Saturday morning courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1893-1894, September 30, 1893, Image 4

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nr Tim
W. Morton Smith, toaon ano manaosii.
Ituslnr-M Oniro 1) O Street. 2M.
THR Count, one year In ad-onco. ...
Six Months
. I ID
Throe Motitli
iMHUtllltlHl !(
Lincoln, Nkii Swtkmiikh .10, 1601.
JOiVi)arMiMliiHno Morll In "The
Rtory of ii Kliw," nt tho Limiting
riJJSMr -Mntlellno Merit In'-Thercim
Hnquln," nt tho Limning thoatro.
WEDNESDAY "Tim Limited Mull,"
ut tho Lntiulng theatre.
TltUIiSli AY "Tw .WnlfH of Now
York," nt tho Laiiriliig thentro.
F11IDAY-Cure Dickson In "Ad
tultted to tho liar," nt tho Lnimlng
&iriifZMV Mntlnoo-GhnrlcH Dick,
son In "Incog," nt tho LniiHliig
8ATUJIDAY KvonliiK-CharleH Dick
on In "Incog," ut tho Limning
Lincoln has a population of 00,000
peoplo moro or lew.
And it nil tho kickers woro Buhtrnotcd
from thin number It would ho consider
bly Iom.
Bomo people, when tltey got into para
dine will douhtlosH havo tho molnncho.
lla every tlmo thoy boou spect of iIubI In
tho Roldon Btrnots. They will kick ami
wnnt to got out.
Eomo peoplo complain bitterly when
ovorythlng Isn't coming their way nnd
when ovorythlng does coino their way
they nro only halt sutlHllcd.
Some people, unmindful of tho good
nnd bright things, boo only that which
is dark nnd unpleasant.
Bomo iieoplo nover ilnd out that they
havo or ovor hud anything to bo thank
ful or grateful for.
Bomo peoplo aro chronic fault ilndcrs,
utterly lacking in appreciation; who, if
they know a good thing when thoy wo
it, make no sign.
mmmJm&M. ), wiwla T.liwuiln liaii n
auu n .uuwi iajojiik. i.iuLt.4i ..wx u
narfinilv. mm-n than tin uhnri..
'!'-'? . .. ...v. .. .--.. .
Pew oltlea in tho United States nro In
a healthy and prosperous n condition
Ua Lincoln today few havo suffered bo
Blight au Interruption of business on
account of tho prevailing depression,
and yot, with Lincoln's splendid record
back of her, and with tho posltivo as
suranco ot redoubled prosperity in tho
future, Bomo of our citizens nro wont to
put on long faces and tnlk through thotr
Thoy aro vory shorl-Blghtod.
Notwithstanding tho fact thnt busi
ness generally is still a trlrlo dull, unit is
every place in tho country, tho man who
looks on tho bright sldo ot things, can
lhul many things in Lincoln which nro
In tho tint placo thoro havo boon fow
disastrous failures, as compared with
other cities.
And not withstanding tho failuro of
tho Capital National bank, which was
mashed by a colossal steal and by that
alone, tho immodlato effect ot which
was to unsettle the conscience ot tho
community, rendering the hard times
peculiarly hard for the bankors, thoro
has been no other important bank
failure, ami the strength of tho remain
ing institutions had been amply demon
strated. In March tho national banks of this
city had about 113,090,000 in deposits.
In July tho deposits dropped to $2,404,
000, and yet, after tho banks had paid
out nearly 91,900,000 within four months
they still had on hand in cash and eight
jK?wjchange thirty -one per cent ot tholr ng
ffrsgate remaining doposlts.
,x The year 1892 must havo been a very
prosperous period for Lincoln. For
after paying out 91,900,000 since March
inis year mo, national banks bad on
deposit in July 9900,000 moro than thoy
had in July, 1801. In these figures tho
reported tlopositsof tho Capital National
bank aro not included.
Business in this city has been pheno
menally good. Wcrhave boon phono,
menally prosperous, A 'slight tilting of
the scales should Trh't, cause alarm.
Alretyly bvsineaiMc Materially im
proved, and Is alowjiWt surely reviving,'
and bank deposits jf', steadily, creeping
'The city is entering into a new era ot
The present year should be regardod
.byevery business man as the best
possible test ot tho stability of the city,
'JMi ot its commercial and financial in
stitutions, ami. should bo looked back
upon, sot so much with regret aYto tho
loss of uroHts, as with pride at tho record
of strength exhibited. ,N
An Intelligent consideration of con
: ditkms in this city as they havo exlstod
, to tks past and as they exist today
niunt neecHrnrlly yield much encourago
Tho peoplo who hao lieon doing tho
complaining. In mot ciuich, nro thono
who never ntop to coitHldor.
