Plattsmouth weekly herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1882-1892, November 16, 1882, Image 3

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im!i:i il-i Mlii pivni.. a ij
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yf wife up to
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man, wm
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l.i-li V..i 1,1 3 yo
.. . . i. hi k l.'-.U.-r 4 In
W i rlvly 4 ID
ol.-l. V.:.U 3.10
' ! i.-.;t ion will lit iiiMcil to
J'ntti" i.
i. 'I ..i-ii;ii.
V'uCfi :il.l::'s ()n'l;l llou.Mi
Tui'ML:- :ml WfihiCMl.ty nights,
Pay Tr-iiii:luu (nu!c ()iia Com
11. in v.
.jttTrP:Tiii J.oiMls oa fourth l:it.
II . 1 1 t I... ; ii, r iif
- ll.' itli'l iH'.ril'l III'. imiti ...
llm ne.V w;eia hoii.He u!l I test its sta
bility. Tlio eily is lilli il wil'i legal luiniu
;n ifi frti:n l:t :t lit point who are at
ii '"' "'w-h'i of t Ik district
i i'mI.
.1. Jl.uuiueUter is buiUUujr up a ti.nle in his new iloiu and ieed
b-t-iiie-.. Muy it continue to
lluiii ish.
IJuariei ly iiKctiug' at the M. 11.
i lnircli iii'xt Satiirilay tinJ Sabbath
Nov. 'J.I- -J -prayer iiieetinjf every
niht tl.'.i wit'k.
I. II. Jlurpliy removes his i eslauiaat
m.ioii to tho Ojicru house hhick, where
h! Aviil continue to serve, up .he bct
o.i aoles '.In; uwirkct affords.
Mr. Da' id .Miller has eompleieil a
!i nt com. millions niidition to his rcs
iileuee en (iuspel Hill. Jt is quite an
Hiiisili a lo that part ol'lho etty.
Thu T. A. M. club have their invita
tions out l or a grand b.iii on Thanks ii),;ht. The Omaha siring band
has been n.iyeil lo t'liinish thu muaie.
Tlio fui'iiituie aaJ hoaarfhohS t;oodd
U longing lo .Mis. Field, lu uierly used
iu tho 1'acilic house, v.t-re sold at auc
tion LiM .Sai'irday F. S. Vhilo. auc
tioneer. It is reported that I lit post olllce
will be i.-. aled in the tnincr rcom ol
ihe oneia house; it' so, it will be a
t tii i 1 u i;l location :!' cveiy
A cry pit'ii.sau1. surprise puny was
held al .Miss AiliHe I.uUcry' .Satur
day evi nilKS It beinjj held ill colil
mcmorutioii of MUs Addiu's birthday.
Those w bo attended report a splendid
The last isue of tho Nebraska City
News contains a complete discrip.U'ii
of their ui :iiiait.t'i i ac .i' g iioi 3 whl.-h
lor rialiMiHiulli rcaitiug is uaougu u
reate a i.;ost envious feeling over the
mil tiiiLuue ol our iraid staler loan.
j eis m il effects of John Foliu
sold ;l auction, iu front of the
e io lliis 4;Uy laof. Saturday
chattel morlgaaes against,
Ford HCted as auctioneer.
)iiu.self lo ba veil q-ialified
less. . i
1 Eagle gives the au
nt ol the completion of Mr.
levator in thai place, which
nnlieil with all the latest i;mirovi-
meuts to-TiW-UiJ ii"i"uiiiir ior larui-
prs warans nnd I ni 1 1 1 1 'V 1 1 1 I I ill in
side nnd for shipment,
'flu. city council ot liueoiu are
congratulating theinsjl ves ou the
success of their venture iu tligging a
large well for Lincoln's water supply.
They have struck a vein of splendid
pure water that boils up like ai' arte
sian well, almost to the top of the
Coru took a leap from twenty-five
t Jlhirty cents ta Lincoln last week,
and the buyers there declare their in
tentions of going r.o higher. I'latts
mouth dealers should rite and come
to the front. By the present appear
"anco farmer) will all be millionaires if
the price f that cereal continues to
rise much higher.
