Saturday morning courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1893-1894, August 19, 1893, Image 8

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HoBf,lNt.,A. 1. IHtwslnl Couaiaa Cor-tja)ondcnee.l-Nearly,OUOpeoploerowdedlnin
i arena of Iho, Columbian Allilctlo eluti Inil
tight tawrtntM what proved to bo a very lively
tattle between Dun Creedon mid Alexander
The middleweight fought for a purse of
Creedon tripped Into the ring at exactly 10
o'doek. lrcgaln wasn't far behind, anil I
never mw pair of fighter In better condition.
They shook hand, nnd Creedon winning tlio
teas, ehoM tho northeast corner, regarded aa
the lucky position.
The battle opcuedwlth somo pretty sparring.
The fighter wero anxlmu-n bit too anxious,
Creedon got ambition with lilt rllit and fell
m hie knees. Ha got up In In tlmo to fool
tiremtatna' left and right-nice, easy touches.
In the opening of the tocoml round flreggaln
ran away from Creodon'a rllit and eulit
masher from lib ntmUti left. Then tlio
mm (ribbed each other In loving embrace.
(Iraagaln ahot out hli right and left, nd they
took effect on Creodon'i face. He dodod tho
ether fellow, ndot through tlio round In ood
shape, , .
In tho third tho mon tarted out Tery quietly.
Then Creedon ot In the way of (ircggaln'a loft,
and ho alio Rot onn In the wind. Then ho let
flnawabia land another on hU faco. At the end
at Mm rowd ho evened things' up Utile by
ViaehlNt hU opponent's wind with hli right,
Creodoa Inaugurated an excursion for tho
other fellow's bread, but ho didn't reach It.
QrewalM a topped him ahort and Jabbed him In
the eck. Tho latter reached Creodon'i body
twice and then planted a lovo tap on hi face.
Creedon chased lib man, but couldn't et him.
Me finally reached wind with hit right.
The ftfth round waan't pleasant for Creedon.
At tlio ontaet ho caught two on tho face, and In
vain effort to reach his opjononl' wind ho
aarlv inroad himself out on tho round. Then
both men reeolvod slight touchoi.
Creedon hammered Uroggaln ono In tho
wlad, and received In return three
tap on the face. Then ho allot
oat hi rhjht, and Oroggalna itrotchod
bhweelf on tho around. Ho got on Ida feet
again ai time wai called.
The warrior wero woary In tho aovonth.
areggalna wa blooding In tho mouth.
In the noxt t hoy wore In better trim. Creedon
got In hurry and reeolvod n good one In tho
Thon aroggnlni patted Cruodou on tho nock
with Ida right, and tho lattor rotallatcd with
ono on tlio Jaw. Then thoy indulged in light
In tho tenth Qreggnlna got two on tho stom-
Creedon drew blood for thoiooond tlmo In tho
eleventh, countorlng on tho mouth, after got.
ting In hU right and left.
In tho twelfth Creedon tried to force n knock
out) but areggalna managed to hold out.
In tho next Creedon punohed hla already
weakened antagonist rolentleaaly.
Creedon opened up the fourteenth round by
Jabbing Ureggalna on tho Jaw with hla left and
right. Then ho got In one on tho mouth. Ore-
gain took hU medlclao Uko llttlo man.
, The eam tho atteenth and lait round.
