Saturday morning courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1893-1894, July 08, 1893, Image 3

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this atxjki:qay morning courier
First fmm Bank.
Capital, $400,000.
Surplus, $100,000.
E. 8. llAicwooft, I'rrniilent.
Cli Ad. A. Hanna, Vicii I'reildotit.
K. M.('(hik, ('"'lilrr.
('. H. I.irriNtdTT, AulMatit Cmdilor.
II. 8. Kkkkhan, AulMant Cariiicr.
GAPITAU, $250,000.00.
OfflriTR Hint lllrrrtor.
Ioiin II. WmuiiT, I'reiddcnt.
T. K. 8ANDi:UH, Vlcn President,
J. II. MiC'lay, filthier.
r E. Joliwon, II. 1'. Lnn, Tho. IVicliTnn,
E. 11. Slier. T. W. Lowrcy,
V. I.. Da j Inn.
General Banking Business Transacted.
I. M. lUlMONl),
1). E. TlKIMI'KON.
Vlco President.
I). (I. WlNO,
Assistant Cashier,
HlclnrJi' lituck, Cornet
lUtvcntli ani O St.
Ccillt, ibuso,ooo.
PiBiXTonn I. SI. lfnjmoinl, Lewi (IroKory,
S. II. lliirnlinm. T. V. Lowery, ('. (I. Ditwiw, ,
M. Morrill. A. .1. Siiwjit, E. K. llrnwn, r. .
Little, t. V. Itumlinm, (1. M. Lmnbertson, 1).
E. Tlionioii,
CAPITAL, $100,000.00.
SURPLUS, $20,000.00.
CHAS. E. WAITE, Cashier.
GEO. II. SCII WAKE, Aunt. Cathier.
3 !T Cfllt (III Deposits I'll ll Ht llll
0LviriSSi Bank
Cor. I' and Eleventh 8ts.
ThconluSufc Deposit Vaults in Macula
N. 8. Hnnvooil.
N. ('. Hrock.
Win. Mrl.iitiKlilIn.
W. A. Selleck.
('. T. Hoitcc
(). W. WehMer.
Allx-rt Wntkluc.
Kred William.
Ilnchel Lloyd.
II. I). Hntlmwny.
J. .. Ilriscoe.
('..I. Krnst.
II. W. Hrown.
11. O. Phillip.
E. It. HUcr.
Henry Yulth. ,
Henry E. Lewi.
Savings Bank
CAPITAL, ' $25o,ooo.oo
Stockholders' Llnlillltlc. SWUM).
I'nis interest on tnvhiK account il time
deiio-Jtc. Furnishes exclimntu free
to customers.
John Tailor, President.
Jauli Kimicun, Vlco President.
E. II. TlMii.BY. Cashier.
Steam Dyelne
IVo. tit 2V.'l."vv.-lJftl st.
j. c :ic:vJ3irjL
Does all kinds of Repairing Promptly.
All work wurrunted.
a08 So. lttli ht. - Lincoln. l.
T. C, KERN, 1). J). S.
Rooms 25 and 26, Burr Block.
LINCOIvX, - - WSTlSli.
AT -
S. 30. ST.
German ii p.
Mr. Bert Wheeler was In the, oily
Mr. C 0. Dnwee lnifl returned from
thn mat.
Mr. Richards, of tho Lincoln hotel, Ih
in Colorado.
Minn Shear !r expected homo from
Chicago today.
Mr. M. M. Mitghco left Tuesday for
the world's fair.
MrB. L. V. Snow departed Sunday for
the world's fair.
MIhh Emma Mclntoult left Tticnduy
for Rivcrton, la.
Mr. and Mra. R. M. Turner left Satur
day for Chicago.
Mr. and Mre. A. (J. Greenlee left Mon
day for Chicago.
Mr. Fred C. Howu wan an Omaha vis
itor WedneBday.
Mr. C V. (iritllth han been Heriotmly
ill the past week,
Mr. John!). Knight left Wednetulay
for CllowHvllle, N. Y.
Mr. and Mm. T. M. Hodgtuuu left
Monday for Chicago.
Hon. U. M. Lamliertiion Iiiih returned
from his eastern trip.
Hon. W. J. Bryan irturned thin week
Irom lim poutlicrn trip.
Mr. 11. II. Wilwin delivered a Fourth
of July oration at CcrvHco.
MrB, 1). C5. Courtnav and daughter
have gone to Mauitoti, Col.
MrB. C. M. KitBterday and daughter
left Tuesday for Portland, Ore.