The r'ay Teuipieloii Opera Compan)
is I he same one that gave the grand
opening at Jloyu'.s Opera house in
Omaha; ii r, one of the best in the
country. (lo next Tuesday and
Wednesday nights and while you show
year appreciation of the enterprise of
tin proprietor of the new Opera
house, you will also have tho pleasure
of hearing a first class entertainment
A division of l lie Ancient Order of
Hibernians- was crgaui.ed in Platts
niouth last Sun lay. The division was
organized by 11. O'Keiff slate delegate,
Patrick Tarpy secretary, and Peter
Dowdall president of the Omaha di
vision. There at e twenty-eight char
ter members. The officers of the di
vision here are P. 1. Murphy, coun-ty
delegate: M. J )liei!y, president;
Win. Neville, treasurer ; .fumes Grace,
li.iam-ial secretary; Martin Whalin,
eorrr Bpo!.d::ig sccrt.arv
x, tins hardwan
iir Jajt Tuesday.
hy return ?d fium off Ida
usual run last Tuesday.
(fotlieh Mctz.T of Lousville was lu
the city Wedncsiliiy.
Lawyer Mieki. came up '.Vctlncsday
from Weepiug Water. -,
A. W. ILdjol" Loirsillle eallet! t.
H'H tt'cllilrrt Thoillplt.ll' for hj IIP
,!ns, Fairlle'd ha retii.neil fnuu hi.t
surveying trh an I will o!av with us
for a w hile.
Mr. Orr. advancfl ai;ent for the Fay
Teniplelon Company culled on the
I In: win Tuet'lay last.
Win. Stadoluvn, an old resident of
this city wan shaking ban Is with his
many tuielidi here last Week.
Attorney MurOn, of Nebraska city
was in I'latsiiiouth Tuesday on legal
Will Sharp, one of Lousville' sol
id farmers isited PlatHinoulh on
l'ut'Hday last.
IIo:. (.'harli's Brown scnalor elect
from Douj'.hi county, is her.) atten
ding c uirt.
Joe Devore, a formsr resi.lcnt of
I'laltsmoiith and one of the railroad
bo R, visited I'lattsmouth Tiii-sday.
W. II. Newell, James l'altterson,
and W. L. Browne returned from
Omaha Tuesday evening.
Theodore Miller, section foreman of
the B. & M. near Cedar Creek, spent
last Sunday in I'lattsmouth.
Hubert (1. Ingersoll passed through
this city Monday morning, euroute
f jr Kansas City.
('apt. It. B Howell one of Louis
ville's stalwart republicans, niuilo
these headquarters a call Wednes
day. Bobert Black ami Virgil Mullis who
accompanied Joe Fairfield on his last
surveying trip, returned last Monday
to their home in I'lattsmouth.
Dr. Schildknecht and brother who is
visiting with him, returned from
tluir visit to the capital city last
August Stuhbnan, an old resident of
Plaltsmouth. starts soon for Dakota
Territory, where ho will make his
homo in the future.
J. W. Outright, of the J urnal
visited Omaha last Monday and took
in Col. IngersoH's lecture and will
henceforth follow Bob's instruc
tions on '-How to be. Saved."
It is as:onishin-c what a change, a
little paint will make in the appear
ance of buildings. The painters are
just finishing up Fitr.erald's block. The
entire brick work has been painted
and penciled, the cornice all painted,
the woi d-work of the fronts of tho
business rooms all grained and now
the building looks like a new one, and
looks better than it ever did before
since it was built. It is oue of the
finest appearing brick structures in
the country now.
The children of the High school
are to give an entertainment in the
Opera house prior to the closing of
the schools for the Christuas vaca
tion. The entertainment is under
the direct supervision of Prof. Drum
.ind it is necJiess to add
that it will be arb.-iru-Jtf4Bii.iis
his entertainments have been in the
past. Every one should attend and
encourage their children; all those
not having children .should go, and
encourage Spu.e othiPr one s children.
Our City Schools.
On Wednesday hut we embraced
tlieopportuuity of islttng our pchocl
and taking a tour through the build
ing fur; tho purpose of Inspecting tho
liCW a'prtiutiis which the Professor
ha obtained tit no small expense, for
the purpose ol illustrating the differ
ent studies pursued In the schools.
Among tliQ most prouiim-nt can be
mentioned the apparatus for fret.tng
water, which is a very simple but
cosily piece of iiicchauism; nud anoth
er machine for aual ziug water; uuder
tho head of the geological department
is a very flue Microscopical view of
distoms taken from la'e Mlehigaa,
which bho.c plainly uu.l. i- the. power
ful mieroscojii. lb.: tli.7eri;ut aub.stun
ccs which aru the co:up ucnl parts of
I In d liferent rocks; i: in n liue view.
