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Morning Courier.
VOLUME 8, iNO. 11.
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Hardly it week passes but some con
vention or assembly in hold in Lincoln.
Hundreds t strangers viHit thi! state
house ovi'ry wk mill r thlH number
probably not one fuiln to notice thi'
abandoned pile or stone and brick, id
Thirteenth and Ii HtreetH that wan to be
the new conservatory of music Halt
finished buildings in u pretentious city
like Lincoln are like ho many tombstones
in the way of progress. A stranger who
observes an abandoned building of thin
sort is apt to carry away with him un
, pleasant ideas of Lincoln's unprogreB
sivoncsBor lack of thrift. The necessity
for doing something with thisunflnlshed
buildinL' 'ib ahnoHt hh uriront iifl was the
demand for the rescue of the i . M. C. A.
ouiiuing. ii u cuu i uu u.iiiiiii-il-ii ii
ougiu i" i'u nun uimii,
People have got in the habits recently
of complaining of hard times. The
financial flurry has Hooded the country
with Boreheads. A two by four bank in
Podunkvillo fails and straightway many
good people in thiB city fall to and weep.
It iB tho fashion to weep and complain.
1V ' w.. - ... -,-.
The stones some peopl
ies some people tell are enough
to givo one tho blue fever.
What is tho true condition of iilTairs
in this city? A Couiuki: representative
tliis week interviewed merchantfl in
nearly all lines of business, and tho re
pult of tliiB investigation may be sum
marized as follows:
IluBinesa generally is iib good, if not
better than it was this time last year.
Collections in some instances are
Blower than at this season a year ago.
Some merchants say they are if any
thing better.
On tho whole, notwithstanding the
dreadful fault finding, business iB quite
iib good as it was a year ago and it
bIiowb BigiiB of improving.
Tho board of education was quick to
take advantage of tho new law giving it
the power to force a in mill luvy on tho
There are people who contend that if
tho law authorized tho board to make a
.TO or JO mill levy, tho Ixmrd would keep
right up to the limit.
Tho board of education is composed
of two factious. One is for piling up tho
expense and increasing the tax, and the
other is for running things on a con
servative basis.
At last week's meeting tho first named
faction was in tho ascendency, and it
wits voted to petition tho county com
missioners to make a 15 mill levy for
pchool purposes. Under tho now law
tho county .cominiBsioners are required
to make the levy in accordance with the
demand of tho board, providing the esti
mate does not exceed fifteen iuIIIb.
LsiBt year, when tho council had
i W' w',cnA110 council linti u the state treasury against tho mercik-ss
e in tho matter, there was a 0k mi ,ipmiIlH ()f Commissioner fJarneau is up
. Nw It ih proposed to inuko it held by tho ,)eonlo of tho state. It is o
more than double.
Hero is tho estimato for this year:
Salaries of teachers below fifth
grade.... $ 80,119.::J
High school teachers I'J.000.00
Janitors 4 8,000.00
Fuel :i,500.00
LotB purchased 'JiOO.OO
Superintendent's salary J,800.00
Ofllco salaries, etc 1,700.00
ItepairB , .'1,1)50.00
Purchase of books 5,000,00
Kent, . . 'J.OOO.OO
' '!" -
Interest , 5,500.00 !
MlsoollancotiB expenses 1,000.00
r.STI.MATi:i) i.nudmi:.
Saloonliconpos . . . .?4 7.000.00
Hack licenses, etc.. .'l.rVOO.OO
State fundH 15,000.00
Police court lines,
etc 7,000.00
interest HO'J.l'J
Tuition of non-resl-ilentH
150.00 -sJ7i.7Jl'J.l'.!
Halauce to ho raised
by taxation 01 ,057,',! I
Add for new build
ings 'J5,.'Mil.7ti
Valuation of dis
trict, 1S!'J O.OS9.0S1.00
Total to be rained by taxation. !K,000,00
For the year beginning September 1,
1802, the school board sent in its esti
mate as follows:
Salaries, teachers and Bupt . . . . S7.'t.8.0.(Kl
Janitors 7.500.00
Fuel and lights .'i.OOO.OO
Furniture and supplies,
. . . 0.700.00
! ucpairs,
i ucpairs 4.000.00
New buildiriL's l).(NM).m
1 Interest .'(,000.00
' Miscellaneous 7,800.00
The total salaries in the 18!J estimate
(were 87.1,850.00; in tho 18!),' estimate
, thov are 8J5,010.:K).
