Saturday morning courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1893-1894, August 19, 1893, Image 4

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CWmul, Jr.,
W. Mmtom Smith,
President and Manager.
Secretary sad Treasurer.
aainesa OAce 1194 O Street.
Phone 2U.
Tn Oovbibb, ae rear, la adaacs 16.00
Ms Months 1X0
HhmcUm.. BO
OentrlbntloBl and nil eo-mnn'atlona rela.
Ira to news and e il
iewa and niitnriai matter auouiu oe su-
II ImalnnM 11
II. To the editor. , . . ..
eineee letters ana remittances snonni
"--I-"--" " . ".." " . -
u.. lt..h -ft....!... .! .nm.-
i should bo made payauio to ma owe:
or of
i company.
'Will aient
pMmxee VIoxtlr.s
rrimlBB las cm trim
iftai etaac. -will t
"MVitiBttriBxvn. --
2 5 6.
The govermcutal Hpoct ot tho tlnan.
oitJ situation la thus vividly photo
i graphed by tho plain apokon Now York
"A moro aerioua cause for anxiety ia
the absence, aa yot, ot tho manifestation
of anything llko commanding financial
ability either at tho capital ot tho nation
or in this metropolis. Tho president is
net, indeed, expected to be himself a
akilled and experienced financier, but ho
aa oall to his aid the boat experts ot
the country and profit by thoir counsels.
Yt his secretary of tho treasury is a
telpher, and though hk message to con-
was presumably written alter
oJMMmlUtkm with those whom -he
thought competent to advise him, it is
rsamkable for its lack ot all recomnien-,
datfoas savo that ot tho stoppage of
Hver purchases. It is silent in regard
to the tax on atato bank circulation,
itont in regard to the increase ot na
liana) bank circulation. It aaya noth
ing about legalising the present un
authorised gold reserve fund, and noth
4kg about giving explicitly to the secre
tary ot the treasury the power to pro
um gold for that fund by tho sale of
bonds. It tosses tho whole subject ot
the finances bodily into tho lap ot con
gress, to bo wrangled over at pleasure.
Thk night bo pardonable if 4 either in
the house of representatives or in the
enate the party which elected Presi
dent Cleveland was represented by a
nan competont to shape legislation on
financial matters and to conduct tho
debates on them to a successful ter
mination, but no Buch man has as jet
.appeared. Tho republicans aro moro
fortunato In having in tho senate, in tho
.person ot Senator Sherman, a well-in-.formed
and able financier as well as
-debater, but ho is a solium and dishonest
politician, who would rather tho coun
try should go to ruin than that It should
be helped by any moasuro which would
-benefit hk opponents."
It k not exactly clear wherein Souator
Sherman has merited the chargo ot eel
ishness and dishonesty. Tho senator
has thk far shown himself willing and
anxious to render every reasonable aid
to the party in power in straightening
ou the financial tangle.
vV THATlXHJgreesman isryansnouiumako
t aanMtcn wmi luuvimuiu. jiuu ue imuuv
to the fronton Wednesday. He'f&Vett
';;thiiu hours, and the newspaper corre
, swieMkats say that the speech was a
, j'eoijhisg combination of brilliancy and
' aftaltkm. Of course it was tine. Hk
' jpeii far tree silver began with the victory
tJ,: atf 'Oharfcs Martel. at Tours iu 733, which
) 4mm muJ f4haliin ilvtltlatlitlt utul
fl,l iiin w
1 afc 'iniiMi nM hlaini-v tnr
VjT';" - - -
with MaiteUiftf
tlaat h Ckrekikd,
'"'tray k ni.
" tod
ft! ,r' WW"1
doesn't know what tin In talking uiMitit.
Mr. llrymi Ih ono of tho Hiu(MtlieBt talk
era in tun country, iiih mnno ih iiio
Hlllllo Of tllO cIllTllllJ IllH VdlcO L'OIIH'H
rippling over tlionudlonco llko the muslo
of laughing wider, now anil thou tlroti
itiif( Into plulntho notoH resembling tho
(1)1 UK grasp of llttlo Eva J ho hint tho
grnuo of Chnunuoy M. Dcjhiw, and his
manner Ih candid enough in convincn u
Hiiiut or a sinner. Of courso when Mr.
