Saturday morning courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1893-1894, March 10, 1894, Image 6

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"Tho Lincoln pnpem uro making Homo
ugly thrcatfl about Mr. John Clrlllltli,
our Htuto Imnk examiner, claiming that
ho in 'a full-Hedged member of tho
Mcmhor gting' Im'lmiumj ho Informed tho
public that tho iikhoIh of tho Capital Na
tional wcro in gcxid condition wlion thoy
woro not bo," Bay tho Omaha A'.wkiW.
"Now tho fi.rcchior has known John
(Jrilllth bIiicu ho wan a clerk in tliu
Omaha National. Ho Ib prolmbly bettor
known In Ouiuha than anywhere in tho
ntuto, uiiIcrh it bo IiIh homo at Wahoo.
Ho married a beautiful Omaha tfirl,
(hIiico tlcccuHod), MIhh Molllo King, a
nlcco of Lyman Itlcliunlnon, and ho Ib as
Htrnight anil conBclontiotma man im over
engaged in untangling tho complex pro
blems ot a bank. Hut wo really think it
boho;cB him to make boiiio tlefoiiHo
before tho Lincoln people, whono wrath
ngaliiBt tho bank Bwindlo HeeniH to wax
rather than wane, demand an invoBtigu
tion before tho comptroller. Any perBon
who Iuib looked into the methods of tho
national bank examiners knows that
thoy liuvo entrusted to them by tho
trcnBiiry otllcials a considcrablo amount
of discretion, which they aro to oxerciso
according to their judgment. An ex
aminer frequently runs across things in
a bank that, if reported, would bring
disaster, but, for tho correction of which
a reprimand is often quite sufficient. Mr.
Griffith undoubtedly went as fur as ho
could In tho Lincoln bank and thought
by oxerciso of a littlo patience all would
bo brought around. Ho was deceived;
that wns all. If tho diiectors, under
nfficors and clerks in tho bank were nil
blind, who were there daily, what could
be expected of an examiner who came
onco or twico a year to look over cleverly
doctorod books?"
An admission of tho statements con
tained in tho Mosher letter in Monday's
Journal would constitute tho strongest
possible argument why Hank Examiner
Griffith should bo summarily removed
from office. The letter writer says that
tho bank lost the following amounts:
Donuell, Lawson & Simpson, 827,000;
Marsh Harvester company, 875,000;
Small failure, 850,000; W.T. Scott, 8125,.
000; First National bank, Fairmont,
80,000; lost at York by roaBon of bank
failure, 850,000; Mindon loss, 8,000;
Albion loss, 80,000; Itiverton Exchange
bank, 87,500; Sherman County bank,
820,000; Uowick Hros. & Co., 87,000; F.
A. Faulkenburg,8.'l,000; Nebraska Manu
facturing company, 87,000; Ilailoy, 82,000;
J. It. Van Huskirk, 82,500; C. E. Luork,
88,000; Norton, Crafts & Co., 8:1,000; F.
A. Bridgford, 81.500; D. M. Turblin,
82,000; other small losses too numerous
to mention, 825,000.
Now will any sane man contend that
this enormous loss could havo been sus
tained by the bank unknown to tho
bank oxaminor, unlesB tho oxainlner waB
a hopelesB idiot? Tho letter writer says:
"Even tho clerks who worked upon tho
books wcro ignorant of tho condition of
tho bank." Vot some of the employees
testified beforn tho grand jury that they
know tho books and accounts were be
ing tumpored with, and ono of tho em
ployees had so littlo faith in tho insti
tution that ho worked for that ho would
not deposit his money in it, keeping it in
u tin lox of his own in the vault instead.
Hut Griffith, who is so fondly loved by
Mosher and Paddock ot al, and who is
ono of tho most incompetent men who
over hold public offico, did not know
that anything was wrong! Tho further
tho Capital National bank matter is
probed tho moro apparent is Griffiths
shamelesB cupidity or towering ignor
unco' Why aro such men kept in offico?
