattsmouth. Feb. 1st, 1S8;1 46tf.
I I a s m s T v-7'' - t a . .
i ' iaiii n E Q ft 2
I. I If If I D M I X-..v . .X UtM. Ji 0
S p; r
g 2 ai
p o
P &1 b
(AjurreMMor to Mtrelcht A Miller.)
Glass, Paints, Oils, Lamps, &e., &c.
Books and Btatioer,
r out Stork of Cigars ;it Cost
a - o
A. V7, ATWOOD, of Chicago, Proscription Clsrk.
Full ILiim; CiiC'skcs's
Full lAnu General
, A larse line of
Saddles Bridies, Collars, Whips. &c.
always In st ck.
Repairing of all kinds neatly done on
tort notice.
Mala Street, between Fourth and Fifth,
O. M. STKEIGHT, Bunlneoa Manaeer.
CHAS.Simmons. Mc!iantcal Manager. 7tf
FurniturE StorE
and all kiuda ot goods usually kept lu a
very conTprtte stock of Funeral Goods,
fallic&WoodenCofflns CastoUMw
Our New and elegant hearse i always In
!mf!iilirr t W nluee. in 1IVION
VjHLOCK, oifSixth Street, TWO
J Doors sonth of Cass Conn
f ty Hank.
I Whear we may he found nisht or flay.
Always on Hand,
Always on Hand.
Hottoiii IB rices
JSoUom Prices
for Cash,
lor CJash-
TlisPIattsinontli Heral FaMisliiiiz Co.
Work lux Bojfuu IbiMt VI ho Are Pe
In It.
n rn p.
M S p: K F 9 3 &M ?
Coins to the front with a complete xtock of
Staple and Fancy Groceries
AVe always buy the l;cst goods in the market, and Kuaiatitet'
w e sell We are sole agents in this tou ti for tht sale of
i-vt thiusr
Notliinp finer in the market. . Piatt s "Tiper hrfiiu i U.tltimore Ovsters
always on hand. Como and sie iw. We make you glad.
II IMs of Farm unplements Menisil will
Neatness and Dispatch.
orse, 3Iulc & 0x Shoeing,
l-shoit, we'll shoe anything that hat
mr feet, from a Zebra to a Giraffe.
t , Come and see us.
IHth St between Maiaaad Vine Streets.
faeross 16 corner ironi ia skw uiiLr
on. Buggy, Maofiine and Plow rer
pairing, ana general jobbing .
how prepared to do all kinds of repairing
wmwiu wmrr uutiuuiery, as mere
a a gooa lacne in niy siiop:
old Reliable Waon Maker
as taken charge of the wagon shop.
U well known as a
"tons and Bnffcles sade tm
. vnrr.
Plutt.-inoutli needH the diaouul road
and PlftttJinoutli cun recurc it by the
He f proper effort.
Nothing in a is tha usual ercnity of
the police court totlBj.
The iitasou began laying brick la
Lafe O'Neiirs new iner,t market today.
Joe Ford AVill have a brasH bund at
the skiiting rink Saturday nli-lit. to
livvu up things.
The dramatic dub meet for rehear
al at J. P. t ouug'ri rcoideuce this e-
Morris O.Uourke, the tailor, U liar
hii the front of the building; occupied
by 1 1 i tn, repainted.
Dr. Thomas, the noted Chicago di
vine, lect ures in lloyd'a opera honee
Oinahii, the night of the 2 )1 h.
Vorkiswell uuder wav on the
foundation 09 the new building uext
to Llinhotrs which will rapidly rite
to completion.
- pany is ijping organized lor an
excursion to Mr. (Juinu'n taTcrn nnd
the duck poKiN adjuc ent to 1'er. ival
Monday next
iuj oin is".i ijiou .ig: lias Ufeti
removed from its la-st resting plac
anil will be robed in a new shnm I in
front of Jim Anli'l s restaurant.
.Morri-y Jtros. are doing an exten-
ire business these days, and their el
evator is a big institution for the city
of Plattsmouth.
1 he tram for tlio west was an hour
1 . L
iaie mis iiiornuig an i as usual was
over-loaded with emigrant coiniHg west
to "blow uj with the country "
ine nunting party for 1'ercival is
making due preparations for the hunt
next Monday, and they will make it
exceedingly lively for mud hens and
As we go to press tho police court is
engaged in settling with two fellows,
who attempted to settle with each oth
er contrary to'the pwiee and dignity of
the state of Nebraska.
