Saturday morning courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1893-1894, November 18, 1893, Image 2

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NorU llniiiiiit'l.
Mr. nnd Mr. A. J. Huwjor, with tho
charming hospitality thut husllllod their
hnndsomo residence no tunny t linen with
dollixlitutl guests, welcomed llio inomborH
of Soroslsund frlpiulwlunt Hutiinliiyovt'ii.
Ing, tho occasion being llio iiniiuiil bun
qtiot of tho society. Ovor forty guests
woro seated lit tho bnnquotltur
tiblos, pi called over by Mrs.
J. II. Cniillohl, who HoUo In
hor usual litippy manner imtl wuh fol
lowod by Mr. Sawyer In un uddross of
welcome. The history of tho origin of
women's clubs wuh entertainingly given
by Mm. Adams In her resonKo to tho
tunnt "Tho Orluluul Illuo Stocking."
Professor T. M. Ilodgiuim handled the
Biibject "Modorn Illuo StoclliiK" with
tnuuh success. "Tho OI-iMomborB" wiih
tho BVibjeot assigned to Mrs. Mungor,
who roBjwndod In n intMt Interesting
manner. Mttt. V. Q. Hell also added to
tho evening's enjoyment by u charm
Ingly ingenious uddresn on tho desir
ability of seeing oursolvch us otherH Heo
US. KollowllIK tho toilstH flit) gliosis
read appropriate HentlinontB from
Shakespeare. Tho banqiiot colobiated
tho fourth annlverflary of HoroBlH. TIioho
prosont wero Mr. and MrH. T. 0. Munger,
Dr. and Mrfl. B. L. Holyolto, Chancellor
and MrB. Canlleld, Prof. and,MrB. T. M.
Hodgmun, Professor and Mrs. Harbour,
Professor and Mrs. Uowon, Professor and
Mrs. AduniB, Profcssornnd MrB. Hartley,
Profcflflor and Mm. 0. K. llossoy, Mr.
and MrB. A. 0. ItlekottH, Mr. and Mi p.
W. J. Lamb, Mr. and Mrs. II. II. Wilson,
Mr. and Mr. W. Q. Hell, Mr. and MrB. J.
P. Maulo, Mr. and MrB, D. L. Hruco, Mr.
and Mrs. A. I). RIokottB, Mr. and MrB.
E. R. Guthrie, MrB. J. II. Hcebo and boii,
Mts. Manning and MIbb Law, of Con
tin) don Art Club.
Ovor 200 pcoplo attended tho opening
rocoptlon ot tho Hujdon Art club iu'tho
chapel and studio of IhoBtnto university
Tuesday evening. Followlngu beautiful
election from Raff, by Mrs. Will Owen
Jones, Mr. N. S. llarwood, tho president,
ot thq club, welcomed tho inomborB and
suoBts. and outlined tho work ot tho
organisation. Mra. Oeorgo Wlngspoko
entertainingly ot tho "Founder and In
spiration" ot tho club, meaning MIbh
BarahWool Moore. Miiw Currio Pen
nock aang delightfully "O Happy Duy"
and Haydn's Pastorelle. Chancellor
Canrleld told ot the benefits to be de
rived from the club by students and
others. Upon, the completion ot tho
progra'm there was a pleasant reception
In the studio. Light rofrcshmonts woro
served by pretty girls in fancy costumes.
The next mooting ot tho club will bo
held December IS, at which time Mrs.
H. II. Wilfton will road u pupor on archi
tecture, and Professor Ward will speak
ot the homes ot pro-historic pcoplo.
A Delightful Concert.
Within tho past tow months tho choir
of tho First Presbyterian church has
been developed to BUch un extent that
the Sunday services in this church are
marked by tho excel lenco ot tho music,
and tho choir is attracting much favor
able attention. Tuesday ovenlng the
members ot the choir, suitably assisted,
gave a concert in tho church, and a verj
largo audience gathored to enjoy the
Mne program. Miss Mary Cunning.
ham gave a pleasing rendition on the
organ, and the choir consisting ot Dr.
E. H. Eddy, Miss Mlnuio Gaylord, Miss
Nanoa Llllibridge, and Mr. U. W. Ket
tering, sang "Moonlight and Music."