Mr. Driiiiiuioud has also socured some
very heautitul physiological apparatus
for lliu instruction of his class. It
consists of a plate showing plainly
he laryux.aud the vocal chords; id so
another showing bolh the lirynx. ami
pharynx. In this department he has
also a line representation of a section
of the skin, showing ihe epidermis,
epithelium, etc , the sebaceous glands,
nud the growth of a hair from tho
bulb. 'J his department is very com
plete and iu connection with the old
appa.'stus is very useful to bolh pu
pils and teachers.
Tin: professor has enlireiy reno
vated the electrical machine, which in
thu past was apparently of no use, and
it now produce a very powerful elec
tric current. Much credit is ilue to
thu untiring energies ol tue i r
iu regard to Ihe lilting up of tl
t ileal luach.ue, lor ll it had rei
as it was. at least two.thirds of
paratus would have been of no
ly account. Ihe appurtcnau
tho machine are many aud vani
llic Professor performed some
pleasing experiments with th
balls pith figures and electric
Among the other purchas
made, is a new Buiisou's buruei
which he can obtain a great lit
The Cartesian bottle imp,
transparent glass jdobe or receiver lor
the purpose of producing Ihe phos
phorus sun.
lie has secured a machine for pro
ducing this brilliant and beautiful
Druimuond or Calcium light, with the
gas bags, tubes, etc., aud everything
complete; he has made a copper retort
for the purpose of making hydrogcu;
aud a tank iu which he makes the
different kinds of guses. Our city
should bo proud of her public schools,
and the advantages which are grant
ed the pupils by the means of this ap
paratus which is a very importaut
factor of the school. Iu the hands of
Prof. Druminoud, ihe public can rest
assured that their children will re
ceive much instruction through the
means of this valuable acquisition to
our schools. The proceeds of the com
ing entertainment will probably be
invested in more how aud useful ap
paratus. May success aUcud the Pro
fessor iu whatever he undertakes.
As already I JTfu the .lour
uul the Foy TempTetoii Operatic
Company will appear hcie'iu Olivette
oil tho 'J'Jth lust. Mr. Byron- VY. Orr,
thu udvancc ageut of the company
was in Plalsmouth CHterday aud a
reporter, iu conversation , with hini,
learned much in icgnrd to Miss Ter.i
pleton, who has ou many occasions
drawn such' unpreeodently large
houses in other city, and iu whom the
public generally takes a lively inter
cut. Mr. Orr said :
1 had known something ot these
charming people ou the -tage, but
had seen little or iiothpig of them
pt Tnoiially, and it' was with great
jile::i.ure that ! bccuiiie better se
ll U united will) the family and private
life ol the leading comic op'ra linger
ot the American stage of to-day.
do not confess too much koowled
of theatrical people behind thescct-es
aud 1 must ton less that il was with
some curiosity that I took a peep iu
to the home life of the Tcmpietous
I say home life, for to travel on the
railroad, otop at the hotel aud go to
the theater is the homo lite ot stage
people, aud it is a sort of life that the
outiidi world knows but little ot
Th ink of it, here is a little lady, not
yet eighteen, who lias been ou the
boards since she w as three years old
who never went to a regular school
who was never iu "society.' but who
talKs with more grauiatical pre
cision, writes with greater fa
cility aud knows more genet
ally than thousands who go
WellaTB-tee i veil a inrjre number .
complimentary notices of the Herald
recently, from individuals whom we
have me, through the mails and our
exchanges. We are pleased to know
-iiat the IIekald is gaining many
friends and increasing its influeuce;
hut modesty, and the want of space
lorbid our making mention of the
good things sa:d about the paper.
Deputy I. S. Marhal. Ilastinirs, sub
p Kiiit:d a 1 ire number of witnesses
in this city last Saturday to appear be
fore the I.. .S. Cirai d J ury in Umahi.
It. is supposed they re wanted to tell
what they know" abvut frauds beink
committed in the Surveyor Generalls
office. Among those whose names w
now call to mind are J. W. Barnes, :
21. Chapman, C. II Parraele, II. M.
hue'.!, K. II Wooley, A. W. Mfc-
f din, W. II. Cushing, G. W. Fai-
l. M. Patterson. J. A. Mac-Mi
sT. B. Strode. -
The editor of this papar received a
full blood throughbred hunting pup.
lie is to bo used to masticate and di
jest, thu mangled remains of delin
quent subscribers when not ou duty
with the editor and his li tie gun.