Tomorrow morning the suu lises at
6 o'clock and t minutes, and sets at C
o'clock and 9 minutes, making the day
and night nearest the same length
that it will be during the year.
Whenever a police force sullicicut
to keep order in the gallery at the op
era boue is organized, the people in
the parquet and dress circle wi 1 ap
prccia e it.
Gen. Smith and John Jennings, with
two old fusees mid the proper caoinc
equipments, weut to Hobbs' lake this
afternoon to slaughter duck-i. We an
ticipate I he ducks will have iots of fun
Up in Lancaster county where Judge
Gaslin is holding court, they are hav-
lively time-, and yesterday a new
grand jury was drawn and impanneled
to tackle further criminal business,
The Plattsmouth Lodge I. O. O. F.
propose to celebrate the 64th annirer
ary of the order in a manner, which
eclipse anything that has ever been
observed In the state. The 28-h day
of April 1810, was tha day of the birth
of Odd Fellowship, and upon the 25lh
day of April, the Plattsmouth Lodge
will entertain representatives from
Lodges at Liaroln, Oiaaha, Crete, Be
atrice, Hastings and other towns
throughout the state. A graud din
ner will be prepared for the gutsts.
and a grand ball will be tield in the
evening The fullowiug are the com
mittees appointed:
J Mc Williams, J Way man, S II
K O'Neill. D II Wheeler, G F Gyger,
rPGass. M PatUn.
Mr and Mrs D II Wheeler. Mr and
Mrs F. S Greusel. It O'Neill and wife.
Herman Smith and wife, Mr McEl
wain and wife, G X Prouger and wife,
J Pepperberg and wife.
M Schnellbacher, G Uasgortthek, G
E Piouger.
I) II Wheeler. It O'Neill, W Herold.
C E Wood row. W Weber, J L Farthing.
C E Woodrow, A StuIU, It Newell,
It Roberts.
E S Greusel, D P. Smith, S F Eaton,
J Fetzer, W Curtis.
I The Camp Fire
The (J. 'A. II, boys did themselves
proud last night, and the occasion was
one which wilt leave its impression
upon those who participated, as one
among the good times strewn along
life's pathway. The music was good.
The ladies of
w!H give- a basket soei:
of Mrs. E.Uutlcry, on
March 27. Each lady
filled with cpeclnietis of her culinary ac
conipiivhinc'ut, putting i.i enough for
two, anil lihice in it n c:ird with her
t. Luke's guild
, A' I ho residence
l'u a lay evenin
takes a basket
n- Tin;
the speeches were exceptionally good, nnme-on. E u h gentleman provides
and the supper made one wish they
had the capacity of a freight c ir and
an appetite like a cannibal.
The principal address was that of
Gu. Vandervoort, the Grand Com
mander of the G. A. R, in the United
States. He congratulated the Post
upon its growth and flourishing con
dition. He waxed eloquent in defining other man's wife. Ladies this is your
himself with a 85 cent piece, which ho j 1 L S f I 11 V
i - - ....... '' s.
raciiHiigcs ior one oi inosu oaskeis,
seeks the lady whose uamo he finds in
it, and divides the contents with her.
Yountr man this is your opportunity to
make a selection of a cook for life. Old
man thu is your opportunity t pans Immense Practice in Plattsmoul
judgement upon the cooking of some
As will be see by reference to our
dispatches, A. Webster's safe, at Weep
ing Water, was broken into last n.ght
mil rubbed of S175, in moiiey and $500
in Watches and jewelry, it is hardly
possible that the thief can escifpe, and
we hope soon to hear of his keeping
company with John Polin.
Later From Dave Woodurd. who
came down from Weeping Water to
day, we learn the following particulars
concerning the safe robbery at that
place last night.