Other selections were given as follows:
'.'Afterwards," Mr. Kottering; "Hun
garian Dance," Mr. Lamprecht, accom
panied by Miss Richards; "Swiss Echo,"
Miss Gaylord; "A Summer Night," and
"Nightingale," Miss Lilllbrldgo; "Im
promptu," Miss Richards; "For All
Eternity," and "Sleep Llttlo Baby ot
Mine,'' Dr. Eddy; "Etudca Trio," Miss
Lilllbrldgo and Miss Gaylord; "II
Ritorno," Miss Arnold; "When I am
Gone From Thee," Dr. Eddy, Miss
Gaylord and Miss Llllibridge. "Tho
Frogs,' Singing School" wub tho closing
pieco. Ot those who participated in tho
program Miss Arnold mudo her tlrst
public appearance. Sho possesses u
clear and sweet contralto voice, und sho
sings with much effect. Sho added not
a llttlo to tho sum total ot tho evening's
A Very IntereMIng- Discussion.
Sorosis met Monduy at tho home ot
Mrs. J. W. Adams. Tho subject, "Liter
ature of tho New South," was lud by
Mrs. Brace and proved to bo full ot
interest aud pleasure. No llttlo surprise
was felt thut tho south should b.,
found so rich in authors and literary
personages. Tourgee waa quoted as
believing that purely American fiction
would tind its most fruitful field in tho
south,' and that the elements combining
to make a distinctive literature, uro
already there In its history, post and
present. Slavery is largely responsible
tor the existing conditions which have
mads a new South and also its
literature, rich in romance, facts and
Mrs. Hodgman told the pathetlo story
ot Sidney Lanier's life and death. Mre.
Bewsn in well chosen words, sketched
the works and life ot Charles Egbert
Craddock, (Miss Murfree). Mrs Maule
poke ot Joel Chandler Horn's and his
qwtist dialect stories, dwelling parr
tlcularly on tho ancient origin of tho
varloiiB themes.
MrH. Fling's subject, "Southern
Journalists" brought Henry Wuttcrson
und 11. W, Orady Into piomlnenee, while
Mrs. iMunger told of tho brief but
sueoHsful hlHtory of Amelia IUvob
Chandler. MrB. Adams rovlowod tho
phenomenal sucosa of Thomas Nelson
Pago and his work with tho Hurper
publlHhlng house.
Oeorgo W. Cable, Mrfl. Evans, Jiiiiich
Allen, and others' received notice from
tho loader In passing ovor tho broad
gulay of lights In tho literary world.
Richard Harding Davis wulsochiimcd
among tho number of southern wrttprn
aud IiIh life wan added to tlio brilliant
collection by Mrs. Heobe. MrH. Guthrie,
horHolt a southern woman, guvo u
charming sketch of southern women
and their life.
Much more might havo been added
to tho Hut hud time permitted. Tho
idoa that Amorican litoraturo would bo
southern litoraturo wub an idea hardly
In accord with tho already strong and
brilliant northern contributlonn. Tho
meeting of November 27 will bo hold
with Mrs. Canlleld und Caricatures"
will bo tho subject which will bo ills
ciiHRod und illustrated by tho IiohIcrh.
Tlio Unlvrrnlly will 'lttliriil.
Chancellor Canlleld and tho regents
aud faculty of tho University of No
brasliH uro arranging for tho approprlatn
celebration ot tlio twenty-lltth anniver
sary of tho university February 15. At
tho request ot tho chancellor Governor
OrouuHo Iiiih appointed tho following
cnmmltteo to ussist in the work of pre
paration for tho Celebration: Hon. A.
K, Goudy, Lincoln; Rov. J. T. Duryea,
Mrs. E. W. Pcattlo, Omaha; Hun. Leavltt
Hurnhan, Hon. 0. H. Gore, Mr. N. S.
llarwood, Mr. II. W. Hardy, Lincoln;
Mr. J. 11. Weston, Hentrlco; Mr. W. A.
Jones, Huntings; Mr. C. V. Hcntloy,
Grand Island; MrH. Mary A. Hitchcock,
Fremont; Hon. M.L. Hay ward, Nebruska
City; Mr. John Dry don, Kesrney; Mrs.
J. A. Hornborgor, Norfolk, Mr. Alfred
llnrtram, Chadron; Hon. W. Novllle,
North Platto; Mr. L. J. Minor, Rod
Cloud; Hon. G. M. Humphrey, Puwneo
City; Mr. A. J. Newman, York; Mrs. E.
C. Langworthy, Soward; Mr. E. L. King,
Oscoola. Governor Crounso will act us
chairman of tho committee.
