Saturday morning courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1893-1894, July 08, 1893, Image 6

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tMni. mm. av a, mita . sua
V BtSMfc ieaeSMSat with VHe.
IiTsplte of Uie etnthatlo protest of Mr.
lira Ifoeelrtn reirard to the invulner
ability of hi affection, it wu quite
noticeable that, hvinR mounted the
rep, he took the opportunity of survey
ing kit warlike undersise in the short
aiirrorof the ranch window and actu
ally pMaed hi short Angers through hi
canty look aa he sank down in the
hurarlon reclining chair. A small hand
kerchief with polk dot ono of those
ietkatetriie that femininity affect
waa crumpled up in the fur of the great
bnffeVorobe. Ik took it op cnrcleeely.
Itwaa redolent of a delicate iwrfumo
and pleasantly suggested the owner. Ho
raked it reverently to hie lips.
"We don't get very much of this Ma
Mat in our profession," ho soliloquised,
"kvt It's humanlsin and makes a inanre
BtMnber who he is."
Re became strangely quiet, and his
hard, steel blno eyes took on a softer look
a the faint odor woke a chord of hi
.memory. Yf hat was it about the seent
of those orange blossoms that took him
back in the past? Ho saw an old planta
tion house and its outlying field of corn
aad cotton. Tho moon rose softly over
the bayou, tipping the low porch with
black aad eilrer.
Who waa tha standing in the shadow
there, the vines of the trellis drifting in
patches overher fair young facet And
Who that young fellow, small of stature,
hat lithe and active, slipping vpon tho
Uttle hand a circlet of gold beneath tho
Bale moon's glamour? Ah, yes, it was all
past long agol There waa a small green
monad out by the lagoon which the "sen
tinel cypress tree stands over." And the
willows wailed a low dirge bythehur
ryiag stream. It waa all gone loug agol
Bat somehow the rough sheriff, for all
hkbrusqueaeee, foand the sunlight too
strong for his eyes again, even upon the
shady veranda, and shielded them against
it with bis heavy hat brim.
A step ob tho porch recalled him. It
was Henry Bruce. He came toward him
with an outstretched hand and a frank
"Well, well, Sheriff Mosely, glad to see
you've got over our way at lost," he said
cordially, with a hearty handshake.
"Which way tab time!"
"On the way bam now," Mosely re
joined, returning the grip with sinews of
teal. "Badly done up, too, and gen'rally
knocked out by the experience of the last
three weeks. Me and my two depyties
her been down on the stage road, layln
far road aginte day and night. Wehad
a brash with 'em night afore last and
dan pretty well, bat Humlv Jim got a
dmlkt through his hand, and Jake Sharp
iMtatnger, I ain't been In a bed fur a
dog's age,"
"Any one killed" inquired Brace,
knowing the aherUTs delicate habit of
avoiding the fatal details in these mid
night encounters.
"Lessee!" said Mr, Mosely, puttinghis
head on one side, closing his eyes and ap
parently indulging in a sincere effort
of memory. "I disremember exactly
whether it waa three or Ave of them fel
lers passed In his chips. I got two, I
know, with thet now self cockin colt's
ole man Dallas givo me. Geewhittakerl
but thet are a pretty boy to shoot,
natch'ally beats the olo fashion of flllin
the tumbler all to death. Humly Jim
called oae chap1 in with his Winchester
the best line ruanin shot I ever see by
good, luck it was the one who winged
him. And, Jake, how many did you git.
Jake" he inquired, as the two deputies
lounged slowly up the steps of the porch
.and perched on the low railing.
"Hone," said Jake sullenly. "Not a
mother's son ea I knows on. My hand
waa bleedin to like all possessed theI
ihedn't any nee fur a 6-shooter."
