Saturday morning courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1893-1894, March 03, 1894, Image 6

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VV HH utoHt HtrlldiiK fputliro f tlio
(4 VHcliornwptlon hint Frltlny oven
T Iiik wiir tho oxUlnitn tiiHto 1Ih
iIhc1 In tlio (k'comtloiiH. Tho mantel
In tho Hpituloim tinllwity whh iilmcwt on
llroly hlildmi with ih1iiih ml cr
iiiiIihiib, while ml wnittlciiH woro iiIho
to 1o won In ovory nook ami cornor.
Thn NuhniHkn Rtuto orohoHtrit whh Htu
HoimmI im Hi" imihI hIiIo and wiib Htir
rounded hy 1hiih with bountiful rod
ahmU'H, prpwmtliiK ihobI ehiirniliiH up
pcarancc. Tho reception room on tho
rl(iiit. whoro tho touoivliiK IiuIIor wont
elation!, wan profiiBoly decorated In
whlto. whllo In thn Imck parlor rod whh
attain tho predoniiniitliiK color. Citron.
tloiiH ind American huiiutloH, with piano
ImniiH kIowIdk with rod tllitt forinod
tho'docoratloiiB. Innnodlatoly hack of
thin room wan tho dlnlntf room, which
wan roBplondant In pink and which
..uiiml fin-tit iniitiv oxclamatlotifl of ad
miration from tho kuchIb hh thoy tarrlod
Ihoro a fow moments for rofroHhmontH.
All tho UtthtH tit thlB room woro covered
with pink BhadoB, and tho center tahlo
wiih trimmed with pink carnations.
Hinllux wiir draped from tho chandelier
to tho four content of tho tahlo. MrM.
A. K. Kennard presided over tho refresh,
meiitfl. Sho woro a heatltlful jrowii of
black laco over pink silk. Sho wiir as
slflted hy MIsb Mhtnlo Oaylord and Miss
Mario IjohIbo Underwood, who served
Ices In heiintlful pink china cups. Miss
Underwood was beautiful In a pink
china Bilk Kown with chiffon triiniuitiKR.
whllo MIbb Oaylord wiib equally charm
Inn In u pink corded Bilk with pink laco
bertha. After bohiK refreshed In UiIh
room tho kuobIb paBed on to tho yellow
room and received delicious ltussla
tea beforo HBCondliiK tho fltalrB for boiiio.
thing more BtibHtantlal. This room
wiib decorated with Marochal Nell i-obob
and dalTcKlllB, and tho tea was dispensed
by Mrs. Charles Keefer, MIbh Olive
Latta and MIsb Jeanotto Underwood,
Mm. KocforwaH attlrod In a yellow crepo
Kown, trimmed with black velvet. MIbh
Lutta, yellow crepo and brocaded Biitin,
triinmiHl with ioiKjullB, and MIbb Under
wood woro whlto bwIbb with yellow rib
lion trimming. PubhIiiroiiI of thU room
and HBCondlitB tho Btalm, tho guestB on
torod tho billiard room and woro iiruIii
surprised by tho vUlon of benttty con
fronting thorn. This room was elabor
ately decorated in whlto and green. Tho
billiard tablo wiib covered with u whlto
cloth and draped around tho Bides with
Rtiiilax. In tho coutor andetrown around
tho tablo woro beautiful clusters of La
Prance roses. The lights In this room
Bhed BiilKlued rays through rich
green shades, while carnations were
also profuttoly used, being placed lit green
vases. Whllo smllax wiib draped from
the chandelier to the comers of tho
table. Tho mantel was trimmed with
whlto and green, and pistachio cream
Waring the letter "F' wiib Berved on
whlto china with whlto cake and colTee.
Mm. C. P. Ladd had charge of tho ro
freBhnionts; sho woro a whlto silk gown
tvwltlt chiffon trimmings and whlto roses.
