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Saturday Morning Courier
VOL. J), NO 7.
i cm
Ib situated in the geographical center
of Butler county, one oft ho Uncut ngri
cultural counties in Nebraska. Tho
Beat of government wub located hero and
tho town laid out in 187.'1 on u fine plat
eau of high land, with wide streets and
a public square tho size of a full hlock
in tho center of tho business portion,
now adorned by one of tho HncBt court
Iioubo buildings in tho Btnto, built in 1802
at a coflt of nearly 870,000, It is built of
red brick, trimmed with Colorado grey
stono. It Ib of modern architecture
and Ib an ornament to tho city and
David'City now lww a population of
3,500 and Ib ouo of tho solid business
centers of Nebraska and can boast of
inoro solid brick blocks than any city of
its sizo in tho state. Nearly thrco sides
of tho public square aro solid brick
fronts, two and three stories hiuh and
all occupied by business not an empty
store room in the town which speaks
woll for tho business cntorpiiso of tho
Thcro aro also many flno residences of
framo and brick, several costing 810.000
each and aro neat and commodious. In
J fact when one looks over this littlo city
5 ho wonders how this was all brought
about in so short a timo in a codntry
onco called tho sandy desert.
David City is divided Into threo wards;
is a city of tho Bccond class governed by
a council. Tho Hon. Matt Miller is tho
present mayor. Ho is now serving his
Bocondtorm. Mr. Miller is widely known
in this stato, having settled hero in 1870
coming from Wisconsin to this stato,
Ho is now practicing law ho was
appointed Judge of tho Fifth District of
Nebraska and served ono year, when ho
became a candiduto for election on tho
cmocratic ticket and was no doubt
elected, but owing to some irregularity
in the count of the vote, tho other fellow
was counted in, and Mr. Miller, refusing
to make contest for tho plnco, lot the
matter drop and is content with his
practice of law; ho served in tho Nebras
ka legislature two terms from this coun
ty, being elected on tho Democratic
M. K.
This congregation has a largo brick
edifice built in 1801 at a cost of nearly
820,000. ItB seating capacity is about
COO. Rov. G. H. Woultun is tho present
pastor. This is a strong church and Iiub
a good influence in tho community.
ThiB denomination lias a tine edltlco
built in 1870. It is a woodon structuro
costing about 80,000. This is also a
strong church. Rov. A. W. AyorB is tho
present pastor.
Tho Baptists havo a good church
building, built in 188.). It is a wood
strUcturo with good seating capacity.
It cost about 84,000. This church has a
t good iniluenco in this community. Rov.
Mr. Kennedy is tho present pastor.
Tho Lutherans havo a fair church
edifice built in 1800, costing about 83.000.
This church has no regular pastor at
present but has a supply. It is well at
Havo n church building, and Geo. L.
Brown flllBtheplacoot pastor at prosont.
Havo a good house of worship, built
in 1877. This is quito a strong church,
Fathor Box holrtB regular services horo
overy Sunday.
Tho Control High school is a brick
structuro, two stories, built in 1880 at a
cost of 810,000, and two ward school
buildings built of wood in 1888, all good
buildings of modern architecture. Pro
fessor Vaneston Ib in charge of tho city
schools. Ho is now in tho third year of
service hero; ho is a gentleman of high
culturo and education, and is woll liked.
He has raised tho standard of tho
of tho schools groatly Binco coining hero:
his work Ib of high stardard and ho is
liable to romuin somo timo. Thoro aro
four grades and twolvo rooms; tho school
employs thirteen teachers and pays from
815.00 to 8115.00 per month. Thoro aro
L-ynrollod 713 scholars.
K MaBonic, I.O. O. P., G. A.R, W. R.
n a ..f r a r tt ir x.i
v, j. i., .. w. j, in ,, jumiuiu
Woodman, K. of P., Fraternal Order of
Protectors; all well attended.
This plant was put in by tho city in
IV 1888 at a cast of 8.10,000. Water is
pumped from well .'150 feet deop. Tho
, water supply is abundant. Tho city is
woll supplied with hydrantB for tiro pro.
tection, and a liberal supply for tho on
tiro city for use in tho residence Hirtion
Thoro is an indoioiidont lire company
and hook and ladder 'company woll sup
plied with hoso carts and a liberal
amount of hose and hook and ladder
wagon well equipped. Tho wafer sys
tem is nearly self Btiportlng.