It is hard to determine, as yet wheth
er he is a sMter or pointer as ho puts
iu'ail his spare lini ) setting on the
iloor and pointing to.vaid the com
positors diuuer buckets
A telephone line is soon to be es
tablished between Omaha 3nd Lin
coln, at a probab'.e cost of SG,000.
the business men of that city to sub
scribe stock to the amount of S2,500.
If there are enough business men in
Lincoln to raise that amount, there
are certainly enough iu this city to
aid in constructing a like system be
tween this city and Omaha. The
Herald would like to see it accom
plished. The children of the Methodist
Sundachool in this city entertain
cd.a, laj number of people last
Saiulaiu evening. Among the best
declamations were those of Miss
Sara Worden and Mis$ Kate Har
tigan. The concert as,a whole was
a success both in irtut of entertain
ment, and in a financialr?eMse.
In consequence of the noa comple
tion of Mr. Thompson's opera chairs
there will be a temporary floor laid
uow; but ordinary chairs will be plac
ed in the hall until ihe potent chairs
arrive; on this account there will
not be so great an admission fee
district Court Notes.
The following aie some of tho legal
lights who are attending district
court this week.
Nebraska City is represented in
court by Covell, Murfin and Dist. Atl'y
Mr. Beatty, of Hastings, and Broad y
of Brownvillc are in attendance at
Marquette & Dewecse of -Lincoln,
and a Mr. Redmond of eastern Iowa
are with us this week.
Messrs. Wm. It. Swindell, David
Line and Taylor Welborn of Louis
ville inaLl: us a pleasant tall Tuesday.
AttoJeys Gibson, Travis and Halde
niau of keeping Water pay the capi
tal of Ca.'S a "courtly" visit this week.
Attorney Brown and 'Squire Arnold
of Ashland are attending court.
Hon. J. L. Webster, C. A. Baldwin
and Aithur C. Wakely of Omaha are
here looking after the interests of
theii clients.
There w ill be no trial of criminal
cases this week.
Tuesday eveniug, November "JSth,
Fay Temple ton will upppear al the
Waterman opera house in the popu
lar opera, "Th Mascot te." There
have been many representatives of
the character of Jiettina, some of
whom have extorted favorable criti
cism, while others have been almost
unnoticed. The general and gener
ous applause lavished upon Miss Fay
Templeton, however, has attracted
universal attention. This young lady
has been the recipient of marked
praise from ths press and public, and
has, by common consent, been con
ceded the "Queen of the Mascottcs."
;h, do
s, lives
all a J
a lire
n ad
r age.
r and
jy it
"" l'l 1 1
always spoils a man or woman with a
light head, our gtuiiro is always itself,
no matter how great the applause.
Miss Templeton is not spoiled nnd
never will be, for she is thoroughly
child ot geaius. But one tact about
her that aston'shes me is the striking
freshuess and beauty of her face, alter
fifteen years of childhood aud girl
hood spent on the stage. I can ac
count for it only on the ground that
one may become adjusted tostage-Iile
which means going to bed never ear
lier than 12 o'clock, and traveling al
mot as much by night as by day,
Certain it is that you would never
seen lace fuller of that uuartificial
beauty of w hich poets delight lo sing
aud all ol ns love to dream. She uev
er uses a bracolet, a ring or a diamond
on the stage: first, because she docs
not like that sort of gaudy display;
and second, because she does not need
any aids of this kind. '
Because the weather is pleasant and
the ground dry, we wouldn't havo the
city council think for even an instant
that we have forgotten entirely the
all importaut 'net that there has not
been, as yet, anything dona towards
building a sidewalk on Fifth street,
between Main andVine. Some whole-
souled citizen has contributed to the
good work, by laying a sixteen foot
scantling across the place where the
mud is deepest when it rains; for
which the pedestrians will be duly
grateful. Small labors thankfully received.
MacDonagh's Watchman says J.
S. Upton, and Fred LchnhofT two
squarctocd democrats, were elected
to represent Cass county iu the legis
lature. This will be news to most
people as Fred was making active
canvass for the office of commissioner
when last heard from, and Upton is
feeding cattle down in Liberty prc
cient as of yore.