This morning A. Webster went to
his place of business as usual, and dis
covered his safe open and his papers
lying scattered all around; further ex
aminations showed that all the money.
watches and jewelry in the safe had
been taken, the whole to the value of
;ibout $1,000. His notes and mort
gages had also been taken, but were
afterwards foui;d near the school
Marshall & Son's shoe store was also
visited and between 450 and S100 tak
The doors of both safes had been
drilled inio, near the combination. and
the theory is that a wire had been in-
the principles and purposes of the or
ganualion, and with contempt de
nounced the efforts of some of the
newspapers to stigmatize it as a well
planned political organization. He
gave some interesting statistics re
garding the growth and membership
f the G. A. R. The increase in mem
bership during his administration up
to the present time foots up to 5 5 28a
with several departments to hear from
yet. Thirteen departments have gain
ed 534 Posts, with U1727 members,
Uuder Commander Merrill, his pre
decessor, the organization uumlered
44 pests with a memhe'.ship of
Frotm the date of Gen. Vandervort's
taking charge as Grand Commander
until December HI, the gain in tuem
bers hip excei d uO.OeO. He has visited
the different lVsts and departments
in every state in the union where the
organization exists, and it is estimated
that the G. A. R. will mere than treble
its members under his administra
tion. Their motto is F,..;einity,
Loyalty and Charity, and among the
things they will not do. knowingly, is
to let a union sohiirr n !io has been
honorably discharged f:om the service
bsc.ume an inmat uf or vim in the
poor nc use. i ney nope, n, the near
future, to establish and maintain a
soldier's home in Nrbra.-'Ka, without a
dollar of expense or cost to the state
a place of refuge for those of their
number who are no longer able to bat
tle with the world for the necessities
of nature, and whom the woild hits
failed to provide for.
The climax of the General s speech
was reached m his vision in the final
roll call, when the last man was mus
tered out of tht; service of the
country for whic'i h" so nobly offered
himself as a sariifii-e, to answer to the
call of the g:eaL iiitiiiiie in. the ranks
of eternity.
Mr. Vauatta was present, and being
called upon, responded in a happy
manner, alluding to the result of the
war and the maintainance of a free
government, the development of tew
industries, and beUer than all, the
granting by the government to those
who so nobly fought to sustain her
institutions, a free home in the broad
and fertile prairies of the west
C W. Sherman was called upon to
tell a story, which he did. taking an
opKirmnity to reach a tender spot in the
hearts of the men. And ail together
tills is an opportunity for a number one
good time.
The police court has been on duty to
day, and the school fund receives a credit,
and the jailor another "charge to keep."
Eil Koss was iu a good huuior Saturday
niirtit, ami the usual 5 and triuiiuinirs
were douated by him this morning,
while a !cllow named Stctxoii was too
4lircd" to make cIiiiql'o and is now tak
ing a lest in the cooler. This afternoon
John Cams aud James Me.Vcely couldu't
agree, and Carues convinced McNeely by
a practical dcinonstrat ion, of the weight
of his argument, whicn the court thought
wua worth ouuthiig, and accordingly
taxed him up the regular V and costs.
Saturday, Rfiay 19
Ml I
Our old friend, Goo. MaylieM,
called ou us today, and shows up
lively and lull ot Louisville jjrit.
Cleo. and his boy K. (). Mayliehl
own and run the Louisville Observer.
The observer is a sprightly, newsy
paper, run in th interest of Louis
ville anil deserves the warm support
of the people of that vicinitv: the
better support the people give a
liume paper the better pap?r they
get as a rule.
The Cass couuty agricultural society
met at I). II. Wheeler's ollice Suturday,
and transacted busineis connected with
the next fair. Several changes in the
premium list were made and the same
submitted aud accepted. Several bills
were allowed, and the matter of printing
the premium list was left with the presi
dent, secretary aud treasurer to open bids
and award the work.
Wc have discovered he cause of
this last bluster :iml the Midden
change in t he a! inos'ihrre Pro. Sher
man -:irrilict (I :, piiriiioi oi his l ;ir ,
and h.-iil his b:u-U h:dr trimmed io n
to a pine apple .-!op . I; is another
evidence of th' disfavor ol'ilciiiiKTi'.i'v
inihoexesof the Alinighl v.
Lafe O'Neill's new building is to he
completed and ready lir occupancy in
side of thirty ciavs. In this way Platts
outh opens the building boom of 188;5.
set ted. and the tumblers in that wav
adjusted so the bolts could be slipped actual experience of a "grub" hunt, in
back, and the door opened.
pi r r
The best and most comp
Jil.Ut Jv, i w o doors west
j 3? ait ur e,
sC tc.. rre.,rrc., ".
1 Of All Descriptions. - "
V, ready made and sold cheap for.casb..
Yr F1NEHEAR8B - ' -L-
t ' iM
) . .
f.' patronage- - " I
v I
V OF - i
Hardware. Stoves and 1 in ware.