This plant was put in by James Boll
in 1880 at a cost of 813,000. It is owned
and controlled by him; tho city con
tracts for light by tho year, thirteen
arc lights. This plant supplies tho city
and the business houses and residences
with all tho lighting thuyncud at a roas
onablo price and is an ornament to the
city as woll as being very useful. '
David City is tho junction of threo
systems of railroads; Union Pacific,
Fremont, Elkhorn it Missouri Valley
and Burlington fe Missouri, which givo
lino services and shipping facilities.
Nino dry goods stores.
Seven grocery stores.
Threo drug stores.
Four hardwuro stores.
Two furniture stores.
Four implemont stores.
Two clothing stores.
Throe hotels.
Threo retaurants.
Threo livery stable.
Thrco printing oflices.
Thrco butcher shops.
Threo elovators.
Thrco lumber yards,
Three banks.
Threo millinery stores.
Twcnty-fivo professional men, doctors,
lawyers, etc.
Butler County PreBB, C. D. Casper.
David City News, A. II) Betzor.
Peoples Banner, F. B. Lemons.
Central Nriirwtkn National llnnk,
Ib located on ono of tho choicest busi
ness corners in tho city in a two story
brick building. ItB banking room is a
commodious room, fitted up nicely and
conveniently arranged for business. Its
furniture is antique oak. Thero is a
long brick vault firo proof for tho safe
keeping' of deposits, and timo lock safe.
This bank was organized Nov,. 7, 1887,
us a National with W. M. Buntry us
President and Hon, Geo. R, Colters as
Vice-President, who is now tho cashier.
It has a capital-stock of 850,000, surplus
810,000, undivided profit. Tho board of
directors aro composed of boiiio of tho
mosj solid business men of Butlor coun
ty. Tho board moots ovory Monday
morning and passes on all loans and
makes a thorough examination of tho
bank. This bank enjoys u good patron
age and has tho ontiro confidence of tho
business mon of tho county and tho
general public as is proven by tho
business done. Their deposits will
generally average 8175,000 and during
tho recent financial depression this bunk
hold tho ontiro confidence of its patrons.
This bunk has ub exchange agents,
Nutlonal Park Bank, N. Y., FirBt Nat
ional Bank of Chicago. U. S. National
Bank of Omaha. Hon. Georgo R. Col
tors, tho cashier, is a gontlomon of
thorough business ability, ns is shown
by tho business of tho bunk. Ho is hold
in high esteem by tho men of Butlor
county. Ho served ub tho representative
of this county in tho lust legislature,
being elected on tho Republican ticket.
Ho camo to Butlor county in 1887.
TOKV. W. II. Busholl owner and proprietor.
This onterpriso wub established two
yours ago, on tho old system of manu
facturing brick, and is now running un
der tho latest improved system of stili
mud wire cut brick, with all tho latest
improved machinery. Tho clay is a yol
low potters, and is found horo in in largo
quantities, being a 1(1 foot vein, lying
two foot bolow tho Burfuce. Tho kilns
in which tho product is burned aro tho
round draw draft of which thoro aro
four and will burn 40,000 ouch every
four and a hnlf days, making a capacity
of 10,000 por day. Tho capacity of tho
machinery is 24,000 per day. Tho com
ing Benson Mr. Busholl expects to put in
a continuous kiln of sufficient capacity
to burn tho entiro out put of tho yard,
bolng 24,000 per day; having put in tho
last season boiho improved machinery
which enables him to produce tho finest
quality of brick. Tho fuco of tho brick
is smooth and free from checks and of
oven surface, and acute angles, equal to
most of tho dry pressed brick In finish
und of a deep red color. Tho brick aro
very donso and Hno grained. Ho is also
producing a fine quality of vitrified
brick, suitable for paving, also rock-faco
work. ThiB enterprise is highly appro
elated by tho pooplo of David City and
of other towns adjacent, as is proven by
tho lurgo number of brick blocks und
dwellings built from tho product of this
plant. On personal examination wo
found tho brick in tho kilns to bo well
burned and of ovon color, showing that
tho work was dono mechanically, This
onterpriso employs 18 men and adds
much to tho Iwnollt of David City.