Tho following from 7'ornM Topien is of
some interest, Lincoln having a "smart"
llnancior that can rank with any of thorn:
"There is a natural Bontimout of sur
prise nnd Borrow in tho heart of ovory
sincere person when a man of tho ability
and great energy of Erastus Wimnn
does an act of hishonesty. Yet at no
time should this sentiment bo permittod
to develop into a feeling of sympathy.
I am convinced that tho people of today
are not sufficiently impressed nnd dis
gusted by tho irregular and criminal
conduct of men in high places. Wo
despise tho common thief that steals
bread as heartily as over wo did, but tho
capitalistic robber- tho important re
probate that stoals by tho wholesale is
vory ofton regarded with a tenderness
almost amounting to a regret that ho
should havo been found out. The
trouble is we havo got into a most
wretched and dangerous habit of deify
ing tho "smart" man. Tho foremost
rule in almost every business circle is
"Get there." Littlo emphasis is put on
tho necessity and beautyof beingstrictly
and perfectly honest. And if, in striv
ing to be brilliantly successful, a gifted
man is caught stealing, jou will tlud
decent people on all sides excusing him
on tho ground that his temptations wero
great and that ho overstepped but
slightly tho universal customs of modern
"Those of us that over stop to think
must bo continually shocked and do
pressed by tho madness for money that
possesses nearly every man and woman
wo meet. Where is It going to lead this
world to? Surely there Is no intemper
ance, no immorality In tho human raco
so degrading and dangerous as this
frenzy to win and have gold, More and
more is It warping tho truer nature of
mankind; more and more is it drawing
us away from tho rational and peaceful
mode of life which cements friendships
and family ties. I have more respect to
day for the worthless, shiftless ne'er-do-well
that desplseB money who cares
only to keep himself in whisky, cigars
and occasional food, and casts tho few
dollars he gains out of his hand as fast
as ho gets them- than I havo for tho
feverish, overwrought and raging money
getter, that will ride over his best
friends, and avail himself of every means
oven disreputable ones, to add to his
tlnauclal K)BBCBsions. Tho worship of
money is tho deadliest passion on earth
todaj. It is not condemned in any
place as it should bo. Tho pulpit is
almost dumb in the matter, and as for
fathers and mothers, the most of them
begin over tho cradle to convince their
children that tho tlrst and foremost of
all blessings is nionoy, Got it, they say,
and they say it in a way that nivalis, lit
erally, steal it if you cannot acquire it
"And so you Hud men being arrested all
over tho country men that aro bold,
powerful, victorious llnancicrs. Thoy
uro not common thieves exactly. Thoy
aro a product of tho times. The sound
nnd wholesotno doctrine of shnplo hon
esty wus never tuught to thoni. Thoy
wcro assured from their earliest infancy
that it was a disgrace to bo poor. They
found on going to work that money was
vory hard to got honestly, and very easy
to got dishonestly. They got it. At
last, however, they were discovered and
tho law took them in hand. And right
there is the one fortunate thing in this
wholo modern business. Tho law comes
to tho rescue ot heaven every little while
and stamps dishonesty as dishonorable.
Wo might never llml it out any other
way. For goodncsBsako lot us bo grate
ful and not sorry that the malefactois
are hauled up and pilloried. If we can
not learn from our parentsnndour social
associates that honest impecuuiousness
is picferablo to dishonest iitlluonee, I
hope tho law may prove it to us em
phatically and often. Wo should pray
that some iutlueni'o shall bo exerted to
draw tho business world back into legiti
mate grooves, where the "smart" man is
not gloritied, and forgery and blackmail
take rank beneath purity and fair deal
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ill IB
I Written for 'I'm: Cmnitm.l
EfWEMlTATlONS todevlato from the
fjf truth riso before us constantly.'
