Saturday morning courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1893-1894, July 08, 1893, Image 7

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On!; the Scars Rtimin.
A.'.morg tho many testimonials which I
sec l.i regard to certain medicines perform
lug tares, clennslns tho blood, etc.," writes
llr:.:tr Hudson, of tho James Smith
Woolen Machinery Co.,
Philadelphia, Pa., "nonu
Impress mo more than My
own case. Twenty years
ngo, at the ago of is yoars,
1 had swellings come on
my legs, which broke and
I became, running sore.
Uur family iihyslclauconld
do me no good, nnd It was
feared that tho bones
would bo affected. At last,
I my good old mother
wrgrd ma to try Ayer's
Sarsaparllla. I took threo
bottle, tho sores healed,
and I havo not been
troubled since. Only the
cars remain, nnd thn
memory of tho past, to
remind me of tho srooil
A jot's Bartaparllla has don me. I now
vclgh two hundred and twenty pounds, nnd
r 'i In the best of health. I havo been on tho
I for tho past twelve yean, havo noticed
. ir'n Sarsaparllla ndxertlscd In nil parts
. l!:i United States, nnd alwas tako picas,
i ' i telling what good It did for me."
P tho euro of all diseases originating In
1-" i' ro blood, tho best rcmsdy Is
AVER'S Sartaparlllo
l'n pired by Dr. J. C. Arcr .V Co., Low .1, Maas.
Curesother?, wll! curevou
Dr. T. O'Connor,
(Successor to Dr. Charles Sunrlie.)
Wnn nnd Flutnlns without the ui ot Knlfo,
Chlornturm or Etbur.
1 1 IHcrt f!00 0 Strxul Owen block.
Chic.(i, Rock Island & Pacific Ry.
Makes Same rhllnsnnhlml Obterv
float to Mrs. Mc(lUsgit)r.
"Id take tit' cake, Mrs. Mcainggcrty."
"Fwhatdlx, Mrs. Magoogln"
"Th' Jitney City man thet 'a uxln th dl
voasht becauso hit wife dlsn't know how to
cuke corn bafu an cabbage, Mrs, McGlag-
"Fwhatquarogoln'a-an, Mrs. MagooKlnt"
"Throe for ye, Mrs. MdUlnggerty," said
the widow. "Id Is 'quaro, there's no gain
tayln that. Hut Id's quarcrahtill that there
afaud be anny wuman wud so little slusc
thet she should go an get marrld wudout
knowln bow corn bufe nn cabbage la cuked,
me frlnd. Fwbat did she think alio was
gettln married fur, Ol don't know Was It
to put her heels up nn tap av th' sofco no
wud ptnclshlons an plllles nndher her head
to lole down nn dhratno sweet dhrntnes the
whole livelong day, Mrs. McGlagKerty'
"Id's nil rolght an well enoof fur a wom
an tbet gets kowlt av a Vnndcrbllk ur nn
Asther, nn vhet kin havo sarvlnts nn cukes
av her own, an thet has dlvll n ha'p'orth to
do frnm inornlu till nolght but Irish her
hair an talk to herself In th1 lukin glass
Id's nil very nolco nn rnlslnnhlo fur a daisy
lolko thet to hither th mattherynomlal
shtate wudout nndherstnndln how to cuke
corn bafo an cabbage, but Id's a shame, an
an outrage, nn a crolmu ngln th' conjoognl
convcnthlnltlcs fur a gcrrul that marries n
wurrukln man to bo Ignorltit av Id, Mrs.
McQIaggcrty. Id mod mo laugh fwhln 01
fusht hunt cie dauglither. Toozy read In
about id; but, begorry, fwhln Ol come to
think about Id Ol can't help thlnkln but
th' man thut axes th' dlvoasht It rolght,
tno frlnd. Sure mi aft a woman dln't know
how to cuke corn bafo nn cnbbngo fwhnt in
tho mime of St. Mlck nv tho Mountain kin
alio know ut all lit nil, Mrs. McQIaggcrty?
Yurni, wurrn, but th' gvrruls thet ur grow
In up nr th' dlvlls in all fur knowln nothln
an dolu nothln but dhressln an shtoylo an
breukln mln's h'nrts.
