Saturday morning courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1893-1894, September 16, 1893, Image 1

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Saturday Moaning
VOLUME 8, NO. 41.
Washington, Sept. 14,189.1. Special
Couiukk Correspondence.--Last winter
whon Mr. Cleveland uttered n timely
warning against the election of Edward
Murphy, Jr., hb United States senator
from Now York, muny people accused
him of improperly interfering in loenl
politics. The democratic state mauhino
insisted upon Mr. Murphy'H election,
and the subservient members of tlio
legislature, with hut few exceptions,
obeyed the mandnto of the bosses, and
Mr. Murphy was accordingly "branded"
as the junior senator from Now York
state. How justifiable was Mr. Clove
land's warning is now beginning to up
ifcur. With his accustomed frankness,
it will bo remembered, ho told the demo
cratic leaders that Mr. Murphy was not
a proper man for United States senator,
hut that n man of unusual ability, a
man possessing not only a statesmanlike
grasp of public affairs, but also the
power to advocate his views with tolling
effect, should bo chosen to represent
Now York in the United States senate.
Ho called attention to tho grave issues
which woro suro to confront the country
in tho halls of legislation, and ho pointed
out tho salient fact that Now York, on
account of her vast interests, had more
at stake than any other state. All this,
however, availed nothing. And now
what do wo find? Havo Mr. Cleveland's
words proved untrue or meaningless in
uny respect? Alas, no. Tho country is
confronted with a grave crisis. Congress
is sitting in extraordinary session to
avert a threatened panic. Tho president
has recommended wise, prompt action
to meet tho situation. Within his own
party blatant demagogues uriso to
thwart his wlshoB, which havo received
tho approval of tho best sentiment of
tho country. What is Senator Murphy,
of Now York, doing at this critical
moment to protect tho interests of his
country and state? Has anyono heard
from him? Has ho mado himself felt in
any. .way, either privately or publicly?
Not that anyono knows of. Thus far it
docs not appear that tho junior senator
from tho great Empire state is nblo to
moot in debato oven tho humblest sen
ator from tho most insignificant western
state. And, as for knowing anything
-about tho great question at issue, Mr.
Murphy is too good a machino man for
that. Why should ho troublo himself
to know anything about tho vexed silver
question, anyhow? Whon tho proper
timo comes ho will voto as tho machine,
or Senator Hill, directs him to do.
Moreover, ho lids much more important
business on hand than this petty silver
' question. His giant brain is now intent
upon solving tho momentous question
whothor tho stato convention shall meet
on tho 15th or tho 22d of Soptember. It
is to bo hoped that ho will bo nblo to
disposo of this and othor equally pro
found problems in timo to bo nblo to bo
present when tho important votes are
taken in tho somite, if ho shall conde
scend to do this wo shall bo deeply
grateful, for better oxporionco lias
taught us not to expect too much of our
With tho return to Washington of
Mrs. Clovelund and most of tho ladies of
tho cabinet, the city has uguin ro
assumod something of tho life and ani
mation necessarily attondunt 'on- tho
presence within its walls of tho represen
tatives of social-official life, and tho
chances uro that thoro will bo, during
tho autumn und early winter, an avant
euison which will bo a happy inaugura
tion of tho conventional gayetics of tho
regular "season." Judging by tho ro
epoctivo residences now being lcusod by
tho various cabinet ofllcers, it would
scoui as it tho lattor woro, ono and all,
resolved not to bo behindhand in tho
quota of entertaining that is generally
supposed to bo tho sino qua non of 'an
official position, but which is somotimes
ingeniously dodged by putting up ut u
hotel where hospitality on anything but
tho smallest, not to say shabbiest, sculo
is completely out of tho question. It
soouis, however, that this present ad
ministration is to see nothing of that
sort of thing, und that tho fortunate
ones selected to hold tho reins of this
great and prosperous nation for the next
four years uro fully alivo to tho responsi
bilities ontailod on them by their jkjsI
tion, and determined to do their duty in
that condition of life to which it has I
pleased a kind providence to call them.