A railroad war of immense mag
nitude is holding sway on the Chica
go, Milwaukee & St. Paul railroad.
That company soiling tickets last
Tuesday from Sioux city to St. Paul
lor twenty-five cents, and from Sioux
- W i a - it j
citv rottHflfuiiiiee or nicaro ior
1 -'5
Mr. Hawfcsworth, the master
chanic of the B & M. shops in
city is l-uildingau addittion to
residence on Vine street. -
this hi
A runaway occured west of the
High school last Monday evening;
team belonging to Mr. Peterson :
us injuries resulted from it.
lk. of Lou9villj is help
ld this week during the
C. II. Smith, of the firm of Smith .&
Black Bros, weut to Chicago last Sat
urday night to lay ia a stock of holi
day soods. diet proposes to exam
ine tho stacks iu that markf t and s.'e
what there is to bo seen before mak
ing any purchases.
The members of the driving park
association will meet in their annual
meeting at the county judge's office
on Dec. 5th. See notice in another
column; all members are urgently re
quested to be present at t :e meeting.
A. W. McLaughliu, ca.-hier ot the
1st national Bank, II. M. Bushnell, of
the Herald, aud C. H. Smith occu
pied berths in a Pulhnau car last Sat
urday night on their way l Chicago
via the C. B. & Q.
Oscar A. Mulleu, court reporter lor
the 2d Judicial district of Nebraska,
was iu the city last Friday taking the
testimony in the case of Philip Horn
vs J. G. Miller.
' Tho case of Birdsa I sou & Co.
vs Carter, having been ou me docket
over ten years will be tried to-day.
Marquette & Smith appear for Garter;
Wheeler and Vauatta for Birdsall.
The grand jury have indicted John
R. Polin for murder in the first degree
his trial will not take place until
uext week.
Tho prospects arc that Piatsmoutli's
buildiug boom for the uext season
will be as great if not greater than
the prcseutoue.
For Sale. !
Eight quarter sections of choice
farming lands in Cass county on teas
onable terms inquire of or write to
Sullivan & Wooleyy
26tf Plattsmoutn, Ne,b
. .
Major Furay, special agent of the
post office department was interview
ed by a IIekald reporter Wednes
day. He says he reported to Wash
ington iu favor of the Opera house as
the site for tho post office. The busi
ness men of the town staudiug fifty
six to twenty eight iu fayor of the
locatiou nine expressing no choice.
Lincoln claims a population of
about twenty thousand, aud has 1,750
pupils attending her public schools;
Plattsmoutn has a population of six
thousand and hasJ950 pupils in her
public schools; if ihn enrollment of
pupils in our public schools is any
guide to the number of inhabitants,
Plattsmouth has a population . more
than half as large as Lincoln.
Matt Siminermau, one of the Min
den murderers, is still in the peniten
tiary at Lincoln for safe keeping.
His trial is set for December 15th, at
Minden, Kearney county. Judge
Gaslin has called a special term of the
district court iu that county for the
purpose of trying Simmerman.
Look at our clubbing list and select
some paper or magazine for this win
ters reading.
List or Letters.
List of letters remaining unclaimed
in the post office at Plattsmouth, Cass
County, Xeb., Xov. 22, 1882.
Adams Jennie
Anderson M B
Anion D
Abel Sarah
Brown Wallace
Blunt W
Bates Mrs Thos
Bevins Minne
Beason W A
Boyle Miss Lydia
Bodell Thomas
Cory F. F.
Coflinan I? M
Carratt Pat
Collius Mrs Alice
Carrat Myrlle
Dauck Thoa 2
Douelson Amos.
Fulber Martin
Goslin" Wm.
Popp LhJer
Persooa calling
Harlow Frank 2
Hamilton L
Hallam C
Jackson John
Jenson Kasmus
C Knby W J
Keller Frank
Kirkpatrict Jas
Mellecker Annie
Minard Mrs E 2
O'Brien Mary 2
Paynter J J .
Root Anderon
Slcwarfc H C
Svenson C
Smith" Harriet
Thompson Dock
Tamy Nellie
Sntton C M
Vanrina Joseph
Winjjerd A) lord
for the above will
please say "Advertised."
J. W. Marshall. P. M.
- Notice.