..-;. i . ,-: y J.,,!.e ! t ) 0 I C ' ' () 1
ii aiiu.iis v a .s i) skis us. j
EBs Esni m tj gs?4 23 t-s si i
I 1 1 Iwl m I M I
! c is!
7th &T..
One of our popular young
"flushed" a chicken at the G. A. R. sup
per last night, and today says lit; is in
disposed. Most anybody would feel
the same way after eating a whole
The Swcedish Lady Quartette have
.en red the opera house for the 2Gtli.
All lovers of line m'.isie frhouul paste
this item in their hats. They are
tine singers, and present a novelty
in the vocal line.
Manager Younf informs us of a
communication Irom ICeece inquir
ing for April 'St as :i date to appear
before a Plattsmouth audience. That
ila'.e. however, is tak;:i ly Harry
Webber, and Mr. Young will make
an eCort to sec ure Kec-nc upon some
ot her date. We hope he will suc
ceed. t n Mouduy night a number ol the
friends of Mr. Johu Youug surprised
him nt his home, the day being his
birthday; a vciy jileasant eveuiug
was passed by ail pr.-sriit, and supper
was served to the guests assembled.
A u:mig t present were Mr. aud
Mrs (ifu, Dovcv ?drs. Dovev, Mr. and
Mrs. IL New, 11, Mr. ami Mrs. Drum
Mntid, juki .-i-vef.d V(ung .eople.
A p. rty with ;i Iiig b inille of bo ils
en I U lei! 'J.eiiiiiiig cities -f Snmliwest-
I i'1'i . !-r..sK;. Miiiirisfda nutufierof
oiii- c.tiz-ns )eslnd;y by presenting
the;n sevi-rai copies of the work and an
o-ihr over thfir ow;i signiturr' for
1'ir live dolhiis each and npwan!. Tht
ci :. sis wiio ha 1 invested paid their
lth a
r fur something
(1 less interesting.
of liitl-
Dealers in all kinds of
BSKA'EsnD&f muLmm pasi?ts5
desire to state to the public that
thev Iiavb moved their Dry Coods
Notions, Boots, -and Gent's Fur
nishing goods to their store room
formerly occupied by J. K- Cox.
: ' A lull line of
S'yAPIilS, F.ITC"5T''ailOCEKISS and
vvill Sje kept at tlicold stand. We i
would be pleased to see all our old
customers and many new one
a BKTTElt line
"ofiTO Hi
A i-.:n of horses attachou in a"-. '":igcii were e!'t s a.eling
iiion.- iii t.-i street this morn :ig i;i
front ol"t!;e court lioiis . untied, and
thinking to enjoy their freedom,
started up Main street, and the fur
ther they ot the faster they went.
Brave men all along bth sides of the
street with their hands in their pock
ets shouting "whoa,"' which seemed
to be Spanish, to the horses, but
w hen they came to 4th street they
were umieciucu wuetuer to turn or
not, and halted between two opinions.
landed in the corner of Mathews1
hardware store and stopped without
doing any damage.
The livers Sisters euterta'nment, at
the opera house, last night, was one
which will be long remembered by
those who had the good fortune to be
in attendance . The dramatic portion
of it was a vivid reproduction of the
seenesof slavery days, full of ludicrous
and laughable incidents, interspersed
with the negro melodies so character
istioof the happv go lucky- nature of
the race. Louise Hyers, in the per
sonation of Kaloolah, was "wild aud
full of mischief," and Dick Allen, as
Henrie, was just as "jolly and wild.
The scene changed, and the ignorant
slave is suddenly transformed into an
accomplished being, displaying talents
of vocal ability. The singing of Ma-
dah Hyers displayed a voice which for
sweetness, compass and power is un
equalled by few, if any, of the public
songsters of today. Her rendition ol
a selection from the opera "Salvani"
waa simtlv . One noticeable
feature in her singing was the absence
of tLe inhuman contortions -general!
indulged in. to reach the high notes.
The quartet; ''Sweet and Low, was
I worthy a better place than an encore.
and the whole so.g would have been
hailed wiJi delight
We hope they may again favor
P'attsrnouth wiv.h another programme
. . ... t
From Colorado.
Dknvkk, Col. March 13, 1883.