Creedon put lu a left hinder on areggalna' Jaw,
Mtd be repeated the doee twice. Tue lait mow
tho young sporting scribes of Now Vorlc
la to ho lila business manager, Ho
couldn't havo mmlo n much bettor solec
(Ion, Mitcholl, however, la making a
mistake If ho think tluit ho can tunko
money in thin country without first
ftffhtlnff Corbed, or at least making
mutch to do go. Sullivan net tho fashion
that tlio mw holding tho tltlo of
'Champion of Aaerlca,' is entitled to h
llttlo apocial conaidoration in hla own
country, and Mitchell, (hough not (ho
champion of England, mado Sullivan
como (o hla torma whon ho caught him
In London. Corlrctt ia Sullivan'a legltl
mate aucccaaor, and ho la entitled (o (ho
rlghta and prlvilegoa ho onjoyod and
oxacted. Mr. Mitcholl will find thla out
(o hla llnuncinl Borrow if ho doea not
rccognito It. Thcro la Juat ono way nnd
only ono way for him (o mako himself a
a(ar attraction of nny ahow and (hat la
by saying; 'I Iwllovo that I can dofeat
Corbott, and I intend to prove (hot I
honeedy entertain (hat opiuoin. I
would profor (o tight lieforo tho Coluin
bian Athlotlc club liocuuso Kb purse ia
(ho largoat offered, but aa Corbott con
sidore himself bound in honor to abldo
by hla contract wttli tho Coney Inland
club, I will not ask him to break hia
word, and I will moot him there.' If ho
did this, and mado hia word good, win
or loae, ho would find that tho American
publio admirca a bravo and manly man
aa much aa it deapiaea a trickator and a
schemer. Tho man who had tho hardi
hood to meet John L. Sullivan and
Jamoa J. Corbott in a ring would find
himaelt a atar attraction indeed. Smart
aa Mitcholl thlnka bo ia, ho knows what
it ia to go through this country an un
popular man. Corbott may not bo all
that an idoal iistlehoro should bo, but
ho ia an American. Ho has won his title
fairly anil squarely. Ilia battles have
boon with tho best mon America haa
over produced, and nono of them havo
ovor beatod him. Blood ia thiokor than
wntor, and though thoro nro a fow reno
gadoB and Judasca among us, most of ua
aro patriotic enough to desiro to aeo a
son of our soil its champion, and wo will
stand by him, too, agnlnst any assaults
tiiat may bo mado on his fistic fnmo by
arrogant and impudent strangers.'
u mi
The Champion Under tlio Displeasure of
Handy Oris wold and Kugene Field.
Thoro ia a striking similarity between
Sandy Griswold, sporting editor of tho
Omaha Bee, and Eugene Field, the gifted
writer, much of whoso work is givon to
tho publio through tho Chicago Record,
"Talk about cosily baseball," said an
old citizen of Atlanta tho other day to
George W. Ulnes, tho Sporting New
travelling representative, "Why tho
costliest game of ball on record was
played right across tho Georgia lino in
South Carolina. I waa tho first base
man and was a pretty good ono in those
daya-itwoa about '58 I think. I will
tell you how it happened. Wo woro
called tho lied Stockings and on tho
plantations across tho lino was a nlno
called tho lllack Stockings. Wo had
often mot at corn buskins and sugar
boilings and tho othor fellows always
got tho best of us; so wo determined to
got up a baseball club and wipe (ho
earth up with (hem. Wo got up tho
club and invited, or challenged, aa wo
callod it, tho othor follows, and they
took us up nt once. It was decided to
play tho gamo on tho Fourth of July
and wo woro determined to beat. Well,
tho day finally arrived and wo wont up
to tho river whore tho othor follows
woro to pass, and thoro mot thorn. Thoy
brought about fifty people with them
and with about tho same number from
our sldo wo mado a good showing. Tho
rivalry was vory deep and it waa not
long beforo wo found it out. Wo were
at tho bat and Tom Jenkins who waa
tho best batter on our team hit a tiy to
tho center field. Tho man who should
havo been out thoro waa busy talking to
a gal who was near him, and ho did not
got tho ball. That mado Iho other
follows mad and aa thoy had put up big
money on tho gamo thoy soon bocamo
vory noisy and insulting. It wont on
all right until ono of tho visitors called
our club a bad namo, and thon (ho fun
began. Our boy knocked him down and
waa knocked down in return, and bo
foro you could say Jack Robinson thoro
was n free fight. Two mon woro killed,
live Injured and a lot of other damage
dono. It just took 818,000 to prosecute
ton of tho visitora nnd two of tho homo
boy b. Two of tlcm got away and a To
ward of 91,000 each wuh offered for
thorn which was earned. Ono of them
sot tiro to tho jail and it cost 88,000 to
repair it, running tho cost up to 928,000,
or more than Ted Sullivan's whole team
cost him."
Hut I shall ask for further particulars
beforo accepting It as n record. As it
stands at present ho might an well hnvu
thrown it not more than 70 yards so far
an tho record is concerned. Records are
not made and broken in tho way this
affair was conducted. Ho may havo
broken tho record, but it hns not been
A Mew Wheel.