"They don't want to alio their hands aft"
they kin help Id, but they'll play long Din
nls nn shmoko clgaroots nn paint imbr'ld
hcrlca nn think thcy'ro hall nn all on
fwhccls, so they will, Mrs. McQIaggcrty.
Dut they can't cuke corn Imfe nn cnbbngo,
an fwbat gutl nr' they fur wolves wudout
that, me frlnd f No wondhcr th' mln ur'
runnln away wud other gcrrulsnn gettln bo
many dlroashtaes, Mrs. McGlnggerty. How
kud It be otbcruolse, mu frlnd, fwhln they
can't have their mulls cuked properly for
tkim at homo Wait till 01 show yo fwhnt
a fushtclnrs wolfe Inks lolko wnnnv theso
days. 01 won't nay fwhln but tno Cubynn
smash Is an th' marry, an I wudn't beshup
prolsc but fwhat mo daughter Toozy id
have u Hhtepltiddcr for n father wnn nv
thuso foinodays. Mrs. McGlnggortyl" Now
York Mercury
Ho Neror Tried It Again.
A brigade major serving in Gibraltar was
In the habit of giving to soldiers who hud
Indulged not wisely, but too well, n noto
addressed to tho sergeant of the guard, in
which it was written, "Please conllno
Otto day un astute Irishman happened to
boonoof tho victims and was handed the
note untl ordered to return to tho barracks
at onco to deliver It.
On his way ho met tho brigade major's
groom, and knowing tho contents of tho
noto asked him as a favor to tuko it to tho
barracks, as he did not wish to return for
an hour or two.
On delivering it bowas of course confined
to the guardroom.
Tho major, on learning tbo truth, said no
moro about it, thinking it very smart on
tbo pant of the soldier, und novcrngutn tried
it, Sparo Moments.
Not Only the Month r Independence,
bnt of Many Other Important Ktrents.
Charles Carroll of Carrollton The Con
tlnental Congress.
July is a wonderful month in tho his
tory of nil nations, nnd in tnnny of thorn
tho leading anniversary falls in that
month. Of cottrso this is not thoYesult
of mero accident. It has often been re
marked that moro startling nnd impor
tant events have occurred in ono month
of midsummer and ono of midwinter
than in nil tho rest of tho year, nnd truly
man Is so far subject to nntttro that stir
ring events seem to crowd, as it woro,
toward that period when vegotntlon for
tho moat part completes its growth.
SB-Vt 3siCfc.
Rnir a Tonng t.oTcr Narrowly Averted an
r.spentlvn Trip,
"Diitllng," sl.e said ns sho nestled closet
to him ami looked up with n fond gnso into
the eyes of her lover, "you know all tho
preparations for our wedding havo been
made. Tho ranis arc nut, my trousseau Is
complete, but there Is one llttio matter that
has not yet been settled."
."I presume yop refer, dear," he replied,
lovingly holding her hand In his, "to otir
wedding trip?"
"You have guessed it, you dear, sweet
boy," shu cried joyfully, "and let's doclds
where we will go."
"Let mo see," he said, taking out his
notebook. "There's Niagara and Wash
ington and Old Point and''
"No, dear," alio Interrupted, "I don't
want to go to any of those places,"
"Perhaps you would llko to ico to some
real quiet place," he continued, "where wi
could bo all atono by ourselves. Hut, my
darling, tho matter with you' You
aro not III, are your"
Herfacu had become ashen pale. Con
trol II ng herself by a supremo effort, she
saldt "Can you not guess It Don't you see
where I want to go," And sho whispered
something In his car.
Two hours later tho figure ot a solitary
man might havo been seen scurrying along
the wharves In tho lower part of tho city,
IIo paused n moment to sco that ho was not
observed, nnd thin moving swiftly to tho
edge ot tho black water without n mo
ment's hesitation ho plunged in, exclaim,
lug ero ho did so, "No World's fair formal"
Kon For llltn.
ofUitys fMR trcvrcsvoH tunes.
. direct rotlto
Best Dining- Car Service in tho World.
BemesBber, this Lisa baa a Bepot for all
trains at SaglewoodfaabarborCbloago),
close to til World's ralr Oate.
The Wrong Night.
"So you deny that you cvpr asked my
client to marry you or that you promised
to marry her?" queried tbo attorriey for the
plaintiff In tho breach of promise case with
a comprehensive gusturo and nn air of tmr-
prl sea Incredulity.