He exhibited the stump of - his Anger,
bandaged in a bloody rag. It was now
apparent that Humly Jim had also suf
fered in the night encounter. HUleft
arm waa worn in a sling,
"If this yer foolishness couttaners,"
remarked Mr. Mosely in a disgusted
tone, surveying his wounded subordi
nates, "the gal in this country will hev
'to put on their spectacles to find a sound,
abiebodled man into it. They ain't
aightin maninOskaloo tbet's got the
average allowance of Angers and toes.
Some's without ears, and they'a a few"
chuckling softlrcWESJtebif "ea is losia
heir hair, buttb4,HiaJoritVvo them aro
taarried .'' ' f, v V
As the sheriff' concinM' he gravely
i uncovered his 'w'ims,m and rubbed
his bald pate with'hU ffA bandana.
"N-n-aobody can a-alow thet a gal re
lieved you o' y-y-yourn," stammered
Humly Jita wih a spasm of merriment
as malevolent a the laugh of a hyena.
"Not muchl" said the sheriff shortly.
"They was a gal once who was a little
soft on me, and she said to me, 'Oh, how
I wish I hed your halrl' I bed more of
the article then than I have now," Mr,
Mosely resnarked. apologetically. "She
said thet from a' spirit o' gush, I reckon,
, but sneaain it aft the same, ye know.
vUHowenmever, I dida't cotton. I sua-
piciouav tnet gat to nv qsalfnt on my
raturmeui ana reckoner ra give Hera
, Mat the lm onto it. ,' I., 'ye
i:JVhWairealp nohow, bum as ye
ammtilueTer.sMdmiwm to say
omearter thet."
"To change the subject somewhat,
' pntlemen, from the" fair sex to more
vital iatereeto," put in Henry Bruce, "I
mar your labors are not yet over. I sur
prised Lent Wkksoa and his gang this
morning engaged in their old pastime of
,,hog hunting wi my range. The hog
r they were snooting belonged to Alcides.
DaUaa and had hi road brand. They
wet over by the 'soldier's water hole'
"".- l, . T .J..' j I .. 1 1 1 . n
''.'. "Y dont sayr said Mosely, 'rising
t men his elbow excitedly aa he received
"Is it pomrtble them
In thet bw'neesyetV They
fur a term in Jail at
Post, and Lam. I reckon, is lookin
forward to Uln tho principal figure in
one o' (hem 'neckllo matinees' thet I've
presided at inoro frequent lately than I
hev any una fur. Lenstwise thet's wot
he'll hev to attend cf ho keeps on with
this hoes stoalln."
"I'm too tuckcreil out jest now," con
tinued Ike, linking back in his chair
with an air of fatigue, "and my poesy is
too badly nscd np to push things right
away. I'll hev to enter a 'nolly prose
quy' fur the present. But, howsum
ever," said ho, rising up again excitedly
and laying a significant hand on hi re
volver, "I'll run thet Lem Wlckson
down afore I'm a month older, or my
name's not Mosely. Thet man is gettln
on tho inside track of my moral princl-
rles by his Impudence, and thet's suthln
won't allow no one to do. Besides, I
owe thet much to Allsides himself,"
Sheriff Moncly's righteous outburst of
indignation waa interrupted by the
aoand of footsteps and voices as Mrs.
Xernochan and Miss Stafford came out
upon the veranda. The usual courtesies
were exchanged, tho bluff sheriff exhib
iting an offhand gallantry in meeting
the ladies which invariably surprised
those who knew the man and the rough
duties of his calling, , Far different was
the bearing of the deputies, Jake Sharp
and Humly Jim, who were instantly
surprised into that nncouthness which
overtakes the uncultured male animal in
the presence of beauty and refinement,
They descended abruptly from their
perches, executed tho customary awk
ward salutation and then, climbing back
upon the railing from sheer embarrass
ment, were overcomo by a painful si
lence and a conviction of being all hands
and feet.
