Saturday morning courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1893-1894, January 06, 1894, Image 7

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"A Laughing Girl" drew two good
V sizod audiences at tho Lansing theater
I Vi Now Year's day. It is a clover comedy
fcLfcleverly interpreted. On Tuesday
ILff-'Fahio Romuni" was tho attraction.
WzuYoa Yonson,'' was presented Wednesdny
r night, an old favorite in Lincoln, and
renewed its old time success, "Tho
Burglar" woe given an adaquato pro-
auction Thursday, and last night "By
' Wits Outwitted" was givon. This play
will be repeated tonight.
New York, Jan. 3. Special Courixb
Correspondence. Following are this
weok's important attractions in Now
York: Vaudeville at Tony Pastor's; "A
Temperance Town" at the Madison
uare theatre; vaudeville at Proctor's;
Tho fiostonians" at the Broadway
theatre; Willard at the Garden; "Africa"
at the Star theatre; "1402" at Pahnor's;
"Charley's Aunt" at the Standard; Mrs.
John Drow at the Fourteenth Street;
Peter F. Dailey in "A Country Sport" at
the Bijou theatre; vaudeville at Kostor,
Bail's and tho Imperial Music hall;
"The Hustler" at the Grand opera house
"Shore Acres" at Daly's theatre; "Old
Lavender" at Harrigan's; opera and
vaudeville at Keith's Union squaroj "In
vaudeville at Hermann's; Lillian Russoll
in "Princess Nicotino at tho Casino.
Coining Attraction!. (
"By WitB Outwitted" will bo the at
traction at tho Lansing theatro tonight.
It is said to bo ono of tho most literary,
but with-ull excruciatingly funny com
edies of tho ago. It is modern, bright,
sparJingnnd witty. Strango to say it
Is most ingenious and original in both
conception and execution. The fun
bubbles spontaneously out of its situa
tions. However clever a play without
an intelligent cast and artistic and effec
tive production is impossible. This has
woll been kept in mind by the manage
inent of "By Wits Outwitted," who
have engaged young, bright, intelligent
Vsd recourcoful actors for tho sevoral
fc-v . ... . ...
'I no notauio ovoni or me coming weoK
will be tho production of Mortimer's
comedy success, "Gloriana," at the
Lansing theatre Tuesday, January 0.
It onjoyed last year a very profitable
uin ot nearly luunigma in now lorn.
IMr. Mortimer's comedy is said to bo in
.many particulars t'-e best play of its
cind that our stage has shown. It is
instructed .on tho basis ot a plot sug
gested by the cleverness of the French
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comedy, "Truo d'Arthur," and produced
at the Globo theatre, London, whero it
is nearing its 350th performance
The story in brief is as follows:
Mr. Leopold Fitz-Jocelyn is about .to
marry Miss Chadwlck, tho daughter' ot
a rich Briminghatn tanner, but ho Ib
somewhat embarrased by certain
episodes in his life in which figures a
dashing young widow, Mrs. Gloriana
Lovoring, and a trip to Brighton.
Miss Chadwick and her father visit
Jocelyn in his bachelor apartments, and
just after they leave tho houso tho
widow is announced. It occurs to
Jocelyn to change clothes with Spinks,
his valet, and pretend to bo tho servant
instead of the gentleman ho appeared
whilo flirting with the widow at Brigh
ton. Spinks dons his master's clothes
and tho master masquerades as a
menial. The widow, being a romantic
turn of mind, instead of being dis
gusted at the fact that she has lavished
her affections upon a servant, takes a
greater fancy to Jocelyn than ever and
insists on continuing the flirtation.
Spinks, the soi-disant master, gives tho
masquerading Jocelyn the worst
characters, but it avails nothing and
the widow insists upon taking tho
liveried admirer into her own sorvico in
order to havo him always near her
Jocelyn reluctantly consents. While
in the widow's employ ho meots her
Russian lover, Count ExitofT, tho latter
also encountering tho real Spinks, dis
guised as tho master.