A St. Louis syndlcato has succeeded
in building a bicyclo, complete, of (ho
lightest metal known, nlumlnum. Tho
framo is cas( in ono piece and bored
similar (o (ho barrels of a shot gun. Tho
front forks, head tubo and fork crown
aro also cast in ono piece. Tho wheel
for road uso will weigh cloven to twclvo
pounds, for racing about nino to ten
pounds. Tho wheel will bo put on tho
market at 8125. No nickeling will bo
used except on tho cranks, crank hangor
and sprocket, tho framo comploto being
finished in tho natural color of tho
motal, which is n bright silvery sheen.
Scientific tests demonstrate that alumi
num is three times lighter than steel,
throo nnd ono-half times stronger and
will not rust, corrodo or tarnish. Why
shouldn't this bo tho bicyclo noxt season?
A Iteinarkable Challenge.
An oxtraordinnry challenge appeared
in tho Bolfast, Ireland, News-Letter, re
cently, which emanated from William
Gibson, "Chlcopcc, Mass., America, or
Branbridgo, County Down, Ireland," to
any man in Europe, to rido 500 or 1,000
miles for a cup nnd (ho championship of
tho world.
AmerlrHii Wheelmen.
An English paper says: "Time whb
when wo could mako rings 'round tho
Americans, but at present wo havo not
six men in tho uniatour ranks fit to class
with their third raters."
I The similarity conalata in an intnnan ilia-
a4e a awayrtaawaggw,iw waaaBanwiogw .M. . ,. - , -. -. 0..111
e hla ! agate.
Create Mined a haftdaprlng and waa carried
,offby ake arawd Immediately after tho Beat,
wnUhaaaaatoan endatU.-Oflp. m. .
Than waa greatexoltemeat and eorae diaorder
hiring the lait throe round) bat it ended
quietly enough.
I am not oyer-atatlng it whon I lay It wa by
11 odd tho groatcat Bght Boby haa aeen. Tho
(porta, many of whom came BOO and 1 AW mile,
wero In high glee,
Doulol Croodon, of Australia, ia tlio middle
weight champion of tho colonic. Ho haa de
feated twelro man la recorded flghti,andhe
toaght twenty-three round draw with "Buf
falo" Ceatello. Hla fighting career extend
oyer a period of als )cor. Ho weighed 13)
pound tho day of the Bght, Ho I 2 Inchon
hotter than Ureggalu. lie meiuuro tWi
Incnee from the tlpaof hi finger with hi arm
oaUtretched. Ho haa defeated Dick Rlloy,
TomFknnlgan.Jlm Younger, BUly Campbell,
Owen Daly, Mick Dun, Tut Ryan, Jim WatU,
Dick Naughton, "Starlight" and Charley Dunn
The defeated fighter ia a Haa Frtaclaco boy.
Heboid heaatr mkhtteaBd heavyweight
ahamalatiehlp of that place. Ia the profee-
ataaal field he haa defeated Charley Turner, the
aHeaktaaaoleradauB.BiUy McCarthy, George
LaJUaeho, aad ha fought two long drawa with
ItUttttderatoodthat Bob Fltatlmmona will
fight Creadon for a punte of tgaeo, offered by
the CelaaaUan Athletlo club.
Ia Mitchell Trying to Run a. Bluff or the
CkampUM far the "A-f He Will Oct T
English match-makers and fighters
are firmly Imbued with the idea that "a
match well mado is halt won," and thoy
Mver regard a match aa made until its
articles of agreement havo been 'signed
and witnessed. Mitcholl does not regard
anything ho may havo aald hero aa bind
log on him. Ho feels perfectly justified
in looking tor and getting tho best of
the match with Corbott, it It la in hia
power to do so. Ho ia very anxious to
come to this country, where he laid tho
foundation of and acquired most of hla
fortune. He knows that Sullivan and
Corbettand George Dixon have made
big money easy money, too through
f their theatrical aad oxhlbltory ventures,
and he longatora slice of that pie for
himself. Unless his vanity haa wholly
Miaded hia judgment, he knows that hla
ohaaee of defeating Corbott is uvcry
Um one, indeed. Such w the opinion
of oee of the beat informed sporting
.authorities In the country. The writer
eontiaues: "He baa made friends with
John L. Sullivan, and he hopes that
Sully's old admirers will rally to hia sup
port when he 'goes on the road.' Hel
im ,tid by hia bargain with thi
Columbian Athletio club, and if thi
, match' afaould fall through he can gc
aaiough the country and elalmihat tn
' lault that there waa no-fghtbetweei
baW Ilea at the champion's door. ,
" "3t kja CjUmnlaes Web an exhltjl
Jn tear I ram iaf armed, and.laa
attlMr told that one.of the b'rSfhTeat'b
ptonshipout of J. Lawrence Sullivan.
