Saturday morning courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1893-1894, July 08, 1893, Image 2

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Mimm-lle Mnllt'.
A beautiful homo wedding occurred
Sunday afternoon nt tint homo of Itov.
and MrnM.Dii Motto, 0I7 North Four
teonth street. Tim contracting parties
were their daughter Miss Ijiicllc.iind Mr.
Krwl K.Mooro.nnd thoeorenioiiy wiw jicr
formed by Hov. C. 0. Imaby I). I., after
thn ceremony of thn M. K. church. The
young couple Hindu a striking and blind
nomo appearance ax they entered tin
parlors, the bride attired Inn Iwiuitlrul
gown of cream nlbutniHS,trlmined In paint
Iwo, nml Hiipstrtcd hy her Hindi of
honor Miss .lennnotto who looked Miry
pretty In u milt of blue mull, trimmed
In pale hhm chllTon luce, with gloves and
slippers to match. Tim groom's best
man wiih l)r. Ilort Lnttu of Coiner unb
versify. The lirhlo Ih u charming young
lady and hatt a largo circle of warm
friends in this city ami the groom Is u
prominent young InmincHriiuan of Kono
saw, where ho Ik a memlier of the llrm
of Moortnt Hon. After tlmcereinony an
elegant miKT wiih rened after which
the guests HMnt Home time In Inspecting
the presents which wore unusually
pretty and valuahle, many of tlieiu
unmlug from their futurehoine. Aiming
those present were: Mr. and MrM. 14. II.
Moore, Mr, Frank Moore, MIhh Penile
Moore, father, mother, hrothur and sis
ter of the groom, from Kuiichiiw. Mr.
and MrM. J. W. Cottle and Mr. II. 14.
Cottle from Ndgur, Neli., Mr. imdMrH,
William Walker of Hewnrd Nob., Mr.
mid MrH. I. 14. Pierce and daughter,
MIhh Kdmi, Mr. Ollie AtkhiHou, Mr.
William Kirk and Dr. Hurt littu of
Lincoln. Mr. and Mrs. Mooro will he at
their homo to their frlcndH after July
MIhh Kllu M. (larlandand Mr. CharlcH
W. NIcIioIh, of Uimtha, were itiietly
married Tuesday morning at the home
of the bridoV parentH, MM! (1 Htreet.
The Iioiiho wiih beautifully decorated,
nml promptly at Hh.'H) the bridal party
entered preceded hy the bride's HlHter
and her liUHhund, Mr. and MrH. 14. V,
Itedlnh. The hride looked very charm
ing in a handHome gown of white Hllk
with facings of pink nllk, and her sister
ulso looked very pretty hi a hiindHomo
Ian Hllk. The young couple were joined
under the arch hy Itov. C. II. Newnan,
who jHirformcd the imprcHHlvo ceremony,
lifter which an elegant wedding break
fiiHt wiih participated In hy thu
immediate frieudH and relativeH
of the family. The young couple
wore the recipieutH of many
handsome and useful prenentH. The
hride Ih well known in Lincoln, where
Mho han a large circle of frlcndH, and thu
groom in a popular young man of Omaha.
lie Ih in the employ of the Central
Church of Chrint. Among the guests
wore Mr. and Mm. Cloorgo Garland, Mr.
and Mr. L. Van Wio.MrH. A. U. Henley
and daughter, of Crete, Mr. and MrH.
Nichols, Mr. and MrH. Allen llediah,
Mr. and MrH. Lunirntrcot. MIhh Stella
Lonmtreot. MIhh Ira Longstroot, MIhh
May Wilson. MiM LIUlo Wilkinson. Miss
Tucker. Miss Hertha Fletcher, MIhh
Hattlo Fletcher and MIhh L. N. Kieve.