"You were speaking of Alcides Dallas,
Mr. Mosely," Mrs. Kernochan remarked,
sitting down in ono of the large old fash
ioned lockers. "How is that queer old
man and his quaint little daughter? Docs
he entertain visitors as much as oyer
with his bewildering music upon the vio
lin?" 'Having just returned from a profes
sional visit down in tho lower country, I
can't really say just how they aro gettln
on over by tho Colorado," replied the
sheriff, with a humorous twlnklo of his
blue eye that showed ho appreciated the
lady's comment, "but I supposo the
usual overtures to courtship and matri
mony aro still in order. By tho way,
are you ladies awaro that there is to be
a ball given at San Marcus immediately
after the spring roundups? It can't be
more than a fortnight away, and sush
another opportunity for a stranger in tho
Lone Star to witness tho gayeties of the
season is not often afforded. You must
ask Mr. Bruco to escort you," turning
to Miss Stafford.
"A ball!" exclaimed the fair Edith,
who had been leaning against a pillar of
the veranda listening listlessly to1 tho
previous conversation, "a genuine fron
tier merrymaking such aa I have heard
so much about? That is delightfall 1
must see it by all means! You will take
me, Hal, of courser
'4 toW erclatmtd the fair Edith.
"I suppose so," replied Bruce in rather
a hesitating tone on being thus directly
appealed to. "I hope you won't think
me rude, Edith, but the fact is I have
already part way committed myself in
regard to that affair."
"And to whom, pray?" inquired Edith,
raising her pretty brows in tho complete
ness of her surprise. "What sircu has
anticipated me in this request, I should
like to know?"
"Oh, it's a little favor Miss Dallas re
quested during my visit there," Bruce
responded carelessly enough. "I'm sorry
these engagements conflict, however.
What do you think I'd better do about UV
"Do about itr returned Miss Stafford,
with a proud toss of her head. "Why,
veu'll take me of course. You'll write
Miss Dallas a note 111 write it for you
u It s too mucn bother in which you'll
my that your drat duty is with your
iruest, and tkat the won't release you
under any circumstances. I won't! I
think that disposes of the matter very
satisfactorily," she concluded, with a
certain triumphant smile of superiority
which would have charmed tho absent
Cynthia liad she been privileged to wit
ness it.
"I'm afraid Cynthia will regard that
as coming with a very ill grace from
me," Bruco rejoined, as if thinking
aloud. "However, there is considerable
force in what you say. By tho way,
sheriff," he said suddenly as Mr. Mosely
rose with a quick glance at the sun, as if
about to take hir departure, "do you
happen to be going in the direction of
the Delia ranch?' "
"Well, I do happen to be rldta that
way,", Mosely replied.. "I was about to
aay, ladies, that I regret professional du-
ties will, prevent my.Qffering my personal
aerviee in the present emergency?', The
sheriff belonged to that reeognised class
of ' individual whose vocabulary . im
prove with their surroundings. "But
that being, unfortunately, out of the
question, Mr. Bruce, if I can take any
message to Mis Cynthia or do you any
other favor, I'm hero to do it!"
"No messago is necessary thanks!"
Bruce rejoined in rather an emphatio
tone, "and I feel a natural reluctance
about making the request I do. Tho fact
is I think a guitar would be such an im
provement upon that poor, weather beat
en banjo Mies Dallas possesses that I
should like to send her my own, I think,
with her knowledge of the bapjo, bUo
will readily learn to play upon it. But
it'iaa awkward thing to carry in tho
' aa2aBBF IBmjI I JBjpl jimwH
llWaW TInnmnm77iT JtHLnTC
"blew your coul, man, don't let that
worry you!' exclaimed Mr. Muely; "ef
there's ii strap or Imml about it, I'll pack
It an easily ns cf it were a grip sack. Lot's
liavo it r.t onccl"
Thus urged. Bruce stopped quickly
into tho house, returning with the in
strument enveloped in ii green balse case.
"They'll take mo for a traveling min
strel show this time, sure enough,"
laughed Ike, passing tho attached ribbr
duftly over his shoulder.
"Rather a dangerous one to interfere
with, though," commented Mrs. Ker
nochan, with a gesture indicatlvo of his
revolvers, contrasting strangely with the
suggestion of tho troulwdour at bis back.