J. A. Cook took charge of tho xst
olllco July 1, 1803 under tho present ad
ministration so ho is in lino Kliticully
with Mr, Cleveland. Mr. Cook camo to
this county In 1877 from Lewis county,
West Virginia. Ho is ono of tho stand
bys in his party, ho has Bpont most of
ids timo bIdco coming hero in tho county
court houso, ub deputy treasurer, deputy
dark und deputy sheriff. Ho is a gen
tleman and knows how to run tho iKst
office successfully. His untiring pntlonco
and pleasant countenance make many
The post olllco Ib located In tho east
end of a large room fronting tho court
houso square and in tho center of busi
ness. It is nicely fitted up with patent
metal combination lock boxes, 757 In all
besides a largo number of general deliv
ery boxes. Everything of tho latest
stylo und pattern.
W. II. TllOltP
Camo to this stato in 1800 from Penn
sylvania and settled in Soward county,
wus upiHilnted county treasurer to fill
vacancy caused by M. A. McPherBon, ub
an expert to oxumino und straighten the
books of Mr. McPhorson who was a do
faultor. Mr. Thorp was elected to fill
tlio same olllco for three terms in suc
cession und camo to David City In 1877
und opened tho Butler county bank
(now the First National) continued in
tho bunking business for twelve years in
this bank and tho David City bank
when ho sold out IiIb banking interests
and went to California for his health
und after regaining this he returned to
David City and wus appointed stato
bunk oxuminor by tho stuto board and
served as such for twoyoars whon ho re
signed and ono year lator entered tho
drug business, which ho is now follow
ing. Ho carries a ilno stock of drugs,
books, stationery and druggists sundries
does his full share of business in this
lino. Mr. Thorp owns considerable
lands and town property and Ib ono of
tho Bolid mon of this county. In 1880
ho built a tin large opera houso on the
south sido of tho court house squure,
which he still owns and managca.the seat
ing capacity of his oporu houso is 1,000.
is woll patronized and is good puying
property. Mr. Thorp put 81,000 into
this enterprise. Ho has done his full
Bhuro toward building up David City; is
a gentleman of liberal ideas; Ib very pub
lic spirited und Iiub had much oxper.
ionco; and lias tho confidence and es
teem of tho bueinsss men of Duvid City
and Butlor county.
Doty it Knight ono of tho leading firms
in this line; they aro doing u large busi
ness, tho lust year amounted to over
three hundred thousand dollars, which
speaks well for thorn and tho property
of Duvid City und Butler county, ob
peciully when it it Ib thoir first yo-tr in
business ub a firm together, Mr. Doty is
woll known in thiB state us a R. R. con
tractor having been interested in Uiut
business for' nearly twenty yearn last
past and inudo a success of tho business,
ho did tho work for tho U. F. R. R.
when thoy built through Butler Co. and
went also to build through this locality
Mr. Doty haa accumulated a fortune;
he owns largo tracts of reul-estato and
considerable city proporty. Mr. Knight
is a young man of good business pluck
and understands how to moot people, es
pecially if thoyaro looking for roul-estnto
making a good combination for a busi
ness firm. Thoy havo on their bookB a
largo number of good farms for salo at
reasonable prices, for Hutler county land
sells read'ly horo for from 830 to 855 per
ncro for improved farms.
This firm gives especial attention to
business for non residents, and anyone
Booking for proporty investments in this
part of the stato will do well to writo or
call on thorn und bo woll served.
J. G. Blessing, owner. This business
wub established in December last. Mr
Blessing linos In Arlington Nebraska.
Tho business is concluded und manuged
oyF. E. Broniza who is a practical
harnessinaker having had 12 years ex
piorenco in this line. Ho ianyoung man
of thorough business ability, and intends
making this ono of the leading business
ob of David City, and by his close at
tention to business, morits tho conti
donco and patronage of tho people. He
carries in stock it full lino of harness,
both double und single, mostly of his
own make. Ho also carrion in'Btookn
good assortment of saddles, trunks, va
HceB and lap robes. Ho is located in a
brick block ono door north of Perkins'
hotelon south sido of tho court house.