Speaking of ontortnining leads ono to
wondor what part tho nowly-urrivod
Chinese minister will play in tho festi
vities of tho coining season. Tho old
Stowart mansion was, during tho regime
of Tslu Kwo Yin, who sails for his native
horcsMn a few davs. tho Bcono of mimv
.-. . -
; mmmm&mmmmmrk -MMmMUimikA A,
a merrymaking, which, for sundry
reasons, will live long In tho memory of
both host und guests; but it is an inter
esting question whether or no tho pres
ent incumbent of tho office will, in view
of tho startling experiences of his pre
decessor, have courage to facotho duties
of hospitality in tho midst of a society,
tho members of which abused tho privi
leges of guests to tho oxtont gone to at
two or three memorable affairs given at
tho ChlncHo'lcgntinn within the past few
years, and who, on tho occasions re
ferred to, so shocked by their uncon
ventional, to say tho least of it, behavior
tho iMKir, ignorant "heathen Chinee,"
that ho tied in dismay to tho privacy of
his own apartments, not venturing forth
till tho revelers had one and all cleared
Dupont circle in a slate of mind and
body which bailies description, tho eon
Bequeneo of tho orgies of und in which
they had been tho lively inuugurutors
und participants.
Tho advent of Buby Ruth's sister 1b
still an interesting topic of conversation,
and judging from some of tho remarks
mnilo one would judgo that girls are of
very little account in this world. If
Q rover Cleveland were king with nn en
tailed throne, thoro could bo no greater
anxiety for a undo successor than has
been manifested uncut tho second birth
in tho Cleveland family. Thorn who
come in closo contact with tho president
say that ho makes no apparent effort to
conceal his disappointment. It is pre
sumed that both ho and Mrs. Clovelund
are now addressing themselves to tho
task of extracting comfort from hope of
the future. Cleveland is u man not
easily discouraged.
Tho latest information as to tho stato
of health of tho president is not re
assuring. It was suid that his recovery
was complete after tho recent operation;
but it Ib no Becrot that Mr. Cleveland is
In a sorious condition, and thoro are
many who confidently beiievo that ho
will not livo to serve out his term. All
of which brings Vice-President Steven
son to tho front. Mr. Stovcnson is not
popular among democrats, and his suc
cession to tho presidency would bo par
ticularly distasteful to muny of tho most
influential members oflho purty.
My very warmest sympathy is called
forth by tho sad plight of a handsome
young Washington widow who lias re
cently been bereaved not only of the
fond spouse of her affections, with whom
her married life hud been a particularly
happy und luxurious ono, but at tho
sumo timo of tho visible means of sup
port sho hud ovory reason to suppose
would bo hers on tho domiso of her liego
lord, tho post mortem examination into
tho affuirs of tho latter showing them to
bo in a stnto of utter collapse. Our
widow buoyed herself up with tho
thought that, as "dear Jack's" llfo wiib
insured for 850,000, thero was still room
for consolation in tho reflection that,
ufter ull, things woro not us bud us thoy
might bo. What was her horror, how
over, to ilnd, on applying for tho money
to tho compuny, that tho insurance hud
been nindo out In fuvor of an old sweet
heart of Jack's, und that tho hitter hud
left his legal wife out of tho reckoning
altogether. Tho pretty widow, accord
ing to lust reports, wus still very much
exasperated, und was severely roforring
to her deceased husband as "Mr. ."
Sho has been heard to remark, more
over, "that tho funeral oxponses, such
as they lire, will como out of thai insur
unco money, und that if tho idiot over
sees a tombstono over his stupid heud it
will not havo been put thoro by his wife."
A.JS'ew Vernlon.
Thoro wan a littlo Klrl
Who hmlullttlo curl
Right in tho mlddlo of lior brow ;
And when sho went to boil
Sho removed It from hor bond,
In ordor not to crumple It, I trow.
A Unliuu Illll of Fur.
At ono phico in this city thoro has
been presented all of this week u unique
billot faro that has attracted hundreds of
visitors. Tho Hub is tho pluco. Th
popular' clothing storo on tho cast sido or
tho postofllco squuro, through some
moans not fully explained is ublo to
offer soino extraordinary burgains in tho
wuy of clothing, men's furnishing goods,
etc. Thoir prices uro simply wonderful
us will bo seen by reference to tho Hub
disphiy. ud. on-tho 8thfpugo of Tjm
An Attractive Inhibit.
This week ut tho fuir were seen at
tho booth of tho Western Normal collego
in mercantile hull a Japuneso adding mil
chlno, .operated by a Jupunoso student
now uttoniiing tho Western Norma') col
lege, U. S. Ohwu, from Osaka, Jupan.
