Saturday morning courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1893-1894, July 08, 1893, Image 4

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xfibJ ciAiJitoAYoKtxiBiro couribh
lit Till)
L. Wksski,, Jr.,
W. Morton Hwtii,
President and Mannirer,
Secret itrjr nml Treasurer,
HnslncssOfllroliaiO Hirer!., I'lionn EVl.
c - - a t r -jr
Thk Coi'hikm, ono )enr, In mlrntico. . ,tt.m
Hliimmtli i u . . !"
Tlinv inoiitlip,. . ......... i M
font rlhut Inn nml nil rnmiimiilontlimi relit
(Ui to new nml rdltorlnl uintlir should bo nil
dressi-di Tntlinwlltnr. ,
All hindneM Irllorx nml remittances should
bo addressed to TiiKt'ouaiKn Puiii.isiiimi ( o.,
Lincoln, Nob. Drafts, checks mill ikwIoIHcii
orders should ho indor.n)nlile In tlio order or
In I.khh than, u month thoro will lie a
Hpeclul HiHlon of congreHH, ami It will
Iw ono of the iiiohI notalilu Hpoulnl hi-h-alons
over held. In tackling thn llnnnuinl
question on a platform of his own anil
which l at variation with tho plntforuiH
of powerful wlnga f tho ih'inooratlo
party, PretddontClovolnnd Ifl attempting
a work which to an ordinary man would
Ihi linpotwlhlo; tint PreMdont Clovuliutd
Homo yonra up) muilo it iipiiareut that ho
Ik not an ordinary man. On moat iiuoh
tlons of imhllo IntorcHt ho Ih porfoutly
sound, and ho Iiuh tho courage and tho
will to maintain hut own oplnlona and
oxeouto IdH duty h ho booh it, oven lr it
' involves a oontllot with his party. Prob
Hbly no president with tho exception of
Abraham Lincoln him ovor Ihoii in a
moro dlttluult or omlmriwslng position
than that in which Cleveland now limit
himself. Tho platform of IiIh party on
tho tarllt and money huohHmih .Ih not
adjuntod to thoi present lu'crowlticH of
tho country, and no man known bettor
than ho that it projier nolutlon of tho
diuioulticH that Involve tho country
must lie found In a practical btisliu'HH
llko consideration of tho factH uh they
exist today, rather than In commonplace
platform declaration. To tho dlflluulty
of dotormlnlng, with tho aid of wIho
counselors, just what should bo done,
muat bo added the" larger taHk of recon.
clllng conflicting factions, and allaying
tho determined opposition, that la con
atantly assorting itself. President
Cleveland, on tho ovo of tho tlrst great
battle haa mnall assurance of party Hup
port. Ho will havo to tight almost single
banded, with foes behind an well as in
front. It to not to bo expected thut ho
. will come out of , tho light triumphant
- and without a near. No man, under tho
.-circumstances, could do that; but Prcsl
deat. Cleveland to, honest, , and careful,
.and conservative, and withal vigilant,
, and he will do hto utmost to protect tho
Interests of tho country and labor for
the country's welfare, regardless of party
shibboleths. Moat republicans arc en
tlrely willing to givo President Clove
land credit for strict integrity of purpose
and for a varying degree of genuine
ability. They havo moro contldonco In
him than any other domocrat, and in his
trat great trial, now close at hand, ho
wlll not only havo tho sympathy but the
active assistance of scores of ablo repub-
Means In both branches of congress.
) t ' '
. -' Lkt tho pooplo in this city who aro so
.-Vfood of complaining and who uppur
: eatlytakodelUht In crying hard times
.i ioaaider a few "" events of recent occur-
v'( Mam InLlacolnj At the dt)lleet sea-
' aon'iri.w)jat the growlers say Is tho
' dulUetyear Lincoln has ever aeon tho
tonaOdable earn of 10,000 to' raised in a
,- reasarkably short apace of timo, really
-not much over a month, tor the Y. M. C.
' A. fund. This amount waa mado up for
the most part, of small subscriptions,
aadthe money was subscribed in tho
face of conaklorablo prejudico, duo to
the fact that many pooplo think tho
flaaneea of the Y. M. C. A. have not boon
; c; as wisely handled as thoy should, havo
( been, that an inexcusably exorbitant
' ft jyatlce was paid for the building, lots, etc,
JUtft Only a few days before at a public
' : aile of reaj estato at Normal the com
tfortablo sum of $10,000 was realized in
amounts averaging 200 or $.'W0. Last
- Sunday at tho Trinity Methodist church
1 the sum of 95,000 was raised tor tho
building fund with little difficulty.
