Saturday morning courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1893-1894, September 16, 1893, Image 9

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liai-usra iv street.
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16, 1893.
Nut Ice.
o unclcriltninl lioroby itlvrt
atlertMneti nerney aivro nouco uint .
t bo rwmnlblo for or jny an
by employes, except tliono for
i mnnnaiuio lor or twy but two in-
Lincoln, Nas., May 1st, 18).
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rder 1 siren Dornmnlly lenoU by It. TliU
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known nn
Duvies of Chicago bottor
the "Pnrmm" hna declared
the Corbott and Mitchell
Ho nays Corbott will win in u
But whnt DnvleB prophesies docs
K V-, 1 VIT. R. JO3Mi dto Co.
1J37 0 Street.
Til Courier can H Found at
Hotel Lincoln News Stand.
Wlndaor Hotel News Stand.
Capital Hotel News Stand.
P -a Dude Cigar Store, 1030 O St.
M, Young, 1307 O St.
Claeou, Fletcher k Co.. 1100 O St.
Moore'a Now. Stand, 118 So. 11th St.
Courikr Office, 1134 O St.
P. Peine. 1433 0 St.
Archie So 11th St.
Fura stored at F. E. Voelker'a.
Whltebreaat Coal and lime Co.
Bataiag capa at Rector's Pharmacy.
JaekeHBrokTaiiora, 110 north Thir
iaeath street.
, David P. Sims, dentist, rooma 42
43 Purr block.
Xry Club Houae coffee, none ao good.
ftUfec Gifford.
Imported and domestic toilet aoapa at
JUctor'a Pharmacy.
Sampson Sisters, artiatio dressmaking,
1133 N aireet, oyer Dorseys.
Buffalo Fjour.fl.OO per, sack. Mlllor
A Gifford, grocers, opposite Burr block.
An entire new line of ladiea card cases
ad pocket books at Rector's Pharmacy.
All orders via telephono 306 will reach
W. A. Coffin St Co. and receive prompt
vd careful Attention.'
v"The Beat" Laundry, 2308 O street
telephone 579, H. Townsend & Co., pro.
yrietbrs, Lincoln, Neb.
No. such 'line ot canned fruits in the
ity aa shown by W. A. Coffin A Co., 143
South Eleventh street.
For dances and outings there is no
awe) music in Nebraska as that supplied
by the Nebraska state orchestra.
Never order an Invitation until you
aaVeaeen the samples of the work done
by the new CourlerPuWlahlug Co. ,
When you wan prompt service and
fair treatment and the selection from
.- . . i l ". . I
the largest stock of groceries in Lincoln-)
not always come true. I wna with
Duvies and Kllruln just before tho
hitter's light with Sulllvun and accord
ing to DavipB then, Kllruln would win in
u walk. But ho did not. Tho shoo wub
easy on tho othor, foot. In fact Duvies
has proven himself a falso prophet. Ho
may, however, have called tho turn on
this Corliett-Mltchcll affair but whether
he haa or not romaina to bo seen. For
myself I too, think Corbott will got
there, but to boat tho Englishman I
beliovo ho will havo to put up tho very
best fight that is in him. Even at that
a chanco blow may turn tho tido br an
accident docido tho day. In fact
Mitchell Iihb a chanco to win from Cor.
bott, but not a very rosy one. Ho is
acknowledged to bo as clover a boxer as
ever donned a glove, and while Corbott
has tho boBt of youth, hoight and reach,
ho will moot in Mitchell tho shiftiest
man on his feet and tho most scientific
Knight of tho Knucklo ho has over
stopped into tho ring with. Corbott
will not have a Blow tighter on his hards
that ho can cut down at hia ease, but a
shrewd, crafty and shitty tighter, who is
a master ot tho art, thoroughly up in nil
tho tricks ot tho game, quick to avoid
punishment and capablo ot inflicting
much damage to his opponont.and Cor
bott will know that ho has boon to a
battlo royal before ho finishes tho
Englishman. Tho young Californian
should win, but ho will surprise many
good judges of tho gamo if ho cscapcB
punishment at the hands of the invader,
who will bo likely to test our champion's
stamina." Sporting News.
all on W- A. Coffin C!o., antecessors to
J. MUWri'U'J South Eteveeth .street. ,;
HaMetV market, old reliable market,
mow aSoved'io ThirteeBtk street, opposite
Lanalng'theatre, is whwe, .ladies should
aail Jor .their meat orders. Telephone
orders over No. 1C0 receive prompt at
'ifcatlmj f . ,
Professor Swain's ladiea tailoring and
cutting school. Thorough, ins true-
.:LesaBna not limited. Dress mak-
iag doM with diepateh oft short aotiee;
st to msaaurs aad ail work
4 r 5K 1 .