A. O. II. Hull Dfillrttteil.
Thu A. O. H. hall wan formally oHined
"Wednesday evening under thu niiKplccH
of tho lodge. The new hall Ih in the
Halter Mock, and prcnontcd a tine up
pouruueo ahundantly decorated with
the uational colore. On each Hide of the
hall wiih a row of scats, which were well
tilled, and at thu end of the hall on a
raised platform profusely decorated, thu
Nebraska state bund wiih seated. First
came tho address, delivered hy Mr.
tJaincs A. Condon, that dedicated the
hall and welcomed thu strangers. In
tho course of his address Mr. Condon
said of tho A. O. H.i "Its objects aro
tho promotion of friendship, unity and
true Christian charity among tho mom
bora of the Irish race; to mutually assist
each other in our battles through life,
In sickness and distress, and to lighten
tho grief of tho widow and orphan when
tho Divine Master calls tho bread-winner
of the family to Ills heavenly home." Tho
orchestra phiyod and all present joined
in the grand march. The dancing con
tinued until a late hour, and a thor-
1 ouirhlv Bood time was enjoyed by all
present under tho management of tho
following floor committee: Messrs.
James J. Condon, Thomas McOovern,
Roger Ryan, John Barton, Dennis
. Dugan, Dr. D. D. O'Gorman, Charles
McQIave, P. J, Oosgrove, John Cunning
ham and DennlB Merrlman.
Hprml the Vourih a Woodlawn.
An all day plculc at Woodlawn, about
eight miles northwest of tho city, was
the Fourth of July diversion of a num
ber of young people under tho chaperon
ago of Mr, and Mrs. 11. R. Niasloy and
Mrs. T. W. Griffith. The party drovo out
' between 8 and 0 o'clock In tho morning,
well supplied with edibles and ham-
mocks, etc., and tho day was spent in
true picnic fashion. Tho young peoplo
(turned in tho cool of tho evening.
Tboso present wero: Mrs. T. W. (Irlftith.
Mr. and Mrs. H. K. Ntseloy, Misses
Jeannetto Wilson. Grace Oakley. Anne
. Funke, Bertie Clark, Bertie Burr. Olivo
Latta. Fay Marshall, Nelllo White,
and Margaret Cook, of Omuha; Messrs.
Low Marshall, Georgu Woods, Beman G.
Dawes, Dan Wing. John T. Dorgun,
Mutt son Baldwin, Frank Burr, Hurry
Krug and R, M. Joyce.
Koclety Not.
Mrs. C. L. Eaton entertained a few
friends at tea Thursday evening, at her
homo, 200 South Twenty-ninth street.
Mrs. P. M. Woods entcrtulned u few
friends on tho Fourth.
Special ladies' ico cream imrlors have
been opened over Brown's Royal Cafe,
134 North Tenth street, whore tho most
delicious icon and creams aro sorvod by
courteous and trained attendants. Pri
vate dining rooms for small parties.
Miss S. E. Blakesloe, Hue dressmaking,
at Mrs. Gosper's, 1111 O street.
A tine line of canned soups, 23 cents
per can. Millor & G Ifford, grocers.
W. A. CofMn k Co., grocers, 141 South
Eleventh street
Misses Boggs &. Caffyn, dressmaking
tmrlora stamping. 11)11 M street,
telephone 010.
Viait the New Students' gallery and bo
ooavinced that the work la Hrat-claas.
1084 O stroot.
& fmfc
One more Fourth of July linn comu
and gone with Kh umial number of accl
ileutH. Incident to use by thu hiiiiiII boy
of a certain combination of povulur and ,
utit titltttu fPltii iioiitil 11 II lit 1 iitt iP
iiiittiitd Ail'' iiniiiu iiiuui'iTi n iMtniiiiuv m
eyeH are to be seen, thu lint of thiimbleHH
IniyH are iucreiiHod, and thu Hinall boy
turiiH from bin hint giant cracker ami
Hlglm that he him not more thumliH to
Ioho, and that for further duuiago ho
mUHt wait one whole your.
Now it the Hinall boy
. ft '
would u.mnnu ,
luniHcir to nutttnir Iuh own
Hh(H)tingotT bin own tlugera ami Hetting
iV'n mil,
I ...III
tiro to Iuh own clothes, we who have
outgrown such meaim of characterizing
our patriotism, would notjlnd ho many
objections to the prcHont way of cele
brating on the iinnlverHury of our free
dom; but a lurge number of Imivh havu
Income iicciiHtomed to mmming them
selves on the Fourth bv throwing lighted
tlre-cruckurs under tuu feet of horscH
passing, to see them frighten and run.