Tho Jnpaneso havo no characters repro
sonting numbers, und uro obliged to uso
words, henco tho common work in urith
metic would be very slow but for this
simple and ingenious contrivuncc. Mr.
Ohwu bundles figures witli remarkable
skill and ho uttruoted lurgo crowds.
That advertising is an art, and an art
of no mean order, has been conspicuously
exemplified within tho past few weeks
by A. Koch-Andriuno, who up to a few
months ago was advertising manager for
tho Mien, Mr. Andriano lias of lato
had charge of the advertising for Kd (J.
Yates, Fruwloy, Chidester & Co., tho A.
M. Davis Co., und other firms, und lie
has succeeded in a remarkably short
space of timo in causing such a rattling
among tho dry bones of Lincoln's not
too enterprising advertisers as has never
before taken place. Advertising Iiub
been his special study, and all those who
havo watched his work can testify that
ho thoroughly understands his business.
Mr. Yates is about concluding a sale,
which running through tho dullest
mouths of tho year, und ut a time, too,
when It bus been a very difficult matter
to sell anything, has been singularly
successful, duo in a great measure to tho
skillful advertising methods of Mr.
In lust Sunday's Journal and Call
appeared u somewhat striking evidence
of Mr. Andriiiuo's fruitfulness and
originality, in tho form of u'n advertise
ment of the clothing firm of Fruwley,
Chidester & Co. This wiib in muny re
spects tho best display "ad" seen in Lin
coln in a long time, both in form and
substance. Nearly everybody noticed
that great cross occupying an entire
page with square blocks of reading
matter with such heads as "A Dark
Subject," "A Dead Man," "Your Private
Opinion," "Tho Old Story." The sub
ject of the advertisement, clothing, is
very neutly brought out under tho titlo
"A Durk Subject," us follows:
"A dark subject is seldom welcome
and never pleasant. Nevertheless it has
an irresistible attraction for tho average
human mind.
Thero is something revolting, even
disgusting in tho history of some dark
deed, and yet it holds a fascination, tho
explanation for which", can only laTfouud
in that son so of morbid curiosity, that
longing for tho extruordinury, which
controls the minds of most peoplo to u
greuter or less degree. Hut tho durk
subject wo huvo in mind is less pleasant
than ludicrous, You will lind him ,ut
tho world's fuir. Ho comes from tiio
South Sea islands. His principal rai
ment consists of a cloth around his
waist und a ring in his nose. Ho wears
no pants, ho weurs no coat or shirt, hat
or shoes, und wo huvo often wondered
whether Unit happy, independent I don't
give a d expression, which Bticks out
of his face, is born of an independence
from clothiorB. Wo think not. Ho
would wear clothes if ho know how to
reud und could see our advertisement us
you do."
Tho pupors on the sumo day also con
tained unique "uds" of tho A. M. Duvis
Co., from tho sumo pen, Mr. Andriuno's
"Notico to Depositors" ad in hist week'B, und idso in tho A'eies, was u
clever idou, making uso of tho keen in
terest now felt in all matters relating to
finance und tho bunks, in u tolling
Tho death of David Nowmun reculls
tho fact thut ho wus tho lirBt mun to
erect a brick block for his own business
purposes in this city. David Nowmun
cumo to Lincoln in 1871, from Wiscon
sin. Tho lumber used in his building
ho brought direct from Wisconsin, all
suwed und fitted, reudy for ubo in con
struction. And tho formal opening of
tho Nowmun dry goods store wus un
event in th.B city. Big stores wero not
opened ovory two or three months in
those duys. Thero woro big preparations
iu tho way of illumination, decorations,
etc., und ovorybody in Lincoln visited
tho Btoro. Mr, Nowiiiuii'h mercantile
cureor was conspicuous for tho un
swerving integrity which wus over u
characteristic of Mr. Nowmun. Ho wiib
n merchant and a citizen of tho highest
possible standing. Moreover, ho wus u
gontlomun, of tho old school, if you
pleuso, who was ulwuyB courteous, even
under trying circuinstunces. It wuh his
good fortune to receive tho respect
which his high character deserved.
Coming to Lincoln at an curly day, when
people got u little closer together than
they do now, ho speedily took a first
1 1 111 CO imimiir Tjllll-ldll'u rniir.iu... ., (!....
citizen's, and ull through his career in
tins city ho enjoyed tho esteem of those
uround him, and whon death cumo,
striking a cruel blow, thero was voiced
a deep and sincere reirret. The llnviil
Newman's are all two fiuv In ,...,.i.i I
Would thoro woro more of them.