Any ono wishing to find him. look for
tho sign or tho dapple grey horse, in tho
front window.
M, S. IIiok it Co.- These gentlemen
do a general business in there line, buy
for cash and ship to tho eastern and
western market In cur load lots direct to
New York, San Francisco and many
other cities. They aro enterprising
gentlemen and aro always on the alert
for customers and aro ready with their
cash to pay tho highest market prices
for good articles in their lino. Their
business was established two J ears ago.
Thoy have a cold storage huildlng'24x50
feet, thrco stories besides the basement;
It has two cooling rooms, ouo for butter
and ono for eggs, with capacity for ton
car loads. They also havo a factory for
working over butter and packing In
tubs ready for shipping. This process
prepares the butter for market equal to
uny factory butter. Thoy niivo a super
ior process for handling eggs and can
warrant every egg thoy ship to bo fresh,
ihoy ship poultry in car load lots alive,
or in packages dresse 1. They handle
green fruits in car lots, also take in for
cold storage for other parties all kinds
of perishable goods.
Georgo Etting & Co., proprietors, do a
general milling business; produce all
kinds of flour, food, corn meal, buck
wheat Hour and rye Hour. This mill
was built in 188.'); Ib 30x50 feet, throe
stories with an addition 22x30 two story,
has a capacity of 100 barrels; has six
doublo set of rollers, with other machin
ery of first-cluss make.
This mill was all refitted last your
with now machinery including a now
procoBB of bolting, which places it first
cIbbs In every respect. Tho product of
this mill is partly sold in David City
und adjoining towns, und balanco ship
pod to distant plncoB. Thoy buy most
ly wlnteTwhcat from tho farmers in this
county. Thoy also do a large exohaugo
trade from adjoining counties; thoy al
ways pay tho highest market price for
thoir wheat, ami sell their Hour on the
Btrcngcst kind of a warranty. They
mako two brundn.of Hour, the Boat is
tho fancy patent crystal, which haa al
ready gained n igide-Bproad reputation.
Tho other is DuSnond Dust, a second
putont t)isalso.,hMuirgc) sale. uThls
enterprise is ono of the solid tilings of
David City and iJuttlor county,' and
does ita full share toward building up
this city. Tho proprietors havo tho full
contldonco of tho people, und uro well
I utroni.od as is shown in thoir increased
business. David City'spcoplo aro proud
of this ectorpriso. Tho firm Ib composed
of Geo. Etting, Wm. Quad, Henry Glade.
Quadk ttCoi.KMAN, proprietors. This
plant wus established In November last
and is now doing a flourishing business.
Thoy aro munufucturing fine quality of
brooms. Thoy buy thoir corn mostly in
Butler county, nnd boII thoir brooms all
in this Btato, partly to grocery jobbers
and partly to tho rotuil trndo. This is it
now enterprise for Duvid City and
should bo woll patronized and encour
aged, ub it ul ready is. Homo manufac
tures is what Nobraska pcoplo ought to
This magniflcont hotel was built by a
Btock compuny in 1887 at a cost of 837.-
000, is 100x175, threo stories high, und
bus 52 guest rooms: it is fitted up in
first-class in ovory part. It is a brick
structure, built of rod brick with stono
Tho proprietor, Mr. Jutnes Bell ro-
fitted tho houso from bottom to ton with
now furniture, curpots und fittings lust
March. Mr. E. J. May. tho miinairor
and landlord, who assisted in tho work,
is u genial gentleman und an old hand
at running a hotel und fully undorBtands
his business. Ho has followed the hotel
business 17 years, most of tho timo in
Indianapolis, Ind., and Nobraska. This
hotel is tho finest in this stato for tho
alzo of the city, and is run in first-class
fitylo und outers to tho traveling public
and has an onviublo reputution. Tho
holp and sorvico in this hotel is as good
as in uny hotel in uny city, is Btrictly
first-class, especially in tho dining room,
everything is us neat ub wux and gives
ono an appetite to step in. Thoolllco and
dining rooms aro lurgo und vooy con
viently arranged, have good light und
vontilution. Tho ontiro building is
lighted with cloctricity, and tho rooms,
hulls and stairways uro ull carjKited with
lino BriiBsols carpet, und the beds uro
clean und comfortuble, in fact, the trav
eling pilgrim finds no better accommo
dations in all his travels. This hotel is
well patronized by to traveling public
nnd tho pooplo of David City aro justly
proud of tho Hotel Perkins.
mauiiim: niioi-.
