Saturday morning courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1893-1894, February 17, 1894, Image 6

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The Young Romantic Actress
Miss Madia Craigen,
Frederick Paulding.
Monday Night, for the first time in this city
an original romantic play in throo acts by
Mrs. Joan Davonport Lander and Mr. Frod
eriok Paulding, entitled
I Duel of Heart's
,JTuciday njfifllt, errand, double bill
Tlie Countess Dowager,
rFtae Setting of the Sun.
Seats on tale Friday, February 16.
Cortland is In the northern -part of
Gage county, one mile couth of the
Lancaster oouaty line. It waa laid out
in 1884 by J. H. Millard, ol Omaha, who
owned the land; lota eoW very rapidly
when irtt pet on the market, and in
to rnonthe Irom the tret aale ol lota
the town had 800 Inhabitants, and waa
ineoraorated ae a village. It I nleely
located on a high prominence, and baa
aaheMUfula rarroandlng country m
there lain Xebraaka. The farm are
wM knptovad, and valuable ohoioa
larme near here eell for. W peraore.
Th farmer are well to1 do, and many
of them have money on depoeit la the
bank. Thte tea very deelrable location
far any one necking a good Improved
farm where th;erop.nevr fail.
Certlaad now has a popalatlon of a
littlaleea than 1,000. Buaineea is well
represented in nearly every linn. The
bnetneaa honeea an mostly of wood, and
Cortland has never had a fire so far.
are well eared for. The high school
bnilding Isit.wood structure two stories
high, with four rooms. The school is
divided into four departments, employ
ing four teachers. There are 276 schol
ars enrolled. Professor S. L. 8tryker
is the principal. This is his first year
hare. Miss L. Conklll has charge of the
grammar room. J. O. Braky has the
intermediate and Miss Ada Cased is in
charge of the primary department. The
wages paid range from S5 to 85 per
month. The schools are all well at
tended, and 'good work Is being done
The German M. ., Baptist, Congrcga
UenalasvdOatlscHes are quite strong,
, and have good hence ol worship; all
have rafilar paatars, except the
Catholics whose ohurch is .supplied
from Lincoln
Cortland lodge No. 184, 1. 0. 0. F., is
very strong. It has a fine Urge hall,
built la 1 W0 at a cost of ,000, which
is a credit to the town, and of which the
ledge may wall he proud. The Masons
have a lodge here but no ball. The A.
O. U. Whaw a lodge which holds its
in I. O, O. F. hell, also Kebsose
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' iJneaenwMt nJM M acseon to tnw ntue
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by fir.
a tine hall (or the meetings. It was
built when the town was first laid out,
In 1884, at a cost of about M.000.
has the U. P. Ry., which offers good
shipping facilities.
Two elevators, one lumber and coal
yard, one factory, where the corn har
vester is manufactured, five general
stores, two drug stores, two grocery
stores, two hardware stores, two imple
ment houses, two harness shops, one
boot and shoe factory, one tannery, two
liveties, two hotels, one flour and feed
store, two confectioneries and restaur
ants, one publishing house, where the
Cortland Herald is published, one meat
market, one bank, two furniture stores,
four shops, western Union and Postal
telegraphs, Nebraska telephone office.
The postofflce Is in the center of the
town and is well fitted up with 880
is one of the original settlers in Cort
land, and is a leader In building up the
town. He is a very liberal man in any
enterprise that is beneficial to the town.
He owns considerable town property
and has a fine farm adjoining Cortland
on which he has as fine a race track for
training trotting horses as there is in
Nebraska. It was on this track that
Bonnie B., the pacing stallion, with a
record of 2:16 was trained. Heisowned
here. Mr. Denton came here from
Michigan. He was formerly a merchant
in New York state, and is a successful
business man. He is doing his full
share towards building Cortland.
KKIKH. K.'A.GrotJan proprietor, opened busi
ness here in 1886. He came from Dal
ton, Mo. He carries a full line of dry
goods, notions, boots and shoes, hats,
caps, gloves, gent's furnishing goods,
trunks, valises and a complete stock of
choice groceries. This house is doing
the leading business' in this city. Mr.
Grotjanisa gentleman wdi posted in
his bnslness, and has great push and
energy. He is making a success of busi
ness. He owns his business houce and
a tine home in this city ; likes the coun
try and is here to stay, He has filled
the omce ol councilman and was post
master here two years j Is now the man
ager of the Nebraska Telephone com
pany at this point, and runs it in con
nection with his business, and was born
in Chariton county, Missouri, in 1863,
and jived there until he was thirty years
oM, when he moved .to Nebraska. He
waa married in 1876 to Miss Louisa
Hickman, daughter of Kev. C. H. Hiek
saan, of Nebraska, for whom the town
otHMasmnUaaeaed; They have three,
baft Mi, tvogifai. Mr. GrotUa made
aisettriptayaawaews k lsfO.aad
The Barnum
Big Burlesque Co,
, Presenting
A Ietinue of Fernale Lovejiness.