JilMCarmtHly and 'Mhw Steen acted as
HBelBtanta and proved to bo very acconi-
pllBhouNwaltroBBes. Thoy both looked
very charming In whlto Bilk toilets
Thoro 1b a certain tolerably woll
dotlncd rumor that there is to Imi a wed
ding In tho younger sot Bomotimo alout
tho middle of, April. It 1b not under
Btood that the wedding huB lioen form
ally announced, but it la freely talkod
alwut, and there bcoiub to bo good rea
son for believing that it will tako place.,
Tho young people aro among tho most
prominent of tho younger members of
society, and there is a good deal of Inter
est In tho rumored match When it
ia Bald on all sides that a gontleman 1b
engaged, and when tho gontleman re
ceives congratulations on tho reported
engagement with becoming naivoto and
with no attempt at denial thoro is cer
tainly good ground for supposing that
tho rojwrt Is true. Thoroforo It would
Boom that Mr. W. P. Kolloy, who has
lecn such a success as a bachelor, is in
a fair way to assume a now rolo. Mr.
Kelloy has everybody's best wishes
Patality has recently followed tho fami
ly of Mr. II. D. Hathaway in a most
singular ami distressing manner. With
in two weeks of tho death of tho son
comes tho death of Mr. Hathaway'a
mother and Mrs. Hathawuy's brother
Society young mou aro evincing a
marked predilection for politics, and
those who have entered tho political
"held seem to lxs meeting with tlattering
success An interesting announce.
ment ia that of tho engagentont of Miss
Minna Hawke and Mr. Charles Scovil.
The Hawke family residence is at Ne
braska City; but MIbb Hawke has lately
been living at Omaha with Mr. and Mrs.
W. S. Rector. Sho is well known all
over the atate, especially in this city.
Mr. Scovil resides in Chicago. Tho wed-
" ding Is expected to occur in April
r It hi worth tho price of admission, any
) time, to witness the procession of tho
striking young Omahau, to whom I re
vj f erred lust week, down the aisle in tho
Laming theatre. Ho gives several oxhi-
bitkma during tho evening, and it's a
,, apleedkl sight to see him mosey up and
" dowa the aJale in bia dignity and fetch-
UN etotbaa. Cvwic.
- Mrs. l'Jtcktr-s Kacptln.
Tbalarta reception given by Mm.
Cora Pitcher lust Friday evening In
honor of her guest, MIhb IOvii Wilkinson,
of Knlghtstown,lnd., was one of the most
brilliant social gatherings of tho season.
Tho entire house was a vision of beauty,
the decorations being of tho most elabor
ate and tasty nature. Tho Irvlno
orchestra was stationed In the hall and
furnished delightful music throughout
tho evening. Mrs. Pitcher was assisted
in receiving by Miss Hva Wilkinson and
Mrs. lvon K, Iliggs. Mrs. Pitcher was
attired in brocaded silk and tolvot,
decollete, -olnt lace, and carried a beau
tiful bunch of cream roses. Miss Wil
kinson woro a strikingly bountiful gown
of canary crepo silk with moire silk
trimmings, laco decolloto; sho carried
white carnations Mrs. Higgs'gown was
of heliotrope silk, black velvet trim
uilnga and ribbon bertha; sho carried
Marechnl Nell roses. Later In tho even
ing as tho guests began to thin out and
the rooms became less crowded, tho
orchestra lllled the Iioiiho with danco
music and tho closing hours woro de
voted toTerpslchorean pleasures by some
of the younger and more enthusiastic
guesls. The hoautirul toilets worn
by the ladles also added to the beauty
of the scene, and the reception was one
that reltectod much credit upon the ac
complished hostess and one that will bo
long remomborod by those who were so
fortunate as to bo present. The Invited
guests: MesNrs.iiud MpmIiiuicb Iluriihiim,
W. II. Hargreaves, A. M. llaird, W. W.
Knslgn, .1. A. Kellogg, K. It. Slzer, C. W.
Hoxie, II. 1. (Ireen, A. G. lleesou, A. II.
CotTroth, K. P. Kwlnjr.Cl. H.CIark.E. 11.