Mm. K. K. llayden has returned front
an cxtvutlvd Hojourn in the Mouth.
Mrs. Zara Wilaon 1b in Fremont at
tending the Chautauqua aBBcmhly.
Mr. Fred Pluiunior Iiiih returned from
his trip to Nrw Vork and Connecticut.
l'rofepnor F.W. Taylor returned TIiiiih
tlay from a visit tt the City of Mexico.
Mr. John I). Knight rut timed Satur
day from a northern tlBhiug expedition.
Rev. and MrB. (iiiBBiuau, of California,
are gueBtB of Mr. and Mra.OHcar Funke.
Mr. Samuel Shears is in poor health.
Ho Iiiih gone to Colorado for a few weeks.
Mrs. JuiIboii and Mrs. Billson.of Cleve
land, aro thu gttestfl of Mr. and Mrs. J.
B. Hall.
Mrs. Zehrttng and Mr. Frank C. Zeli.
rung, expect to leave for Colorado to
morrow. Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Atkinson and
children are seeing the White City at
Dr. Dunn has been c ontiued to tho
house with rheumatism for the past
week or two.
MisB Alice Eikenhary,of Plnttsmouth.
is in Lincoln, the guest of the family of
Dr. W. S. Latta.
M!bb .Minnie (Jaylord has rotumrd
from Toronto, where Bho has Imcii sttidy
ing vocal vulture.
Rev. and Mrs. S. W. IVrry left Mon
day to spend a vacation of about live
weeks in Chicago.
Mr. Charles L. Burr left Wednesday
for Spirit Lake, la. He expects to be
gone several weeks.
Mr. Frank L. Hathaway, who linn Iwen
in Chicago for the past three weelcH, is
exjiected back toihty.
Mrs. William Sanderson, Mrs. Knight
and Mrs. Williams departed for the
world'B fair Tuesday.
Mrs. William K. Fullc rtou, of Beatrice,
is the guest of her daughter, Mrs. L. W.
Kldridge, 'J010 K street.
Mis. J. P. Todd left .Monday for Sey
mour, III., where she wiih called by the
Bevero illne8 of her father.
Miss Margaret Cook, of Omaha is
visiting in thocity, at tho residence of
Mr. and Mrs. O. R, Oakley.
Lieutenant J. J. Pershing left Mon
day afternoon for Chicago, lie expects
to be absent several weeks.
Mrs. Edward 11. Curtis and childres
Jeft Thursday for Waukeegan, 111., to
spend tlie summer with relatives.
Miss Clara Walsh left Thursday for
Philadelphia and Atlantic City. She
expects to remain away till September.
Miss Floy Langdon, who has been vis
iting relatives in Lincoln for tho past
month, has returned to her home in
Chautauqua county, New Vork.
Mr. J. H. Hill and his daughters, Miss
Gertrude Hill, and Mrs. Joseph Bigger
and Mr. Herbert Hill returned Tuesday
from Chicago and the world's fair.
Professor and Mrs. C. N. Little left
Monday for Chicauo. They will spend
Botnu tune in the east before returning
to Lincoln for their mini departure for
their new homo in California.
Mr. T. J. CurtisB was this week called
to Owatona, Minn., by a telegram notify
ing him of tho serious illness of his aged
father, Mr. John Curtiss. He was ac
companied by his sister, Mrs. Ablxitt.
The number of Lincoln people at
Crete attending the Chautauutia assem
bly, already large, will bo considerably
augumented the coming week. A great
many jieople go down on tho evening
trains every day and return in tho morn
Mr. W. 10. Hardy and Miss Cora
Hardy returned Saturday from a trip to
tho Black Hills. Mr. Hardy left Lincoln
again Wednesday for Crete, where he
will remain during tho Chautauqua
assembly. He will conduct Round
Table discussions daily.
Miss Daisy Tuttlo has returned from
Boston, where she has been cultivating
her voice under the direction of Mrs.
I'Mna Hall. She will give a public en,
tertaintuent shortly and give the people
or liincoln an opportunity or observing
her proficiency and improvement.
Miss L. B. Loomis, Miss Anna Tib
bets and Mrs. Metcalf left Friday for
Chicago to attend Colonel Francis Park
ers summer school for teachers at Engle
wood, known as the Cook county insti
tute. They will also attend the world's
fair and will not return until fall.