Tub United Slates sonnto could do
much to Kipidnrlio tho secret session
Idea, of which It has for years been such
a strong supiMirler, by going Into secret
tension and remaining there until tho
silver debate Is ended.
In Nebraska and elsewhere tho popu
list party Is rapidly losing its strength.
The third party Ib dying becnuso tho
theories it advocates aro Impracticable
nnd visionary, and yet, strango to say,
tho democratic, party is embracing these
same theories--following in tiiu root
steps of tho crunks. The democratic
party is becoming tho populist party.
It has long been a favorite saying
among republicans that the democrats
can always bo depended on to cut their
own throats, and this is it true saying.
Tho democratic party, in control of tho
executive and legislative brunches of
the national government, is in a post
tion to strengthen itself to such an ex.
tent thirtdlslodgement would bo exceed
Ingly dlfllcult; but already tho demo
crat spirit of demolition and strife and
disintegration is manifesting iisolf to a
rcmarkablo extent, and tho republicans,
ns they view tho destructive internecine
strife now waging, nro in a very equable
frame of mind.
Cleveland is beyond question ono of
tho safest men who havo hold the ofllco
of president. His mind is evenly bat
nnced, and his views nro, in tho main,
eminently sound. Woro tho democratic
party to tie to G rover Cleveland, nnd
obliterate nil discord, tho outlook for
tho republican party would not bo dls
tinguished by its present roseato hue.
Hut tho gulf between tho president nnd
tho party, or rnthor, botween tho ad
ministration wing of tho democratic
party, nnd tho freo-sllvor, or nnti-ndmin-lstrution
wing, la daily widening. It is
becoming a yawning chasm Into which
tho party is liablo to lie preclpltuted.
Tho conditions for republican succebs
woro novor brighter than they aro today.
Tho third party is rapidly disappear
ing. Tho democratic- party, hopelessly
divided on tho silver question and tho
tar I IT, is unnblo to give tho country the
legislation it demands, nnd, lacking tho
courngo nnd cohoslveness necessary to
fulllll its platform promises, it has for
feited public contidenco.
And while tho democrats havo wave
red nnd halted beforo tho issues of
ilnunconnd tarilT, tho country mean
whilo Buffering as it has novor suffered
before, tho republicans havo closed up
I their ranks. jnd today tinder a,4blwA
Runners, honest protoouorrto" American in
I '
Imlurtry, and honest money for honest
labor nnd honest goods, presents nn un
broken front.
After tho democratic fiddling and
diddling tho peoplo will very naturally
turn tho country ovor to tho republicans
again for another reconstruction.
Strvk Bkodik, tho bridge jumper and
nil around sport of Now York, has been
to tho fair, nnd it any ot Thf. Coukieh
rendorahnvo decided not to go to Chi
cago boforo tho 1st of November, thoy
may bo induced to change their minds
by tho following enthusiastic endorse
ment from tho distinguished Now
"Well, I'll toll ye, cull," ponderously
howlod tho colobruted Gothamito, "sho
is do great es' show I ever got u flash of,
and tlio guy what cornea back here nn'
rousts it is screwy. I got tnnglod up in
do Midway an didn't go in vory strong
on do ordor graft, but what I did tako
in was four acos in a right gamo ahoyd
of all do odor shows I ovor seo git un.
I am in for a Bquaro deal, no matter
whero do cards aro dealt, and I must
say dat do folks out dero has topped
do heap in running dat circus."
Tho democrats ot Lancaster county
havo held tholr convention, and with
tho ticket named by tho republicans as
an incontivo to good works, thoy havo
tailed to put up a ticket that appoula
with a spocial forco to tho votora of tho
county. Without any unduo disparage
ment, The Coukikk can say that the
ticket nominated by tho republican con
vention is far nnd way abovo that named
by oithor ot tho other parties, and thoro
is no reason in this campaign why any
voter cannot accept tho republican
ticket. Every man on it, from ton to
bottom, is a representative citizen and a
good republican, and tho tickot na n
wholo dosorves nnd will rocolvo tho
rnost enthusiastic support ot tho party.
It is ono ot tho cleanest tickots ever
uomiivited in this county by anv nartv.