Charles Heainas, proprietor and own
er, manufactures water tanks mado of
wood, iron and stool. Brass nuttings
and general repair shop, this nlaut was
established 1884 in a small way; and has
grown fo be quite largo in proMirtions,
Is'run.iy steam engine ten horse Kiver.
Mr. Heainas Is an enterprising gentle
man and Is bound eo succeed In this
huslmvs, Ho Is going to put In a com
plate stock of farm Implements, ho has
just bought his stock and will have it
ready for tho sprfng trado and expects
to meet ury of Ills competitors prices;
und his machinery and goods will bo
first-class In overy way. Ho is located
on F street, just north of tho U. P. R.
R. trucks, where ho can always bo found.
It is particularly gratifying to bo able
to record so many changes in Lincoln's
business circles that mean additional
recognition of Lincoln's iuiortnuco and
appreciation of Lincoln's advantages by
Lincoln's business men, Within the
past mouth there havo been many
changes In conctviis that wore branches
of other houses or that had outsldo con
nections, by which the control of the
same has passed into tho hands of Lin
coln parties, to tho manifest advuntngo
of this city. Tho most recent of theso
affects tho Whltebreast Coal and Llmo
company, which now becomes a distinct
ively local concern. The Whltebreast
Coal and Lime company was organized
in 1885, succeeding tho WhltchroaatCoal
and Mining company, of Ottumwa, Iowa.
It Ib the ugont of tho Whltebreast Fuel
company of Chicago, and tho Colorado
Fuel it Iron Co of Donvor, with both of
which it has maintained close connec
tions. , John T. Dorgan, tho munagor,
has held a considerable block of stock,
but tho controlling interest, formerly
owned by J. C, Osgood, has been hold
by tho Colorudo Fuel A Iron Co. Tho
Lincoln compuny, since its inception,
has done a largo retail and wholesale
coal business, tho annual business run
ning away up in tho hundred thousands.
Tho treasurer of tho company hits resi
ded in Chicago, und the heavy bunk de
posit of tho company has of necessity
boon largely, keptoiu. Chicago. Within
tho past fow days John L. Dorgan,1 and
Finney nnd , havo purchased tho
Osgood stock In the White
breast company, giving them a controll.
ing interest. Mr. John T. Dorgan, tho
present secretary and manager, bocomos
a largo 'holder und is mado treasurer
so that hereafter tho business of the
compuny will bo transacted in thiB city.
Tho wholesulo business, which wub
bundled direct from tho mines will bo
dono from Lincoln, and this branch of
tho business will be rapidly extended
and developed. At a special mooting
hold in Donvor Monday E. Finnoy
wbb added to tho board of drectors.
Mr. Finnoy ono of Lincoln's most promi
nent business men proves to bo a valu
ublo addition to tho company. At tho
nnnual mooting to bo hold in May somo
further changes may bo mado. Tho
WhitobrcaBt company, undor Mr. Dor
gan's munugementh Iiub been slngirlarly
successful, and a very rapid future ad
vancement Is assured. Mr. A. C. Cuss of
Donvor, it should bo stilted, will romuin
president of the company.
Within tho past weok or ton days
thoro has boon a noticeable movement
of grain, and thcro is a marked increaso
in the railroad tonnage.
There is reason for congratulation in
the fact that tho number of foreclose
ura and sheriff's sales Iiub not been so
small in years ub at tho present timo.
It is tho goneral feeling that thero will
bo a lively spring trado in all lines.
The Lincoln Clearing Houso associa
tion hold a iiiuntingThursday afternoon.
Messrs. I. M. Raymond and S. II, Burn
ham, of tho American Exchange nation
al bank, made it report of the prelimi
nary meeting of the Missouri River
Bankers' association hold in Kansas
City, and thoro waa a general discussion
of tho purioso of tho now association.
Mr. Raymond stated thnt ho hud invited,
the ussoclatlon to hold its next meeting
in this city, and that the invitation wus
accepted. Tho clearing houso ratified
Mr. Raymond's action in tho matter.