And money to being raised and real es-
, - tate fa changing hands constantly. And
despite any statements to the contrary,
,t, ,-'tae aggregate amouut of retail business
, 'to probably aa ,largo it not larger than
i at this season a year ago. Tnero area
"ptut mnnv towns that aro a irreat doal
T ' . .
Aaroraeoff than Lincoln certain ambi
tious cities to the east, south, and west
not" excepted and Ljncoln people can
find far better employment than reviling
hair own town- .
A Denver paper remarked tho other
day: "Thero to no coal in Nebraska.
' t There to atorf no iron, Jead, copper, silver
't or gold, and no oil. Yet tho jiooplo of
,. 'Kebraska think that llfo to worth living
r';-al they believe that their stato has a
. !mat future before it." It has often
. heen said that agriculture to tho surest
j '"haeis .of prosperity, and Nebraska seems
.;t -ybare out thto statement. In this
. ',') atate'.where we have no coal, iron, lead,
OM,ilw,go)dor oil, the condition
niMydhtm'' to .much more satisfactory
'j-Mim w many of me states tow proauce
thoHo things. Wo havo In Nebraska
thniiMiiriuu'o of a splendid crop that
will bring money Into tho ntato Just as
readily as coal, or Iron or oil, nod tills
assurance is a bulwark of hope and
safety In at lino llko the present. Tho
mines of India may bo closed to sllver.but
tho markets of tho world aro open to No
brnska corn, mid there Is a ready sale
for all our agricultural products. Tho
values of food product are moro or less
atTcctcd by speculation, but agriculture
llMi'niOimrutivnlv safe. Colorado hasn t
anyadvantago over Nebraska today.
Hknatok Cookiiki.i. Ih opposed to tho
United BtatOH Military academy at West
Point, lie constderH the national school
for military Instruction a dudo factory.
A little Investigation will make it appar
ent to the, senator that somoof tho dudes
havo rendered tolerably valuable Her
vices to tho country. Indeed, If tin
senator wore to look into tho matter
very far ho might tlnd ono or two grad
uates from tho dudo factory whoso pub
llo services havo been iiilto as dm
tlngulshed as IiIh 'own, And, by tho
way, thou) Is probably no word ho gen
erally abused im,,dude." When UiIh word
tlrst ciuno Into general use it was only
applied to fops and dandles of tho moat
ultra type; tho Hcopu Ih now much
broader. In tho oyoH of many, ovory
man who wenrn clean linen and Iceepn
his clothes bruiihed In a dude. If your
Hhoe.t are polished, or If your hat Is le.n
than three yours old, you are called a
dude. In fact, this word Is now so w ldely
misapplied and changed from itn origi
nal moaning, that it Is moro of a compli
ment than anything else. All peoplo
who aro not slovenly aro dudes.
Tin: CouitiF.u confcsHCH to an admira
tion for tho Kearney Hub. It him a
way of expressing an opinion that In
dicates it wholesome Independence. It
does not oven hesitate to say thlnga
about uh oxalted a personage ns Gover
nor Crounse. Tho Hub In discussing
tho Oarnenu mistake said: "Whatever
there Ih of resonslbility for UiIh moil
stroiiH erior falls on Governor Crounse,
who has violated more pledges, abused
more contldences, mado more blunders,
Insulted more people, and outraged the
liolitical proprieties many moro times
than all tho gentlemen combined who
have sat in tho governor's chair before
him." Tho Hub'n statement closely ap
proximates tho facts.
Fon some reason or other tho Idea of
setting tiro to tho Nebraska building tit
Chicago on July 4, was abandoned. The
stuto building might havo mado it re
spectable showing as it part of tho tiro
works display, and It never would havo
Ikmui missed.
Thk lltwtiiiQH Ncbvaiikan very pro.
porly pronounces tho story that photo
graphs of tho Nebraska state building
on the world's fair grounds with Joseph
Gnrueau on tho ridgepole, J nro to be
placed on sale id; tho state fair thin fall
an souvenirs, a canard.
1UU.OONINO, lutrticularly near tho
Missouri river, isn't a vory healthy oc
cupation, or pastime, as tho case may be.