Mrs. Lovering's servant girl, Kitty,
discovers her old sweetheurt in the form
of Spinks, and this greatly complicates
matters, mixing up master and man
with mistress and maid in various love
ufTuirs. Mr. Chadwick and tho Count
discover tho parties in peculiar situa
tions which results in tho Russiun
challenging Spinks to a dulo and nearly
causes the postponement of tho mar
riage between Jocelyn and Miss Chad
wick. Finally tho Count's jeulousy is
allayed by a ruse of Kitty's, tho mas
tuorading 1b explained to tho satisfac
tion ot tho innocent parties, Mrs.- Lover
ing also having disguised herself, and
tho curtain fulls on throo happy pairs ot
united lovers. Tho company is a com
petent ono and includes such players as
Emily Bancker, George W. Burnum,
Alt. Hampton, Thomas W. Ryley,
Eugene Eberlo, Goorgo Parsons, Tlllio
Barnum and others of noto. Manager
Church assures The Courier that this
is tho No. 1 company and guaruntoea
ono ot tho best attractions thut will
visit this city this season. Thoro will
be no increase in prices.
Morrison's "Faust" will bo presented
at the Lansing theatro January 17.
Hoyt'a "A Trip to Chlnatowu" will be
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;v jr
I$I A. CHURCH, IVIfiitu;oi
Of the great play that had a
Manager Church, of tho Lansing Theatre, takes plcnsuro in announcing tho forthcoming nppcurnnco of "Olorlnna,"
Mr. Mortimer's great comedy, Tuesday evening. January 0. This popular attraction will bo prcsontod by a compuny of
artists, and an adequato production is assured. Tho presentation ot "Gloriunn" promises to bo ono of tho banner social
events of tho season. A full notice of tho ploy appears cfeowhoro in this issue of Tiik
presented at tho Lansing theatre, Junu
ary 10, with all tho old favorites in tho
Nuperlor Truln Kervlec to ritUIurj(li.
Tho Baltimoro & Ohio ruilroud oilers
tho public tho most convenient train
service between Chicago and Pittsburgh.
Tho routo is via Akron, Ravenna, War
rcn and Youngstown, C. Two solid
trains nro run every day, both carrying
day coaches and newvestibulcd sloeplug
cars through without chungc.
The Pittsburgh express leaves Chicago
at 3:00 p. m., und arrives at Pittsburgh
tho next morning ut 7:05. Tho vestibule
limited leaves Chicago at 7:30 p. in., and
arrives at Pittsburgh tho next morning
at 11;10. Tho vestibule limited also
carries a Pullman sleeper to Clovelund
via Akron, urriving ut Clovelund at
8.-00 a. m.
All B. & O. trains depart from tho
Grand Central passenger station, corner
5th avenuo and Harrison street, Chi
cogo, tho finest and most commodious
station in Americu.
NlHKttra Full.
Next to tho world's fair, all our
foreign friends want to sco Niagara
Falls, and in tho minds of many,
Niagara Falls ia placed first. Ono ot
tho first questions they ask un Ameri
can either nt homo or aboard is about
Niagara, but to many of us Niagaru
Falls is too near. Wero it on tho other
eideof tho world, thousundsof American
globo trotters would hasten there, who
puss it by now because thoy cun go
there any time.
Tho Michigan Central Hub made it,
perhaps, too easy of access, for its
through trains from Chicago to Now
York and Boston run directly by und in
full view of tho great cataract, and
thoso passing by daylight stop five
minutes for passengers to view tho Falls.
Tho wiso traveller however will stop
over thoro as long as his timo will per
mit to view tho beauties and the gran
dour of tho falls under different aspects
and from different points ot view. The
longer ho stops the more he will find to
repay him for whatever expenditure of
time and money he incurs.
Cheap Excnrnloua to the Nonlli.