Wlltiemictl the Drill.
Thodrill.of tho Lincoln Light Infantry
Monday evening at Gormunin hall was
wituisHcd by a largo number cf invited
guestn. Many compliments woro passed
on tho proficiency shown by tho com
pany in tactics. Lieutenant Uumford,
Fifth Infantry, U. S. A., 'was inspecting
nfilcor. Tho present officers ot tho com-
puny arot Captuin, A. E. Campbell;
first lioutonunt, L. Wilson; second
lieutenant, T. J. Hickoy; first sorgcuut,
George Gascolgnej third sergeant,
Georgo W. Covert; fourth sergeant, W.
11. Clark; quartermaster, 0. W.
Outhwaito; corjxrulB II, A. Meyer, P.
J.CoBgroo, 11. W. Hcllley. Tho civil
olUcerH ot tho company uro: C. D. Mul
len, president; J. F. Ferguson, secre
tary; F. 0. Patton, treasurer; 0. W.
Outhwulto, clerk.
Preparations are now under way for a
fair to bo givon by tho company some
timo noxt mouth on on elaborate scale.
Among tho guests present wero: 'Mes
dames Illckoy, O'Ncil, C. M. Keefor, lid
Koofor, O'Sheu, Haydon Meyer, J. F.
Harphum.F. W.Tuckor, Alt Guile, 11. 0.
Townloy, F. Hullott, Hormanse, Rlsdon
und II. C. Victor; MIbscb Laura Dethlets,
Klines, Funny Wright Huttlo Hecker,
Hernlce Hecker, Currio Lclund, Her
manse, May Moore, Jessio Lelund, Loulso
Fowlor, Lucy Griffith, Lotta Chirk, Cora
Tulbot, Maggio English, Stella Kirkor,
Funny Wilcox, Gruco Ashton, Funny
Rector, Josophino Lotterldgo, Daisy
Uurks, Helen Hoover, Liliun Potors,
Lorota Kelly, O'Sheu, Jennie Stowart,
Lizzie Duford, Muud Hammond,
Winger, Dora Hurley, Anna .Dunn,
Stevenson und Bertie Poston; Messrs.
O. M. Keeter, Will Moor, Frank
Kitchen, John Lottridgo, Arthur Wulsh,
Dudley Cook, Henry Hurley, J, F.
Hurphum, McKce, CI) do Shudcr.Phil
Wing, Purk Gurroutto, Wilson Winger,
Roy Chupman, Georgo Johnson, Georgo
Risdon, II. 0. Young, Fred Hullott, Dr.
Tucker, R. Urqhart, Hollowbush and
Am EutrirWliif Oiuiiiiiiulliin,
Mrs. W. Q. Hell wub elected president
ot tho Young Women's Christian asso
ciation ut tho lust meeting of that organ
ization. Tho ussociutlou is doing un ex
cellent work in this city, und it is meet
ing with much oncouragemout.
Arrangements uro now boing mudo for u
reception to young womou ut tho resi
dence of Mr. und Mrs. A. J. Suwyor
rtiunksglving duy, November .10. Sov
orul cluEscs uro now organized und regu
lur instruction is being given in HILIe
study,' physical culture und English
litoraturo. Miss Shirley 11. Smith, the
generul socrotury, bus charge ot tho
Ulbla truining clues. Thero is ulso a
generul class lor lilulo study every
Weduesduy afternoon. Miss Nuoml
Knight Eusterduy taught the clues this
week. Miss Muud Atkinson und Miss
Lulu Green conducted the classes in
pbjslcul culture and English literature
this week.
Whl.t Club.
The "Hard Times" Whist club met
last evening at tho residence ot Miss
Mao Burr. Those present wore Misses
Nellio Baum, ot Omubu, Jouunette Wd
son. Rachel Brock, Mumo Carsoti, Anne
Funks, Nellie White, Hallie Hooper,
Fay Marshall; Messrs. John T. Dorgun,
R. M. Joyce, I). 0. Duwoh, l-'rank H.
Hurr, W. II. Robinson, W. F. Kelley, W.
F. Mojer, Frod W. Iloutz aud Charles
L. Hurr, MrH. I). K. Thompson, Mr. and
MrB. Oscar Funko.
Ilrrrpl loll to llif CliHIirollor.
A reception wuh given to tho new
chancellor of Cotncr university, Mr. A.