Ed IIkkald: Having just returned
from an eight day trip through Colorado
men aiid tasiern Utah, I thought that perhaps
a few ceniini.-nts on the country passed
over might bj of some iuterest to your
homo readers. The weather during the
entire trip has been delightful, sunny
and warm; no snow except on the high
rt."g'H. la general terms Me belt of
country ot -r w hi.-li I p issed is dull, but
the people ar- cheerful sud hopeful. I
tind three principal interests of allr.ic- j
tiou which I will as I consider
their imparlance. 1st The mining inter-
sr. 2nd the coal interest. 3d The
stock interest. Tha miuiag iuterest
(though som:-.v!iat dull at present) takes
well u!l through. The wihk-at speculation
has aoout played out, there has bee.i but
few sales the past year, and the mines in
all the (lis; . icts a;e I eiug wo. ked for
what there is in tiieni aud they arc show
ing up well in Chaffee. C.sler, Lake,
Gunnison and San Juan counties. Lead
viile is very lively, many new finds are
turning out aud shipping some very rich
ores. The new county ot Garfield
which embraces a large scope of county
lying between the head waters of the
Grand river and Whi'e river is cr-ating
gre;:t exeiremeut just at this time. This
county e vers :t .-arion fcroa belt four
ilia-.-s :is large as Like county, and recent
ui j.civei it-s sin or--similar to the 'best
that Le.-niviile :,a.s pro luce , aud sai i to
i-e .u grea Milk n l quantity. Hun
iheiUol' excited miner- and , ros ecters
are hastening to that region which must
u e.v be re i;:he 1 by about ;we ily miles
of travel o i snow shoes.
The cole fields of Col .r .do are of
great interest lo Ne' r isks wh :i the
matter of cheap transportation is once
stilled. T ie soft co il of C do a i is
much superior iu quality to that of Kan
sas and Iowa coal and t'ie quantity is
auilicient to furnish th : e i ire Missouri
vailey for centuries. I visited the hard
coal fields near Crested Butte in Gun-
isou couuly. Iinmeusd machinery is be
ing put up to miue, cruse,-sieze and pre
pare this coal for market and it is to be
hoped that such arrangements may soon
be completed as to enable the Colorado
Fuel Company to compete with the
Pennsylvania mines for th3 Missouri
river trade.
The stock iuterest of southwest Colo
ra.lo an.l eastern Utah is of no small im
poctance. I went through the Sou;h Park-
San Louis valley, West mountain valley
aud the valleys of Colorado and Green
rivers, and all through Stock of all kinds
looks well aud no loss whatever from
the Btorms of the past winter. I con
sider these among the finest ttock-grow
lBgregijns that I have ever seen any
I am spinning this out too long and
and will stop right here and say good
bye. , J. W. B.
Mississippi, during me war. lie is a
good story teller, but he looks to us
as though he had been well fed since,
or else he could stand lots of starva
tion and not show it.
Supper wa3 the next thing in order
and a grand rush wa3 made for the
supper room, but before they got out
of the hall were met by a foraging
party, organized for the occasion.
laden with, pigs, chickens, cabbage,
etc., which created considerable fun.
After supper a court martial started
Mr. Sherman out on another "grub
hun'." Social interc urs and dancing
were kept up until the wee sma' hours,
and thus ended on of the jolliest of
old soldiers' jolly ti'nes.
The Hkrai.d will hereafter receive nt
3 p. ni. each day the Chicago markets by
telegraph, without omission any day
contract to that effect being made today.
Mr. McLaughlin has been perfecting
arrangements today fr the building of
his new brick residence on h!s lots cor
ner ot oth ami Oak streets.
Oue of the most i-ercr.e and sudden
changes in the weather for many mouths
occurred sicce Saturday. The Uterinum
etor registering a change of 05 s fcii c
Saturday noon, this morning.
The band was out at the skating rink
Saturday night and an immense attend
ance was present. Tiie rink is proving
very attractive to the amusement lovinff
Ear k Eye, Tint & Louis, Calk
Bladder and Female Diseases ns'
Chronic and Nervous Diseases.
hW ssa a&s eQs hut? luaisBs mms0 cir-V i&2bs A
lias lU'rovered ttie treat.'-,! euro in tin- uiuli! fur u.-aLi trrtH uf tin Inn k mill llililt
untary oiM-iiurm-, linpmeiiry, eheiul tlelilnl. n I vouitii-. lanmilil . chiIum,.i nf liti :
laliun ui IIk-lieail, tlmlillly, livmliiliii:. (lliiinehN ol rlitlil or ulmlii e. ih,rM ii ef 11 j
iiirum, uiirr tir nhiii. nin-i-i itnix ui inu nvi i, iiiiik, iuiiiiii'li nr liowrlo llieur Irrrll lM
arikiiiK irom oiuary uuuns oi youm -anu -oil uiaellrt-K mm lalal V tlio vlel
oiib ol hyrrnH lo ilia innrliira I Lly.M, lili'ilinK III- Ir nioi-l rail lent fioi-es
renilei Ini; uiarrliiLV Iniixmriliit.