1 lliero is a ditrerence hero of ti!l,lG'.)..'jO.
' There is an increase of 81.000 in ..ill....
, ... . " "-- ""-'
I i iirieB, which inakeB a total increase in
I salaries oi c-',iw.;;u.
Ah hnfl been previously explained a
considerable portion of this largo in
crease in tho item teachers salaries is
occasioned by a two weeks extension of
the school term. It Shu good thing, of
courso for tho teachers, to get another
half month's pay, but many of the poo
plo who pay tho taxes and whoso child
ren attend the schools insist that nine
months is long enough for tho school
term. They claim that July and Au
gust and tho last part of Juno and the
first part of September constitute but a
reasonable vacation. It is also claimed
that nearly every estimate -of expense
can bo shaved without impairing tho
usefulness of tho fichools. On tho
whole it is not surprising that there
should lie a vigorous protest on tho part
of tho taxpayers against a 15 mill levy
particularly as tho increase in the iium
ber of school children is unusually
small, and tho people who jmv tho taxes
aro not conspicuously Hush, 'it is said
by those who aro jn a position to know
that a 10 mill levy would meet every
reasonable requiriuent.
Tho two cash sales made by Holm Jfc
Hood this week may bo taken an a straw
indicating a lavorjtblo turn in business
activity. Mrs. Muy L. Chipman trans
fered her residence, No. lftn CJ street,
toMax-Kohn.of liloch&Kohn for $5,000
through this noal estate firm, and K. Ii.
Uurnoy, by the same means, disused of
his property. No, 1415 U street to MrH.
Harriot K. Ilobbins, for 95,000,
Auditor Mooro in barring tho doors of
bo hoped that
ho will not recede from
Jits position.
Mr. Fay, the gentleman who raised
the eid.OOO for tho Y. M. U. A. hud many
able assistants. Tho State Journal ren-
clorod very timely aid. Indeed, it is
doubtful if the total required would
have been reached if it hail not been for
the Journal' efforts.
Something good, "White Louf Flour"
51-40 per eack. Miller A Clifford.
The Central CUn A'oiiHiii'iiiBsiuep
Its readers that Judge Maxwell will be
re nominated by the republicans, uud
- o -
The Lancaster county conventions
will not be held early thisvear.
- o
Tho Worhl-llrrahrH Miggestion that
tho Independents nominate John M.
Itegati for the supremo bench has called
forth a variety of expressions as to that
gentleman's Htuei-H for tho populist
nomination. The Alliance I lalcuemlent
informs the WorUI Herald that the in
dependent convention can select a man
for supreme judge without its assistance,
and the I'lalte County Aiyun thinks
that "Mr. leagan's many years of Is. &
M. service and tho good fellowship in
which he is still held by professional
railway manipulators, is enough to make
any man question the wisuomoi putiiug
such a man forward as a representative
of the populist for any position of honor
and trust." It is said that Mr. Itciigun
is not u candidate, and that he is dis
posed to resent the action of certain
newspapers and politicians in placing his
name before the public,
An interesting note in that great
book of humbug called the Farmers'
Alliance of Kansas, Is about to appear.
The farm laborers of Kansas aro said to
b(. forming a union for tho base utilitar
ian purpose of shortening their hourB of
labor and lengthening their pay. They
have been working twelve hours a day
for from 9V2 to 815 a month, and they
are going to try to get 10 a month for
working ten hours a day. Uesldes they
ask for yearly contracts, just as a pluto
cratic corporation or a loathsome money
king might. , .