On Dccombor 10, 1803, January 10,
Fobruury 13, March 20 und April 24,
tho B. ifc M. will sell round trip tickets
at ono fure to points in southern Mis
souri, Arkansas, Tennessee, For full
information regarding routes, stop
ovors, limits, etc., cull ut B. &. M. dopot
or city ofllco, cornorC and Tenth strcots.
A. C.Zif.mek,
OP. & T. A.
MuvIiik South,
Convenient markets, good soil, pure
water and excellent climato aro udvan
tuges to be considered when looking up
' hi
rff '
run of 150 nights in New York
a home, business location, farm, etc.
Maryland and tho Virginias ufford there,
with many more advantages. Improved
farm lands, adapted to stock raising,
dairying, grain, grass und fruit growing,
can bo obtained at low prices und uimiii
easy terms. Thriving towns invito tlio
merchant, mechanic and business nnn.
Abundance of cool, timber, oro, water
power, etc. Free sites for manu
facturers. For furthorinformatlon, addreps M. V.
Richards, Land und Immigrutioi Agent
B. fc O. R. R., BulWmore, Md.
All kinds of couT. irester's 1211 O
Ilillf Hull' to Tcxim.
On Doteembor 12, 1803, January 0,
Foburary 13, March 13, April 10, und
May 8, 1804, tho B & M will null excur
sion tickots from Nebraska und Kunsas
stations to points in Texas ut one fure
for tho round trip. For tickots und full
Informution regarding limits, stop ovois,
etc., cull at B. &, M. depot or city ofllt-e,
corner O and Tenth streets.
A. C. Zikmkk. C. P. & T. A.
M. L. Trester. coal and
O street.
lumber. 1211
Hurt rat i:x'iirlon.
Via tho Missouri Pacific- On tho
second Tuesduy in December 1803,
January, Fobtiury, March, Ap-il and
May 1804 tho Missouri Pacific routo
will soil round trip tickets to all stations
in Toxns with final limit to return in 30
days from dato of sale. Stop over uro
allowed in Arkansas, Texas and Okla
homa, Now Mexico and Indian Terri
tory. Como und talte a trip to the
south. Pirn. Daniklh, C. P. & T. A.
1201 O street.
The Union I'lirlllo C'lit-iip l(Ht-.
Only S30.00 first class to Ogden, Salt
Lake, Helena, Spokane and Portland
For full particulars call at city tielutt
ofllco 1044 O street.
Tint lli-kt Liiuntlr)
Townsond &Plumundou proprietois, 2208
O street, telophono 570.
W, V, DiivK 1). I). H.,
Diseases of tho teeth, mouth und face.
RouniB501-2-3, Brace blk.,cnr.irth andO,
Kye nml KurMirui-on.
Dr. W. L. Dayton, oculist and aurist,
No. 1203 O Btreoi, Lincoln. Neb.
(Mi-rKyiminV IVriiilU, 1HIU.
Tho Union Pacific will now receive
applications fcr permits for 1804,
Como early. City ticket ofllco 1044 O
Lincoln Coal company caters to tho
best trade.
M. L. Trester, Peiuiu. hut d coal, 1241
O street.
For California take tho Missouri
Pacific route, via southern route.
Lgy.f J
) -
,::. .,-!.'.
1.1 ' "
1 ' t '"
"Iti tilnco nt tlin liond of all tiarloilicoli pub
Hulled In tho EiirIIiIi Iniiguima 1 no longer dis
puted nnywlioro." Albany Arirui.
IN 1894.