1 Im dial are uneriiiK (roiii the evil iirai-tler, wlilrli drstioy ilit-lr ineutiil
yairui, cauniun,
Tin- miitoriis of which arc a iliill dl-ilri-steil nilnil, lileh unlit llif in for i-rjnri.
Iur aud sih-IuI clutlra, lii.ikes liuppy inailluKeii lnioaulule. illct I'O-m n Hit- Mi ll"
aeprrnmiia in Hpirns, rvu iiiii-uoiIIiikm, i-ouaitlirr, li ars, tlirunm. h-ii-hh iil;lit,
Kullulness, aiist-liaivrn. Hum In Hie unek Slid it I km. Nliurt Iih-hIIiiiiu- n
iwilly of couiiMuy hbi! have .iclrit iu e to lie nloim. lfelliu Inril In Hie moiniil
linns. siiiiuiii ueaKneHH. loot iiihuiioixi, vvlilli- none iieokii in lliu lillnr.iu i voiir.
roiiliiKlon of t lionl.t, wnti-i v i.iiit weak ey-, nyi-ihlu, vonsiii:tliiti, imleiiens,
nuns in w- iiinuH, v e., unouni -iiihuii inu niiineiiiiiieiy uun lie resloii u lo M-I lei-i
m no navn iiri-iiiiir viriunn tri xoiiiary vire, mai nreaiuui anil oerllllrtivit lial ll h ii
nwrepr lo an n:iliini-iy i;ruve t ikiuhhihIn oi young luen ol xalleil tuleiil ninl luu
wiiii iiiijaiii inn' I'liiriiiu-e iisieiuiiK i-iiuiois Willi I lie imiiHleii -il tlu-ir i-lniju
.;! i .iu I'n'fii.i'i '"ii 1 ii i riiijMiii Mini i rv III 'II HlCJI 1 V, (n
U in. 1 1 nnti.-i 1 1 c r.ii. hi it, r i. mi in it 1 1 nut) 1 1; 1 1 j , 1 1' ii.m j run nil in hl.t hoi m us j-.
Inili;c!'ly r.i ic I .ih: i(m"l. '1 hi i! I si i r nilnuun. vnir v
1 1 111 ;i!iil hun i i.Ui im (;.-. it nt'. 14 lltr i nail til ly 1 m- v m-i iii, .n n,,-.
Vuuny nu ll ;ti" lipl !ti cm n j r il fWvmHV liuiii nti irtln uwitu- ol li.u tlicadjirt t'
ti,v ci in 1 1 1'. .Nou wliii t lit I il in I l I .liiiK tit in tni )( iU deity l il it Jr mi'.: ton
t htVf tiJI.i'' liilti n j 'i I Ii.ililiM Inn lt I iir pi u il ijH . liiniiien Iff my ilptnlvi
II HH ( t i (ittspl llli, I 111' IliOSt M lilb" .ll.ll (M ll I 44 i V V f III .f 4 Hi p i t,l,l tl
m lf. J Jit s i i' iii L4 T'lim s ii 4' r.i) I 4i i. i ii m juiy nit-at anil ini' pow ri (-,iUi-h
Ut pliWf.H. l.41Ollh UI iKlli lill , (i v f -III. aipllitl Hill HI till) llllll. llluil
tionl d' liHiiy. w.isli! ui ilir ii.iiiu . i ki.Ii i-oiirntit.i mn iuut drulli.
IN ixms ruiiieil in lieitllli by iinN .11 ix-il i-leli-tiilem u lai ki f'l .1 them lliCin- la
tiikn u iio'honoiih ions eniiipoiiiKls. hlioulil iipply liiiii.eiiiati-ly.
er.idiiiiteit nt .iin of Mi most eminent eollete in tliu I'nileil wtateH. lnui rfteeti
iiioel ahtnnih It nu cum s I lint were e ver known. .Many Iroiihled with iiiiuinif In
luart when al r, i;nal m i vonsni .s. Iietnj.' alai ineil i.t eel linn ouiitlH. Willi Ireij
alteiuied Kmn lum m miiIi del al.,eii.enl of the iniinl, were rineil iiintirdl.iiely.