Whether 'Gene dropped aa much money
on Sullivan as did Sandy, ia not known,
but the following from Field would in
dicate that ho is pretty soro and tho
poet is not a man who haa conscientious
scruples against betting "Mr. Corbott
belongs to a limited o fortunately
limited class of pooplo who aro too moan
to got drunk. This, however, is not tho
limit to his meanness; elsowiso ho is us low
and as brutal as tho veriest thumper
that loafs about tho street corners and
(ho dramshop. His instincts aro just aa
brutal, and hia practicea aro oven moro
despicable, for it is not with liquor in
hla voinB, but with cold blood, that ho
goes his infamoua way. There is noth
ing in this man to admire. Hia career
from the first haa been vicious. Ho pre
sents no aspect that ia not to be despised,
and more odious than all hia other
vicious aspects ia that mean, low,
cowardly hypocrisy of hia under which
he ia continually seeking to hido hia
moral rottenness,"
The water that Mr. Fiold had been
drinking before he wrote this must have
been unusually full of microbes. Now,
Gorbett isn't exactly an angel people
looking for angels do not invade tho
pugilistic arena. Ho may not bo a fit
exponent of the gospel of sweetness and
light. Even his admirers will admit
that he is hardly a man to bo called on
to conduct a Chautauqua assembly or to
give advice to a convention of Christian
Endeavorers,and it may oven bo possible
that thoro aro a fow wheela In hia head;
but pugilistB aro generally conijuired
with pugilistB, and both Mr. Griswokl
and Mr. Fiold havo failed to point out
wherein Corbott is moro despicable, moro
odious, moro vicious, or meaner, or moro
cowardly, or moro hypocritical than tho
late champion, J. Lawrenco Sullivan, or
tho other gentlemon of tho sumo Ilk.
Corbott la ranged alongside of tho pugs,
not seraphim and cherubim, and it is
not easy to comprehend a kind of reason
ing that swallows Sullivan, and Jackson
and Mitcholl and draws tho lino at Corbott.
A New Long-Hit Itecortl Una Kern. Made
Thla tteaaon.
Thoro haa boon a bettor opportunity
this season to bunt than .evec.'laeforo.
and yot tho clubs aro doing but little of
it, writes John B. Foster. The fact that
it is easier to mako long hits than it haa
boon in tho past may havo something to
do with tho lack of bunting. A baBo
hit is always a good thing, but n three
bagger ia a groat doal bettor if thoro aro
three mon on bases. It is apparent
this summer that oven tlio BO-callod
weak batters havo no troublo in hitting
tho ball, and thoy mako many moro hits
tor two and throo bases than thoy havo
horotoforo. Tho record for long distance
batting novor bus neon equaled. Cup
tains of teama rocognizo tho possibility
of uny ono of thoir men rapping tho ball
for more than a single base, if they bat
it at all, and lot thorn hit whoro formerly
thoy Insisted upon tho ball being bun
tod. Tho increase of batting has been
tho most noticcablo toaturo ot tho sea
son's work, and tho results (hat havo
come with tho amendment of the rules
will doubtless prevent any additional
modification at the next mooting ot tho
league. Thoro ia batting enough at the
present time. Somo people think there
ia too much. Thoro 1b certainly all
that nino Holders can tako caro ot and
If tho batting 1b to bo increased tho
number of fioldern should also bo in
creased. Thoro ia much complaint at
tho present time at tho length ot tho
games, anil patrons who go to tno
grounda and aro obliged to sit for two
hours and a halt to loam tho out como ot
u gamo do not llko it. Ono of tho best
features of baso ball is its brevity. A
person who liked tho gamo could go to
tho grounds and in two hours at tho
most could got halt a day's solid enjoy
ment. It in seldom nowadays that any
gamo Is played inside ot two hours, nnd
many ot them aro still in progress whon
tho chickens uro muking thoir toilet
for tho night.
Tciuila Tournament In Omnlia.
