Saturday morning courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1893-1894, August 19, 1893, Image 3

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Rust (hum. Bank.
Capital, $400,000.
Surplus, $100,000.
E. 8. ITarwood, President. ,
tJiua. A. Hanna, Vice President.
F. M. Cook, Caviller.
11. 8. LtrriNcoTT, Aslstnnt Cashier.
II. 8. I'beeMAN. ArsMunt Cashier.
CAPITAL, $250,000.00.
Orncrr ii ml Ulrrctor.
John R. Whioht, 1'rrslrtcnt.
T. K. Hankkbh, Vice I'rcsldout.
J. It. Mct'LAT, Caviller.
F. E. Johnson, 11,1'. Lnu, Thos. Cochran,
E. H. Slier, T. W. Lowrcy,
General Banking. Business Transacted.
Collections a Specialty.
CAPITAL, $100,000.00.
SURPLUS, $20,000.00.
CHAS. E. WAITE, Cashier.
GEO. H. SCHWAKE, Asst. Cashier.
B per cent on Deposits Paid at the)
Savings Baxxlt
Cor. F and EloTontb SU .
The only Safe Deposit Vaults in Lincoln
N. 8. Harwood.
N.C.Hroek. ..
Wni. McLaughlin.
W. A. Bollock.
O. W. Webster.
Albert Watklns.
Fred Will lams.
Bachel Lloyd.
H. D. Hathaway.
J. Z. llrUcoo.
C.J. Ernst,
II. W. Hrown.
K. O. Phillips.
K. R. Slier.
Henry Velth.
Henry E. Lowls.
""WYDT TVQ Howtoeconomuetlme!
11 JXiUU (J and money so as to see'
: 17 A 1 TJ tho world's fair to best
: JJ .nLJ-AV. advantage, is a quo-;
, tion that may hare,
puzzled you. Avoid mistakes by getting'
.posted in advance Perhaps the Illustrated.
; (older Just issued by Santa Fe Roate is ;
. what you need. It contains views of world's .
; fair buildings, accurato map of Chicago.;
.mid other informn- .
tlonofvnlnetosjght- Q A rm A TjTEl!
. seers. Address K. L. kjrl.ll XIX. 1 XJ
roimcr, f . a. uanta
.Fe Routh, Omaha,
; and ask (or f roe copy.
Tuition t
Fall term, In seven
uwy nurii
(trade independent
Ufir.nnt In tllft atntA. M lift finest JIUUaUII
il in tho state.
t. Ul
. " . & -t.JI.
Equipments, and Ablost Normal Faculty.
experiment, but an established management. 4(
courses. 35 teachers and locturors. A live scboo,
for tho masses. Wrlto (or catalogue.
F. B. 8IZER, Mgr. Lincoln, Nob.
Does all kintlfl of Repairing Promptly.
All work warranted.
308 So. 11th St.
Lincoln, Neb.
T. C. KERN, D. D.
Rooms 25 and 26, Burr Block.
Pamjsnlete describing ths
resonrcN ot
May bo had by addressing O. T. Nicholson, O,
r. m i; a., a. t. . r. u. tu, i opens, mi
Mention this paper.
FROM 82.50 TO 84.60.
Lincoln Stiff Hat Factory
Old Hats Blocked, Cleaned, Dyed and
wide as good as new, -All kinds
of Repair Work done.
pmi pm p.
?) ' r
i ran us
ClIIOAUO, AtlR. 17.- Special
CorreBpondenco.) A iiinii will do and
duro bravo and Kcnerouu thiiiKfl for tho
p;irl ho dearly Iovph. Hut when wo auk
him to perform deed) of Btibllmo
herolnm In every act, wo aro crowdlnu;
the sublimely heroic a little. Paying
tho oxpeiiBOH ot Kuto'a education at
college all for lovoof Kate; then giving
up hlfl excellent chances of entering tho
legislature in favor of Kate's father, all
for love of Kate; and then helping Kate's
scoundrel of a lover to cpeupo a just and
woll merited death, all beeauso Kate
loved him; all thin, as Bam Welter
would nay, Ih "coming it a leetlo Btrong!"