H Burlesque that is irvfin&by bright
Everything New and Original,
A Performance up to the Times
New Scenery and Effects. ft
was so highly pleased with this country
that on his return to Missouri he sold
his possesslonH there and moved to Ne
braska, determined to make this his
home, and liaa always been highly
pleased with his choice.
Is the genial postmaster who, of course,
is in line with the present administra
tion. He was appointed July last. He
Lwas also postmaster here during Cleve
land's former term aB president. Mr.
Simmons knows how to run a postofflce,
as everything in and about his office
shows, He also has an Insurance office
and Postal telegraph office in connection
with the postofflce. He is chairman of
the board of town trustees, and is dis
trict deputy grand master for this dis
trict of the I. 6, O. F. Mr. Simmons is
a voung man of business push, and is a
leader in all matters' which build up the
town and community. He came to this
state in 1862 from Iowa. ' At that time
there were but fouriamilies in Lancaster
county. He is thoroughly n western
man, and has the western push and
energy. He came to Cortland in 1883,
before the town was laid out. He owns
considerable real estate here. In 1886
he was president of the Postmaster's
National assoclutlon for Nebraska, and
was editor of the Cortland Sentinel
from 1885 to 1887, published here. He
was married in 1870 to Miss Maggie
Porter, who wus a great granddaughter
of Amos Porter, one of the original 48
landers in 1788, Marietta, O.
Meehan & Oberian proprietors, opened
business here in 1884. They carry a
full lino of groceries, boots and shoes,
gloves and mittens, gent's furnishing
goods, queensware and glassware. They
are gentlemen of pluck and business
enterprise, and are doing their share of
the business of Cortland. They are well
liked by the farmers and expect to stay
in business here.
Dr. E. E. Aukes proprietor, opened
business hers In 1884. He carries in
stock a full line of drugs, patent medi
cines, paints, oils, wall paper and drug
gist's sundries, He Ib doing the leading
business in this line. Dr.. Aukes is a
practicing physician and surgeon. He
is a graduate of Gottingen university,
Germany. Ho came to this country in
1877, and is here to stay.
M. E. Bishop proprietor, opened busi
ness In the fall of 1803; carries a full
line of confectionery, nuts and fruit,
tobacco and cigars, canned goods and
light groceries. Also furnishes meals at
all hour at reasonable prices. He is
doing a fair business. Mr. Bishop is a
young man of enterprise, and is always
mean at jua bos w smcmw ownness.
of 'em ail
IK '.
He is a native of Ohio. He came to
Nebraska in 1888, and is here to stay.
M. A. Crosby proprietor, owns this
house. He bought jt in December, 1802,
and has been in charge sinco that date.
It Ib the leading hotel In the town. He
has a good patronage, keeps a good
house, takes pains "to provide u good
table and cares well for his guests. The
building is frame, two alory, Iish ac
commodations for twenty-five guests.
Regular rates with Bample room in
cluded, $2 per day.
Thomas Fayhorn proprietor opened
buslnoss here in 1888. He carries a full
line of farm machinery, binding twine,
implements, wagons, buggies and re
pairs for all the leading harvesters,
sickles and mowing machines. ,Mr.
Fayhorn came to this state from Canada
in 1870, and homesteaded here. He is
one of the old stand byes .here. He is
dolnu a good business in his line. He
is the patentee of the Cortland corn
harvester, which is a, success, and is
manufactuaed here. It is just in its
infancy regards development; but no
doubt it will be used very extensively
in the near future.
All ladies prefer the Lee broom.
1 t
What We Ilellcve Invetllgntlon DenlreU
We believe tho general equipment of
the entire iorth Western lino system,
7,061 miles,' Ib unequalled in this coun
try; that it hus the best road bed and
best system of safoty appliances west of
Chicago as good as any oust of Chica
go; that it is, as tho trains run, the
short lino to Chicago, Milwaukee, etc.;
to St. Paiil und north west and to Black
Hills towns, That it carried tho great
est number of peoplo to tho world's fair,
and without an accident to anyone.
Perhaps you begin to think we are stuck
on the North Western lino? We are
and want you to know it, and say you
would be too, if you used it. Try it.
Correct information as to routes, rates,
ete., supplied cheerfully.
W, M. Siiipman, A. 8. Fieluino,
Gen'l Agt. City Tkt. Agt.
1133 O Street.
Cheap KxenraloMB to the South.
On the following dates January 10,
February 13, March 20 and April 24,
the B. & M, will sell round trip tickets
at one fare to points in southern Mis
souri, Arkansas, Tennessee. For full
information regarding routes, stop
over, limit, etc., call at B. Jr.. M, depot
or city office, corner O and Tenth streets.
G: W. Boiunux,
OP.tT. A.