"They don't tally very well together,
that's a fact!" said Bee, glancing down,
"but I'm equally prepared now, you see,
for peace or war, Well, goodby, ladles.
I must be off, It's a long ride yet to Oa
kaloo. Come, boys!" and baring his
bald brow in a sweeping salutation tho
sheriff was off to the gate with his quick,
nervous stride.
Jako Sharp and Humly Jim dropped
down from tho railing of tho veranda,
like a pair of rusty coated crows which
had been spending the Interval In quiet
and gloomy communion upon some con
venient fence. With bows that were
!henomenal for their awkward original
ty they slouched away after their chief.
There was a leisurely adjusting of
girth and stirrup at the rancho gate, a
hurried scramblo into the saddle and
an abrupt departure. Smlthareens de
veloping some eccentricity possibly ow
ing to tho strange burden her rider bore
called for a display of horsemanship
on tho part of tho sheriff, which waa
promptly responded to with whip and
spur. This incident awoke the latent
humor and merriment of tho two depu
ties. At last, with loud laughter, a clat
ter of hoofs and an accompanying cloud
of dust the cavalcade got fairly under
way. In a few moments their mounted
8gures were scarcely discerniblo amid
the lengthening shadows of tho valley.
The gracious springtlmo 'lingered lov
ingly in tho valley of tho Colorado. No
where had its advent been more wel
come, nowhero more apparent its trans
forming changes. Amid weeks of bril
liant sunlight and odorous breexes and
tho tuneful improvising of mating mock
ing birds the glad days como and went.
From twilight to twilight tho sun smiled
benignly down from out tho cloudless
blue, and the earth, tropical with flow
ers and verdure, accepted gratefully his
benediction. It was early in May. The
year's resurrection was complete. The
prairie dogs bestirred themselves mer
rily about their noisy housekeeping and
chid the jocund season with their shrill
clamor. And even tho dismal violin
playing' of the elder Dallas seemed to
thrill at times with accents of joy.
One day, as if in answer to tho old
man's invocation, the "Dallas, range"
awoke to life and animation. Troops of
cattle thundered through the little val
ley, driven on by bands of horsemen,
and converging upon a large pen at its
upper end. The air was full of the cries
of lowing kine, tho bleating of calves
and tho shouts of pursuing cowboys.
Tho plain was picturcsquo with the evo
lutions of tho outriders, goading the ter
ror stricken bands and throwing tho un
erring lasso. Tho advanco guard of tho
"spring roundups" had readied the
dwelling of tho elder Dallas. Thpj busi
ness of branding calves und "cutting
out" tho various owners' property had
begun. In haste tho aged cattle owner
discarded his fiddlo, resumed his1 knee
boots, and mounting his sturdy cow pony
joined tho boisterous cavalcade.
But the days pasxed drearily for Cyn
thia. Sho took no interest in the varied
features of the roundup. Tho bursts of
speed between tho rival horsemen, tho
exciting chase of some refractory steer,
the skillful cost of tho sinuous lariat,
the shock and triumph of each sharp en
counterscenes familiar to her indeed,
and in which she herself, mounted upon
her fleet little cow pony, had often
formed a conspicuous figure, compelling
the admiration of theso centaurs of the
rein these she witnessed with a listless
eye or did not regard at all. Audlf the .