This Ih what Mr. Goodwin him to do,
in "In Mlzzoura" and ho doctt it with an
unaPHiiiniug sincerity, that hccius to him
tiB natural an breathing. There aro
Romo lino touchcH in tho play, iir for ox
ample, when Jim Itadburu turns away
from Kuto when ho tliuln fiho loves
another, and seeks for coiiHolation in
tho gratitudo of a little dog to whom ho
hufl been kind.
Thoro Ih much merriment in tho play.
Plenty of jokcH old and now. The
venerable time-worn girl at St. LouIh Ih
laughed at once again, though why, it
is hard to tell. Mr. Goodwin Buys some
excellent thingB if you could but hear
them. Hut you have to guess a good
deal of tho time. Thero !h an affection
ot quietude, just an there used to bo an
extravanganco of barn-storming. "In
Mlzzoura" will surely bo very popular.
Wo havo had "Tho Mountebanks'' by
Lillian RuBBell's company, and it has
been a distinct success. It has been
complained by "constant playgoers'' and
other nuisances In their unsolicited
missives to the press "that' tho music of
'Tho Mountebanks' is not catchy, that
one leaves tho theatre without any in
clination to artlessly whistle or hum
selections from it." Theso puerile
objections come from tho dully increas
ing class of playgoers and alleged
musical critics who find in tho melody
of the chaste little dittien, "After tho
Ball," "Tho CntCamo Back," "Daddy
Wouldn't Buy Mo a Bow-wow," their
beau idcul ot a good comic opera. Theso
people had better keep away from "Tho
Mountebanks" or they will bo tlisapiKiin
ted, but all who know and lovo good
music, iinoly rendered, will boo "Tho
Mountebanks," notoncobut many times.
For tho music of Alfred Cellior is not
what is popularly but meretriciously
termed "delightfully catchy," but it is
for all that always very beautiful and ut
times inexpressibly lovely. "Tho Old
Homestead," "Tho Girl I Left Behind
Mo," "A Poor Relation," AH Baba" and
"Amorica" continue on their prosperous
Nr.w Yoiik, Aug. 15, 1893. Special Correspondence. Tho follow
ing aro tho week's Important attractions:
Vaudeville ut Tony Pastors theatre;
Vaudeville at Proctor's; DoWolf Hopper
at the Broadway theatre; Vaudeville ut
Casino; "Tho Prodigal Daughter" at tho
American theatre; E. II. Sothoru at tho
Lyceum; Lawerenco Hanley in "Tho
Player" at tho Starr; tho "Black Crook"
at tho Academy of Music Broadway is
beginning to show signs of awakening.
Tho soubrotto who has been to Europe
is coming back from her Harlem
hiding place and tho loading man, who
has been breaking hearts at Nowiwrt
and Cujio May has returned from Brook
lyn. Tho majority of tho road organiza
tions begin rehearsals within a week and
a few days tho theatrical season will
again bo in full blast.
Of "The Soudan" which comes to tho
LatiBing theatre August '21, the Boston
Saturday Glnltc says;
Thoso throo ustonishing ligures -1.17
represent a dramatic buccohh that
breaks all records previously mado by
tho most popular plays in New England.
Tho phenomenal run of "Tho Soudan" in
Boston will commend it to popular
favor wherever it" goes, for it is quite
certain that no play could druw im
mense houses for KIT consecutive nights
in this city unless it has intrinsic
merits of tho highest order. It has,
in tact, scored this unprecedented
triumph because it was u tlrst-class play
presented in a flrst-cluss manner
Stroug in plot and full of moving
situations, admirably constructed 'both
as to its uction and its dialogue, this
Iovorful drama runs tho whole gamut
ot tho jxjwerful tasto for amusement,
and apiMiuled with success to every class
ot thcatro-goors. Lovers ot tho pathetic
found plenty of tho true jmthos in its
atTectiug -child scenes, devotees of the
spcetucular found it replete with great
scenes like that of Trafalgar square
which onco seen could never bo for
gotten.; while the worahipporH of comedy
and humor were abuuduntl) provided
with food for a laughter. Boston had
never indeed seen a iilay with so many
attractive sidet) to IL That it sprang to
instant succors the llrst night of Us
production and has easily held tho
public favor for half an entire dramatics
season is a high perpoual compliment to
Manager Eugene TomkiiiH. It is pleas
tint to note that his good judgmont in
selecting It in the llrst place, coupled
with his good taste and liberality In
staging it, have been handsomely re
warded by the largest returns which tho
treasury of his theatre him ever received
from any play produced on its boards.
