Saturday morning courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1893-1894, September 30, 1893, Image 2

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IHjiwI il CnrrMpm donee, )
Nv YouK,8jpt. U7. I-UUrt IhIuikI, tlio
chief Rivtoway to UncloSnin's dominions,
is n llttlo spot of dry land tlmt pcopi
nboro llio wnvei of Now York lutrbor
not morn tliau 1)00 yurils from tlio Now
Jcraey ilinrc. Most of It a Bttrliicolscov
orctl with tlio vnilotts bulJilliiKN tlmt
hoyd I icon cvdotcil for tho usobf tlio com
irrtalanei-of iiuhilurntloii, who may lo
spolton uf 3 tlio chief Ku-Qkconor, nnr
- Hmn,. -
ht men, I paid n visit to thin llttlo spot
of Inml today to soo how tlio tons of
thounnml who como knocking at Undo
Sain'rt door every month aro received
biuI how thoso who nro not thought do
slrnhlo nro prevented from ontorlnp;, nnd
A most Interesting visit it wan.
Only thoso who como to this nldo in
tlio cheapest purl of tlio ship, tlio steer
'tigo, pawi through this gatuway, for it is
nsxumed tlmt thoso who linvo money
enough to pay their way in cither tho
first or second cabin nro likely to ho do
nimble, tlio only questions raised by tho
gatekeeper being as to tho ability of tho
immigrant to bo self supporting, whether
or not ho comes in fulfillment of n con
tract regarding employment, nnd an to
their record an law abiding cltlr.oim in
tho lands from which thoy come. Tho
chief gatekoopor'acstahlishmont Is called
the bureau of immigration.
Dr. Benncr, nn energetic, earnest,
scholarly man, is commissioner nt pres
ent, nnd ho has tho nnlstnnco of about
00 persons, including heads of depart
ments, clerks, matrons, doctors, labor
ers, etc. About as ninny moro persons
who nrc employed by tho railroads, tho
various societies, etc., also And occupa
tion on tho islnud, so that its regular
day population, exclusive of imtnlg.-unts
and visitors? is about 180,
Immigration is light nt present, but it
would not bo possiblo to pass ono-half
cjf tho number received oven now with
out au almost perfect executivo system.
Accordingly Dr. Bonner's staff is thor
oughly organised and inpludos inspect
ors, interpreters, matrons, doctors,
clerks audi miscellaneous employees, to
each of whom is assigned somo partlcu, and all of whom perform their
duties with tho utmost harmony day
after day.
According to tho prcsont law, steam
hip companies are required to furnish
tlte commissioner of immigration witli a
..;BfujBpitalnlll4tho nawea of all
steerage passengers with each shipload
of immigrants. This manifest must
statu iu addition to the names tho ngo,
sex, nativity, occupation and destination
of each person, besides n lot of other do
tails for tho commissioner's guidance
For convcnicuco tho stccrago pnsscngors
aro divided into blocks of HO, each pas
acngor being numbered, nnd Ida number
being set oppoto his nunio upon tlio
Commissioner Scnncr'H ndvanco gunrd,
the boarding officers, nro tho llrat United
States officials with whom tho immi
grant come in contact. Thoy go on
board tho ship at quarantino nnd there
begin tho work of investigation, remov
ing from the ship such pnssongora ua,nro
eutleriug from malignant disoasws, nud
sometimes working iu conjunction with
tho New York health officer, Dr. Jen
kins, causing tho detention of tho chip
upon which tho disenso exists with its
entire quota of immigrants.
Ouco quarantino ia safely passed, tlio
ship proceeds to its dock, tho cabin pas
sengers and citizens who aro steerage
passengers disombnrk nnd go their wayt
unimpeded 'by nny restrictions other
than .those, imposed by UncloSam'a cur
torn house officers, but alien atecrng
passongors must nil enter through Dr,
Scnnor'a gato and aro convoyed thither
upon United States barges. Boforo leav
ing the ship, n card bearing a number
and U) letter, tho lattor to show tho d'
vision to which tip passenger belongs,
is pinned upon tho breast of each indi
vidual. Ten .minutes befdro n bargo
load of immigrants arrives nt tho island
the loud sound of n gong echoes through
the immenso main building of tho bu
reau. When tho bargo has been made
fast to the dock, tho gong is ngaii
sounded, nnd by this timo every official
Is at his post.