Fkkk coinage will bo
moro convenient season.
postponed till a
A soft, fair skin is tho result of pure
blood und it healthy liver, to socuro
which, Ayor'B SuraaparlllaiB tho Super
ior Medicino. Laities who rely uixm
cosmotica to beautify their complex
ions, should mako it noto of this, beur
ing in mind that they can t improvo
Ux)ii nature.
Mr, Thomas II. Denton and Mr. Myron
Wheeler roturned yesterday from Chi
cago. A. C. Allomong, of New York, is in tho
city in the interest of a Philadelphia art
publishing houso. Mr. Allomong repre
sented Gobbio & Co. for u number of
years, and ho was engagod in tho salo of
the celebrated "Crown Masterpieces"
issued by that houso in monthly parts.
Ho says tho total sales of this ono work
amounted to fully ta.OOO.OOO.
For all social doings tho Nebraska
stato band or orchestra is what -is
always most desired.
"Tho Best" Laundry, 2208 O. streot,
telephone 570, H. Townsond & Co., pro
prietors, Lincoln, Nob.
Tlio Sunday train on tho Union Paci
fic twtweon this city and Manhattan will
Iw discontinued commencing today.
After tho tboatro call at "Tho Annex
Cafe" for it lunch. Everything nice, now
and attractive. Prices reasonable.
The Dark Ono Well, anyway, Mr. Town
Gilder said this Victorian stylo of dress was
particularly bccomlna to me.
The Light One Yes, he to'd me he
thought it a splendid dress to conceal de
fect. Philadelphia Times,
Wltberby My wife is getting so she
makes her own bonnet.
Planklngton Are they a success?
Witherby Great Cwsar, yes. Why, sho
spent tSO last month in trimmings alone
Cloak Review,
Ills Specialty.
Hills MncSborte bos sold a poem to
Scribblers entitled "Ode to a Fair Lady."
Hulls Has her Well, ho is more compe
tent to write verses entitled "Owed to a
Landlady." Truth.
"Poor fellowl Did he lose his eyes la the
"Oh, no. He tried to pass a woman oa
t he street when she hod her umbrella up,"
- Detroit Tribune.
AVhnl II Wunlit Do.
'Vriint n lovely tioyl" she exclaimed
bending an rnrnpturc'l f'ar.o unonaprcU)
tVyniMild p'tt)lng pa the grem turf el
Tho whole party pained and petted him,
anil a fnt little pampered poodle nosed tlit
youiiA iter jculimftly. And tho lad with lib
golden curls, blue eyes ami arlntocrntlo fe.t
turt'H wan certainly a pretty sight, lb
wnttdtcMcd In a velvet Kton Jacket nml
cocked lint with nn ostrich feather In it,
and Ida fond uinmmn, kitting on tho nearest
bench, drank In tlio 'lniices of ndmiratlnn
and wordi of pralso n sweetest Incento tc
her sou),
"Oh, you (!rar child!" cried another 01
tho Indies.
"Como away, Flilo. Ilo won't blto voa
dear." Htlll the Ind lookod on tho puds)
dog doubtfully.
"What would you do If you liml a nlci
little dog llko thiitr" Inquired tho lady at
tliecml of tlio I ibljon.
"I I'd knock the ovcrlastln stufllnnlitol
him!" promptly responded tho little chip.
Whereat hln fond mamma ttinicd crimson.
"Come on. Khlo," said tho owner of tlit
dog dtirtly. Hut thu rest of tho party looked
tu If In hearty approval of thin 'sentiment,
especially tho r-olcmn yonng man who w.-u
with them. Pittsburg Dispatch.
All Altonintlir.
Ilrlggs I hear on nindcit bet of MO with
Tutter that ou would kips Miss Penstoak
Ix'foro sho went to Europe. Havo you :ic-
cccucii jet, old manr
Griggs No, and there Isn't much pros
pect of It either.
Ilrlggs Why, what's tlio matter? How
did you go about Itf
Grlgga-I stent right to Mist Penstock
and told her about the svholo how
I heard that she was going t sail forKu
rope, and huiio one iniulo tlio remark tlmt t
would kiss her goodby, and then Tutter
said ho would bet &Y) I wouldn't, and that
I took him up. I explained tho whole thing
to her and told herI waa it poor man. , You
see, old fellow, I svorked on tho girl's' sym
pathies. Ilrlggs Well, didn't you havo any suc
cess? Grlcgs (gloomily) No, except to mako it
a draw.