Funke's opera house will open
August 124.
Henry Irving, Ellen Terry and com
pany arrived in Quebec last week, and
will shortly come to Chicago to Inspect
the World's Fair. Mr. Irving brought
the scenery, costumes and etTects of
"Becket," "King Henry VIII.," "The
Merchant of Venice," "Much Ado About
Nothing," "Louis VI.," "Olivia,"
"Charles." "The Lyoim Mall," "Nancy
Oldlleld,"and "Tho Bells." Of these
the first Is entirely new to America, and
this will bo tho llrst production of
"Henry VIII." by his company in this
country. The program of tho tour is as
follows: September 4 to 10, Grand opera
house, San Francisco; September IB
and 10 Portland theatre, Portland,
Oregon; September 121, Seattle; Sept
ember 'St to 127, Lyceum theater
.Minneapolis; September 128 and .'10,
Metropolitan opera house, St. Paul;
October 1! to November 1. Columbia
theatre, Chicago; November 0 to Dec
ember .10, Abbey's theatre, New York;
January 1 to January 127, Tremont then
tfe, Boston; January lit) to February 17,
Chestnut Street opera house, Philadel
phia, February 11) to 121, Allmugh's opera
house, WuBhington; Ferbuary 12J to
March .'1, Boston; March 15 to 17, New
The Mirror reviews tho situation im
follows: "Tho great business trouble
that has disturbed many branches of
activity and demoralized others occured
at u season most fortunate for theatrical
interests. Tho summer finds amuse
ment matters naturally quiet. It is a
period of rest and preparation. Thus
far, thogencml embarrasment of business
him not had an appreciably serious
effect upon theatrical doings and plans.
Intor-soason aniUBcmentB havo gone on
with ut least normal putronugo, and
from all accounts tho projects ot
managers which involves tho employ
ment of all the others ot tho profession
havo been prosecuted preliminarily as
originally outlined. It is hoped and it
is probuhlo that before tho season
shall bo fairly entered uion Congress
woll havo taken such action that affairs
will bocomo moro Bottled, Public conll
denco will bo restored, und business will
resume its ordinary way. In which case
tho great public will no doubt turn with
greater zest thun usual to tho lurgo
und talented body ot persons whoso
pleasures und business it is to amuse."
Ancnt tho production of "In Mizzouru"
Nat Goodwin's new play by tho author
of "Alabama," Elwyn A. Barron, tho
clover dramatic critic of the Chicago
Inter Ocean s.tys:
Augustus Thomas has given us two
of tho most unique und distinctive plays
that havo beon presented on our stage
in u dozen years, und both aro pure in
tone und elevating in purpose. They
were designed to embody types of
character and to preserve that utmoB
phero of identity described as local
color, and were to that extent examples
of realism, naturalism, verity, or what
ever term will servo to express that
special phase of portraiture that some
wll-meunintf butsmull-visioned writers
imagine is the proper domain of true
literature. Tho fantastic people who
fall down in adoration before the
dramatic morbidities and moral eccen
tricities of an Ibsen might ulfect to
scorn the productions ot Mr. Thomas,
because ho introduces nothing mephi
tic into his plays, and does not attempt
oither to cauterize or to oxtirpato any
sort of social ulcer; nor does ho utter a
jargon of Rontiuicntulism over Individual
conditions that are tho resultsof moral
or mental indolence, or both. Yet "In
Mizzoura" is just us faithful to a given
state of facts as either "The Doll's
House," or "Heddu Gabler," and is us
much more wholesome an the fragrance
of a roso is purer and healthier than the
smell of carrion.
Sol Smith RusbcU's world's fair en
gagement at the Grand opera house in
Chicago, continues to show largo audien
ces at every ierformanco of "A Poor Re
lation," and thu present bill will prob
ably run during the remainder of his
stay which ends about October 1. Mr
Russell is to take a vacation of a week
or ten days before oening his 100
night's engagement at Daly's theatre, in
New York, on October 9, when "April
Weather" will be git en its first produc
tion in tho metroH)lis.