The Hotel Beatrice in Chicago, man
tiged by Mr. C. W. Lyiiiati, is entertain
ing a number of Lincoln guests. Among
'otners slopping mere recently were
Captain J, 10. Hill auddaughteiB, MisscH
i (lertrtttle anil Winifred, ami Mrs. Joseph
! Bluircr. Mr. M. I). Welch, Mr. and Mrt .
Wadsworth and Mr. T. 0. Flske.
Rev. C. B. Newuatt has resigned tho
pastorate of the Christian church. His
services during tho summer will bo em
ployed In the interest of Cottier univer
sity. Mr. Newuan has been a devoted
pastor and during his residence In
Lincoln he Iiiih made hosts of friends
including many outside of his church.
His resignation lias caused much regret.
Mr. Iaiu Wessel left Friday for St.
Joseph, where ho will join his family,
who are visiting at his wife's home, and
proceed from there to Atlantic City, N.
J., to BNnd the heated term. Incident
ally ho will visit tho world'H fair, Phila
delphia, New York and Saratoga, and readers may auticitiato an oc
casional letter from him while
sojourning in tho east.
By a recent change in tho proprietor
ship of the Lincoln hotel Mr. Stuart
.Shears becomes a member of the firm
of Shears ,v Market. Mr. Shears Iiiih
been actively connected with the hotel
for the past year. His admission Into
tho partnership gives him a resHinsible
place in tho managentent of the hotel,
a reBH)nslblllty which ho Is In every
way competent to assume. Mr. Hheais
Is an experienced business man, and ho
MBBCBBCB tho elements of substantial
Rev. L. P. Ludden and family departed
Monday for the Y, P.S. 0. K. convention,
which mot at Montreal, July ft, to con
tinue four days. Mr. Ludden Ih on tho
program ror an address, lie was accom
jmiiied by quite a delegation from No
iiraska, among others; Rev. and Mrs.
llradt. Miss Annie Norton, Miss Seba
Dewell, Miss Stryker, Miss Cook, Mr.
Frank M. Cook and Prof. McDuulc. In
addition to these there area number
who have gone in advance to attend tho
world h lair en route.
Prof. Franklin Katou, late of Terra
Haute, Ind., and Washington, I). 0.. but
now a full Hedged Lincolnite, and, by
the way, one of the best piccolo and
(Into soloist in tlio west, Iiiih taken unto
himself a wife. It Ih the oltl story retold
with all its original freshness. When
the professor lived 'in Terra Haute, ho
gave instructions on the guitar to Miss
Cora Ilea Zell. and for two yearn taught
her nimble tinners to delicately ulido
over the strings. They mot as strang
era, and when Professor Eaton left
Terra Haute for Lincoln, it was with a
detq) reluctance, but the sequel came in
June, and citpid Iiiih made another
match that bids fair to be long and
happy. Mr. and Mrs. Eaton are now
at homo at Vt2 O street. Professor
Eaton came to Lincoln a stranger a few
months iil'o, but has in a comparatively
short time worked his way to the front,
now lietng the instructor or the
Tuxedo Mandolin club and numerous
other patrons.
Murder Will Out.
"Po you're cnaitRedf "
"How'd you gucNt M"
"Because you don't wear a veil any
more. "Truth.
Advice I'rom Doctors.
Every one should know by this time that
H is dangerous to ask n doctor's or a law
yer's advice oven in the most casual and
tiubllo manner unless one expects to pay
him for it. There is a welt authenticated
tory of a man In Now York who chanced
to remark to n celebrated pliyMcian once:
"Doctor, hnvo you any suro means of
preventing seasick nesI"
"Certainly," said the doctor.
"What is it!"
"Stay on shore!" Mild the pliyslcinn and
sent the man his bill.
Another geutlemr.u, who was it vale
tudinarian, met a doctor of his acquaint
ance on the street one day.
"Doctor," said he, "I'm ulad I met you.
Do you I. now, I'm so wci.!; that the least
bit of wlII.Ii. on theco pavements tir(.tf nie
nut. What do ou think I'd better kiker"
"A horse cir, I giic-," said the doctor
crustily. And he, too, sent in a little
ineniornniltim of the r.mniiut due for this
wise pteserlptlon. Youth's Companion.
A Colietiialnii,
"Any lotteiH forme, iuImI"
"Auy for'tnnf"'
"The Jinklns galsf "
"Why, you hain't nlv us nry letter In
thrco weeks!"
"Can't help It."
"Got any sido meatf"
"Well, I reckon wo won't take any '
Atlanta Constitution.
The Fatal Number.