"Ho, sir, 1 admit It," resnouded the de
fendant promptly.
"You admit HI" shouted tho lawyer, leap
ing to his feet and casting a triumphant
look about the courtroom.
"Yes, I admit It, hut tho conversation al
luded to occurred on Sunduy evening, and
I believe contracts made on that day uro
void." Detroit Tribune,
One Sasaple Enough.
Newman Como in a moment, old fol
low! I want to show you a now Invention
of mine. It is the latest thing in pants
Shockem Excuse mo, but I've had my
share of that article, thank you. Old Bodly
operates a very effectlvo ono. He trlod it
an me lost night, and it not only stretched
ais pants but stretched me out on the side
walk. Boston Courier.
After the Haiti.
(Main Liini 11. A O. It. It.)
Rates, WO, $75 and 190 a month, ac
cording to location. Address
Cumberland, Md., up to Juno 10; after
thut duto, either Deer Park or Oakland,
Garrett county, Md,
Csll or tend for circular containing U
motsanreloutcurso( CouumpUon,
Csnc X, Bright' DImm, Borofula, Ec
rat, Srphtlli, RbfumatUa, Catarrh,
Tumon, stamuh Trouble, eta, ita,
SIMM BIW1SD for any not mnuln.
Aat wanted r vywher. SlOiSS BICSOSB SI1XSB
Mas bsv J I 1
"Nope, Wlfcr."-LlfR
A Hidden I'urpose.
Tailor If any ono calls on me, say I will
be back in an hour.
Clerk Very well, sir. Shall I tell them
where you have gone
Tailor My gracious, no. I'm going out
to buy ma a ready madosult. Clothier and
at Was a Tendorfoot.
"Are you fond of music V ho asked.
"Sometimes," was tho answer.
"I hare somo duets in ray trunk.
soy of you alng at sight?"
"No, but a lot of us con shoot at sight."
-Washington Star.
Where They Went.
Corrutbers (in Walto'a den) That's a
rery pretty desk you havo there, but I don't
sea any pigeonholes for bills and tho like.
Walte No, but you'll obaorvo a very
pretty wattebasket to tho left. Truth.
No Harry,
Eaton Saltier Where are those oysters I
ordered on the half shell
Walter Don't get I in pat let t, sab. We're
ireffle aho't on shells, but ro'ro next.
It is claimed Hint moro bloody und de
cislvo battles havo been fought in Juno
and July than in all tho rest of the
It is a matter of common knowledge
that all or very nearly nil tho grunt
riots havo been in tho hottest weather,
and tin reason is obvious. Tho greatest
riot over known in London began Juno 7,
1780, nnd Insted llvo days. Thirty-six
fires woro blitzing nt onco, nnd in sup
pressing tho outbreak 210 rioters were
known to havo been killed nnd 248
wounded. Tho greatest riot in Now
York began July 13, 1803, and tho total
of killed nnd wounded is roughly esti
mated nt 500. In July, 1877, thero was
rioting in almost ovcry northern city bo
tweon tho Hudson nnd tho Mississippi,
and tho total of killed cortainly exceeded
300. Tho loss by ftro nnd othorwiso has
been estimated all tho way from T0,000,
000 to $100,000,000. July certainly is tho
fighting month.
It is just thosamo in Franco. Tho
month is thero so memorable that "Days
of July," "Colnmn of July," etc., nro fa
miliar to all readers. Tho 14th is French
Independence day, becanso on that day
In 1760 tho Parisians captured and Backed
tho Bastille. On tho same date in 1700
Louis XVI took tho oath to support tho
now and liberal constitution. July 0,
1701, tho assembly voted to abolish tho
last remains of kingly power. July 28,
1704, Robospicrronnd his adherents wero
guillotined, and tho reign ot terror ended.
Thereafter tho discontented in France
mado it a point to begin their disturb
ances on ono or tho other of theso datos
but tho government, being forewarned,
kept them down till July 27, 1830, when
tho second revolution began. 1 Tho. war.
with Germany began in July, 1870, but
was fought chiefly in tho next month.