3000 I'liRf. or tll licit l.ltrruturr.
lOOO Illii.ti-Htloim by the Clroutt-nt Artlit
or the World.
rpilli program of tha now Tolumoof tlinCen
J. tury Mnffnzino, beulnnlnir with thu Norom
her number, In ono of rnru In ton-it to every
rondor of Utnruturo. Tho cliluf Horial feature it
Tim most dramatic story ovor writton by
Amttrirn'iiKriiiiti'st Immoriat. I.ikn soviiral of
Murk Twaln'i stitrlns, it lum for Its conn a
Httminbont town on thu Mimividiipi rivnr forty
yours iiko. "I'lidd'iihnad WiUon." a hard
bonded country lawyer, tho horo of tho story,
furnUlioB much of tlio fun thnt onn naturally
nzpects to Und in a work by tho author of "Tho
Innocents Abroad," but ho iiiipours in quito
limit lior Unlit In tho murder trial which forms
tho thrilliiifr climax of the story. Tho plot In
troduces ii novel and IhkoiiIouh employment of
sclonco in tho detection of rrimo, and tho char
acters are well drawn and their every action it
Interesting. Tho century will contain
l'rlco W.OO n year. Donlers receive subscrip
tions, or remlttanco muy Im mndn to tho plllt
ishors by chock, draft, money-order, or by cash
In roKliterod letter. Address
Tlie Century Co'.
Wrlto for u "Miniature Century" fre.
Dr. Humphreys' Kprrlllrs are scientifically and
carefully preiwrixl liemtxjles, u.-d for years In
private practlco and for over thirty yesrs by ths
people with entire suctcm. Kvery pliiglu Bpeclflo
special cure for tlio iIUi-om) natiml.
They cure without oTunKlnir.purKlnK or reducing
the system ami aro In fact and deed tlio Hoterclsn
Iteinedles of the World.
o. cimi. rucit.
1-Fevere, Congestions, Inflammations.. ,113
U Worms, Worm Fever, Worm Collo Cfl
S-Teelblngi Colic, Crying, Wakefulness ,33
4-Dlarrhen, of Children or Adults '23
7 Coughs, Coldt, Ilroucldtls y,3
rf-Neurulgla, Toothache, Kacesrhe 3
8-Ileadiichra, Mck Headache, Vertigo,. .113
10-Iysp(-plu. Hllloutni-KS.CoiMtlpatlnn. .38
ll-Hupprrsst-d or 1'nliiful 1'rrloda... ,33
13-Vlillr, Too l'lotuw Periods 33
13-Croup, l.nryugltU, lloancneti ..... .33
14-Halt Khruni, rr)ilielat,rjiiMlons,. .38
13-Ubeuniailsm, Itheumatlo I'tlns 33
18-MaUrlu, Chills, Fever and Ague .33
lB-Cnlarrh, Influenza, Cold lu the Head. .33
ae-WhoopIng Cough .'48
UT-Kldury IMsenae 33
3H-Nervoua nihility . l.0
aO-Vrlnary Wrnknrss, Wetting lied .38
"Tho lMlo Olnlimnl."-Trlal (.lie, 35 CU.
all br DnuiUii.tir muI vmiii4 oa ttll ( srtas.
Da.llimrsai- Nmt (IHHI".) "-u I
MCHrMBU'lltlP.C&,IUalllWllllM SU, 1IW I0U. 1
S P E oTFi c s .'
raatakWt gfsorlblttg Us
rasoareat of
in h hsd by esMrosilng O, T, N cboU
A T. A.. A. T. fi. r. . K.. topaka, Ki
Uentlea UiU mm,
' ' " "T' - ".if'PiXJ'l
iiLMnNiwiKKMi MmKtsammmmmmimmmmmmmm
'. '.,,
? ,
a 1
J'" ' t ' Vr
. 4
,T 'I -
"t ;',:
i -I'5
r '
Dr. T. O'Connor.
(Baecesaor to Dr. Charles "nnrlM.i
w ii and Klotalas without tli- i Kirn.,
Chloroform or Klh.i
ill.-. i(4 OStrwt-HwHU block,
(MalaLUeB.AO. B.B.)
sBaaHssasPM ft
Kate, K, 175 aid 00 a month, ao
cordinr to location. Addreaa
Cumbarland, ud., up to Jurat 10; attar
that date, either Dew Park or Oakland,
Garrett county, atd,
'; 'fir
-J v.