Tho conversation turned on the numU-r
13, the spill I iik of salt, knives und forks
placed crosswise and other kinds of super
stitions. "You need not laugh at similar beliefs,"
gravely remarked Trnuqiillletti. "An uncle
of mine at the age of 77 committed tho im
prudence of going to u dinner at which the
guests numbered lit."
"And bodied that very evening?"
"No, but exactly i:i yuir, afterward."
Gazetta Plemontese.
Dr. X. (the celebrated physician who
makes, wo are told, l.Vl.tfl.) fr.incs a ear by
his practice)-Well, sir, wheiudo jou suf
ferf Patient Here, sir, In the pit of my
stomach. It hints me dreadfully when 1
press against it.
Dr. X. Well, then, sir, ymi must ta'e
care never to pi es against It. (Pi,:uut dis
missed after paying his ficof 2 touts-1
Phare du Bc-pliure,
lion Mr. Jor.r Out Krrn With Iter lln.
bnml For Mh) Inn tint.
Mr. Jnni'KWt'iit liouiulate the other ulgliC
and fomiil Mm. Join k fitting up for him
with nn I'xprt-Mlnn of nuiiiU'iinncp that In
tatitlr rendered him iik koNt an it Judge
when lioldlnir court.
"Mrt Thlinpthon mid went with him to
thcoa boxing match you you you don't
cr, do j on, Marlit?"
"No, liteed,"niitwtrrd Mr. Joiich tuuf.v
bly. "I I y didn't txicct you homo
early. I thought you had gone to tlio can
what Ik It, Jepthnl"
"I'nuniA, Mnrlnf I'm going to lie cli-c'.cil
to fill thnt vacancy In tho rlty council, and
don't you forft It,"
"No, dear, 1 won't. I didn't forget It to
night wlir n a young tnnn from the ticwupa
per called to Interview me about you."
"W-w-whitt did you tell him. Mnrlnt"
"Nothing bad, .Teptha. Don't you worry,
dear. You re he didn't want to know
much about yon now. It wan your pant he
wn looking Into."
"Well, I haven't done anything to ho
aMiamed of. 1 mtppi)M yon told htm thnt I
was a lawyer when you married toe anil
tood high la thoentccin of my fellow cltl-
Klin, CtO."
"No, that wasn't what he wanted, lie
Mkcd mo If 1 bad any picture of you taken
In youth and early ninnhood and at later
"So I gave him the one you had taken for
me when we were first engaged that old
dnKuerreotype, you know,"
"Great heavens! The one where my hair
comes down over my coat collar and covers
my ears, and 1 nut bearded llko a plratel"
"Yes, that's the very one,"
"Maria, you never gave him that slnh
sided, knockkneed caricature of me, did
you I"
"Yes, I did, Jeptha. I'm sure It looked
jutt llko you when It was taken. And there
wnsanntiihrotypc of you when you organ
ised tho II. M. C. S. That wan n swift pic
ture, because you looked so uikkI."
"Looked so ((recti, I should say," snorted
Jones. "Maria, you have ruined every po
litical chance 1 ever had. In that picture
I look llko a bniM monkey. Thank good
ness, there are no more portraits of me."
"Yes, there was one more. Tho crayon
picture you gave mo for a birthday previa
last year."
"That measly thlngl I look llko a mur
derer In that, Maria, aiyl you know it."
"Yes, I alwayMthoughtso. You said you
had It pointed bccatiHo the artist was a poor
girl who had a family to support. They
will have yon at thrco ages, Jeptha, and
you can send tho papers home to Jopcr
county and show how you've got famous
at last. It's all the style to hu triplicates
"Mnrla," gasped jioor Jones, "you've sold
urn to tho Philistines. I can never hold up
my head again, never! I hope my fate will
be a warning to nil men not to have their
pictures taken at tiny age. I'm crushed,
Maria, crushed!"
And ho knew by tho twinkle In Maria's
eye thnt she had douo tho cruel deed In a
cold blooded spirit of domestic r-r-revvngel
Detroit Free Press.
Lacked Ilnslncss Hagacltjr.
Father Yes, I admit that our Imy ain't
Inr.y. He's a smart as cau he when It
comes to 'tending traps and runultiK er
rands, but he doesn't seem to have any busi
ness sagacity at nIL
Mother Why. what makes you say that!
i '."Well, for example, look whnt he did
yesterday. lie had four nice, big, fat rab
bits, and what does ho do but take them
down to town and sell them. If ho had
taken them tip to tho woods where them
city fellers are huntln, ho could have got
i double price." Pittsburg Post.
Her Letter.