11. Jennings, at tho university Tuesday
ovenlng. An nddrcsH of welcome wuh
delivered by Mr. A. Z. Hriscoo, president
of tho board ot trustees, ltriof addresses
wero ulso delivered by Dr. Luttu, Pro
fessor Aylcsworth, Rov. A. D. Harmon
and 'Mr. Win. Oeschger. Tho now chan
cellor made un appropriate rcBouH0.
Tho reception wuh largely attended.
Tim Ontiiry Club.
Tho Century club mot Tuewlay after
noon at tho residence of Mrs. Milton
Scott. Tho "Hundred Year's War'' wuh
discussed by Mrs. F. Campbell. Mrs.
B. II. Curtis' subject wub "LouIb XI,
1401.1 1KI." Mrs. 1). A. Campbell ills,
cussed "Francis I, l(l&-HVi7, Joan of
Arc, tho Hastlle."
New Clioriil Amtorlntlon.
Tho Mendelssohn Choral society Is
ono of tho now musical organizations in
tho city which Ih formed for the study
ot standard choruses, both sacred and
secular. This organization Ih for tho
younger singers in tho city, and much
good Ih expected of Uh work. Tho
society Iiiir begun Its rehearsals under
llio direction ot O. I). Howell, and all
singers in tho city aro coullally Invited
to join tho organization. Those joining
within tho next two weeks will enter us
charter members; after that timo their
nameu will bo presented aud voted upon
before thoy can becomo luoinberH. Tho
rehearsals aro every Wednesday ovenlng
at 7:.'K) in tho music hall of tho conserva
tory ot music. It Ih the iIcbIio ot tho
society to build Kb membership up to
100 voices within tho next mouth, and
ub tho society will bo run free of expense
to its members, there should bo at least
200 enrolled in a very short timo. West
orn Musician.
Tint I.lniuln Oratorio Smlcly.
Tlio Lincoln Oratorio society is an
organization which should bo fostered
by tho citizens ot Lincoln. Every per
son in this bountiful city should take a
just pride in maintaining it by making
u liberal subscription towards its sup
port. Mrs. Raymond, tho society's effi
cient director, has worked hard to mako
tho society a success, and tho Musician
will bo sorry to bco it disbanded ut this
timo ns Lincoln can illy afford to looso
nny of Kb institutions which is honest
in creating un interest in tho higher
education of music. Tho concerts ot
tho Oratorio aocloty have been tho
moans ot bringing to the city artists of
note, whom (ho citizens of Lincoln havo
hud tho plcnsuro ot hearing ut reason
nblo prices which is much bottor than
to bo obliged to go to Omaha or eastern
cities to hear. From a tlnnnciul us well
as a musical point of viow, Lincoln citi
zens should rally to tho support of this
excellent organization. Weetorn Musi
clan. Tim Hrt Mini.
Escaping bridegrooms uro entirely too
common. No innn should bo allowed to
got uwny on tho ovenlng llxed for his
wedding. Thoro should bo a pollcomnn
or u constable to bco thut ho does not.
Unless something is dono to prevent
these escapes thoro will eventually bo
no best men to appear ut any ceremony.
It 1b not thut tho best man so much
objects to tho escape ot tho bridegroom,
but thut tho moment tho bridegroom is
gono tho best man himself may now bo
utilized by any determined bride.
At Egg Harbor City tho other day,
when tho bridegroom fulled to appear ut
tho hour appointed tho brido Immedi
ately hold u consultation with tho best
man. When it wub over tho murrlago
ceremony wont on and tho best man was
mudo u husband in no timo and the
bridegroom wasn't missed ut all. With
this precedent how uro best men to bo
secured for future weddings? Tho
groom will ut least bo required to givo u
heavy bond for his uppcaranco ut tho
Chicago Society.
Princo Wolkonsky was misinformed
by tho Chicago lady who told him that
tho "society" ot this city was limited to
eighty persons. Probably this Btato
mont was not intended to bo taken
seriously. Tho society ot tho town
acknowledges us composing its member
ship every man, woman und child within
tho city limits excepting those who uro
in jail or engaged in unluwful pursuits.
Wo havo no "400;' wo huvo no "150;" wo
huvo no "80." Any mun or any woman
who is honest, clounly und well-disposed
is a mombor of Chicugo society. Thoro
uro, It is truo, different circles ot society.
Tho Bluo Island Avonuo Social club for
exumplo, is not lurgoly represented ut
tho Bucholors und Benedicts bull; nor
do tho Pruirio uvonuo people uttend the
merry-making of tho Hulsted Street
Frolicsome Five iu any great numbers.