exciting chose interested her not, cer
tainly BtiU less the more prosaic details
of throwing and branding tho unfortu
nate calves, the cries of the tortured cat
tle and the enumerating of tho year's in
crease. In all of theso interesting particulars
the elder Dallas manifested a keeu de
light, exhibiting a skill In horsemanship
that .those who were familiar with bis
usual rheumatic mode of progression
could scarcely credit. He brought bopm
with him. to dinner at oddj times certain
of the "likeliest" of hi companions
lanre limbed, deep chested sons of the
saddle introducing them to his charm
ing daughter with a paternal flourish and
hopeful manner that gavo place to a
mystified wonder when ho noted tho ap
athy )f Cyn'thta's greeting, Ho bad an
ticipated no small degree of, gratitude
for the opportunity thus afforded of dis
playing her fascinations and had con
Estulatcd himself In advance upon the
voo sho would accomplish in a com
munity where the very scarcity of tht
fair sex makes their advances Irresisti
ble. Bet all those air castlos of the eldet
Dallas were doomed to speedy oven
throw. To oae and all Cynthia preserved
a consistent attitude of calm Indiffer
ence. The meal progressed in grave si
lence. The infrequent conversation had
no lighter topic than the incident of tht
roundup, and when at it close the ad
miring Alcides suggested: "Ye might
bring out yer banjo and shako it up
for the boys a little. Show 'em jes'
natch'ally what a stunner yo aro at
plckin it," this accomplished perform
er replied with an excuse or instant
ly escaped to the seclusion of her own
little room, whereupon tho embarrassed
eowmen were compelled toenduro an
onslaught upon tho violin that should
have caused the embowering live oaks W
rise and mutiny.
But Cynthia went her way and fol
lowed tho dictates of her singular humor.
Aulus and the fawn usually accompa
nied her in these lonoly wanderings.
Sometimes her listleai footstep sought
the piny shelter of her bower, where,
swinging in her llttlo hammock, she
passed long hours steeped in tho aromat
ic odors of tho woods, wntching tho soft
f day of sunlight in tho boughs above,
ter fancy captivo and her thought
adream. What recret she whispered in
the ear of the sagacious hound that lay
at her feet, with his devoted eyes fixed
ever upon her foco, what thoughts of
her may have been detected by tho
antelope that drowsed away tho long
hours thus consecrated to her woodland
reverie, havo never been divulged by
these most worthy confidant. Aud if
the grave pines that bent so reverently
about their little devotee divined aught
of her disquietude they only grew the
graver for the knowledge and dropped a
cone now and theu in their still depths
a woodland tear of sympathy. And at
such moment the river far below lifted
a soft consolatory murmur that stole
upon her silent musing.
For I fear our little Cynthia waa but
learning the story which, if we aro to
beliovo the poet, the vast panorama of
nature ha boon telling "since first tho
flight of years began." A sudden lone
liness had come upon her in the midst of
her pastimes and occupations. A strange
voice whispered in her heart. Tho
things which satisfied once had lost their
charm somohow; the tones of her banjo
were harsh and discordant; tho fawn had
less of grace; even her beloved Aulus
was often stupid and unsatisfying.
At times the preoccupied Miss Dallas
turned her footsteps in quite another di
rection. Sho developed a fascination for
a certain ledge of rocks upon the crest
of a western divide. It waa a bare, un
interesting spot, without shado or shel
ter, and, but for tho prospect it afforded
of tho valley ou cither sldo, a poor ploco
certainly to pass ones time. Yet Cyn
thia was much given to haunting this
locality. A superficial observer might
have surmised that sho sought this lofty
post of observation tho inoro closely to
note tho varied maneuvers of tho round
up in tho plain below, but unfortunate
ly for this theory tho back of tho fair
observer was invariably turned upon
this animated spectacle.
Who shall say what disappointments
wero hers, thus occupied in spying out
tho land? Who shall say how many
times this self appointed Sister Anne be
held the cloud of dust upon tho distant ho
rizon disclose not tho expected horsemen,
but the invariable flock of sheep, or how
many times some roving mustang raised
a tumultuous flutter in that little breast
that not a whole caballada of his wild
eyed comrades might have caused by the
maddest of their onsets? Yet oven in
this hopeless reconnolterlng the days sped
on and on, and the anticipated horseman
never came.
'aanKtXKoa an ox
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Prisoner Certainly. The chair waa a
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"That' what everybody says."
"Why don't you suavo it ouT!"
(With a heavy sigh) "I wish I could,
Bwilklns, but I've just bad my photograph
taken for my Columbian exposition pass.
Got to wear this beard for six months darn
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