I havo noted, but without any sur
prise, of tho Southern and California
base ball leagues going under. Un
doubtedly this is owing to tho high
salaries paid. It is really astonishing to
see how, year after year, managers will
persist in financiering minor loaguo
teamB which haa always resulted in a
breakup. To my thinking ono cause is
very apparent in that of paying doublo
tho money than that it received to tho
ball players. Although personally I
vyould like to see tho players recoivo
9100 a day, what is not got cannot bo
given. I could mention tho names of a
uozen ultierent well Known managers
who havo been doing this sort of thing
year after year and no douty will be
ready to start on the sarao kind ot pro
gVaru next year. It 92400 bo taken per
month at tho gate and 94000 paid out it
remaiuseusy to bo seen what will re
sult. ,
In corresponding with some ot tho
leading Bperita of the old Western league
I find that the old timo tiro and
seal has by no moans been extinguished.
A number of well known old standby a
have their very heart and soul in tho
welfare and success ot America's great
national game. George Tabeau (bettor
known aa Fat's brother George) writing
from Denvor and who is likely to repre
sent that city with a team, wants im
mediate action and recognition ot the
league. Sandy Grlawold of Omuhu
thinks that the present' depression In
sporting matters is but temporary aud
that already signs are looming up which
txlnt to u BUcceBHf ul Bcaaon noxt year.
L. C, KruuthotT, tho old president ot tho
Western Icngilo, writes mo; "I huvo
never doubted that n properly organ
ized circuit coin)K)Hed of clulm having
financial backing would bo BUcccKRtul.
The great dllllculty will bo to evolve
fwmio arrangement making it impossible
for clulm to lie down during tho season.
If this can bo arrunged I am suro Kun
huh City can bo induced to enter the
UHBoclatiou and that your plan will bo
crowned with huccchb." Con Strothers,
an old manager and umpire, writcB mo
in tho sumo utrtiln in regard to St. Joo
and adds that Truekeninlllcr will buck
tho St. Joo tcum in u good Western
loaguo. Ex-Muuugor O. II. Cushman ot
Milwaukee 1b ulso very much pleased ut
tho prospects ot tho Western loaguo
being rovivod again. Similar letters I
huvo received from Duluth, Dee Moines,
Sioux City, Aim Dovinnoy of Eau Cluiro
and W. II. Lucas; an old manager ot
noto. I would now like to hear repre
sentative opinions from Detroit, Toledo,
IndiunnpoliB and Lincoln. In my
opinion tho timo is opportuno for tho
formor'citlcs to got their heads together
and organizo a league which, with their
former experience, would bo ublo to
overconio all difficulties tho coming
season. I am conlidont tho twin cities,
St. Paul and Minneapolis, will come to
tho front as I shall personally put up
inonoy and back u tcum. Out of tho
many different cities named wo ought to
havo un eight club league that could
stick not only for noxt souson, but muny
to come., John S. Baknks.
Hood's Pills may bo hud by mail for
25c. ot C. I. Hood & Co., Lowell, Mass.
Dr. llurrl' In the lMncc
So says an old gentleman ot about 70
years from Oakdalo, Nob. Ho 'says, for
tho past year I havo suffered a great
deal with poor teeth, after trying noarly
all tho dentists in Lincoln and spending
over 945.3 and still not ablo to get a sot
ot teeth that I could ubo. I was about
to give up in dispalr, when I happened
to road ono ot Dr. Burns advertise
ments, seeing that ho made a stecinlty
of making sots for old gontlomon. I de
termined to mako ono nioro effort and
give him a trial, and can truthfully say
that I at lust found tho right pluco. Mr.