Lust Tticmlny I saw a number of occur
rences of this kind which came near
being serious runawu'.H, und heard of a
numtier that I did not see. TIiIh dan
gerous sHirt was not contlned alone to
the Fourth, butseverul duyn before and
utter, which certainly hIiouUI not hae
lcon allowed. If there are laws and
ordinances ugultiHt this mrt of thing,
they nhould liu enforced, und if there mo
none, it is time to muke Home, and put u
stop to such recklessness on thu part of
hojrt who bundle tireworks,
A few years ago a law wiih passed by
the Nebraska legislature, giving the
uovernor. attorney mineral and supreme
(-court thu right to pardon two convicts
each 1' mirth of July, who had neon sou
tenced to the penitentiary for life, and
who hud served ton yeurs of good time.
This law wiih L'otten tin for thu immedi
ate relief of a man who had then served
ton years of a life sentence, und who .had '
ii rriond or two who lolilivpil thu hill .
through thu legislature. Tho act is
thought by many to bo in conflict with
tho provisions of tho constitution, and it
is, to say tho louat, unjust to others con
fined in tho penlfntiary. A man sen
tenced for ton or twonty years must servo
tho sentence imosed upon him. whilo a I
mnn i-nnvletml nt a i-rlnio wlili-li iimlur I
thn laws of Nebraska, is punishablu by
. . .-fT--...l
nro imprtsonmont, ts released alter ten
vears of gtKxl time. Tho bill providing
for this should novor have Iiecomo a law.
Tho motive for Its introduction mud I
passage la very plain. It it had not been
a special law for tho special release of a
lifo prisoner nt tho time it was enacted,
It would have included in its provisions
a clause working equal bonetlt to crim
inals who wero not imprisoned under
lifo sentence The indiscriminate re
lease of criminals does not have a ten
dency to redttco crime, und it is clear
this act should bo repealed. Lynn.
Jeckell Hrofl. now tailoring establish
ment, 111) north Thirteenth street near
tho LaitHinO is tho popular resort for
stylish garments.
Now Imported Swiss Cheeso. Miller
Sc Gifford, grocers, opposite llurr block.
Never give a party or order ico cream,
ices or lunches until you have tlrst seen
Mr. Brown at tho Royal Cafe, 121 North
Tenth street.
For Sunday dinner supplies call at
Halter's market, opposite Lansing Thea
ter. Phono 100.
Furs stored for tho summer Insured
treo front moths and theft at V, E.
Voelkor's, practical furrior, Y. M. C. A.
L. S. Gillick, Fashionable Tailor.
Jjatest novelties in gentlemons' spring
goods. Gillick still caters to tho wish of
tho public. Call on him and bo suited.
1010 O street, room 10.
Ask your grocerymnn for tho "Wilbor
Rolling Mills1 Flour, Chits. Hurvoy, pro
priotor. Inquire for
"Llttlo Hatchot,"
"Nlcklo Plato," and
"Bakers' Constance."
Evory sack warranted.
Wanted Nursing by a thoroughly
oiperienced and competent nurse. Havo
nursed ten years in tho oast. Inquire
1035 F street.
J U.i I . i.. - V -5"V. 1. i KJVI
U .w'JLW
V "
llli Coiic.caliHi.
Tho Mono wiw u third class Hinoklngcom
pnrtmeut, live on a stile. The speaker was
Htnut, tlorld, with short cut gray hair and
very silf iitlsMcd. The I'lTcnttiinto degen
eracy of nioilcrn young men wni his theme.
"Look nt mel Sixty year of age -uorvr
hnil n day's I II arm In my tlfo and can do
my five mill' an hourl
"Wliyf from when I wn20 to
i when I wns over 40 I lived n reinilnr life.
No delicacies for mel No late hours! Ev
eryday, summer and winter, I went to bed
tl), got up st A, lived principally on por
ridge, worked hard hard, mind you, from
8 to 1, then dinner, then nn hour's walking
cxcrclso ami then"
ii. i.. i i. ........ ...... i
iflH Ji"ii l"iti ii, Hu liui, iiiiuii iiiuvii
a young wnrklngmnn sitting oppoilte'but
vii) iviu vim n fnrl" Tt.1l Id
w ... J., ... .w. , ..,v.