Ilryiin said that "I luivu heard from tho
loarda of trado and from tho chambers
of commerce, hut I have not heard from
tho farmer or tho men In the work
shojw," ami other things alxnit tho "poo
pie," with gruoo ami beauty, ami tho
snored tiro of oratory scintillating from
him, and with tho team of righteous In
illKiiatlon In lain ojch and on his hand
kerchief, of course, tho eojlo np
plauded, and when ho got through, of
courso, jieoplo Bald it wan a great Hpeech.
It was. It immt Im) admitted, however,
that tho country Ih hardly nearer to sal
vation than it wax heforo tho Bpeouh,
heforo Mr. Ilryan told about Martel,
ot al, Hutu euro proud of Mr. Ilryan.
Wo are proud ot Mr. Morton and Mr.
Hrjnn, and any other Nohrasknn who
can command the attention of tho coun
try iih they do.
cago ought to chango its name. It snyB
tho French can neither nixak nor h(K)1I
tho word by which tho world's fair city
is known, and that hardly any English
man can pronounco it rightly, A Gor
man needs years of training for its ut
toronco. An Italian raises laughter in
tho Plalsanco when ho ejaculates it.
Jewish newcomers from Russia wrestlo
with It for a long timo, though its first
syllablo la of Hebraic sound. Tho
colored people ot tho far south smilo
when thoy try to get it off. Even a
member ot the tribe of Indians from
whoso language tho word was stolon,
says it has boon corrupted out ot reason.
There aro atorios from old Ireland about
tho attempts ot tho natives of that
country to speak or spoil tho titlo ot tho
naval ship Chicago, which put In at the
port of Queenstown last month. Somo
ot thorn pronounco tho first Hyllablo
Koo, which is in accord with tho Italian
usogo, soften tho next consonant c,
sharpon tho vowel a, and then Btriko
out into tho open pasture It is sug
gested that tho last syllablo ot tho word
would mako a good enough name.
"AnylKxIy can say Go, oven an infant,
or u cannibal, or n Midway ponton, or u
truckman. Tho adoption of that plain
yot oxpresslvo verb us tho namo of tho
western placo would savo mankind a lot
of troublo, and rollovo many people from
pain in tho mouth." But Chicago will
hardly chango Its name bocauso it gives
some people a pain in t,ho mouth. It
has givon a largo number of twoplo,
notably envious Now Yorkors, a worse
pain than that, without fooling particu
larly conscience stricken.
The egregious It, Soth Mobloy, tho
man who draws 1210 per month for
dawdling ut tho Nebraska building In
Chicago, under tho supervision ot tho
rattlebrained cracker man, Joe Gar
noau, not content with tho compurativo
obscurity which ho has hitherto on
joyed, haaof lato manifested a disposi
tion to mako himself as notorious as his
principal, and ho has been writing the
most ridiculous nonsonBO for tho Omaha
papors. Now the only security for addle-
pa tod, -shambling excuses like Mobley is
in obscurity, and thk specimen of Ne
braska's capability in tho production of
misfits, made a great inistako when ho
rushed into print with his drivel. Mobloy
would be overpaid at 9210 per year; yot
ho receives thk amount per month for
doing absolutely nothing, and now that
ho has called public attention to himself
it really seems that Mobloy is tho cul
minating atrocity of Garneuuism.
Mobley alono ia enough to queer tho
exhibit. Thk precious representative
ot .Nebraska journalism has tho
effrontery to inslnuato that tho criticism
ot tho .Nebraska exhibit is duo to tho
inability ot the critics to procure freo
admission to tho fair. Porhajw Mr.
Garneau'a wlno suppers have mado
Mobley entirely crazy. That ia tho most
charitable view to tako of his utterances.
But ho should bo suppressed. There is
certainly no domuud on the part of tho
state for chuttering empty heads ut 8240
per month. Mobley is utfor all worse
than tho Nebraska building. That is a
monumental pile ot tremendous blunders
that Crounso and Ournoau have to
answer for, and Mobloy is tho capstone.
Tin: democrats of Ohio could havo
selected no worthier opponent ot Me
Kinley than Larry Neul, tho mun who
wroto tho freo trudo plank of tho Chicago
platform, und dubbed tho protection
measure proposed by McKinloy, tho "cul
minating atrocity of class legislation."