Tho tennis tourmtmont in Omaha thiB
week was a most successful ovont. On
Thursday, GoiBthardt, of Lincoln, de
feated Batten, G-3, G-2. L. 0. Deniso do
foated II. B. Hicks, ot this city, 7-5, G-3.
Fred Shophard beat G. McCaguc, GO,
G-2. Goisthardt and Shophard defeated
S. K. Mattocks and Hicks, 7-5, G-4, and
GoiBthardt and Shophard also defeated
G.'McCaguonnd B. McCaguo, 5-7, .'i-G,
G-4, G-4, 0-1.
Thursday afternoon tho Nobrasku
Lawn Tennis association hold a mcoting
in Omahu for tho election ot officers nnd
othor general business.
Mr. C. S. Cullingham was elected
president and Mr. H. S. Dungan, of
Hastings, secretary and treasurer, with
an oxocutivo commlttoo consisting of H.
C. Havorly, ot Hastings; H. B. Hicks, of
Lincoln, and O. H. Young, of Omaha.
It waa decided to admit any club to
membership in tho association on pay
mont ot a nominal too ot 81.
A discussion took placo us to whoro
noxt year's stato tournament should bo
held. No decision waa reached, but it
waB generally agreed thut Hastings
Cycling Note.
Mr. C. L. Roirson who hns been on a
business trip to tho Northwest returned
Mockott, Davis and thoTlanks boys
aro in activo training for the races
during tho fair.
Will Clark has been laid up for tho
past week with pneumonia, but ho is
on a fair road to speedy recovery now
and will soon bo out again.
Tho roads wero In a vory misorablo
condition last Sunday, but tho heavy
rain of Monday and Tuesday hns put
thorn in splendid shape for noxt Sun
day's runs.
Tho Beatrice and return run of last
Sunday waa attempted by Blako, Baitoy,
Hoagland and Jacobs, tho last making
tho round trip awheel, tho others com
ing back on tho train.
Thoro will bo no dearth of runs Sun
day tho 20th. Tho run in tho morning
at 8 o'clock is to Bonnott; in tho after
noon to Raymond, returning by tho lake
and later in tho ovoning out to Lincoln
park. Personally conducted by Cap
tain Milmino.
A mcoting to dccldo on now club
rooms and sundry othor matters is an
inperativo necessity. A cnll may bo
issued tho coming week for Wednesday
tho 23d. Every member should mako it a
point to bo present not later than 8:30
and to stay thoro, not glanco in nnd go
away again.
Ed Walton has brokon out aguin.
Although ho resigned from the order of
sports early this Bcason, ho is now crowd
ing up near tho lino as ho haa givon it
out that ho will rido 100 consecutive
miles immediately after hie roturn from
Chicago whoro ho goes on tho 30th to bo
gone about a week.
Women cyclists uro becoming quite
numerous on our streets und they mako
a most pleasing appcarnnco; or course
thoro uro somo exceptions, but theso
only provo tho rule, Hint a woman is
most beautiful on a cyclo. Tho mistnko
Bomo mako is too long cranks which
givo bo long a throw thnt whon tho ono
foot is up nnd tho othor down, tho dress
persistently creeps up, which is not only
unnoying, butlooks awkward; again tho
saddle is sot too low and far back, which
causes tho ridor to loan forward in any
thjng but a graceful position. By all
moans pedal with tho ball of tho foot,
not with tho instep.
W. R. Der&nies afle Co,
1137 O Street.
The Courier can lie round nt
Hotel Lincoln Nowb Stand.
Windsor Hotel News Stand.
Capital Hotel Nows Stand.
Red Dudo Cigar Store, 1020 O St.
Ed. Young, 1207 O St.
ClaBon, Fletcher & Co., 1120 O St.
Mooro's Nowb Stand, 118 So. 11th St.
CouniKit Ofilco, 1134 O St.
F. Polno. 1429 O St.
Archio EnBign,217 So'llth St.
Not feel
The undonlgnod hereby gives notlco that it
will not bo rcaponalbto for or pay any dobt In
curred by cmployai, except those for which nn
order Is givon personally signed by it. This
mlo is imperative Courier Pun. Co.
Lincoln, Neb., May 1st, 1893.
The Saturday Morning Courier
will be sent to any address for
Three Months for
This is a trial ofler and will be
withdrawn September 1.
should havo tho doubles und thut tho
singles should bo pluycd in Lincoln if
Lincoln wished it bo, If Lincoln docs
not wish for tho singles both events will
piobably tako place at Hustings.
