Saturday morning courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1893-1894, September 30, 1893, Image 5

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P. L. Wobetor urrived from n wcck'B
sojourn in Chicago Tuesday morning,
nnd struck ono of our fninoviH restaurants
with n filgh of content at the nesurrnco
of the first 4x1 meul sinco leaving hero
on the 17th inst.
C. L. IlicrBon in back from Chicago,
stopping over hero a fow dnjB to visit
boforo going to his homo in Sun Antonio,
Tox. Mr. Riorson's depnrturo in ro
grottcd by nil who know him in eithor n
business or social way, nnd ho will carry
with him tho best wishes of nil his many
friends here.
Tho special called meeting for Wednes
day, tho 27th, did not materialize. It
did not seem to bo so much desired as
sonio thought; oven thoso signing failod
to havo a majority in nttondanco. Tho
houso committee having full power to
act, will proceed to rent tho pluco nt
1C27 O Btreot.
Ever sinco tho last mooting was hold
there hriB been considerable talk of dis
satisfaction in regard to tho raising of
tho monthly dues from 50 cents to 91.
Those who nro dissatisllod with tho
club on account of an extra 50 cents,
nro vastly in tho minority, and if thoy
would givo tho mutter reasonable
thought thoy would readily concede that
to havo n satisfactory club tho duco
must bo largo enough to pay all of tho
running oxpenscs of tho club. Wo can
not fall back on tho money in tho treas
ury to pay for anything but specials; so
in order to avoid assessments, which
always catch ono unprepared, wo must
havo n regular and Bufllcicnt incomo for
which 91 is nono too much. Tho monoy
which is in tho treasury out side of dues
paid in advanco, should stay thoro until
wo havo soino worthy causo to uso it
for. Noxt year thoro ia no reason to
doubt wo will muteriully udd to tho
amount, bo that in timo wo muy do our
selves proud in a pormanont homo for
-tho club. Lot each ono reason with
himsolf candidly. What does CO cents
each month moro or less matter to tho
individual? Yot it does mattor u great
doal to tho club.
Davo Small and Charles E. Soifort
started for Beatrice last Sunday at (5
o'clock a. in., followod at 0:15 by A. M.
Blako and James Balloy, C. L. Shndcr
coming after at 6:30. A high wind was
blowing from tho southeast, and tho
sky was cloudod during tho down trip.
Small arrived in Beatrice at 0:20, Soifort
coming in twonty minutes Intor, but ho
was riding tho invortod saddle Just as
thoy woro finishing breakfast Shudor
- - - - - rn - Tr ' ,il . . H
OM3JJV13j:PIIOri3J S238.
arrived, followed a fow moments tutor by
Uluko nnd Builoy. Shudor continued on
south to Fuirbury. Small and Scifert
aftor riding out to Linden Tree park,
started back for homo nt 11:10 a. in.
Tho wind hud shifted to tho north and
was blowing protty strong and gaining
strength very rapidly, making it quite
impossible to make good timo, withal
thoy arrived in Lincoln nt 3:15 p. in., and
continued on out to Hr.volock and back
to tho club rooms, arriving thoro at 4:10
p. in., making tho century in ton hours
and ton minutes. Bluko and Bniloy
started back from Bcutrico nt 11:30 and
arrived homo at 7:30. Soifort won his
wngor with Shndcr, having ridden tho
century with the saddle in vorted, demon
strating ono of his theories, nt least to
his own satisfaction, and it is understood
Shndcr will put in u stock of tho in
verted saddles nt once.
Coming Mr Kvrnt for Knnwiit City Prim
poctM Tor WpKtcrn r.eni;ui.
Jimmy Manning went to Kansas City
recently to complete tho arrangements
for tho games between tho champion
Bostons und tho All-America team,
which lire to tuko placo at Exposition
park, Saturday and Sunday, October 7
and 8. Tho Bostons will appear with
their comploto team, with Stivetts in
tho box for tho Saturday gamo and
Nichols on Sunday. Tho opposition
team will bo mado up of Rusio and
Stein, pitchers; Grim and Kittridgo,
catchers; Bcckloy, ilrst base; Manning,
second; Davis, third; Dahlon, short, and
Elmer Smith, Tom Brown und Wilniot
in tho outiield.