Green, 11. II. Patrick, H. P. Poster, C.
G. Dawes, W. II. McCreory, Dr, and Mrs.
Dorris, Judge and Mrs. Tlbbotts, Dr.
and Mrs. Latta, Messrs. and Mesdames
O. M. Thomiwon, E. K. Hrown, W. A.
Green, It. II. Townloy, A. 1). Ilurr, Dr.
and Mrs. Dayton, Messrs. and MesdameB
O. H. Oakley, Phelps Paine, W. E.
Klrkor, Hiland Whoelor, II. W. Hardy,
Dr. and Mrs. Lowry, Messrs. and Mob
dames L. T. Oaylord, P. W. Plank, llarr
Parker, P. W. Pisko, W. N. Kohhiendor,
R. D. Stearns, O. D. Traphagen, C. C.
Ilurr, Georgo Drown, It. T. Van Urunt,
Dr. and Mrs. Glffen, Messrs. and Mes
dameB R. S. Thompson, Myrou Wheeler,
T. II. llonton, W. J. Tumor, Harry Hall,
Charles Hall, Dr.- and Mrs. Curtis,
Messrs. and MesdameB C. E. Yates,
George Cook, A, G. Ilillomoyer, A. S.
Raymond, 0. II. ImholT, Georgo Pawell,
C. P. Ladd, Dr. and Mrs. Crim, Pro
fessor and Mrs. Dowers, Messrs. and Mes
dameB John UueUstalT, W. IS. Ogden,
Carl Punko, C. S. Llpplncott, W. A.
Preston, M. II. Tilton, II. C. Young, E.
R. Wells, P. A. Drown, Prank PorklnB,
W. M. Loonanl, P. W. Hrown, D. E.
Thompson, II. S. Freeman, L. C. Ilurr,
Oscar Punko, M. II. Durgess, K. K.
Hayden, George Crancor, M. D. Welch,
W. P. Hhockoy, A. W. Piold, J. 0. Allen,
J. ,1. ImholT, E. II. Appleget, J. M.
Thayer, Jr., Henry Mansfield, Jr., Prod
Howe, N. C. Ilrock, G. A, Raymer, M.
M. Cobb, Dr. and Mrs. Holyoke, Messrs.
and Mesdames Uharlcfl Miller, Prank
Graham. H. R. Nissley, W. C. Davis,
Prank Sheldon, 8. B. Moore, W. S. IIulT
man, L. G. M. Haldwin, R. O. Phillips,
A. U. Minor, W. L. Pickett, S. G. Dorr,
J. A. Llpplncott, Thomas So well, Gallon
Thompson, 0. A. Keefer, C. E. Keith,
Rev. and Mrs. Davis, Messrs. and Mes
dames II. A. Babcock, O. W. Webster,
Henry Oliver, J. II. McMurtry, J. U.
Wright; N. C. Ablxitt, R. II. Oakley,
Joseph Digger, Rozln Welch, T. M. Mar
quette, J. A. Swan, J. E. Hill, L. A.
Cowen, J. I. Underwood, W. C. Wilson,
Georgo Risdon, W. D. MuArthur, A. E.
Kennard, Elinor PorklnB, A. E. Powlor,
Sam Mollck. P. W. Schotlold, J. N. T.
Jones,' Dr. and Mre. Trogdon, Dr. and
Mrs. Hill, Judgo and Mrs. Antasa Cobb,
Messrs. and Mesdames J. D. Macfarland,
R. L. Rolander, O. E. Shaw, R. D. Mulr,
G. L. Luwb. A. Hurlbut, Sam Cox, A. T.
Loming, B. P. Cowdory; MesdameB Wil
son, A. Putnam, Plorenco Donnls, J. R.