Sorrow and surprise swirl in the
bosom of the farmers' alliance men, and
the populist sunflower droops. Hero the
honest alliance farmer him been trying
to improve his condition at tho expense
of tho state and tho United States, and
now when he can scarcely ntTord to bViy
a grand or square piano for his daugh
ters, tho laborers turn and rend him. It
is verv annoying, because it distractHhlfl
mind 'from considering the best way of
confiscating railroads, and holds back
his soul from cursing Wall street. Tho
farm laborer has been mighty useful,
The largest part of tho alliuuce farmer's
time s taken up in going to alliance
conventions and caucuses and lectin cs;
and then his heart is so heavy over tho
state of tho country, and his mind bo
taken up with the currency question,
llllll no is uoi oi iiiucii use in urn num.
And now the laborers have the impu
dence to ask the fanners to give them
815 more a month per capita. Hero is
the government refusing to Issue cur
rency at the rate of S(S0 a head, and
here is tho farmer called upon to part
with fifteen additional dollars a mouth
for each laborer on his farm. It is
horrible, most horrible; and the only
relief we can think of is tbo constant
repetition of tho words per capita, words
which aro tho beginning and the end of
every populist ilisvussion or money, and
are said to he used in JMinsas as acniirm
What can be done to punish these
wretched hired men who aro trying to
embarrass the alliance in its noble mis
sion of doing good to itself? How can
they have tho piesuinption to resist tho
application of the great alliance princi
ple that tho world exists for the benefit
of the alliance farmer only? Tho dis
tinction and pleasure of working for
thinkers, men who lay down the laws of
trade as easily as you can peel an apple,
ought to counterbalance long hours and
short pay. Meanwhile it is good to
know that "the alliance has set the seal
of its disapproval upon the project," and
that the secretary of tho alliance "de
clares the movement a plot of the iioliti
ciiins to ruin the new party." It must
bo that the wicked politicians, envious
of populist greatness, have egged on the
hii-ed men. What else could have in
duced these men todisturb the idylic ar
rangement which gave them all the work,
and -tho alliance thiukersall tho money
and thclcisurc? And such a preix;sterous
time for building agricultural, so to
sneak. Tho subterranean banks hnve I
not been opened, and there aro no sub
treasuries to which tho alliance farmer
can go for a loan. Summer and fall
will tie full of conventions and platforms,
uud yet the thinker con't go to them un
less he consents to double the pay of his
When Mrs. Mary Klizabeth Loiiho
said that the demonetization of silver
was the unspeakable crime of this cen
turv she didu't foresee this Hired Men's
"All murder ut il Mimd eicuml in tliU."
The demoniac spirit of plutocarcy has
entered into the farm lahorers. They
have combined to put up tho price of
their labor, an article of prime necessity,
While tho alliance has been engaged in
Bubsoiling corporations and harrowing
mortgagees, and raking monopolies with
tho tedder, tho weeds or wickedness
have Ih'oii growing on their own fields.
These weeds must bo pulled. ShU ")'
nut alliance runners nave tlio ridii to
combine? If so, then tho great work -or
which so many hispid hayseed ranters
hnvo howled and cried is indeed undone!
New York Sun.
The heat has pupped all tho life out
of local lmlitics. There 1b absolutely
nothing doing. Once in a while a wan
smile is observable on tho face of Ike
Lansing or County Clerk Woods or
Major McArthur, or Muxoy Cobb, but
that is all. Slato making is temponirih
-o -
Muxoy Cobb, who had both hands on
success four years ago, and then missed
it, has a very encouraging prospect of
garnering in ine treasuryBhipthis tl
VI.II..I lli-iil lire.
The Nebraska statu band's visit fo
IJenttlco on tho Fourth of July was
must Biiecei'sful In every way. Tho
band. under the untiring direction of
Professor Irvine, is now hi excellent
tiaining, and tho concert at lleatilce
was thoroughly artistic, it was given
an audience of nearly 10,000 persons on
tho Chautauqua grounds, audthedem I
lustrations of approval were emphatic;
ilud fiiMiuent: tho band uccr iilaved be I
foie a more enthusiastic audience. The
(joucert by tho state baud was the fea
title of tho day at Iteatrlco and it was
entirely satlsfjlng to tho Immense crowd
in attendance, Uhector Irvine Is in
constant coriespondenco with dllTeient
Nebraska cities, and tho prospects are
that the band will hnvodllllculty in till
hig all of Its engagements as soon asdic
season commences.