Munning roports that tho prospects
for tho organization of a Btrong Western
leuguo for noxt seuson nro very flutter
ing, and that John T. Brush, of Indian
apolis, und prominent baso bull capital
ists of tho west nnd northwest uro tak
ing u lively interest in tho proposed
league Tka circuit has not boon fully
decided upon, but will probably include
Indianapolis, Toledo, Columbus and
Detroit in tho east, und Kansas City,
Milwaukee, Minneapolis and Dcs Moines
or Omuhu in tho west. A mooting of
representatives of tho cities named will
bo held ut Chicago about October 15.
A big nttondanco is expected.
Tho Iloiitl Fighter.
Tho denth of Miko Cloary recalls somo
very interesting passages in tho lifo of
that onco woll known lighter. Miko at
ono timo was a caudidato for champion
ship honors, mid had ho mot with suc
cess in his mcoting witli Charlie
Mitchell ho would havo challenged tho
mighty Sullivan. But tho Englishman
put n dumpor on Mike's pugilistic as
pirations, nnd aftor Burko, another
Briton, hud conquered tho hard-hitting
Miko, tho latter lost all his champion
ship notions. Clcury was n pupil of
Mlko Donovan, nnd learned tho greater
part of what ho know about fighting
from tho Now York mnu, though tho
two men woro on bad tomiB for yenrB.
At tho timo of the Sullivau-Kilruiu
championship light, ut lllchburg, tho
two men woro so angry ut each other
that friends thought it best to watch
thorn both, for four they might select
thut timo und place to settle their differ
cronccs in an impromptu manner, but
wisocouuscl provuiled, nnd tho men kept
their peace. Clcury was well known (ill
ovor tho country.
To retain an abundant head of hair of
n natural color to a good old uge, tho
hygiono of tho sculp must bo observed.
Apply HuIPb Hair Renowor.
Ill-, llnrrtm' lit tliu I'liu-c.
So snyn an old gentleman of about 70
years from Onkdale, Neb. Ho says, for
tho past year I huvo Buffered n great
deal with poor teeth, nfter trying nearly
all tho dontul biiHhwuokorB nnd spending
ovor 845.00 und still not ublo to get a pet
of teeth thut I could use. I was about
to givo up in dispnir.whon I happened
to read ono of Dr. Burrim' advertise
ments, seeing that ho made u specialty
of making sets for old gentlemen. I de
termined to make ono moro effort und
givo him u trial, und can truthfully say
that I ut last found tho right place. Mr.
Burrim hit tho null on tho head tho tlrst
lick, and I am now going homo feeling
20 yetirs youngor und with n sot of tooth
thut aro perfect in ovory respect.
Mr. J. M. Craw biijh ho is going to Bend
up nil tho old boys in Oakdalo who want
a good sot of teeth to Dr. Bnrrus, ut 12C8
O street, Lincoln, Neb., us ho is certain
that ho knows his business.
There Is moro catarrh in this section
of tho country than nil other
diseases put together, and until tho lust
fow yours wns supposed to bo incurable.
For n great ninny yenrB doctors pro
nounced it a local disenso, and prescribed
local remedies, nnd by constantly failing
to euro with local treatment, pronounced
it incurable. Scienco has proven catarrh
to bo u constitutional dlscnsa and there
fore requires constitutional treatment.
Hall's Catarrh Cure, manufactured by
P. J. Chenoy & Co., Toledo, O., is tho
only constitutional euro on tho mnrkot.
It is taken internally in doses from 10
drops to u tcaspoonful. It acts directly
on tho blood und mucous surfaces of tho
Bystom. Thoy offer 8100 for any enso it
fails to euro. Send for circulars and
testimonials. Address,
R J. CHENEY & Co., Tolodo, O.
57"Sold by druggists, 75c.
All days special days
Ahiiiiv Cloak Co.
THE COURIER will presont to tho most populur bicyclo ridor in Lincoln ono of SKINNER BROS. & WRIGHT'S Bicyclo Suits, tniido in tho Ititest stylo nnd
Ktmrnntced to fit. This suit is furnished to THE COURIER by Skinnor Bros. &, Wright, of Donvor, Colo., ono of tho lending munufucturiiiK linns of tho west,
ospoclully for tho purposo of this contest. It cnu bo soon nt THE COURIER Olllco, l'JOl O street. Tho suit will bo awarded to tho rider who recoivea tho largest
number of votes prior to November 1, 189.1. Any ono can vote. All you havo to do is cut out tho coupon nnd Bend it in.
Who do you want to havo this suit? Mulcts up you mind and Bond in tho coupon.
Pay 50 cents for subscription to THE COURIER for Three Months in advance, and we will give you twenty
yfive coupons. Contest closes November 1, 1893.