It is quito in tho courso of naturo that
great military movcmcnU should cul
minate in July, but many ovents of the
month in American history seem to have
moro than a passing slgniikanco. To
all patriots it will never ceaso to bo mat
ter of deep thought that tho two states
men most prominent in securing the
passage of tho Declaration of Independ
ence, after having been presidents of tho
nation they founded, died on the same
day just CO years after thoir tnomorable
act Historians of 1830 toll us that at
tho nows traveled slowly over the land
that one of thorn was dead the date was
takonasbnt an accidental coincidence,
but when it wasollowed in a few days
by information of the other's death pious
men everywhere saw in it the evidonce
of a supernal order, as if heaven itself
smiled upon thoir great work and ap
proved it In the most impressive of all
Five years mora passed, and ex-Presi
dont James Monroe died on July 4 in
New York city. He served in the field
aa Adams and Jefferson had served in
congress, and it certainly seems some
thing more than a coincidence that the
threo died on Independence day. Han
nibal Hamlin is the only vioe president
who has diod on that date. Not long
beforo hie death Jefferson wrote thus to
Adams: "I have over dreaded a doting
age, and my health is so good that I
dread it still. Tho rapid decline of my
etrongth tho last winter gives me hope
that I soo land. They say that
Starke tho 'Victor of Bennington' had
recently diod at 03 could walk about
his room. I am told that you Walk well
and firmly. I can only reach my gar
den', and that with scnsiblo fatigue. 1
ride, however, daily, but rending is my
delight. God 'bless you nud give you
health, strength, good npirits and as
much life as you think worth having. "
Tito death of Adams and Jefferson loft
but one Charles Carroll of Carrollton,
Md., who for five years was known as
tho lost survivor of tho immortal 58,
It was' his bingular fortune to be alono
and noted in many things. Ho was tho
only Roman Catholic who signed the
Declaration of Independence. He was
by far tho richest man in all tho col
onies, as rich probably as any either three
mon. tie was tho only man in tho con-!
tinontal congress spiting from n vet;.
oiu inuiiiy u unquuituunuuiy "llODte
blood" on both side And ho lived to
the greatest ago (00) und outlived all the
other "signers." Stilt more, he luul near
relatives almost eqnnlly celebrated in
the same cause and founded a family
which in the truly Ar.iericnu sense of
that word nay hi culled "noble" is
Maryland. J, 11. Dkadijc
Thn most direct route in via tho vk Vvfl '
KNOWN AH TI1K . sTV vJL llli
It la tho only Urst-dinn lino In thn city, mid nil hIioiiIiI buy tlokotti over UiIh route.
Trunks, Traveling llngi. HtetiHlou C'iihoh, l'ouknt Honks, Dressing Ciihcs, Straps,
nnd everything llrsl cIuhh for travellers.
Rambler Bicycles
There is u certain air
haps you liave noticed it.
of distinction about RAMBIbKK riders per-
Vicar's Fair Daughter (at school treat)
Won't you havo soma Jam on your bread
and butter, Johnulu Spry
Johnulo Bpi-y Xot me, miss I works
where they makes it. Judy.
What Mike Had.
"An how is Molkc, Mrs. Ilorllbyr" in
quired ono of that lady's neighbors. "Poro
by, phwat docs tho docthcr nay to his
"Ilo says there's nlvcrn thing tho mat
thorwld Molko's loongs now," replied Mrs.
Herllhy, "but ho nln't duuyltt thcy'vo got
the I ante mite nv 11 tlndlnuy."
"Wurrn, wttrra, nn is that so?" exclaimed
the neighbor dolefully, and then after a
short pause sho asked deferentially, "an
phwat is a 'tludlncy,' Mrs. Herllhy, dcarf"
"A tinumcy, responueu wrs. ueriiuy,
with solemnity, "Is a thing that ain't to bo
shpoko nv loighty. It's whero what nln't
sdMrlddy Islolkrly to come on ye unbe
knownst at anny mlnutl"
"PoroIolke, poro b'y I" ejaculated tbo vis
itor within dubious shako of her head, and
sbe departed to spread the news of Mike's
mysterious ailment. Youth's Companion.
Ami She Did.