The regular annual meeting of the
Plattsmouth Driving Park Association
will be held at the office of Co-. Judge,
the 1st Tuesday in Dec, to-wlt: Dec.
5th, at 7:30 p. m, 1883, for the hearing
of, reports from officers, statement of
accounts, and election of officers. A
full attendance is positively needed.
By order of U. V. Matthews,
Jno. A. MacMcrpiit, ' Pres.
36ta Secty4 .
A ver nood reminiscence of the
sportsmen's club hunl is handed down
to us. The morning of one of the
hunting days Mr. Adams living nut
West Of here started out with his tam
and rack for the field. It uppuara that
for somo time chicken cholera had
rased anions his poultry, and that
morning a blck hen had got up iu the
the bottom of the rack, and as ho was
driving into the f.eM ho noticed the
lien iu the bottom aud ho shoved hel
out to the ground where she laid in
the stubble; shortly after this two of
the sportsmen in a buggy drove along
and seeing t e old bird fluttering in the
stubble, one of the bnld hunters climb
out and stole up to shooting distance
wLon he blazed away ending tho old
hen's misery. It is further related
that she was gathered up, thrown in
the buggy aud the two drove on in
quest of other game. Mr. Adams
called around to see what such game
counted and he has been, by us. re
ferred to Capt. Black for light.
For Lamo Back, sfilo or Chest uso
Shiloh'a I'orons PlaAr.
Coal oil at W arrack's drug store.361
Fiirin for rent near town: also tei
for sale. Iuquirc of J. B. Strode. ilot.S
L'se Will J. Warrick's C'onditi
powder it excel all others. :t t
Johu"it ilros., the hardware mei
will move into the Uockwood bloc
as sorii as coinpletod. 3Gtf
5.(-o0 fence pwsts for -tie. fall o
or address 36lt PL. Wish.
"A Treatise ou the Horse," reguhi
price 2." cents,' inv price 15 cents.
36U ' " . W. J. Wakuick.
New Music More.
l'iuiioo. orirnns. and musical incr
chaudise at Opera hous !!o k. 3(315
Don't fail to call and exam iu our
jil o trail t KtiVcV- nf nri'ans. one hundred
styles to select from. Low prices for
cash or easv paviueuts. upira iiousc
block. Jniiios Pettee. Gou'l Atrt. 8tit5
Trv Will .1. Warrick's Dfti'.Prv POW
der for idiolcr" droopii:.-, Sec, aud be
convinced of its merits. S6t l
The Plattsmouth Street ltailway
aud Transportation Companv, is cal
led to meet at the office of A. N. Sul
livan, on Friday evcninir, Nov. 21th
at 7 j). in. sharp. J. A. MacMirpiiy
Baby organs, family organs of vari
ous styles. Prices. 22, $50, $)). $72,
$93 aud upwards; we can suit you all
in styles and prices. Opera house
block. 3!i'5
Dawson Collins, whom a number of
our citizens know to bo one ot the
most efficient piauo tuners in the
country, will be in the citv next week
have orders for tuning at Pettce's
Music Store, Opera house block, at
once to secure his services as his time
is limited. 36t2
All persons having claims against
the Cass Countv Agricultural Society,
which have beeu presented and
audited, or persons, claiming prem
iums lor the year 18S2, will please
call on Walter L. Thomas, assistant
secretary, and receive orders or pre
sent bills at out o. .
S5-3t. 1. II. Wheeler, Pres.
About three miles south of town
on the Hesser road, a yellow Irish
setter; had ou a collar, aud ou the col
lar the words Cricket I'uriMV' anv
one returning the same to Wm. J urdy,
this city will bo rewarded.
Don't forset that a Masun Ham
lin organ is a holiday pres. at that
will stay by your dear fricu i longer
than almost anvlhiajr else you can
give aud give her better satisfaction
3fit5 James Pettee, Agent.
Bennett & Lewis sells Bremner'a
crackers. lmo34
Bremner's crackers at Wcckbach's.
IJ, Murphy sells Bremner'a crack-lmo34
Paints oils and varnishes at War
rick's drug store. lmo34
Week bach sells Bremner's crackers.
Go to Warrick's for wall paper and
window curtains. lmo:4
Perfumes, fine soaps, combs, brushes
&c, at Warrick's drug store. lmo31
Griggs' Glycerine Salve.