Ilrlggs How's thatf
Griggs Sho nays sho wlllstay homo from
Europe. Harper's I!aznr.
Tho Winner.
A late archbishop of Dublin, noted for his
originality nml lovo of it Joke, was ono day
walking along n road, when ho canto across
three tramps lying on n bank by tho road
side. They woro thus addressed by his grncoi
"I trould bo willing to glvo halt n crown
to tho laziest of you, It I could tell which
of you Is most cntltlcdto it."
One of them Immediately jumped uptmd
"Glvo It to me! I haven't dono any work
for nix inontlui."
Tho second came forward and claimed It,
saying ho bad not svorked for n year.
Whllo thesa two woro disputing about
tho honor of being tho laziest tho third
man, who had not even moved, i.lceplly
"Como bore, guv'uor, nnu put It Iq my
pocket." Amusing Journal.
Pretty Thlrt Stuff.
Tho extreme thinness of tho gold on
cheap Jewelry has long been n subject for
jest by humorists. A party of Boston Jw
elers wiu being shown through one of tho
great plating factories by tho proprietor, a
man well kuown us n wag. As tho visitors
stood looking into ono of tho vats where
different articles wero being plated with
gold by meuos of n chemical process, n gen
tleman asked:
"Undo Jahu, just how much gold do you
uso hcio In your business?" '
Tho old man lookod up and answered,
with a twinklo in his eye: "Well, boys,
I'll tell you. When I started in, 15 years
ago, I putA61Pgol(lplcco into tho vat, and
I guess thero'rsomo of It left yet!" Boston
A I'lu.-u
The feeling of superiority In tho sterner
sex is inborn.
"Mamma, do you think you'll gotohcav
enf" said Jack, thoughtfully looking into
bis mother's face.
"Yes, dear, It I am good," said the moth
er cautiously, svondering svliat would come
"Then please be good, for papa and I
would be lonesome without you." Kate
Field's Washington. ''
His Faroi-lte.
Propinquity Sho sketching) I suppoJ
I could get your expression better if ycu
sat a little farther off.
He On the contrary, I was just going to
quote my favorite hymn.
Sho What la that r
He "DrawmeNearor." Boston Beacon.
Tho TVId Drias.
Willie Say, can I havo that straw bat
of yours when you get through with Itf ,
Featherstone Yea, Willie, Wbatdoypu
want it for?
Willie I'm going to cut off the crown
and uao the brim for a circus ring. Cloth
ier and Furnisher.
BtlU 8h Waa la Favor or It.
Mrs. Watts What, yon dou't mean to
aay that you do uot belie vo in Dunday us a
day of rest?
Mrs, Potts I wight, If Mr. Potts was
not bo fond ot good dlnnora, Texas Sitt
ings. nil Suinmor Bolt.
Blnks Is that a summer weight you' vo
got on r
Chinks (in his now suit) Tho tailor says
It's an 13 months' wait. Detroit Free
Sana Said.
Friend Well, Pslouth, how to the detect
Ire business 1
Old Psleuth Looking up. Chicago Tril
Be Why, I never have any sense wheo
I'm la the company of a pretty girl,
be Wist a queer way ot paying Hie a
ipllmeat, ur. aappr: TruUu t
A Surprise,
A I.UInn lllutlratlnn.
Oaedny during tlio period when Henry
Cnlxit lodgo now Senator Lodge was n
niciub-'r of thu house, u coiintrymuu and
lils wire wero watchluu the proceeding on
tlio flisir from the gallery, one of the fea
tures lielng a speech by lr, U. The old fel
low had his eye on Mr. I.o.lge In evident
admiration, and at Ixst be turned to the
man next to him for lufoi tuition.
11 Who is tlmt down tlieni In tho aisle talk
lug to tho ImylV ho nslusl.
"Congressman Lodgo," was the reply
"Where's ho from?"
"Miissochusutts Dostou."
"llostoii, did you sayf" queried tlio conn
"Vet, Hoston."
Thn old chap turned to lilt wife, who hail
been lbteulng.
"There, Mary," ho exelalmcd, "just see
what benim and brains will do for n man
that ain't half iui big at a haysiacK." De
troit 1'reo Pres.1.
Moro rorolnii Compllcatlnn.
"If I only had me hands on the niou
that's hohllu durol" Llfo.
I'nfio I.rn us ii Wit.