Will (tall September 7,
Mitchell has announced his intention
to sail for New York, September 7. Ho
will be accompanied by McAuliffo.
He I Now in UK, Paul HoiplUl ana la In
a, Had Way.
St. Paul, Aug. 14. Jack Dompsey,
the Nonpareil, hi at St. Paul. He came
here about a week ago to await instruc
tions -from Qua Tutblll, hia manager, to
join him in the east. During hla stay
bia match with Dick Burge was con
summated, despite the fact that Demp
aey expected It would be Smith that he
would fight at hla next battle. Hla
After tlioliauie la titer.
Two Brooklyn cutcliors yollod at Father Foutz.
Ono crlod "Way uplSlldo" 'tothor shout,
"Why don't ou moro otIT Tako somo moro
around I
Wheu he make a baso hit como clear u round.
Ill t Look out, will ou? Moro wld his '-run
Don't mind do basomau, lio'll do no harm.
What's dat Ilo'soutT Well jou're rotten Jcvt
do somot ,
Walt till wocntcli ou, uftor tho gamo,"
Attor tho gamo Is over, after tho cranks aro
gonej '"
After tho plater' dressing, after tho saw mill's
awnt i
Many a groom Is kicking, trlng to plncn tho
blame t
Many's tho hit that 1 basted, after tho game.
Tommy Klnslow.
Nebraska Umiie Luw.
Tito gamo law of Nebraska permits
tho hunting ot bulTulo, oik, mountain
Bhoop and dcor from October 1 to Jan
uary 1; grouBe, from Sep torn be r 1 to
January 1; quail and turkey, from Octo
ber 1 to January 1. Ducks und geoso
and all wild fowl may bo shot at any
tlmo with a shoulder gun.
Hood's Pills euro all livor ills. 25c.
Sent by mail on receipt of price by C. I.
Hood & Co., Apothecaries, Lowoll, Mass.
Moving Hoiith.
Convenient markets, good soil, pure
wuter and excellent cllmnto aro advan
tages to bo considered when looking up
a homo, business location, farm, etc.
Maryland and tho VirginlaB afford theso,
with many moro advantages. Improved
farm lands, udnpted to stock raising,
dairying, grain, grass and fruitgrowing,
cun bo obtainod at low prices and upon
easy tonus. Thriving towns invito tho
merchant, mechanic und business man.
Abundanco of coal, timber, ore, wuter
power, etc, Freo sites for menu
fucturers. For turthorlnforinutlon, address M. V.
Richards, Land and Immigration Agont
B. ii O. R. R., Baltimore, Md.
For rates' und open dates of tho Ne
braska Btato band or orchestru apply ut
tho Coukiku ofllco, 1134 O Btrcot, tolo-
phono 253.
Whon you und your best girl uro out
for a stroll always mako u beojlnofor
Juno Ico cream puvllion Thirteenth
and O streets.
Lacrosse Note.
W.B.Clark who has boon 'ill
Bomo timo has had u rclapso but is
considered to bo dangoroiiBloy ill.
Tho coming lncrosso match at Omaha
on Labor day is arousing considerable
intreost in both towns. Tho Lincoln club
has been considerably strengthened
sinco thoy last defeated tho Omaha
team and nro confident of winning.
Jim McBrido has returned from
Chicago and will considerably
strengthen tho Lincoln team. Modo
Griffith has also returned from tho
Windy city whoro ho hus boon taking in
tho rocent championship lacrosse
matches and bicyclo races. Tho sec
retary of tho Lincoln club is en
deavoring to urrango matches with
Omahu and Kearney for tho week
following tho stato fair,
(Continued oh Fifth Page.)
That Throw or Twltchell's.
Charles A. Lamar, u correspondent of
tho Sporting New$, in disposed to tako
the account ot Larry Twitcholl's long
distance throw chronicled in last week's
CouRiBit, ciiwj granoaaliti Ho writes;
'.'Larry, Twitchcll throw a baseball 117
yards recently at Macon, bo' it is said,
Foil Remt A splendid rcsidonco near
tho capitpl. Furnlturo for salo
houso nowly furnished last May, In
qulro Courier office, 1134 O street.
For duncea and outings thcro is no
such music In Nobrasku as thut supplied
by tho Nebraska Btato orchestra.