Otis Skinner returned from Euroo
last week and has gone to tho Green
mountains of Vermont for a six weeks'
rest before beginning his season with
"Modjeska." Mr. Skinner brought back
some handsome costumes from Baroho
of London and Gutnerle of Purls for
Shylock und Macbeth, which he is to
play next season for the first time.
Harry Davis, who has been Hinging
the leading tenor roles at Snider's gar
dens in St. LouIb for the past four
months, has arrived in the city and
joined tliu Jtleal Upera company at
Lincoln park, where
lie will sing tho
leading tenor role,
An liliulUli riij.lelnti Itiis nUcntorod
Ni iv :Unt Tlml Atturhs Men.
Ah ii medical man with n fairly largo
practice I meet with and treat rases
which cover a very wido ground. But
novor until hint night havo 1 met with n
cao thu trouble and very probable httf
fering from which may bo distinctly
traced to thecnrrylngof a walklngstlekl
A man came to see mo who had com
pleted a week's walking tour in Dovon.
shire. Ho looked well and healthy. There
was no mistake about that, but his left
arm was almost numb, themuMclcs worn
contracted, and it was with groat trouble
and evident pain ho lifted it from his
side. It puzzled mo at first, His right
arm was all right, but on examining It
I noticed tho skin on tho hand was cl
ing off, while liis left hand had no sign
whatever of this.
"Been beating?" I asked.
No, ho had not been boating. Then I
suddenly caught sight of u walking r'lck
resting by the Hide of his chair, and
which he had brought into tho room.
Tho secret of it nil was soon out then a
very simple secret. It was ii thick mid
heavy stick weighing quite it pound. Uo
had carried that in tho right hand for a
wholo week, whilo ho admitted that his
left hand generally occupied his trousers
pocket. Tho constant using of tho stick
had worn tho skin away, whilo tho car
rying of it not having been equally bal
anced between tho two hands had
caused the ono not thus exercised to bo
como stiff and positively useless for the
time being.
A walking stick, to my mind, is not
tho most desirable thing. Still I sup
Pobo they will always bo carried, but I
would warn thoso who carry them to
excess. Sticks should be avoided with
plated topi. Either they should bo of
silver or gold or some perfectly pure
mot al, or, better still, only tho polished
top 6f the natural Htick should comointo
contact with tho flesh of the hand, which
often as in tho cano of clerks und thoso
not occupied in manual labor is as ten
der and susceptible to disease as any part
of tho body. A glovo might, however,
overcomo this difficulty.
Then as to tho weight of tho stick, It
is only rensonablo to supposo that too
great a drag on tho muscles is not cal
culated to improvo them. Stretching
the muscles in this manner is far from
advisable. A man should carry a stick
in proportion to his own weight, and n
stick from S to 10 ounces will be found
as good as any.
But tho groat danger appears to mo
to bo that of constantly carrying tills
wooden companion in tho namo hand. 1
may bo called a faddist, an old woman
among medicos, and tho like, but here
1 havo just had a practical proof of tho
difficulty which does arise from this
practice. It means a certain amount of
pleasant labor to the hand and arm to
carry a stick, and in tlds labor more
particularly when tho stick is carried
for any length of timo, as in tho caso I
havo just quoted tho work of tho hand?,
and arms should bo fairly divided.
I know this view will bo severely ques
tioned, bnt lot any who havo their
doubts just set out and carry a stick of
the same weight my pationt did for only
a fow hours and note tho result. Lon
don Tit-Bits.
Tea. smiI Camphor In Transit.
One of tho big English tramp steamers
which a weok ago was unloading at 'a
pier between tho sectional docks and tho
bridge filled the cast sido with a mixturo
of odors iieculiar to tho far east, tho
most prominent among them being tho
pungent aroma of camphor.
"Halloo," said ono of a group who were
walking down South street, "Let's go
down und see them unload tho tea ship."
"No you don't," said a second man,
"no tea therq."
Argument followed, suppers were wa
gered, and tho question was settled by n
visit to the Hankow, tho steamer which
was at tho pier. Tho first speaker know
moro when they went uwuy from tho
pier, for ho learned that no tea is carried
on a steamer which carries camphor,
and that no matter what composed the
rest of tho cargo, thu camphor was kept
in a separato, closed room and was only
taken at an exceedingly high into of
So carefully is tea handled and so eu
etratiug is tho odor of camphor that the
two aro not allowed on tho samo pier
together, even in tho open air, with U00
feet of Hpace between them. Tho next
timo ho smells camphor ho will not go
down to tho ship to seo tea unloaded.