Tho contest will necessarily bo fought
Wy largely on nutionul issues, and tho
uyult will he interesting as indicating
thj trend ot public opinion on a ques
jVM'n answered so decisively last Novom-
r. 11 Booms 10 uo a loregono conclu
sion that Governor McKinloy will bo
triumphantly elected, un election by tho
way that will, in the minds ot many re
publicans, make him particularly
availablo aa a candidate for president in
The cost of the world's fair up to
August 10 was $23,102,821,10. The
Park exposition cost lest thaa 19,000,000.
These k aa much dufereaee between
our own fair and tho ono held at I'arln
an there Ih between ono of Mr. Oarneau'n
cracker Ikixch ami tho Dec building or
Iwtwcon Mr, Oarucau and n man with
ordinary common sense,
Comimiiihon Ih ii grout tiling, Con
sldered by hluiHelf Oovornor Crounso Is
an obstinate old humbug, u dlagraco to
tho Intelligence and patrlotlRiu ot tho
ho)1o of Nebraska; but when wo com
pare tho governor of Nebraska with tho
governor of Colorado, tho former
actually appeniH to have nomo oxcuho
for living. mny bo having a hard tlmoof
it, but It In faring a groat deal hotter
than ono of Its predecessors in tho
American money lino. Sllvor has at
leant ono leg left to stand upon; but
Wampum Iiiih no ntundlng whatever.
Mrs. Astorbllt entertained 11 party of
twenty luttt night in her hovel on Jersey
Hutu, lieer wiih served In cordial glas-
Pretzels iu fancy shape, tied with
colored threads, wore tho cotillion
favors. Tho supper wiih served on
small barrels, and tho plods do cochon a
hi vinaigro were Intensely appreciated
by tho aHsomblod guests.
Schwurzhetmor and O'Shoa catored
In tholradmlrablo stylo, their well-known
preparation ot tho Jorsoy Moskooto, a
delicioualy gamoy bird, satisfying oven
tho palate of Mr. McAllister.
Tho hostess was oxiiulsltoly attired In
a lovoly combination of essul-malns,
trimmed with noix do Hresll. An un
fortunate contretemps happened to 'Mrs.
Van Schuylor'a wheolbarrow, which was
unfortunatoly overturned, owing to tho
lack of illumination and hor whooler's
carelessness. Tho lady, wo rejoice to
say, escaped with nothing moro severe
than a shaking and a dishevelling of tho
lovoly convorturo in which she was
robed. Town Topics.
Avoldad the Danger.
There was a look of wild distress upon
her face. She rushed from the train sad
clutched tho conductor by the arm as ha
stood upon the platform.
She was not beautiful, but Interesting.
It was nearly a minute before she was
able to give coherent utterance to her
thoughts. Presently, however, she was
able to gasp a little.
"I-I've been robbed."
Tho conductor gazed calmly into her face
and shook his head.
His voice was gentle but firm. i-
"you are mltttakeu. You were not In
the sleeping cur." '
Sho could not dlvlno his meaning, but a
certain sense of peaco took possession of
her. Exchange.
What to Eipect.
The facetious man had built himself a
nlco uew house with a stono veranda and
steps up in tho front and took trkftd to
look at It.
"Very nice, very nice indeed," said, the
friend critically, "bat It has such a set look.
Lacks expression, you know."
"Of course," replied the owner, "but
what ehe could you expect from a house
with such a stony stair?" Ami he sat down
on tho steps and laughed. Detroit Free
A Fair Hureeatloa.
Old Party So you wish to marry my
Young Party Yes, sir.
Old Party Well, you won't da You are
not up to my idea ot what my son-in-law
should bo.
Young Party Possibly not now, sir, but
after I've lived with you eight or ten years
I'll improve. Exchange.
Uapleaaant Memorial.
Ethel (rummaging In grandma's drawer)
Oh, grandma, what a curious old key
this Is.
Grandma-Yes, my dear. That was your
grandfather's latchkey.
"And you keep It lu memory ot old daysf "
"No, my dear; old nights." Exchange.
Wanted the Law oa Hit Bide.
"Well," said tho lawyer to the rural jus
tice, "you sent for raof "
"Yes," said tho justice. "I want advice
about this here prisoner. He's been ketched
steallu hogs, an oh I hAln't got no lawbook
I don't know et I'm entitled to lynch him
er notl" Atlanta Constitution.