Dr. F. iHi(lreKeH all those who have Injured themselves hy tin proper Inilnle.-i
hatill.s hleli ruin liotli mind ami tmdv, iiniluliiK them for liuaini mi, Ktudy, mm n-i
Tliene are some of tiie ,ad. nieloiK-lioly elleels piodteed by the eail halum .
WeakofK. ol the baek and liinbK, paiiiN 111 the head and (liinneHH ot M(;lit, Iohh of
err. palpllal Ion of t lie heart, ljpepMa. UervoUN Illllal-Ilily, deiangeioeuL if diui
debility, consumption, etc. I
CONSULTATION KliKK. CharurN moderate and within the renin of nil rl,
Medical treatment. 1 hone w ho reside at a distance and c; it rail will rccli ve nfiA
lion throiiKli the mail liy siinil)eiiilini; liieir symptoms postage. "
AddrehS Lock Ilex 3K. Omaha. Neb.
Mend postal for copy of the Medical
The Finest Pressed BriL
Dr. It. 11. Li vingston was in Omaha
yesterday attending a meeting of the
State Fish Coin-nissioners. The com
mission consists of L. A. May, Fre
mont; 13 K. IJ. i-T 'linedv. ();n ill.-,
lr, Livintr-iton, of tiiis city, and three
more efficient workers could not he
found in the st-ite. At their innetiuj;
yesterday the plans for the work of the
year were agreed upon. The plans
consist in building additional yoiuls at
the batching grounds at South Bend,
building a hatching house, a superin
tendent's house, and other necessary
improvements thsre. The special at
tention of the commission will be
given to securing the greatest possible
benelit to the state in the work the
present year.
T(i bi'4 Muddy, while open and
flowing peacefully by this city, is
sorered just abjve Sioux City so ci-
fectualy that it has causl a fall of
several feet, below that p iut. Lv at
Bismark the ice in the river is s:ill
intact, and a break up there is not ex
pected for several days, ltepoi t from
the headwaters of the Missouri. Yel
lowstone and the Little Missouri, jtr
that the ice is breaking in thetu, and
the weather warm and mild. Th
best information obtainable from the
upper ceuntry, is in effect that the fall
of snow on the mountains has not
been heavy during the winter, and
that no apprehension of a heavy flood
in June need be apprehended.
AVould it not be a good plan for the
Board of Trade to take the question
of the "Diagonal" road into consider
ation, and act at once iu the matter?
A couple of evil disposed fellows in
A M U .F A V, T "U 21 S- E U V
n s receivi:ci lor any ffusiiifitt
a,. unohnsti;iU spirit. S.uurday even- aiid 1 1 f I CmI 1!) Q SU t isfa? O V V UllmVvl
iiijl, appropri te 1 t their own use, riM I m
wuliout Ww. knowlednr connect of J.J10SC M1 tVlfi 11 U 1 1 2 i 4 hlllr-
should cxnmiiso our won k, i
quality of our bricks and fH uxs.
BIn t furls'ill i It n7s !... 9. m '
the owner, between S3 and 'J of bard
earn-d money belonging to Mri.
Moore, and made their escape.
SIEVEK SHRYOCK -At Weeplae Water. Ne- I
braka. ou Weduesday, Marcii Htli. at the
residence ol the bridev parents. Mr. I. E.
Sifvek to Miss I.ocima .Shktock ; Rev. 8.
1. Wilton ofUciatin".
Both bride and groom are well
known botk in this city and over Cass
county, and their many friends will
unite in the heartiest congratulations
to the happy couple. The presents re
ceived were many and both beautiful
and valuable, aud all those present had
a very enjoyable time. The Herald
acknow ledges the leceipt of a beauti
ful wiiyply of cakft which reached this
ollice this morning.
And Tinners' Stool
Tliede Eaton is home to Plattsmouth
for a few days lay-off. Thede bus been
operating at .Nebraska cjity fur some
time and h is made the prospect of wid
owhood much brijjhter for" several there,
Don't be surptised if Plattsmouth
heads the list in the coming gradua
tions of the Omaha .Medical College,
and the Omaha College doesn't take
second place for even the Rash college
of Chicago.
Mr. J. II. Kiser reports setin ; a lrge
gurter siiHke out at tour o.iie creek yes
terday and rai-e-i Jhi question if it isul
the first oue seen this seaso 4.