As soon as tho gangplank had been
put iu place, tho passengers string
aahoro, aud a moro motley crowd was
never seen under tho sky of heaven than
that made by tho stccrago passengers of
a ship, from Rotterdam or from one of
the Mediterranean ports. Tho shipload
which arrived this morniug during my
presence was from Rotterdam, nnd its
passengers included Germans nnd Poles
and Hungarians nnd Slovaks and Bohe
mians and Russian Jows.
Guided by tho proper officials, they
limbed tho stairs to the second story
and through what must havo been to
them most devious passages to tho great
hall where tho inspection was performed.
They first entered a space about 00 feet
square, separated from tho rest of tho
floor by wire gratings ,in such a way na
to form an immense cage, There- raoh
division was passed iu single filo between
fas pipe railings in front of tho instiect
orf' desks, and thoro each individual
was questioned and cross questioned un
til' tho inspectors were satisfied either i
that be or she should bo allowed to pro
ceed, without further examination or that
the caw needed such other investigation '
, aeoould be obtained only by detention.
The inspectors are a patient, iatelli
'ajeat. courteous lot of men, From long
nerience fliay can tell at n gbnee tho
, Mwaality of the immigrant, and so do
ot need to wait for spoken words to
fcaow fat what language to make the iu-
i, of course, an inspect
or will ho nt fault, hut oun syllable
from tho questioned Individual will sot
tho oDlclal mind right, nnd then tho
questioning proceeds rapidly, but skill
fully, until it Inn been determined how
tho Immigrant shall be tli poiod of.
Ono of tho most important questions
relates to tho amount of money in pos
session of the individual, but contrary to
an impression which seems general It Is
not required that an immigrant shall bo
possessed of any specified sum. If tho
doctors past favorably as to tho health
of tho person examined nnd ho or sho
luivo enough tuonoyor n ticket for trans
imitation to tho ultimnto destination,
relenso comes at once, providing tho im
migrant' answers ngrco with tho partic
ulars cot down In tho ship's manifest.
This is tho general rulo. Tlio except loin
I have boforo nlludod to. A woman with
children, unaccompanied by n husband
or other inalo relative n minor without
money or n person who is suspected ol
being n contract laborer Is nt onco sent
to tho detention pen, as tho officials
speak of tho largo cage In which thoso
whom it is thought deslrablo to further
examine nro placed.
Tho detention pen is raroly empty, nl
though onco or twlco n shipload of Immi
grants has been received nmong whom
tliero was not ono cnudldnto for this
cage. Almost nil women accompanied
only by thulr children pass somo titno in
this compartment, for It rarely happens
that tho woman's husband is nt hand to
rcccivo her at tho moment of her nrrlval
nt Ellis island, nnd tho authorities will
not allow her to land unless her husband
comes for her. This ruling may nt first
thought appear to bo unnecessarily so
vero, nnd it eoituinly does so nppcnr to
most of tho detained wives, but as ex
plained to mo by tlio authorities it seems
a very necessary regulation.
Tho great aim of inspection nnd exam
ination is to prevent tho landing of in
dividuals likely sooner or later to bo
como n charge upon tho chnritnblo socio
ties or tho stnto authorities. A woman
with n family of small children, without
a husband to provido for her support, if
without money will probably need nld
very soon nftor arriving here, and tho
cxpcricncoof tho authorities has been
such to render it necessary in their eyes
that tlio oxlsteuco of tho husband shall
bo proved by his personal uppcarutico to
receive his family.
Oftoutimea wives como to America
bringing their children with them in
search of husbands who Imvo beou
guilty of desertion, nnd such families
nro nlmost certain to bo incapablo of
self support. Sometimes widows como
with tho expectation of living with rein
tives. In such Instances if tho relatives
can show beyond reasonablo shadow of
doubt tlmt they will bo nblo to support
tho detained immigrants tlio latter nro
allowed to Innd.
Tho idens of tho immigration bureau
regarding tlio landing of families not
met by tlio husband nud father nro well
understood nmong tho immigrants nud
their friends, nud ns n conscqucnco mon
go to tho bureau ovcry dny claiming to bo
tho husbands of nowly arrived woinon
who do not in fact sustain that relation
toward them.
Tho board of contract labor inspectors,
Mr. John J. Qiilnhin chief, has to do
with quite nuother Bort of detention.