Tho stato fair sustained TiieCouiuku'b
,,.. .,, aaa n.,ii.i.
prediction as to attendance and effect
on business. All things considered It
wM a great fair. Business men are
feeling better than they huvo for a long
tlnys. Thero seems to bo a general Idea
that busiues will continue to steadily
linirovo from this timo on.
(Jotninoucing Monday tho banks will
oien until 10 a. tu another step In
tholdlrcctlon of metropolltanisiu. Tho
move tho bunks will make will bo
closo at.1 o'clock In tho nftornooii'
A AVntod Hummer.
ShoJIm dnncod und flirted ut mountain hotel,
Aid nt tmiiicroiiit enldn Iiojim.
Hhurlini hrlKhtomd hor cheek with the lino of
j bonltli
That n Klrl enn't buy nt tin hni.
Hlio'liiijnclitnl,iiinl United, mill ilrlvinnnd
j bnthod,
In rontunioH dollKbtfnl to hop.
Ilut'nlnn I nil tho joiiIIih who have boon Intro-
Unto koiio nwny fnncy f roo,
Hho hni nt In dnrk cornerH-Miot i.ultn nloiiii
tt'i.l. .1 I.I- I . .. . .. t
linn mo union MiiiniiiK in inrnumi inn vine.
Hho him boon out drlvlntf with Inry ouiw men
Who Imvo lot hor control tho lino.
Bhojin Jilnjod croquet till tho Miik cniiio nut)
llt In updo of her linking iipnt,
Tlmt ulio daintily nlion-ed nt Union, no jouth
Ilk knelt nt hor littlo foot.
8ho linn como buck homo', now tho miminor box
And choV'hnil n ilpHxhtful timo.''
Sho m., but rIio'h tlilnklnic, obi dreadful
j thotiichta,
Tljnt I novcr could put In rhyme.
Fertile imniner hn Kouef and the liubnnd ubo
Alio inluht capture tin not boon cawed. l
Sbo'jiay dono hor bent, but tmtlipr It nil I
Silo himn't como homo ciiKiwd.
Nnmcthlng Kxrlllni; In the Kicking I.lun
' In Ntoro for Lincoln IVoilt'.
The modern crazo for sensational
duueing und kicking that pervades tho
country has had its effect on all classes
of jthentricals, including minstrelsy.
Cleveland's minstrels, who como to Lin-
cola next Thursday matinee und oven-
ingj-will huvo with tuciil five French
girl who give a most startling exhibi
tion. Tho coniniinv is now t uvinir an
engagement ut tho Coutcs opera house,
It nMmin fata ! T.T.i. u . . .. .ft 1 1 .. .
lannuo uiij, mm u jtttllbllH iliy paper
say of (ho performance: "Tho French
qiV-Hr'.ile.eloed'thO'Ontertttlnmoht in a
way that left tho hearts of tho audience
several degrees nenrer their mouths
than is in accordance with tho rules of
physiology. Tho live French middens,
to tho music of a quadrille, gnvo an ex
hibition of kickinir that has called down
on th'olr heads tho mingled oxecrutions
and applause of thousands. Such kick
ing has nover been seen since tho taking
away of tho old pest house that used to
worry tho West Enders. Thoy kicked
imuginiiry Hies off their enrB with tho
tips of thoir dainty slippers, and whon
they all started out at onco it resembled
a clothes lino full of white garments
fluttering in u northeast calo. When
ono of-tho young women desired to stop
kicking for nn instant, she would not
put both foot on the ground and rest
like an ordinary mortal, bit would grasp
an auklo in one hnnd'.and hold it at an
aititudo of 160 degrees, whilo sho
meditatively brushed hor bangs with the
toe of her slipper and waited for tho
othniB to finish their act. Tim culmi
nating part or their performance is,
howevor, 'the split,' which can better bo
illustrated by an instantuneoua photo
graph than by cold type; Four of the
joung women arrange thomselvesin a re
clining position on tho floor, and tho fifth
leaps over them, allghtiiig iu a position
that leavos tho foot .pointed iu opjiosito
points of tho compass."