How to Oct at II.
Swipes (lookiuK over the baseball record)
Let me see. How do tho Chlcagos stand?
Here It is. Philadelphia, Bostons, Clove
lands, Pittsburg
Swingles If you want to get at it quick
ly, why don't you begin at the bottom and
read up? Chicago Trlbuue.
. II it Field.
"What's the subscription price ot your
new paper?"
"Two dollars a year."
"Is It Intended for any particular class of
"Yes, It's for those who have $2." Truth.
Didn't Like to Hear II. "
Alice Oh, dear, it la feo awfully hot. I
know I look just like a boiled lobster,
don't I?
Alice You horrid, mean, old thing!
Minneapolis Journal.
A fino lino ot canned
soups, 25
per can, Miller & Gifford, grocers.
"The Best" Laundry, 2208 O stroot,
telophono 579, H. Townsend & Co., pro
prietors, Lincoln, Nob,
Now Imported Swiss Choose. Millor
ft Gifford, grocers, opposlto Burr block.
Thoro may bo some nicor and coolor
pluces to enjoy a plate ot delicious ico
creams than Chas. Juno's pavillion, but
they aro not to bo found in this neigh
borhood. ,
Mountain Rose Pino Applo is bettor
and cheaper than any other in the mar
ket. Miller ft Gifford. . '
The Saest grocery storo in the city,
1 Miller ft Qlfford.
In 18(W Ilulltt Harowell and Flippant
Daniels, of Windham county, Connecti
cut, had an argument, sajs tho Chicago
Evening Post. Hazowolt was n rabid
domocrat, and Daniels, who was iost
master of tho village, wan a 110 less rabid
republican. Hazowell know Horatio
So)mour wuh mire to bo elected. Daniels
was just as suro that Grant was to bo
successful. Both men wero angry, and
llnally Daniels Hiiid: "Well, Ilulltt, If
Soymour's elected I'll bo hanged It I'll
stay in tho country." Anxious to show
as deep disgust at tho prosoct ot re
publican victory, Hazowell said! "I
won't leavo tho country, Daniels; but if
Grunt's elected I'll climb a tree and stay
And ho did. Ho climbed a chestnut
treo and ho has boon thoro over since,
oxcopt when ho has had to get down to
till his farm or go to tho store. Hy tho
(lino Grant wan inaugurated ho had
built him a homo in tho tree. It rests
in the forks of several largo limbs twenty
feet from tho ground. It wuh built of
joists and boards securely fastened to
tho limbs and trunk of tho treo. Tho
roof k shingled, tho Hides covered with
clapboards, and it Ih altogether as woll
built in ovory part hbU would havo been
It It hud been Intonded to rest upon tho
ground. Of courso it is small, but thoro
is suftlcfont room for tho nccommodutlon
of tho occupant. Thoro aro throe tiny
upartmontB, all woll furnished, woll'
lighted and thoroughly vontiluted. A
ladder leads from tho ground to a plat
form in front of tho entrance of tho
Tho treo is an immense ono for Con
necticut. At tho baso tho trunk meas
ures nearly fivo toot through. Tho heart
of tho trunk is decaying and Hazowoll
has built a collar under tho roots, to
which it is possible to descend by a
ladder insido tho trunk. Thk cellar is
novor reached by frosts, ho says, oven in
tho coldest weather. Tho owner does
not load a solitary lifo by any moans.
Llko Robinson Crusoe ho has tamed tho
birds and animals that haunt tho treo
and made companions ot them, und thoy
receive favors ut his hand with tho
utmost confidence in his friendship.
Among tho branches ho has built n small
platform that serves us a tablo for tho
birds und tho squirrels, who aro fed
daily; und whilo thoy cat ho sits near by
und watches thorn und occasionally picks
up a bird or n squirrel to fondlo it. In
tho summer, when tho doors und windows
of his house aro open, tho birds fly in
and tho squirrels frisk about ut will.
When a visitor uppoars thoy fly to Huzo
woll und perch upon his head und
flhouldors, evidently trusting him implic
itly. In tho nesting season tho boughs
of, tho treo are alive with birds, and an
curly morning hour spent with tho treo
dwollor, tho air trembling with tho
delicious music ot tho fouthdtcd song
sters, Is an oxporionco long to bo remem
bered. Strauge Amusement.