A Nnwl Mime Hull'.
10. CJ. Yates, the well known O street
boot and shoo merchant, has made ar
raiigements for disposing of his retail
stock by September 1 and embarking in
tho wliolcsale business, and he has
adopted a very novel way of disposing of
his goods. I'Jvury purchaser of shoes
may have his purchase placed to the
credit of some charitable institution or
church and 81, CO.) will be distiibuted
among them In proportion to tho amount
of Hales credited to each institution.
This Isa very generous otter, and it issure
to stimulate rivalry among tho churches
and charitable institutions of Lincoln
Tho prize Is worth striving for.
Hall's Vegetable Sicilian Hair So
newer is uniiucstionahly the best pre
sefvatlvo of the hair. It is also curative
of daudriitr, tetter, and all scalp utlYr
' There may bo some nicer and cooler
jilaces to enjoy a plate of delicious ice
creams than Chits. Juno's puvillion, but
they are not to be found in this neigh
jm iii-i 4iiiip4 in, ,iiii, -ii-.ii ui-ii-iiii- nun
larry Pain, represents what Is called
ft lie now humor'' in Hngland, is expected
o arrive in New York this week. Ho
intends spending most of his time in
1.......I v.,.. in ...i... ...lit. r. .-,...... .,...
Tho Araauaut savs that Linn Hovd
Porter, other wise "Albert Hose," "author
jif certain sensational novelB,' 1b ex-4r.-JMwiy.prouvd
of his monetary success,
it'is related of liiui that at' a party at
which ho once figured, desiring to im
press some of those present, ho looked
up at the clock and said: "1 suppose I
might count a couple of hundred of my
last book sold since 1 sat hete. It is safe
to count one book to each tick of the
An uncut copy of Thackeray's "Vir
ginians," in theoriuinal boards, has been
sold in London for 9150, that price being
the consequence of the fact that it con
tained the following inscription in the
handwriting of tho author:
"In tlio U, Shite anil In tlm IJiiccmV iIiiiiiIiiIoiih
All iit'oplit Iiiiviki riulil to thi-ir niiiiioiiM,
Ami ninny ilim't much rclUli 'Tlio Virifiiiiiin.'
l'criiM; my Ixiok, ilcnr It.; mill ir ou Unci it
A little to jour tuxto, 1 luiu jou'll lilnil it.
Peter Raekham, Ksqr.: with tho best re
gards of tho author,"
In India the father of Kudyard Kip
ling is not considered as the father of
his son. Tho India Daily AVmvi, of
Calcutta, in reporting a farewell ban
quet given Mr. J. L. Kipling makes no
reference to Kudyanl, but says: "Wo
aro sorry to lose our Kipllngs," meaning
husband and wife. Mr. Kipling "'Old
Kipling' as ho is always lovingly called,
is, and has been for years, one of tho
most popular figures in Lahore society,
full of anecdote, a capital talker, with a
vast amount of miscellaneous informa
tiou that comes bubbling out of him at
all sorts of unexpected tiiucfl." Mrs.
Kipling is said to bo quite as popular as
her husband, and an extremely witty
In old tiinofl it seemed to be thought
that a medicine must bo nauseating to
bo otfeotivo. Now, all this Is changed.
Ayer's Sarsaparilla, one of the most
jMiwerful alteratives, is agreeable to
mosi pannes, ine navor Doing Dy no
means medicinal.
TIib Worlil'-i Tulr.
Fifty years hence, the local old timeis
will still tell ahout what they "saw in
Chicago in 189.S."
And what they say will bo worth
listening to, Time and old age and in
tirmity will make no dilference; their
memories will not hold more pleasant
recollections than those connected
with the great fair.
TheglorimiB magnificence of tiieex
iHisitiou buildings tho crowds of
strange, foreign looking people tho de
lights of the trip to Chicago by the
i nurnngion route, aii tiuuo and a
j thousand other equally pleasant topics
W'H be referred to over and over and
over again.