Ill II
It never ought to bo necessary for tho
Young Men's Hcpublleun club to follow
such a course as that adopted at tho
somewhat stormy meeting Monday
night. It Is humiliating in the extreme
for an organization like the Young Men's
Hepubllcan club, numbering nearly 100
members, and embracing in lis member
ship some of (ho most active republicans
in tho city, to usk tho parly or the can
dldates to make a certain number of its
niembeis delegates to tho county con
vention. The whole idea Is wrong. Tho
elubhas rendered sufllclonl Hervlce to
the party to entitle It to representation
in all conventions, and thero Is no reason
fo suppose that thero is any desire on
tho part of thu older lepublleaus to shut
ino young menoiit. Tho meinberp from
tho Sixth ward were undoubtedly right.
They refused to ask for dolcguti'H. In
that ward tho young men uro In tho
front anyway. They take an uctlvo in
terest in politics, are present at tho
primaries, and they uro always well rep.
resented iu tho caucuses and conven
tions, and that Is tho proper way. ,lf
tho members of tho Young Men's ltopub
llcun club from other wards will got out
and hustle iu jMilltles us they ought to,
it will not bo necessary for tho club to
humbly ask for representation. Let
them hustle llkeOeorgo Woods and Paul
Clark in the Sixth, and thero will be no
troublo about getting there. No sensi
bio candidate will slight tho republican
club in this or future campaigns. It is
a too considerable factor to bo Ignored.
Tho failuro of Judgo Maxwell to so
euro his own county delegation takeH
that gentleman out of tho race for tho
nomination for justice of tho supremo
court, ulthouirh there will umlmilitnillv
bo people in tho state convention foolish
enougu to insist on trying to force a
Muxwell nomination. FriekV chunces
appear to bo very good; but thero is
HOIIIO curliest work irnlnir nn nn tlm
quiot.andit looks nowas though thero
limit 11 1.a ... 1 ..I . " . . 11
nuum uu nuvcnii strong cunuiouiCB oo
foro tho convention. Thero uro signs of
a movement in tho direction of Judge
M. L. Huywurd. of Nebraska Citv. A
considerable element of tho purty, an
eloment that alwajs mukes itself felt, is
fuvorublo to Huywurd. Thero scorns to
bo u goncrul desire to nominate a strong
man, and republicans uro disposed to lie
very confident of huccchb this full. Hoi-
comb, tho independent nominee, is gen
orally conceded to bo a good mun, but
ho is littlo known, und it is. not believed
thut ho will make a particularly iutltos-
sivo cunvitss. Tho is no nrosocet of
fusion between tho democrats und inde
pendents, now, und if tho republicuns
put up a good mun ho will ho elected. v
Frlck, for supremo judgo will probably
havo tho BupjHirt of u lurgo portion of
tho lower Elkhorn valley, while in tho
north, Judgo 'Kinkuld, of Holt county,
will huvo some strength.
Hull county will, it is understood,
present tho name of Judgo Abbott.
Muny republicuns uro earnestly in
fuvor of the nomination of Henry Ksta
brook, of Omaha, for regent of tho uni
versity to succeed himself. Estubrook
is ono of tho most gifted tioliticul
speakers in tho west, und it is thought
that if nominated ho could bo induced
to unreel a fow of his stem winders.
Tho stato central committee will bo
ro-organized whon tho republican state
convention moots in this city next
month. A. B. duly, of St. Paul, tho
present chairman, whose efforts, com
bined with those of Socretury Tom
Cooko, wero so lurgely instrumental in
saving Nebraska lust Novonibor, is not
an active candidate for re-election; but
Mr. duly has muny warm friends who
will doubtless insist on his ro-oJection.
Ho is undoubtedly ono of tho most
efficient chairmen tho committee has
had in recent cars.
There's any amouut'of fun in store for
tho democrats. Tho county convention
is only u fow dnjs off; but littlo or noth
ing is heard of tho county ticket.
There is ono subject, however, that is
agitating tho democratic mind, and that
Is tho Bryan question, and hero is the
lock on which something is going to
burst, 'ihero will bo such u scran as
only democrats can put up. Mr.
Hi van a numbers want to pass a reso
lution endorsing his course in congress,
His opponents don't want anything of
the kind, and they don't proi-oso to
havo it, and thero's wheio tho fun will
come iu.
But thero is uuother bigger row iu
,JtoMti.- mil liliimi
prospect, which will bo prccipHirtMla
the democratic state convention.. J
will bo over tho sumo subject
caused tho rumpus at the -fi" i .flag
Omaha convention of tho faithful '
silver. Only this timo tho tronhfW wfll
bo several times moro Intense., silver men will bring hi
sunject anil thoy aro prepared tu
.. I. 111... II.. I.. Mil ... '
ii niu. i (win, j noy proM)o in fumm
tho party on record iih opposed fu Mb.