Richards, T. J. Pickott, W. E. Gosper,
Calvert, Smith, Kato Hurlbut, Newman;
Misses Olive Latta, Minnio Oaylord,
MIbb Underwood, Mary Underwood,
Carutody, Steon, Hardy, Punko, Anna
Barr, Marquette, Llllibridge, English,
Talbot, Klrkor, Walsh, Saunders, Plor
enco Putnam, Agnes Scwall, Pay Thomp
son, Helen Wolch, Bcsalo Turner, Grace
Oakloy, Hattio Huffman, Lorulco Powler,
Anna Tibbotts, Emma Tlbbotts,
Katharino, Morlssoy, Maud Burr, Mao
Burr, Mao Mooro, Bortlo Burr, Miss
Balrd, Emma Baird, Jeanotto Wilson,
Rachel Brock, Nolllo Mullen, Newman,
Gortrudo Laws, Baldwin, Hoover, Lilllo
Hannon, Harris, Tillio Pinch, Salllo
Cor, Crowo, Sterling; Messrs. W. P.
Kelloy, P. L. Wing, 0. D. Mullen, Will
Hardy, Will Moyer, Fred HouU, Ray
mond Wolch, Bort Wheeler, Bort Davie,
Frank Slaegel, Frank Polk, Emery
Hardy, 6am Low, Dr. C. E. Spahr, W.
Morton Smith, Frank O. Zohrung, 0. E.
Walto, Frank M. Cook, Martin Aitkon,
Charles Burr, Frank Burr, Sherman,
Will Clark; Mr. and Mrs. D. D. Mulr,
Denver; Mr. and Mrs. 0. T. Brown,
Denver; Mr, and Mrs. D. A. Baum,
Omaba; Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Baum,
Omaha; Soimto- and Mrs. A. S. Paddock,
Beatrico; Mr. and Mrs. O. J. Colhnau,
Beatrice; Mr. and Mrs. S. 0. Smith,
Beatrice; Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Metzger,
Beatrice; Miss Fannio Paddock, Beat
rico; Mr. and Mrs. II. S. Bowl, North
Platte; Mias Fannio Latham, Chicago;
Miss Eva Wilkinson, Knightstown, Ind.;
Mr. Georgp Holdn, Denver; Mrs. Wells,
Miaa Wells, Miaa Genevieve Well, Cin
cinnati; Mr. Smith,
Miaa Peraser, Mrs.
GltTcii, Mr, Arthur Law, Omaha; Mr.
SpatTord, Cedar Rapids; Mrs. Jiltotte,
Chicago; Mis. Carrie Hector, Omaha;
Mr. Nut, Alliance.
Iliiiiiiil ill Hie l.liiili'll lliiti'l
Dr. A. L. Hoover and son,' of the Mil
dell hotel entertained the members of
Lincoln council No. 7, Commercial Pil
grims, Saturday evening, serving a most
sumiituoii? Imuutiot. The orournm for
tho evening had been arranged with
great eaio and the entertainment was a
decided compliment to the traveling
men, and testllled eloquently of tho
graceful qualities of tho IiosIh.
Guests were received in tho parlois of
tho Llndell hotel at 10 o'clock by the
following reception committee: Mrs. H.
S. Whiting, Mrs. M, J I. Van Horn, Mrs.
Geo. Simon. Mis. M: B. Pratt, Mrs. F.
A, Wilson, Mrs. P. A. Bartholomew,
Mrs. jj. W. Garroute, Mr. A. V. Johnson,
Mr. L. W. Pomerene, Mr. G. T. Uoxnoll,
Mv. P. 0. Wilson, Mr. E. J. Cullon, Mr.
T. H. French, Mr. Emer Elliott; assisted
by Dr. and Mrs. A. L. Hoover, Mr. and
Mrs. Do Mott Smith. Music was fur
nished throughout the evening by
Brown's orchestra.
Tho invocation at the banquet was
asked by Hev. C. E. Cox. Mr. S. S.
Whiting was toastmaster. Addresses
were made as follows: "Relation of
Traveling men to tho City of Lincoln,"
Mr. R. M. Simons; Response, Mayor A.
H. Weir; "Moral Standing of tho Travel
lug Men and their Relation to Employ
ers," Mr. H. M. Wright; RoBonso, Mr.
