Saturday morning courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1893-1894, January 06, 1894, Image 5

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Mrn Irvino Ih grunted ti divorco and
tho custody of tho child and Ib allowed
$30,000 alimony, besides expenses.
Irvino'H case was very poorly miuinged
from tho Unit, und tho result, ull tho
facts coiiBidored, is not surprisinu;. Ah
The Coukiiui Iiuh already mild, Irvino'H
conduct since tho killing of Mont
gomery hud been despicable. His treat
ment of MrH. Irvino, admitting that sho
iu guilty of everything that Iiuh been
charged against her, was not such as to
rellcct any particular credit upon his
churacter iih a man, and inuny persons,
whilo expressing tho HtrongeHt con
diminution of Mrs. Irvino'sirregularitieB,
havo not hesitated to inanifeBt their dis
approval of tho pcculiur tuctics em
ployed by tho huBbund. But,' ullhough
tho coiiBUminution of thin revolting pro
ceeding wub not ultogother unuxpectcd,
uud whilo Irvino Iiuh, und justly enough,
como iu for hiB share of condemnution,
tho verdict cannot bo regarded other
wise than us u monstrous injustice, uud
a most discounting sign for those who
look to tho luw to redress wrong und
administered justice
It is unueccBsury ut Hub time to com
ment on tho jhuructer of Mrs. Irvino.
This is u subject thut is und bus been
tolerubly fumiliur to most people iu
Lincolu, oven if tho most intorested
party, Irvino himself, bus only very
recently acquired adoiiuuto information
thereupon. Sulllco it to say thut she is
not u proper person to havo tho custody
of tho child. Tho awarding of tho
custody of tho daughter to her is a re
flection on tho luw and tho cause of jus
tico, and an insult to tho public sonso of
And tho decreo of divorce. Is it to bo
understood by tho action of tho court in
Salt Luko City that it was held that tho
ovideneo introduced showed conclus
ively thut Bhe, iiiBteud of Irvino, bud
been cruelly wrongedY Docb tho grunt
ing of u divorco to her, iusteud of to tho
pluintiiT iu tho caso, mean that Mrn.
Irvino is a model of womanly virtue, und
tho husband a bestial villain, and
that Bho is ontitled to redrew for
wrongs dono by him? If so, tho vor
diet must bo regarded us one of tho
most unheard of and iniquitous judg
ments known in tho history of legal pro
cedure. Irvino may havo lost in public:
respect by bis course sineo tho tragedy
in this city, but ho did not deserve tho
terrible slap iu tho faco administered
by Judge Zano. Ho was still ontitled to
justice, and ho had a right to expect that
tho court would bo intluonccd alone by
tho evidence and tho facts, and not by
extraneous couHidcratioiiH. The verdict
is monstrous. litBt week referred to
l'helps I'alno's latest employ incut tho
circulation of a petition among republi
cans praying thudemocrutic president of
tho United States to appoint Major J. D.
Calhoun to tho Lincoln postmastership.
Wo understand, und are somewhat
reliably informed on this bead, that
upwards of il(X) republicans signed this
petition, not because of any inllueiico
exerted by l'nino, but solely on account
of tho friendly feeling entertained for
Calhoun by republicans. These signers
are old soldiers, the idea being to
convey the impression to the powers
that bo in Washington, that there is no
objection to Calhoun in this city on
account of his having been engaged on
the other side of the fence in tho late
unpleasantness dating from 'til.
Tho query verynaturully arises at this
point, wherein Tamo's uctivity in
Calhoun's behalf what docs the peculiar
republican expect to got in tho way
of return for his aBsistunco to a democrat
ic candidate? Our acquaintance with
Captuin Phelps Paino is extensive quite
us extensive as wo would wish, und wo
aro ublo to say .vith a reasonable degree
of positivoncBs thut Puino'svery ontbus
iustiu lubor iu tho cuuso of Calhoun bus
its origin und cause in the hope
indulged in by him, tho captain, that he
will bo given a place iu tho poBtollice
in "use Mr. Bryan is sucessful in club
bing Major Calhoun's nomination out
of tho president. Wo uro, unfor
tunately, not entirely familiar with tho
grounds upon which Puiuo buses his
hope; but wo judge thut ho litis good
reusoii to suppose that bo will be re
Should Calhoun bo appointed und
should Paine tlnully be given u place
under tho democratic postmaster, tho
redoubtable captain will at lust have
reached a fitting end iu his conspicu
ously picturesque politicul career,
Paino has attempted, and with much
system and persistency, to break into
every political olllco in this county and
Btato for a period embracing so many
yours that tho memory of man runneth
not to tho contrary. Ho has not been
particular as to tho olllco- ho bus been
porfectly willing to take anything. Of
Into ho has been rather unsuccessful,
and his admission into a political
asylum under tho tutelage of Major
Calhoun would, in a measure, olTsot tho
keen disappointment experienced by
tho captain when ho was foiled by
xdlqphonjs aas.