New York Tribune'.
'Ilivy ISotli Jlud It.
Tho man that always has n joko to bo
printed came in with iihii-huin his voice.
"Oh, I Bay." ho exclaimed, "I've got a
"What is it?" inquired thuholples vic
tim. "Did you celebrato tho twenty-fifth of
"Tim what?"
"Tho twenty-fifth of tho alphabet tho
Fourth of July?"
"Conic off. Whafu tho twenty-fifth of
the alphabet got to do witli the Fourth of
"Thul'H what it is."
"I don't see it."
"I'll show you," and tho joker ha-ha'd
some more. "You see, tho twenty-fifth
of the alphabet is one letter; that ono let
ter is y: y is tho fourth of July, and thero
you havo it."
"And thero you havo it too," added
the helpless victim as ho fired a pastepot
into the joker's neck. Detroit Free Press.
I'rotect the I.'je From foreign Ilodies.
Never needlessly expose tho oyo to for
eign particles, but when necessary wear
plain glubses or goggles. When exieri
meutiug with chemicals, always turn
the mouth of the tube or bottlo away
from thu face and eyes. Whenever an
eyo is injured severely, nys tho hygienic
doctor, jihwn thu patient immediately in
it dark room and under tho care of a
skilkd phyficiau. whoso directions must
bo implicitly followed.
Thu foreign bodies may bo solids, as
sand, cinder?, hair, dirt, etc, limo, acids
or alkalis. Washington Staj.
In any department through the stock for the dollar
than any house. Investigate, it is to your interest.
fcViOCH & KOWtt.
PjcocErosBSBl've Dry Goods ISmporlutms
1141 AND 1 143
llio Moliool Jfor tlio AfrisaaeA
nn ou poi in i hew mm
tats Xoi)cittmentB
Reautlf unhealthy location, SO-acro campus, eiectrlo streetcar line runs directly to casspmt
without change. flSQJWO In buildings, splendid equipments, superior accommodations, stroai
(acuity, eiperlonced ninnugoincnt, comprehensive clrrlculum, thorough work, high moral koae)
Christian influences and low aiponses (or students.
Wo havo 25 courses. Our music, fine art, pen art, doUarte, elocutionary, roursos and kinder
garten and model trulnlug schools (for both children and student teachers), nro not OQUalletf !
to any part of the city for all who attend the Western Normal. You can cuter at any Usm aae)
And lust such classes as you dosire. Write, or call and seo us.
Spring term opens April II, 1KW, and continues 10 wocks. Hummer term opi-ns June 30,1819
and continues 8 weeks, You can enter at any time, however. Catalogues and circulars free.
IMS palatial atablUbment is now open in all sWrtsmaats wlta Out
?P" or TarkUh, ImiUi, Slaotrlo Oablnst and Boats, ut ttssa
wlUn ready by Jan 1. ,
ArranBemoptl of Hours-ORBAT PMJ.NQi:. Ladles, from S a. m. to 12:S0 p. m.
Dally eicept Handay. Usntlemiw, from 1 p.m. toll p. in, nk days, and from 8 a. ra. to
p. in. Hnndays. HOCIAI.8WIMS-O11 Monday and Thursday evanlng Motu 10:1)0 the
ploairo will tie oneu to both sexes. Untlmen on theso srtmlng will be ndmltud only
thn accompanied by a lady anil all straagtrs to ths Institution most procure an Intro
duction before tliey can purchase tkkits. (Inly special uon-transfsrable tlcksta will b ac
cepted on social evenings.