But the Bluo Islandors are us good us
tho Bachelors' and Benedicts, and tho
Prairio avonue folks do not turn up their
noses at tho Hulsted street people. It
is all u question ot natural selection, und
to a limited extent ot residence and
finances. No "set" or "clique" can arro
gate to itself tho title ot "Chicago So
cioty." All "sets" aro equul. Chicago
Minor Mention.
The noxt Pleusunt Hour purty will bo
hsld at tho Lincoln hotel Thanksgiving
night, November 20. It will be a fancy
dress bull, and it promises to bo a
particularly brilliant event. For many
yearn It ban been tho custom of this
organization to give a dance Thanks
giving night, und tho holiday party ban
always been one of tho leading events of
tho season. Tho party this year will
not bo as largo as tho ono Inst season;
but it is sure to bo a very cnjoyublo
Marshall division No. 10, Knights of
Pythias, gavo a ball In Tomplo hull
Wednesday night, under tho following
manngomont: Reception Colonel E. R.
Hlzer, Lieutenant J, Q.Turhot, Mr. J. C.
Davis, Mr. W. A. Hamilton and Mr. Ray
C. Morrill. Floor Lieutenant T. J. Hen
sley, Captain C. W. Vndcrvcor, Mr. B.
F. Crow, Mr. M. D. Clnry nnd Mr. II. II.
Gaffoy. Executive Lieutenant Honsloy,
Colonel II. E. Chuppell and Mr. U. F.
Colonel and Mrs. It. E. Olffon will glvo
a toceptlon to Governor Crounso and
stall ut tho Lincoln hotel Wednesday
ovenlng ut t o'clock. Later in tho oven
lng thoy will oniortnln their guests in
private boxes ut tho Lansing thentro ut
tho presentation of "Cnmlllo" by Clara
Tho Ancient Order of United Work
men held u social session Monduy night
uftor tho regular mooting. Selections
wero given by mouthers of tho Tuxedo
mandolin club, una nn udilrcss wuh
delivered by Mr. J. E. Butler, Htuto
Mr.O. W. GuttB, of Pittsburg, Pu.,
nnd Mrs. Eunice Do Stolgnor, of Cam
oron, Mo., futhor and nlstor of MrB.
Georgo Risdon, visited in Lincoln this
week en route to San Diego, Cal.
Misa Anno Crocker, of Sheboygan,
Wis., who Bpont several weokfl in this
city tho guest of Miss Mao Hurr, left for
hor homo lust Saturday.
Thero was a plonnuut guthoring at the
FlrHt Congregational church Wednesday
evening, tho occasion being tlio monthly
social and supper.
MisH Maud Rlssor entertained a num
ber of friends very delightfully nt whist
Inst Saturday evening, at hor residence,
1502 Q streot.
Mr. W. N. Rehlandcr roturncd the
early part of tho week from Kirkwood,
Mo., where ho attended tho wedding of
his brother.
Mr. W. R. DonniB returned Tuesday
from Newark, O., whoro ho attended tho
funeral of his futhor, Major A. W.
Mr. C. C. Uphnm will attend tho
mooting of tho pro)osed Western huso
bull league in Indianapolis Monday.
M(B. Andrew Slmonson, ot Racine
Wis., is tho guest ot hor sister, Mrs. W,
C. Davis, for a two week's visit.
Rov. John Hewitt, of Holy Trinity,
and Rov. Mr. Sanford of Nebraska City,
oxchanged pulpits last Sunday.
Mr. W. Q. Bell has boon appointed a
member of tho city library loard, vice
Mrs. W. B. Howard, resigned.
Misses Olivo Luttu und Uortio Hurr
huvo roturncd from u pleasant visit in
Alliance und tho Black Hills.
MIbb Mabel Hussler, ot Puwneo City,
is tho guest of hor aunt, MrB. J. M.
Butler, ut 317,1 R streot.
Mr. D. G. Wing nnd Mr. B. G. Duwes
returned Monduy from Missouri, whoro
thoy wont hunting.
Tho Empiro club will givo n party
tonight in the hall in tho Lansing
thcutro building.
Mrs. II. P. FoBtor roturncd Tuesday
evening from a visit with hor sister at
Puwneo City.