It. is a ticket tor which no apologies aro
twjwssary, and on election day in No
V6n'ber it will prove to be a great vote
Thoro is an abundance of good
material for tho making of a justice of
the supremo court in the republican
party, and there is no reason why tho
party should pass by .good and able
men who aro consistent republicans, for
a man like Judge Maxwell, who has
loaned toward tho populists until ho is
permanently twisted out of shapo.
Maxwell has no reasonable basis for a
claim to a renomlnation by tho repub
lican purty. For tho last fow years hn
has played into tho hands of tho popu
Tho third party, notwithstanding,
would have bono of him, and hln own
having repulned him, them In no reanon
why tho republleunh should take him In.
Of tho other candidate! for tho ropuli.
llciin nondnatlon, any ono of them
would ho hotter than Maxwell,
Wall Mntnn linn furankcii thu world.
itolllo la Ilcntrlcn,
Ho will
After tlio train la captured,
After llio rohlxr) linvu Konn,
Then emtio n tlioiipnud sinwosllnns
Of linw thliiK should limn boon done.
Tltiin mny m money, tml llinl Wind of money,
unfortunately, Isn't leijnl tender, KUo tliu ill
tltiKiilshod gentlemen wliogrnco tlio corner of
r.lorontli nnd O streotn would bo millionaires.
Wo trust Hint In Hit) incitement of tho mlltl
calcninpiiliin tho Cnll will not fornot Hint tlio
Imtlmn nro still tliero. llnTltitf Inaugurated n
crusado aicilnst this iiidcnunt locality vu
sincerely hopo Hint our contemporary will not
top until tho bottom urn wiped nut. It l nn
undertaking iiuttn worthy of our contemporary'
prourosslvo spirit.
Mnjor Cnlliouu liitlnmtos thnt tin) editor of
TmkCouhikii will soon "Join tho hrond huntlnn
procession" If ho continue his "fnvuilmj
servility to tho Wnll streot kings." Tho mnjor
linn n linhlt i f accusing OTorjImdy who doe
not fnll In with tlio honrso cry of tho silver
nilno owners In Colorado, ncry thnt Is echoed
liy n vnst army of deluded enthusiasts, of sub
Joctlon to tho plutocrat of Wnll stroot. Tho
editor of Tiik Cot'iilKii Ih-ks Icnro to nssnro tho
mnjor Hint If tho ndvoency of nn honest dollnr
Implies serlvllty lo Wnll street, then ho must
Im In servitude, lint ho does not tnko thnt view
of thoiunttor. As to Joining tho "hrond hunt
lint" procession, tlio writer hns curried n hnnner
In thnt pnrndo for n number of years, nnd ho
expects to Imroto koep It up n few yenrs Iniutcr
unless tho newspaper business should suddenly
boom nnd proro unexpectedly remunerative.
How It Fveilato Appear Ueforotlie l'ulillo
In Nliort Dressrs.
Said a woll known soubrotto tho other
day: "It is n pity that stago-struck
girls cannot bo mado to realize tho
ordeals that a novico has to go through
during her first engagement. Tho vory
dreeses that they uro so nnxioim to wear
nro somotlmes tho most sovero triula. I
remember my first appearance in
eoubrotto drchs. I felt all legs. Tho
samo sensation can bo obtained by
mounting stilts for tho first time. Full
tights, however, aro much worse. I was
cast for second boy in pantomino beforo
I had boon on tho Btago u year nnd had
a tolerably good part, with ono big
patriotic speech, in which I was sup
posed to electrify tho audience nnd tho
entire company of artists. I was qulto
pleased with mysolf at rohonrsal, but on
tho opening night when I was supposed
to take tho contorof tho stngo (that is,
tuko tlio middle of tho stago,
induce mo to como to tho front. I
llvcrcd my lines over tho back ot tho
couch vory much to tho annoyuueo of
two experienced actresses who woro
seated beforo mo nnd over whoso honds
and in front ot whoso fuces I waved tho
Union Jack.