jf And there are many times, as,
everyone knows, when a lie doesn't seem
to hurt anybody and when it mulics '
everything a gre it deal easier than If
the truth wero told. But most people ,
tell the truth when they can without
too much trouble, and theie aie 11 fowl
who do so at some cost to Miemselve. j
A certain person of my acquaintance,
however, has made a study of the habit
of prevarication. He has cultivated
whatever natural Inclination he hud
toward exaggeration or prevarication,
and tho result Is that ho is, apparently,
quite incapable of telling tho truth
about anything. I would hardly call it
lying, for lying seems to imply malicious
iiess, and 1 do not belieo he has a
malicious idea in his head. Probably it
is his desire to bo what some people cull
"smart" that prtinptBhiui to jockey with
tho truth. Ho Is one of those peculiar
beings whoso idiosyncrasies cannot be
readily accounted for. You cannot got
angry with him easily, for he is always
pleasant and ho has u habit of smiling
when he talks to you. Ho seems en
tirely innocent. Yet you know he is
sccrotly enjoying himself at your ox
ponso. Ask him how ho is, and If hois well ho,
will answer that he is sick. If he Is not
well he will suy that he was never better
in liis life. Ask him to do a certain
thing for you, and he will promise faith
fully, leaving you under tho impression
that ho is very much in earnest, and he
straightway dismisses the subject from
his mind. Ho goes In society; ask him
if he is going to this or that function,
and if ho does intend to go he will
answer ou solemnly that he will not be
there, and vice versa. It is usual!)
about small things that he exhibits this
propensity with particular zeal. He l.a
persisted in his coiuse so long that peo
pie havo stopped taking him seiinusly.
Nobody ever puts any dependence on
There's 11 jounggiil who has
gradually evolved hei self into a coquette .
She was, in her youth, a demuio little
maiden with an inclination to study and
a decided liking for tho domestic hearth
stone. An untowuid circumstance
caused her to leave school at an early
age, and with nothing in particular to
occupy her mind and surrounded by a
number of gay companions, with parental
indulgence, sho drifted into frivolous
wajs, and becoming frivolous she soon
developed into u coquette. Society
makes a good many people frivolous, and
frivolity seems to havo a direct bearing
on the ulTcctious, making them Highly.
Tho young lady is in many respects
charming. Her coquetry is not danger
ous. It is not followed fur enough to be
very serious. Something always occurs
to distract her attention, and the victim,
if he woro really in danger, readily
She hits two ideas, to have amusement
und a man, und us sho seldom is ublo to
bo amused unless there is a man in tho
immediate vicinity, sho may be said to
havo in reality but one idea, to havo a
man. She doesn't cure so much for the
man for tho man's individual sake- sho
hasn't any serious intentions. It doesn't
mutter very much who the ,111111 is just
so ho is presentable und good form.
Most any body will do. A man, not the
nun is what sho is looking for. And
sho has the valuable faculty of interest
ing herself thoroughly In tho man before
her for tho time being. Ho is made to
think that ho is making u distinct im
pression, nnd, uaturnlly.his susceptibility
increases, and the lady is correspond
ingly delighted.
Sometimes one man is not enough.
Sho must huvo two or three or half a
dozen. Girls havo absolutely no inter
est for her.
Sho probably never tried to inspire
love in any inuu and it is quite unlikely
that any man ever regarded her with 11
feeling of love. Her ideas do not extend
to that. She wants men to joke with
hor and supply merriment rather than
sigh for her und muke lose to her.
Properly speaking she is not a real
coquette. Sho has, however, so many of
tho coquette's littlo tricks of attracting
masculine attention than I can hardly
think of nn other term by which to
describe her.
After uwhilo she will weary of tho
inasculino procession before her, and sho
will pluck one of tho pi.ssers by for
keeps simply because sho wants to set
tie down. Sho will make a miml 11 ti i 11
teresting wife und tho man who was
plucked will probably discover that tho
club is 11 nice, pleasant place.
Tin. !
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