For his repartees and witty remarks the
pope hat long been icnowned. What, for
example, could h neater than his remark
about tho English houve of lords, which lie
mado to tho Duko of Norfolk during the
hitter's recent visit to Home? "At what
age," he asked tho duke, "can nn English
peer tnko hit seat in parllnmcntr" "At 01,''
wat tho reply. "If, It evident, then," re
marked the pope, "that Ihigllth patrlclaut
acquire tho necessary talents for legislation
much sooner than thoe of ancient Home,
who wero not admitted to the scnatu till
tho ngo of 40."
Hit readiness at repartee, however, was
never more ably demonstrated than on a
mcmorablu occasion at Brussels several
years ago while at 51r. Poccl he wat lllllug
tho pott of nuncio at tho Belgian capital
At a dinner party at which lie was one of
tho Ructtts a certain mnrqult had the bru
tality to iiolnt out to him upon the lid of n
snulTbox a undo and indecent llguro of
Venus. Undltturbed by the smothered
laughter of tho marqult and his comp.iu
ions, tho nuncio looked at it attentively u
few moments and then handed it back with
npolltoliowiiud said very quietly: "Charm
Ing. A portrait of tho marchioness, I take
It lor granted."
Still it is rather as a humorist pure and
simple than as a master of surcasm.tliat
his holiness hat become noted throughout
Italy, and that he can thoroughly enjoy a
joko even at his own expense Is mado clear
from tho following story which was on
every ono's lips In Homo some timo ngo: In
a newspaper article descriptive of his daily
llfo tho fact was mentioned that ho always
dined alone. Tho pope's attention was
drawn to tho article, and nfter reading the
paragraph ho laid tho paper down and re
marked quizzically, "Yes, It is true that 1
dine alone, and yet I am always tho thlr
tccnth nt table." New York Herald.
Making nn Impression lu Wax (Wucks).
The Modern Way.
Floorwalker Good morning! You wish
to do somo shopping, I presume?
Bride (with hubby)-Y-c-s.
Floorwalker Step into tho smoking
room, nnd tho boy thero will givo you n check
tor your husband. Now York Weekly.
Great Huccess.
Mr. Nevrmcmber I have heard your
drawings very well spoken of at the Art
Mr. Nightly Yes, I have done fairly well
Drew three kings to two aces last night.
Not Ersaagh.
Clerk These remnants are in 5 and 7-yard
lengths ami very great bargains.
Customer They won't da I want enough
to mako a pair of sleeves. Chicago Inter
Moving Tlrae,
Wo'U crack tho windows, mar the doors and
rain everythlnir. .
We'll tear the paper off tho walls It's rretty
nearly spring;
Wo'U mako tho houso present an awful pMum
of decays
It's lima to go to smashing things wu'H mnvo
tho tint nt May.
Wo'U dump tho rulios tn tho hall; we'll clojttho
water pipes;
Wo'U paint tho colllntrs and thu walls In wild
funtastlo strlnes:
Wo'U brenk tho knobs and latches nth tho house
wo'll disarray.
For that Is how tho pcoplu dq w ho movo the
tlrst of Slay.
Hie place ho leave behind us will be awful to
An air of wreck und ruin will thu premises In
fold. No other can uwakon such u depth of dark dls
mny, Except It be the house to which wo'll movo tbt
first of JIay.
-Dsiroit Fruo PYsts.
i SC - v
TmllmW '
Tppied flio Drape Hats to e lEGfiinc
Trimmed hats at 03c, 81.12, 91.40, f 1.00, S?1.87, etc., former prices wero
8'J.50 to W. In fact you can buy any trimmed hat in our store tit less
than half of tho former price. Ladies dress shapes, latest styles, white
chip, fancy braids and fancy straws, at OSc; former price 8!!.fi0.
As tho lino is not a lurgo ono, como early for n good choice
Two lloont exclusively millinery. O and
1109 O STREET, Lincoln.
ti, f - '
Wo will for tho next .".0
Bale, goods will Lo Eolil.ut
every department you will tlnd prices cut in two.
Aro simply slaughtered.
331 7
Como curly and got soma of our best bargains.
HO O Street,
UllT I V
vrniiisn JBKm
5IWt5. f nn.
Orill Plnoo Your Order No-w.
liHIi Sts., Kunko's Opera Houso corner
& CO
days havo u general clearing
ulmcat jour own price
Lincoln, Nebrn sicca.
d. VMii & BR0.
.v'kv .'4s;!if
, Uiti(i;:.fel,
t-. MVtunwA