B. W. Welborn hands ua copy of
his home paper ia Kans. which is
enthusiastic over tha prope an 'i
. iv rr AS-- V
Miss Mattie McLaughlin died at the
residence of her mother, this, morning
at 8 o'clock. The disease was suppos
ed to be a kidney complaint of a pe
culiar nature, and baffled the skill of
the physicians under whose treatment
she had been. The young lady was 17
years old, sweet tempered and of very
gentle disposition, and endured a great
deal of suffering. The funeral services
will be held at the house tomorrow-
morning at 8 o'clock and the remains
taken to Crete for interment, on the
morning train for the west.
As winter and the mud disappear.
the bandseme turnouts, with which
Plattsmouth is well supplied, begin to
make their appearance. The old ones
are treated to a new coat of paint and
7rnish, and the new ones dusted off
and-rubbed up for their season's work.
The Iowa editor who-, has been so
thoroughly organized for several days
past has finally succombed to the" pow
ers that be, and has been takeu cire of.
Iu keeping up the reputation of the
democratic party he met tiic enemy and
and the enemy downed h im
The' ladies of the Piesbyterian
ehurch, are making elaborate prepara
tions for their Japanese tea party
which will be held s ;nir so Ro-.-k w-o-. i
nail. As an entertain ileal, it wi.l b
novel and full of i.itrest, anJ no
deubt will be fully atttr:tltl.
A n 3 tv hiiz'i. hjUJ3 3. Wsjt ei itein
II ill Is among the new improvements
o bi cjai'DtJuwd at once.
Tin? respective coiiiinittet a have
been Mishiti th;;.-. all day, in prepar
ation for thoSt-. Patrick's day celebra
tioa, tomorrow. Fitzgerald's hall has
been the scene of bustle since early
this inorninz and nothinir is leit un
done to make the programme complete
We challenge any dealer iu the state
of Nebraska to produce as fine a cigar
for purity and quality of the tobacco
as is used in the manufacture of the
Flor de Peppei berg and Bocky grade
For Sale.
Fortv acres of land one half mile
from Plattsmouth, same will be sold
in whole or in lots to suit purchasers
Inquire of "Wheeler & Bennett.
Kucklen's Arnica Salve.
The best salve In the world for cuts,
bruises, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever
sores, tetter, chapped bands, chilblains
corns and all skin eruptions, and post
tively cures piles. It is guaranteed to
give perfect satisfaction or money re
funded. Price 35 cents per box. For
sale at Roberta Pharmacy. 371 y
Parties wanting ice delivered next
season will tied it to their interest to
consult Joseph II. Fairfield now. By
tnakiejr your contracts with him now
vou will s ive money. 40 tf
Fresh Oysters.
Direct from the sea shore, constant
ly on hand, at the Central Restaur-
Lant. . 22m3.
Important to Traveler.
Special inducements are offered you
by the Burlington route. It will pay
you to read their advertisement to be
found elsewhere in this issue. 47tf
I C. W
For Sale.
Fortv acres of land one hal: " mile
Irom Platlsmontb. Maine will be sold
iu whole or in lots to suit purchaser,
or will trade for city property, j in
quire of WlIEELKK .V fESKEr.'
Farmeis aud others desiring a
teel; lucrative agejicy business, h
which iW to &20 a dav can be earner-
send adores at onae, on postaLl "
ilkinsou & Co., 195 and ir V "
' V''m iiuuv
' 1 J ( i Sitio !
IV .1. S. IhiM-.
. -
AnNtoo MU
Everything liand-niade ati 1 warranteJ. Call in and pee us.
Cass County Iron Works
WAYJIAN & KIRBY. Propr's. j
Pla.ttsinontli. TSTeto-
iu Columns huo Casting for.. 15ii-:tic- J'.vuitc-s - e
Our facilities for heavy work
uri'KKi-cl in iIib 6tHt. 1
MACHINE KEI'AliJl.NJ of kinds, "ii .r Machine Shop fa
.dl chis-ies of worK in iron.
Patronize Nebraska laaoulacluiiiisf. Ve ; !" U eastern price.
'-'!it ai.d time, f i
inrtiui l.L.ilil ijJ
ur lejfi., i
ily esuij.peJ I
. tan St,
o 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ) i t mi ii ;i 1 1 r i oruer.
YaDlaadS ot bOHikueau jwu t