Tho work of this department of tho bu
reau ia important, nnd under nil tho cir
cumstances very cffectlvo, n llttlo less
than 1 per cent of tho total number of
alien immigrants being detained nnd
sent bnck by this board nt present. This
is much iu excess of tho number former
ly sent back. From July, 1802, to July,
1803, only 439 nil told wero sent back
under tho contract labor law. During
July of this year 210 went back, and
during August IK5. Most contract la
borers como very well posted ns to what
they shall answer when questioned by
tho Inspectors, nnd when n block of, say,
10 or 15 men nil answer tho contract la
bor Inspectors in practically tho snine
words tho wholo block i3 rcinspected.
But it is not claimed that n very large
porcentago of thoso who nro really here
under contract nro detected.
Thoso immigrants who nro fortunate
enough to bo passed without nny deten
tion nt nil nro without unnecessary delay
put nbonrd tho bureau's ferryboat nnd
6ent to Now York, or turned over to
tho railroad pool for transportation to
such interior plnccs ns they nro bound
for. Those whom it is finally decided
must bo roturnod to Europe nro marched
to tho return pen. Thoy nro n most de
jected, woebegone lot, nnd their looks
and bearing aro In strong contrast to tho
bright faces nnd buoyant inein of tlio
others. To theso it seems no doubt that
thoy have now reached tho land of milk
and honey, a happy country where
plenty and comfort will surely follow
honest exertion. Most of them Imvo yet
to learn that in America, as in tho rest
of tho world, Danio Fortune distributes
her rewards with a partial baud, nnd
that to many life in America is n lifo of
privation, and to all who wonld win one
of constant strugglo and toll.
I, D. Marshall.
tfnlr Kaougli.
Cufttooei How is thlsf You hare
charged ue twice the usual price for shav
ing. Barber My razor was dull, and it took
nw twice as loog.-Ntw York Weekly.
11 1 11
Woiimi'b Fa i ii Oiioundh, Sopt
Special Coinur.n Corrosondoiiec. I
hnvo been all over tho Mining building
three t i met, nnd still I heMtnto to attempt
n desoilptlon first, bcc&tiso I nm hi thli
cano uiiumially nnxlom to do full justice,
nnd, secondly, Ixjcmiso in mining mnttcn
nil errors nro serious. Kven nn omission
may proven sorloui error, for tliero nro n
thousand llttlo variations In tho chemistry
of mlncr-ili, and ijnlto ns many llttlo tech
nicalities In tlio terim to dcscrlbo them,
nnd ns n very inlmitii variation in tho con
stituents of an nro may nnd often does
malm nil tho difference between profit nnd
low, so n similar variation In terms may
turn Important truth Into nonsense. There
nro many grades in other klndt of report
ing. A Minn CnnnolMniir.
If I knew as llttlo of mining ns I do (or
recently did) of art, I nhould tnclclu tho sub
ject with tho same conflrti'iics tliomibllmo
self confidence, as It wero, shown by tho
monkey of tho fablo who wound tho watch
with a corkucrow. But ns I wns1 for many
yearn examiner of mines nr.d writer
thereon In Utah nnd Colorado, tho case is
different. In tho coal mints of Indiana,
Ohio nnd Nova Scotln, I Imvo often had oc
casion to notice how completely nature re
vcnics herself, nnd thnt familiarity with
that kind of mining rather disqualifies one
for understanding n silver initio. Coal and
Iron nro In bsdi, so to speak. Thoy tend
toward tho horizontal. Sliver and gold
lodes nro In fR-iures (not quite nhvays) nnd
tend to tho parpuiidlculnr. Hence, tho
longer n truo iNsura vein la worked, the
more difficult Its working becomes, by rea
son of heat nud water, hoisting tho greater
distance nud tho accumulation of such
wnsto matter a-s is left iu tho vein.
And hero Is where tho mining engineer
gets iu his rclence, nud it is In thin lluothnt
this building Is Indeed full of marvels,
Tliero Is tho great model section shown by
tho Calumet nnd Hecln Mining companies
of Michigan, and though their output is
copper tho system of timbering Is tho same
m for silver. A largo space, upon tho wall
represents tho mine tho opposite wnll is
supposed to 1h removed nnd tho spectator
to hnvo his position In its place. Then he
has before him tlio long Umbered shaft or
Incline, running to the greatest depth work
ed, tho chamber which has been worked out
nnd timbered up, nnd nil tho slopes, drifts
nnd wlnzesfoi-opciihig new ore ground nnd
taking out tho oro by "hack stopping."