To Hevurit Soiiii'lhhiK Ktcry I.nily NenU
nt Way Down l'rlrc.
Monday October 2, II. R. Krug &, Co.,
1109 O street, will havo u big cost sale,
at which timo their immeiiHo stock of
clonks und dress goods will bo sold ut
cost prices. Krug & Co., huvo u big
stock on hand which must bo moved,
hence the great salo which will bo on
till day Monday. In dress goods and
cloaks, capes and coats nil tho latest
novelties cun bo seen und tho now goods
nro such that nn examination will re
sult in n purchnse.. Tho styles aro per
fect and tho prices will bo way down.
It you want anything in tho dress goods
or clouk lino do not full to visit II. R.
Krug'H on Monduy-1109 O Btreot. You
will do woll to look in whether you
want anything or not.
Tho Lincoln Business college is milk
ing a great exhibit ut tho state fair und
carrying off neaily all tho prizes. It is
without doubt tho best placo to prepnro
young men und women for business.
Tho tenchors employed nro gentlemen
of nutionnl reputation und thousands of
its graduates in business testify to its
superiority. Applications for udmission
received at tho collego, southwest cornor
Eleventh und O strcots.
Novor order an invitation until you
nnvo seen tho samples of tho work Jono
by tho now Courior Publishing Co.
ivovicrrncM irv
I'liw I'rlutliiff nml i:iiKrnvliiK
Tho Courier Publishing
company Is prepared to do nil
kinds of printing, lino work,
cEpeclully, ut moderate prices;
u'so engraving, wedding in
vitations, culling curds, etc.,
Cull und see samples.
Satukday Moitmpo,
1201 O street.
Every Garment now ut tho
Ahiiiiv Ci.oai; Co.
Llttlo.Incky Horner sal In corner,
Kill I iix IiIm hlrtjiday plo;
Ilo Imil no tlmmh to pull out plnr.u-
Thcy Ipftnn tho fourth of July,
A Bright Lad,
Ten years of aj?o, hut who declines to give lit
name to tho public, makes this authorized,
confidential statement to tisi
" When I wns ono year old, my mamma died
of consumption. Tho doctor said tlint I,
too, would soon die. nnd nil our nrlRhhon
thoimht Hint even If I did not die, 1 would
nuw;r ho iihlo to walk, heeauso I wns so
weak mid puny. A gntliorlnir formed nnd
iroko under my arm. 1 hurt my ringer nnd
It catheicd mid throw out pieces of hone.
If I hurt myself so ns to break tho skin, It
was suro to become, a running sore. I had
to tako lots of medicine, hut nothing has
done ino yo much good as Ayor'a Harsana
!"?: ,!' l',,l, ,nmlu ",0 wH ud strong.''
'I . I). M., Norcatur, Knits.
AYER'S Sartaparllla
Prepared by Dr. J. 0. Ayir & Co., Lowell, Matt.
Cures others, will euro you
liiis Murray.
IllA HKlllY, I'roprlotor.
Elect rlo rnrs direct from Union depot pas
tho door. tilth, and Harney stv., Omahu, Neb.
Under now management
15th nnd Harney sts., Omaha, Noli.
hui.htt & isavkni'out, i'rui.
Special nttontlon to itato trado, iruoft and
commercial travelers, Fnrnnm street electric
can pans tho door to and from all parti of thu
m Jm I jtw f 111 V1W II m
At HurlliiKloii lleiii'h.
Notwithstanding tho recent coot
weather Butllngton Beach has continued
to bo well patronized. Hulling, rowing
or riding on tho big steamboat is just
as enjoyable In weather such lis wo huvo
hud for tho past week as when tho ther
mometer is way up In tho nineties, nnd
tho public is well iiwnro of thin fact.
The dancing pavilion, with ono of tho
lluest floors In tho state, Is nearly nhvuys
tilled with merry dancers nt night, nnd
tho bench presents an unlimited und at
tractive appearance. This popular resort
Is so easily accessible now that thoro
need bo no hesitation about muking tho
trip ut tiny timo of day. You cun tuko
your choice between tho fltroot cur from
tho Union Puciflu depot or tho carryalls
from tho postoltlco square.
ti IK
J3V.'e113j 13UJJVI5IS.
UoMt AMMortmunt.
Iyowont l'rloow.
Hgsn & SB
t0lRW PUBiVSflHG CO., - , - 20 0 STRUT.
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