This meeting will probably bo held somo
timo next month, and it will bo tho most
importantjyot held. Lincoln and tho
other cities will consider tho advantages
and disadvantages of a bank union and
decide whether they want to go In.
Frank M. Blish manager or Dun's
Mercantile Agency, furnishes tho fob
lowing business summary for the week,
"Tho past weok has boon a vorj dull
ono locally, both with tho wholesale and
retail trade, this condition being empha
sised by tho oxtroino weather of tho first
Sales for January; us nonrlv us can bn
gleaned will show an nveriigo falllhg off
of fully one-third us compured with
January a your airo: but It mluht bn
added In this connection that Jnnunrv
U'l was better than common,
Prices of staples continue vorv low1.
sales uro in smaller quantities and re
peated oftonor. ull pursuing a conserva
tive policy and avoiding debts as much
as M)sslble.
Outside collections aro rottortod fair.
showing In fact somo slight improvo-
Money is in fair demand and tho
legitimate wants of irood borrowers are
bolng supplied. Deposits Increaso slow
There Is a general fooling that hotter
times aro coining but a remarkable di
versity of opinion as regards tho ditto ,vof
thoir arrival. This contldonco In tho
future Is a favnruhlo foaturo howovor,
and will havo Kb effect.
Thoro havo boon no local failures of
consequence during tho week, and com
paratively fow in tho state. Opinions
aro that fall and wintor purchases, woro
so much smaller than ordinary as to
mako much loss trouble from bills ma
turing in January and February, than
was anticipated by many. Tho record
of failures thus far would Boom to boar
out this supposition. Purchases for
Bpring business aro vory light and tho
talk is all economy, Thero will bo no
scarcity in the Ice crop. Tuesday's bliz
zard Bottled that matter very quickly.
J, F. Morris, of tho Rudgo it Morris
company, furniture, ono of tho most
prosperous concerns in Lincoln, has not
boon a rosldont of this city for two
years. Ho is now living nt Niles, Ohio.
Tho business affairs of the company
wore concentrated this weok by tho pur
chase of Mr. Morris' stock by O. H
Rudgo and C. J. Guonzol. Tho com
pany is Incorporated and there will bo'
no changoin the name: , """
M. Gi Perkins, of Omaha, manager of
tho American Press Association, who
conies into close contact with ihonows
gapor publishers of tho state, informed
a representative yesterday tha
so far as ho can learn, there Iibb not been
n singlo failure of any consequence
among tho newspapers of Nebraska dur
ing tho past your. JIo stutes that pub
lishers generally report a national im
provement in business, and all aro confi
dent that this year will bo universally
The advance agents of tho various
theatrical companies that como to Lin
coln, all report a decided improvement
n business sinco tho holidays.
Mr. Blish's review will hereafter bo a
regular feature of Tiir.
ill II
That aspiring young Lancnstor county
farmer who purchased a flag and put it
in the hands of somo women with ho ar
ranged to havo it presented to him at a
public gathering, as a gift from un or
ganization to which'they belonged, and
who arranged with tho same persons, to
havo him selected as a delegato to rep
resent their corps nt a national mooting,
though thoy had their own delegates,
and who agreed to pay his own expenses
but desired to have it understood they
woro defrayed by tho society, will hard
ly reach tho lieut-govcrnorship, to
which ho aspires.
In tho event that Lancaster county
candidates for other state offices should
not bo successful in securing it nomina
tion, F. D. McClusky, of this city, muy
bo it candiduto for tho nomination for
superintendent of public instruction.
For ull Texas points via tho Missouri
Pucifio route February 13th. City tickot
office 1201 O street, Lincoln, Nob.
II. C. Young and J. J. Buttlor art get
ting up it lurgo crowd for Texas Febru
ary 13th via tho Missouri Pacific mute.
Call and seo them before making your
arrangements elsowherc. 1201 O street,
Lincoln, Neb.
I'nt'Minoiiln l'rttiittt,
and No, 7, euro Coughs and Colds, und
prevent Pneumonia and Consumption.
Price 2.H! each. For sale by all druggists.
id I
p. vi
'3 we-- z
"ok .' i'w'trK,r5i.
.s).,;, ..'. .isAji.ixa