Here, too, nro tho great fans, which drlvo n
regular llttlo tornado of cold fresh air to
tho bottom of tho deepest shaft, nnd tho
great suction fmiucN, which in turn draw
up tho foul nlr.
In Kubtorraiiuuii Doptlit.
All theso nro running nt lightning speed,
If youthlnkmich tremendous drafts iiniieo
cssary consider that nt the 1,1)00 feet level In
tho great Comstocl: lodu Urn thermometer
in the nldo drifts Uood tho venr round nt
153 degrees, nnd tho men could work onlyLt,
bvhalf hour shifts, rest Intr betwepti ' . -4 "'
in tho main passages, whjcosnieTOoii had
been estnbllshitlKrinr nulling down ono'
shaft tlnd up another nnd sweeping nil tho
iiitcrtnedlati sections. Here, too, nro tho
monster pumps which iour out thoso
great streama ono may seo 'lowing down
tlio mountainside, nnd hero are tho monster
hoisting engluc.1 nnd all tho latest appli
ance for crushing, sorting, roasting, con
centrating, separating, chlorinating, wash
ing, desulphurizing, inciting nud fiunlly re
filling, for even tho rich nnd comparatively
clean milphtiret ores of Colorado muat go
through lOelaborato processes after leaving
tho mine, nnd uvory process demands tho
highest kind of engineering skill. Don't
tell me that silver will ccasa to bo n pro
clous metal; It takes too much labor nnd
skill to get it.
Ail:. Ilvlmn'it Btutiic.
In view of nil these things, It nlmost ug
gravatcsan old miner to co no few peoplo
lit this bulldingand tonoto that tho crowds
nro nbout two or three particular sights.
Olio Is tho diamond washing nud palish
ing. I hnvo not jet been nblo to (;et near
enough to watch tho process, for it draws
tho peoplo In inns. By tho way, auother
thing I havn not bcci nblo to seu is tho
rcenlc theater iu tho Electricity building,
for tliero nro hundreds wnltlngthere when
ever it is open. Montana's silver statuo
of Ada ltchan of courso draws n crowd,
nnd so do tho wonderful copper exhibits.
It Is indeed n pleasure to look nt the
great masses, 0,000 nnd 8,003 pounds
each, of tbla metal almost pure in its
nativo htatu from tho mines of .Michi
gan. In tho cases, too, nro hundreds
of specimens of tho "fiowere.l" ore, its
surface drilling in brllllunt green. Gold
Is the only metal, I believe, which "flowers"
or gives a stain of Its own color. Copper
stain is green, iron stain is red, lead Btaln
is silvery gray, and tho milpburets, gener
ally in combination with other minerals,
flowcroutonthoburfncQln all tho gorgeous
disorder of tho ho called "peacock ores."
Another crowd Is gmcrnlly found about
tho net rilled woods, of which Colorado. Vnw
Mexico unri Arizona Imvo sent somo truly
wonderful specimens. Imagine n cross sve-
' tlon sawed out of n freshly fallen oak nnd
men suddenly turned to tho hardest ngato
nil tho veins nnd annunl rings, nnd even
tho mlnuto variations just under tho bark,
fixed in tho eternal statuary of nature.
Some of theo slabs are two feet across, and
whllo tho vim is left iu the "natural wood,"
so to speak, tho fnco Is polished to n mirror
llkesnioothness. T1iom called mossngates,
water agates nnd ribbon ngates attract
much lessnttentlon, as, though pretty, they
nro not specially curious.
Other Mlurrul Curlotltlei.
Thostraugo forms which silver assumes
aro more Interesting. When there Is moro
of tho pure metal iu a mass of oro than
tho quartz or other matrix can hold in
chemical or mechanical union, tho excess
forms upon tho face of tho ore mass some
times in fine spun threads of sliver hair,
sometimes In wire silver nnd again iu ruby
silver, horn silver or silver glance. In raro
Instances the except coats tho oar mass iu
filmy folds llkowlmt butchers call "leaf
lard." AH theso interest tho peoplo as
curiosities merely.