I. M. Raymond; "Tlio Pilgrim Sisters,'
Mr. L. W. Garroute; ltespoi)so Mrs. F.
A. Wilson; "The Llndell Hotel and Its
Proprietors." Mr. L. W. Snow. Mr. It.
II. Rathbiirn acted as master of cere
monies. Mknu.
Blue Points
Celery Queen Olives
Green Turtle, A L'Anglaiso
Baked Red Snapper, ala Beaufort
Sweet Potato Chips
Breast of Turkey, Cranberry Jelly
Mashed Potatoes French Peas
Cardinal Punch
.Saddle of Venison, Hunter's Stylo
Lobster Salad, ala Irlandaise
Brick Ico Cream Assorted Cnko
Cheese and Crackers
Mr, mill Mm, V. A. Trenton Klilurlnlii.
Mr. and Mrs. V. A. Preston enter
tained a number of friends very pleas
antly at cards Tuesday and Wednesday
evenings. Mrs. O. M. Thompson and
Mr. M. L. Stewart woro tho most suc
cessful players on Tuesday evening and
were rewarded with very handsomo
prizes, while Mrs. Patrick and Mr. Geo.
Brown won tho second royal prizes. On
Wednesday evening MrB. .0. E. Yates
and Mr. Hurlbut won the royal prizes
and Mrs. C. M. Keefer and Mr. S. E.
Mooio were second. Those present on
Tuesday woro: Mr. and Mis. F. W.
Baldwin, Mr. and Mrs. George Brown,
Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Patrick, Mr. and
Mrs. C. M. Keefer. Mr. and Mrs. 13. C.
Rowick, Mr. and Mrs. Weaver, Dr. and
Mrs. R. E. Giflln, Mr. and MrB. W. E.
Klrkor, Mr. and Mrs. T. P. Kennard, Mr.
and Mrs. W. B. Wolcott, Mr. and Mrs.
O. M. Thompson, Mr. and Mrs. Myron
Wheeler, Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Tumor,
Mr. and Mrs. Mark H. Tilton, Dr. and
MrB. C. P. Ladd, Mr. and Mib. Georgo
Clark, Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Llpplncott,
Mr, and Mrs, S. E. Moore. Mr. Riggs,
Mrs. P. M. Jilette, Mrs. Cora K. Pitcher,
Miss Wilkinson, Miss Wells, Miss Clara
Carmody. Miss Eftlo Stcen, Mr. M. L.
Sownrt, Mr. 0. E. Walto and Mr. Cald
well. On Wednesday evening tho guests
woro: Mr. and Mrs. O. E. Yates, Mr.
and MrB. John B. Wright, Mr. and Mrs.
Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. Georgo Cook. Mr.
and Mrs. Billmeyor, Mr. and Mrs. A.
Hurlbut, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Keefer,
Mr. and Mrs. J. II. B'ggor. Mr. and Mrs.
P. C. Soacrest. Mr. and Mrs. J. W.
Winger, Mr. and Mrs. Phelps Pano, Mr.
and Mrs. Henry Oliver, Mr. and Mrs.-S.
E. Mooro, Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Konnard,
Mr. and Mrs. Kellogg, Mr. and Mrs. D. E.
Thompson, Mr. and Mrs. P. L. Everett,
Mr. and MrB. Rezin Welch, Mr. and Mrs.
II. C. Young, Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Shaw,
Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Maulo, Mr. and Mis.
Horton, Mr. and MrB. R. S. Thompson,
Mr. and Mrs. II. J. Hall.
Mr. mill Mm. Mnurn Surprlnt-il,
An interesting event this week was
tho surprise party at the residence of
Mr. and Mrs. John Mooro, ltttl Q street.
Friends met at tho homo of Miss Jennie
Leathers, 110 S. Twelfth street, and pro
ceeded to tho Mooro residonco in n lody,
woll laden with good things. Those
present woro: Misses Nina Purr, Louio
and Laura McGrow, Maggio Thicbuut,
Minnio Dybbro, Etta Eusie, Minnio
Heisor, Paulino Mnuritz, Jennie Loath
ore, Anna Trumblo, Maggio Wll'lams, A.