Bryan's free silver views.
It looks very much as though. Mc
Bryan's olltlcal future In, to a titniMW
able extent. Involved in the '---tin nihg,
action of tho Lancaster county coaiw
tlon, and tho stuto convention.
Major McArthur's candidacy fcr
county cloi'k'lum lately shown feuaf.
unmistakable activity and growth., H
seems to have struck tho winning .
In his own ward, tho Fifth, and bo 1
have a largo slice or several othor mmMt
delegations, with tho county yuttcvliaw
from. .It lias developed that, turn is
some active opKmition to Wood &
some of tho outlying precinuts oit ac
count of his courso iu referqneo Ul
location of tho county fuic. It
claimed that inasmuch us. ho-
elected from, tho comity ho should fcaaat
stood by Hickman instead, of
C. B. Alexander withdrew early in
week from tho hot and oxcllinir race
At (.'out I'rlci.
For tho benefit or those who dislike t
attend auction sales. Mr. Hullett. Ihm tW
cided to closo the auction mili .ikS
evening, but will open up Monday villi
i no imiancoor i is I noHinolrnr .Hum.
niivuiwun, ciocks, iiiilies ami ge lit 11
gold and silver watches, chidim.
and jewelry or nil kinds, marked. dam,
Money must bo hud, und Mr. 1 fuiiaM.
is bound to do it; ho will continue ton!
all goods at cost prices for two wotlav
and during that timo those who-waat
anything in his lino should not fail ft
take advantage of this oniwirtn nihL
Remember, Mr. llallettguarantoeeo
urticlo to bo as represented, and thavai
you wish to buy ortiot-you (irevcorar-,':-
invited to call und examino tho geadjai
and tho i-iikjkh. Don't forgot tho piaaav
ll.'l North Eleventh street, und rcunaa
ber everything will bo sold at actni
cost prices. Tho auction sales will mI
with two sales today, morning aula aft.
iu:.kj u. m., evening sale at 7..10 y. m.
There In no Other Il
You should remember tho louutioa C
tho Western Normal college Uat
Hawthorno, southwest of tho city, m
beautiful suburb. Tuko u cur ut mi
of Ninth und O strcots, und viait tlaa
greatest normal school in the w
ing is believing. Como out.
Fnir nn Dlnnn wnn tho inuld, and I
Had thouuht that mioh n ninl.Mll.niu i,.
COUld Utter llUtllliatllllUubtllllllllnfrlln.m..
Hut oil Hliouldhonrtho horrid ulunv hIiu ulai
Tho fancy colored nightshirt is no i
good tuoto. Avoid it and weur whjta.
Cups will bo quite .xquilur LutwM
now und cold weather. Light cola
will provuil. ' ,
When you discard your, straw feu
huvo your brown shoes dyed-black
throw them away.
Full overcoats should not bo a Ii
color. Tho most stylish mutoriala
either black or dark blue.
Tho new silk hut Just out 'in ra
bell-Bhuped, and with munv muii! 1
require an overcoat tomako it ln'i imiii
it will do tlio only thiiig to. weur)
winter with full dress.
Four-in-hands may bo very norro'i
fact, men who prefer to keep ubreai
tho fushionB will jjivo them nroforii
Avoid loud effects, and i'lv tlm nm-r
stripes with dark back-grOiind tho-pr. '
Tho rail stiff hat is rather hiL'h.ihf
crown, with a somowhut narrow braaw
It is u typical winter hut. , Whilo bbtcfcc j
will probubly be given prereuco,,' jam i
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tlio jiockots and hold them up by
lower end until thoy fold in tho cres
Fold them once at tho kneo und. huiff; .
tliem over the inick of.u chair with. tk
pockets down. In tho morning., tbsry.
will look as if they had just ccuuo.trua'
thu tailor's. , ,
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Students from twenty-one stutc.B'lmvai
already em oiled this term ut ' tftar '
Western Normal collego. Fifteen vtw
deuts from Iowa registered Woduesday
morning. Tho Western Normal coUg
is a national institution..
Somothing good, "White Loaf' Flo'W'
11.10 per suck. Miller A aifforiLV ' ".
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