Under tho Kentucky pavilion Is a repro
duction of ono chamber of tho Mammoth
cave. In tho Washington building is the
mammoth block of coal tl.OOO pounds. Tho
famous A. K. Footo collection of ISO tons
of rare minerals, which was shown at tho
Centennial nnd at Paris, is also here. Tho
Greeks hnvo sent many things of interest
as nntltpiltles. The htntuo of Liberty in
salt, 5 feet S Inches high, was cut from a
single block taken from a depth of 230 feet.
All these aud a few more Interest tho peo
plo for n few minutes each; but, alas! thoy
care nothing for all tho science embodied iu
these womk-rf ul machines nnd mining mod
ela, Gertie How old is Maudf
Ethel She has been 23 ever since a Are
in ber bouse burned up the family Bible
u years ago, Chicago HeeonL
NiMf .Irrscjr'ii IftMli- of C'lirlnu ( iilns Mniiy
Yearn .".
Sprclnl (.'otrr)oiiilriico.)
Tiik.ntu.v, Sept. '11.- Although tho fov-
crnl stntoj nro ntithorlr.i'd by tho organic
lnw of tho laud to coin money, It litis
been ninny years since tho prlvllego lias
been taken ndvniitngo of. Now Jersey's
legislature In 1780 ntithcrlzod tho Issuing
of copper coin "in the mini of JIO.000."
Tho coining was done tinder tills net by
private parties o:i u contract with the
stnto, three citizens tunned Wnlter
Mould, Thomas Goudsley nud Allen Cox
being the contractors.
nonsr. iikad coi.v9.
Tho terms of tho agreement wero us
follows: Tho coins wero each to weigh
six pennyweights nnd six grains, 15 were
to cqnnl n drilling, they wero to bo tnnrio
in thlBBtnto, nnd thoy wero to hear "such
marks nnd Inscriptions" ns Bhould be
directed by tho justices of tlio supremo
court or nny ono of thorn." Before pro
ceeding to tho work of coining tho con
tructora wero to "outer into bonds to tho
governor, to tho iibo of tho stnto, in tho
sum of 10,000, with nt least two suffi
cient ourotien, that thoy would within
two yonrafrom tho publication of tho act
coin tho full sum of 10,000 in copper
und faithfully nnd honestly perform
their contract." One-tenth of the full
sum coined wtui to bo delivered to tho
stnto treasurer in quarterly payments ns
rccompenso to tho state for tho privilego
of coining.
Tho work seoina to hnvo been douo to
tho sntisfnctioti of tho officials. At least
I hnvo fulled to find nny record of fail
ure to carry out tho contract, but thoro
must Imvo been somo friction, for two
ncta supplemental to tho ono I Imvo men
tioned nbove wero passed later. Ono of
thc30 mithorizod thocoluagoof one-third
of tho ninount of 10.000 by Wnlter
Mould, whllo tho other two contractors
weronuthotized to coin tho remaining
two-thirds. If nny of tho parties failed
to carry out tho terms of tho contract,
tho others wero nt liberty to iissuino the
wholo. Tho other supplemental net was
for tho protection of thocontractors, nnd
provided penalties for 10 times tho
ninount offtied for offering j;:iy copper
coins mado by.jinybut tho authorized
TJietolnngo was nil nccompliBhcd in
ireo yearn, und several varieties wero
issued. All boro on tho obverco nn
Amcricnn shield nnd tho motto "D
PluribuB Unum," tho obverso boro tho
legend "Novii Cn)3nrca" and n plow sur
mounted by tv horso'a hend. They wero
known na "horso head coppers" from
this design.
Thoy varied considerably in weight,
tho heaviest being 0 pennyweights npd
17 grains, whllo tho lightest 'wero 4
pennyweights nnd 10 grains.
They wont 'Out of circulation many
yenra ngo, but nro to bo found In tho
cnbiueta of numismatists. Most of them
wero coined nt Morristown.
FlK'Ilt III tl Ml'llltH', of tll1 I'llMlug
(li'iieriilloii Only.
S echd Corrcsjiomtpiicc.
RouiiKKTKit, Sept. 20.--Tho precau
tions taken in Now York to prevent n
visitation of tlio cholcm Imvo act some of
tho older inhabitants of this city to talk
ing of tho disenso in 1852-1.