The best on earth can truely be said
of Griggs' Glycerine Salve, which is a
sure cure for cuts, bruises, scalds,
burns, wounds, and all other sores.
Will positively cure piles, tetter a&d
all skin eruptions. Satisfaction guar
anteed or money refunded. Only 2jc.
for sale by Smith & Black Bros. 29-lly
Attention Fanners.
The well known firm of Speer &
Hulburt of St. Louis have established
a grain agency at Louisville, Neb. on
the M. P. R. It. where the highest mar
ket price will be paid for grain.
Who also keeps a good supply of the
celebrated Rich Hill coal for sale. 35t3
Dolmans! Dolmans!
A full and complete line in all
latest styles. The ladies will find our
stock complete and we are selling at
the lowest , margins at J. V, Weck
bach's. 32tf
The Pttsmouth Weakly
The Largest, Oldest and Best
See our clubbiug list this week, and
arrange to secure your winter's read
iug at
and any publication in the list at a
small advance over the cost of one.
SHILOH1S COiVtH r.nd Consump
tion cure is sold itf us on u guarantee.
It curs consumption.
S II I LO ITS V I T A L I Z K li U what
you need for Constipation, Loss of
Appetite, Dizziness amt all symptoms
of Dyspepsia. Price 10 and 73 cents
per bottle.
Bronchitis immediately relieved by
Shiloh'a Cure. For sale by
3-leowly Smith & Black Bros.
Go to Warrick's for school books'
Joseph l'ord
wish) s to announce to the public that
he has ta' n possession of I ho barber
stioii u titler Carrut ! s. wli- ieLe may
.fi-iiflei- be found; aim tl:at lie tuts
procured it No. l man to take chat;;
i-.f Lis lower Main St. shun opposite
the court house. All wishing work In
the tonsorial line, call at either shop
Joy, Joy to tho World.
If you meet a man w ho looks as if
he had lost all his friends had his
house burned down and business de
stroyed. just make up your mind that
he either has dyspepsia or his liver is
out of order. The best thing you can
do for such a woe begone individual is
to advise him to go to Smith & Black
Bro.'s drug store, and get a bottle of
Dr. Jones' Bed Clover Tonic, which
will cure him without fail. Also an
infalible remedy for pimples and
blotches on tho face. Only 50 cents a
bottle. ()ct.''tie4wly.
Crites and Kamsey, attorneys and
Notary Public, second door east of
Court House, Plattsmouth, Neb. 5tCm
There is no uso talking, tho Central
Hestaurant is the boss eating house in
the state. 23tf
A. Salisbury, Dentist.
W. II. Baker sells Bremner's crack-
so quickly cured by Shiloh's Cure. We
guarantee it.
WILL YOU SL'fI'LH "with Dys
pepsia and Liver Complaint ? Shiloh's
Vitalizer is guaranteed to cure you.
SLKKI'f, KS.i NIGHTS, mmlo mia-
erable by that terrible cough. Shiloh's
Cure is the remedy for you.
-ATARBH CUBED, health nr.d
sweet breath secured by Shiloh's Ca
tarrh Bemedy. Price 50 cents. Nasal
Injector free. For sale by
Ihe Keystone of Health.
How can you expect to feel well, or
even enjoy life, when you go about
with a hacking cough 'i The fool, in
his wisdom, says there is no euro for
it, but the wise man hies him to Smith
& Black Bro.'s drug store, and gets a
bottle of Dr Bigelow's Positive Cure,
and at once gets well. A trial bottlo
cists nothing. Oct.j'ic twly.
Bremner's crackers at M. 15. Mur
phy Vt.lmo34
For Sale.
I offer for sale my farm consisting
of lC i's acre3, well improved, situated
; miles south of South Bend, Neb.: al
so a quarter section of unimproved
land in the same vicinity. Anp'v on
premises or address
B. W. Briggs, South Bend.
34 14 Cass Co.. Xeb.
Bremner's crackers at Bennett &
Lewis'. lmo34
there yow emu fiaicl fisae a Sfwrlt Ai
ueweiry9 wi aflg goii3S9
Toilets and a variety Tor
the largest ever brought tf the
they Baave sol to be soBL Oi
for easho I will stiarajErtee to meei
ices of Biaha- or elsewhere.
ia,n3k Carruthi
Taken Up.
Taken up on the CtU day of Novem
ber A. IX, 1883, one white and black
spotted boar pig. about three months
old. Xo ear marks or other marks.