All ladle prefer the Lee broom. ,
First time in Lincoln of the greatest-
of the season and original
A Qre&flfecing Dram.
Tha (Ivani Paninrf Qmiia
liiv vlvui lIlivlllQ UvUllU marvelou8-j
ly perfect view of the LEXINGTON RACE TRACK
with her genuine Kentucky
The Pickaninny
IES, gathered and organized by the management, I
especially for this great production.
. And Other Startling Features.
Harvest Excursion.
Via tho Minsouri Pacific On tho
second Tuesday In December 1803
January, Fobuary, March, Ap'il and
May 1894 the Missouri PUciric route
will sell round trip tickets to ull stations
in Texas with rlnal limit to return in 30
days from date of salo. Stop over are
allowed in Arkansas, Texua and Okla
homa, Now Mexico and Indian Terri
tory. Como und take a trip to the
south. Phil Danikuj, O. P. & T. A.
1201 O street.
All ladies prefer the Leo broom.
To the land of rod apples via tho
Missouri Pacific route February 13 at
one fare for the round trip, good thirty
dayB. Call on P. Daniels, C. P. & T.
A., 1201 O street, Lincoln, Neb.
To Hot Springs, Ark., and return
122.25 via tho Missouri Pacific route
February 13. Call on P. Danlols, O. P.
& T. A.. 1201 O street, Lincoln, Neb.
Now is tho time to take a trip to Flor
ida via tho Missouri Pacific routo. City
ticket office 1201 O street, Lincoln, Nob.
Lincoln Coal
best trade.
company caters to the
The ltet Laundry
Townsend APlamandon proprietors, 2208
O street, telephone 570.
$100 HKWAHI) (loo.
Tho reader of this paper will bo
pleasod to loam that thero' is ut least
one dreaded disoaso that scionce has
been able to cure in all its stages, and
that Ib catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Curo is
the only positivo curo known to tho
medical fraternity. Catarrh being a
constitutional disease, requires a consti
tutional treatment. Hall's Catarrh Curo
is taken Internally, ucting directly on
the blood and mucous surfaces of the
system, thereby destroying the founda
tion of tho disease, and giving tho pat
ient strength by building up the consti
tution and assisting nature in doing its
work. Tho proprietors have bo much
faith in its curative powers, that they
offer one hundred dollars for any case
that it fails to euro- Bond for list of
Address, F. J. CHENEY & CO.,
Toledo. O.
tlTSold by all Druggist 75c.
J. J. Imhaff Ib working up a largo ex
cursion to Florida via the Missouri Pa
clflc routo. City ticket offico 1201 O
street, Lincoln", Neb.
For tine family groceries' und meats
Hotaling k Bon stand at tho head of
the Hat; their price cannot be beat for
the aame class of goods. Telephone 010,
tore 145 0 street,
An Instantaneous Metropolitan .
Success. Now York Herald)
Septomber 11, 1893. ''
150 Nights, in New Yor
Showing a
horses in a most realistic
Composed of
W. A. Coffin & Co., Krocors, 143 South
Elovonth street.
When you want prompt servico and
fair treatment and tho selection from
tho largest stock of groceries in Lincoln
call on W. A. Coffin &. Co., successors
J. Miller, 143 South Eleventh street.
See that your tickets read via tli
Missouri Pacific route to tho MidWi
tor fair ut San Francisco, Cnl. Clt.
ticket office 1201 O street, lncoln.Nob
Tourists rates to Florida via the Mi
sourl Pacific routo on salo now. Cili
ticket office 1201 O street, Lincoln.Nobf
Canon City coal at the Whitebreasi
Coal and Lime Co.
For St. Loufs take tho Missouri
Pacific route. City ticket office 1201 O
Genuine Coal Creek Canyon and
Rock Springs coal at tho WhitebreaM.
Pacific routo, via Boutbern route.
Chdod City and Rock Springs coal
nicely Bcrooned at Lincoln Coal com
pany. On Fobruury 13, 1894, tho old reliable
Missouri Pacific Routo will give every
ono who desires to take a look at tho
south an opportunity by Belling them
round trip tlckots .at halt rates to all
points in Texas. Southwestern Missouri
and other southern points. Improvo
this opportunity and go with the crowd.
City ticket offico 1201 O street, Lincoln,,
Nebraska. "'
All ladies prefer The Lee Broom.
Shipped pure and unadulter
ated direct from the distillery
Pronounced a pure and whr.
some' tonic-stimulant by
medical fraternity every whet
Gives life, strength and happi
ness to the weak, sick, aged,
and inhrm.
If you oVBBOt croouro It of your d
liquor dMlcn. upon rsoalpt o LM w1
Hpreia prepaid 10 any oareaa ruu
smbbIs bottU of Old SfkRyser Seethe
LwlBCtoa, Mj.
For sale by
Uth and O St.
For California take the Misaourjk-J