"I was n hack driver then," said ono
old man today who has sinco got rich
und retired, "nnd -I was kept busy nil
tho timo durjng tlio first summer tlio
cholera wns hero attending fuuernls. I
wns not sick ti day nil tho tenson except
for a plnguo of boils which camo to mo
nnd mndo my lifo u burden.
"Somo of tlio victims wero taken nwny
very suddenly. I remember n doctor
who was very successful in his treat
ment of cholera. Tliero wero very few
cholera patients iu tho families ho at
tended regularly, becauso ho inado it n
point to numonish them us to how thoy
Bhould llvo In order to prevent tho dis
ease Ho urged them to, bo careful nnd
drink ouly boiled wnter nnd to nvoid
eating uncooked fruit.
"Ono nftcrnoon I saw him eating a
muskmeloii, nnd I told him it didn't
look well for him to bo breaking tho rulo
ho had laid down so stringently. IIo col
ored up nnd throw tho melon nwny. Bo
foro sundown ho was dead of tho chol
era. I don"- know, of courso, whether
tho melon did it or not, but you may bo
Biiro I was careful not to eat nny fruit
during tho rest of that season.
"You hnvo heard no'doubt of tho oc
casional cubcs of cholera patients reviv
ing nfter death was supposed to hnvo
come. Well, I remember n case that
gavo mo n great sturt. A woman who
lived in a very tough part of tho town
wna fouud lying in her rooms, us was
supposed, dend from cholera. Sho was
put into n coffin nnd taken to tho bury
ing ground. When tho box wns lifted
out of tho wagon, ono of tho men let go,
and ono end dropped to tho ground. Tho
Hd burst, nud tho woman was revived
by tho shock. Sho jumped out ns lively
as yon plenso nud expressed her opinion
of tho men who wero nbout to put her
under ground in language moro forcible
than choice Sho hadn't had cholera ut
nil, but had been dend drunk when oho
wns found on tho floor In her houso. Sho
lived to bo 'sent up' for drunkenness
inuny times after that."
Charles Hendkl.
Rubber Velvet.
A now material called robber velvet
is mado by sprinkling powdered felt of
sny color over rubber cloth whllo the
hitter is Jiot and soft. The result looks
liko folt cloth, but ia clastic, waterproof
ind exceedingly light.
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These Hue The
The Largest nnd Bent Normal School in tho West; tho beat suburb to
tho city, mill but ono jenr old; the finest advantages educationally mid
Focinlly; tlio quickest cmnuiunicution to tho city of any mibtirb; tho
purest air und water. In fact, nil tho city advantages nnd nono of Ita
disadvantage!!. NO HIGH TAXES OB INSURANCE, but freedom
nnd good living. No wonder that many of Lincoln'a best cltizeim nro
peouting hotnoH where nfter their busiiicsB is over, they can ictiro from
tho turmoil of tho city, and In u few minutes land where penco nnd quiet
rolgna supreme, or take ndvniitngo of tho many entortiilnmoiiiB, educa
tional or musical, nt the college, nnd como into tho city iu tho morning to
do buttle with the world, ref replied mid invigorated. Such iiilvuutiigeB
nro offered by NORMAL, nnd to thopo who know thnt tho tendency of
nil citicB is toward Bubuibau leHldenccfl, n tip thnt tho timo to secure
Bitch u homo is NOW.
I.KDWITII 11 LOCK, tlltOHM) I I.OOIt, COlt. 11T1I AM) I STN.
IMic Soliool for tlio Mnsaoa
aes Dopcii-uiientt),
nenutlful.lienllliy location, 20-ncror.imptiK, rf.cctrlo itrrctcnr lino rung directly tocampi
without cliaiit-c SJWW3 In buildings, splmxlid equipments, superior nccoinmmlatlons, strong
fnculty. expPiIi'ncoiS mnmiKcmrnt, coinprolirnjilvo cirrlculum, thorough work, high moral too
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Sprint: term opens April II, lfcttl, and continues 10 wookn. Bummer term openi Juno 20, IMS
nnu continues 8 wceUs. You can enter . nny timo, howovcr. Catalogues nnd circulars frco.
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And several thousand others. I would advise all who would save time to go to
.. VV. 13IOWWS, 129 8QUTH ITH 8T
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1134 O STREET.
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atS Tenohera,
WM. M. CltOAN, President, or
II. J. KINSLEY, Seo'u and Treaa.
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