B. White, Ida Horpolsheimor, Ruby
Prindlo, Stella Badger Elvio Blako Lilly
Farley; Messrs Paul Herpolshoimor,
Martin Herpolshoimor, Curtis Copp,
Harry Blako; J. Borkson, A. Borkson,
Frank Will, Allio Barber, J. L. Bould
ing, Guy JnckBon, Win. Prindlo. Eugene
Lindorman, Bert Towner, Louio Balling
or; Mr. and Mrs. Hurry Mooro, Mrs. E.
Biillingor, Mrs. S. Ward, Mrs-A. Thomp
son, Kniilre Club.
Ono of tho largest parties over given
by tho Empire club was that given last
Saturday ovoniug at the Lansing, when
tho club entertained tho Patriarchs.
Tho participants were: Professor and
Mm. Barbour, Mr. N. 8. Harwood, Miaa
Sarah Harris, Mr. and Mrs. I. M. Ray.
mond, Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Raymond, Mr.
and Mrs. Ed Green, Mr. and Mrs. Will
Green, Dr. and Mrs. P. C. Ladd, Mr, and
Mrs. C. 13. Yates, Mr. and Mrs. A. G.
lleesou, Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Green, Mr.
and Mrs. C. 0. Upliam, Miss Hells, Mr.
Mrs. C. S. Llpplncott, MIbsW ells, Mr.
and Mrs. I'1. W. Brown, Mr. and Mrs. W.
Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. 11. A. Sutton, Mr.
and Mrs, S. II. llitruham, Mr. and Mis.
E. P. Holmes, Mr.andMrs.C. (I. Dawes,
Jin and Mrs. D. 13. Thompson, Miss
Mainto Price, Mr. Oliver Rogers, Miss
Olive Latta, Mr. Wlicdon, Miss Maigaret
Baird, Mr. and Mrs. N. C. Ablmtt, Mr.
and Mrs. R. A. Perry, Mis. CiiBobuor,
Miss Ella Ellison, Miss Mary Ellison,
Mr. Annum Wilson, Mrs. Cora K. Pitcher,
Miss Wilkinson, of Knightstown, Iud.;
Mr. Will Hardy, Mr. and Mrs. J. A.
lluckstalT, Mis. Prank Sheldon, Mr. C.
A. Hanua.Mr. A. W.Janseu, Miss Sidney
Murphoy, Mr. and Mrs. John 11. Cun
ningham, Mr. and Mrs. Hudson ImholT,
Mrs. Swan, Mr. and Mrs. Wilson, Dr.
A rink niiiiirr,
A pretty dinner was given to a joung
woman in New York hmt week on tho
evo of hor marriage. It wiib a pink din
ner, and thj heart-shaped table was cov
ered with pink silk. In their dressing
room, tho men found pink cards, heart
shaped, and tied, two together, with pink
ribbon; onoboio a man's name, and tho
other heart the name of tho lady to
whoso escort he was assigned. At tho
table the dinner cards woro also pink
and heart shaped. Around tho pink
cloth went a vino of smilav, jimt insido
the covers, with cut Howera strewn aim
lessly across tho comers. Tho pink
shaded banquet lamp was wound with
hinllux, and a bunch of pink blooms was
tied half way up its standard. Tho sumo
blushing flowers made corsages at each
lady's plato, and a single ono olTored its
rosy sweetness at each man's corner.
In every napkin nested two hearts cf
bread, tied with pink ribbon, and tho
Ices woro served in pink heart-shaped
boxes, on whose covers were fastoned a
slnglo pink Mower and a bit o' smllax.
A clover toast to tho brido that was to
bo was otTered by tho host and drunk In
champagno: "May her life bo as this
wluo. Hor joyB, like tho bubbles, nunt
emus and rising from many sources.