A girl in a Maine vllhigo who mado her
homo with her aunt was often disturbed by
evidences of tho old lady's iudilTerence to
everything but the welfare ot her own ma
terial possession. Ono day, iu going down
cellar for somo butter, sbo tripped niul.fell
heavily qulto a distance. Tho maiden aunt
rushed to tbo door, and peering down Into
tbo darkness called out sharply:
"D'yo break the dish"
"Nol" thundered back tho nleco, for ones
thoroughly aroused. "No, but I will!" and
she shivered it with hearty good will
against the cellar wall. Lewiston Journal.
Might B So.
"When I was once in danger from a lion,"
said an old African explorer, "I tried sit
ting down and staring at him, as I had no
"Howdld it work" asked his companion.
"Perfectly. Tho Hon didn't oren offer to
touch me."
"Strange! How do you account for it"
"Well, sometimes I've thought It was be
cause I sat down on tho branch ot a very
tall tree. "-Tit-Bits.
People ive them credit for beinp; competent to Judge n bicycle
for knowing a good thing when they see it.
An air of confidence is clearly marked in the graceful bearing of
RAMBloliR riders. They know the wheel they ride; have utmost con
fidence in it.
Knowing that Ramblers are high grade, and are sold at list price
only, people do not look upon RAMBIrliR riders as frequenters of "bar
gain shops."
1. R. OTJHIfclJ, oris agiwt,
i-0 O M'l'MICKT.
I want you to help make $10,000 sales for
me by Sept. 1st. Buy shoes for yourself, the
boy and the girl.
It will unlock money to plant in a Wholesale
Findings and Rubber Business.
It will give One Thousand Dollars to some
church or benevolent society.
Have the caedit of your purchase placed to
that ond you prefer.
liao o sthbbt.
Ttsa Georgia Mala.
"Have you got any Georgia patent curry
combs" asked a man of aToccoa morchant
the other day.
"I don't know," replied the storekeeper.
"Pre got several kinds. What sort Is the
Georgia patent"
"ItTa made with scallops so it will fit In
between a mole's ribs this time of year,"
replied tho man. Atlanta Constitution.
Xaatlr Arreaa4
Mia Summit Papa wants you to go
yachting with him tomorrow.
Kegy Dean ma, I wsally couldn't go, ye
knaw. Why, my yachting suit lsu't fin
ished yet
Miss 8ummltOb, that's all right, Yo-i
can wear one of mine. Clothier and Fur
nisher, Tha Proper (iutu
Johnny Mamma, can't yoii toll me s!
now fairy story?
Mrs. Uraggs I don't know any, Johnny.
Maybe jour father will tell mo some when)
be comes in toulght. Uullctln.
R. R. Moose, Pronlilont.
E. K. Brown, Vlco Pni.
C. H. iMiutrr, Ciidhlor.
It. K. MMiro,
J. I). Miicfnrlanil,
K. V.. IlruvMi,
J. W. Dowwho,
J. J. ImhiitT,
C. E. Yule,
A. S. ltnjmoml,
John Fiturornlil,
T. E. Calvort,
Liberal Iutrt.
Absolut Security.
A Full Stan.
Melton That fellow Alltalke Is the
windiest man I know.
Messerly No wonder. Ills wife takes
particular pains to blow him up every
chance sho gets. Troy I'resc.
A Decided Preference.
"What scent do you prefer, Mr. Empty
purse'" asked she as they passed a jn-r-tumor's
"Tho red, Miss Monuygurl," replied he
fervently. Truth.
CoaiBieudable Caution.
I)e Sanple Havo a cigarette?
Caustic No, I don't smoke "fool kill-
Do Sapplo Neither
you. Life.
would I If I were
A Man Who Said This.
"It was a woman who took tho prlzo In
the missing word contest."
"I am not surprised at it, A woman Is
never at a loss for words." New York
Interest paiit on Sitvlntr DoikmII nt tha rnto of
Flro ior ccut txiranuum.
Union Savings Bank,
ill South Eleventh Street, Lincoln, Nebraska.
OFFICE 1001 0 ST.
CtbMBHV 7r a
Moving HousehoisD Goods and Pianos
Is. (Sl)30iCslt-.
None but Experienced Men employed. Latest devices for Moving Machinery, Safes,
and other heavy articles.
Wo hao Just tinih)od a skillful workman from tho East, who I fully cumnutont to mako ali
repairs In tho aboTollnw. T. d. THORPE & CO., W South UUmmthSt.