In 1054 the public punishment of
criminals becarno a prominent feature of
carnival. It was felt to be a serious
check upon the gayety of tho festival,
but excused as an awful oxainplo for
such as wero inclined to profit by the
general licenso for criminal behavior
rendered necessary now that precept had
been found inadequate to cope with the
disorders. Later on the chief and most
celebrated criminals wero specially re
served far carnival, on the first Saturday
of which they were punished.
Such as were guilty of disorderly con
duct during carnival itself were usually
flogged, and the necessary apparatus for
thk stood ready in several parts of the
city. We aro reminded of their existence
today by tho name Piazzctta della Corda,
and they remained up permanently until
destroyed by the people in 1788.
Courtesans were also publicly chas
tised if caught masked or dressed as men
in the Corso the public exocationor not
being above seeking popularity by mak
ing victims of the most prominent.
Thus in 1056 was publicly chastised
Cecca-buffona, tho favorite of Cardinal
Antonio, nephew of Urban VIII. Gen
tleman's Magazine.
The Testimony of a Friend.
Attorney General Hendrick of Ken
tucky prides himself on tho fact that he
rose from a farm laborer to his present
placo of dignity and boner. He was tell
ing somo friends in Frankfort tho other
day of his early struggles and called a
negro who was passing to attest tho vo
racity of his statements. "Brother Brad
ley," said he, "is nn old fashioned, bluo
gummed negro and a boyhood friend of
mine, by whoso side I havo worked many
a day in tho cornfield. Wasn't I a good
mun in tho cornfield, Brother Bradley"
"Oh, yes, suh," said tho darky, "you was
a good mun for a fact, but you suttlnly
didn't work much." Sun Francisco Ar
gonaut. A Ills Drop.
Friend Havo you dropped any flesh since
you bought n blcyclo?
Puffer Gudl I dropped exactly 100
pounds theflrH time I straddled It. Truth.
A JUUle for Illuod.
Is what Hood's Surouparilla vigorously
fights, und it is always victorious In ox
polling all tho foul taints und giving tho
vital fluid tho quality and .quantity of
perfect health. It cures scrofulu, salt
rheum, hoik und all other troubles
caused by impure blood.
W. A. Coffin ft Co., grocers, U3 South
Eleventh street.
Something good, "Whlto Loaf Flour"
1.40 per sack. Miller ft Gifford.
Tlio Irafcintra IStalralto
Tlio Vciorttloix tAcillors.
I'wrB TomilH Snllori
Above Sailors Trimmed or
From 49 cents up, at the
Opera House
Tbe Youuk Idea Hliout.
The Sister's Beau So, Johnny, you're
going to be a chemist, like papa, eh ? And
did you know thk diamond of mine was
the same substance as charcoal?
Johnny No.
Tho Sister's Beau And hasn't papa told
you that?
Johnny No. Ho said it was paste. Life.
nickel In the Slot.
"Holpl Help!" Loud and clear this cry
of distress rang through tho rotunda of the
Administration building early this morn
ing, startling tho sleepy guard who sat In
a darkened comer.
He listened intently. Without ho heard
tho shuffle of tho feet of tho first workmen
on tho gravel walk. Tho hum in his head
gradually increased, lulling him into ;i
peaceful slumber, and in hk imagination
he was just arresting a visitor who had
asked him where tho Manufactures build
ing was, when the cry for help again rang
out and brought tho guard to his feet.
Ho tiptoed to the door, and standing
within its shadow he listened.
Suddenly from without tho door camo a
moan, followed by another. The guard
rushed out of tho door and there beheld, to
his surprise, a young man, the shape ot
whose head and the cut of whose clothes
proclaimed him to be of the species "dude."
"Who called for help?" demanded the
"What is the matter?" asked the guard.
"Woe is me," the dude moaned, looking
at the slot in tho machine. "I cmnu this
morning and unthinkingly dropped a nick
el in this slot, which requires only a cent
Please help me to get back 4 cents." Chi
cago Record.
'.I.tstcd More Faith.
A clergyman who was settled some years
ago in a southern town was in great favor
with the colored brethren and wan fre
quently called upon to "sit in council" with
the members ot one ot their churches In a
neighboring town.