Mr. and Mrs. O. W. Webster will en
tertain tho Au Fult card club Monday
Mr. James Heaton celebrated tho
fifty-second anniversary of his birth
Mr. Mattson Baldwin has returned
from a soveral weok's absence in tho
Mr. W. L. Summers was in Omaha
this wook on legal business for tho state.
Miss Elizabeth Millor,' ot Ohio, is tho
guest ot hor cousin, Mrs. Billingsloy.
Mr. Elinor E. Sponcor hasbooi in tho
western part of tho state this week.
Miss Nellio Baum, of Omaha, is tho
guest ot Mrs. D. E. Thompson.
Hon. S. B. Pound returned tho early
part ot tho weok from St. Paul.
Hon. J. C. Allen, secretary of stato,
left for Chicago Thursday.
Mr. John L. Webster, ot Omaha, has
beon in tho city this week.
Mr. Sum D. Cox has roturncd from n
business trip to Chicago.
The Ravolu club will givo its noxt
party December 1.
Mr. E. II. AndruB, ot Holdrego, wub in
tho city this week.
Mr. W. A. Williams is touring tho
state on business.
Mr. Ed Brown, ot Grant, was in tho
city this week.
Mrs. J. W. McDonald has returned
from Chicago.
Miss Mame Carson was in Brownvillo
this weok.
Mr. J. M. Knox has gono to Boyd,
Dr. 0. E. Spubr loft Thursday for Chi
cago, Mr. D. E. Thompson Is in Torre Iluuto,
Hon. G. M. Lambertson is in Chicago.
Hon. T. H. Benton ia in Chicago.
Our large stock of Furniture, Stoves and Household
Goods, marked down to pi ices that attract purchasers,
is moving rapidly. We are making a
A large stock of Chairs at 'way
Furniture. Household
(Sold or Easy
fiSeulNlclri GtinnentN.
"V. M. C A. 3vtllclls-ig. - -
OTRopuiring dono in tho neutest manner.
niKrosseu resolutions nnd memorial nloutns
,.,,, , , foriipcrptfiocii'tii's.
Cuts from which 75,000 etroin; Impressions can bu taken nt from $1 tip. Cliciip. nron't tlicy?
flood one, too. liver) business mini should seo us. Iluslness olllce with .lohii Mcintosh, the
Prlntor, under city llbrnrj j Art Department, Wostorn Normal collct'o, Lincoln, Neb,
Thin la a vory lino cstablcBhinont probably bottor thnn anything of tho kind
in tho world.
Capueity, 1.500 batlm dully.
Arteeiun mineral water ta used.
Soparuto necommndutioiiB urojirovided for both foxch.
Holds about n quarter ot a million gulloiiH of Sea Green Suit Water.
And i& neurly 150 feet long, 20 feet wide und !2 to i) foot deep.
Kb cleur as u crjBtnl, too.
Thero aro boiiio spring boards, trapozo and automatic needlo bath in this de.
Tlie Beet Rooms
Aro for transients who do not euro to leave tho building utter u bath.
Patients tuking troutmont uso thorn ulso,
And many other disousos can bo CURED in tho Hot Suit Department.
Tlie T uric is la 13 tit la I
Now wo'ro coming down to business.
Mnrblo wulls, Mosuio doors, rich Hugs, Carpets und Drapories.
Grout flro plueeB, easy chairs und divans.
All sorts of buths uro given. Thoro is ulso a IURI1EU SHOP.
LudieB Hair Dressing Dopurtmcnt, nnd even u Muniuuro, Chiropodist und
Hoot Uluok.
Lunches A.x-g Served
And Turkish colTco und lots ot other things good to out and drink.
And the hull hasn't boon told.
down prices.
..vr a
Roods pud Carpets
Cos, latti na-kcl IV t3tw.
Now Arm Artistic cli'Bittnti
nnd drnvlnH nuulo specially
to boom iiir hiiBlni'ss. Kit
Rrmlni;, llnmt work, nt one
llftli tlio rost of Htono lit ho
urn till j. Wo (Icnl in striking
iiuil rntcliv 1I)1'.S. If not
iiultosuro wlmt cuts you wnnt, lcuo It to us.
Wourlto mid ilhistrntu lulvertlxcmi'ntu In ad
dition to imiklnif portrait rut. imwnpiir
illiistrutloiiR. letter Iiencls, biialnesH curds,
cumin sketches, cmer ilealNH, IkuhIIiikh mill
"S3 J
.?. lit .'.. .... Z .S.
. y