Her sorrows, also liko the bubbles, dis
sipated at tho surfaco, but .essential in
tlio composition to impart strength and
A beautiful murriago ceromony was
solemnizod in St. Paul's M. E. church
Wednesday evening, uniting tho lives
and fortunes of Mr. Georgo E.McDonald
and Miss Alnienn Parker of this city.
Rev. Dr. Lasby otllciatcd. Tho church
was woll lllled with tho friends of tho
conducting parties and while tho guests
weio being seated a uiimbor of beautiful
selections weie rendered by Mrs. P. V.
M. Raymond on the organ. Promptly
at 8 o'clock tho brido entered tho church
with her father, Mr. C. B. Purkor. She
was attired in a beautiful whlto satin
wedding dress with a very long train and
tulle veil. Sho made a very striking and
handsome appeaianee. The gtoom was
accompanied to the altar by his best
man, Mr. C. D. Mullen. At the cIobo of
the ceremony Mr. and Mrs. McDonald,
accompanied by tho wedding party, re
paiied Jo tho residonco of Mr. and Mrs.
Parker, where they were tendered a re
ception. Thoy will bo at homo to
friends after March '20 at IK 18 II street.
OI)iiii WliMt'liili.
The Olympic Whist club was pleas
antly entertained last Friday evening at
tho residonco of Miss Ada Chapman,
cornor of Fourteenth and T stroots.
Those present were: Miss Fannio Rec
tor, Miss Grace Burr, Miss Helen Hoov
or, M'ss Grace Aahton, Miss Emma
Sherwood, Miss Josophlne Lottoridgo,
MissJeBsio Loland, Miss Daisy Coch
rano, Miss Sadie Graham, Miss Plorn
Winger; Mr. Georgo Johnson, Mr. Wil
son Winger, Mr. Arthur Walsh, Mr.
Park Garroutto, Mr. Harry Hurley, Mr.
Harry Evans, Mr. Harry Groupo, Mr.
Ross Curtice, Mr. Frank Kitchen and
Mr. Roy Chapman.
dint I'iui.v.
Mr. and Mre. A. 13. Kennard enter
tained a company of friends at cards
Monday evening. Among thoso present
woro: Mr. Thomas Konnard, MrB Riggs,
Mrs. Pitchor, Mies Eva Wilkinson, Miss
Minnie Gnylord, Mr. and Mrs. Kcofer,
MIbb Mooro, Mr. and Mrs. Davis, Mr,
Bort Davis, Mr. Slaegel. Mrs. Riggs
and Mr. Bort Davis carried oil tho hon
ors of tho evening, cut glass bottles of
A lliilcliot I'lirly,
A merry party of little people gather
ed at tho residonco of Mr. and Mrs. D,
L. Brace on Saturday last to assist their
little daughter Louise in u Joint celebra
tion of Washington's birthday und hor
own. Tho fuct that Washington is, or
would bo, Bomothing over ICO years of
ago and Louise only ninomado no differ
ence in tho joyousness of tho occasion,
Mrs. Braco wiib assisted by Mrs. Ladd,
Miss Wells, Miss Kingsley and Mrs, P.
W. Brown. Games and a general good
tinio woro tho order of tho duy. Then
dainty refreshments woro served, after
which followed an exorcise which re
voaled to tho puzzled guests why LouIbo
had bidden them to a hatchot purty. On
a whlto screen in tho parlor wiib drawn
in crayon, tho truditlonul cherry troo
with tho cut, which Washington made
with his little hatchot. Each guest was
presented with a souvenir hatchot made
of protty crepe paper und tied with rib
which, after being
blindfolded, ho
was to pin as near as
possible to tho cut In tho tree. PrizcB
were given to thoso who came tho near
est, as well as to tho two who weio the
farthest away from tho goal. Tho girls'
royal prize was won by Mnrgio Lewis
and thobois rojal by Edwin Gtithiio,
while tho consolation prizes were carried
olT by Maud Kelley and Ralph RadclllT.