By special arranRcmeiit with the Mulr-Cowln Company ol this city,
Tllli COUKIliK Is able to make the (ollowlne; extraordinary premium
To every New Subscriber who pays SO Gents In advance lor three
mpnth's subscription, we will e,lve as a piemlum a beautiful alter
dinner china cup and saucer, hand decorated. These cups and saucers
cannot be purchased lor less than 75 cents or $1.00. Gall at the office
and see them. Coiirlor l'ub. Co.,
IfcfiOI O Nli'ool.
Hugeuo Mooio iu his attempt to force
his way into tho auditor's olllco. We
speak advisedly when wo say that tho
republicans of Ijiinetstor county would
bo under a permanent obligation to
Major Calhoun or any other democrat
who would proselyte tho captain from
lepublicau faith, by a democratic up
pointinent, or by any other means. We
have had Paino long enough, and wo
aro not only willing, but acutely anx
ious to pass him along.
Tho evening newspapers in this city
havo a habit of beating their pations in
a most flagrant manner two or Unco
times a year, namely, on tho Fourth of
July, on Christmas, and on .Ian
unry 1. Tho Ncwh appealed as
iiBiial on Monday, but usually
neither paper makes a publication
on these days. At the end of tho week
however, the usual sum of ten cents is
collected, and no rebate is given
advertisers who pay by the week or
month. When a holiday comics on
Monday, iih was the case withC'liristmaH
and New Vear'H the people who depend
on either of the evening paperH for their
newB aro deprived of information, for
which they pay, from Saturday till
Tho papers make a clear profit by this
skipping process. Supposing the AVir.s
has, as it claims, a ciiculation of 0,000.
This at -15 cents a mouth, would no88.'l,:t.'l
a day u net protltou ciiculation alone
of S8.'l..'t.'l, every holiday. A nil advertisers
aro beaten out of a considerable sum.
Tho News, if its own ligures aro to be
relied upon, probably makes a profit of
100 every time it misFesan issue. Maybe
this handsome prolit will induce our
conteuiw)iury to cease publication
altogether iu tho near future.
It is u very foolish policy that causes
tho Call and tho News to suspend
publication on holidays. Each claims to
fully cover the local Held, and there are
a great many people who look to these
papers alone for their information of
local happenings. When an issue is
omitted, readerH who desire to keep
informed, aro forced to buy a rival
paper. Thero is one theory upon which
the skipping policy of tho Cull and News
is adinissablo that it gives the readers
of theso papers needed relief by an
occasional non-appearance.
Thero is a growing feeling nmungro
publicau politicians iu this congres
sional district that Church Howe has
seriously injured his prospects for the
nomination by his somewhat conspicuous
truckling to Koso water, and ho will be
earnestly opposed throughout this dis
trict on this ground. The publication
iaoi o (S'riui'r.
iu last week's ('oriinai of the true iu
wardness of the lice's account of tho
secret lopuhlicnu conference and llowwi
connection theiewith, has been gen
erally accepted as a tiuthful expose iih
it was.
Some weeks ago wo stated with somo
distinctness that Iliad Slaughter was
not u candidate for tho lucrative posi
tion of cleik of thoHiipicmo emu t, now
held by Mr. Campbell, and at that time
Mr. Slaughter wiih not a candidate. At
the present moment wo would not as
sume the responsibility of stating that
tho chairman of the lepublicau state
central committee is not an aspirant for
this position.
It is tho general opinion thatSheiilT
Miller has among his appointees some
specimens of citizens that aio about as
unique as one seldom sees.
Tho following is from IVmitt'iMt'Ti
News, Milwaukee:
A good joke is told at the expense of
the erudite dramatic critics of the daily
papers. During tho iccent engage
incut of Stuart Kohson iu this city,
they gave elaborate reviewB of his
artistic eirortH iu tho comedy line, the
most of them praising both actor and
company. They usually liml fault with
all tho good actors whocomo to the city.
The joke comes in when the statement
is made that Itobson didn't go on the
stage at ull during the Milwaukee en
gagement, his part being taken at each
performance by his under study.
Itobson wiih having a little Christmas
So they havo the same kind of critics
in Milwaukee that add to the measure
of woe iu this city.
ItniiK oT 1 lit Tt'nt Outlined IMiiIiik tile
1'iihI Wi'ik.
No such lino of canned fruits in the
city iih shown by W. A. Collin ,v Co., 1 1!,
South Eleventh stieet.
Pay T0 cents, get a china cup and
cancer free, and send Tun (.' to
some distant friend for tluee months.
For dances and outings theie is no
sue) music iu Nebraska as that supplied
by tho Nebraska state orchestra.
The Lincoln Coal company, 1015 O
street, handles all of the very best
grades of anthracite and bituminous
Jeckcll Bros, new tailoring establish
ment, lit! north Thirteenth street nt'ii
the Lansing is the popular resort for
stylish garments.