The owner may call, prove property.
pay charges and take it away.
tight JMile (.rove. Cass countv. Neb..
Nov. C, 1882. J. II. Kiseu.
Bremner's crackers at W. II. Bakers.
Fifteen Cent Luucu.
Xext to Clark's grocery I have orwn
ed a lo cent lunch room; Coffee. Bread
and butter, Meat, and Potatoes for 15c.
Farmers come and see me.
29 lmo J. IVAtttil.
has just received slathers and piles
Oysters and Celery
every day at J. D. Simpson's; none
but Booth's special brands of choicest
oysters, handled ; dealers supplied. 3tftf
Fresh Oysters.
Direct from the sea shore, constant
ly on hand, -'at the Central Hestaur
ant. . . 22m3.
A. Salisbury, Dentist.
75 cents for Jadys foxed shoes at
75 cents for ladys Newport ties at
S 4.50 for nrst-clas3 hand made boots
at Merges.
Merges sell boots and shoes cheaper
than :iy man in the state.
I have the best shoe makers in tho
Iteparing done excelent and cheap at
Morses. - 23tf
Go to the Parlor Restaurant for the
Lest meals in town, for 25 cts. Meals
at all hours. Day board at S4.C0 per
week. Arctic Soda Water always on
draught. 22tf M. M. CrnnAX.
J. V. Weckbach has on hand a larce
and well selected stock of carpets, and
more coming. He will have the larg
est and finest line ever offered in this
city. 23tf
Mrs. M. A. Euler. Ladie3 Nurse, of
long experience. Best of Reference.
Residence, Picnic Hill.
Plattsmouth, Xeb. Aug. 31. ,82 3m.
At Schlegel's cicrar store may always
be found the very best brands f smok
ing and chewing tobaccos in the mar
ket. :;otf
John n. Cox the hardware mas, baa
now a Eret-class T1NNE11.
for prices on all kinds of tin work.
Schlegel's special brands of home
manufacturetl cigars are the leaders in
the market and are made from the
best quality of tobacco. 30tf
50,000 TO LOAN OX FAEt.1I
- Save your teeth by usinr Dr. Clut
ter's Glycerine Tooth Tablets. Beauti
fy! Cleanse I Preserve! tf
J. LeTj
Has resumed businpsa ;irain. will lmv
and sell all kinds of Furnitnrp. Also
buys Iron, Metals and Rags. I advance
money on an Kinds or goods.
Jacob Levy.
Plattsmouth, Xeb. Oct. 14, 1882 tf.
A. V. Halt & Co.
Arc Uew Skilled In lhfIr now nnnr-
ters next to Pepperberg'9 ciirar fac
, ...1 . 1. . .
tuij, uui-ru incy are uispcnsiug me
best of meats, game and poultry as of
vore. Tbev renort 1
the new stand. e
Opiam In Cigars ana the Danger. It
- . Leads to.
Having ascertained that a number
of cigar dealers in Plattsmouth are
selling opiated cigars, in order to con
vince myself of the truthfulness of
the same, and to warn the public
against the evil results that come from
such cigars, I had a disinterested party
send to Prof. Aughey, on the 29th of
May for analysis, three samples of the
supposed opiated cigars made In Xew
York, together with four different
brands of my own make. Prof. Augh
ey's report on the analysis shows that
opium exists in the brands of Xew
York cigars sent; and the letter and
repor j is i a my possession and can be
seen ly any who will call at my store
at ani time, tf j. Pkppekberg.
His. new quarters in the DREW ?HiiiiiiLv (
to Wcckbach's, are large, commodious and ft
the tiest fitting-CLOTHING in the land; aiidT
lower than anybody. f.
P I ITS ffi It&lPTSETta?'
IS very tMasg WIves Mf tons, Knit iseU
Neckwear, Scotch Caps,
Fur Caps, Stetson Hats.
Your patronage is earnestly solicite
TEKMS Strictly Casli. I'L AT I'S MOUTH, '
1 tnii
l. sr. . n ft AS J A 19 I
elaolce select est . ever
of Plattenioutli stsicl Cas Coianty. W"'
Iiave our stoelc so complete tUixtj
place in t lie county caaa d wplicL
variety oi CJooels. and the irlr
we Hiaice to y
iuiT5 to v f : . . i
to v'.t, is at