Special Notlcos-Oa Wednesday afternoon from t to I o'clock the great plunge es
be rented for prlvnte purtles. Children under 12 will not be admlttod nnlesi ni-compauted
by parent or ixuiirdlnii. IIo.vh undvr 10 will tie mlmlited daring ladles hours whsn accoav
panlsd by their mother or uimrdlan. Daring June. July and Angast ths great plnnge will
lie open t both ssii' from U a. m. to 8 u. ni. Dally eicept Hanilny. The great plaage
occupies a spaeoot W feet wl(l by 143 tevt III length ami Is from SH to f,t dp. Ills
filial with uilnrrul water from thocompnny's own wells and Is absolutely paru and remark
ubly clear und Iiihj our. Tlmruars luoilrusalng rooms, two toilet room,to hot aad cold
shower batlis. ouu iiutomntlc needle bnlh, two rubber covered spring boards, a raft, m
traveling crane und ropes for inquiring the art of swimming. Beviral life preservers, mir
rors, combs mid bruhe, soaps and towsls, etc., and the admission to the pluace with all
of these privileges Is but 2S OUUTM,
- - - " " ' ""i
MIssTlrrtle Harr and Mr. P. Devergiva Instructions In entwining to ladles sad children,
invu and boys durlug advertised hinr.
Tho Hot Salt Baths nre remarkably efficacious In such ailments as rheumatism.
il.vsirplu,gout, nialailn, kidney, liver and nervous troiiltv and blood dlnensii. The hot
wilt ilepurlmciit lire proluibly th most Imporlnnt of this urpiitesiaiillslimeut nad both
sexrs inn j- but he nt tliMiim lima, there belug asupiirnte mid distinct itpiirtuieut for ladles
11 nil gentlemen, with skilled nttendnnU In each, If yon lira suit, or feel bad and don't know
eiiictly what nils, you, try tlieosnlt baths for a short tlmeuud mhi the result. It will be
revelation to you.
Tho Hoc! Rooms nrachiirmlng, they nre well ventilated, linniUomily tarnished and
nre for thunrcommodatlou ol thoaelu III linilth wbowlsli to tnkn baths und remain In the
building, or for tlio who wih u nights lodging alter a Turkish, Itusslmi or Cabinet bath.
Thu Kocoptlon Rooms and Privatu i'arlors nro richly decorated and afford
much comfort nnd rest to those who wish to while nnay an hour or two after nhatti. The
lulcst fashion books, periodicals and Illustrated papers nre on convenient talilei. Luxur
ious dlviuis, rorkers and eny chair arson every side. Thu carpels are rich la color and
dislgn. lie sure nud visit these npnrtments.
Tho Bnrbor Shop Is In charge of careful men. The tools am sharp, the sarvoond
Inirs neat and comfortable nud the charge moderate.
Thu Latilos Hair Dressing; Department Is very complete and n supplied with
everything necessury for artistic uud satisfactory work. 1 he ludy attendants are experi
enced and courteous and will strive to please all who favor theui with avMt.
The H lain BnthB are very complete and afford ample accommodations for both
sexes nt the same time. All tubs are white porcelain.
I'nmphlets, textlmoulnte aad all Information may be secured by nddresslair Or. M. II.
aad J O. Kverett, managing physicians, M and Fourteenth streets, Lincoln, Neb.
ulants, which lead to nuekAt. Ott vmr
tor sale lu Lincoln, by U. W. llltOWN
Are Now Open and we are Serving the Purest and Most Delicious
Ice Cream In the Gity.
We Make a Specialty of Family Orders and will promptly deliver all Supplies a
Reasonable Prices.
Dry Goads
34S Tenoliera,
WM. M. GROAN, President, or
W. J. KINSLEY, Sec'y and Treat.
JuarunlieU torurun,liierviuuicaao.uctiae Weak Memory, Loss of Uraln
'ower. Headache. Wakelulueis, Loit Manhood, N Uhtly KmlMloiis, Nervous
ness, nlldralfisaiidlif powerlnUeiieratlvoOnians ot either sexcauseol
bv overexertion, youthful errors, excetilvo use of tobacco, opium or sttm-
Innrmlty.Ciintuniptlon or Insanity. Can ! carried in
bus. Si fur MA bv nmll linibalil. Willi ABBS nrtler w
give written guarantee la cure nr refsinii the sissty. Hold by all
Iruaglsts. Askforll. tsku 110 oilier. Write for free Medical Hook sent sealed
InnTalnnraiiiNir. Address N Est VCHKaCU CO., MasoutoTemplo.UlUCAuo.
and W. N. UKllLAENUKIt, Urugnuts.
-, W4itt.s...' it-
riiTiiiiaTiir ' Ii'" jto&ttsA.tisw
JMfcV.., WTVsJtJaiilllU.
'frsfl ffi if -it-mr- I