- tho agent at depot or city
ollice corner O and Tenth streets who
will be pleased to furnish any informa
tio" (ll't'--"w1'
Fine new lino of business suitings
from i'S) to 10 in Scotch and homespuns,
Jeckell Hros., 110 north Thirteenth
street, near Lansing theatre.
Professor Swain's ladies tailoring and
dress cutting school. Thorough Instruc .
tions. Lessons not limited. lJress milk
iug done with dispatch on short notice.
Patterns cut to measure and all work '
guaranteed, j
June the caterer, Thirteenth and O I
streets is anxious to servo all parties,
picnics and festivals with ice cream,
ices, cakes, etc., and will appreciate it
call rrom all intending entertainers.
Furs stored at F. K. Voelker'e.
Willi I II IK
nun m
CiniMoo. July 7, LSU'l. IHpeelal
Couniit Coriespondenee. "All wuilt
and no play makes Jack a dull boy" and
a week or ten days at tho world s fnlr
withoiit amusement leerealiou uould bo
equally as seveie a fate. Variety In the
spice of life even at a world's exposition
and this the theattes and amusement
halls of Chicago have sought to provide
for our summer visitors. Tlieie are so
many theatiesand hallaand competition
Is so rife that our amusement eatereis
have been put to the test this summer,
but tho buslniss they are doing proves
that they have succeeded pietty wel . ,.Mt rlulty. scenery, mirth and melody.
Those of jou who do not keep In touch ,l)Vors of music and mirth llnd "Trou-a.
with tho regular run of nttrai.tlons (I(, r- ,ellglitful resort where line
through the Chicago dallies may be fol(,gn specialties nlleinato with
wondering what sort r provender has pru,.,i melodies by Von llulow'sorches
been prepared for you In this direction? lra ,int Hungarian band, and whom
Not only has not single a Chleiigo theatre H Hlll0cln and beverages aro penult
or amusement hall closed Its doors this ted if von like,
season but innumerable additions have nfalo Hill's "Wild West" out at tho
been made to the list and all or them are fllr ,,omi,H surpasses all modern :lr
teeming with patronage. It was not ,.,. c,,,,,!,!,,,.,!, Uud tho V.0,000 capacity
and managerial countenances looked fore
inns iniougi linn iiieuiv iikiiiiii i,i;
boding, but clouds have given away to
sunshine since June first and tho"staud
lug room only" sign Is used nightly at
nearly every place of amusement.
"America" at tho great Auditorium
seems to have captured tlrsi xisltion.
ItisiiKiridfy creation up to date u
kaleidoscope of scenery, history, drama,
opera and nonsense from the timoColuin
bus left Spain to the time of the open
lug of the world's fair, (ireat Is Kiralf. !
His genius has exploited itself in "Ann t
iea" and will everlastingly link his fame
with the world's fair. Only in Chicago
could ho have staged such a monster
scenic show, fortheiois only one such
auditorium In tho world, and nrobably
the capitalists of no other city would'
have risked tho fortune required to J
pe.iple, continue, ami retine into smoirth i
running order such a colossal attraction.
The company is a veritable army In size
anil includes a cavalry. 'I no scoiioh re
veal Spanish and American landscapes,
cities, streets ami plazas, a storm at sea
with the "Santa Maria" rolling the bil
lows, and a regiment in camp. The
specialties aro multiplied and brilliant
oven if sometimes strained in elTect,
Wiiat it cost to stage "'Americo" I have
not heard but the. amount po doubt was
enormous. Its losses the ttrot' 'month
numbered awav uu in theT thotlBundfl
liuftlio lliliriias turrionaniTtho prolltfi"
are now accumulating. Tho auditorium
seats 5,000 people ami yet nearly 1,000
"standing room only" tickets aro sold
every night in addition. "America"
will run all summer.
Manager Temple of the elegant new
Schiller theatre hooked a prize winner
-' ' ' '- ii "s'''::r'?i'iiTi'''L''' .