Tho invited gtieBts were: Helen Wilson,
Daisy Hargreaves, Gladys Haigreaves,
Ruth Raj mond, Mingle Bell, Louise
llurnliaiii.Jesfio Outcalt, Clare Punke,
Ruth Bell, Edith llurllngim, Lillian
Coates, Hazel Brown, Grago Powell,
Maud Kelley. Grace Fiench, Fiancelln
French, Vera Lnren, Besslo Blxby, Jes
bIo Randolph, Uinnin Snell, Maggio
Honeywell, Claire Cannon, Ella Sickles,
Rachael Bayard, Dora Peteis, Edna
Green. Endora Loomis, Marion Ogden,
Dorranco llurwood, Mary Searles, Ellen
Osgood, Blanche Kelley, Vincent Coates,
Edwin Guthrie, Joo Btirnhum, Arthur
Raymond. Willie Slzer. Wrtiy Lindley,
Richard Outcalt, Wells Llpplncott. Hen
ry Llpplncott, Jamie Hnrphain, Arlo
Simon, Willio Snell, Ralph Radchlf,
Paul Humphrey, Hallio Allen, Hyde
I'li'iomilly SiiiH'UmI,
Mrs. William Hopkins was given a
pleasant surprise Wednesday uvoning,
tho occasion being her thirty-second
birthday. Tho party was planned and
successfully carried out by her llttlo
daughter Pearl. Thoso present woro:
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Wilson, Mr.
and Mrs. Henry Batth, Dr. and Mrs.
G. M. Smith, Mrs. Bartholomew, Miss
Emma Sutor, Mr. Bowcrc, Miss Mamie
BoWors, Miss Emily Bowers, Miss Mnmlo
Minor Mention.
Mrs. Lulu K. Riggs, who has been
homo for a couplo of months visiting
with her Tathor and sister loft Wednes
day for Chicago where she is now en
gaged in studying art and illustrating
for tho Intcv-Ocean and Tribune.
Miss Wilkinson, of Knightstown Ind.,
who has been visiting Mrs. Cora K.
Pitchor, wont to Omaha this week, but
will return for another sojourn next
week, when sho hopes to renew her new
ly made acquaintances.
Mr. and Mfs. Robert Dorgan hnvo re
turned to their homo in Now Hampton,
la., after a pleasant visit with relatives
in this city.
Mr. and Mrs. Georgo Lowcry left dur
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iiiui oiiicr soiiiiieru uiuih. "l,'f.H
Mrs. Myron Wheeler left Tuesday fo.
a two week's visit with Mrs. T. II. Hen1
ton In Chicago.
The Hot Snrinus excursion party ro
turned Monday afternoon, having had
delightful trip.
Miss Nellie Whlto has gone to Cripple
Creek, Colo., where sho will spend sev
end weeks.
Mrs. Frank M. Jilette, of Chicago, lsr
tho guest of Mr. and Mis. W. A. Preston.
Mr. D. W. Hard, of St. Paul, is in tlio
city, tlio guest of Mr. Charles L. Ilurr.
Miss Josephine Lottoridgo will enter
tain La Nuevitad club this evening.
Mr. and Mrs. John B.Wright iclurpni
from San Antonio, Tex., Thursday.
Mr. Henry Major will leave in a fow
days for a trip to tho Pacilic coast.
Miss Latta enteitained tho Haid
Times Whist club last evening.
Miss Mamie Smith, of Indiana, is the
guest of Mrs. R. I). Mulr.
ine icigui)orfl cum met last evonu
at Tenth and G streets.
Mr. S. II. Biirnham is in Broken But
'lake ono of Horpolsheimor & Co
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ouiiiu -uiu oi. uimhis ot an itinii
kinds packed, moved, shipped or storei
stoves a specialty, ah order leu i
Hardy Furnituro Co., 'Jll South lltll
street, or Rudge & Morris Co., 1118-lli
N street, will bo promptly attended tol
HMCeia's Hxits
W. R. Dennis Co
thin. They ought to be fat.
EMULSION. it Is palatable
oe 'l'ectotiemi,
., it mIiissmi jjtaihalM
mqsjpfs I s I III
-- I 1