Burris hit the nail on tho head tho first
lick, and I am now going homo fooling
20 years younger and with a set of tooth
that aro porfoct in ovory respect.
Mr. J. M. Can says ho Ib going to send
up all tho old boys in Oakdalo who want
a good sot ot tooth to Dr. Burris, nt 1208
O street, Lincoln, Neb., as ho is ccrtuln
that ho knows his business.
ftyrllnR Notrx.
Thorn was no club run last Sunday
and there promises to bo nono this noxt
Sunday; go where you please.
Captain Milmino in managing tho
races at the fair grounds for tho stato
fair association management.
O..L. ShudeVirt no longer a novice,
having won tho ono mile novice raco
Tuendny, and a very neat raco it was,
timo 2:5425.
Owing to other numerous attractions
no mooting wan held Wednesday tho
l.'lth. Thero will bo a called meeting
Tuesday night.
Wheelman aro going to play quito a
part in the rush for Cherokco lands on
tho 10th and they will huvo many ad
vantages, but tho desire for water after
their rido will conternct a groat deal ot
their gain over those who travel by
other means.
Our old timo friend and suro winner,
Eb Mockott has surely lost his grip,
whether ho will over gain his form again
in doubtful, an ho should havo been iu
tho pink of condition thin weok having
put in notno good training to that end,
but it wan no go; bin old time contidohco
wan missing.
Tho rnceB at tho fair grounds Tuesday
and Wednesday wero very interesting,
some fairly good timo wan made for
competition races. Had tho manage
ment neen lit to havo gono through tho
grounds with a bund just before tho
cycle races announcing that they wore
to tuko pluco, they would havo druwn
at least twico as muny spectators, as it
was, thero wero about 1,000 an the first
day and less on tho second as thero wero
few who know that thero woro to bo
cycle races Wednesday.
As tiio name indicates, Hull's Vega-
0 -
f'tofflB -v.
&??' - :
COUR8E I Consommo. Our Competitors In tho Soup.
COURSE 2 Mountain Trout, Western Style. Nothing too good for patronn ofr
tablo Sicilian HairRenower in a renowcr
ot tho hair, including Its growth, health'
youthful color, and beauty. It will
please you.
At IlurlliiKton llriirli.
Notwithstanding tho recent cool
weather Burlington Bench has continued
to bo weli patronized. Sailing, rowing
or riding on tho big steamboat in just
as enjoyable in weather nuch as wo hnvo
had for tho past week as when tho ther
mometer Is wayupintliu nineties, and
tho public is well aware of this fact.
Tho dancing pavilion, with ono of tho
finest Doors in tho stato, is nearly always
filled with merry dancers ut night, und
tho beach presents nn animated and at
tractive appearance This iopulur resort
is so ounily accessible now that thero
ncod bo no hesitation about muking tho
trip at uny timo ot day. You curi tnko
your choice between tho street car from
tho Union Pacific depot or tho carryulls
from tho postoffico square
Not Space KimiirIi.
It is a fact that tho Western Normal
college could havo used fully three times
tho space assigned to it in mercantile
hall at tho stato fair, but from tho few
departments represented something ot
tho work of tho college may bo judged.
IlurllttRton Itoute Hair Hate to Chicago
And Iteturn.
On September 10th and 11th tho B &
M. will sell tickets to Chicago und ro
turn at ono faro for tho round trip,
914.50, tickets good for return to Sept.
17th. They may bo obtained nt B. &. M.
doitot, or city offico, Cor. O and Tonth
streets. A. O, Zkimkr,
City Puss. Agt.
Tho finest grocery store in tho city.
Miller & Gifford.
"Tho Hub."
COURSE 3 Now givo tho boy a chanco. Trent him to ono .of, ''Tho Hub's
fresh Full Suits; cxponso light, ntylo and Bcrvjco all you can
desire. Garnished with'Flunnol Waists for school, n natty tlo
and hat. Wo add a big; foot ball froo wit,h purchases 910 and
upward. ' . N
COUR8E A A big spread" of now, clean styles In Men's Suits'; 95.00 pays for a.