Among these members was au old darky,
with grizzled hair, who had In a high
degree the gift for "responses" so much cul
tivated by tbe peoplo of his color. He wat
always ready with "Amen!" and moro thau
ready with "Glory!" but his particular fond
ness was for the fervent ejaculation, "Oe
Lord gib us more faith!"
On ono occasion, when the clergyman In
question had been called upon to discourse,
to thk congregation, be illustrated his
"practical talk" with tho story of an occur
rence which he bad himself witnessed not
long before. As ho finished it he said ear
nestly! "Now, my brethren, you would hardly
believe, would you, that any man could
have witnessed such a scene as that almost
at your very doors?"
As he paused, there came a tremendous
groan from the old darky, and with great
fervor he ejaculated, "Do Lord gib us moro
faith ("Youth's Companion.
Canon City coal
Coal and Limo Co.
ut tho Whitobrcust
Mr. Joeph Bemmerlch
An old soldier, cams out ot tbe War greatly
enfeebled by Tr pheld Wurtr, and after being
la various hospitals the doctors discharged hua
as Incurable with Cea.aa.piUa. Be has
been In poor health since, until he bejsn to take
Hood's 8arsaparillft
iBunodlately hi couth Brow looter, Bight
sweats ceased, aad he regained good general
bealtb. He cordially rsoommends Hood's far
sapartUs, seBedally to coawadet la the 0.
HOOD'S PILL ear B-Mt-slOeaeMs-Meakr
w ,s
SB l ifMr lk.
f-l .,: HIB
ITlao DiaJco Vorairtui Slcillcen
Worltl' I?cilr INtcillora
Untrimmed, in all Colors
O and Twelfth
The V11I011 I'hcIIIu Cut Unit-.
Denver, ono way ....$ 10.75
Denver, round trip..... 20.00
Pueblo, Colorado Spring and Cheyenne
the sumo rate.
Chicago, one way.,-...... 0.15
Chicago, round trip 10.40
St. Louis, ono way 10.05
St. Louis, round trip 18.40
Full information cheerfully givon nt
1044 O stroot, southwest cor. O und 11th..
J. T. Mahtin, E B. S-oshon,
City Tickot Agt. Gon. Agt.
lir Drop In WarlttVFalr Rales.
Round trip tickets to Chicago will bo
on salo via tho Burlington Routo at
lows July 31, good to return leaving Chi
cago August! and 11.
August 7, good to roturn l'oaving Chi
cago August 11 andi 18.
Tickets not good in sleeping cars,
otherwise first class in ovory particular..
For further information, apply to
Bonnoll at B ft M depot or Ziomor
corner O and 10th streets.
OFFICR. 1136 0 ST.
Residence, 2731 Pear Street.
To'cphonn 761,
X:0 -E-jV-K-E.
Cor. II th and N Streets.
Not lie.
Ellznbotli Hnnnn nmlChnrlcjIInmi.-i will tako
notlcn that nil tlm StJtli day of July, 18'J.I, Frank
M.Miloi, plalntllf herein, tlloil lit petition In
tho district court of LnncnBtcr county, No
brasikn, iiirainHt cm us ilofi'ixlunts tho object
nnil iintjcrot which Is to Hottlonml unlet tho
titlo forovor iu Frank M. Mllo. at well aa tho
1)o3esslon thereof to lot numhor nitio (0) in
lnck number tlilrl)-evon (J7) iu Dawson's
addition to South Lincoln, In I.aucnator
county, Nebraska. You aro required to aimwor
unld potitiou on or boforo tlio eleventh day of
September. 1MKI.
Dated this 3!tli iluy of July, W.
Steam I5ritxfij
. IVo. 113 N.Twellth cat.
im herokee
,lN V9 Strip.
Write to E. L. Palmer, P, A. Santo Fo Root
Omaha, Neb., for free copy of illnstrstod (older
Cherolcee Mtxlx(
and the Toakawa, Pawnee and Kickspoo Rtr--ntlous,
soon to be opened for settlement by lbs
U. 8. .oTeranent. Million, ot acre In the Do
est a.rlcoltnral country under tho sun, waiting
to be tickled kz ike husbsadaun's plowsbarei
iUU almost the last ckaBOf to obtain om.oI
f V -,
.. v yt