'vJ--w-SSiSiSr iKSKBKHHlKBBvSar'''
' -
in the Frohmnn stock company, "The j lJusiness men that want r clean econo
SiKirtsuiiin" and"Tho(iirl I Left llehiud uiical lunch at noon, ins'ead of going
Mo" have not had a losing night since , home, will find a tine dinner at tho Cafo
tho beginning of tho season. May llrs i ',,.v'd. 1-1 North Tenth street. Prices
.Uio rcnglisli favorite Mr. K.S. Willnrd
is packing iiooioys every even inir with
fashionable audiences that nm i.rf,.,..i..
charmed with "Tho Professor's !..:.
oiory. vunarii. whom you have of
course seen and heard, proves his great
versatilitj in this play, which is alto
gether unlike "Tho Miildleinan" but iiiu
ally as fascinating, Only a great actor
could garner such a company of jewels
and jay biil-Ii conscientious devotion to
J ll.t 11 I lo ll'itl. ..! ! . stir
... xiiiuiii iK ii i nicago sooietN
itiorne auti wmi .miss .Marie Hurrou
was a guest or the ultra set on 1)
nay in Washington Park club, while
privately he is nearly inundated with
' Sol Hiuith lltuwl id tho (Irimd In
playing the longest engagement of tho
world's fair seasau April to October.
The play "April Weather", Is tho title
illustrating the alternating sunshine and
sorrow of an every day romance that
sways tho audience with emotions of
mirth and sentiment such as only Hoi
Smith llussel can evoke, It Is a pity
Mr. Itussel Is growing old; ho is so
I natural on the stage and with no sue-
eessor to his peculiar genius in sight.
Tho Columbia's rich drawing card for
the season Is that probably most beilutb
fill woman on tho singe- Lillian lltissell
with a brilliant comic opera company,
including Win. T. Carloton and
Louis Harrison. The operas, "(lirolln
Olrolla" and "La Clgalc.'' Imvu
crowded tho Columbia to tho
doom. "All llaba" at tho Chicago
opera house Is repeating Its celebrated
( mill tu utmtili' liim'tlilnrttiir U'llli
(r his arena Is leguiariy tested, ills
aggregation constitutes an army of per
formers and animals, representing all
tho noted nations, and tho dashing pro
gram Is one never to be forgotten. I
have mentioned only it few of tho at
tractions that will bewilder you witli
tomntatloua when you como to tho fair.
Chicago is a world of hotels, this sum
mer without n parallel in history mid
jou who have not been hero may pre
pare to look upon somo stupendous
structures. One or them Tho (ireat
Kastorn which I see you are advertis
ing, covers an entire block, Is threo
stories high, and has 1,100 iooiiih: It
guarantees to shelter i!,500 guests at any
time without resorting to n cot. Tho
in-iil KiiHtorn is reallvono of tlio inon
ster marvels of tho fair and should bo
seen whether one slops thorn or not. It
reminds one or the (iriiuil Union hotel
at Saratoga or somo other gay summer
resort facing as it does, Washington park
and over flowing with patrons from nil
parts of tlio world. Manager Copoland
Towsend, forntorly oft)io Palmer Houbo,
mi doubt known to uianv or your
readers, Is to be relied upon implicitly.
A Until.- for lllouil.
In what HooiVb Siiraiipiiriiln vigorously
tlulilu. anil it tu iiIuiivh vletm-intm in hi.
lulling all tho foul talntfi and giving th-vl,
vital tiuid tlio quality and quantity or
lcrfcct health. It cures scrofula, salt
rheum, boils and nil other troubles
caused by impure blood.
Fruited ice cream soda water iiindo
from tho natural fruit, at Hector's Phur
inacy. ' Irum liK' "I'-
Mrs. McCIavo and Mis. Kusininger,
lino dressmaking, ISM O s'root.
Tho finest grocery store in tho city.
Miller A-Cilfford.
Why let our furs re mill a t j,omo
where moths are almost sure to get n0
them, when F. 10. Volker. a practical
furrier, will store tlmm until t.nvi ... !.,...
""'i1 l"-"tt-. to return them in perfect
Canon City coal at t..oWhitobrcuBt
Coal and Lime Co