Clitrrmu OiitturnU. ,
Ilostetter McGlnuU Have you spoken
with the herr professor yet, Miss Upper
crust? ' i
Miss Upporcrust Na Tho German gut
turnts am so dccollutu that tUey otTuud fn'y
curs. i. -i
"Kr leeolletof" h
"Ves. So low In the neck, you know."
Texas Sifllugx.
Thti Correct Thing.
"Are vou going to take a rest this sum
uiorr" "Oh, yes, 1 supposu so, In thu usual way."
"How Is thutr"
"I'll take a vacation and Hah and hunt
and put up witti poor accommodations.
Then I'll comu humuuud rest." Washing
ton Star.
The (Inly Surety.
Housekeeper I don't seo why a big, able-
bodied man like you should bo begging for
a living.
Tramp To tell yell th' truth, mum. folks
ts becomln so hard henrted that a gent has
got ter be big an ahlebodlcd to beg without
gutttn hurt. Now York Weekly.
II U Wl.h.
Kindly Old Gent Well, my little, man,
what W0,,M J011 ,,ko to ,,e wheB M W
Little Man I'd like to boa nice old gen
tleman like you, with nothln to do but
walk around and ask questions. Tit-lilts.
A flrvttt Sound.
"Did you advise, Howler to cultivate his
...-, l .. .. k.i
"un, tnorcyi v uat torr
'A ntlu producing machine." Chicago
inter Ocean.
TTley'lt lie Ssfe,
First Burglar Hero comes a policeman.
How can wo get rid of him?
Second Uurghtr Let's pretend to n
aghtlng. Truth. '
Something of Paradox.
A schoolboy the other day, being told to
describe Jacksonville, Flo., said, "It is a
ureat summer resort In winter." New
York Tribune,
Before the Flag.
In a certain Now ork mission Is a
bright street follow, who, If this inci
dent may be token as an indication, bids
fair to develop tho bruins and tho patri
otic sentiment of a good Atuorican citi
con. A gentleman nnuouneed his Intention
of delivering an address on political ro
fonu in tho neighborhood of tho mission,
a particularly disorderly district. Ho
and his friends wero informed on good
authority that if tho speech wero made
tho speaker would bo pelted with rotten
It seemed that tho proposed address,
which, it had been believed, would osert
an important intlucnco, must bo given
up. A small boy, between whom and
the speakor a friendship had dovolopod
at tho mission, solved the difficulty by
an ingenious expedient
"I tell yon what to do," said ho; "hang
the American flag back of tho platform,
and you stand before tho flag. Tho
roughs won't throw eggs nt tho stars and
A Precious Mineral.
SchoolmUtrcsi (Just beginning a nlco Im
proving lesson upon minerals to tho juniors)
Now, what aro' tho principal thlugswt
get out of tho earth?
Youthful Angler (aged 4, condQdently)
worms. ltt-uiu.
riMTur of tiillnenea.
Traveling hi Knglnnd I was onoilay walk
Ing along n lonutry road gathering wild
(lowers from the lonely hedgerows. l'rr
eutly I wiih overtaken by a burly eld
former, who, with his pretty dnughter and
two large barrels of beer, was being drawn
up nitteep hill la a market cart by a stout
little puny.
Tho farmer (minted me Jo hilly, and mc
lug that I was pulling up the hill to catch
the conch he ottered me a seat on his trap.
"Thank you," said I, "but It seema to
mo tho pony hah rather u tough job as It Is."
"A) e, yes, yel I" ho mild. "I should 'a' got
down myself, btit wo he so heavy I will ml!
Uut you're wolconto to rldo If you like."
"I am really very much obliged to you
for your polltincss In asking me," I re
turned, "but I prefer to walk."
The Ilrst part of my sentence evidently
"went to tho spot."
"Well, yo see, sir," said lie, "I be used to
meet a many gents up about thesu hills,
and that's how I limit to be so polite!"
Youth's Companion.
"A lllffh Mver."
It Looked Thut Wuy.
Us seemed to ho nil light when he sat
riewnnt the table, and Ilia waiter busied
niotiud gettlnghlm In shape fur hti dinner
wl'llohu studied the bill of fare. Ilcwaa
rr titer unsteady possibly, but as fio had not
erten anything for 18 hours that wnnot
"Well, sir. what will yp,i have?" asked
tl o waiter.