Mrs. Mary Clay, colored, did tho washing
; and ironing for tho family of Mr. Jones,
I tho Green street grocer. Pay for her work
, was frequently taken out in groceries. This
Is a vcibatlm copy of a note fcetit with one
j week's laundered clothes:
I Dcre Mrs. Jones Pleas send tue I ihiuihIc, cof-
fro one bax siintT I ponitc. KiiKnr elmruu to Mrs.
Mary Clay Yourouft"cctlmute MaMiumimn
I Mrs. Miiry (JUy.
-Harper h
The Mranckt Vet.
Mrs. do Gubu Of all tho menu, selflsb,
Inconsiderate people, I think that Mrs. de
Blank is tho meanest.
Mr. de Gabb What has she don: now?
Mrs. de Gabb She wa the only resident
of this neighborhood who had a telephone
In the house, and she's hod it taken out.
New York Weekly.
j Worse Than Scolding.
i Watts Docs your wlfo ever scold when
you have been out lato ut uiglit with the
I boys?
Potts Oh, no, she never says a word.
j She. gets up the next morning about 4
o'clock and practices on the piano, and I
l daren't say a word. New York Mercury.
A Good Gucis.
"Oh, ya-asl I nm a college graduate.
Guess from where!"
"Vassarl" Life.
I A Trnr Lover.
' Mrs. D. My dear Mrs. Croa'sus, may I
not put your name down for ticket for
1 Professor Pundit's course of lectures on I
Umldhlsts? I
I Mrs. C Oh, by nil means! You know
I how passionately fond I am of flowers.
I Boston Globe.
i flood Gronnds.
Pension Agent I don't see on what
grounds you ask for a penslou. You were
never In tho war.
Applicant No, but I've been listening to
war stories ever blncc. Rochester I'ost-Kx-
Nub Hoik.
Smith May I make a confidant of your
JoneB Why, certainly!
Smith Well, I'm hard up and want 150.
Jones You can trust me. I am a silent
as the grave. I have heard nothing. Truth.
A Nmnr for It.
"I was careless this tnoriiiiiK at church
and put ft in the box whtu 1 Intended to
give only a dime."
"A case of contributory negllgeuce, so to
speuk." -iMrolt Tribune.
Special discount Shlei
Table Ilnens,
Towelu and Trny Goodw.
PrtiuroMMlvo Dry
I 141 AND I
Yok Totass
Iiitondliiu; Tntvclcfi,
VlMltoi'H to tlio Worlil'si Kcilr,
Men Shore,
Alois tit iIiim or LiiIccm,
Will find it greatly to their advantage to look through our
stock before making up their
Just now we are offerinn- some exceptionally fine bargains in all lines of
And can save you from 10 to 30
called bargain bouses,
Iv. Meyer & Co
Tlic School If or tlo ZVIriMMoa
tt I0llll'tlllOlltM.
Ilemitifiil.lienltliy liK-ntion.'Jl iicru cniniiii, elect rlo l reel cur line run directly to cntnsus
without rlmnue. KSO.UU In linildiliui, iliiidlil eililiineiit, iiHrior nrcoiiiiiiiHliitloii, mob
rut-ill t y. experience.) niiiiiMi(eiiieiit,coiiiirclieiiiitti rirriciiliiin, tlioroim-li uork.lilnli iniirul aA
flirirtiiin liillnciiro ami !n exiiciw. for xtiideiitu,
We liiitnirotine. Our miiric, linn art, mmi iirt, delHiirte, ehiitloiuir), conrseit mid Undo-.
KUiten iinil moili I truiiiliiu hcIkniU ifor Uitli children mid tinlent tenrliern), urn not ee.'iulletl la
thn wot.
lomiy iniit of thecit) fornll uhoiitteml the Wi'i-lern Noriuul. iu enn enti nt nny lino anJ
Unit JiiM snrli clin-i-i'i' ii )ou ilmire. Write, or call mill hw u.
HprliiK term oen April II, 1MCI, mid i-nntiniie. Illueek. Siiniiner term hipii .lunoll), ISM
mid rontliiuer -s ueek. leu run enter nt an time, hovkxter. (utulotfuei and cln ulr fruu.
jAivii3s ii.
(JUbtind Klectrie FixtuifH. Agent for CAPITOL and BOLTON HOT WATEW
GuuiIm ivioilt.aiYas
143 O 8TREET
per cent over prices offered by so.
ttn TciioIioi'h,
H'.V. M. VUOAX, Prtxiihnt, or
II. .. KIXSl.EV, Sec'yimil 7'mis.