Why pay exoibitant prices for up
holstering when BoMischild does llrst
class work at low rates; l-! North 1-th
trcot. Burr block.
M. L. Trester, city coal olllce, It'll O
street, yards M, P. and 127 1 1 1 B. M. and
O street.
CiiIh f 1 1 mi wlilrli "fi.tmOMliintJ iuiiri'Hnltiim
(Inoll mum. Inn. Kvori IiiihIiii hh mini hIiiiiiIiI
Printer, miller cily llliniry; Art Department, V
,;. 'Inim-mtn. Ak forlt.
JfrML. Vk tk
TlklOUM AJTD imil t t'..i
I or miIu In
iiiiuiiiiiwriiiiur. Miuiur i.ii i.r.i;tF.,.'HHoiiioii)iiiui,t;uieAUO.
I.lmiilii, by II. W. IIUOWN anil W.N. ItKIUAlCNIIKII.DriitiKliU.
Concise. Modern. Practical. Inexpensive.
Now icitily in two lure;) octavo volumes. 1'i-cputcd by u corps (
riehei-H itml diieutiiiiml wiileis expiecsly for use of pupils uud stliileuls in pub
ue und private schools, seinlnnries and neiideiiiies. ('(istitig but u suiiill fiueliot. til
Jie prien of Hie large eyclnpirdiiiH, it is ten times mine vnhiuhlc for the purpose,
Iii'ciiiim" il Ills. Ti'iicheiH me enthiisiiistie hi ilH pniise, ssying it ineetH n need
vmi.i-Ii Iiuh I I) long mid deeply felt.
J 'or agents it is n lioiianii. No competition; ik .ther book like it j n
en. ilive nnil urgent deiniitid for .t. We have a cysti'in of .tnviiSHing Ihe hcIiikiIh
vvlncli uiHiireH ipiiek wink and blgiesulls. l"ii nt ngent took I OO otdeis III lO
lays, iiiiollier Iiuh taken hiiIiih lor liiKl sets iu 7 weeks, mid hiis "I liuve sold
iMil(H for ten yeiiis ntid thiH Ih Ihc lust seller I ever struck."
IAP UANT AfiPWTQ who will giu-iill their time mid wnnt to miikeMj' money
IlL ilHIll HULlllO U e give extra tei ms mid 4'xclnsivti territory.
Touchers ami Students who want profitable vacation work
should write us. For full information mid tei ms, address
LAUREATE PUBLISHING CO., Lakeilde Bnildinff, Chicago, Z1L
ivo'visiTiicai iiw
NPW (-' N"w "rm Mint In iIkdIkhi
i..vv (.) nnil ilniwIiiKN iiiiiiIii Hiti-cliilly
R,,.. ( Id Ihmiiii )iinr ImihIiii-km. Hu
ll IVl. ! riv(nn, IIiichI work, nt oiio
'V" , (Iflh Inn nwt of Mono llllio
(...((.(Xf) Kniiiliy. Wn ilonl In utrlkliiK
iiinf rnlrliy IDKAH. If nut
iinllo hiue wind rulH yon wiinl, lenvn It to im.
Wo urllo und lllimtriitn nilvortlnoiiieulit in ml
ililluii to miikliiu ixirtriiit cutM, iiwnniuir
illiuit milium, littler IiihiiIn, Itiin Iiii-hm run In,
i'iiiiiIi' nki'ti'lii'N, rover ilmltfii", lioiiilliittn mm
i'iikiiihiwiI ri'HoliitluiiH mill memorial nlliniiit
fur nei'rrl mii'IoIIon.
cmi Im taken id from $1 up, ('liciip, nron't tiny?
urn iih. I IiihI titfn nlllrii with .lolin Mollitotli, tfio
eigerii Noriiiiil riilli'un, Lincoln, Noli.
M'.nvr. MRrtiN."
TIiIh wiuiiliirfiil ri.nii.ilv
uimi uiii'i'it tut urn ii. I iifrvoiMiliM'tiM'N.imrii tin Wend Memory. Iimnif lirniti
I'oh r. Ill ilni liii.Wiikoliilin'"", l.omMiiiiliooil,NlKluly Dihixloim, NvrToim
in' iillilriiliiimiilliiraor poxiTlu Ui'iiorntmiOrKnin of either nn rniiM-d
livi xironertloii. youthful rtroi, ou'i'Mlvo iimio toluirrii.iipliiiii or mine
n In i i, which lnillnliitlriNltr,roiiKiiiiiJtlonir IiihiiiIIt, I'iiii i. curried In
.,,"i MM'n,-i. nfi Mruo,t ior ., iij iiiiiii in-irioi. iTiumva oriier wo
jttlv vrltln Hiinriinlri litrurr ni-rrruiMl Mm, miiiry, Hohl l,r Kit
Inki, iiiinllier. Writ" tor frce.Mi-illi ni llnok nontni'iltii
rrixtei or
IBo.ll IPirofEX'a.m.B,