I think that in theatrical lifo it is in
tho dressing rooms that tho most amus
ing .studies ot character can bo found Of
courso, I'm not spoaking ot tho dressing
rooms in tho llrst-cluBS thontroa, but tho
dressing rooms thnt nro found in both
England and America by companies ot
tho fifth, sixth, sovonth nnd possibly tho
eighth grades. It is dlfllcult Bomotimcs
to properly placo thorn. Possibly four
women, that is gonornlly tho limit in
such companies, havo to dress in a room
scarcely lurgo enough for ono to stand
in. Lot nny woman with tho wit to
know her slster-womon imagine tho
possibilities ot such n situation from u
character-studying standpoint. Tho
loading lady, generally a vory groat por-
sonago in hor own estimation, must
havo tho choico ot .tho best placo. '11 o
character woman tho noxt, for she gen
erally has to double another part and
has hurried changes of dress. Tho
others dlvido up tho infinitesimal space
loft ovor. Many a time I'vo sat on my
trunk with my groaso paints in my lap
and mado up that way. Yot even dress
ing rooms liko theso aro luxuries some
times. I romombor ono of tho small
towns in Ireland whore thoro woro no
dressing rooms at all and portions of tho
etago wero divided off, on ono side for
tho mon and on tho other for tho ladies.
Our consternation may bo imagined
whon on tho second night, wo woro play
ing repertoire, that Ib, a chango ot play
each night, tho property man camo and
demanded tlio screen that wo ladies had
hung up. Ho wanted to use it for a sen
cloth." An Inexpensive Luxury. I
Horn I a thing, my darling,
That soemi extremely quoor
Your kisses cost mo nothing,
Yot they aro very dear.
. ,
In an age ot fraud and adultoratlbn,
it is certainly gratifying to know that
auch an extensively-UBod preparation as
Ayer'a Saroaparilla may be implicitly
rolled upon. It nover varies oithcr in
quality, appearance or effect, but is
always up to the standard.
For latest atylca in wraps r
Asiinv Cloak Co.
Tho Lincoln Coal company, 1045 'O
street, handles all of tho very beat
grades of anthracito and bituminous
Fino now lino ot business suitings
from $25 to (MO in Scotch and homospons
Jockell Bros., 110 north Thirteenth
i street, near Lansing theatre
ggy.i !. r seo m;
., x wua securing di
contlnua remarked 1
Ill II
(Continued from First Page.)
handsome endorsement ho received ut
tho hands of tho county convention.
Tho rapidly growing business in tho
county dork's olllco maken it impcrutivo
thnt this ofllco should bo in tho hands
of a practical, capablo man, and Mr.
Woods has In tho last two jeam shown
himself to bo just such a man. That ho
Is thu right man in tho right place is
the. verdict (if all thono who havo had
business transactions with tho county
clerk's ofllco.
Tho independents and tho democrats
can generally bo depended upon In this
county to concentrate their oncrgles
upon ono or two of tho principal oIIIocr,
and from thoiudicntioussofarmaulfestit
Is apparent that this campaign will bo
no exception. Tho hardest contest will
undoubtedly bo ovor tho ofllco of sheriff,
but Alva Smith, tho republican candi
date, serene in tho conviction that ho
has tho solid support of tho party, is
qulto nt enso with regard to tho outlook,
Mr. Smith is a well known citizen of
Wnvorly; but ho is us woll known in
Lincoln nnd other parts of tho county
as ho is at his own homo, nnd tho people
who know Mr. Smith nro gonornlly Ids
frlondp. Ho Ib specially udnptod for tho
duties which will fall to his lot In tho
ofllco of shorllT, nnd ho will adequately
perform tho important work of thnt im
portant brunch of tho county govern
ment. All kinds of combinations will
bo uttempted ngaliiBt Mr. Smith, but ho
will bo warmly supported by tho party
that nominated him, nnd tliero is no fear
ns to his election.
High priced clonks elegant styles.
Ashiiv Cloak Co.
Old Mother Hubbard went to tho cupboard
To net hor poor boarders n lunch ;
When sho got tliero sho was combing her linlr
And left In tho butter n bunch.
Low priced cloaks correct styles
AsmiY Cloak Co.
How Ho Tinned Their Heads.
Two Harlem Indies were talking about
an English nobleman w ho liaa been making
tho tour of the states.
"They say that in Hrooklyn he turned the
pcoplo's heads completely," remarked the
first young lady.
"I expect ho caino late to church with
Jtl"!.8L "P-lSBSK&l.
children with him?"
"I think not. lint why do you nskf"
"If ho has, I Mipposo they nro singing,
DnddyWouldn'tHuyMo n Uowwow.' "
Pittsburg Chronicle-Tclegragli.
To und Fro.
Lawyer (In cross examination) So this
woman was shot In her doorway f
Smart Witness No, sir; sho was shot in
tho nrm.
Lawyer (excitedly) You think you're
smart, don't your
Witness (calmly) No, sir; I'm Ilrown.