Never order an Invitation until you
aavo Been tho sumplos ot tho work dono
by tho now Courier Publishing Co.
Juno tho caterer, Thirteenth and O
streets is anxious to serve all parties,
plcnlcaand festivals with loo cream
ices, cakes, otc.', and will appreciate a
call from all intending entertainers.
Iolanthe" Presented by uu Kxcellent
Company at Lincoln Park.
Tho Ideal Opera company presented
"Iolantho" to good houses tho past
weok and guvo ontiro satisfaction. This
This company contains principals who
aro experienced opera people. Tho
chorus is good and contains somo ex
cellent voices. Tho company is thor
oughly capable of producing comic und
standard operas, and is deserving of tho
patronugo ot tho pooplo of Lincoln.
Hui ry Davies, who litis boon doing toner
roleB with tho fitmoun Reed Oj.eru com-
puny ut Schneider's Garden's in St.
Louis during thoir ougngemontin thut
city has joined tho Idoal Opera company
and will play tho part ot Jean Gronlsh
euux in "Chimes ot Normundy" noxt
week. Mr. Davies has a beautiful volco
and is a good actor and 1b suro to bo a
favorite with Lincoln people.
Hoiiki Heekurtt Kxcur-I'MUt,
By Missouri Puciflq'Ry. 'AuguetVS.
September 12 and October JO 1893,' fvfth
stop over privileges, going but continu
ous pussago on roturn trip gcou for
twonty duys, this gives vory low rates, to
Texas. South West Missouri, Arkansas,
Oklahoma and other points. Call ut
1201 0 street Lincoln Neb., Missouri
Pacific ofllco, J. E.R. Miller ticket agont,
for further particular and tickets.
Furs stored ut F. E. VoelkorB.
Whitobreast Coal and Liino Co.
Bathing caps at Rector's Pharmacy.
Althea toilet preparatories at Rector's
Jeckoll Bros. Tailors, 110 north Thir
teonth street.
David P. Sims, dentist, rooms 42
43 Burr block.
Try Club House coffee, nono so good.
Miller & Glfford.
Imiortcd nnd domestic toilet soaps at
Rector's Pharmacy.
Sampson Sisters, artistic dressmaking,
1123 N streot, ovor Dorsoy's.
Buffalo Flour, 81.00 per sack. Miller
& Gilford, grocers, opposito Burr block.
An ontiro now lino ot ladies' card cases
and pockot books at Rector's Pharmacy.
All orders via tolephono 308 will reach
W. A. Coffin & Co. and rocolvo prompt
and careful uttention.
No such lino of canned fruits in tho
city as shown by W. A. Coffin & Co., 143
South Eleventh Btroot.
Whon you' want prompt Borvico and
fair treatment and tho selection from
tho largest stock of groceries in Lincoln
call on W. A. Coffin & Co., successors to
J. Miller, 143 South Elevonth street.
Halter's market, old reliable market,
now moved to Thirteenth street, opposite
Lansing thentro, is whero ladies should
call for their meat orders. Telephone
orders over No. 100 rocolvo prompt at
tention. Professor Swain's ladies tailoring and
dress cutting school. Thorough Instruc
tions. Lessons not limited. Dress mak
ing done with dispatch on short notice.
Patterns cut to meosuro and all work
Why let your turn remain ut homo
whoro moths nro almost buio to get into
them, whon F. E. Volko. a practical
furrier, will storo thorn until noxt winter
and guarantoo to roturn thorn in perfect
ordor. Cull und sco him at tho ) . M. C.
A. building,
Ask your groceryman for tho "Wilber
Rolling Mills ' Flour, Chns. Harvey, pro
priotor. Inquire for
"Llttlo Hatchet,"
"Nicklo Plato," and
"Bakers' Constance"
Every snek warranted.
Reduced Rates by Missouri Pacific
will bo givon to St. Louis from July 20
to October 31. Very low rates will bo
on salo and this will bo an excellent
chnnco to visit tho grontcst carnival
city in America. Call on noarost ticket
agont M. P. railway for information, or
J. E. R. Miller 1201 O street, Lincoln
Nob., or H. O. Townsond G.P.A. St.
Louis, Mo,
tafTa Bam
The only Pure Cream 6f Tartar Powder. No Ammonia; No Alum.
tiled in Millioni of Homes 40 Years the Stands"
U '
hi '.