97.50 quality, 97.50 pays for n Business Suit "as true as steel," 910
pays for. choico of twenty fetching styles in Fidl Suits.
COURSE 6 Quail on toast. Entree: Tho cream of tho feast. A collection tit f
Dress Suits; Soft Clay Worsteds, finely tailored, perfectly fornuxL,
handsnmo garments, and ut prices within tho reach of every man
Sido dishes of lino Neckwear, Gloves and Suspenders.
COURSE 8 Tho raco; tho human rnco needs protection. Fall Overcoats sorvod
all day at very modorato prices. Browns, Blacks, Blues and Tana
are tho colors. You will liko to bo a wearer when you sco thorn.
COURSE 7 HatB; enormous stock, hand-made to "Tho Hub's" special order;.
wido brims, narrow brims, straight brims us you liko thorn. A.
potpourri of 50 ditTerent styles nt tho round price of 98c.
COURSE 8 Haberdashery; Paris and Now York styles in All Silk Ncckwoaiy ,
50c; lino Lnundorcd White Shirts, 50c and 75c; 50c grado of Silk
Embroidered Black Half Hoso, 25c; 91.50 grado of flno English.
Derby Ribbec). Underwear, 91.00; Genuine Jap. Silk Initial Hand
kerchiefs, largo size, 50c; collars, ull styles, 10c
You Are Invited to Dine With Us.
For all sociul doings tho Nebraska
stato band or orchestra is what is
always most desired.
When you und your bcBt girl aro out
for a stroll always mako a bee lino for
Juno ico cream puvilion Thirteenth
und O streets.
-O 1?
200 IvOTS
Jeckcll BroB. now tailoring establish
ment, 110 north Thirteenth Btreot near
tho Lansing is tho popular resort for
stylish garments.
Juno tho caterer, Thirteenth and O
streots is anxious to servo all parties,
picnics and festivals with ico cream
ices, cukes, etc., and will appreciate a
call from ull intending entertainers. " ,;
For Sunday dinner supplies cull, at
Halter's markot, opposite Lansing Thou
tor. Phono 100. .
A full lino of Imported Sardines and
canned soups. Miller & Gifford, opposite
Burr block.
Canon City coal
Coal and Limo Co.
ut tho WbitobreuBt
W. A. Coffin & Co., grocors, 143 South
Elevonth atreet. ,
Western Normal at the Fair.
During tho stato fair thousands ot
pooplo examined tho work in tho booth
of tho Western Normal, college and
then sent their friends to peo it.
Fine new lino of business suitings
from 925 to 940 in Scotch and homespuns
Jeckoll Bros., 119 north. Thirtoontb
street, near Lansing thoatro. ' "
1000 MILES.
F.' M. WOODS, Auctioneer.
The only Pure Cream of Tartar Powder. No Ammonia; N Alum, t
Uied in Millions of Homes -40 Years, the Standard
Concise. Modern. Practical. Inexpensive. ,
Prepared by a corpa ot
Now -roady In two luriro octavo voIiiiiich.
teachers and educational writers expressly for use of iiuulls and students in pub
lic und private schools, seminaries und academies. Costingbut n small fraction of
Vie price or tne largo cyciopadlus, it la ten times more valuable for thepurjiose.
bocuuso It lltH. Teachers nro entliUBiustiu in its praise, saying it meets u need
which has been long aud deeply felt.
For ugontH It Is u bonanza. No competition; no other book like it ;
positive and urgent demand for- It. Wo hnvo a system of canvassing the schools
which insures quick work and big results. First agent iook l(JO orders in lO
days, another lias taken oitlers for JJOJt sets in 7 weeks, and says "I have sold
books for ten yoars and this is tlsu best seller I ever struck." . ,
tUC lif iUT IftCyTC who will give all their timn nnd want to make bl money..
lit ft Unl AUkn 1 0 We j;ive extra termB and uxtiiiHlvu territory.
Teachers and Students who want profitable vacation work
should write us. For full information and terms, address
lATOUBATB rUBLXSKXMCr CO., Lakaalde BaiUlsg, Chicago, 111
,?ii ... .&&. Ji$L..&tt&