Truth. ,
Mother nnd Dnugtiter.
Little Ethel Mamma, I wish you'd wash
Willie Prettlo's face.
Mamma Tho Ideal lie's a neighbor's
little boy. I have nothing to do with him.
Llttlo Ethel lint I lmve. We'70 became
engnged, an I want to kiss him. Good
Clear Sailing.
Beloved Papa says ho sees no reason why
wo shouldn't bo mnrried.
Lover (ecstatically) Then ho wasn't
rlnched In that Inst deal after all. Detroit
Patrolman Julius ZeidUr
Ot the Brooklyn, N. Y., Folks Force, gladly
testifies to the merit of Heod's Susaparllls.
Ills wife takes It for dizziness and Indlfestlon
and it works charmingly. "The children also
take it with great benefit It Is without doubt
s saost excellent thing for That Tires Feel
tag. I cheerfully recommend
Hood's Sarsaparilla
sad Rood's Fills to every one who wishes to
hate health and comfort." Get nOQD'fl.
HOOD'S PILLS ' eonsUpaUoa,
UseMaess. Jaaasiee, and sleb headache.
Not lee.
In tho County Court within and for Lancaster
county, Nebraska,
In tlio matter ot thocstotoof DotuI Newman
To the creditors of said estate: ,. ,
You aro hereby notlflod that I will sit at tho
cnunty court room in Lincoln, In sold county,
on tho 'k day nt Uecnmber, 1MU, and aanln on
tho Ski day ot March, 1884, to oxnmlno nil
claims against said ostato wlili n vlow to their
adjustment and allowance Tho tlmo limited
for tho prruentatlon of claims nualnst said
cstato is six mouths, from said 21 dsy of Hen-
ivmuur, low, nun nil) lllliu lliuutni jur ii uj-
ment of dobls Is ono year from suld Mddayof
Hoptembor, 1WI Notlcoof this iroceodin I
ordered publmliod four consocut
publmhod four consecutive weeks in
iinoor publlshod in tills county prior to Novcm
may Unrnlnir lYinrlnr. a weomy lions
or .1, lev
I. V. LANSlNfl.
County Judifo.
ss lwsBr?.sWPSStl I
Funke's '
Opera House
iWi Rivtn
This heavy complected fellow is
.N.- X
country, and the stock will be our own make of high grade
clothing. Merchant tailors arc the only comjwtitors we recog
nize. And tec knock them away out on jtriccs.
Wc arc the largest manufacturers and retailers of cloth
ing in the world.
I g'RF'V" QTir'gg..--J.ZZ.
urn iwir ill rrEo .
ioics-io o 'riisi3r.
Well pis It
lllS-ll&a 1ST
Vl I "sjssssW I
SBJsjgkfaj aBsjgaBBBjga
BBBa Saaw
BuamnU-eU to euro nil norTuudleaao,suolias Weal
Tent pocket. SSI perbox.afi
Bl ta written uikriintea
umni, wuicai'iaioiniirnuir. t untuiapiionur insanur. i;an na
ilruitclsu. Akfurlt.
InDlalu wraunor. Address
tor sale In Lincoln, by 11. V. IIUDWN
ty Corner
O and Twelfth
ull ready for his clothing. We
wish we were. Our store should have been
ready September 1, but we'll be in luck if
tee get it by October 1.
When we get into it wc will have the
grandest opening ever seen in the west. The
store will be one of the handsomest in the
Decidedly Lively
'ATI 13
Line for the Fall and Winter and
will begin at once to quote such
prices in all departments as will
make competition quiver. Gome
in and see our new patterns and
you'll buy nowhere else.
And all fancy and staple pieces
at prices that touch the pocket
book easy during stringent times. ,
Won'tjyou favor, us with a call.
Tlila wonderful romndv
uaraiiU'oil tocurun.lnor'uuKlUeaaaa.suGlias Weak Memory. Loss of Urata
owor, Ueanacb. Wakel uliiors, Lost Manliood, Ntsbtly Uaiistlons, Norrous
neis.alldralnsandlnfsiif pooerlnOoiieratlTeOriians of either aezcauted
tiroiorexertlnn.ynutl.fnl errors, oxcssalreusoof tobacco, opium or stlni-
Iskonoothor. Write Jc
M EK VB SKUU CO.. JJotoclaTemDle.CuiCAQO.
and W. K. UKULAKNDBU, UrusgUU.
is .
V . 1
l V
" i
; JUJW Jan.1 J imssaii,