"Took murtlu soup and colled bodllsu,"
l.e replied, holding up the bill.
The waiter was disturbed.
"What, sir?" hu usked.
"Tock murtlu soup and colled,"
I o repeated, nml thu waiter snickered mid
went out
He, came back In it few minutes with the
order, und thu guest took up the bill again.
"Drlng me," hu said slowly, "some meg
of lutton with sapor cauce, some bibs of
reef and holleil bam, poshed motetocs, prksi
farsnlps, preucli feas, blma leMns, and,
waiter, wind her up with some, place, title,
pagosuddlng, ruts and u.tlsinsnnd acof of
Tills tlmo tho waiter was nltuost thrown
off his feet, nnd he stared at his customer
In muazement.
The guest returned thu sturo In hay con
sciousness nnd shook his hend slowly.
"Don't seem to sound right, dues it?" ho
asked, "I'm suru something's wrong with
it, but It looks that way on tho bill, and I've
got tb cat It or starve," and tho waiter
turned nwuy hesitatingly and moved off to
tho kitchen. Detroit Free Press.
One or the Other.
Up In thu hills of western Massachusetts,
wheru thu "higher education" and tho
"higher criticism" alike have not yot pene
trated, there, lived In a small town nn eccen
tric old man named Hawkins. Brother
Huwkiua was a regular attendant at church
"meetln," und his voice was often heard hi
prayer and exhortation. On onu occasion
tho congregation met'under tho shadow of
a general bereavement. A prominent man
In thu church hud beeu suddenly trans
ported from tho scene, of his earthly labors.
to the better land. A hush was upon the'
meeting as Brother Hawkins arose and said,
"An now, my brethren an sisters, let us re
monitor in our pru'rs tho family of our dear
Urothcr D , who Is now In Delz'bub'
"Brother Hawkins," interrupted tho dea
oon, "yo didn't mean Uelz'bub, did ye
ain't yu made u slip?"
"Delz'bub.woal, lemtno sec," said tho old
mansion ly, "UoU'bub, waal, if 'taln't Holz'
bub 'twar one o' them ole putr'archst"
Now York Tribune.
Ills Trouble.
Old Gentleman What's tho matter?
Llttlo Boy (crying) Papa gave tno a pen
ay to buy a school pencil, nnd now boo,,
boo, hool
Old Gentleman Well, here's another ona
How did you happen to loso It?
Small Boy I I didn't loso it I I spent
It for candy and and lost the candy.
Good News
Her Scheme.
"Do play tomethlng, please, Miss Piano
thump," said tho hostess, advancing to her
music loving guest; "it's getting pretty
Lite, but not half tho guests are gono yet.'
Chicago Nuws-Itccord.
"You must have fiersover.ince," said tho
yoitug physician's friend. "No," was, tho
reply, "what I waut Is patients." Wash
tuuton Star.
When tho burlier talks too much, hi
stories are generally illustrated with cuts.
Texas. Sittings.
A Ilelupte.
"What I Smoking, Fred? Thought too
doctor told you it would kill you?"
'So he did, and I quit. Hut at tho end
et a week I wanted to die, so I'm smoking
now ori2V i?om
The LADIES TURKISH DEPARTMENT will open Monday, July 3;
There is fotlmliK
Arc Now Open and vc arc Serving the Purest and Most Delicious
Ice Cream In the Glty.
We Make a Specialty of Family Orders and will promptly deliver all Supplies a'
Reasonable Prices.
.df Popular Price, (it the mine time ymmtiitveiinj CORRECR FORMS and
uiiil all the Very Latext Stytex,
In fn's line we ithow all the New Effectnfor 189.! which include several new and
and odd nhapen together with new faces of script. Call and see
samples. Our trork speaks for itself,
Moll Orclorm olloitocl.
If You Are Going
To THE WORLD'S FAIR you should begin at
once to inform yourself on the subject, so
that you may use your time there to the best
advantage. You will not be able to see every
thingyou may see what you are specially
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If You Are Not Going
To THE WORLD'S FAIR you should do the
next best thing know as much as possible
about it. If you can't see it you can at least
read about it.
In either event you imperatively need a daily
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The Chicago Record
Will meet your
llier itn tlie WoUtI
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need, -
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